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  1. Ahn-ket

    Ogor butcher

    I have a second maw pot which I want to use for the Slaughtermaster but it's to big to be drawn by a normal gw ogor I might order an oger from sciborminiatures which looks bigger then a gw one
  2. Ahn-ket

    Ogor butcher

    Nice Have used a normal ogor myself yet Pic follow Now I searching for a third party oger which is bigger then gw's for self made Slaughtermaster
  3. Ahn-ket

    Ogor butcher

    Nice idea may try a box
  4. Ahn-ket

    Ogor butcher

    Maneaters are out they look nice but I don't like finecast that's the reason I want suggestions for a basemodell to start with
  5. Ahn-ket

    Ogor butcher

    Hi guys and girls I want to build my own butcher model what did you suggest to use as base
  6. Schick mir mal nähere Informationen darüber vielleicht mag der ein oder andere aus meiner Gegend mit machen
  7. Sepulchral guard are no longer left a bit & dry they are now part of LoN (legions of nagash armies)
  8. More chances to get Wave of Terror proc
  9. In theory it's Not allowed anymore but i would say it's a big one with it's own warscroll rules
  10. No because they are for the smaller/easier Version of underworlds And No they aren't part of wacry cause GW tells which models in the different non chaos bands
  11. Ahn-ket

    Death in warcry

    What did you Guys think how they will peform
  12. If it was a matter of not being able to get the model for GoS with mortality glass gw has to remove the legion black coach too because the old coach model isn't buyable anymore ( for using the nighthaunt one as Legion Coach you need Agreement from your opponent and a different base)
  13. But his Translocation spell is even mentioned in one of the battalions from the start on
  14. Maybe we should tell it to gw that he should be in the ghb19
  15. I'm in Freiburg or Stuttgart most of the time
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