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  1. This part is pretty well explained in Josh Reynolds' novels, at least for Nagash. The miniature you see on the tabletop is not Nagash, at least not the god. It's more like a shard of Nagash, enforcing his will on this particular battlefield
  2. Today's rumour engine: Seems related to Death IMHO
  3. Same for me! I often tell this in a funny way to my friend but IMHO there has never been more TK and Bret players now they are squated... I mean, I started the hobby fifteen years ago and even if I totally understand that I can only testify based on my area which is insignificant compared to the whole world, those two factions were totally neglected by the player base. Plus, and IMHO again, they do not fit the AOS aesthetic at all. I'm more in favor of letting them die peacefully, and move on with another great minis (including a complete AoS revisit of those factions).
  4. I keep seeing those rumours, where are those from a'd do you have a source please? Just curious
  5. Here are the rules for Hedonites of Slaanesh endless spells : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/25/warscroll-preview-endless-spells-and-the-fane-of-slaanesh/
  6. Those are exactly the same as the ones Nagash has in its back. I know what I'm taking about, I painted him a few months ago 😛
  7. There seems to be a manflayer warband in warcry according to the different warband logos. So it might be that as well
  8. I hope not, because it will make the cogs more auto include than they already are, and narrow down the diversity of "good" lists regarding of the choices we have IMHO But still, I quite share your fears, at least regarding how much this armie will be able to compete again newest BT (at least without having to run the same OP list). Our army is quite strong and fun to play IMHO, with good synergies, but will drops in points values for some units will be enough? Also, considering how Grimghast seems "despised/criticized" by people when run in LoN, I fear that their potential nerf will affect us quite deeply, while they are fine when using Nighthaunt allegiance.
  9. Don't forget all the books following the great Gardus Steel Soul's adventures with his fellow Hallowed Knights! They are so well described that they gave me the urge to paint some Hallowed Knights minis 😛
  10. Oh... my bad then 😅 Direct illustration of non verbal communication (obviously asbent when using internet) playing a HUGE rule when understanding the context!
  11. Actually that's not true anymore. In recent GW's podcats (I guess I was the one with Robin Crudace) several groups of playtesters where mentioned, and how they interact with the rule team. By the way those podcasts (Voxcast and Stormcast) are very interesting, I recommend listening to them during your paiting / assembling session
  12. Started on 6th edition with vampire counts. Their army book from this edition is still one of my favourite books GW ever released!
  13. Do you have a link? It may be helpfull to debunk some rumours issuing from this guy in other forums
  14. I don't really have the feeling that FEC are that expensive. In my humble opinion, they have one of the better start collecting because you can just buy so many of them and end with many many different builds and units. Which unfortunately is not the case for the angry dudettes 😛
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