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  1. I've been considering how I want to play Stormcast and I keep coming back to the idea of Rohan. Medium cavalry and a lot of movement. The mounted evocators with bonuses when they charge and a trumpeter to get them in and out of combat seem like a good idea. Has anyone tried this?
  2. @Black Blade Yes! There are parts of AoS 1.0 core rules that were obviously new and experimental that did not make it into AoS 2.0, but certain units relied on them to get away with some otherwise outlandish model design. Grandfathering in those units was not done as well as could be. An updated skirmisher rule on the data card letting them be 2-3" apart would have been a simple fix. I think the issue with roles was a holdover from WFB armies influencing how the Stormcast were initially designed. Prosecutors make sense when most armies have classic artillery pieces that can be shut down with a small unit that can put out 6 attacks to kill or cripple a three person crew. I agree that Retributors are currently in a strange place; I think their meant to be Starsoul Mace delivery vehicles, which seems like a ****** design for a unit. @EMMachine I thought about that, but after reviewing the updated base size charts I decided not to. It's more of a personal quirk - I don't like altering base sizes if I don't have to because I don't like spending on bases. Those Prosecutors are gorgeous! Does a 6 man unit with paired hammers and the 2 grandhammers work well for you? @Criti I've set the wings up so I can do the same with a long pin and the hook point between the rocket pack (seriously, it's either that or an upside down pineapple).
  3. I started on my first unit of Prosecutors and it occurred to me that they may have a serious issue in the new rules. From Units: "A unit must be set up and finish any sort of move as a single group, with all models within 1" horizontally, and 6" vertically, of at least one other model from their unit." From Measuring Distances: "Distances in Warhammer Age of Sigmar are measured in inches ("), between the closest points of the bases of the models you’re measuring to and from. If a model does not have a base, measure to and from the closest point of that model instead." If I'm reading the two correctly then when measuring the distance between models in a unit then one measures from the bases. Prosecutors, as part of the first wave of AoS design when everything was measured from points on the model have those huge wings. I did some measuring and dry fitting and unless you make a conga line it is very difficult to get them into unit cohesion. Not impossible, but annoying enough to be a hassle and delay play while trying to ensure you don't have an accidental split unit and lose models at the end of the turn as a result. Simplest solution I could think of was to elevate the Prosecutor-Prime. He's the central figure for the unit so I figured it would stagger the models enough vertically to get them coherent in most orientations. One piece of cork later: I'll cover the whole thing with crackle paste to make it look like sort of outcrop. I know the "cool" thing to do is give the Stormsurge Trident to the Prosecutor-Prime so I very carefully drilled into the spear handle and the trident head:
  4. A lot of the more obvious ones have already been mentioned, so I'm going to to say the Grand Alliances. I think the initial release of AoS and the faction splitting was a massive knee-****** reaction and the Grand Alliances were the bandage; hence, no faction allegiance abilities or anything like that and factions of one model (cough Firebelly cough). I think Free Cities were an interesting experiment and could be improved on for Order and Destruction (specific cities for Order and specific hordes for Destruction).
  5. Vanguard-Hunters are done! I've mostly worked out how I want to approach building up to 1000 points with what I have. Leaders Lord-Aquilor (General) [200 pts] Lord-Castellant [100 pts] Battleline Liberators [x4+Prime, 100 pts] Vanguard-Hunters [Axes x4 + Prime, 120 pts] Units Vanguard-Raptors [Longstrikes x2 + Prime, 180 pts] Prosecutors [Javelins x2 + Prime w/Trident, 100 pts] Total: The question then becomes do I go for a unit of Vanguard-Palladors (for more shenanigan options with the Lord-Aquilor) or a second unit of Prosecutors and a Knight-Azyros?
  6. I think Legions of Nagash was a test bed for this sort of thing. It seems like they're now structuring battletomes within a faction hierarchy depending on how different play-styles and/or themes are within it. I'd guess the Stormcast were always meant to be a combined arms force (so they could demonstrate all aspects of AoS as the posterkids) hence the mini-factions all in one book rather than split up like Clan Pestilens and the other Skaven. Otherwise Sacrosanct Chamber has enough versatility and unit choice to be an army on its own, unlike the Extremis Chamber.
  7. Sorry, I should have tried to be more clear: which collected sets that include Liberators are the multi-part Liberators?
  8. Hi folks, I've noticed that some of the pictures for collected Stormcast sets include special weapon Liberators, but the set seems to be the snap-fit sprues. Can anyone provide a list of which sets have multipart models and which have snap-fits?
  9. After the usual Spring crunch, I am back to fun things. Lord-Aquilor (to lead the Vanguard-Hunters that I'm in the process of painting) has to be the worst mini from GW I've had to assemble. It doesn't have a large number of fiddly bits that have low surface area for joining, but has some pretty major gaps and the logic behind how the model was portioned for the sprue completely escapes me. Green stuff gap-filling worked (I might have been a bit impatient): I'm hoping the Vanguard-Palladors are better because I really like the look of them and if they're a pain to assemble I may need to reconsider expansion plans.
  10. Hmmm, this is getting me thinking. I could then see what I like and add more of what I have as I expand to 2,000 points. Thank you!
