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  1. I'm ok with the FAQ overall. English is a second language for a lot of people (myself included). Some of the wording are confusing and the FAQ clear it out. What I don't understand is why they literally change the rule for the Deathmarch battalion (wholly within 12" instead of within 9") How broken was this battalion so that they had to change the rule 2 weeks after the release. I wasn't into death before but wasn't this battalion already around before the tome?
  2. It's not unnecessary if a lot of people "frequently ask it"
  3. I don't think even before the FAQ you could bring back a 2 wounds model with a roll of 1or2 ( 1 wound) The ability Says :"you may return a number of slain models to it that have a wounds characteristic equal or less than the roll of the D3." The "wound characteristic" of the model you want to bring back is 2. So it's not "Equal or less than the roll" For example even if you want to bring back a Black knight with only one wound, the "wound characteristic" (on the wheel) is still 2
  4. tmichaux92

    Mourngul nerf?

    Oups... Thx for the heads up
  5. tmichaux92

    Mourngul nerf?

    Only FEC can be allies to LoN sadly
  6. I think it is Up to date. But you have to delete the warscroll and download it again. I did it for all death warscroll.
  7. tmichaux92

    Mourngul nerf?

    I wanted a mourngul si bad. But I don't think you can even play it in a legion of Nagash/sacrement/night/blood. Since he is not in the battletome and he's not an FEC.
  8. It doesn't go nova that often and it can even fall flat (0 wound). But it's just 6 to cast ! With the +2 to cast Arkhan already have it's a 4 to cast. You can even have it "auto cast" with buffs (Mortis/sacrament) So i'll take the 1 to 6 wound it usually do !
  9. Question here considering '' Standard Bearer'' It says : ''Substract 1 from the Bravery Characteristic of enemy units that are within 6'' of any DEATH Standard Bearers'' I assume that even if you have 2 Standard Bearers in a single unit, it doesn't reduce the bravery by 2. BUT If i have a unit of skeleton warrior AND a unit of grave guard (both with a Standard Bearer) both within 6'' of an enemy unit, does it stack and reduce the bravery by 2 ? I kind of hope it does because I want to maximise the terrorgheist shriek, but it says : ''of any death SB'' so does it mean that the debuff does not stack but just instead cover more ground like in my example above ? I'm thinking it's the latter but hope it's the former
  10. All right I reworked the list and found out that my original total was wrong... oups... now let's try this: LEGION OF SACRAMENT Battleline Skeleton warrior (X40) 280 Skeleton warrior (X40) 280 Skeleton warrior (X10) 80 Black knight (X5) 120 Grave guard (X5) 80 Mortis engine 180 Arkhan the black 320 Necromancer 110 Necromancer 110 Wight King 120 Corps Cart 80 Battalion Lords of sacrement 70 Deathmarch 110 Total : 1 940pts (3 drops) -The skeleton warriors are now 40/40/10 instead of 30/30/20 as discus earlier. -I had to get the grave guard to 5... bummer. Now I think it's almost essential to summon them via grave site when the enemy is already engage. Maybe shields instead of grate sword ? Now, we can either drop the corps cart and get 10 grave guard instead of 5. OR Drop the corps cart and make way for a ''balewind vortex''. We would now be at 2 drop and with the vortex, maybe be able to get to the enemy in our first hero phase.
  11. Well it's perfect then. You keep in at 3 drop so very good chance of the first turn. Because of the battalion, the slowest unit can move up to 8'' so you can maybe grab an objective in battle plan like Battle of the pass. And with Arkhan command ability, every caster have an extra 6'' to casting. You can cast a total of 7 spells (Arkhan 3, necromancers 2 each) and of those 7, 3 comes from Lores of Death. So with that reach, maybe you can cast '' Curse of years'' / ''arcane bolt'' for some damage in first turn and you still have enough spell power to cast the usual ''mystic shield'' and ''Vanhel's danse macabre''. You can even pick ''Amaranthine Orb'' but even with +6'' reach I don't think you can cast it on the first turn. If you really want first turn spell you can go with ''soulpike''. I know that concerning the spells on first turn it's very situational because even with 24'' reach it might come up short.
  12. Can you let the grave guards in the dirt ? Since it's part of a battalion is it possible to deploy part of the battalion on the field and part of it "under" the field ? Because if you can, then yeah it's a great strategie since the Wight king is going to be in the tick of it anyway. He'll be abble to summon them.
  13. I just want to be sure about the '' Lores of the dead''. It seems that the only way to have access to those spells is trough Allegiance abilities. The allegiance abilities says : All wizard in X know an additional spell from the Lores of dead. My question is this. If I have 3 wizards in my list. like 2 necromancers and Arkhan (lords of sacrament for example). Do I get to pick 3 DIFFERENT spells from the lores (one for every wizards) ? OR Is it ONE spell from the list that every wizard can use. Maybe it's because english isn't my firt language but i'm confuse with the wording of the allegiance abilities.
  14. Yeah could be a good idea to have two 40 skeletons units. So you wouldn't lose the extra attack the minute you lose a model. And the 10skeletons unit is weak but you can still use it as a "Shield" so nobody come up behind your heros. And for the Grave guards unit I know it's 10 wounds away from be wipeout. But maybe there is a way to engage stronger enemy unit with skeletons warrior before engage with the Grave guards so the enemy can't pile in that much on them.
  15. I'm gonna have to try it and see. But i take note of the low damage input.
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