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  1. When you are so chaotic that you break scale and reappear on the opposite side of spectrum?;P
  2. So SCE will undergo a transision to smaller, more elite armies ?
  3. Also, seems that Grungi is back and he even saved the day! Keep saving money for that incoming Dawi release!
  4. I really like the fact that finally all heroes actually have a meaningfull and thematic way of using aethergold. I wish that every unit had a custom "special ability powered by aether-gold", so a normal triumphs plus special ability for each unit. Blowing up munitions magazines is especially funny one
  5. So Kroak getting new model and new Warscroll mean he will get a bump in power (as regular rule of GW model upgrade) ?
  6. We are getting something in BR3: Bealakor.
  7. It's kinda okeish as we can build Endrinriggers. If they but only Skywardens ..... boy KO would be in trouble 😜
  8. Btw. is there any chance that Cursed City heroes will be releases as a separate release (all 8 together or one by one) ? Was it done for Blackstone Fortress or previous WHQ games ?
  9. His warscroll is up. He gets 2 shares of gold and on 4+ monster he hits with his harpoon cannot get further away from him . So rather tamed and boring. He has some 3 attacks, but nothing close to admiral. In general nothing amazing.
  10. So where is our 2nd wave of models ?
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