  11. I'm working on a Stormcast army, but due to the collection of miniatures I have and how they may end up playing I'm not sure if I should stay pure Stormcast. Here's what I currently have: Lord-Celestant (complete) Lord-Relictor (assembled) 5 Liberators (complete) 3 Retributors (complete) 6 Prosecutors (not assembled) Lord-Castellent (assembled) 6 Gryph-hounds (not assembled) Knight Azyros or Venator (not assembled) Lord-Aquilor (not assembled) Naeve Blacktalon (not assembled) 5 Vanguard-Hunters (assembled) 3 Vanguard-Raptors (not assembled) 3 Aetherwings (not assembled) 3 Vanguard-Palladors (not assembled) The way I currently see it is that I have some very mobile elements with the Palladors. Prosecutors, Aquilor, Blacktalon, and Azyros/Venator. The odd men out are the Liberators and the Retributors and other heroes on foot. This is where I could really use some advice because I'm split between a few options. 1a) Pure SCE classic hammer and anvil - Suck up the lack of a good collected kit and supplement forces with individual boxes of Liberators and Judicators to form an anvil (deployed normally and holds deployment area and nearby objectives) with the Raptors and heroes on foot. Maybe pick up more Paladins so I can Hammerstrike them. 1b) Order classic hammer and anvil - similar to 1a but with something other than SCE to either form the anvil or supplement it. 2a) Pure SCE mobility - Grab more Vanguard-Hunters and have all the other on foot Stormcast deploy lightning teleport. Definitely pick up more Paladins for Hammerstrike. 2b) Order mobility - Supplement Stormcast with fast moving battleline units from other order factions (dryads?) and double down on everything moving fast. Any advice or sharing experiences would be appreciated!
  12. The Vanguard-Hunters were surprising tricky to assemble and I've learned a valuable lesson to share. The key is that certain arms match up with certain cloaks and you can tell by dry-fitting the under-pauldrons/circle bits. The cloaks then fit with torso backs; this is a bit delicate and the primary point if matching is how the cloak settles at the base of the neck. Finally, the torso front should be dry-fitted to torso back with the arms present as the torso front should slide in under the arm's portion of under-pauldron. Unfortunately this is all after-the-fact knowledge gleaned from my mistakes. I'll get pictures the next time I make some more Vanguard-Hunters. The actual pauldrons hide a lot of sins through. I'm doing the painting as lower body and upper body because the cloaks. I plan on not spraying the upper body gold because the cloak/fur and weapons make up the majority and I think it'll be faster to paint the arms, heads, and any exposed armor gold rather than re-black the other parts. Future plans are to finish this unit and then assess whether I want to branch out and complete a match play legal 1,000 points or aim higher. Because of the, ahem, silly options for Stormcast Eternal collected kits I only have 5 Liberators and these 5 Vanguard-Hunters for battleline units, assuming a Lord-Aquilor. I have one of those and this is where I'm a bit peeved because I figured the rumored new Start Collecting set would be more like 5 Liberators, 5 Judicators, a dracoth elite or two, and a hero rather than pure Vanguard - if I had waited a week, I could have picked up the Lord-Aquilor in the collected kit with that second Vanguard-Hunter unit and other goodies. Oh well. I'm going to ask for some list advice in the forum before deciding.
  13. I use Crackle Paste to add texture to bases. It adds texture and if you put it on thick enough you get actual cracking: You can put it on a base, prime it, and then paint it (what I do) or you can use it as a medium for acrylic paint and make your own textured paints.
  14. I don't know if the specifics others have mentioned are true, the current mistweaver model seems to support the broad strokes of the aesthetic they're describing. If the infantry were bare-chested with spears/harpoons, shields, and creepy featureless full face helmets I could see that being described as spartan looking.
  15. Blogging hobby projects helps keep me motivated and any feedback/suggestions/criticisms from the community is always useful for improving. This is my first foray into the Age of Sigmar. I've been following the lore since the End Times and really like the 2000AD and epic metal influences. I used to play Warriors of Chaos, but the idea of playing the einherjer under the guidance of Marvel's All-Father Thor was just too tempting. I went with the Hammers of Sigmar paintscheme. It's relatively straightforward and looks rather nice. These folks came from two Hammerstrike Brethren sets. I converted the Knight-Questor into a Lord-Celestant. Sawed off the shield hand, added a pin, and test-fit with poster tac. I then replaced the poster tac with greenstuff. The hammer arm is from the Prosecutor sprue (I plan on giving them spears, because lightning spears, yes). Lord-Celestant Wilhelm Batsonius: A twice-forged champion of Azyr. His first death occurred when he called down seven thunders onto himself to kill a Herald of Slaanesh. Since his reforging, he has found the presence of a helmet to be claustrophobic. I think the fancy sword makes up for the lack of halo. The SCE remind me of Captain Marvel (the "Shazam!" one) in many ways so when I painted his cloak red I knew I wanted to name him after Billy Batson. Funnily enough it turns out William (Billy > Bill > Will > William) comes from Wilhelm, meaning "without helm." I'm using the second set of unit Primes for conversions into more heroes. The Liberator-Prime got chosen for Lord-Relictor duty and the Retributor-Prime for Lord-Castellan duty. Some plasticard and GS work for the relic box. It's hard to see in the picture, but the relic is a wrecked breastplate with "Sigmar" embossed on it, the hammer head, and the skull with halo. I plan on painting the skull as a skull in contrast to the rest which will be metallic. The two-handed hammer was the base for the lantern. The trick here is going to be painting the center area like it is glowing from the inside. The L-R has a ribcage and spine thing going on in the back and the L-Cas's halberd is from the Prosecutor sprue.
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