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  1. GriinWan

    Solbright as general?

    From Core Rules designers commentary (page 8): Q: Some armies have ‘sub-factions’, like the Stormhosts in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals and the Enclaves in Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin. These often often require a general to take a specific command trait. What happens if the general cannot have a command trait, if they are a named character, for example? A: If the general cannot have a command trait, then nothing happens (they do not get to use the command trait from the sub-faction).
  2. GriinWan

    Zarbag Gitz in AoS

    160 points looks like pretty fair price for the mage and a unit of 7 models with included fanatic. But spell looks is more situational than really useful, for the first glance. It need either vortex, as you said (+40 points and still only 9"), or charged enemy that didn`t kill 5 wound shaman in 6+ save in one phase. The thing that captured my mind is his ability with +2 to cast - it is one-use-only, Zarbag cannot cast (well, try to cast) spells with +2 all the battle. If regular shamans would be changed this way it would be rather sad. Also, both new shamans, Fungoid and Zarbag, have close combat oriented spells, could it be a sign of how GW would develop Moonclan in general? Many crazy and cheap grots that are rushing into enemy and create madness and carnage? 😁
  3. GriinWan

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    As far as I remember, there are only few deepstrike-like abilities in our whole alliance: - Icebrow Hunter (if getting Skal battalion - then he also can deepstrike frost sabers 18" from him and 9" from enemy when battalion comes from reserves), sets up in any of your hero phases, 9" from enemy - Gorger, have to set up him in your first movement phase, 12"(!) from enemy - Dread Maw (Forge World) , have to set up it at the end of your second movement phase, 9" from enemy I used Skal in mixed Destruction lists in the first edition and it was really useful. You can take several objectives in a turn if enemy left them unprotected. Or set up all Skal near one target and charge with cats (they are getting +3 to charge roll near hunter), now with ability to reroll it if needed (thanks to CP system). Also pretty cool peculiarity is that you could deploy hunter (or Skal) in ANY of your hero phases, it can be very helpful in missions like Relocation Orb. Battalion costs 370 points in minimum now (was 330) and I haven`t use it in new edition yet, but definitely want to do it. I also used Dread Maw in the first edition, it was very, very tanky (3+, 4++) and scary (3 attacks with D6 damage each from the maw). Random damage made him unstable as unit killer, but psychological effect of deepstriking monster with great melee potential was amazing - opponent just couldn`t ignore such beast and was forced to spend some forces (and quite often the dangerous ones) to neutralize it. In the second edition Forge World nerfed it (rightly, to be honest) and now it is less tanky (4++ only from mortal wounds), costs more points and have some other tweaks. Still useful I think, but need much more accuracy with its positioning.
  4. GriinWan

    Any News From FaceHammer GT 2018?

    @Craze links to all lists and compiled top10 were posted in Events topic. Edit: All lists - http://facehammer.co.uk/packs/fhgt2018-lists-11-88.pdf and top10 - http://facehammer.co.uk/packs/fhgt2018-top-10.pdf
  5. GriinWan

    Events UK: FaceHammer GT 2018

    Just found the lists from FGHT2018 here - http://facehammer.co.uk/packs/fhgt2018-lists-11-88.pdf
  6. GriinWan

    The Rumour Thread

    As far as I remember this is an old Savage Orc Shaman. Nice spot btw!
  7. GriinWan

    Fyreslayers keyword query

    I read about the same issue on our national forum. There are keywords skink and skinkS in Seraphon army. Only one unit has SKINKS - skinks themselves. Other units have the keyword in singular form - SKINK. So per RAW abilities that affects skink units can be applied only to one unit, and abilities that uses skinks keyword - other. Don`t know if it is a feature or just GW`s carelessness in the beginning of AoS. In case of fyreslayers warscrolls it should definitely be intended as Fyreslayers == Fyreslayer, because otherwise many of the abilities would just be unusable. Hope GW will fix it in the warscrolls tweaks when 2.0 releases.
  8. GriinWan

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Warscrolls for starter set units and endless spells are currently available with kits pre-orders on GW web site, "Downloads" section. Units: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Age-Of-Sigmar-Soul-Wars-2018-eng Spells: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Age-Of-Sigmar-Malign-Sorcery-2018-eng
  9. GriinWan

    Jpeg of Gordrak

    It doesn`t have high resolution, but as an option:
  10. GriinWan

    Order Greenskinz?

    Thanks for your answers! Btw, Orkkast looks like a nice side project with pretty big space for convertions and competitive games 😁 After some thinking I am definitely sure that there is an error in WD. GW had to told about such new thing as multi-alliance fraction in faction focuses, it`s too big change to hide.
  11. GriinWan

    Order Greenskinz?

    I have just seen June WD review on YouTube and saw a strange thing. On the pages with Start Collecting boxes, SC Greenskinz was represented in both Destruction and Order kits. As for me it looks like an usual copy-and-past error during layouting... Or will we see old good orcs as first multi-alliance fraction? Does anyone know something about that?
  12. Completely agreed with this. Obsolete topics would be still free to use for any purpose, but in the same time would not confuse newcomers who would start AoS in new edition.
  13. GriinWan

    The Rumour Thread

    Community site released an article with info from UK Games Expo. We only have a picture of new Craven King miniature for Nighthaunts army as AoS info, but the miniature is handsome. Ghostly undead bishop 😁 And shades of two another named characters on background, I suppose.
  14. GriinWan

    Tidecaster’s Spirit Guardian

    Attack sequence: to hit -> to wound -> save -> allocating number of wounds, equal to attacks damage So, when you first time fail save roll, just decrease by one damage from that attack.
  15. GriinWan

    The Rumour Thread

    New rules preview is out - we get 12 artefacts in each of 7 realms, in addition to new magic. Maybe there would be warlord traits too? It can be great for armies without battletomes, more variants, more options to play with.