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  1. This post screams "I bought models that looked cool and had no idea how they played and now I want you to change my toys so I can play them how I want, forgot all the other night goblin players who enjoy the army and were not surprised by the "randomness" and enjoy it" do some homework on the rules before you buy an army is the best advise if your concerned with it being competitive. I think you MIGHT be the ONLY gloomspite player that's surprised/upset they aren't super competitive.
  2. Maybe he just doesnt want you to play there because you set you self up in this ivory tower and he doesnt want your likely undeserved elitism driving away those smelly neckbeards who have no life's and clearly that's why they paint their minis... you should really check how you come across to people because to be frank you come across as a lil socially awkward, maybe because you're so judgmental for a guy trying to play with toys at a kids store go find a club with grown ups you wierdo
  3. Why create boogey men for new players? You're gonna honey pot them into a game you think they won't like unless you hide all the monsters?
  4. T10 let me see if I get you here you think it goes 1. Roll BS dice 2. Check unmodified bravery, and roll 3. Pass/fail unmodified 4. Use ability to re roll if passed (most units auto passing) 5. Repeat step 2 with modifiers
  5. I had a similar thought then just looked at the warscroll for the model and realized his steed is not part of his NAME. You're over thinking it.
  6. It's to both In this instance as any measurement made from the caster is increased by 6", measuring from a point on the battlefield or other than the caster does not get the bonus though.
  7. You probably should tell your opponents what combos you plan on using since you're cheating by using arti with your mount. It seems you don't have the best grasp on the rules yet so maybe they could help you a bit. Cheating isn't clever.
  8. It's in the core rules under warscrolls; characteristics; random values
  9. No worries I don't get offended on the internet. I'm not saying you mean it as a philosophical question but if I'm playing some one and they start saying thing like what is a model... really its cringy at best, since I don't see the vagueness. I'm using the ability as written and I wouldnt let you add icons or tollers if those abilities didn't say models. But since their rules say models I say you add the plaguebear and its warscroll allows you to turn it into one of those. Since the champ doesn't say a model can be or models can be, it say THE leader of this unit is A blank I cant see how it is interpreted any other way. So i guess my question for you is, what is stopping you from just having all champs? By your theory you could just do that from the beginning of the game. Except it's own warscroll limits that, or did i just make you question that too? Hope this helps to enlighten you to how me and every other daemon player (only 7 people) I've ever played have played . I mean not one of us ever even tried the champ. I only came to this conclusion after thinking about the question when quizzed about adding command models at all by an ironjaws player. I would have to ask each of them why they don't add champs but I suspect their reasoning will be similar.
  10. Abilities: Most warscroll include one or more abilities that can be used by the warscroll's models during a game of warhammer age of sigmar. Abilities take precedence over the core rules ... ... ... ... Lastly any extra attacks hit rolls or wound rolls gained by the use of an ability cannot themselves generate extra..... not sure why there's contention here. Seems like a few people who don't understand how lastly is used. The exceptions are things like fly/ethereal/retreat and charge/run and charge/run and shoot/mortal wound saves/ extra attacks from 6+ to hit (only on the first 6+ to hit though)etc. Extra attacks from extra attacks is specifically pointed out. If you don't think this applies to extra attacks generating extra attacks after reading the abilities section, YOU are confused or more likely being willfully obtuse.
  11. So to meet you half way if you had the actual champion models to add I would let you just to avoid laughing at you for the philosophical question of "what is a plaguebearer model?" I mean at least they're clear about needing the actual miniature to represent the champ/musician/bearer.
  12. Plague ridden =/= plague bearer, it is the leader of the unit, the icon specifies what model to add to the unit. If it said something like, add 1 model to this unit or even PLAGUEBEARER, your cheeky attempt to game this might work. But tbf I would still look at you funny if u tried that then.
  13. Raw you can take bile troggoths in destruction due to ****** rules writing I see how you can get there now. So in friendly match play I would allow it but in all major tourns here in the US so far they've carries over the all warscrolls must be from the same GA like ghb1
  14. If you think somehow this allows you to cross GA then good luck to you. I would not allow it in a friendly matched play game or as a to in one of my tournament. Where does the raw point to how these guys have played it? A community article in reference to allegiance abilities. Sorry that's not raw.
  15. You are 100% right it could be clearer but for matched play a little common sense would go a long way with this one I think. I agree that in open do whatever you please. And I believe pitch battle title/allegiance are the same thing by inference.
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