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    As many of you are no doubt aware, Games Workshop has been taking player feedback increasingly seriously over the past few years. This seriousness was particularly evident last Autumn when GW began soliciting general feedback from the community on point values and balance in Age of Sigmar. In addition to this general effort, the design team contacted a group of people around the world in order to provide focused feedback that would then be used along with the general community feedback to help guide the team's decisions for GHB2019. I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity. Now that the GHB2019 points changes are generally public, I'd like to take some time to reflect on the experience. This is going to be a bit of a long post, so here is a summary of what I'll cover: My methods of analysis A summary of my recommendations My thoughts on the changes that were actually implemented ___________________ PART 1: Methods For those of you that are not already familiar with my contributions on this forum, I'm something of a numbers guy. While I certainly don't love math, I have found that a basic understanding of the mathematics underlying strategy games like AoS is absolutely fundamental to any kind of cogent analysis. I've done a lot of work trying to understand the nuts and bolts of Age of Sigmar, and I saw this area of expertise as my major opportunity to contribute to the GHB2019 project. There were plenty of seasoned gamers also providing feedback, and I felt confident that they would be able to provide plenty of gameplay-based nuance that I could support with my basic math. With this in mind, I set a very ambitious goal for myself: nothing short of a complete mathematical analysis of every warscroll in Age of Sigmar. I ended up having to pare back a bit on this, but I was proud to compile spreadsheets covering every faction with a "modern" battletome up to that point (so every faction from the first Sylvaneth tome up to that point) as well as every faction that showed up as either significantly over- or under-performing in the Honest Wargamer's faction ranking table. I provided a feedback document to the team with an analysis of each of these factions based on the fundamental math (focused on defensive and offensive efficiency ratings) and a concrete list of recommended points adjustments for each warscroll in these factions. PART 2: Recommendations In general, I recommended relatively conservative nerfs to over-performing warscrolls/factions and relatively aggressive buffs to under-performing warscrolls/factions. My rationale behind this was simple: the overall competitive metagame is actually reasonably healthy with quite a few armies performing well. At the time, DoK did stand out as a big outlier but even with it's gaudy win percentage it wasn't prevalent enough to create a truly toxic dynamic. People generally do not like it when their army gets nerfed, but in some cases nerfs are necessary both for external and internal balance. That said, I strongly believe that these nerfs should likely be modest as I do not think the gap between the top performers and the next tier is all that large, and furthermore the likelihood of the metagame diversifying as new tomes release is significant. In fact, that is exactly what we have seen happen. While DoK was the bogeyman at the time, we have since seen Skaven and FEC rise to the top of the heap. Furthermore, people generally like buffs. For that reason, I took a more buff-focused approach to my recommendations and suggested some pretty dramatic points changes, particularly for factions like Ironjawz, KO, and others with really dismal performance. I'm not going to go into exhaustive detail about exactly what suggestions I made, but suffice to say that when I learned about the team's decisions I found that they generally agreed with most of my nerf suggestions (although there were a couple of things that surprised me a little), but generally implemented much more conservative buffs than what I suggested. PART 3: Reactions At first, I was slightly disappointed by the list of changes. I thought there were a few misses on things that needed a small nerf, but more importantly that the points reductions to struggling factions wouldn't be nearly enough to make them competitive. In general, I stand by these beliefs and I think that the community largely agrees based on the reactions I have been seeing. That said, I have since come around to believe that the changes that were implemented were largely correct given the accelerated pace of new releases and general developments in the game over the past six months or so. I know that sounds like a bit of a contradiction -- that I stand by the belief that a lot of warscrolls were under-buffed, but that I think this decision was likely correct. Hopefully I can explain my reasoning, as I think that it's something that is very important for the community to consider when reacting to the GHB2019. When I was working on my spreadsheets, I spent a lot of time looking at warscrolls. It became immediately apparent to me that there is a pretty wide gulf between old warscrolls from the early stages of AOS and ones that have been updated or written more recently. Not only do more recent warscrolls tend to do more, they also seem to have different baseline expectations about what level of efficiency is expected. I did a lot of number crunching as far back as the original GHB, and while defensive efficiencies have largely stayed similar to what they were back then the same cannot be said for offense. Competitive levels of offensive efficiency are basically 1.5-2 times as high now as they were in 2016. I use a system that I call WDR to compare offensive efficiency regardless of the rend level of the damage that a warscroll does. Without getting into the nuts and bolts of it, a WDR value of .1 was really good in 2016. Only the absolute cream of the crop reached that level. A WDR of .07-.09 was enough to make a warscroll quite efficient on offense, whereas the more "defense only" warscrolls were typically in the .03-.05 range. Nowadays, most battletomes have units that are well above .1 WDR at baseline, and it's not uncommon to see WDRs of .15 to .2 in easily achievable situations. It's not uncommon for relatively defensively efficient warscrolls to have baseline WDRs in that .07-.09 range now. While these offensive changes have stayed relatively consistent for a while now, the last year or so has seen an incredible amount of design space open up. AOS 2.0 battletomes just have so much going on in them compared to even "modern" battletomes like the old Sylvaneth tome, Bonesplitterz and BCR. With new magic options opened up through endless spells, an expanding repertoire of out-of-sequence actions, and an increase in rules and abilities that interact with the table in some way (including both faction scenery and the Gloomspite bad moon mechanic), new battletomes just have an order of magnitude more depth than most of the old ones (not to mention factions that don't have battletomes at all!). It's rapidly becoming apparent that trying to balance old factions through points adjustments alone is just not a viable approach. I suggested some pretty aggressive points changes, and as I was making those suggestions I thought to myself that GW will likely not implement these changes because they simply don't make sense on a basic level even though the underlying math is sound. Even in the second half of 2018 it was apparent to me that some warscrolls were beyond fixing with points adjustments simply because any adjustments to make them competitive on offense would require making them absurdly cheap. Remember, when you change the points value on a warscroll you affect both the defensive and offensive efficiency at the same time. Suffice to say, finding the sweet spot that would allow these warscrolls to be competitive in the environment of late 2018 would be incredibly difficult, and in many cases it would require pointing warscrolls at a level that does not at all make sense for what that warscroll is supposed to represent. You'd see a clear difference where recent models would be pointed at a certain level, and then old models would look like they were pointed on a completely different scale. From a mathematical perspective this makes some sense in that these older warscrolls were designed on something of a different scale. But from the perspective of the game world, it really doesn't make sense. This problem would only be further exacerbated in 2019 where more of the power of top tier armies is coming from their battletome rules rather than the warscrolls themselves. Fortunately, Games Workshop has shown a remarkable dedication to updating old factions as quickly as possible. Some of these tomes are effectively expansions (such as Gloomspite) while others are simply updates (FEC, Skaven). Both strategies have clearly demonstrated viability for bringing an older army back into relevance. If GW keeps up with its current pace, every struggling faction could be updated within a year or two at most. So why not give these factions some aggressive buffs to get them back in the game while they wait for a tome? To me, that was the key question. There is a clear answer though: whiplash. Let's say GW is planning on updating an army within the next year. In order to make that army relevant in 2019, the points on many warscrolls might need to be cut by 25-50%. People will be stoked to play that faction. Now everything is way cheaper and actually decent! Of course, you'll need to buy a lot more models to fill out your army list now. Skip ahead a year, and now the battletome is dropping along with updated warscrolls and a suite of powerful new abilities. Suddenly the whole army needs to be dramatically re-pointed again, only this time the point values are going to be going way, way up. Suddenly all of those models that you just bought can't be put on the table at the same time anymore. Yes, you have access to a lot of new abilities but now your 2k army is a 3k army and you need to make drastic cuts. If that happened, players would be LIVID. And justifiably so. People love to complain about power creep and suggest that GW is intentionally making new things overpowered in order to sell more kits. "Of course they don't buff