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  1. Amen to that, my main game is 2e/1e homebrew fantasy battle, pre army lists. For AoS I mainly make my own warscrolls for everything, that way the games are interesting based upon my collection, don't have to have purchased dictated by rules, etc.
  2. Check out screen shot of warscroll below. 1/6 chance of causing d3 mortal wounds to any model that charges within 3" of each individual grot in your warband (as each figure is a unit in skirmish).
  3. Thanks, that looks really useful. Will play with it tonight ?
  4. Of course I absolutely would. Why would I modify my behaviour for those who don't get it? Although as I have said previously, the reason I don't attend narrative (or any) events is my strong suspicion that I couldn't avoid these people.
  5. Agree here again, very much so. The background for the battle is the main determinant for me in which forces will take part. If the setting is atop a craggy and inaccessible mountaintop then I wouldn't take that Celestial Hurricanum. If it was in the middle of a swamp, then I likely wouldn't be taking cannon or a steamtank.
  6. I suspect this is because people who struggle to conceive of alternative ethos than playing the game by bringing a cheesy netlist and trying to table their opponent turn up without much care to the aim of the event and organisers opt to encourage participation in the right spirit without baking in restrictions to force people to tow the line. Again, listening to the Heelanhammer podcast this is exactly how I understand a large narrative event organisers post event analysis.
  7. You can TRY TO WIN without controlling all the environmental factors prior to the dice rolling starting. A real general rarely deploys his ideal force under ideal ground conditions. You may have two units of freeguild guard Vs 1500 points of Skaven with the narrative background of holding a vital pass... Just because the chance of victory is vanishingly small doesn't mean the player doesn't give it their best darn shot.
  8. Oh my, I'd be so happy if you slapped those down across from me, a joy to play against!! ? Do you have an IG account I could stalk your hobby on? ?
  9. I have to agree completely with the above post I'm afraid, OP. It's been nice to read some of the response posts though.
  10. Haha, I only have time for podcasts like Mortal Realms - which is comprised only of "empty talking" around lore, with no mention of game mechanics at all.
  11. Sounds great fun! I'd certainly be keen to hear recommendations for events vdrim you. But as I said, all *I've* seen has been unsuitable, and I have looked into it. E.g. I recall getting really excited by the description of an event being run by a chap guesting on the Heelanhammer podcast, the ethos seemed to totally match my preferences, but the feedback from the organiser seemed to be that most folks simply couldn't adapt and it was thinly veiled filth all the way lol.
  12. I am exclusively 100% a narrative gamer, but I wouldn't go to a narrative "event". As the OP has said, all I can see is bringing filth and the same competitive mindset.
  13. Actually it sounds like you'll have an easier time playing the RPG: roll20 means you can join players all over the world, anytime, for free! Hugely popular these days! ?
  14. This. Each to their own ofc, but I personally get irked by the fact that stupendous legendary heroes seem to tackle every two bit sheep rustling raid skirmish personally! 1500 points of scrawny freeguild enter a graveyard? Here comes Nagash!! A small band of orcs raid a village? Unleash the local peasantry's battery of cannon and warmachines. Just like the best fantasy novels, there is a skill to making the fantastical feel believable and "lived in".
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