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  1. I use the PtG rules from the battletome now as it's the latest publication (as far as I'm aware!). The LoA wasn't released when PtG2 was released, hence the ommision. I like your LoA, Harbinger and PBK list, not sure on competitiveness but then I feel that's not the point of PtG and that list feels very fluffy and fun to play!
  2. Can you use the command ability of a single model multiple times? I thought not and why the Glottkin wasn't included in the FAQ as he's unique, but you could have a couple of the others floating around to spam it
  3. I must admit I'm a little concerned as if memory serves me right, I used to get either Purple Sun'd or Dweller'd (one was against Strength and one Initiative) off the board by a Dark Elf sorceress who sacrificed spearmen to guarantee the cast! But, having said that, from what I've read so far they don't seem to be on that level of broken so I think they'll be a nice addition.
  4. Thanks! It' changed a little now as I mixed it up when relics dominated and then changed it again since the beta rule, current iteration is this: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,183,234,253,257,263,265,267,190,320,329,347,348,368,376,389,391,393,395,403,201,272,180,197,343,372,361,373,176,235,247,420,378,191,330 Ha ha, Pedatory Leap I can understand but I used to play skellies and skaven a lot so it helped greatly with leader sniping, but not so much anymore. By "Warmaster" do you mean Master of War? If so I think it's one of my favourite cards and so easy to score!
  5. @sal4m4nd3r ha ha, those are much appreciated but I meant for Path to Glory! Both those lists are very similar to the two I've written, just a bit more refined, thanks for the tactical bits too, with only a few games under my belt I need as much advice as I can get to try and even the field! I think I'm going to be building to the daemon list first, then adding the rotbringers after asbtheyre just to cool models to ignore and they're good from what I hear on the table! Thanks again for the advice
  6. I'd lean towards daemon heavy at the minute as I've got a Blight War box, Start Collecting and an extra box of Plaguebearers. Open to buying new models so not limited to those
  7. What would you suggest then? Agreed on the -4 but also gives -2 in combat unless I'm mistaken? Which was my reasoning for keeping him
  8. Hi guys, not long into my Nurgle foray and after some advice. My local club is starting a Path to Glory campaign and I was starting with the Blight War box and the Lord of Blights. It was looking to be purely for 'fun' and I had my story ready and was looking forward to games, however some folks started last week and have gone super competitive (according to my mate who attends GTs) so I'm wondering what are the best units to take? I'm thinking 30 Plaguebearers with Lord of Blights (fly buff and my story) and a Spoilpox, don't see that being awful but maybe not optimum!
  9. Managed to finish 15th out of 90-ish at the Grand Clash yesterday with 3 wins out of 4 (won 6 games and lost 3) with my hybrid deck, I know everyone seems to be going full aggro but I was scoring 2 or 3 of the Hold Objectives in each game with 1 or 2 of them first round allowing me to get the ball rolling, deck is: Objectives Bane of Champions No Escape Show of Strength Advancing Strike Denial Escalation Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 3 Hold Objective 4 Hold Objective 5 Master of War Ploys (11) Daemonic Resilience Furious Inspiration Glory to Khorne Duel of Wits Great Concussion My Turn Quick Thinker Ready for Action Spectral Wings Time Trap Twist the Knife Upgrade (11) No Respite Predatory Leap Trophy Hunter A Destiny to Meet Awakened Weapon Great Fortitude Great Strength Helpful Whispers Incredible Strength Light Armour Tethered Spirit Match 1 First match was against Steelheart's Champions, with the first game being a close affair with us both trading low glory objectives and dealing a low(ish) amount of damage with rubbish dice on both sides, I managed to eek out a 12-9 victory with Bane of Champions coming off in the third round. Second game my opponent placed the boards and went long, so I buried my three objectives in my territory and then pulled 2 of them out in my opening hand! Knowing that he wasn't playing turtle-cast I deployed far back to make him come at me, managed to kill Obryn with a surprise Spectral Wings charge from Riptooth after Ghartok had given him a whack and also score the two objectives to get the Strength upgrades on Magore and Riptooth ready for the second round. I lost the roll and Angharad charged Ghartok, I decided to let him take the hit as he couldn't be killed and used Quick Thinker to move Magore up to Severin and then Furiously Inspired him in the Power Step. Severin went down next activation and then Riptooth dealt with Angharad, giving me a 15-0 victory. Result: Win / 3 points / +18 Glory Match 2 Steelheart's Champions again for match two, this time my opponent had a reasonably balanced deck with a slight bias towards surviving. First game he deployed just out of all my charge ranges and I was only able to move up and score on of the Hold Objectives, where he managed to get 4 Glory from a Stormcast no damage card, no adjacent fighters card and Alone in the Darkness. I couldn't do anything from then as he played it very well and Riptooth failed with 7 dice to roll a single hit to kill Severin (Glory to Khorne on the first attack and my opponent failed both saves), final score was 8-3 to my opponent. Second game was much the same but closer, I managed to get two of the Hold Objectives I'd positioned just inside his territory and a surprise Spectral Wings from Riptooth to deal some damage although he still scored a couple of glory. Second round is where I lost it, Severin charged into Magore and Riptooth with Great Strenght on him and proceeded to kill Magore before using Ready for Action and killing Riptooth. Ghartok and Zarkhus did some work after though and the final score was 12-9 to my opponent. Result: Loss / 0 points / -8 