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  1. Thanks for your suggestions, I will look into it!
  2. That's a good shout actually. GW are trying to sell off the StD Godsworn box (they had quite a few at Warhammer World when I went recently) which could be interesting... (And on personal note, happy that the Deepkin Battleforce I randomly bought after xmas will come in handy )
  3. Excellent job! Meeting Engagements is a great concept and hopefully will scratch the same itch that Kill Team did for 40k - inspire people to try an army that has taken their interest previously but never acted upon it. Also people may want to suggest which units would fit nicely with the SC boxes - especially the most obscure ones!
  4. Hi everyone I was recently looking at my collection (plus an inspirational visit to Warhammer World!) and fancied trying to build a Mixed Order army and would like some help/ideas My criteria:- · I am aiming for 1000pts initially and then adding more as and when · No Stormcast (recently sold them as didn’t get on with them model wise) · Something for fun/casual, not tournament play · Mainly aelves would be good but not against other factions Here is what I currently own:- · Most Deepkin (Thralls/Reavers/Eels etc) · 1 x Loremaster · 5 x Sisters of the Thorn · 1 x Excelsior Warpriest and 1 x Doomseeker (from Silver Tower) Things taking my fancy:- · Lion Rangers · Phoenix Guard · Waywatcher · Glade Guard · Frostheart Phoenix But ultimately I’m open to suggestions Thanks!
  5. Has there been any more updates in recent times that people can think of?
  6. Awesome, thanks for the summary! Looks like they can definitely hold their own at that points level, but can see how important the KoS is. Anything you would change?
  7. Has anyone tried the new battletome using a 1000pts army instead of 2000? If so, how did you find it so far?
  8. With the Deepkin (hopefully) getting Endless Spells at some point - what designs/rules are people hoping for?
  9. I was gifted a built and primed Archaon recently, I'm just waiting for my airbrush to arrive before I can *try* to do him justice 😂
  10. *Shameless plug time* I'm a co-host on a Warhammer podcast called Realm & Ruin (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/realm-ruin/id1352721443?mt=2) We cover both AoS and 40k (about 50/50) but we focus on lore rather than competitive play, and we've been going for just over a year and have built a lovely little community, so check us out if you're interested 😁
  11. Yeah I thought it would follow the same route as their Warhammer Fantasy game (which I'm yet to play), I'm just hoping it is as fun as Wrath & Glory 😁
  12. Wrath and Glory is really fun to play, we played it for our 1st anniversary show on our podcast last weekend if you want to hear what it's like 😁(https://www.realmandruin.com/1st-anniversary) If the AoS RPG is as fun and a solid system like W&G, good times ahead!
  13. Booked my ticket for the Sunday, bring it on!
  14. I'm going to be there (followed by a trip to Warhammer World a week and a bit afterwards :p) I'm meeting up with some of our listeners, who I've become friends with online over the last year - it's going to be awesome! Hoping for some nice tasty reveals....
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