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  1. You are correct. It rerolls 1 vs monsters and rerolls all vs anything in it's territory. However, with its speed, it is not a bad option to take a MW on from the Fane and go full speed ahead.
  2. if the daemon prince is within 3" of a unit that activates, he automatically gets to activate. Now nothing says he must move towards the activating unit, and nothing says his attacks have to go into the unit that is activating. If your DP is within equal distance to 2 units, as per faqs, you can decide who you wish to pile in to. You could pile in away from the activating unit in this case. Simply put your friend is wrong.
  3. That is lame considering we lost any form of fight immediately. I wonder why it was decided we lost our ability to fight twice on one model for an army wide ability.
  4. Ah okay. Maybe I mixed this up with always fights last and assumed since they passed on activations they passed for the turn.
  5. So another trick is if you get more activations than your opponent. If they have to pass on activations before you pile in to the scary threat, that threat will not get to retaliate since your opponent passed on activations. anyone can do this but slaanesh can do it easier. All you have to do is charge the not scary unit with a hero and say those bestigors. Locus the big blob and activate your hero. It swings. Now your opponent chooses and will not have an activation as the big squad of boys is 3.1 inches away he passes for the rest of the turn. You finish all of your combats including the boys piling in to the scary threat. Scary threat cannot retaliate as your opponent has passed the rest of his combat. His last strike unit goes at end of combat. The difference here is other armies have to have more units than the opponent and not kill stuff to have more piles ins to force the enemy to pass. With slaanesh, we just locus ours and do weaker combats first. If I was trying this strat I would throw in the vice leader or a boc hero who might not kill a big horde just to keep models alive
  6. Thats what it seems like. Slaanesh's internal balance is pretty good, a few stand outs are fiends who aren't take a lot, whereas the Contorted epitome is an auto include in any list.
  7. Kinda disappointed that some armies will not at all be bothered by the choices. Some things to help bring it down would be max of a single behemoth or no behemoth generals. Some leaders feel way too... elite or better suited for a bigger army. Daemons for example would feel weird having a blood thirster or great unclean one when they feel suited for the standard idea of sigmar, where a large battle is happening but that is the most important part of the battle. Maybe have no terrain be allowed, to bring down FeC summoning. Just ideas.
  8. How would this change up 2k? This is all for 1k games, and even then assuming you still need two battleline, you will still be able to take duplicates of the battleline twice to meet battleline.
  9. I think mercenaries are not a thing for us. We rely too much on our heroes that taking heroes away from us or points for better heroes will cost us too much
  10. That's probably not the in scope of what they intended. Probably mean their first set up they can make a scout move. But I don't really care about some marauders flying up the board to charge me, they are usually so weak that you will just push them over. Or the thing you do is you throw them in front of a fast enemy without fly and just have them be a road block.
  11. Syll'Esske likes to be in Invaders so that you get the command trait on a Keeper, but Syll can use their Command Ability. Also if you use the fane on Syll' then all of your attacks get rerolls! It's a win-win. But if you don't use the fane, then whip first, it's likely to hit and you want the reroll on the 4+ axe. Also if you use the Keeper's ability, then you go either Axe - Whip - Axe or Whip - Axe - Whip, which if that thats your plan, I think you want A - W - A for the higher rend potential, doublely so if you use the fane so you get 3 attacks all rerolls.
  12. I love those conversion @enoby. I wanted my slaanesh mortals to be more elven like and while I got normal hellstriders, I wish I thought of wild riders/sisters of the thorn.
  13. If you didn’t bring an enrapturess then summon her near your opponents wizards. Also depending on what you are facing against. Need bodies? Then daemonettes. Need another hero to fight? An exalted chariot will do work grinding away.
  14. Anyone run balewind in their lists? Hysterical frenzy being wholly within 18” is kinda hard and having a 24” range would be amazing.
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