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  1. People were sick, it got rescheduled to a later date^^tm
  2. Well good to notice is that Valaya is directly refferenced "missing goddess of hearth". Oh and Dispossesed are mention as "Dispossesed and Ironweld Arsenal". So yeah, everyone should prepare wallets.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/15/apr-15-big-community-survey-2019gw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/ You guys know what to do ?
  4. And how many new pages were written in Dispossesed section just because there were few dwarven bits in Gloomspite releases ?
  5. It is good design. You just force enemy to first cast "whatever" spell to remove "auto-unbind" and then cast the spell he intents. Or just ignore "that" unit and cast all spells on different units, that's a counter-play.
  6. How about the Runelord prayer/rune dispelling current spell on a unit and automaticly unbinding next spell casted on same unit ?
  7. Well you cannot deny certain similar visual traits between Slanesh host and Idoneth.
  8. Obviously you will strongly deny any allegiances that's insiders knowledge ?;P
  9. Which only means that the wholse scope of changes must be massive to prevent it. It's not that KO can be "much" worse 😜
  10. You could say that GW beat them ...... .... to death.
  11. I think if I start selling tinfoil hats now I might earn enough money to actually afford to buy dispossessed (once GW release them)......
  12. Mayby it will be about special artefacts for heroes ?
  13. Order scenery must come with dwarfs.
  14. LoL So Idoneth also need a new BT ?o0
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