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  1. Basically the LRL are the AoS version of the Imperiums inquisition, "We think you've consorted with Chaos its time to die" at least thats the impression i got from the Soulbound book
  2. It says "makings of" not "this box contains 1000", box is actually 470
  3. Another question! if I buff one of my units with Sanctuary increasing their save by 1, then make them ethereal, do they lose the extra save or is it kept because it was applied prior to them being ethereal? is this a case of “order matters” or “no you can’t do that”
  4. I may be new to AoS but High elves were my first Army and greatest warhammer love, I will gladly lost 100 games and learn the hard way
  5. Intentionally? If it was intentional why would I ask the question in the first place? I’d have taken my interpretation and go merrily on my way. I appreciate the clarification So thank you but you could do with working on not coming off so condescending To someone asking a simple question.
  6. i'm fairly new to AoS proper but i'm confused as to why so many people seem to think you can only get Shining company upon setup? The rule doesn't state "if the unit is set up base to base get shining company" it states "After set up, when models are touching base with 2 other models get shining company" Any turn during the game is "after set up", why can i not Turn 1 be shining, turn 2 move and charge, turn 3 move back base to base to get shining company. It is still after set up? Am i just being dim?
  7. Metal sheet glued to the bottom of a box and magnets on bases
  8. Maybe it’s just a couple of weeks out, let them get their specialist stuff out, Lumineth, 9th, sons
  9. That is some hella broken english "increase the balance of the weapon by 1" I appreciate i'm a monolingual neanderthal but could someone with mastery of both languages make the above easily understood? ❤️ I'll love you forever
  10. Can we get Battalion and Command abilities please?
  11. These are awesome, i can't wait for the English Translations to fully drop in ❤️ Doing Teclis' work folks
  12. Archers ringed by the Sigil of Yngra so people have to come up and deal with them so i can flank with cavalry While Teclis flies around shouting "lightning bolt" and smiting people
  13. Fair and more balanced but slightly disappointing
  14. So just a thought...Any wizard can attempt to cast an endless spell right? doesn't that mean all our battleline units can attempt to cast an endless spell? I'm just envisioning either the rune (for that -1 to hit stacking with shining company) or casting the Rune of petrification on a unit you're locked in combat with
  15. I thought in the leaked batrep the hammer dudes had a 3+ and able to ignore rend -2 ? Factor in a 5+ FNP and those boys aren’t going anywhere
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