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  1. Friend was at GW yesterday and was told by staff goblin tome in next couple weeks Is this confirmed?
  2. Goblins or riot. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Nurgle bloodbowl looking awesome though.
  3. This is a ridiculous strawman-esque hypothetical to try and push your viewpoint whilst simultaneously making a (theoretical) potential lack of play groups HIS fault. Only made even more baffling by the fact that, by your omission, there is no lack of players for his viewpoint which is clearly not the most popular/commonly held one. So if there are so many people of this minority then clearly there are plenty of other players. Then you go on to deride him because he wants to spend his leisure time playing the game he wants to, as if he is somehow in the wrong for not wanting to not play the game the way he wants to sometimes (please note again - you don't even know whether he already does this or not). Also, if there aren't any clubs that fit your vision for how you want to play the game - start your own. If there are others who are interested then they will join. The onus isn't on them to change their club to suit your needs/wants. Anyway, this is going off topic and I was debating whether to even start this conversation in the first place. If you want to further discuss this feel free to drop me a private message so that this thread can get back to the actual topic at hand.
  4. People are entitled to play however they want, with the rulesets they want, within their private play groups. If his group has a rule that you must use the listed bases sizes for your models then that is not some terrible offence. No more so than having a club (or tournament etc) that forces people to only field painted models or such. How about an example in a different context since this one doesn't seem to be working. If I want to pay for and host my own arma 3 server and load my own custom scripts on to it I can. If I then want to make it a roleplaying server and 'force' people to roleplay on my server lest they be banned then it is within my right to do so. If they do not wish to roleplay then they can find another server/group that is non RP. There is nothing wrong with like minded people wanting to play with their own subset of rules. If people do not like those rules then they don't need to play with them. It is no different here.
  5. It kinda looks like Dead Scribe is stating his opinion, and how it is in his local play group... and then you guys are piling in to gang up and berate him because you think he is being unreasonable/oppressive? People literally responding with 'haha' reactions whenever you respond to him in a snarky manner. If his club wants to have a strict basing rule that is their choice. If he thinks that base sizes should be enforced in the core rules then he is welcome to that opinion. He is not wrong that AoS is one of the few games that doesnt have set base sizes because of all of the old square bases etc. And yet, here is a full page of people telling him how awful he is because of how his club operates and because he wishes base size was in the core rules so that it wasn't even a discussion that needed to be had. I really don't want to pick a fight here, but this must be the most grotesque statement I've ever read on this forum. @AaronWIlson Your own sentiment could very easily be reflect back at you. People are going out of their way to post to simply tell him that his viewpoint was 'grotesque' and his mindset 'warped', despite knowing NOTHING of his local club. And specific groups having requirements to join isn't anything new. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing. IF they want a competitive group that only plays in the most competitive way then they are entitled to that. People not interested in that, or who think it 'grotesque' or 'warped' can just join a like minded group. Just because someones opinion isn't the most popular one in line with the thoughts of what appears to be the majority of posters here, doesn't mean they arent entitled to their opinion or that they should be derided for it. e; I know I'm somewhat hypocritical in making this post. But, in my opinion, a lot of the comments here are just hostile for no good reason - and certainly not to the benefit of the discussion.
  6. To be fair he did say one of, not the first. That said, there aren't any 'wow' aspects to the new tome for sce, at least not for me. A little disappointing but not entirely unexpected.
  7. I mean, that was the same in 1.0 too. The low points games are just never particularly balanced.
  8. From the SCE thread it's a conversion using sword from stardrake. Nothing new.
  9. Something tells me you're probably not the only one ?
  10. The more I see it, the more I'm praying for an alternate head New scion is awesome though, it really sucked how it felt practically a non factor before.
  11. Does stormcaller specify unit? I hope this isn't another evocators style unclear wording. Even when the intent is somewhat obvious.
  12. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited by its new profile. The model is awesome, but the 18" range I think it had before was off putting.
  13. Am I correct in thinking the gobba has changed too? It's now a 30" ranged attack, or am I mistaken?
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