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  1. Thanks! The bases are a mixture of random tufts and flowers from different companies - iirc there are Army Painters tufts but I can't remember the name of the company that produced the flowers lol Tho tbh, you should be able to achieve a very similar effect using basing materials from any company. A tip I can give everyone here is to keep your bases diverse and not flat - I'm usually adding some cork in random places, to simulate little mounds. Also, using different types of sand/gravel works well!
  2. Here is the unit I've completed recently - I went with a higher contrast and more fancy bases to make them a bit more interesting
  3. I think it'll be receive a new, totally updated warscroll, cause look at the model - a model this big doing just a few random things doesn't make much sense to me lol
  4. I meant the 5+ more like "hard to hit hence the save stuff" - Hosts have a 4+ save after all, and they have absolutely no armor lol But a blob of 20 4+ unrendable guys would be too tough to reliably take down, and considering they will be coming in blobs of 20 in the box, they should be pretty cheap, point-wise at least
  5. Guess I'll be looking around and collecting ideas lol Also, if all our units will have unrendable saves, than damn, this looks solid! The rank and file infantry will have something like 5+ I suppose, but still, Nighthaunts could actually be a seriously competitive faction. Do you think we may get some spellcaster? Like, maybe the lantern guys?
  6. I'm sooo in love with all these models - they are absolutely amazing! My fav one is gotta be the mounted Knight of Shrouds though - it captures the Nighthaunt atmosphere so well. But now I have a question to you everyone - this is my Knight of Shrouds. As you can see, the colour scheme I went for is quite simple, with most of it being spooky bluish. At the bottom he turns into dark fog of a kind - how would you suggest painting the rest of the new army, esp the mounted Knight, to fit this scheme and still not be your-dull-random-spooks kind of model? I need opinions/inspiration! I was thinking of doing the bottom of the horse in this dark fog, then he kinda starts to materialize going upwards, his bones are black with purple light shining through them, while the cloth areas etc are done in the bluish ghostly colour. What do you think?
  7. I'd actually say wait - buy at most two Tormented boxes, cause they are 90% safe bet, but then wait for the book. I think the battletome should come out in roughly 2 months (as quite a lot of other people do as well), so it'd be kinda stupid to re-buy the whole army - I expect quite a release! We've seen the Black Coach, most likely Nighthaunt will be announced during the Warhammer Fest in 5 days - then we should roughly know what will be coming
  8. What ALWAYS gets me into the vampire, gothic mood is the soundtrack from Bram Stoker's Dracula - I think Kilar did amazingly good job on this one. My favourite piece is definitely this one: I like to consider it as a theme for my Nighthaunt army!
  9. I'm still curious about this new Black Coach rumor - current one is... well... not the prettiest looking model GW ever made, let me put it like this lol While this may very well be just a rumor (most likely is, but on the other hand plastic GUO and other models kinda confirm than GW is able to remake some of their utterly terrible models), I still think that with the exclusion of NH from LoN we may very well expect something new - they reprinted Soulblight, which imo means absolutely no love for them, while NH was skipped - but GW must have realised that they, if I'm not mistaken, are one of the most competitive factions from Death and hopefully are looking into expanding them. New rumor engine is Death 99% - either Deathrattle or Nighthaunt - I'd lean towards NH side because of the similarity with Keldrek Also, what do you think about the new Hexwraiths? Same price, but their "run over" ability has been buffed to dish MWs on 5+ and they deal MWs on 6+ to hit - which is a really nice buff for the exactly same price. I think we can say that Hexwraiths are pretty decent now!
  10. With the grave sites, didn't you have to have a hero in the 9" range to summon something out of them? Or was this rule specific to one of the legions?
  11. How do you perceive the situation Mournghoul found himself in? It can't be taken as a part of any of the Legions, but normally, afaik, he wasn't used in anything else other than pure NH, so it's not that big of a loss - unless something escapes me lol But it's still weird to hurt NH even more like this - not only were the spoooky ghosts not given any love in the LoN, but also their biggest toy was taken away from them - does it mean a NH battletome this summer or so? I'd be happy if this was the case provided they actually did some background research and realised that, l don't know, all NH lists revolve around Spirit Hosts and 2 Mournghouls - aka add more models to the faction to make it more interesting and viable.
  12. Welp, looks like no TK for us then - though it's not like it's anything unexpected tbh Still, it would be nice to see some kind of semi-egyptian themed army, as they really fit with the death themes - albeit maybe a bit too much lol What new faction are you guys expecting? As in, what can be a new direction death may take? More skele-somethings, like Morghasts, or rather mortal, fleshy lads, but with a proper twist?
  13. I'm not sure where to put this, so might as well throw it here, as it's the most recent topic: What is the reason hidden behind the new Nighthaunt Spirit Host box? It's SC Malignants and Knight of Shrouds, which does make some sense (Mortis Engine still not being Nighthaunt lol) BUT there's a... Terrorgheist there. ANY idea why? Beasts of the grave suddenly turned ghostly?
  14. As in the title - do you think TW2 might have made it possible for GW to consider returning TK as a faction? What we know so far: 1. TK were squatted, but they are still in the lore, under "Crimson Kings/Monarchy" (taken from the book Godbeasts) - "a dynasty of undying kings that had ruled the Voidglass desert for 12000 years. When they were attacked by ogors looking for food, they led their skeletal legions to war. Before a week was out, the ogor skulls adorned the Crimson King's chariots." 2. TK DLC seems to be really popular and has spiked interest of lots of people (only to find a sad lack of models) - TW Warhammer in general is really popular -> anyone has perhaps any data on whether the game spiked some interest in the hobby aspect itself? If such data is even possible to gather lol 3. TK were squatted 'cause they were too generic - however, GW has shown that it's possible to create some models for them that are unique, I'm mainly speaking about Sepulchral Stalkers here (sphinxes as well, but you could say that they too were too egyptian); also, their sale figures were too bad, mostly because they had super outdated skellies (it doesn't mean that GW couldn't redo them lol) 4. Death needs a new subfaction - GW could expand on Nighthaunt (l'd gladly take it, being a Nighthaunt player myself), add more skellies, maybe do the crazy, frankenstein-like deathmages expansion (wouldn't it be too generic though?) and maybe do mortal followers of Nagash (which l wouldn't like to see tbh, it just wouldn't scream "death" to me), HOWEVER, imo, we need more proper, undead stuff - and TK are here, waiting to be resurrected, maybe with Khalida as one of the main leaders (during End Times iirc Neferata was last time seen with Khalida, so there is a chance of her having survived the whole jazz) - players are thirsty for more Death and, judging from the general response towards Daughters of Khaine, any faction with really cool, new models will sell (I assume DoK WILL sell well lol) What do you think about this happening? Do you think that it would be a good move from GW to reintroduce TK or should they rather go with something totally new? I'd probably buy a lot the second l'd see them, but I just like them too much lol PS yes, I've seen too many TK gameplays lol
  15. True, l didn't notice that it said "from any lore" - thanks for the clarification! And thanks for the clarification of the spells as well! It seems then that Master's Teachings will be just a fluffy mechanic - to really make it count someone would probaly have to set up a fairly big unit. However, a unit of 3 Spirit Hosts doesn't cost that much, does it? And snatching an objective or killing some important lad in a cheeky way would certainly be a nice way to use this rule lol
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