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  1. Shields have value. Perhaps you want your dude to have a shield. It's modeled on there. There's rule for it. Now, I wish there were different shields. A reroll 1's to save shield (or maybe a rule for a parry dagger), or a 5+ MW save like chaos get.
  2. No, because both modify the characteristic. The Shield does turn the 5+ to a 4+. That's what improving the characteristic means. Both have the same wording. You change whats in the top left of the warscroll, this is not modifying the dice roll to have +1, otherwise it would say "Add 1 to your saving throws".
  3. So both shield and extra armor have the same wording. Weapons and shields are in step 3, and hero characteristics are in step 6. So if you had a duardin, with a base 4+, and added a shield, you are at a 3+. You've improved your save and your extra armor cannot add anything more since by the time you got to step 6, you were already at a 3+ save due to the shield improving the characteristic by 1. It's pretty clear by intent that a 2+ is not meant to be possible, and attempting to get it in a narrative system just feels power gamey.
  4. So I think in Anvil, the max the save can get is 3+. You have to buy the shield first, then you buy the extra armor's thereafter. So if you start with the dwarf and buy the shield, you can't buy armor cause your save is a 3+.
  5. Here are my two warscrolls created for my Cities of Sigmar. Twins who are cousins to the royal family of my aelven kingdom.
  6. The ignoring rend is only on the Alarith. What will hurt is when our units get into fighting those spears and if they are in shining company. -1 hit on our daemonettes will not make them a threat.
  7. Because why not have point changes for anything past Cities? They said those point changes were not in the book because it had already gone to print. If the point book was printed so soon, then those changes could've also made it in as well. Since they have said that around Cities would've been the last book to come out before the book went to print, it leads me to believe that points were finalized around that time. OBR isn't that much later than cities, so why no point changes for them when we saw how well they were doing? Also they even say this. "Like in last year’s edition, we’ll be ensuring that armies released after the General’s Handbook went to print (that’s everything since Cities of Sigmar) will have their matched play profiles updated for free with a set of downloads in the very near future. " That tells me everything was pretty much final and went to print around that time, and December FAQ was more pressing things or to drip some of those changes.
  8. in boredom, I've made the blender lord. Points spent are found below. He is 400 points under new hero system. Play in Aqshy for new rage blade. 6's to hit on his weapon are 4 hits.
  9. The book was written and finalized back in august. This is the reason books around CoS and beyond have no point changes. If they were increasing our costs while releasing armies that countered our army, then why touch the mechanics in december and not just do the points there as well? They knew the points were going up in december.
  10. Most things that were used saw 10-20 point nerfs. The best thing that happened was Exalted Herald Chariots didn't get nerfed.
  11. Yeah, Slaanesh got hit for really no reason. We were down in terms of tournaments, and with the loss of realm artifacts, we lost a lot of tools that we used. It just feels bad to play the army as the book intended, and I don't feel like buying marauders (probably nerfed) or starting a full Depraved Drove army just to play slaanesh. At least I got this army for 40k, hope the new edition is kinder.
  12. So Archers just seem so so? What can be used to help them do more?
  13. Anyone got what the aetherquartz abilities are?
  14. When i look at everything, I see daemonettes are doing the most damage per point. They are the cheapest unit and hit just as hard as everything else. Also you can buff them up to 2/5, which you can't do with fiends. Our quad ability is a real shame and I wish it was either add dice value to crits instead of half dice value. I wonder what the math works out for bonus attack and move vs half dice on crits. Also str 3 and t3 on fiends was a really weird choice, they should've been s4 and t4 I feel.
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