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  1. Yeah neither. I think they're implied to be the go to objective warband but this makes them quite predictable and unable to do much else. With M2 without being inspired it'll be hard pressed to even get to objectives in the enemy territory. Looks like shardcaller is a must have upgrade for these guys too. Just sit on objectives and swap for the one you need. yaaawn lol
  2. Resemblance is uncarry. Cannot unsee it now
  3. Will their grunt rats keep their upgrades or stay inspired when they come back or are they going to be considered to be brand new rats coming in with the same profile?
  4. even more confusing when the GW Shadespire group posts this which makes it sound like it is part of the current phase
  5. Cruel Taunt looking more like an auto include in many decks now. Useful for other warbands but massively powerful against these guys who get +1 move, +1 damage and +1 wound when inspired. Also removes crit cleave off their leader but would probably be used on someone sitting on an objective on turn 1 trying to get inspired if the leader wasnt one of them. Not sure I'd like playing them since they'll have the most predictable turn 1s of any warband so far wanting to sit on their objective to get inspired then most of the time be eating the charges.
  6. Played a dozen or so 1v1 games but havent done and 3s or 4s yet. My first thoughts it is that someone ends up getting screwed in 3s or 4s format by getting sandwiched or picked on from multiple forces. 1. Reavers the best faction for this? At first glance the entire warband gets inspired once 3 fighters are out of action so they can sit back for a bit taking objectives, let others kill each other then roll in all fully inspired to mop up 2. How do we ensure that everyone isn't super passive to let someone make the first move then have the 3rd guy just come in to mop up? Hopefully they come up with some multiplayer expansion with 3s and 4s only cards like charge all other warbands in this turn get a point, take out a fighter from each other warband for 3 points, etc. to curb some passivity 3. Would trying something like 2v2 be better than 4 way free for all? Maybe even try with a house rule being able to use ploys for allies as long as it's universal or matches their warband symbol 4. Is holding objectives the go to in this mode to score or is killing worth more? I'm not too convinced that going hard aggro against so many more opponents is healthy for my guys
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