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  1. Whats wrong-bad about the Clanrat Rules?
  2. I would love to see a Faction that does not belong to one of the Grand Alliances and poses a Thread to all four of them, forcing them to work together (and offering game modes that allow that). That's a classic move in Settings that grow older. If I were to choose what that could be, I'd choose something like capitalist and bankers, being able to corrupt pretty much everyone, hehe.
  3. Ouh, ah, uhm … I am honoured, especially as I still feel that I have to do quite a lot of things better (starting with the gold and the robes). But anyways: Thanks a lot! That's great to read.
  4. Marl Xarks carreer as an Arch-Warlock and Leader of the Great Revoluthing Army nearly ended during his first battle on Hysh. As a young warlock engineer the skyre army of his clan was beaten at the first contact with the Stormcast Eternals. Marl was captured and taken to Azyrheim, from which he managed to escape with the help of a team of eshin skavens. But he didn't leave unchanged. Seeing Azyrheim was an enlightenthing form him and from those days on, he wanted a better future for all skaven. During his Odyssee – that in the end lead him back to Hysh – he managed to gather a collection of rather exoctic "partners" for his cause, and his extrodinary skills as an inventor secured a steady income as well as an arsenal of deadly weapons and servants and something in between. These are the stories of his adventures … or rather of his defeats, the victories of his enemies, disasters and quite a few explosions … The whole Warband The young Marl Xark himself The first Stormrats of the Revoluthing Army The first Clanrats of the Revoluthing Army The whole Warband again I built those over the last months in order to start playing Age of Sigmar via the Skirmish Rules (knowing that it would take me like forever to build a whole Skaven army). The colourscheme is based on my Blood Bowl Team "The Undercity Philosophers" and shall carry the topic of "we are the new generation of Skaven". It is inspired by ancient roman senators: A lot of white and quite a bit of red. I especially enjoyed giving them a trollslayerish fur colour. I use a lot of Blades from the Sicarian Ruststalker / Infiltrators Set, which I initially bought to convert the Bodies into Skyre Acolytes. I also used quite a few Stormcast Eternals Shields and two Space Wolves Braids, hehe. And as it turns out: Today is just the perfect day to start a skaven revoluthing army!
  5. Haha … I also couldn't believe it's really true, when I scrolled down the Warhammer Community article a few hours ago. So great, they finally made it. (I was _soooo_ close to starting a Duardin Skirmish Warband. 😊)
  6. Ah, right! The new summoning Rules! I haven't bought the new Generals Handbook yet, and didn't think about them. Thanks!
  7. Greetings, dear Tree-Things, Wood-Things, Flower-Things and Floral-Things, I'm a Starter of Age of Sigmar (and I don't play Sylvaneth, but the Buddy, I start playing with is) and I wonder, what happend to the Sylvaneth Wyldwood within the Warscroll Builder. The whole Section "Scenery" (or so) seems to have gone (althoug the Balehting Vortex is now within Endless Spells). Can anyone explain to me, why the Wyldwoods have disappeared from the Warscroll Builder? Thanks a lot-lot in advance, yes-yes!
  8. I found the reading of the Warhammer Army Books (usually easy to get on ebay) quite enlightening. The 4th Edition Armybook contains lots of great Artwork from the early days, while the 7th Edition Army Book contains lots of Background on Character who are now gone, but are still quite inspiring. Also the addition to the former Warhammer Fantasy RGP "Children of the Horned Rat: A Guide to Skaven" is quite entertaining and inspiring. And of course the Novels featuring Thanquol & Boneripper Novel Series is a great way to get inside a Skaves Head (starting with Grey Seer, or even Skavenskavenslayer)
  9. I can't really add anything of use to the discussion, but I want to say this: Woo-hoooww! I would love to see that army on the table! Although the next comments sound like it's going to be a hard fight for you, it somehow sounds like a lot of fun. So. I hope, you'll have fun with it an may post some photos! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hello-hi everyone around here, a friend of mine and me are going to enter Age of Sigmar. We both don't have very much time and decided to start with Skirmish in order to have some nice Minis and something playable quite soon. I already bought some stuff like the Skirimish-Rules, the Path to Glory Book, some Battletome (not Skaven Pestilens yet), but everything only pre 2.0. Now I wonder what I would really need to buy. As far as I can see, the Core Rules are still free, the Warscrolls are also free and online, and we will skip stuff like Battalions and Artifacts for the first Games. So the only thing, that got me wondering wether I need buy Grand Alliance Chaos or the Skaven Pestilens Battletime was the Fact that I had so difficulties to get my hands on the Deathrunner Warscroll and wasn't able to find a Warscroll for the Giant Rats (outside of the Compendium). So my question is: How much does a Skaven Player really need the Grand Alliance Chaos Book and the Skaven Pestilens Battletome in order to start playing (I want to by the Battletome anyway. but would prefer to spend my money on minis fist, hehe)? Thanks-thanks everyone!
  11. Ah, yeah, of-course-course! ? I just finished reading the 7th edition army book and they really mention the backstabbing and megalomania at least twice on every page. And regarding my question: It was quite stupid anyway. I tend to forget how vast the Age of Sigmar setting is and that virtually anything is okay, if you can come up with a plausible or even only entertainung story for it, hehe.
  12. Thanks a ot @Lord_Skrolk and @michu! I plan on putting him in charge of my small force, that fit's very nicely and leads to the next question: From the 7th Edition Skaven Army Book I know that there has been an hiearchy of warlords within each Skaven Clan. If I am not mistaken the rules of those days didn't reflect that (or at least very well), and currently there's just one "Warlord". But putting one into a force and assuming that he is not a Clan Leader, but somewhere a bit down the hiearchy (like part of a war council) is probably quite okay, isn't it?
  13. Hey there, just a small question: If I read the Warscroll Builder correctly the Archwarlock is the most expensive "regular" Skaven Hero (meaning it's a "common" Skaven that rose among the Ranks of the Skaven to it's current position – unlinke the Verminlord Daemons – and he doesn't have a powerful companion, like the Screaming Bell or Boneripper). Does that imply that it's currently the most powerfull regular Hero Character? (I'm asking for background story-building reasons, but I try to keep the backstory in line with the rules / crunch …)
  14. I just found out the Skweel Gnawtooth the former Clan Moulder Packmaster Hero has almost the same Backstory as Canis Wolfborn, which … just makes Skaven even more awesome. I was so happy about this coincidence, that I thought, I have to share it with someone, yes-yes. I definitely have to take a closer look into the Space Wolves product range for conversion option, hehe.
  15. Regarding the Stormvermin 30/500 topic from Friday: The new Warscroll-Builder is online and Stormvermin are-cost 30/420 and 40/500 it says …
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