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  1. so was thinking of a list to try with what i have or plan to have Keeper leader Herald on Exalted Chariot 6 fiends (I love em) 2x5 slickblades 2x11 blissbarbs 30 daemonettes. Maybe decrease daemonettes and run the seeker battalion to allow the slickblades a 6" pile in.
  2. So I got archers and slickblades... the riders are annoying to assemble, and I had a huge gap in the shoulder pad of my archer leader.
  3. They are comparing them because they are comparable. As @Chaos Shepard has already stated, they are similar unit size, but bulls outdamage them, and enlightened on foot outdamage them for cheaper. Slaangor gain hardly any benefit within BoC. Like, even from a lore perspective of them being gor, they are still lousy when compared to enlightened, another 3 wound, 5+ save unit. Slaangor not having brayherd just stops them from having more synergies in the army.
  4. that is true, but makes for a good alpha. They place a big monster on the line, you can get some good attacks into it. Slickblades hitting 3/2 is really good.
  5. Adding on to this, the unit doesn't have to be a hedonite model to get the +1 to wound rolls. She works really well as an ally too.
  6. That's huge, I misread it and thought it was in the hero phase. So while it says 9" to throw it on an enemy, it's really 9+6+d6. On average she can run turn 1 on a 18" deployment and grant your seekers and keeper a +1 to wound. I'm thinking two of these in a list is a good spot. Also if you dislike double of the same model, the mist weaver saih is a great counts as.
  7. @swarmofseals to be clear, I am not suggesting that only Hedonite models should be the only units allowed in our army, just that if that was the case, our points are more justified then. 150 point myrmadesh make more sense when only when our units deal damage or take damage for depravity and get double taps, and only hedonite heroes can summon, but this is simply not the case. So to remedy this, our units should likely only cost a bit more, but definitely not 40-50 points more than their slave equivalents for the ability to double hit anywhere.
  8. But the points are already a factor. When you take away everything that is unique to a hedonites model from our AA, it's just double hits and access to two CA for units that might not even be taken, and I agree then that should be the factor. Summoning can happen for all slaves to darkness models too. That's why I said an increase of points would be reasonable if it was tied purely to Hedonites in some way. When people talk about just disregarding some units in favor of cheap battleline elsewhere and still get access to depravity, then something is wrong. I'll concede that maybe slickblades suggestion was a little too low. 180-190 but they also run away due to low bravery with nothing really able to keep up with them besides the keeper to keep them from running.
  9. So for our units, the idea of summoning being baked in is baloney. It's an army mechanic attached to all units in the game, whether its hedonite or not (The case might've been made for this if a hedonite model took damage or delivered damaged this turn). So the only thing our mortals are really getting over slaves to darkness is our double taps, which 2 of our units don't even get access to. For my suggested points, this is where I'd go. Archers 120-140, they are still paper thin and we do have access to other forms of shooting. Slaangors 90-100 Myrmadesh 120 (these guys are just Chaos warriors +. a 60 point increase for their abilities is absurd. Symbaresh 150 Seeker archers are 160 Slickblades should be around 170. Lord of Pain and Shard Speaker should go down to 120 (their counterparts are both 110 in Slaves, with the chaos lord giving double pile in and chaos lord giving reroll all saves, hits, and wounds, though the shardspeaker does have a defensive buff and an ability to hurt the enemy though short range). Sigvald is not worth more than eltharion and should be around 220. Glutos seems fine with all of his buffs that he brings to the table. I don't think any warscroll is truly terrible, just that their points don't reflect it.
  10. What is Glutos doing in this list? Or is he just for the casting? Cause some of his buffs are locked to Mortal Hedonite.
  11. Ain't that the truth. Like I've seen "this unit literally wins the entire game" to "nothing is good at all". It's boggling. Like honestly, points are the thing. 20-30 down nearly everywhere, and it's good. I thought of some of the math and the whole "our units summon! that's why we're expensive!" doesn't add up for me anymore. Every unit summons and contributes to that. So what from our AA do our units uniquely get that can't be gained by bringing in slaves? Locus and double taps on 6's, and that doesn't feel like an appropriate cost increase. Listening to HeyWoah go over the battle tome, a lot of his commentary is "good warscroll... should be 160? 200?! Oh nevermind" Glutos, Shalaxi, and Masque were on his list of units points and theme appropriately.
  12. You either got posts of how "its the best book ever" to "its utter trash" with some people having no nuance at all.
  13. Yeah Slaangors aren't great. Talking with @Chaos Shepard IRL, I hope your book fixes them... cause yikes...
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