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  1. Karaks were/are present in AoS.
  2. Srsly you think Settra would be babbling about serving anyone ?
  3. I must say its kinda (sad) but hilarious. I wonder if it blocks the whole BT release pipeline....
  4. So Sylvaneth are still being hold hostage by border and tax officers ?
  5. Nice as everyone can take nice duardin artillery (thanks merc companies) and still have their usual strengths (abilities, magic etc. itd). You cannot stack rend. And dwarf heroes (but Runesmith) are still meh (not tanky, not special tricks, not killy (worse than a wet noodles)) etc. It seems that the amount of models will be almost the same. Hard to say how it transisions to "elite". Being optimistic is fine as long there are actual reasons/factors to be so (and it's not "be positive for sake of being positive").
  6. Dwarf mercenary company rules:
  7. "This year’s General’s Handbook also contains allegiance abilities for several factions, with expanded rules for Ironjawz, Seraphon, Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Free Peoples, Slaves to Darkness and Dispossessed. If you’re looking to make the most of these forces in your games, the book is a must-have." Seems that BT for Dispossesed is not yet that soon as some might have thought.
  8. Link ? Its hard to find. https://youtu.be/cFHj2Dl2muM?t=556
  9. So is Gotrek being made in resin ?
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