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  1. The other battalions are mortal hero, chosen/warriors/marauders, 1-2 warshrines. I think soemthing else, but all it grants is the warshrine goes off on a 2+ The other one we haven't seen are 1-3 soul grinders and they gain +1 hit and +1 save. Also getting to 13 drops for the d6 CP isn't bad cause it'll grant you extra rounds of double pile ins.
  2. Well remember it’s hero only. So the greater daemons, you can stack it on to nullify their attacks, but the regular terrorgeist will not be affected.
  3. We've seen the book in reviews. 1d4chan is not reliable, it is a wiki editable by anyone. In the review, it is not Allies: Grand Alliance Order, it lists very specific factions, such as Fyreslayers, DoK, IDK. None of the same faction names that show up in Cities, such as freeguild or wanderers, show up as potential allies, while I wish they could.
  4. So why not play with no warchanters then? If they make the army that broken, then find other ways to play them. Play Big Waaaagh and play with a lot of bone splittaz? You can find ways to tone down the army.
  5. I dont know the name off hand but like Veridian Pathfinders
  6. So came up with this list. Deciding if I want living city of tempest eye. Nomad prince general sorceress/battlemage 2x30 eternal guard 20 wildwood rangers 20 sisters of the watch 5 wild riders 5 sisters of the thorn 20 shadow warriors emerald life swarm. If I did tempest eye, the idea would be running everyone up to objectives or a foward defensive position where the eternal guard have a 2+ on my enemies turn. Get the rest of the army ready to strike out. Living city is just having the ranged elements of the list outflank and shoot valuable targets and then running away. Perhaps over committing to eternal guard though and 2 units of 20 is good enough. Would save me 140 points which could be either another hero or unit. I thought about a hurricanum instead of the shadow warriors just to zap units, which would be helpful in either city as the hurricanum can out flank. Thoughts? I haven’t bought anything yet and I might come into some models they could make this list.
  7. Our battalion seems just okay. Nomad Prince, 3 rangers, 0-1 wild riders, and if they outflanked, they get +1 to charge. I don't know if that's a worthwhile battalion. I'm just not feeling wildwood rangers, though being 25mm with 2" reach is good. Any monster they fight is as good as probably dead.
  8. So some combos still in place. Eternal guard backed up by Sisters of the Watch. And if the eternal guard have the Thorn's Spell on, they have a 3+ and a 2+ if Fortress is active. Wild Riders are actually a flanking unit and can bust up people. I know our wildwood rangers are gunna be good for monster hunting, but I feel we might be better served with a unit that can dish out mortals in the combat phase, so maybe taking greatswords with a captain nearby as a hammer unit could help. Wizards are always good. Taking the hurricanum helps effectively extend our +1 to hit bubble.
  9. Noticed some units with just increased saves. Eternal guard went from a 5+ to a 4+. So the shield is built in with an increased save. No rerolling saves.
  10. Wild Riders are scary on the charge, but lost how to use their shields again. Sisters of the watch do MW's on 6's to wound, and gain +1 attack when they stand still, and their overwatch increased to 3" of them so they can hide behind eternal guard properly and shoot. No benefit to fighting chaos.
  11. I don't buy normal chariots, only herald versions. The herald has no many attacks, it can general a lot of depravity. While it is slower, thermal rider cloak, if you so choose, will speed it back up, and it can get Look out Sir! I always bring the hero version in my lists. The only non heroes I take nowadays if daemonettes and a unit of hellstriders.
  12. At the GW store I play at, having an unpainted army means nothing. You can still play at the store, because the manager also knows that if he says you can't play cause of unpainted, a lot of people won't come back and the store looks empty. For events, such as an apoc game we did for some anniversary, it was that you got d3 extra command points for being fully painted, a nice incentive to get work done. For the warcry event that gw is holding, the rule is that your army must be fully painted to participate and gave players a month to paint up 6-10 dudes. Also a bonus incentive, our manager takes pictures of models that people paint up and throw them on facebook.
  13. I get that the large number of attacks helps, but the snake is so fragile. It will always be wounded on 3's, survives best against low damage chaff because any fighter with base damage 2 will blow it up immediately. This was my main point with failing to understand the snake. It just doesn't survive against the targets you'd want to fish for crits.
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