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  1. Well, as I gradually became more of a hobbyist then a player, I'm all for a new release if it means new models. If the rules are good...well, I've been late to that game before. My guess is that this set will try and make Skywardens at least nominally worth the time and effort and the boats getting buffed to at least decent save values. I love the new Balloon Endrinmaster and can't wait to paint him up. And all my balloon boys were made Endrinnriggers (all 12 of them) so I might as well make 6 Skywardens. Who knows, might pan out.
  2. I played a couple of games last week. All three were loses, all three were against Chaos. Long story short: Your screwed either way. If you play to objectives and points, you are setting your stuff up to get slaughtered by Khorne Mortal wound shenaningans or spells and what not. If you wait the turn and try to gunline Khorne or Slaneesh, its almost pointless as you will lose the attrition game in the long run with summoning and the conditions of summoning so easily achieved. To make matters worst, both Khorne and Slaneesh have insane movement abilities and while Slaneesh doesn't hit as hard as Khorne, the debuffs make the already average profile of KO to near pointless levels. You'll hear the "hurr-durr...shooting is pretty good" chuckle from your opponents as you do your damndest to kill all their chaff which keeps you from playing objectives while they accumulate Blood or Depravity or whatnot keeping their heroes far away from the only decent threat in the entire army (the stupid Skyhooks) and summoning things to eventually just win on both scenario and attrition. You'll kill stuff sure. But you'll lose pretty much everything to do it while your opponent has a second wind just ready to spring up on you. I've not won a game with KO since starting this army and thus, I've not won a single game of AoS since this is my first army. I have to admit, my initial optimism that the game would get more balanced and I'd have a chance to lean into a play style that could notch me up a win or 2. I hate being lectured to ally Stormcasts into my army just to win. Its left me more than just a little salty to say the least.
  3. I dunno how I feel about my KO anymore. I don't like being pressured not to play ships or to triple up on Arkanaut Company with Skyhooks. I don't think that was the original design concept for what KO was supposed to be. When I see things like the Skaven 160pts Plagueclaw being able to hit and wound on 3+ with a -2 rend, and Barrage of Disease, I look at my Ironclad and think why was GW so gunshy about giving KO something similar for a 420pts model. It's bothered me a lot recently as I get more games in against newer players or returning WHFB players playing their lists and I can't seem to edge out. I roll ******, yes but the law of averages doesn't seem to ever be in my favor.
  4. If its like 3 to 6 dice, that's fine. But if its like 30 to 40 dice, seriously? I get that a lot of the dice used have some mystical mumbo-jumbo powers but man is it ever an eye-sore.
  5. Rolling mixed dice. It bothers the heck out of me to see an opponent roll handfuls of different colored dice. Partly because I don't think I can register all different pip colors, icons which are supposed to be 6 (or 1? or a mix of both?).
  6. I played against an opponent who wanted to practise his Death Legions of Nagash army for a tournament. He picked Ghyran as the realm and proceeded to just thump me with Nagash. With the ability to cast 8 spells in his hero phase (+3 to casting because reasons) vs my 3 possible unbindings, he pretty much had all the choices. He casted Mirrorpool way out out my 30 inch bubble and moved up Nagash, then proceeded to get Flesh to Stone off easily. After that, pretty much went downhill from there. My rolls were messed up due to all the re-rolling (I was playing Zilfin so re-roll 1s against flying, but Flesh to Stone makes you re-roll successes) and I could not get rid of Nagash who just wrecked my Ironclad on a charge with all the attacks that he has. I am not going to say Nagash is OP because for all the points he is worth, he better damn well be OP but man, that was an eye opener on how insane Magic can be unchecked. Magic is just so good. And unfortunately until they give KO something to balance it out (Better Stats for our Battleline would be a start), we are going to be in trouble for a very long time. More movement shenanigans are available to the Magic inclined armies than KO ever had.
  7. Again, the ships for the KO Warscrolls. +3 Save on the Ironclad is a must. No excuse why it shouldn't be. +4 on the Frigates. KO has a severe lack of dealing Mortal Wounds. Now that the Orks in 40K are rumored to have some kind of "crash" or "ram" mechanic for their vehicles, KO should be able to do the same. Maybe after charging, roll a dice, on 3+ (but lets be real, they'll make it 4+) deals 1 Mortal Wound. Basically it the Brokk Grungsson charge mechanic.
