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  1. First test model for the Untamed beasts is finished (except for the basing). None too happy about it though. I might strip the paint and start over. But it'll do for the time being.
  2. Dawnstone, with a wash of Athonian camoshade. Next drybrushed with administratum grey, and finally a drybrush with white scar on the upper edges. The Undercoat I used for this was Chaos black with some corax white sprayed from above in short bursts.
  3. Well, I threw out my back earlier this week, so painting stalled for a few days... Still, I was able to continue a bit yesterday and started work on the statue (very much WIP, especially the bronze parts):
  4. My pledge for the month of August: Paint the content of the entire Warcry starterset
  5. I just got my hands on Warcry this weekend. This time, instead of starting on the warbands, I've decided to start by painting the scenery. And here's the result of this weekend: [/
  6. one more...Sorry for the bad quality of the pics
  7. I've been painting on and off again lately. I'm still trying to motivate myself to paint and play, but somehow, life always seems to get in the way. However, this week I've made some decent progress (on my Nighvault warband). Let's just hope I can succeed to keep painting this time.
  8. I don't know if Viking metal fits the bill for what you want, but you can't go wrong with some Grimner.
  9. Well, disaster struck last week, as I've had a piping accident in the house. The water seeped from the upper floor right into my man-cave, and on my models. It was filthy water , filled with dust and stuff. I've given the models to a friend of mine who is better than me at removing paint from plastic mini's and I hope I have them back soon. But it seems I'll have to restart everything again. However, I haven't been inactive as I finally bought that huge Age of Sigmar starter set and I've started work on the bloodreavers. (I'm storing the Stormcast Eternals for a later project). I've been painting since sunday and I haven't finished a single model yet. But the first Bloodreavers are well on their way to being finished. Here's already a small preview of how they'll look like. I obviouslky still need to do the boots, the weapons, the chaos symbol and I need to work on the horns. But I'm quite happy with the overall result until now. I expect the first batch of 5 to be finished tonight, but I'll need to pick up the pace as far as painting is concerned
  10. Well, my progress was way to slow this week... During the entire week, I only managed to advance somewhat on the first Juggernaut (not even the rider!), and it's still far from finished: Note, the paint on the base is the Martian Ironearth one. I wasn't yet dry at the moment I took the pic, so the fissuring effect isn't yet visible and it looks somewhat...failed on the pic
  11. First (small) update. I've started painting the bloodletters and also the Juggernauts (I will do the riders separately).The plan for tonight is to finish the Bloodletter standard bearer at the very least. Before the end of the weekend, I'd like to finish 2-3 bloodletters and at least one of the Juggernauts (but it's Super Bowl weekend, so this is not exactly the best weekend for me to start trying to advance much in painting :D)
  12. Since I've just started playing Warhammer again, I'll take the occasion to start a painting log (it may motivate me to paint more :D). I just bought my first get started box yesterday, so I haven't really done much (I glued most of the blood throne and 1 bloodcrusher, and started painting the Bloodcrusher). So the first pics will arrive in a few days. I can already post a few random pictures of the few things I've been painting on the last year: the first one is a picture from an aborted attempt to start a Malignants army, about a year ago. I'm overall quite happy with it (except for the obvious mould line on the gravestone) The second one is a commission for a friend. I received the model glued and undercoated and just painted it. Also here. I'm quite happy with the result, though it does show my painting skills are somewhat rusty The final one is not an Age of Sigmar pic, but a 40k one. I picked this commissar for the fun of painting it. This project has stalled since november because I just moved and this mini is still in a box in the garage... Well, that's it for starters. Feedback and advice are welcome
  13. Hi all, I used to play Warhammer before (mostly Warriors of Chaos and dwarfs), but quit a few years ago. I only painted a few models over the past two years (mostly for friends/family who still play but didn't want to bother painting ), but I've recently felt the itch to start playing again. Especially since a few players of the group I used to play in, assured me to give Age of Sigmar a try. So yesterday, I bougth my fist box of minis (a Khorne daemons start collection) and I'm planning to actively play this game again.
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