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  1. I had a buddy go to that tournament watch the double Idol list guy play. We've been talking about it in my group and I am very intrigued to say the least. I've been thinking about a Big WAAGH version myself as the Idol loves the BW buffs. I just got my first Idol and could be convinced to buy another lololol. Makes painting 2000pts sooo much easier if half of it is just a Mech Standard Grey, wash Agrax and drybrush Stonewall lol.
  2. The Bonegrinz CA feel Da Spirit stacks with Savage Attack and Bone Spirit for MAXIMUM FIREPOWER!!!!
  3. I'm liking the horde style lists for Bonesplitterz. I was considering using Bonegrinz as it keeps the enemy from retreating. Once we hold hands we are best friends until one of us dies lol. Lock your opponent in place then cap the objectives.
  4. Why not both? I'm grabbing another box of boyz to get my 20 spear Orruks up to the full 30 man blob. Then I plan to get the Idol just because it's such a cool model plus it doesn't break bonesplitterz fluff for no monsters. Have you ever been so high on WAAAGH energy that the literally ground comes to life to bash things? That's so cool and fun!
  5. Looks like some small rule changes as well. He gets a 5+++ against wounds and mortal wounds instead of a 4+++ against MWs only. He also lost his halves damage rule ouch.
  6. I literally started my bonesplitterz project as a painting project and to up my overall quality in army wide painting lololol 😆😆😅
  7. I was just thinking about a 90 savage orruk boyz blob list as well on my morning commute lolol. 180 wounds for 900pts is a heck of a deal lol. Combine with Bonegrinz so they can't retreat. We're going to be best friends till the end...forever...
  8. I'm trying to figure out a teef ruk list where I take a ton of Bigstabbas. I love the model so much and I think there is a lot of buff stacking plus alpha strike possibility. Back it up with batteline arrow boyz to start the pressure right away and add casters to taste. I too am hopefully about the Rogue Idol it's such a awesome model! Not taking it as a ally would really open up a bunch of new tactical possibilities. Just remember guys if we believe it hard enough it will happen due to Orruk WAAAGH energy!
  9. Kunning Ruk 1 big boss 2-5 Savage Orruks or Savage Orruk Arrow boyz. Can still shoot or move in Hero phase must be wholly withing 12" of the Big boss. Unit size in this battalion capped at 20. 140 pts So is the age of arrow spam dead or is is still workable? I'm a bit surprised GW didn't nerf arrow boyz/kunning rukk in to the ground. It seems still usable to me but we now have some other tricks or choices to run.
  10. I grabbed the points from GMC video review. Savage Orruk 120-300 Savage Orruk morboys 120 Savage Orruk Arrow boyz 120 Savage Orruk big stabba 100 Savage Orruk Boarboyz130 Savage Maniaks Boarboyz 140 Maniak Weirdnob 120 Wurrgog Prophet 160 Savage Bigboss 100 Wardokk 80
  11. I hope FW updateds the Rogue Idol to have the Orruk Warclan keyword. Taking him without being a ally would be awesome.
  12. This is pure perfection from the theme to paint and the quality of conversion. 👍
  13. I'm really looking forward to playing the Banshee's in regular underworlds. I was so disappointed that they weren't the initial nighhaunt warband.
  14. Yes they they are!
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