old things! They want the new things to be great so people will buy them!" It's certainly possible that there is some truth to this, but people forget that GW can just as easily push sales by buffing old kits as they can by making new ones. Every time an update tome comes out, GW has difficulty keeping popular older kits in stock. Clearly buffs drive sales of old kits just as much as they do new ones -- and old kits don't have the same added development costs that new ones do. If GW was just pushing profit, wouldn't they be more incentivized to make existing kits OP to move their already extant inventory without incurring new costs? That's pretty much exactly what would happen if GW made aggressive point changes to old warscrolls in the months preceding a battletome update. They'd sell a bunch of models, but players would rightly be furious at what would amount to a pump-and-dump strategy. So in retrospect, I think GW had two possible strategies for making the old armies viable in the game. They could create a two tiered pointing system with new armies having lots of bells and whistles but a much higher points cost per model and old armies having great efficiency but few interesting abilities, or they could commit to updating the old armies as quickly as possible with new rulesets that would bring them up to speed. I very firmly believe that the second option is a lot more work for GW, but it's a lot better for the game. I am glad that this is the strategy they seem to have chosen, even though it does mean that old factions need to wait a bit longer than the GHB2019 to get up to speed. Hopefully that explains why I ultimately agree with the choices GW made in the GHB2019 point values despite the fact that I still think that the buff recommendations that I initially made are still "correct"! The other major concern that I see a lot is that these yearly points updates are not enough. I do agree with this criticism, which is why I was very pleased to see that GW will be issuing a supplementary points update in July to cover more recent battletomes. I think this sets a very good precedent for the future. Hopefully we will see these supplementary updates once or twice a year in addition to the GHB. Overall, my participation in this process has left me with quite a bit of confidence that GW in on the right track. EDIT: I just want to add a note as I think some people might be getting a slightly incorrect idea: I am not an employee of GW or a member of the development/design team. I was selected to provide focused feedback, and I can only speak to my own thoughts and experiences. What I post does not necessarily reflect the views of the development/design team or GW as a whole. SECOND EDIT: I would really appreciate it if people refrained from using this thread to discuss why this or that unit is pointed incorrectly or why the GHB is terrible etc. etc. There is already a thread for GHB2019 thoughts and feedback. If you'd like to respond to my arguments specifically I'm absolutely happy for that, even if you disagree with me.
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    So last saturday about 5 in the afternoon I did it I finally reached a fully painted 2000pt army. I gotta say this was a personal goal I have been wanting to do ever since I was a teenager and now 15-20 years later I finally did it. Specially during my teen years but also as an adult have I started painting at least 10 different armies, but until now I have never completed one not even close. So to be honest I kinda expected a crowd giving me a standing ovation, maybe a small brassband playing: ‘we are the champions’ while someone important held a speach for me but non of that happend. Though my wife to be gave me a: “oh thats nice”, when I ran screaming with my t-shirt over my head and victory signs in the air in circles in our livingroom celebrating like some famous athtlete who just won the superbowlchampionsleaguesomethingsomething. Anyway so while I wait for Nike to contact me on some sponsor deals I thought it would be fun to hear from those of you who like me are grown ups with kids/jobs/lives that allows for very little time to paint, how long does it take you to paint an army, how do you fight the evergrowing feeling of hopelessness when batchpainting large units? Whats the fastest you have painting for a descent result? and serioulsly Nike Ive already got the slogan for you. ’You can paint it’ TM. 😉
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    Hello everybody, Big day for me today because I have decided to post my starting army on this forum after looking all of yours for long time. I hope you will like my work, I saw fantastic miniatures on this forum and I hope mine will be at the level. Please forgive my english, it's not my native language My army took place in the city of Azhya, Realm of Ghyran, the idea was to make some stormcasts mutated by the magic winds of the realm of life after their numerous resurrections, I'm still WIP on some miniatures and this is just the start. Here they are : And a group picture with bases remaded for my branchwych and my champion : Hope you will like them !! Bye for now ! I will be bacq
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    Who are you @Rogue Sun and were you actually at my event? You say "not to create controversy", but you know that is exactly what you are doing and you need to stop it. There is absolutely zero controversy here and these type of posts really wind me up. I'm not sure whether I'd be more or less annoyed to learn you were at the event or not. If you were at the event, then you will have been part of the fantastic atmosphere with 94 players enjoying some fun games of Warhammer. It was one of the most relaxed events I've ever been at (TOing or playing) with zero issues whatsoever. So this being the case, I'm not sure why you'd feel the need to raise this after the fact rather than just coming up and talking to me during the event. On the flipside, you weren't at the event and you just want to stir the pot whilst sitting being some internet pseudonym. If this is the case, then I really don't understand your agenda here and your posts have zero value in my opinion. As others have mentioned Ben always likes to create fantastic custom terrain for his armies and brings this along to events with a gaming mat. Whilst he has shown this weekend that he is a top player, he is also a great hobbyist and clearly gets a buzz out of great looking games of Warhammer. BLACKOUT was held at Firestorm Games, who provided terrain for all tables, so attendants were not required to do so. However, Ben asked his opponents if they minded him using his mat and terrain before each game. As per @Carrion King's response (and thank you James for that response - well done again for your performance on the weekend), most of Ben's opponents were more than happy with this arrangement as it made for the best looking table each round (a lot of the Firestorm terrain is still very much WFB over AoS). ...however, one of Ben's opponents stated he would rather use the terrain on the table they were drawn on, which was of course completely within his right to do. So that game was played on the provided terrain and Ben still tabled his opponent whilst giving away 0 kill points (we are talking about a very good player as his opponent here as well!). During this particular round, Aaron Bailey (@Forestreveries), who swept up painting awards with a pirate themed Legion of Night, was able to play on a table with all Ben's terrain and it looked fantastic. There is absolutely zero negative in any of this and I really don't understand the mentality of trying to find one. Ben won 5 major victories, tabled all his opponents with 10k+ kill points, gave away 0 kill points vs two very good players, got a Best Army nomination and 2/5 Best Opponent votes. He was an all rounder and the clear Champion. End of. I will collate a PDF of all 94 lists either tonight or tomorrow. I'll share the link in this thread when it's up. Chris
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    Howdy folks, Thanks for the invite. I believe someone mentioned this in the Rumour Thread but I'll repost for visibility. My name is Emmet Bryne, I'm a producer with Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Some of you might know us already as last year we released Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition. We also make the The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth RPGs for the Lord of the Rings, as well as the Doctor Who RPG. More importantly, we are currently in development on the Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game. In the coming weeks we'll have some big news to share about the Age of Sigmar RPG, so if you'd like to keep up to date you can head over to our Facebook page at the link below. I'm also on twitter where you'll find some of my wandering thoughts as I help write and develop the game. And lastly, there is Warhammer Fantasy RPG Discord, and they have been kind enough to create the "aosrpg" room for us in there. Thanks folks. Any questions, pop them below, but just be warned that there's only so much I can answer right now. All the best - Emmet C7 Facebook C7 Twitter My Twitter Ratcatchers Discord PS: I realise this is sort of a "news about upcoming news" post, but I wanted to start engaging with all of you fine folk sooner rather than later. We're starting to build the community around the Age of Sigmar RPG and I'm keen to get everyone's thoughts while we're still deep in development. Thanks all
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    Community: Slaanesh is dead Gw: haha nope! Community: Fiends suck! Gw: Here you go!! Awesome Models great rules! Community: Herald suck! Gw: Here you go. Infernal Enrapturres The best looking Herald ever. Com: Plastic keeper! The model suck! GW: Yes Sir! Com: Bleh every other god have na named greater demon. GW: Fluff, model, and A giant spear of penetration Sir! Com: Stuff!!!!!! GW: Yes Sir!!!!!!! Daemon prince, masque, mirror twins. Com: Tournaments! Rules! balance!! GW: Spells and terrain for you Sir! Com: sooooo do we have mortals? GW: but...... Com: this realese suck! Army is unpleable... where are my Tomb Knights.... make damage control post!! People like this realese is 80% of all of the 2018 wish listing. And its awesome.
