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  1. Yeah, and I think they look silly ?. Mine were supplied with the smaller 40mm flying bases (don't know if thats usual?) and I based them on regular 40s instead to fit the rest of the army. Here's an old low-quality picture of my team, grinder at the back. I'll take a better picture of him for you when I'm home.
  2. Well thats annoying. My soulgrinder is on the 170 oval as previously suggested, and it looks perfect. I experimented with the 160 wound it looked dumb and oversized. Also, screamers on 60mm rounds? That looks absurd.
  3. I agree this is how its intended to work. But I think theres some clunkiness in the wording that makes it i unclear whether Blue Points count as Fate Points when determining whether the threshold of 10 is met, as well as when paying the cost. I'd really like for it to be clarified as I don't want to argue about it at a tournament table.
  4. The way I play Tzeentch, blues and brims are critical as chaff walls. Clearly they are now too expensive to spend points on for that purpose, so I'm looking for ways to pop them out in front of the main line for "free". I was planning to farm a unit of pinks, probably with the quicksilver swords, to generate blue points then replenish the pinks with Fold Reality or fate dice on battleshock. This would allow me to drop 1-2 units of blues 9" away from my opponent turn 1, achieving the chaff effect nicely. Obviously, the new rule as written prevents that trick because I'm unlikely to rack up 10 generic Fate Points turn 1. So its important to get it clarified.
  5. Yep, sorry I didn't mean to suggest you were panicking - that was just a throwaway line. I agree its useful to point out that this is how things work under the current language - we don't want any fellow Tzeentchians getting caught out by the rules lawyers! I was just trying to head off lengthy discussion of how bad Pinks are now - I think its a glitch in the language and we want to get it clarified first.
  6. I agree that under the current wording, we cannot summon Blue Horrors until we have at least 10 of the generic summon points, even if we are going to use special Blue Horror points to summon them. HOWEVER, I think we all need to stop assuming that the wording of these rules reflect how the game is supposed to be played. If the AoS2 release has taught us anything, its that the design team is unable to translate their intentions into clear rules language - thinking of the whole 1st turn debacle among other things. I believe the intention is that if we are summoning Blue Horrors, the BH points substitute for generic summon points in all respects, both when paying the cost and determining whether 10 are available. So, lets all calm down and all of us email the design team at aosfaq@gwplc.com to ask for clarification. If the question is frequently asked, it will be answered!
  7. Also note that many of the new Errata explicitly point out that command abilities cannot be used multiple times (e.g. Morathi). I assume this is instead of any blanket rule of 1. The is not such rule for the Lord of Change, so I assume its fine to burn a few command points to add +3 (or whatever you want) to all cast/unbind for a round. Its a pretty steep price to pay, but would allow us to compete with Nagash in the Magic phase. EDIT: Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Perhaps the language "If he uses this ability, you can add 1" means that only 1 is added, however many times he used it. So a binary if / if not statement. Not sure.
  8. Huh, also the errata to Screamers changes them significantly relative to how I was using them. Based on the old rule, I was assuming that 6s to hit the Screamers counted as 1s, as long as the Screamers were close to a hero. The Errata makes it clear that its actually 6s to hit the heroes that count as 1s, as long as the hero is close to screamers. Looking back at the old wording, I guess it was ambiguous which way it worked. How were others playing it previously, and do you think it changes their value at all? I guess it helps to prevent hero sniping even more, on top of Look Out Sir.
  9. For sure. Using the word "nerfed" was a little tongue in cheek, seeing as he's still obviously better than he was before summoning became "free". Its just that since the new rules leaked, I think we've all been assuming he's elevated to God-mode - blasting pink horrors into peoples faces who can then blast with a spell of their own! It was obviously too good, so the change makes a lot of sense.
  10. SIGH, Ogroid nerfed just after I finished painting him up for 2nd Edition.
  11. Are they painting a whole set each, or a set between them? If its a set between them I think they'll easily do it, as they can take an army each and really get into the flow. If its a box each, it will be trickier as I imagine switching modes between the two armies will be the tricky part. But I still think they'll get it done, because presumably they are doing some practice in the lead-up, getting their schemes down, and will just choose a level of detail that can be achieved in that time. It'll be interesting to compare the differences and similarities between their approaches.
  12. I'm loving all the talk of Fatesworn Warband. I don't have nearly the models to field one myself (yet), but its interesting that such a new playstyle has now opened up. So, what do people think about using the Fatemaster in such a list? Allow me to remind you of a few details of this guy that would be relevant in such a list, which you might have forgotten because he's been hiding under a rock for all of 1st Edition: - His command ability. Roll a dice in hero phase. Until next hero phase, you can reroll all dice that match that number for Tzeentch Mortal units within 9". Generally considered to be pretty garbage, because if you roll a 4 or higher it won't really help with any hits or wounds, i.e. the majority of all dice rolls. BUT if we are spamming Acolytes, then any roll other 6 allows you to get get more bites at the 6+ shield shrug-save. Questionable whether its worth the command point, but if you cluster enough acolytes around him it might be. - He has a decent number of Rend - attacks that will benefit from the Fatesworn buff. - He is one of the best heroes we can bring to act as a summoning beacon. Can cover a huge amount of distance in the hero phase to pop out your summons wherever you need them. - The change to Mystic shield was pretty good for him. He can now become one of the best models in the game for tanking big infantry units that rely on huge numbers of low-rend attacks (looks at Witch Elves), with 2+ rerolling 1s in the combat phase.
  13. The ministry of miniatures, I love it. "M'Lord it appears the Kharadron Overlords are rather overpowered this season". LOL
  14. The rules for holding objectives are now described in the Core Rules (page 11). Basically, have more models within 6" than your opponent at the end of any player turn to capture it, then retain control until your enemy captures it. So, default to those rules if the Battleplan does not specify.
  15. What do people think of the idea of using endless spells to do some "controlled culling" of pinks to generate blue chaff walls in the early game? E.g. turn 1 use a pendulum to hack two units of pinks in half, then fold reality on one to replenish it, use a 1 on the fate dice to replenish the other, and generate a couple units of blues from thin air to hold up enemy advance. Because of how the pendulum moves, you can easily move your pinks so they won't be hit again when your opponent moves the pendulum... unless you want them to be hit to pop out more blues!
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