Glory Match 3 My first ever game against the Farstriders! My opening hand was Show of Strength, No Escape and Advancing Strike.....so I used my mulligan and switched.....he then played aggro!! He deployed up close and came at me with his hand weapons in a very bloody affair where he nearly pulled Total Annihilation off against me, I managed to scrape 8 glory from somewhere and come away only losing 14-8. Knowing that he wouldn't sit back I pulled a similar opening hand and went for it, using Time Trap and Ready for Action at key points I was able to double-tap them to take them out and managed a 13-6 win. The third match went much the same way as the second, a Furiously Inspired Riptooth with Incredible Strength taking the two remaining enemies out round 2 and 3, giving me an 11-6 win. Thing I noticed against Farstriders was when he started shooting instead of chopping it rendered My Turn and No Respite useless, which had been two great cards throughout the day so far (and my practice games). Result: Win / 3 points / +6 Glory Match 4 Gurzag! Orks are probably the warband I play against most and was looking forward to matching up against them. First game we lined up at the front across from each with a slightly offset board and he made me go first, with Gurzag not being front centre and waiting behind I opted to swap an objective and pulled No Escape, so that decided my next three activations! Zharkus was killed early as he made the first charge and got Gurzag-ed (and someone else hit him) but both Riptooth and Magore had got into the orks territory, inspired and then +1 damage upgrades on each. Ghartok was then used as supports whilst Magore and Riptooth one-shotted the reamining orks (forgot to say Bonkutta went down first round) and ganged up on Gurzag with a charge followed by a Time Trap charge, first game went 9-4 to me. Second game Gurzag came straight at Ghartok who I'd moved onto the objective just inside my territory, I used Quick Thinker to move Zharkus into support before hitting him with Ghartok successfully for two turns and then charging him with Riptooth. second round Bonekutta who'd moved up to support Gurzag went down to a 4 damage Riptooth and then it snowballed from there. Final round did see my opponent give Great Strength and Incredible Strength to Hakka (only one left alive) and then charge in under GorkaMorkas Blessing against Magore.....thankfully he fluffed the attack as it was a very close game at that point. I managed to kill Hakka and clear the board, before using my last activation to swap an objective for my last one which I knew was Denial, giving me a 10-6 win Result: Win / 3 points / +9 glory Overall I'm really happy with my deck, if I'd have played smarter against my second opponent (silly charges) or had a bit more luck I might have been able to push closer to the top 4/8. Really loving the Fiends, they play the game in the opponents face which is how I want to play and they don't die to a stiff breeze like the Reavers! Only change I'm considering is putting in Alone in The Darkness, this came off a few times against me and with Great Concussion in my deck is something I could potentially orchestrate. I hate the Katophrane way of playing but I'll be experimenting with it to see how to beat it so may make some changes to the power cards after that.
  10. This I really like, gives you a benefit to winning and then a choice, do you want the three objectives or to position the boards!
  11. I tried to introduce a friend to it using the standard decks and he opted to play Reavers, he wanted them to be super aggressive and played that way which just doesn't work as Goblin-king pointed out, from that he decided he didn't like the game and isn't interested in playing it with us despite 4 of us playing regularly. I would suggest going on the Warhammer Underworlds website and picking some decks from there to use, gives a little blurb about them as well which kind of points you in how to play that deck. Take your time with it first run through, remember things like drive backs and that no matter how many successes you score the damage is only applied once! (They're the most common things I see new players do/question)
  12. It's not the Gorefist shaded area but rather the area where rules go, some models (I.e. Warden) have more than one rule in the box separated by a line break, as Ghartok has, he can't be driven back as a rule so doesn't require it in the Gorefist sentence. The other guy (forgot his name) has the rule for Knockback instead of "can't be driven back" so needs it in the Gorefist rule or he'd only be able to use on a failed attack where he defence scored more (or attacker decides not to drive back on a draw)
  13. Love a good Spreadhseet! I'll get this saved and have a play when I get some time next week! Just played two games in a Clash at Boards & Swords in derby, they're still playing now but I'm up at 5 o'clock so couldn't stay as it would be a midnight finish! Wanted to report back that in my match ups against Orcs and Fiends that Magore was brilliant in all bar one game (played 5 total) and the amount of 1 hammer success' that went through due to Cleave was high! On a different note, the Fiends are the most fun warband I've played so far and quick thinker is a fantastic card! Here's my deck for anyone interested: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,183,234,253,257,263,264,265,266,267,188,190,320,329,347,348,368,198,376,389,391,393,395,403,424,201,272,305,180,197,343,191,372
  14. I think Killax is referring to Cleave in general and you're thinking specifically on Riptooth? For me it's been great on Magore and come up a LOT (which as a lot can be in this short time), but then the same as you on Riptooth so far it hasn't really mattered
  15. I can see your point number 1, despite me thinking diffrently, however not number 2. Twist the Knife adds to the damage of the attack, so it is still the attack causing the Out of Action and why I believe it's worded the way it is, unlike Trap where it is the ploy doing the damage
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