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    Sweet, sweet duardinish Cavalry ! 🥰
  2. Combo-Cards? I didn't stumble across those, yet. What are they?
  3. Now that the Set ist availabel for some time … i wonder if it is worth the Money. And: I wonder how it plays, as it doesn't have a 2nd floor/storey, like the Core-Set …
  4. Hi everyone, the Cities of Sigmar Battletome really woke my duardinish Heart and I want to try an Duardin only Army as asap as possible, so my tiny plan for a 1000 Points List looks like this City: Tempest's Eye 2 x Warden King (like the Buffs) and one of them is General of Course 2 x Rune Lord (like the Antimagic) 10 x Longbeard with Great Axes 10 x Longbeards with Shields 10 x Ironbreakers 10 x Hammeres 10 x Irondrakes = 1040 Points total That way, I have one of every type of infantry to learn how to play them, and the Longbeards twice, which will hopefully help me against the Sylvaneth with Endless Spells I'll be facing most of the time. And Tempest's Eye will hopefully fix some of my missing agility. From there on I can extend any Unit, or even add Kharadrons or Fyreslayers (certainly want to bring a Magmadroth some day!). I assume that it's not the most competitive way to start, but we'll be playing for fun most of the time anyways, and so … I just want to make sure that the List is not total nonesense. Any feedback is most welcome!
  5. It looks a litte bit like maybe the future is not too far away … https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/05/the-rumour-engine-november-5th-2019/ "We’ve been working with the Ironweld Engineers to fix the Rumour Engine, but its mysteries elude even their prodigious skills"
  6. Very, very nice to see that Eshin is alive and stabbin', thanks everyone for posting here. If I were to integrate Eshins into a regular Skaventide List, I'd probably take Gutter Runner over Night Runners, right?
  7. The next thing, I wanted to ask in the "Skaventide General Discussion" was, which Verminlord to take. But as I read this here, I think, I'll probably end up having each one anyways … so I just start with the one, I like the most, hehe. Thanks!
  8. Thanks to @willange and @Skreech Verminking for the help on the Gnawholes. So I need those too, sigh, esp. as I will be playing against Sylvaneth most of the time. I do have another question: I currently build up my Skaven Army. I started planing the army before the new Battletome came out. I currently have 20 Clanrats and 30 Stormvermin and planed to expand both to 40 (and quite a lot of other rodents). But I'm not sure wether to go with 2x40 Clanrats or 2x40 Stormvermin. What's the general opinion on Clanrats vs. Stormvermin as Battleline around here?
  9. Uhhm … I do have a probably rather stupid question: I haven't seen any Gnawholes in the Army Lists here lately. Is that because people don't use them, or because they are scenery, don't cost points and thus are not part of the Army list? And to add another question: Are the Gnawholes considered a must-have for a skaventide Army or usefull at all?
  10. Quick, quick, blood-skulls for the the skull-blood-throne-chair-thing, yes, yeeeess!
  11. "Yess, yess lift-carry them and the let them drop-fall on the armoured knee and backbrake-bonecrush them, yes, yes!" Thanks! I will sure add Photos of those painted buff-monster-skaven!
  12. And Spiteclaws Swarm. Again with Ruststalker Blades, and Bits from Stromcasts. My first Project with Contrastpaints. All is contrast paints, except the white, the gold and the silver. Actually a few things about painting with contrast paints are even better than Games Workshop told us … It's much much easier to remove the colour from the brushes, making it much easier and faster to switch between colours during painting. The consistancy of the colours makes thinning them down unneccessary, which speeds up the process even further.
  13. Spiteclaws Swarm from Wahrammer Underworlds, with a few minor conversions. Mostly painted with Contrast Paint, except White, Gold and Silver.
  14. As I just recently did get a copy of Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire, but really didn't like nor wanted to paint Garreks Reavers … aaand as I like the Idea of Khorne worshipping Skaven, I just hat to convert the whole Band. The heads are all from Stormvermin, and replacing them was mostly pretty easy except for "Blooded Saek", the guy with the Axe over his head. Most of the swords are from the Sicarian Ruststalkers, as they are within most part of my army. Really looking forward to paint the big guys. And I'm curious, how they'll look within the army. Not sure, wether I play them as Garreks Reavers or just as Company Champions …
  15. Continuing with Age of Sigmar Skirmish, I wanted to try some more hard hitting Units. So I painted the first of my four Ratogres, of course in the same "troll slayer orange", white, gold and red Colour Scheme. His Name is Louiiss, Prince of the Sun. And I am pretty happy how well the Stormcast Shoulderpads fit. The second addition to the Marls revoluthing Army was a Warp Flamethrower Team …
  16. Girrik Readbeard - "secretly" Khorne worshipping Skaven Warband Leader
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