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  1. While I’ve definitely built them with playing in mind, I have to confess- I’ve never played a game of AoS. The last time I played was in the bretonnians vs lizardmen edition. I do keep meaning to get round to it, but it’s been quite a solitary hobby for me since I picked up brushes again 2years ago. Lad at my work plays, and we’ve been humming and hawing about having a game. Maybe some day soon they’ll see the tabletop!
  2. Thanks very much. Kind words are always appreciated!
  3. There’s an amount of doubling up here, and for that, I’m sorry. a friend with a decent camera took some photos of the army in the cabinet, and I’m very happy. Hopefully this will be the last dump before I start my next plog. It’s a little more old school than this project. I’m a sucker for guys that live in forests, so wood elves were an easy choice for the next army.
  4. Not really. Are you asking about the mini's bases, or the water on the board?
  5. Thanks a lot. Honestly, aside from the top of the waterfall not being secured for the pour and leaking, it was quite easy. I'd make it a lot thicker if I was going to do it again. The drop pools especially should have been quite a bit larger. I'd planned based on the bare polystyrene, and not accounted for the rocks I was going to add, which makes it look a little bit on the small side. Thanks very much. I tried my best.
  6. And because I realise I never posted it here, here’s my step by step on making the scenic board. First time building a board, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. One disaster when pouring water effects, but aside from that, it behaved. I’ll definitely look into making more scenery in the future. Still got heaps and heaps of supplies left.
  7. So, I won gold at armies on parade. That was pretty cool. I also got to put my army in the cabinet in Warhammer Edinburgh. I’m really, really happy about that. When I was a little ‘un, it was always a goal of mine to have a figure in the cabinet. Now, I get a whole army! Going to put a pin in this army for a while. There’s quite a few bits and pieces I’d like to add, but I need a break from painting bone armour.
  8. Won gold and best board at my store. Khorne army, done in Celtic style. Very pleased.
  9. In Neil Gaiman’s ‘the Graveyard Book’, there’s a character called ‘The Indigo Man’. He’s the ghost of a Pictish warrior who’s haunting the graveyard. I love Neil gaiman, and I really wanted to make my own indigo man. I think of him as a ghost of one of my tribes old lords, kept aliveish by hate alone. In game, he’s a khorgorath. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out.
  10. As the progress on the board slows down - no one mentions the multiple 24+ hour drying times in the instructional videos, I’ve gone back to painting war dollies for the army. Shown below is my LoK on ‘juggernaut’, and the early wip of what will be a khorgorath. Definitely on track to have this completed by armies on parade next week. Really excited.
  11. Thanks very much. Classic barbarians are my favourite kind of barbarians.
  12. It’s my iNtent to put this army on parade next month. 17 more war dollies to paint, and then I’d have a 2000 point army to put on it, counting the 200 points for the gore pilgrim battalion. Armies on parade requires a board, so I’ve started work on one. Never done any scenery before, it why not jump right in at the deep end... First army, first board, lots of firsts in this project. Couple of wips below. Still quite a ways to go, but I think it’s shaping up nicely.
  13. Having had another week off work, I’ve been able to paint quite a bit this last week. Pictured below are what will be my Bloodstoker and second Slaughterpriest. The stoker is inspired by the old Chaos Beastmasters. I’ve got him a pack of wolves to lead, whip ‘encouraging’ canines and humans alike into battle. Wolves will be used as Flesh Hounds, which seem to be pretty sweet given the uptick in magic. This model uses the exalted deathbringer body, the other deathbringer head, a gor champion axe, and the whip from the bloodstoker. The priest is another nod to Celtic folklore, and the hags. I like the idea of the old lady who lives in a hut in the middle of the swamp, using all kinds of black magic that, conveniently, have the same effect as prayers. This model is just the current necromancer, with a hood sculpted rather than using his more ornate ruff. I think the hood covers the bald patch enough that, combined with his smaller stature, makes him look like he could be a her, and fits the theme. Ive also finished 10 hounds, and 3 mighty skull crushers, which I’ll show in a later post. Photo background is the polystyrene board I plan on making the display base for the army. I’ve got my eye on winning the prize for best first army.
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