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    I guess it is an american thing to spell Colour, Color
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    Looks like Sylvaneth will be getting some new minis. I am pretty sure this solves two rumour engine pictures. Here are the rumour engine pics for comparison. It makes you wonder what other new kits might be in the box.
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    Hi to everyone! I joined this forum like 2 years ago and never post anything(), so i'd say it's finally time now lol! I always been a big elves fan, specifically wood elf, and they were my first warhammer fantasy army/love, so the sylvaneth were the obvious and right choice for my first aos models. Here are the photos of the tree-revenants i made one year ago, hope you like them(of course any tips/comment is very welcome!). Now i'm working on some dryads, in the next few day i'll post it (still wip); in this topic i will post any progress i'll make! ps: sorry for any error in my english, i'm italian and not so used to it, 🤐
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    So yeah.. my guess is that probably very few people will see these images. However as promissed back in march here is the finished army. At the moment it has reached 2880pt about to be 3100pt once I finish my Harbingers. Next up is Kurdoss, a Coven Throne, a Cairn Wraith and at some point a Knight of Shroud on a steed.
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    Holographic map I guess. In fact, isn't that Warhammer World?? Edit: Yes it is haha
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    Probably when @Thomas Lyons stops playing them - or at least stops being vocal about wanting stuff for them. Let's take a look at things that Tom publicly likes: Kharadron Overlords - myriad issues (no reason to restate them) that makes the current army a bit of a mess Moonclan - Tom sold the army he had and then GW immediately gave them a full revamp with the Gloomspite book. I extend a very heartfelt Thank You to Tom for disassociating himself with this army so that we could have this glorious book. Spiderfang - Gloomspite was a huge grots overhaul, but for the most part Spiderfang was ignored and got some basic quality of life improvements. Still considered by most to not really be competitive (hope someone proves everyone wrong). Why could you have not sold off all of these models as well Tom? Imagine what we could have now if you had done so... Fyreslayers - new book gave them nice modern rules, but absolutely nothing new for the range aside from terrain + endless spells Duardin - radio silence Daughters of Khaine - a good strong book, but Tom did not play them until after they released. They will probably be beaten flat by the nerf bat in the new GHB, not because they are too powerful but simply because Tom finished painting them. Swifthawk Agents - 😂... Warhammer Legends bound just because of how much Island of Blood models he bought. The moral of the story is to not pick an army Tom likes. He is the reason you can't have nice things. The best strategy for purchasing a new army is to send him a PM and ask him his honest opinion of an army and then to go with the ones he actively dislikes. Ignore this advice at your own peril!
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    My gaming room is done. All miniatures moved in there. There is even a little space left for more...
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    Morning everyone. Ive spoken with NDABreaker and unfortunately it’s someone having his own little fun and wishlisting. I’m going to clear this up into its own thread. EDIT: I posted this before reading the thread. So let me be clear. I meassaged the poster and before he got back to me he came here to say he was being silenced. I then explained that the site software can track the devices used to make posts, showing 2 accounts posting from the same phone and his tune changed I know who the poster is but I’m not going to share his name so let’s leave it as that for the record, I love rumours, I also love wishlists but let’s not confuse the two
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    !!!! . . . Wait a minute.... Uh oh
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    These seem to be some kind of altered high elf runes RUNES What I could make out: Right to left: Garvir, Darkness, Gloom (mirrored) Horothoi, youth, Boundless Energy (makes sense due to the Penumbral Engine) Lacoi (as mentioned before), Might, Glory, Fear of Death Dassoir, Scrying, Sight, Forbidden Knowledge --- Or --- Lecai, Light Mobility of the Soul (this one is pure speculation) maybe Oriour, blood, birth the first one: Hard guess, this might be Tavlu, Mark of Hoeth, Misery In the right order (with a little interpretaion): Misery, Birth (Blood), forbidden knowledge, Fear of Death, Boundless Energy, Darkness Sound a little like the Nagashs story XD
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    Lol Gamers : we want stuff! Gw: here's stuff! Gamers : we hate it! GW: YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN IT YET Gamers: ... Gamers : we want stuff!
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    And finally here are some pics on the day! Don't have a proper set up yet for taking nice photos of something so big. Really pleased with this as my first piece of terrain.
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    Gencon Force done! Armylist for Gencon: Heroes: Celestant Prime Lord Relictor Knight Incantor Vandus Hammerhand Gavriella Sureheart Battleline: 5 Liberators 5 Liberators 5 Judicators Other Units: 5 Decimators 5 Protectors Endless Spells: Prismatic Palisade Everblaze Comet Thanks again for all your support. Super stoked to put this army on the board and lose with pride.
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    Hey there, Iam going to start this thread posting my progress on painting and building an dark wood elf army and some other minis just to learn or variety. While being in the hobby for about 4 years iam more the painter than player and realy like the artistic part of it. So for my "project", it will be longterm due to not having that much time and the time i spent converting and painting single miniatutes. So i start the thread with the first finished mini and one which is ready to prime. Hang on. Wildhunter and an pathfinder The next pictures will be the bday present to my gf. One of the first more showcase models i painted. Dave
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    none, which isn't an option on your survey
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    Part of it is the fragmented nature of rumours and which bits of the process people have seen and when they know about it. GW switched about a year from little additions to ranges to renewing ranges, which means the pipeline behind that switched about 3-4 years ago. Rumours get spawned from concept art, not all of which is used, and there can be big differences between the art and the finished minis, test sculpts and prints (again not all of which are used, and I was expecting the Eldar Spirit Seer to come out ages ago, but the model got forgotten about when studio guys got moved around and it sat on someone's desk for 3 years) or when it finally gets to the design studio and they have to work out what the hell to do with the pile of models they've just been given, and then comes playtesting, box art, manufacturing, etc. Leaks trickle out from various points and get mixed in with channers making stuff up to wind people up. And then you get a bunch of chinese whispers or potato cam shots. I heard some squats rumours a couple of years before Kharadron Overlords, and discounted them because a) Squats and b) people keep seeing unreleased/limited release stuff from 2nd ed in peoples collections and getting excited. I got told about baby stealers being a big deal in the new GSC, but it turns out it's just a bunch of character models getting little buddies and there was a lot of chatter because genestealer familiars are as popular with the sculptors as Nurglings are. Similarly GW have only shown 25% ish of the new Chaos stuff and Blackstone was a soft preview of the range. Warcry I've known as Killteam but Aos since autumn last year, but I've not known the details regarding it as a) I'm not interested in AoS much, though 2.0 softened me a bit and I've played a bunch of Underworlds and think it's one of the best designed GW games in years and b) I was far more interested in the stuff coming out for KT and 40k. And 40k is going to hit us like a train this year. However Darkoath (which will include the StD range) has peaked my interest, as sixpack barbarians done with modern sculpting hit's the spot for me as an old fantasy player. I will definitely be getting into AoS Killteam. I was expecting Warcry at the back end of this year, and the LVO announcement to feature more of the Chaos stuff or maybe hints from the big 40k summer releases, but it's possible it's coming sooner. I've been told the leak seen is pretty much correct. Watching the trailer though you can pretty much educated guess half the background detail, and Stormcast vs Chaos is also a pretty easy guess from there. I know the Kill Team studio guys were pushing hard to get new minis assigned to them (and used the slow sales on the faction starters and commander sets to say that they needed something new) and now they've got the new format we've seen in the latest release of a more aggressively priced product with new models and more material (twice the missions per set for example). I had hoped they'd follow the new coke formula with Warcry, and will be disappointed if they don't. And Kill Team: Inquisition around Easter (though with White Dwarf losing the new release section the schedule is even more malleable now). Wade was incredibly pissed I a) knew about it and b) had mentioned it in public but to be honest I completely lose track of what Community have talked about, as I was sure they'd shown a bunch of stuff they haven't and I'm being a bit more circumspect now. But this month and next month features the last two Underworlds boxes for this season, Vigilus 2, a range refresh for Chaos in 40k with a giant pile of kits, Primaris Wave 2, one or two more AoS battletomes, possibly another Kill Team wave and then KT:Inquisition at the back with some Specialist stuff sprinkled in as well and that's just the next 6-8 weeks. There's a lot of 40k this year, a lot, and the release schedule is not slowing down with at least one big £95 ish box a month every month for one system or other, constantly slamming into our wallets.
