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  1. Rules forbid to take spells from spell lores for allies as enhancements but doesn`t forbid them to use spells that they already know by warscroll or abilities. So in your example you definitely can cast Slaanesh spells.
  2. As far as I can see - there is no restrictions on allied units to be part of core battalions.
  3. As Blitzd said, "fight" is pile-in + attack with the unit, Core Rules 12.1.1
  4. There is an answer in Core Rules Designers Commentary:
  5. Pre-game moves happens usually before the initiative order is determined, as Kadeton written above. If two players have abilities to make pre-game moves they roll-off to see who can do it first. At least it is described so in Orruk Warclans battletome 🙂
  6. There was an answer in Core Rules FAQ: Q: When the word ‘any’ is used in the criteria for an ability, how many times is that ability applied when the criteria for the ability are fulfilled? For example, if an ability said ‘Add 1 to hit rolls for models that are within 6" of any models with this ability’, would I add 1 to the hit rolls of a model that was within 6" of three models with the ability, or would I add 3 to the hit rolls? A: The word ‘any’ is treated as being synonymous with ‘one or more’. In your example, this means that 1 would be added to the hit rolls, not 3.
  7. Core Rules FAQ contains following answer, personally I think that in case the unit remains the same, debuff would still be applied. Q: If a unit leaves the battlefield for whatever reason and comes back, do they lose any bonuses they had from abilities or spells? Also, if they had a ‘once per game’ ability, does it reset? A: If a unit leaves the battlefield and then returns to the battlefield, no to both questions. If the models have been slain and are being used as part of a unit that has been added to the army, then yes to both questions.
  8. You subtract 1 from rolls, so the ability works only on the start of the move, when the rolls happens.
  9. Core rules about battleshock states: I`m not a native English speaker, but as far as I can see - model is removed, then it is count as slain, isn`t it?
  10. Can you share the list or link to it please?
  11. @Zappgrot Idol has both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz keywords now.
  12. Hi @Enwolved! Battalions totally dont worth it if you want to play competitive on 1000 pts. Bonuses are mediocre and the price is not that low. Icebone is good (command ability is powerful; battle trait, command ability and artefact are quite useful) if you don`t have many armies with save-after-save abilities in your local meta. If you have - better take Drakkfoot to negate this. I usually play 2000 format, but if I have to play 1000 with boars limit I take the following: Not sure about the spells, probably it would be better to have Brutal Beasts on wardokk instead of War Cry. You can make one pack of Boarboys 4+ rr1 save (Wardokk + mystic shield) to act as an anvil or a pretty good screen. If take Brutal Beasts instead of War Cry - make one unit hit with +1 and generate two hits on unmodified 6 (Brutal Beasts and Bone Spirit spells). Breath of Gorkamorka to have an incredible 24 move with flying boars (and charge after it of cause or run to get onto objective if needed). Probably should divide one pack of boarboys on two 5-man squads. 10-man is a good amount of attack with bonus for charge, 5-man squads give you more mobility. Set of spells depends on how you play and what you need more for your plans. My go-to spells that I usually take on 2000 format: 1) Breath of Gorkamorka on Maniak Weirdnob - having 24 move + fly on boars often make me games or at least create great problems for opponent. 10 inch + run foot boys also perform good. Weirdnob because of mobility and opportunity to reroll cast. 2) Gorkamorka`s WarCry - opportunity to make enemy unit fight last in combat phase is important, especially when playing against Slaanesh (don`t know if you have this one in your meta) 3) Kunnin Beast Spirits - If you take it to Wardokk (or take this spell + Wardokk, don`t really matters) it is probably +2 save on one of your units and it is makes it pretty tough (especially units with shields in melee). Boarboys in 3+ combat save with rr1 for Mystic Shield or CP looks good. 4) Brutal Beast Spirits - +1 hit, run, charge is always nice, but not mandatory. Is taken to maximize units` attack potential, another attack buff is Bone Spirit spell from Maniak Weirdnob warscroll, Magnetize it if you have an opportunity, you would get great flexibility in army composition.
  13. @AlmGandix3 nice idea! There are two problems - firstly you are right, to take the Beat army must be Ironjawz or Big Waaagh! And the second problem is that to use the Beat on Idol warchanter should be wholly within 12 from him at the start of the charge phase.
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