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  1. Thinking about running Archaon in a Reapers of Vengeance list. Quick question. Does Archaon self reroll 1s to hit because of our traits?
  2. The Warshrine is still money when coupled with Bloodreavers.
  3. Sorta. Rerollable unbinds on Flesh Hounds aren't a thing anymore.
  4. Mostly the same. Bigger changes being Skullcrushers, Wrathmongers, Skullreapers, and Skulltaker. What are the points for Bloodthirsters and Skarbrand?
  5. So with War Cry announced, it's pretty safe to say that Skirmish is dead. Kinda odd they went with rules in White Dwarf and then dropped the War Cry trailer right after. In any case, Skirmish in White Dwarf fixed the need for me to keep updating Forgotten Heroes. I'll probably just start building terrain and painting various warbands to tide me over till War Cry drops. What is everyone else planning on doing?
  6. Making new stuff viable is good no doubt. It's the invalidating current useful things that I worry about.
  7. @Agent of Chaos Painting 80 Reavers was quite the chore I'll tell you. I did it for a tournament last August. Really burned me out. I've painted less than 5 models since. I hear you on Priest reliability. You get 2 prayers on a 4+, so one usually goes off. If they fix anything, I hope they make prayers more reliable without the need for Gore Pilgrims. I get you on the Priest seeming like a tax, but he's part of the battalion and gives all Reavers +1 attack. If anything, he makes his points back for me almost every game, but if you are used to the reroll and dishing out all those mortal wounds then I can see why you feel that way. I think Gore Pilgrims dies next Battletome. I wouldn't be surprised if they rule of 1 prayers. For me on the Rage Thirster I definitely have more stories of incredible damage and I've never ran a Khorne list without him. Has he whiffed or died before making it into combat? For sure, but almost every game he does a bucket load of damage. D6 is swingy, but there have been times I've done 20+ damage in close combat alone. Having him focus fired off the table usually isn't an issue. If he dies, I have 30 Bloodletters, 40 Reavers, or a WoK Thirster getting where they need to go and putting in work. Right now, I'd pay 285 for a Rage Thirster without batting an eye. When Outrageous Carnage only works on an unmodified 6, 260 is probably about right. You're probably right on the Battletome. The biggest issue in my mind is the Battalions. There is a lot of useless abilities and the points costs are ridiculous. I do worry we'll lose a lot of their cool rules. In newer Battletomes they are super simple. Gloomspite, for example, has a lot of rerolling 1s abilities. GW has been really good with puttingin multiple builds so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully all daemons make a comeback. I think Blood Tithe is do for a rework too, so I'm interested to see how that works. One of the designers was talking about future abilities that trigger based on where the army is. I really hope they rework our allegiance ability and give us some kind of buff when in the opponent's half of the table. Further wishlisting, I hope Bloodletters go back to their previous points pre AoS 2.0. The unmodified hit roll of 6 for Decapitating Blow really diffused Bloodletter Bomb. I'd almost rather take Bloodcrushers or Flesh Hounds. It would also be nice if the Blood Throne/Skull Cannon was worth taking. Skarbrand needs a drop in points too. No way should he be more than a WoK Thirster. I hope you are right man. We'll see what happens.
  8. Of course you don’t “ally” it in. Poor choice of words. All you need is buffed reavers. I run two squads of 40. With the Secrator, that’s 3 attacks each (4 if within totem range plus the 6+ shrug) re-rolling hits on 1 unit from Favour of Khorne, and -1 rend from the meatripper axes. They do a lot of damage and are immune to Battleshock. Yeah, the priest isn’t as reliable, but who cares? You have more threats on the board that an opponent needs to chew through and the Shrine does get prayers off on a 3+. Not saying Gore Pilgrims isn’t really solid, but Dark Feast is no slouch. Insenate Rage IS undercosted. Yeah, you need 6s for mortal wounds, but Gyrstrike gives +1 to hit, +1 to wound. Whip him with the Bloodstoker to reroll 1s to wound, you reroll 1s to hit on the charge, and technically you have 5 attacks because of the Secrator. He’s a bit swingy, but he still does D6 damage per hit. Can he get focused down pretty quick? Sure, but that’s why you take multiple threats. Pair him with a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster and opponents run into target priority issues. I like where Khorne is at right now. Kinda worried about the new Battletome if I’m being honest.
  9. Dark Feast works really well. Especially when you ally in a Chaos Warshrine. Gore Pilgrims is amazing, but there are other ways to play Khorne currently that are effective.
  10. No problem. Totally missed that. To expand on information for how minis are sculpted, the majority is done in ZBrush. Plenty of sculptors to look up online. I’d recommend Mike Pavlovich on YouTube. He’s a video game artist so output file is different, but the actual sculpting process is the same.
  11. No and I don’t see how being a professional 3D freelancer makes that statement accurate. Members of the miniatures design team have said they typically sculpt from scratch. And the corpse cart is ancient. It wasn’t even created in 3D.
  12. I don't mind the publishing. It just doesn't really work as a game. It needs tweaks like Hinterlands or some of the other supplements that have come before. With Wrath and Rapture, Bloodcrushers do D3 Mortal Wounds on a 2+ when they charge. That unit is broken beyond belief in skirmish, not to mention quite a few other ones. It's just disappointing they wait so long to update the rules, and just drop this on us. I don't get it. It certainly is, but they could have made it more playable. The issue as I see it is people looking to get into AoS get their hands on these rules and realize how broken it is. It does more to put people off than get them into the game. And I disagree that you need tons of rules. Forgotten Heroes has 1 page of rules and creates a far more balanced experience. Yeah, I agree 100%. I don't understand what the point of it is. Champions with an extra attack or +1 to hit aren't breaking the game. Seems an odd place to try and add some balance. They even talk about some options being useless. So why bother at all? A better option would have been to pay x additional points for a model that has an attack that does mortal wounds. That at least makes sense. Sure, but that isn't the point. I can house rule anything. As the stewards of the game, GW is responsible for providing the best experience for their players. I get there is a culture difference and a disconnect as folks across the pond in the UK are far more agreeable to that sort of thing. Here in the US, everything is codified and needs to be spelled out. You think by now they would understand that better. I'm really not trying to dump on GW for this. I love where the company has gone the past year. The releases have been amazing. Everything is well thought out and done so well. I guess because of that, I just expected more. This is a pretty big misstep in my opinion. One that I'm going to try and rectify.
  13. Thanks. I'm a bit miffed as well. Probably going to convert the points formula in Forgotten Heroes to this, but I'm overall not happy with these new rules. Not sure how I'm going to approach this. It is better in some areas, but lacking in others. I think it's time for a full rewrite for Forgotten Heroes using White Dwarf as a basis.
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