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    I also considered to buy those, but I didn't like them as they are too small compared to their price and how much storage they provide for miniatures. So I bought Ikea Billy racks with glass doors and installed LEDs in them. They are much better for the purpose as they provide about double the space each compared to the floor space required. Of course they were much more expensive, but who cares when you look at all the miniatures?
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    rumour engine for darkoath witch/shaman
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    And therefore bad.
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    Finally! My patience has paid off, my dad’s dad who works at GW sent me this.
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    Honestly I find the ‘outrage’, if genuine, depressing, embarrassing and hilarious in equal measure. I just wish people would put as much effort into being angry about ****** that actually matters than this constant dull obsession many people into this game (and indeed across nearly all facets of, for want of a better term, ‘nerd culture’) of being helpless victims constantly being ‘disrepected’, ‘slapped in the face’ or other hyperbolic statements of anguish. Right now as I see it it’s just a couple of lines in a book to add in some colour to the world at large and if anything probably just meant as a nice Easter egg for those who get the reference, not realising it would be taken as a mortal insult. Who knows maybe down the line it could lead to a model or two (there’s been at least 1 or 2 times I’ve seen throw away lines in BL books foreshadow, intentionally or not, new models). And there is that mysterious figure in the Warcry art that could lean in to this but who knows so maybe they will bring a range out that reflects that and it will no doubt be greeted with more wailing and gnashing.
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    Over the past holiday I finished the Slaangors! It was so much fun to work on them. Somehow tha first one I made is still my favorite. I'd love to hear what you think of them. Picture time:
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    This feels like the very definition of jumping the gun...
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    I have done some detective work using the power of computerized technology! As we can see there are blurry shapes. Now, if we enhance.. Oh yes! A clear shape of some snake-like creature, perhaps a centipede, or some kind of.. Wait! No! Get out of here! Wrong book! Wrong book!
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    Hey TGA people! I wanted to let you all know of a big project two friends and I have been working on for a while now- a new gaming venue in central London called Bad Moon Cafe. Situated on Great Dover Street- 6 minutes from Borough and 10 minutes from London Bridge, we wanted to make it the best place to play Warhammer in London. Our priority was the tables- we've had 15 custom gaming tables made, with a dice tray, bag storage and space for books and armies either side, with a lip around the mat and fully painted and matching terrain for each table. There's 5ft of space between each table row, guaranteeing enough space to move around or sit down. Have a look at a render of the table and photos of the terrain setup we've made: We really want to build a community around the store. We'll be organising monthly one-day tournaments for Age of Sigmar and 40k as well as larger annual 2-day tournaments. We want the monthly tournaments to be friendly and enjoyable first and foremost, and the annual tournaments to be as fair and balanced as we can be (I'm an avid listener to @JustPlay-Ritchie and @ianob's excellent Just Playing podcast so will endeavor to follow their example of tournament organising!). We're opening on the 15th and all weekend we're having some special offers on our stock and food! I'll be sharing some photos of the venue itself soon- just finishing up on site for a couple more days! In the meantime, here's another CG render of the space as it will look: Please come down and find me! (I'll be playing Nurgle or standing around in a staff shirt!) Hugh at Bad Moon Cafe
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    For a game where apparently normal people openly discuss the damage output of their little models to several decimal places, as if that was a normal thing to do, people are just straight up embarrassing themselves with these garbage, unscientific, rankings. Let's be a little less basic please. Anyway I propose... Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tier: Daughters of Khaine Skyfather Tier: Flesh Eater Courts Demi-god Tier: Legions of Nagash AAA Tier: Skaven AA Tier: Fyreslayers BDSM Tier: Hedonites of Slaanesh The Seventh Wave: Idoneth Deepkin Magic 8 Ball Tier: Maggotkin of Nurgle Stop! Hammer Tier: Stormcast Eternal Branchline Tier: Sylvaneth A Tier: Blades of Khorne B Tier: Disciples of Tzeentch B.1 Tier: Gloomspite Gitz B.2 Tier: Beasts of Chaos Obsidian Tier: Seraphon Tiers for Fears: Nighthaunt Oh look at me I'm really different Tier: Legion of Azgorh C Tier: Bonesplitterz Chris Tomlin Tier: Phoenix Temple π Tier: Gutbusters Salty Privatier: Scourge Privateers I'm Only Here for the Beer Tier: Ironjawz Tiers of a Clown: Kharadron Overlords Refusing to buy new models Tier: Free People 2 Start Collecting sets and I'm done Tier: Beastclaw Raiders Z Tier: Wanderers Trash Panda Tier: Darkling Covens BrexiTier: Slaves to Darkness I now have kids older than I was when I started playing this game Tier: Fimir American Healthcare Tier: Dispossesed Stop It, Get Some Help Tier: Aelves Dead never ever coming back, please get over it Tier: Bretonnians & Tomb Kings
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    I've heard a rumor that people will be upset about point changes no matter what they are.
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    Hi all, just want to share this concept and work in progress I've been working on. I always loved the moonclan and regular orruks but think they were lacking a bit for AoS with the ironjawz. I set about creating the theme for an armoured Moonclan who scrapped together bits and bobs, I'll flesh out the lore and backstory eventually once I get more of this done. A very slow WIP of the first grot in his fully armoured form, still rocking the classic hood, stabba and shield. Looking to expand this into a full force, maybe some armoured squigs who knows, no limits with the greenskins. Still refining the paint but it's a good base. Happy for any C&C to be thrown my way too. Will be updating as the project moves forward.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that some days this thread is a lot similar to the movie: Groundshog day? The tread goes: GW: Next hype train will be leaving in a few days. us: “whoo who this will be totally awesome! It’s guarranteed to be _________, I’ve felt it in my soul for months and even my fortune cookie told me that ______ will get a new updated________”. AFTER THE EVENT Us: “I am so dissapointed I feel like selling my 1000000pt army just to stick it to GW. GW hates me and they will never update my army just to anoy me”. Also Us: “Now there calm down sonnyboy. Back when I was a wee lad they only realeased a single new mini on the first morming of christmas every year. You kids don’t know how to appreciate what you have”. Us again: “please everyone this thread is about rumors! Not wishes, wants or tips on how to feed your cat”. Us also: “But there are no rumors and hoping for tinkerbell to update my army is also kind of a rumor.. kinda..”. Then some would be funny guy writes something like this and gets a time out by the moderators. GW: uh everyone next hype train will arriwe in a few weeks. Us: woooohooo THIS will be totally aweso....
