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  1. Hi ich komm aus Grenzach-Wyhlen an der Schweizer Grenze und bin regelmäßig in Freiburg vielleicht findet sich ja Mal ne Möglichkeit
  2. Not in the ghb but in 1-4 weeks their is a faq annouced to address that for all the newer tomes after FEC and skaven including them
  3. This part is fixed in matched play - Players alternate each placing 5 (optional Random) terrain - total 10 (Key -whatever they agree to) 6 big ones 4 small ones
  4. They as long the LoN faq isn't changed witch grande them to LoN
  5. Direwolves Skeletons Warriors Chainrasps Zombies
  6. The ruling said you must take 3 big and 2 small ones per player and Set it on table thats the point of the 10x10 or 6x6 rule and my thinking that it applies to all terrains
  7. OK maybe it's legal by the warscroll rules but i relativly sure you can't put the necessary 10 pieces of terrain on the table within the restrictions
  8. The new cp rule has something like you buy a cp for 50p which is added to your army points in it So if you and your opponent are 1950/2000 and you buy a cp and he doesn't he gets the triumph and you get a 2000p Army with an additional cp
  9. No it isn't legal cause big terrains have a limit of 10" by 10" by 10"
  10. Right but thats are 3cp first turn
  11. Yeah maybe its limited so you can only buy one during contruction (don't remember the wording yet) but you still get one cp per warscroll battalion so it could be more then one extra
  12. Their is no limit on cp's the only thats changed is that you have to pay for them 50points (aside from battalions which give them for free)
  13. They are cause they are mentioned in the matched play section What about the forbidden power terrain is it a faction terrain because if you can't put ot on table you are losing 100 points that are spend ob your Army roster
  14. I might make a house rule for them saying that the models counts as they are in base to base contact for speeding things up
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