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  1. When you choose a Realm your army came from you gain access to that Realms` artifacts. You can pick up artifact from your home Realm as it is described in the rules. It doesn`t have any other effect on your army. When you choose/roll a Realm where the battle would be played both your and your opponent gain access to these Realms` spells (for wizards obviously) and command ability. You can be from one Realm and have its artifact(s) and fight in another. Realm rules are not mandatory in matched play but as far as I know and see people usually play with them.
  2. Tome of a Thousand Poxes: If the bearer is a WIZARD, add 1 to the casting rolls for any spells from the Lore of Nurgle that they attempt to cast. If the bearer is not a WIZARD, they can attempt to cast the Sumptuous Pestilence spell (p.67) in each of your hero phases (they cannot unbind spells). From The Lore of Nurgle page: Each WIZARD in NURGLE army also knows one spell from one of the Lores of Nurgle. Depending on whether the Wizard is a ROTBRINGER, DAEMON or MORTAL, you must select the spell from the Lore of Malignance, Lore of Virulence or Lore of Foulness table respectively (if they qualify for more than one table, pick which one to use). For me it looks that the Tome affects only one spell, that was chosen from one of the Lores. Neither base spells from core rules, nor own spells from caster warscroll cannot be affected by this artifact.
  3. Had a dispute with mate about fyreslayers. If Runesmiter uses his ability to set up himself and other unit in reserves does it count as one drop or two in terms of deployment? Magmic Tunneling: When a Runesmiter sets his feet upon stone he can command it to flow aside and allow him passage. Instead of setting up an Auric Runsmiter and up to one other FYRESLAYER unit, you can set them to one side and declare that they are underground. They can emerge in any of your movement phases; set up both units anywhere on the battlefield, withon 3" of each other and more than 9" from the enemy. This counts as their move for that movement phase.
  4. I made doubles events in local community (~10-12 participants) twice for the last 2 years. We used next rules: - all models in mates` army are treated as neutral (not friendly and not enemy) - abilities, artifacts, command abilities, spells and other things don`t affect teammates` models (exception - things like Nurgle features that can affect all models on the table, both friendly and enemy) - both events were in the 1st edition so there were no command points, but were Rules of One. And they were applied to command rather than player. So only one spell attempt (mostly affected mystic shield) from team per turn, no duplicate artifacts. - for scoring purposes, obviously, models from both players armies were treated as friendly - teammates couldn`t use each others Reinforcement Points, only their own - also we used restrict for no duplicating warscrolls - if your teammate included some unit in his army, you cannot include the same unit in your roster. But again, it was local tournaments and first edition. From TO`s point of view - there were no gamebreaking dirty combos or limits and was quite fun (from peoples` feedback 🙂). Hope my experience can somehow help. Also @Gaz Taylor above shared a link on official GW event, so it is the best reference for now, I think. Edit: Ooops, made a mistake in terminology too - link is for Team, rather than Doubles. Sorry 😁
  5. Right as jackmcmahon said. From 3rd page of Core Rules: A Warhammer Age of Sigmar battle is fought in a series of battle rounds, each of which is split into two turns – one for each player.
  6. Many thanks for the great work, LLV and Honest Wargamer Team!
  7. It was covered in the outdated FAQ for the first edition rules (quote is below), but it seems to be removed in the actual rules and designers commentaries. I think it is better to solve this question with opponent before the game. In local club we play with hills granting cover (as they are the most common variant of area terrain here that units can be fully placed on) Q: Do units on hills benefit from cover? A: No, hills are not considered to be scenery, they are considered to be part of the battlefield.
  8. To your first question: Didn`t ever play 2x2 but in 1x1 game if you both activate Hysh command ability in your opponents combat phase he would strike first because the turn is his. It was covered in core rules designers commentary. Q: If several abilities are triggered at the same time (at the start of a hero phase, for example), how do you determine the order in which they are used? A: If several abilities can be used at the same time, the player whose turn is taking place uses their abilities first, one after the other, in any order they desire; then the player whose turn is not taking place uses their abilities, one after another, in any order they desire. The same principle applies to any other things – such as command traits or artifacts of power – that can be used simultaneously. As per your second question, I think that this command ability doesn`t allow you to fight with two units, as it just says that you pick one unit and strike with it immediately. It is useful in enemy`s combat phase or when playing against Idoneth (in the third battle round) or Beasts of Chaos with their Taurus spell. But I am not sure here, probably this is a question for the next FAQ.