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    The spiders are finally done.
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    *Citation needed - Complaining by a vocal minority on message boards doesn't count.
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    Hello, Following my acquisition of Soul wars, I'm now working on painting my first army for AoS with the nighthaunt. I just love the model and the final test model being done, it's time to show him! Here is the spirit torment, such a cool model, I just pinned him to a piece of wood on the base to limit the woobling effect ? I wanted something a bit different for the colour scheme, hope you like him! I'm already working on completing 10 chainrasp to follow up! Cheers, Anamnesis
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    I completely understand and sympathize with your struggle (so to speak) with this. I, too, have had to tackle the issue. I solved it by giving in. I just buy it all, secure in the knowledge that as long as I have miniatures that remain unpainted, I cannot die. I am immortal.
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    I say this as an Ork/Orruk player of about 25 years or so... Orc players who scream "WAAAGH!" at the top of their lungs, or loudly speak in Orky accents while gaming. I applaud the enthusiasm, but maybe try and figure out how to behave in a social setting - even one that involves pushing little plastic men around
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    Moonclan, New terrain, darkoath/beast-men sorry slaanesh you’ll have to wait till 2019....
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    Hello there! EDITED FOR A FULL ARMY PHOTO (original post below ;)): Some time ago I decided to build a pretty unique force, with no model left unconverted and, in many cases, pretty much scratchbuilt from whatever bits were fitting. Army fluff is, in short, that they are descendands of Azyrite Aelf force isolated in realm of beasts for generations, changed by their surroundings, harsh life and lack of any support. Now they're less cultured, more savage and brutal than their ancestors and make their life hunting monsters that are the one thing they have in abundance, adorning themsleves with their hides and other trophies. Still, they guard their fortress, as ordered hundered of years ago and await the return of Sigmar and his warriors to serve once again, holding violent thunderstorms of their land in reverence and taming those creatures they view as noble and connected to the thunder god. And some close ups: Spireguard Reavers (on properly monstrous horses, thanks be to weird dark steed design ;)) Shadow Warriors More to come soon ; )
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    Skaventide Warscroll Changes All Clans Covered Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Presented here for you, by popular demand, is a total recap of the changed to all the Skaven scrolls laid out by Games Workshop. To the regular readers you will notice the Pestilens scrolls are in here despite already having been covered in a separate article. This is so anyone seeking a total guide doesn’t have to jump between the two. If you’re Pestilens supremacist or an enterprising Nurgle Maggotkin player perusing new options, go check out the separate article if you like. Now on to the meat of things. Masterclan Seeing a few significant changes to the head honchos, and most if not all of them good. Let’s get stuck in with the rulers of the Rat-Race. Grey Seer – increased to 120pts from 100 · Unique spell replaced with Wither, a powerful short range debuff. · Warpstone mechanic reworked to be more risk/reward. · Can cast 2 spells now. · Command ability has been removed. Finally the Grey Seer actually behaves like the erratic uber-caster he is meant to be. 2 spells is a great buff considering the Lore specifically for Grey Seers and the Warpstone mechanic is neat and thematic. Screaming Bell – Remained at 200pts · Confers battleshock immunity to nearby units. · Can’t move without being pushed now. · Same 2 spell buff as the Grey Seer on foot. · Peal of Doom reworked slightly. · Cracks Call range shortened. · Now has a 5+ ward save I was sold from the first point and this thing just gets better as you go down. Everything about the bell is neat and it’s thematic and most importantly, powerful. Verminlord Warpseer – Remained at 260pts · Doom Glaive damage is d3 instead of 3 but attacks 6 times instead of 4. · Now has a 5+ ward save. · Has the ability to accrue extra Command Points. · Command Ability now confers Battleshock Immunity. · Unique spell does d6 damage to target, rather than d3 or 3 to a flyer. · Received the new Verminlord bravery debuff effect. Another big winner, the Warpseer will find himself in a similar position to the Fungoid Cave Shaman, a powerful utility character that can farm command points and therefore get allied to everything that can take him ideally. Lord Skreech Vermining – Remained at 300pts · Same Doom Glaive change as Warpseer. · Thirteen Headed One mechanic reworked so all options are viable. · Now can cast 2 spells instead of one. · Verminlord bravery debuff effect added. · Thirteenth Dreaded Spell unchanged. My favorite Skaven character, Verminking received only a handful of changes specific to himself but they’re highly impactful. His access to 2 spells instead of 1 works well with his Knowledge of the Arcane rule to let him really lay the magical pain. Otherwise Skreech remains a reasonable option for Mixed Skaven, and a bit outclassed by the Warpseer for ally potential. Thanquol and Boneripper – Remained at 400pts · Warpflame mechanic changed to anti-horde focus. · Can mix and match whichever weapon options he wants per arm. · Command ability changed. · Received the Monster keyword. · Unique spell changed to anti-hero spell. · Arkhan the Black level casting buff from Staff of the Horned Rat. The cockroach of the Skaven clans, no amount of stepping on this little monster will ever keep him down. Thanquol emerges in the new book as one of the strongest named characters in the game with a swathe of devastating abilities that keep him strong in all phases of the game. Looking good, Prophet of the Horned One. Masterclan Verdict The Masterclan are looking fantastic after their changes. Im definitely convinced these guys are the undisputed masters of Blight City. There are two big Skaven players in NZ, myself and Mr Mitch Harty (twitter handle is bitch_party), and he’s always been a Thanquol man while I’ve been an adherent of Skreech Verminking. We both came out well from this but Mitch is definitely laughing his way to the bank. The Clans Verminus The soldiery of the rat clans, Verminus bring cheap chaff infantry and heavy hitting elites supported by small affordable leaders and the dread Verminlord Warbringer. Let’s dig in. Verminlord Warbringer – Decreased from 280pts to 260pts · Standard Doom Glaive change. