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  1. NinjaBadger7

    Warhammer Fest 2019

    I'm going to be there (followed by a trip to Warhammer World a week and a bit afterwards :p) I'm meeting up with some of our listeners, who I've become friends with online over the last year - it's going to be awesome! Hoping for some nice tasty reveals....
  2. Out of interest, what did you not like about the MP book?
  3. Hello everyone! As per the title, do you think AoS would benefit from more content like Malign Portents in the future? Personally I thought it was really good especially lore wise (it was great fun talking about it on our podcast) and the way it introduced new characters like Marakarr Blood-Sky and narrative play. In some ways, it was worth for the short stories alone! If so, what would you to see?
  4. NinjaBadger7


    "I am....Death....the beginning and the end......oh yeah, turn left in 100 yards" 😂
  5. NinjaBadger7


    "I am....Death....the beginning and the end......oh yeah, turn left in 100 yards" 😂
  6. NinjaBadger7

    If I won the lottery I would....

    If we are keeping to the Warhammer theme, I would create a huge gaming club for underprivileged people, give them somewhere to hang out and enjoy the game(s) 😁
  7. NinjaBadger7

    Age of Sigmar Music?

    Everytime I think of AoS + music it always seems to equal "anything by Opeth" 😉
  8. NinjaBadger7

    Forum question

    I personally enjoy Bolter & Chainsword, some cool people over there
  9. NinjaBadger7


    I would personally like a siri type app devoted to AoS (and 40k) where you could ask it to clarify rules questions or stats etc and it says it loud for all players to hear 😁 Even give it a voice of your choice..."Nagash, can you explain pile-in please?" 😂
  10. NinjaBadger7

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    Positive The Mortal Realms has no lore boundaries - allowing for crazy but cool factions like the Deepkin The quality and design of the models is top tier - just look at Morathi Factions are being updated and amalgamated Soul Wars has pushed the narrative forward and allowing more options - keep it up! Battletomes are being updated - can be seen as a negative but at least they are doing it (some 40k codexes are in desperate need of an overhaul) Negative Box sets having units with numbers that don't match the warscrolls Still plenty of finecast out there Confusion over what books are needed to play etc Warscroll cards being available for a limited time Wishlist Digital copies of Battletomes/rulebooks to be free with purchase of a physical copy - costs them nothing Give people the chance for Bretonnians and TK to come back (I suppose this survey is part of that haha) Make warscroll cards available to buy all the time More box sets like Carrion Empire please There's probably a lot more but it's late and I'm tired 😂