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  1. Player Location: Jacksonville, IL USA Name: Steve Forum as SanMan Contact: Sannop2@hotmail.com Community/Store Location: Capital City Games Name: Springfield, IL USA Contact: https://www.facebook.com/capitalcitygames/
  2. I tried to find previous threads before asking, and couldn't, so I apologize if this is old hash for most of you. I have just jumped into the game and bought large Eternals, Seraphon, Fyreslayers, Khorne, and Ironjawz armies. I have the GHB17 but I can't find allegiance benefits for Eternals. Where do I find those and what other books do I need to get so my family of 4 can really get into this? I have the original GHB coming in the mail. My boys and I play many different games, but this is the first mini game my wife is really into. We are listening to the audio books and are really enjoying the fluff of the world. Thank you so much for helping a noob!
  3. I am actually coming to GW because I rage quit Malifaux and Deadzone. I sold all of my stuff and bought 9 total armies across 40k and AoS for me and my family to play. We love it.
  4. Hello, I am a veteran gamer that has just gotten into GW large scale games. Played Mordheim and Munda for years, but my larger games were Warzone, Deadzone, and other games that I must have killed. I just sold all of my massive Malifaux collection (painted and made a mint) and got into both 40k and AoS (so I spend a mint more than I made). Seriously, I see now why these games have such a following. I am just over 50 with 13 and 14 year old sons. We were playing 40k when my wife fell in love with the Seraphon figs while following us into a local store, and now we have 5 large AoS armies also. (Yes... 9 total 40k and AoS 1500+ armies in 3 months... not cheap). We live in central Illinois in the US.
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