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · 5+ ward save added. · Punch Dagger has the chance to massively increase damage on a 6 to wound. · Receives combat bonuses for nearby rats rather than for charging. · Command ability is now wholly within. · Can now cast 2 spells. · Death Frenzy spell upgraded to target d3 units instead of just one. This guy saunters in and single-handedly makes Verminus Allegiance viable. We don’t even have the full picture and I can safely, SAFELY say this is a thing and this guy will lead it. Fantastic changes across the board that turn this lad from a brutal close combat sledgehammer to a powerful leader and support character… and a brutal close combat sledgehammer. Clawlord – Remains at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Warlord) · Scurry Away mechanic replaces original retreat after fighting ability. · May only take the Warpforged weapon option now. · Command ability unchanged. Losing the other weapon options isn’t exactly a big deal as no one ran them anyway. Scurry Away isn’t as good as the old ability where he would fight then have a chance to run immediately after, but at least Scurry Away isn’t on a dice roll. In Verminus armies this guy can take a command trait along with every other Clawlord, so that should be quite interesting. Clanrats – Remains at 120/200pts · No longer receives combat buffs for being a large unit. · Shields now work against any damage rather than turning off against damage higher than 1. Changes to these guys are more in the Allegiance Abilities for the army than on their scroll. They still retreat and charge which is all anyone ever wanted from them anyway. Stay golden pony boy. Stormvermin – Remains at 140/500pts · Exact same shield change as Clanrats. · No longer get buffs for outnumbering their opponents. The changes to these are more in line with the fact that they are receiving so much else from the rest of the army with battleshock immunity, buffs to hit and wound and rerolls being thrown around hard and fast. Stormvermin are an expensive unit that require support to be good, but when they are supported there won’t be much this deadly utility unit can’t do. Clan Verminus Verdict A solid, well rounded series of warscrolls that are now believable as their own real, tactical force rather than just that time I took 1600pts of Clanrats and Warlords with 2 Screaming Bells allied to cheese a local store event. I look forward to seeing people crying on twitter as they realize how much detail their 89th Stormvermin actually has on the model. The Clans Pestilens My once and future army. My hard-cover Pestilens battletome was bought a week after their release, and it’s no secret my desire to play and win the army borders on the fanatical and unhealthy. I’ve annoyed many a person with constant deranged rants about why its fair the Plague Monk warscroll has more words than the Old Testament and I feel not just qualified but entitled to review and break down this section of the clans. Verminlord Corruptor – Increased to 260pts from 220pts · Unique Spell changed so that it does more damage, but no longer spreads. · Plaguereapers don’t reroll all their hits anymore but inflict mortal wounds on unmodified 6s to hit. · Plaguemaster now does AoE mortals around the Verminlord rather than tick off creatures that have already been hurt by it. · Received a 5+ ward save. · Received a passive bravery debuff to nearby enemies. · Command ability now grants rerolls rather than additional attacks. Big Cheese himself came out looking pretty good. Can’t help but feel that Plaguereaper change will have an FAQ saying he can’t take the Sword of Judgement on top of that ability so goodbye to that. His prior weaknesses (no rend, terrible survivability) have been fixed, and his strengths (two casts, high attack volume) made it through unscathed. Good changes, though I will miss his old unique spell even if it wasn’t exactly good. Plague Furnace – Remained at 180pts · Altar of the Horned Rat now just makes anything wholly within 13 inches ignore Battleshock. · The wrecking ball does far more damage but is a single target instead of AoE now. · The Plague Monk crew actually have attacks now. · It has the same ward save as the Verminlord Corruptor. · It has keywords that prevent it from receiving Look Out Sir now. Good lord GW the Plague Furnace didn’t actually need to be stronger. Yeah it can’t benefit from look out sir anymore, but they give it mini Crown of Conquest and a ward save? Like what? This thing only got better. Thank the Horned Rat I have 4. Plague Priest (Both Variants) – Remained at 80pts · Tumbled into one warscroll. · Gained the attack profiles of both original priests. · The Plague Tome once per game activation is gone. · Pestilent Prayers are all reworked (addressed at the bottom of the post) This was always going to happen. Plague Tome + Wither was one of the strongest combos in the Chaos grand alliance, and people were starting to wake up to it. A shame that they had to change him, but it makes sense why they did. A small price to pay for the rest of the changes, as Iskandar Khayon said in Black Legion, a sacrifice is only a sacrifice if it diminishes the giver. Plague Monks – Remained at 70/240pts · All once per game effects removed from command options. · Improved Rend on 6s and rats doing damage when they die left untouched. · Banner now causes 6s to wound to do double damage. · Doom Gong now boosts running and charge rolls. · Rerolls for two swords is still here, as is +1 attack for charging. The meat and bones of the army. This one was always going to get changed due to it being a troop unit with more rules than Kairos Fateweaver. But the changes are for the good… or so it seems. All the changes are really strong and benefit the unit. HOWEVER the warscroll specifies 1 in 20 for it’s command options, which likely means the minimum unit size has been upped to 20. Squashes a few of my tactics and will mean some changes. I will however roll with these changes and no doubt actually be better off with them (ideally). Plague Censer Bearers – Remained at 60pts · Aura of damage effect is slightly better. · They receive bonuses for being near monks at a slightly larger range now. I expected nothing and wasn’t disappointed. I was terrified these guys would be the recipient of random buffing that meant I would need to convert another 20 ****** Stormvermin into these, thanks for actually having my back there GW. Plagueclaw Catapult – Remains at 160pts · Receives artillery bonuses if there is 10 or more models in the unit, instead of more than 10. · Does a bravery debuff to victims. I was afraid this thing would get worse not because I use it (I have 3 fully panted to a high standard and they sit in a drawer somewhere) but because I’ve already ragged on it so hard, I wasn’t sure how I would somehow step that up. Pleased to say… that won’t be necessary. It’s slightly better. Changes to Pestilent Prayers and Noxious Prayers The original prayers on the warscrolls of the Plague Priest and Plague Furnace are now gone. They’ve been replaced with new effects that are fundamentally different with bizarre names. · Disease-Disease! (Formerly Wither): So instead of making it easier to wound the victim ala Wither, this is ow the Gaunt Summoner unique spell on a 6. Boo hiss. · Pestilence-Pestilence! (Formerly Plague Breath): It’s the same as before but the bubble is 3” not 2”. It also doesn’t affect Pestilens units, rather than Nurgle units. Neat. · Filth-Filth (Formerly Bless with Filth): Thank Christ it’s still the same. No changes here, and what a boon that is. · Rabid-Rabid! (Formerly Rabid Fever): Add 1 to the attacks of something nearby. So this is where they shoved the Verminlord command ability. I’ll forever miss the old one of this, my monks fighting after death is a MASSIVE part of my army’s reputation in NZ due to me taking 2 Furnaces and making sure it was always active. Pouring one out for you my lad. Clan Pestilens Verdict With widespread buffs to everything in the army and very few points increases, none of which could be called unjustified, Clan Pestilens is shaping up as the big winner of the clans so far. Saddle up lads, I will be your captain for this journey and the destination is, indeed, the podium. The Clans Skryre Blegh, really wanted to not do this one because of the sheer amount of reading and writing involved. I’ll save you some reading if you’re just here for Stormfiends: Yes, they got nerfed and no, nobody has any sympathy. Arch Warlock – Increased to 160pts from 140pts · Warpflame Gauntlet hits on a 2+ rather than being auto hit. · Can increase the damage of his melee weapon and spell at a risk. This could have gone a lot worse for Skryre players given the popularity of this lad. He’s still an excellent caster and his ability to take risk death to churn more damage is purely optional so really he plays the same as he did before. Also Skryre have their own whole table of spells for this guy to reap. 20pts isn’t much of an increase considering that. Warlock Engineer – Remained at 100pts · Slight rework to risk/reward spell mechanic. Almost entirely the same guy. As ever the devil is in the details and the devil here is