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    Phoenix Guard

    They look great! I love the blue-white Feathers on the Helmets!
  2. @Tidings Thanks for that insight. This is pretty much how the Aelf seem from the outside: Wanderers are the "Core" Aelf Faction with most love and fluff in terms of Allegiance Abilities and such, while having the biggest range of Minis. But on the other hand the Fluff is sooo open, with just stating that most of the Wanderers wander around, while all the others (except the Exiles) stick in Azyrheim with Sigmar, that you can always mix any Aelf Mini into mostly any army, if you get the colour scheme or narrative straight. Yeah … and … I would even go further … although the Aelves are neither competitive, nor do they get the same attention / goodies (Battletome, Warscrollcards, Dice, Shadespire Team etc.) as the hip Factions … but on the other hand: That is an opportunity – you get to build an Army and an Idea of a Warband, that is beyond the former borders and clichés of High Elves vs. Wood Elves vs. Dark Elves, as defined by the main fluff, and maybe now is that best time to do that, now, that there isn't a new Battletome to establish those borders and clichés again (like the all-fire and all-gold thing of the Fyreslayers Battletome did) …
  3. Hi there, I'm currently in the lengthly process of choosing an army (which I enjoy a lot) and although the general design of the Fyreslayers is not completely my cup of tea, I like them, as much as I like all things duardin. But I especially love the Magamdroths. There are so many painting, kitbashing and storytelling options to them and they really fit greatly to the duardin. So I wonder wether it is total madness to field lots of them. Has anyone experiences with fielding three, four or even more Magmadroths? As always: Thanks everyone for helping and making this place awesome!
  4. Thanks everyone for the Feedback. That sounds really nice, especially as I am as far away from playing on Tournaments than I am a away from flying to the moon. Having almost 50 kitbashable Sets is a nice thing, and having a setting the allows them all to play together is even nicer … (and the 8th Edition High Elves Book just arrived as I write this reply, hihi).
  5. Hi there, I've been following the development of Age of Sigmar eversince it's launch with lot's of sympathy for the Game and the Changes, Games Workshop made, but I haven't started playing yet (because of Family, Company and stuff). But I keep reading Battletomes, Blogs and Forums like this her. One thing, I still don't understand after nearly three years is the State of the Aelfs. I do know and understand, that they wanted to break up the big Armies of Oldhammer in order to … uhhm … balance the Game more (?) and put the Players focus on the new Factions. But … I can hardly understand that. What good is a Lion Rangers Micro-Faction? The Switfhawk-Agents and the Wanderers (and yes, the Daughters of Khain soo, too) seem to be the only half-heartedly supported Factions. Sooo … what's the Point of this Topic? I am curious, how the Aelf-Players around here (and esp. those, who started Aelf after the AoS Launch) see their Armies and plan the Future of their Collection. Do you care about the Micro-Factionalisation of the Aelfs? Do you focus in the "big" Aelf-Factions? What do you think is the realistic Future of the Aelfs (not the one you wish for)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ah … look, you're right! Memo to me: First search the Lexicanum, then post topic.
  7. Thanks everyone. So I'll try to get my hands on those Battletomes still available as Hardback and keep up the hope to get the other ones on ebay, hehe.
  8. Hi there, I prefer the Hardback Editions of the Battletome, but I don't really get behind Games Workshops Strategy on publishing Battletomes as Hardbacks, Softbacks or both. My general impression is: When a new Battletome is published, it is pbulished as Hardback and Softback or Hardback only. Then after a while, Games Workshops stop selling (and probably reprinting) the Hardback Editions of the Battletome and only sells the Softback Edition. Although some Battletomes seem to be available als Hardbacks forever (Seraphon and Fyreslayers). Now I have two questions: Is that true? Have all Battletomes previously been published as Hardbacks? (Read: Is there hope to get them via ebay?) Is that documented somewhere public, which Battletomes were published as Hard- or Softbacks? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi there, at first: I'm pretty new around here and hope, that this is the right forum for the question. I'm not a native english speaker and stumble over the word "endrin" within the Kharadron Overlords Battletome a lot. I assume it's made up by Games Workshop, an should mean something similar to "engine", as there are Endrineers. But I'm not really sure because it's used a bit differently here and there ("endrin-works" and "aether-endrin"). Is there some notion to a native Speaker in "endrin" that goes beyond "engine"? Thanks in advance!
  10. Games Workshop really, really learned how to turn you into a Fanboy in an instant, hehe. Can you use the restaurant to play on days, when it's closed? I guess, you have a lot of tables there …
  11. Playing with your son-in-law is really cool. I hope to play the game with my kids one day, too. My oldest one (getting four this week) already likes to watch me paint …
  12. Humble Greetings Denizens of the Eight Realms! Like many german Warhammer Fans of my Age (left my 30s two years ago) my first Contact with Games Workshop was – and is – HeroQuest. And then moved over to the grimdark Future of StarQuest, Space Hulk and Warhammer 40.000 in the early to Mid 90ies. And stayed there until recently. I watched the release of Age of Sigmar with fascination and followed the developement of the Game through out the last years with sympathy and joy, but never really considered starting it. Until recently a friend of mine started showing interest in all things Games Workshop and especially Age of Sigmar. And so I started buying Rule Books and Battletomes (and I still do have a complete Set of Fantasy Flights Warhammer Invasion, which I do like a lot) … I'm currently mostly trying to get behind most of the Fluff. Like with all Games Workshops Worlds, the Fluff and the Artwork are the things that attrakt me to the Games and Hobby, so I'll always start there (plus: I do have two kids and hardly time for painting, not to mention playing). In the back of my head I try to prepare myself to decide, which Faction to start with building and playing. But after all those years, I know myself pretty well: This is probably going to take ages. So I take my time and enjoy the lovely Battletomes and Campaign Books in the meanwhile. Considering my Age, I of course tend towards the iconic Minis of the World that was: Dispossessed, Wanderers, Grots … especially as I tend to think: "Get 'em while you can." So much for now … Your humble Servant, Filius
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