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  1. I will try paining the basing out and see how it looks. There is a wash but I never seem to find the right coverage. it is either too little to notice or to much and it pools. I will try another layer to see if it help out with the details
  2. yea. I like the drow look. It was either this or a blueish grey and I feel the grey did the best.
  3. I am pretty new to AoS but been in 40k for a while. I wanted to share my recent work with you guys. I know it is pretty bad but it is what I can do with my old man eyes and these hams at the end of my arms. It took me forever to just add the eyes I don't know how you guys can do it. Hope you like them.
  4. If you don't mind me asking what did you use for the spider half of your doomfire. I really like your versions and wanted to do something similar.
  5. Sorry noob question here: can you have a witch unit of 10 with five of the have dagger and shield and five have the two daggers? Also if you give one a banner/instrument does it lose a weapon? I am coming from 40k and I know they are not the same game and I haven't seen in the rules about this.
  6. thanks. I have already been reading the Let's Chat page. I will have tou head over to the painting contract when I get going.
  7. Hello, I am a long time 40k player and my local gaming group has been nagging me to join in some AoS fun. With the new Morathi and Musali models they have won me over. We are starting a tale of 4 warlord next month so I will slowly be introduced into the game over a few months. I will probably have some dumb questions and some 40k confusions but I am looking to get some pretty snake ladies on the field and throw some dice.
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