Skryre’s new warp lore table. It will be interesting to see if other clans take him purely for that given his affordability. Stormfiends – Decreased from 290pts to 260pts · Can now only take squads of mixed weapons, what the box provides. · Warpflame reworked, see Thanquol and Boneripper. · 6+ triggers are now Unmodified 6 triggers. Damn Games Workshop, I’m not even sure if this was necessary. You could have just changed how warpflame works so a unit of only warpflame wouldn’t be hilariously devastating but sadly, new warpflame on a whole unit of these would be blatantly unfair. I’m hoping this leads to greater variety and interaction with Clan Skryre, but it will be a shame if people hang up their fiends for other options. Skryre Acolytes · Can run and shoot now. · Can’t shoot things they can’t see anymore. You were worthless cheap Skryre battleline before Acolytes and that is EXACTLY where you will remain unless the Skryre Battalion brings you fresh spice. No one would take these in mixed Skaven over Gutter Runners, and no one would play Skryre just to have these as battleline. Hopefully you catch this hard pass better than you throw globes. The Weapon Teams (Doomflayer 60pts, Warpgrinder 80pts, Warpflame 70pts, Ratling Gun 80pts) · All overload mechanics guarantee the death of the unit after its attacks are resolved now. · The drill comes up whenever you want but can inflict mortal wounds on the units tunnelling up. · Warpflamer changed to be in line with other warpflame weapons. The only one of these that will see any use outside of being mandatory for battalions is the drill, which now is a lot better given the risk of my 500pt unit of Stormvermin simply never surfacing isn’t a thing anymore. Warp Lightning Cannon – Remains at 180pts · Can double the dice for shooting at the risk of blowing the weapon up. · Now has 8 wounds instead of 6. Being able to choose to double the dice to fire the cannon is pretty awesome, even with the risk it entails. Just remember you have to choose to do it before rolling the power dice… pray you don’t roll a 6. Doomwheel – Increased from 120pts to 160pts · Can double it’s shooting attack at a risk. · Hurts every unit it roams over rather than just one. · Still a chance the enemy can move it instead of you. Look GW you made it better but you didn’t make it 40pts better. I was sold till I saw it can still run over and kill my own things on a bad dice roll and no matter how Skaven that may be, it gets a pass. Warplock Jezzails – Remained at 140pts · 6+ is now Unmodified 6 to hit. No real changes. Convert some up and drop them out a Gnawhole into shooting range. Not much else to say, they’re still good and they will see use. Clans Skryre Verdict Wow Skryre, you are tonight’s biggest loser. All I see here is a faction better suited to being allied than ran by itself. Acolytes are trash, Stormfiends require (shudder) actual skill now rather than just a silly battalion and some dice rolls and the weapon teams will just straight up disappear with one turn of bad luck. The only thing that can salvage this is a solid Allegiance ability and their spell lore to be really good. It’s thematic, but don’t expect pure Skryre on the top tables anymore. The Clans Moulder Ah Moulder, I’ve been looking forward to this. Every Skaven player (and every Skaven player reading this knows this to be true) wants Moulder to be good. And wit an Allegiance ability of their own and a new Battalion, this may not be far from the truth. Let’s see how they fare. Master Moulder – 100pts (New Warscroll) · Whole new unit. · Has the Packmaster whip ability. · Has a command ability that summons destroyed Moulder units to the table. · Powerful range of attacks. Games Workshop you magnificent ******. This with the Packmaster change is exactly what Moulder needed. A powerful support hero that can hold his own with a command ability tailored the clan he belongs to. 10/10, great work. Packmasters – Remained at 60pts, now per Packmaster due to being a unit. · Can now be taken in groups of up to 3. · Same whip effect as the Master Moulder. · Lost a few weapon options. Packmasters now come in… packs? Neat and fun, I like it. A neat and expendable option to roam the table following Ogors and Abominations while the Master Moulder does Master Moulder things. Rat Ogors – Remained at 100pts · 6+ changed to unmodified 6 to hit. · Attacks generate additional hits rather than additional attacks. Nothing significant changed, just rules tweaks for consistency. Hopefully see more use with buffs and their own allegiance rules. If I catch anyone taking these because they have a shooting attack their house is getting shot with a Plagueclaw. Giant Rats – Remained at 60/200pts · Horde bonus now increases weapon range rather than attack bonus. This change makes sense and it’s thematic, and I suppose it’s a good thing that we won’t be seeing Moulder armies with nothing but Giant Rats. That being said, they were always a quiet favourite of mine though I rarely if ever ran them. I see them still seeing a lot of use as an annoying battleshock immune objective camper. Rat Swarms – Decreased to 60pts from 110pts · Rules updated to be similar to restoring dead models to a unit. Was cutting the cost of this unit so dramatically potentially a disaster that will see Moulder players catapulting to the top tables as they drown us in 40mm bases covered in plastic rats they bought from their local Pestilens player? God I hope so. Hell-Pit Abomination – Remained at 220pts · Avalanche of Flesh attack similar to Slaanesh Chariots impact but has a 3” range over their 1” · Warpstone Spikes enable the model to have a chance to straight up ignore magic. Solid changes to a severely underutilized unit. A powerful centrepiece of any Moulder army, I will be shocked if there isn’t at least one in all the Moulder lists to come. Clans Moudler Verdict Damn Moudler, they tweak a few of your scrolls and give you one character and suddenly you’re a real army that poses a real threat. We haven’t even seen their allegiance abilities yet. We will watch your career with great interest, Moulder players. The Clans Eshin The sneakiest come last as ever, but no one will call them the least of the lot once they’ve read these changes. Verminlord Deceiver – Remained at 300pts · 5+ ward save added. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · Can cast 2 spells instead of 1. · Skitterleap is no longer a global teleport and can’t target models with more than 12 wounds. Necessary changes. Deceiver enthusiasts should just be grateful they came out without a point increase. Further increased survivability ensures that this master assassin continues to do what he does best, assassinate. Deathmaster – Remained at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Assassin) · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · Has a LOT more attacks with Fighting Claws. Largely the same old boy by a different name. He does his job a little better now and with so many attacks with his Fighting Claws, the smart Eshin player will close this guide and start digging through the Realm Artefacts. I recommend starting with Ulgu… Gutter Runners – Remained at 60/200pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. They remain the once and future premium ally choice as far as Skaven units go. No changes made, no changes necessary. Stay awesome. Night Runners – Decreased from 100pts to 80/280pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · They make a 2d6 move now after deployment rather than just a free move. Same as Gutter Runners, the only change necessary was to stop them moving 20+ inches turn one. Otherwise they’re still what they were before, a niche option but a good one. Clans Eshin Verdict Without knowing the Allegiance Abilities of Clan Eshin I’d call these the least stand-alone army with no specific spell lore. They’re niche, but I may yet be proven wrong when the rules are shown. Jesus that was a lot of typing. Tell me your thoughts, yell at me, whine that Acolytes aren’t that bad (they are that bad, shut up). All feedback is welcome as always.
