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  1. Exactly, also I would feel anyone who would do this would give their opponent the benefit of the doubt that is a low lying branch covers the thunderer but a normal handgunner could've been seen, they'd give them the LoS
  2. I must've missed the hints then. And yeah, it looks like the factions that remain are what have the capabilities to be expanded to fuller armies outside of cities. Somewhat funny that they split factions up to just put them back again later, but its what they should have done all along.
  3. That makes a bit more sense then. Still won't lie, the steamtank battleline is awfully suspect, but who knows. Maybe this means cities coming shortly and we can see where the future of wanderers live. Slightly disappointed that shadow warriors are in phoenix temples, as I know axed glade guard could've filled their spots nicely. Perhaps there is city where both can be taken.
  4. Agreeable, but I'm in favor of mixed race armies in that regard. You want dwarf warriors and use them as freeguild? mix them in with sword and board freeguild. Thunderers as handgunners? Mix em in. Let it be known that the armies of the cities of sigmar fight unified!
  5. Its a nice list, however something are suspect for me. Dwarves getting their artillery back? But hasnt all of those models not been squatted? Also greywater Steam tank battleline? Some things sound really good on paper, and others just sound wish listing.
  6. I'm fine with people proxying old models into something in the book. Swordmasters gone? Well say hello to my Elven Regiment of Greatswords, or my executioners who don't wear scary masks. There does come a point where it can be an issue. Oh, you have 60 dwarf warriors that you need to do something with? Well these 30 are hammerers, and these 30 are longbeards. Now it can get confusing on what unit is which from a glance.
  7. I would not use the 25mm models to stand in for models on 40mm and twice its height. I would use the glade guard as shadow warriors, assuming they can both be used within the same city.
  8. I played my first game with these guys yesterday. We got a match up of killing a specific unit, since we were strapped for time, we both chose our leaders. He was IDK and ran up his eel right away in range of 3 guys. My 3 activations caused 38 damage and dropped him. Spikes dice and all of that. I'll have to wait till next saturday to try another game agianst my friend with the starter and untamed beasts.
  9. Since it’s just matched play at a store, go for it. Use it as wanderers. Tourney, probably not.
  10. I mean that's pretty easy to do. If it is just Aelves, then you stipulate that it's only Aelves that appear in this book, and if any aelves outside of the book are allowed, say DoK for some city, then it'll only affect them for that city. The nomad Prince might have some rule for Cities units to gain some benefit, he might only affect aelves, or I think in a weird case, only the current wanderers. I don't think we will see faction keywords for the most part considering Swifthawks are 1 units (unless shadow warriors are moved to another faction like Phoenixes or Wanderers), or devoted are just down to their troops. So baring a surprise of new model lines to fill back in some factions, racial keywords is my bet on where things go.
  11. Without seeking the book, we do not know if factions will keep their keywords. Will cities have certain factions they can pull from? Or will cities have access to races? Like Living City become a Sylvaneth, Aelf, Human city? Perhaps with Shadow Warriors now having no faction, where do they go? Maybe they come join Wanderers as a second archer unit, or they join Phoenix Temples.
  12. The Mercs options being lost are the only ones I find confusing on how they got squatted. But just because something was in an old starter means nothing. It can ultimately be decided that they dont want to replicate that model. It might have to do with them not selling models that produce warscrolls for, allowing other miniature makers to come in and make it.
  13. i'm thinking the wild rider heads would work best.
  14. I need to convert them. But I have a free city that gets taken over by slaanesh and the refugees and remainder of the army are trying to take it back. It was a mostly wanderers army but it might end up being expanded. The generals are the children of the ruling family
  15. hand wins out cause of the ability to heal d6 wounds from mercing a small hero and getting back in the game. a 6+ fnp feels bleh. If it was a 5+, it would be worth talking about
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