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  1. Slaanesh has a spell on Syll'esske that stops using command abiltiies and theres a spell for keepers as well.
  2. I swear I remember from a live stream it was said they didn't have anything planned yet. Perhaps they hadn't yet settled on what Slaanesh mortals looked like when designing the new Keeper and only after the book, did the process start?
  3. I'm thinking of doing head swaps myself. Dunno what head I'd swap with though.
  4. I'm thinking of 1-2 scenarios The christmas/new years preview show shows off the rest of slaanesh and it comes with the next broken realm book which deals with Slaanesh and probably Sigvald and the models are released over 2 weeks. We know the january coin is Slaanesh, so that gives hope. But it could be a set up and march/april is a supplement book just to give slaanesh players the tools to actual play their models until a proper second book.
  5. So my thoughts are this Sigvald Lord of Pain Some sort of Caster. There looks to be some sort of Big based thing. Perhaps a Slaaneshi Palanquin? Like a support hero or wizard on top to hand out buffs? Units We've seen the 5 man elite squads with painbringers and the possessed. It looks like some sort of Slaangor unit, perhaps a 3 man beefy unit sorta like Fiends? These would perhaps be our "enlightened" or maybe while tzeentch gets gors, we get something like bulls? We've also seen Archers, perhaps they are another dual kit with some sort of spear infantry or slaanesh specific marauder-esque unit (cheap chaff). Unless something else is missing, this could be anywhere from 7-10 warscrolls.
  6. Here's hoping for a book 2 with updated warscrolls and more sensible abilities. The Euphoric killers rule is great. Depravity and the hero mechanic make our army too hero focused that taking any other troop that isn't battleline to focus on heroes is then seen as bad. And if we end up wanting to move away from hero hammer, our choices currently in book are just okay, not phenominal for what we end up paying. I'd like to see a return to a more balanced force where you want to take units. Give some buff to heroes, perhaps keep locus, but making some shift to letting other units generate depravity in other ways. Fiends are not great, you want them to be an anvil, but they don't do the job as they lack mw and ranged defence. Their attacks are weak. You want them to go after big targets for essentially medieval lascannon shots, but that takes away from our depravity. Also so get close to getting fiends in a good defensive spot, its 380 points, when you could just take a keeper for the same cost, who has a strong defensive ability in locus and can generate summoning. These models either need a boost in offensive capabilities. I would either see damage 2 base, with 6's to wound being something different and allowing fiends to be in the epicurean reveller's detachment to actually get some benefit. Or if their intention was to keep fiends swingy, again allow fiends to actually benefit (so d3 mw). We have seekers which while fast, do hit somewhat hard with a lot of attacks, but the downside is their base size. The cav base makes them hard to get in all of their attacks, so you must spread them out, which might mean tagging more things that you wanted and then you have this incredibly large footprint that might get permastuck in not piling in, or being forced to spread out more. To alleviate this, then you have to send them in in more of a blob, which just ends up lowing their offensive capabilities. While awkward to try to get the max of euphoric killers, they actually are decent and since hellstriders lost battleline, these girls will probably do better, though a way to get them battleline would be ideal. Daemonettes are very squishy at only a 5+ save, but do have run and charge. The 4+/4+ profile is just okay, with euphoric killers meant to effectively make it a 2+/4+, but the lack of wounds modifiers and an expensive battalion does hurt them. Going back to 100/270 would be ideal and perhaps battalion down. Hellstriders as non-battleline seem they could've done a little more. Personally claw spears at 2 attacks with 2 damage charges at 120-130 would've been fine, rolling 6 attacks that will do little damage is just okay. Whips could've been back to the -1 to hit fest as a support unit. Let claw spears be shock cav with a good amount of attacks and let whips just be there to hit light infantry and be annoying. Normal chariots end up I feel being taken often due to wanting to take the hero versions, though, I could see regular seeker chariots taken for god seekers, if that survive into new books. I'm not personally married to any of this, but just spitballing some ideas to get slaanesh feeling better with us using more of the awesome models that many of us bought.
  7. Yeah my 1k lists of using hellstriders while I throw a keeper ahead with some other unit seems dead. I guess I'm getting warriors are some point for cheap battleline that can go and sit on an objective.
  8. The problem with assuming full rerolls is that... Lord of Pain ain't reaching them anytime soon. I kinda wish we got our banners back from before the tome. Or make it so whips have the banner and spears have the icon and make them do different things. As it is right now, you can't have both with one kit, so might as well make them something useful. Overall, now I end up shelving my hellstriders, they were battleline for the purpose of capturing objectives and being quick, now they aren't battleline. Going back to daemonettes or finally buying warriors. Maybe in Slaanesh 2.0, we get some mortal factions and hellstriders are back with some buffs, but they just feel... so lackluster now.
  9. Agreed, Fiends aren't amazing, but are definitely overshadowed by the allegiance abilities requiring heroes. A hero to allow units to produce depravity would've been huge.
  10. Daemonettes from what I hear are unchanged. Hellstriders we know got some changes, but yet to see exactly what in full, but nerfed in battleline status which really hurts.
  11. Abilities don't general depravity as it is. The charge abilities from the chariots wouldn't generate it, so neither would this. This just makes it more confusing to use. Archaon can use it, but you can always just bring a sorcerer.
  12. Agreed, there needs be some reason to take them. I wish clawspears were damage 2 on the charge, and make hell scourges some sort of doing attacks based on models in the unit they attack, but cap it at like... 3-4 attacks.
  13. So based on the preview. The Slaaneshi Lord of Pain is so inured to agony that they have a chance to disregard any wounds. They also allow nearby Hedonites to re-roll hits as they seek to cause as much pain as possible. So he likely has either a 5+++ or a 6+++. I doubt we're getting something like a 4+++ fnp. Do you think our reroll hits will be all hits? Or just reroll 1's. We really don't need another way for our units to reroll 1's.
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