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    Just found this on TG, so take with metric tons of salt. Hi guys, some tasty Warcry leaks for you. No reason to believe me, I learnt about all this last night and thought it was too cool not to share. I'm from Bristol and several of my clubmates are old friends with the main rules designer on Warcry and have been testing the rules for ages and are talking pretty openly about the game now it has been announced.Warcry is exactly what people have guessed and pretty much fantasy Kill Team, warbands of 4-20 models, rules for narrative/campaign, matched and open and is set in the Eightpoints (series of realm gates to all different realms, some controlled by the good guys, some by Archaon, Shyish gate controlled by Nagash, Beasts gate by Destruction), all being fought over by the various sides. This is a cool setting because it allows boards from different realms to be combined, justified by huge f-off realm gates linking them up.Factions are not limited to just Chaos and the amount of avalible factions is pretty much everything avalible in AoS. It seems to differ from Kill Team in two major ways, the first being that Commanders are part of the core rules, not an expansion, and every force is built around and must contain one hero (no more, no less), with the narrative of the game being built around the retinues of mighty champions, and psychic powers (magic), not being in the core game, with no warband options for wizards or any other models able to cast spells. Expect the first main expansion to be magic flavoured with endless spells and full rules for every avalible wizard mini.The amount of models and factions avalible is staggering, with pretty much every non cavalry, monster or wizard/priest mini avalible in plastic listed for its faction (I didn't check thoroughly, but there were no Finecast options listed for skaven at least). Flyers like Kharadron endrinriggers and Stormcast prosecutors were available, and squig hoppers/boingrot bounders and skyfires seemed to be an exception to the cavalry rule. The factions I counted are:Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Slaves to Darkness (marked StD troops can be included in god lists, to help out Tzeentch with their lack of non magic user heroes I guess), Beasts of Chaos, Skaven,Stormcast (interestingly for Order there are rules for a couple of Stormcast heroes leading warbands from other factions), Fyreslayers, Kharadron, Dispossessed, Free Peoples, Seraphon, DoK, Deepkin, Sylvaneth, Wanderers, Exiles and Highborn (these last two being grouped together names for the DE and HE mini-factions)Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, FECGloomspite Gitz, Ironjawz, Gutbusters, BonesplitterzInterestingly all the Shadespire/Underworlds warbands have unique profiles and rules, I think this is supposed to build on the popularity of Shadespire and tempt people who exculively play it to try Warcry.The starter set is apparently different from Kill Team in that it contains all new models, with a Darkoath warband lead by a Varanguard on foot taking on you guessed it, Stormcast. As these models are brand new, their rules were not being playtested, but the guy playtesting did seem to know about them. Expect the Stormcast to be lighter armoured and agile/gladiator looking. Interestingly it was mentioned that as Archaon's agent the Varanguard hero can lead any Chaos Warband, much like some Stormcast heroes being able to lead any Order one.Expect the range of boxed sets on launch to be huge, following the same model as KT, with a flood of warband and battlefield boxes using existing minis and scenery coming out with exclusive cards in them. One example of a warband box given was a Dispossed one, featuring a Warden King, Ironbreakers and Irondrakes, so potatosacks rejoice I guess.Anyway, beilve what you choose to, that's pretty much all I remember (I've never played KT so didn't ask specific rule stuff), I'll be back if I learn any more I guess
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    At the end of the day most Gloomspite Gitz armies are going to be heavily composed of some form of Grot units - so I fail to see the big issue with a single rule here. Grots are uniformly bad and only have the advantage of being cheap and plentiful. Squigs are fun but the epitome of a glass cannon unit. Trolls are much more durable, but they are traditionally expensive and have some sort of stupidity drawback (eating their magic items for example). Goblin armies traditionally have had a lot of stuff that was fun, but not very great on the table unless you can engineer favorable situations. They have generally always had a number of rules that can seem overly-strong or unfair when they work successfully and you are on the receiving end, but are usually not totally reliable and reside in an army that has a number of negatives to offset those. In addition, in the past the designers have specifically mentioned that Orcs & Goblins were designed as a gamblers style of army. Now, they may be moving away from that to a degree (we will have to see), but I don't get the feeling that Goblins will ever truly drop all of the gambler aspects. In the past there have been tons of "unfair" mechanics. There have been nets that reduce the strength of an enemy unit by -1 and can make big blocks of goblins absurdly durable. That seemed unfair to many of my opponents - except when my unit accidentally got tangled in it's own nets and was butchered. Or when my units failed animosity rolls and a battle plan completely fell apart. Then there were times when random-movement units such as Pump Wagons would crush enemy units with tons of impact attacks and did not allow charge reactions. But at the same time those things occasionally fell apart on their own, went the wrong way, failed to go far enough, or were flanked and destroyed with ease. Giants could kill characters instantly, win combats against units and rout them without the enemy being able to fight back at all, or jump up and down all over infantry and inflict horrendous damage. But they could also drunkenly just fall over. Trolls could bypass armor and devastate heavy units, but they could also just be stupid and stand still and not do anything at all. Doom Divers could reliably devastate monsters or characters better than almost any other warmachine in the game, but they also failed more spectacularly than other warmachines. Fanatics could cause horrific damage that was almost impossible to prevent, but they could also randomly spin around the battlefield and crash into your own stuff. For every game where these "unfair" things decimated my opponent and caused me to win I can recount a game where they all went horribly wrong and lost me the game. The most spectacular example that sticks with me to this day was a game in 5th edition with my Night Goblin army where a canny opponent exploited the fanatic rules and forced them to be released randomly at a time when I did not want to release them. One of the fanatics flew sideways out of my unit and crashed into my Giant - who was at full health. Poor rolling on my part (or amazing - your call) resulted in that Fanatic killing the Giant outright. The giant then proceeded to fall over on top of my Great Shaman - who happened to be my general. The shaman failed his initiative test to dodge out of the way and he was instantly killed. The death of my general caused an army-wide panic test which 80% of my army failed due to being goblins and no longer having a general. So in one clever move and a hilarious rube-goldberg chain reaction my opponent caused my entire army to rout. It was a total riot for both of us. Personally, I love it and would have it no other way.
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    Well, actually I'm close to 8000 models at the moment. This is how it looks like: My largest army are my Bretonnians (which you can imagine from my nickname). They are about 30k points. I took this picture 5 years ago.
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    I thought I would write this post after doing my usual post game/tournament rumination and share with everyone the process I go through to try and get better at AoS. It probably also helps that the last game (that I will refer to most) was streamed so you can go back and look at what I’m referring to. It was the final game of Angelcore and I was lining up against Ben Savva’s DoK list with my Morathi, 2x Frostie, 3x10 Arkanaughts and 2 x 30 White Lions. The reason why I think this process is important for everyone is it’s too easy to blame why you win or lose a game or tournament on dice as that is often the obvious reason and what you focus on but that stops you improving as you don’t see all the things you could have done. The commentators and other people have said it was an amazing and deep tactical game with top level play, yet looking back on it I made so many mistakes (or could have played ore optimally). I could look at the game and think if Ben’s Heartrenders hadn’t rolled a 4+ to be able to move and sneak an objective off Morathi and effectively pin her in place for a turn to claim it back I would have won the game. Or if that had happened Ben could have looked at the game and said I won all of the priority rolls and if only he had won one of them he would have won. Neither of these things is the reason one of us won or lost, they are just the single obvious ones as they are single important dice rolls. My plan for the game was to try and pin him first turn with buffed up phoenix and then sneak around to other objectives. When my charge failed my strategy was to get a double turn to be able to jump behind him with retreats and charges to get onto his objectives with my big things and force him to split his power. As a strategy this wasn’t that bad, but what I should have done is: - The frosties should have started going in opposite directions turn one, one to pin him and the other lower ready to sweep around to the other objective. - Both forsties should have been in front of my white lion unit on the objective – with a 2+ armour save they would have been able to take the Which Elves charge and I wouldn’t have lost a unit. - Morathi moved out of LoS of his Morathi on T1 so he couldn’t cast spells on me but moved out of buff range of the second Frostie if I got the 2nd turn - When I got my second turn and used Morathi to kill a middle one of his Sisters with the gaze to make him lose half the unit, I should have done that to the Witch elves (I’m not sure I would have been in range but might have). That would have forced him to lose either the larger group of models or the smaller group that was in range of all his buffs. I could have then charged off into the Sisters. - I pinned his Elves well and used 3 different units to split the ways they had to pile in to prevent him being able to do it effectively, what I should have done is use Morath to be the one in base contact with him as she would have survived longer and freed up the Frosties. Also the top right surviving White Lions should have been further back so he coulnd’t pile in and get them with 2 turns. - The Arkanaughts shouldn’t have been on the building (why they never moved) as that meant they couldn’t head towards to other bottom left objective – if they had been on the ground they should have been moving there from T1. - The White Lions should never have charged the Witch Elves. I was clutching at straws by this point anyways but achieved nothing, should have strung out in a line with the arkanaughts behind and over 6” from the objective so he could never claim it with the witches. Probably a few other things – I haven’t watched the video back but this has been my memory of it. If I can remember about half of these things then I will be a better player and less likely to lose next time – the dice don’t really come into it. Many congrats to Ben on the win. Was my favourite game of the tournament andmy brain was buzzing all the way home.
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    I've combined all the separate files into one text-searchable and bookmarked PDF here: https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faq-december-2018/
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