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  1. Get in line pointy ears// Dwarfs were here first here so they should have get all their wave 2 models before any elf.
  2. Not to mention there is a lot of good free computer games, or cheap old ones (which are still great)
  3. So the elves are now into good old magic-enhanced brainwashing ?
  4. Said guy with Stormcast in avatar 😜 But prepare for more, GW seems to go after that wider audience 😜
  5. Life Marketing will find the waynaive customers.
  6. Those cities which are about to fall one by one ? It seems much worse than whatever elves are doing (especially the twin elves). Heck even the Nagash seems to be doing fine, and actually having more influence on other realms than Sigmar (and still keeping his own turf mostly intact - up to BR:Teclis). Also didn't Nagash be more successfull in invading all points than Sigmar ? So anvil is going the way of Golden Throne ?
  7. So they want to really make SCE into Space Marines ? (With limiting their numbers and upgrading their "eltiness") Man seems that Sigmar didn't achieve much with that whole SCE plot arc.
  8. Interesting is that there was also a mirror involved in the latest Broken Realms story.... (mirror+Belakor)
  9. So wasn't the Balekor the guy who rescued that Stormcast hero from the hand of Morathi supporters ? (in order to let Sigmar know about Morathi betrayal?)
  10. I'm only buying GW stuff because I'm able to get 1/3 off the price of GW stuff. And even then I'm looking for cheaper models, Start Collecting bundles etc. And this is only becouse I'm earning in stronger currency than the one I'm using to buy stuff.
  11. So we have now jumping termies in Aos ?;P DoW III was not enough I guess ?;P
  12. Buying books is on you GW gonna take all the money silly people are throwing at them 😜
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