  9. I don`t know Daughters ability`s wording, so cannot write a distinct answer. But I think this question from BoC designers commentary can help: Q: If a Wildfire Taurus’ Whirlwind of Destruction ability forces an Idoneth Deepkin unit to fight at the end of the next combat phase, but the High Tide battle trait is in effect, does the unit fight at the start or the end of the combat phase? A: If two abilities that apply to a unit are contradictory and cannot both be applied, the one that was applied second takes precedence. In this case, that means the Idoneth Deepkin unit would fight at the end of the combat phase. Note this only occurs when it impossible to use both abilities. For example, if one ability gave a unit a hit modifier of +1 and another ability gave the same unit a hit modifier of -1, both would be applied (and effectively cancel each other out).
  10. Could anybody share in PM opening battleplan for 500th store in English please? The nearest GW shop is more than 1000 km from me and I didn`t have a chance to get it ☹️
  11. With his size he would only be able to come in to the close combat with some screen units, if opponent positioned smart. Fly + buffs on move and charge would probably help, but it would be almost all roster, that is very risky as I see. He still can be killed with Nagash`s spell (yes, -3 to cast, but this can be outranged with Spellportals), MW spam, Archaon`s blade, many usual attacks (hello Witch Aelves or brutes under multiple Waaagh!, as an example). To hit debuffs would largely reduce its effectiveness. And he is still only one model in terms of objective scoring. I think this dragon is pretty fairly priced, he can do a lot, but still can be countered by many things and its positioning would be very challenging. Edit: the model itself is amazing and I would be happy to see it on the table, should be such an epic and memorable game. Unfortunately his price makes chance for that happening very-very low ☹️
  12. From Core Rules designers commentary (page 8): Q: Some armies have ‘sub-factions’, like the Stormhosts in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals and the Enclaves in Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin. These often often require a general to take a specific command trait. What happens if the general cannot have a command trait, if they are a named character, for example? A: If the general cannot have a command trait, then nothing happens (they do not get to use the command trait from the sub-faction).
  13. 160 points looks like pretty fair price for the mage and a unit of 7 models with included fanatic. But spell looks is more situational than really useful, for the first glance. It need either vortex, as you said (+40 points and still only 9"), or charged enemy that didn`t kill 5 wound shaman in 6+ save in one phase. The thing that captured my mind is his ability with +2 to cast - it is one-use-only, Zarbag cannot cast (well, try to cast) spells with +2 all the battle. If regular shamans would be changed this way it would be rather sad. Also, both new shamans, Fungoid and Zarbag, have close combat oriented spells, could it be a sign of how GW would develop Moonclan in general? Many crazy and cheap grots that are rushing into enemy and create madness and carnage? ?
  14. As far as I remember, there are only few deepstrike-like abilities in our whole alliance: - Icebrow Hunter (if getting Skal battalion - then he also can deepstrike frost sabers 18" from him and 9" from enemy when battalion comes from reserves), sets up in any of your hero phases, 9" from enemy - Gorger, have to set up him in your first movement phase, 12"(!) from enemy - Dread Maw (Forge World) , have to set up it at the end of your second movement phase, 9" from enemy I used Skal in mixed Destruction lists in the first edition and it was really useful. You can take several objectives in a turn if enemy left them unprotected. Or set up all Skal near one target and charge with cats (they are getting +3 to charge roll near hunter), now with ability to reroll it if needed (thanks to CP system). Also pretty cool peculiarity is that you could deploy hunter (or Skal) in ANY of your hero phases, it can be very helpful in missions like Relocation Orb. Battalion costs 370 points in minimum now (was 330) and I haven`t use it in new edition yet, but definitely want to do it. I also used Dread Maw in the first edition, it was very, very tanky (3+, 4++) and scary (3 attacks with D6 damage each from the maw). Random damage made him unstable as unit killer, but psychological effect of deepstriking monster with great melee potential was amazing - opponent just couldn`t ignore such beast and was forced to spend some forces (and quite often the dangerous ones) to neutralize it. In the second edition Forge World nerfed it (rightly, to be honest) and now it is less tanky (4++ only from mortal wounds), costs more points and have some other tweaks. Still useful I think, but need much more accuracy with its positioning.
  15. @Craze links to all lists and compiled top10 were posted in Events topic. Edit: All lists - http://facehammer.co.uk/packs/fhgt2018-lists-11-88.pdf and top10 - http://facehammer.co.uk/packs/fhgt2018-top-10.pdf
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