  8. Maybe if the demand is high enough for some of the older battletomes like Seraphon or Sylvaneth or Ironjaws. Certainly KO can't be the only faction that was severely affected by changes in AoS2, especially considering that KO had less than a year out before AoS2 came into being.
  9. I think for what the Ironclad can do and the punishment it can take, the Ironclad is a better option. with the spare 100 points, you could up your Thunderers. There is no "generally" speaking superior list at the moment. We know that the Light Skyhooks and Endrinriggers are staples but the delivery system depends mainly on the point size of the game. At 1000 pts, definitely consider dropping boats altogether or at least 1 Frigate. At 2000 pts, if you want to go boat heavy, an Ironclad flanked by Gunhaulers works as you can keep your distance and try gunning down the enemy with Range 24" guns (with the Flagship abilities, you hopefully get better chances at hitting).
  10. Interestingly enough, I don't think there is a Battalion that allow's Brokk to be included. Not sure if thats because of the power level of Brokk himself or an oversight. I would expect a Barak Nar Iron Sky Command to at least allow him to benefit from the battalion "buff". Passing off Mortal Wounds on a failed Supercharged role seems a bit hilarious.
  11. I've never completed a line of models before and seeing that I am almost 3/4 done with my Kharadron Overlords, I might just go ahead and pick up the straggler models like Brokk Grungsson and put together maybe 6 or 9 Skywardens since I already have a full compliment of Endrinriggers (count em, 18 Endrinriggers). Really want to participate in big local tournaments but seems like timings don't seem to match up.
  12. No worries. Maybe you and Soka Paint can try setting up a game soon if you both are still in Japan. With regards to Brokk, the more I look at his stats, the more I wonder why I passed up on him. Maybe I just wasn't feeling his Barak Nar color scheme and that Barak Nar is literally in his name. Would trying to force Brokk in a battalion be worth it? The extra command point could allow the 1 unit that needs to advance up the board (Endrinriggers) to fly up 20" (deploying 3" smartly from disembarking from a ship, doing a Command Point ability to run 6", get a buff from an Aether-Khemist) etc then flying up to wreck face with both shooting and charging attacks. I mean the ability to deal mortal wounds just by charging seems legit.
  13. Man, what a waste I didn't look into the local scene more. I stayed in Ueno for about 3 weeks which is pretty much walking distance to Akihabara. Will look it up again if I am ever back in Tokyo. Which factions do the Japanese gravitate towards? I would imagine Chaos stuff. We have a couple of Japanese expats in my neck of the woods and both of them play different flavors of Chaos, not sure as a coincidence or just a weird overall preference. I can safely say most of my country are really into Death and Stormcast at the moment. Regardless, real glad you had fun and did so well. Traveling to a country where English is not the main language while playing a game where communication between players is a key aspect must have been quite an experience (I am assuming you don't speak Japanese, if you do, thats cool). I've only been to regional tournaments in South East Asia, the furthest being Bangkok but for other game systems. Hope to get that experience soon (though the thought of travelling with the Ironclad on that damn flight stand gives me chills)!
  14. So is the Mhonar Rush the new Zilfin Clown Car? I might have to break my rule about themes and getting Brokk. I am guessing its more of a 1st Round, go 2nd list, stacking 'First Rule of Grungsson' Command Ability from Brokk and 'Prosecute wars with All Haste' letting you entire army basically run, shoot and charge in the same turn. Throw in some Aether-khemist buffs here and there, might be a devastating Turn 2 if you are up against an army that wants to run up the board to prepare for an Alpha. And if you get lucky and win the roll off, 'Who strikes first, strikes hardest' should finish off any straggling leftovers. Kinda sucks that I will need a hero from Barak Nar and the Barak-Mhonar theme on my Zilfin painted army. Oh well. On a side note @Soka Paint, curious to know what the tabletop scene is like in Japan. I saw shops like Yellow Submarine in Denden Town stocking GW products but did not have the opportunity to see any GW shops in Osaka or Tokyo when I was there a couple of months ago. Pricing wise, seems like the Japanese consumers are getting a rough end of the pricing range. I take it the scene is mostly for expats?
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