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  1. Certainly at first only 1000 points or so. My friend has renewed interest in Beasts of Chaos and is thinking of trying AoS now because of it. So we may look at 1500/2000 eventually I suppose. But that’s where I think I may start lacking/falling behind..
  2. It sounds like Ogres are perhaps the best option for now if anything. I have posted in the Destruction forum, but my question is do you think what I have will compete with peoples lists. I don’t think anyone will be playing crazy competitive lists or anything, but may not all be older stuff like mine.. 3 Tyrant/Bruisers (2Hand, Great Weapon, BSB), 2 Slaughter/Butchers, 16 Ogres, 8 Ironguts, 7 Leadbelchers, 50 Gnoblars, Scraplauncher, Ironblaster. And I have 4 Mournfang, which I guess I would be allying in.. Obviously I wouldn’t use it all at once, maybe only 1000/1500, perhaps 2000 depending how I get on with AoS..
  3. So here’s my dilemma. Can I, without adding to my models, get a semi decent build out if the units I have in my existing Ogres list? No tournament play, and for now, playing people that are all new to the game like me. I have the following to play around with: 3 Tyrant/Bruisers (2Hand, Great Weapon, BSB), 2 Slaughter/Butchers, 16 Ogres, 8 Ironguts, 7 Leadbelchers, 50 Gnoblars, Scraplauncher, Ironblaster. And I have 4 Mournfang, which I guess I would be allying in.. Are Gnoblars even under their banner any more? Or in Destruction somewhere anyway? Thanks for any help and advice!
  4. So many replies. Thanks everyone so far! So it doesn’t necessarily sound promising at the moment. My friend just got his beasts updated so he’s set. As we know the updates can go either way (like BCR did for Ogres), leaving lots unusable. For Empire I have a huge army, so only some may make it over into any kind of Free People book anyway. I think the trouble is if i just just grab the Warscrolls from each unit I have, it’s one or two from BCR then the rest just Gutbuster, there’s no stuff like perks or bonuses for the army. Like can characters bestow their bonuses across the Grand Alliance or only affect their faction within the GA.
  5. How good are most of the old Fantasy armies in AoS? Not necessarily in a super competitive way, but just as armies in general. As a playable faction kind of thing. Thinking of dabbling into AoS but ideally with my existing lists. Empire and Ogres. For the Ogres I have, it was mostly the units that have made it into Gutbusters, but a few Mournfang too. Not enough for a Beastclaw list though.. (and no Stone/Thunder beasties). So it makes me wonder where my army would sit if it came over. Do you lose out by not taking the synergy of a Battletome. Can you use the Destruction Alliance and still get a good game out of it. What’s the feel of those lists, shoe horned in or a good flow like the newer stuff. Are the older lists Mostly just there to keep WH players happy that the models are usable. Or are they still in there with the new stuff that’s being released? Cheers!
  6. I’ve gotten the Khorne Mortal stuff from the first AoS box set, with an extra Khorgorath and Bloodstoker, originally just for painting up. But I’m thinking of dipping in to AoS now. Do you think that these bits would be ok to play some casual games with, while still being in with a chance. No tournament players or anything, just a few people new to the game and trying it out. I would possibly have that Khorne portal shrine thing too if needed, to maybe round up the points, or if it’s useful with the models at this size, and 10 bloodletters if I can find them anywhere.. any thoughts? Don’t really want to be buying new stuff or spending any money, just want to try and work with what I have. Then maybe long term I’d look at converting my Ogres, WoC or Empire if I wanted..
  7. Hey guys. Just wondered, if moving over from Fantasy into AoS. Did everything make it into this book? Including things like Bestigors, or are they all under Gor etc. Anything that didn’t make the cut?
  8. Hey guys, I’ve attained too many Stormcast, so am thinking of moving a few of them on, I’m in the UK. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll check postage for what you’re after. Lord Arcanum. £12 Knight Incantor. £6 5 Castigators. £10 3 Evocators. £10 8 Sequitors. £12 Ballista. £12
  9. Got some of the Stormcast units for sale, listed below. Let me know if you’re interested in anything! Knight Incantor. £7 5 Castigators. £10 3 Evocators. £10 8 Sequitors. £12 Ballista. £10 Let me know if you are interested ☺️
  10. The Orcs are Mordor Orcs. the weapons teams are gone I’m afraid.
  11. Hey all, I’m looking for a single K’daai Fireborn if anyone has one they’ll part with. Particular helmeted Head, but show me what you have. Ideal would be built, unpainted. But will look at whatever. Cheers! Failing this, if someone wants two, or one even, let me know and I might end up buying some.
  12. I’m selling Saurus Cav which are on the cold ones if that helps at all..?
  13. Hey guys. Ive got 12 Saurus cav from an old Lizardman project that never got off the ground. (7 Sprue, 5 built) Selling them all for £20, plus postage of your choice. Or could sell them individually for £2.50 each.
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