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  1. Hello, i like appearance of these sweet ladies, so i´m thinking about starting with an army of the Daughters of Khaine. Is the Battleforce Daughters Of Khaine - Devoted Of Morathi a good way to start? And what else should i put on my shopping list?
  2. @dmorley21 Interesting list, i like it, seems to be fun. But can you explain me, why do you use a Cairn Wraith, for me it is not a good choice. What are your reasons to take it in your list?
  3. Hello, tomorrow i have my first game with the Nighthaunts. It is against a Nurgle list build around Blight Kings and Pusgoyles. We want to play 1250 and this is my list: Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140) Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- Lore of the Underworlds: Soul Cage- Infernal Lantern (Artefact): Wychlight Lantern Spirit Torment (120)- Artefact: Midnight Tome  20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)3 x Spirit Hosts (120) 15 x Bladegheist Revenants (270) BattalionsChainguard (120) Total: 1230 / 1250Extra Command Points: 1 Have you some advices against Nurgle, at the moment i´m unsure, if this list can work against a list full of guys with lots of wounds, attacks and also Regeneration.
  4. Hello, after starting with Nighthaunt, I´ve some Question according this army. 1. is there a way to include the mortal engine into the army as it hasn´t the Nighthaunt keyword (but looks great). 2. after Looking at some lists, i relized, that Kurdoss Valentian isn´t part of the most lists. Is he a bad choice, to expensive or are the other choices still better? Who can help me?
  5. Hello, i want to start with a Nighthaunt horde as my second army. So what is the best way to start? Should i buy the Nighthaunt part from the Soul wars box or is there a better way to proceed?
  6. Hello together, I've played a big demon army in WHFB several years ago. And now I want to play again an army of one of the chaos gods, this time with AoS. I've seen the new slaves to darkness box and I'm unsure about the sense of chaos warriors in armies that contain demons and mortals. For example, in the Khorne battletome there are bloodletters, bloodwarriors and reavers. Are there reasons, why to pick up chaos warriors instead?
  7. Hello, as my Stormcast project continues i want to build my last boxes (bought some time before 2.0). But i´m a little bit unsure, what are the best for the following units: 1. paladin box: I have one box of paladins left, as i want them to build i think Protectors are the best way at the moment. 2. vanguard raptors: I already have one unit with the big crossbows, I think about another unit with hurricane crossbows, is this a meanigful way? 3. vanguard palladors: 2 boxes of palladors left, i want them equip with javelins as in 1.0, 4. judicators: what are your experiences with the crossbows? i have already a unit with bows. Who can help me to get some more valid information?
  8. Hello, I have two boxes left with Dracoths, but I'm not sure how to assemble them. What is the new way to go? Still Fulminators or something different like Desolators perhaps? Who can help me?
  9. Hello again, first thanks for your answers about the Prosecutors. Now I have a question concerning the equipment of the Vanguard-Raptors. I have two packs of them and my plan is to equip one unit with Longstrike Crossbows and the other with Hurricane Crossbows to get a little flexibility. Is this useful, or what kind of equipment to you prefer?
  10. Hello gents, after making a great deal with SCE at eBay, I got amongst other things two packs of Prosecutors and also six additional guys from the core box. I'll equip six of them with the javelins and tridents. But now I have some questions how to equip the close combat dude. Two get the grandhammerand the other four hammers and shields. Is this equipment a good choice?
  11. Hello together, I´m very new to AoS, I have finished two games with 1000 points and next week i have my first game with 1500 points of BoK vs. Seraphon. I want to use a WoK BT and also the Gore Pilgrims, so i buit up this list: LeadersBloodsecrator (120)- Artefact: The Brazen Rune - Banner of Khorne: Banner of BloodSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrathhammer (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzyWrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (330)- General- Trait: Immense Power - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Battleline20 x Bloodreavers (140)- Meatripper Axes5 x Blood Warriors (100)- Goreaxe & Gorefist30 x Bloodletters (270)Units3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (140)- BloodglaivesBattalionsGore Pilgrims (180)Total: 1480 / 1500Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 106 I´m not sure, if this list work, but any advice would be much appreciated.
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