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  1. I am planning to do a Tzeentch army based on Chamon. With the daemons transmutating into metal and I plan to add some metal magic effects. However, I want to write an story for its beginnings and I want the start to be arcanite based and so I want it to start in a human city. However I don't know any city in chamon, is there any?
  2. You could simply use their normal rules and use them as allys
  3. That is not true, from what I know Teclis and Tyrion are together with the angelic. It is even said thet they are Teclis' second project after the failure with Idoneth.
  4. Personally I believe that hey will be one modle where Teclis is Tyrion's eyes in combat.
  5. But what exactly is the Gladiatorium?
  6. I think we will ahave to wait a long while until we get the angelic aelves
  7. I guess we will find out on Sunday when new reveals will be shown at warhammer community
  8. In 40k therwe have been conflicts between legions since the horus heresy.
  9. To my mind Edition 2 is going to happen. By now, we have 14 Battletomes. If we add one for slaanesh, one for groots, another death army and one or two more for aelves (or order in general) we will have 19 of them. Which happens to be more or less the same as codexes in 40K. When all this factions are released I am expecting a second edition.
  10. While it might be true, I still hope for a mixed kind of release. The could go for a Codex form the ones they have already anounced and also for the firdt bits of the Daughters of Kaine
  11. What makes you think that next one is going to be 40K only?
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