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  1. Hi everyone, fairly new to KO but have been working on the following list: Realm - Hyish Artycles - Master of the Skies Ammendments - Trust Athermatics, Not Superstition Footnote - There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Aetheric Navigator - General - Fleetmaster - Aethersight Loupe Aether-Khemist - Aethershock Earbuster Battleline Arkanaut Company x 40 - 12 Light Skyhooks Arkanaut Company x 10 - 3 Aethermatic Volleyguns Arkanaut Company x 10 - 3 Aethermatic Volleyguns Artillery Grundstock Gunhauler - Sky Cannon Grundstock Gunhauler - Sky Cannon Grundstock Gunhauler - Sky Cannon Behemoth Arkanaut Frigate - Heavy Sky Cannon - Malefic Skymines Other Grundstock Thunderers ×5 - Aethershot Rifles Skywardens x3 - Drill Cannon - Grapnel Launcher Skywardens x3 - Drill Cannon - Grapnel Launcher Warscroll Battalion Grundstock Escort Wing Extra Command Point Starting Command Points = 3 Drops = 3 Total = 2,000 Main plan is reroll hits and wounds of 1 vs flying stuff which is the majority of good units in the game. All heroes dispel and my navigator dispels on 3d6. Khemist buffs the Arkanaut blob while my Skywardens go for objectives and harrass. Can also focus-fire down 1 unit per turn as the battalion gives me +1 to hit against a unit per turn for the units in the battalion (so 4 cannons hitting on 3s). Thoughts and criticisms?
  2. Here's my full review of Power Unbound incase anyone missed it on Saturday 🙂 https://canyourollacrit.com/2019/06/22/power-unbound/
  3. As Depravity Points are generated from attacks and spells do: a) Endless Spells generate DP on enemy units if casted by a friendly Slaanesh model? b) Do warscroll abilities like the KoS' challenge mortal wounds and the chariots mortal wound abilites cause DP? As neither of those are spells or attacks. Just abilities. Seems like RAI vs RAW.
  4. My Thundrik's Profiteers that you might have seen already 🙂
  5. Hi guys and gals, here are my reviews on Thundrik's Profiteers and Ylthari's Guardians including all the faction and universal cards. Enjoy 🙂 https://canyourollacrit.com/2019/04/20/thundriks-profiteers/ https://canyourollacrit.com/2019/04/20/yltharis-guardians/
  6. Here are my converted Skaven warband: The Skink Starswarm!
  7. 3 of those decks are mine ? I finished 3rd at the Warhammer Fest Grand Clash, 2nd at the London GT Grand Clash and 5th at the UK Games Expo Grand Clash. All with my Skaven. My blog (https://canyourollacrit.com/) covers my Skaven progress via tournament round-ups. I'll do a warband deconstruction on them when I win a Grand Clash haha.
  8. While yes it can be use to finish off fighters, it won't trigger any of your instant objectives too (which Orruks usually run a lot). Plus it's still quite a bit of setup for the Shardgale kills when you can just do the easier thing of have your fighters one-shot enemies. I'm not saying Shardgale is bad, just that it's not as efficient as other cards and can also be quite the double-edged sword.
  9. Even with Tainted Vitality, that's now a 10% chance of having both in-hand on the first draw and it's going to be unlikely that you'll have both to use together. Also with how easy it it is do go to 4 damage now, putting your entire warband (outside of Gurzag) to 3 wounds each makes it too easy to have them all die to one-hit kills. Sure you could always hold off using Shardgale till you draw Tainted Vitality but now your waiting with a basically dead card in-hand and preventing you from getting your game started.
  10. Yeah, third for no Shardgale with Orruks. While it is nice to have an inspired warband, it comes at the cost of the durability which is the main good point for the Orruks. I still prefer Shattering Terrain for the precise damage it puts on one of your fighters (while inspiring them) and then also usually helping to kill a single enemy fighter.
  11. I'm not too sure myself with RSS feeds as I have no knowledge about it haha. Here is The HWG podcast feed: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-honest-wargamer/id1299828011?mt=2 The Shadespire one was a little delayed being uploaded but will be up in an hour (:
  12. I have an article on deck building in general here: https://canyourollacrit.com/2018/03/16/deck-building-101/ My main advice (apart from what I say in the article ?) is just to introduce a lot of easy to score cards (Orruks are perfect for this if you want a combat deck). Limit the use of End Phase 3 cards as well as cards that have stricter scoring conditions. Swift advance, Plant a Standard and Master of War are 3 very easy to score cards to name but a few.
  13. Me and Rob from the Honest Wargamer will be doing monthly Shadespire podcasts. The first one is up on twitch and soundcloud/itunes in podcast form (: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/239038512
  14. Hmmm that's true but then if you don't get to go second then you won't be able to take advantage of it.
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