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  1. I hope FW updateds the Rogue Idol to have the Orruk Warclan keyword. Taking him without being a ally would be awesome.
  2. This is pure perfection from the theme to paint and the quality of conversion. 👍
  3. I'm really looking forward to playing the Banshee's in regular underworlds. I was so disappointed that they weren't the initial nighhaunt warband.
  4. Yes they they are!
  5. That's the classic retelling of Battle for Nudist Beach lolol. Also I want a new Bonesplitterz book so bad. I bought a 2K army recently but with all the rumors swirling around it has been put on the back burner. I would kill Sigmar himself for a Savage wyvrn model. Please GW Please!
  6. No changes to the Chaos Warriors cost. Ugggh I love these guys but they are too damn expensive. The only changes was the two mentioned in the Warhammer community article.
  7. I use Shieldwolf Shieldmaidens currently as Marauders and have plans to fully incorporate them into my army (I have 80 of them) when the Battletome drops. Here is a really quick lousy photo lol
  8. Haha teach you for failing the dark gods.🤣 Thanks for the reply!
  9. I have a silly question for you guys. Can I brutally sacrifice a fighter who has been frozen in Time? Time Trap reads: Choose an enemy fighter and roll a defence dice. On a roll of or that fighter cannot make any actions or be damaged in this phase Brutal sacrifice reads: Choose a friendly fighter adjacent to another friendly fighter, and an upgrade in your hand that can be applied to the fighter you chose. The other fighter is taken out of action, and the upgrade is applied to the fighter you chose. Is there a difference between doing damage vs simply taking a fighter out of action? Thanks for entertaining my silly query
  10. I'm a huge supporter of the BAR and would support a of universal cards rotation. When the the BAR first dropped it really helped to freshen up the meta. I agree that as things go on the number of cards will become to large and cumbersome. With that said I do not support rotating out models. I would allow all warbands and their respective faction cards to stay in rotation indefinitely. I have some close attachments to some of my warbands and if I couldn't use them anymore after 2 years I would be done with Underworlds. A 2 year expiry date on models is to short for me especially when I buy every release. So far the BAR has only included universal cards so if a rotation does happen this gives me a small hope it will only be universal cards. I only play match play games in my community so open play would not be a viable solution for me.
  11. Maybe ironjawz are getting new models so they will get updated later because of that? They have been often rumored go be getting a second wave of miniatures.
  12. A giant foot endless spell for Bonesplitterz is my current number 1 want lol.
  13. I'm using the Warhammer T.V pale Ork skin method except I switch out Biel Tan Green for Athonian Camoshade.
  14. He knew what was coming and teched out. Don't worry my player group (and my opponent) is awesome and full of friendly guys. The group and the store owner already gave him a friendly roasting over it lol. It takes me a bit of time to learn and im still pretty new to AOS so I plan on just praticing until I get it. I am considering getting a rogue idol as I just freaking love the model (which should be reason enough lol)
  15. Had my first two games today. Both my opponents were playing FEC. My first game mission was shifting objectives. I got turn one charged by a buffed Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist who ate my Big Boss and then doubled attacked my arrow boyz while being supported by 6 Crypt Flayers. Lost one of my arrow boyz mobs right off the bat. After that it was a slow decline to being tabled. The FEC shooting was pretty good against my low bravery boyz and I lost a lot that way. The AGKRT also had the Ragged Cloak so I lost a turn of shooting against him. Savage Orks are criminally over costed. 120pts for what you get is just sad. I found myself desperately wanting cheap chaff units to screen my arrow boys and block out flankers (I miss my Chaos marauders ) The second game was Scorched Earth ended pretty much by turn 1. I got doubled charged by two buffed ZLD who ate an arrow boy mob and a savage ork squad as well as a Weird Nob. Outflanking Crypt Flayers and Vargulf also got in my back lines causing havoc. The store was closing in half an hour so I called it. There was no way to outscore him at this point. I still had lots of fun and learned lots. I’m struggling with hero positioning to protect them and still have them be in range of buffing units. I figure that will come in time with practice. I rolled a 5 for every loads of boyz role throughout the day lol. That BS right there is why I worship Chaos lolololol. Oh jeeeze... Not like this! FML... One funny thing to end this post on a positive note. I rolled a 4 to cast Bone Spirit and my opponent laughs saying how he will deny it no problem. Karma sucker!!!
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