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    As many of you are no doubt aware, Games Workshop has been taking player feedback increasingly seriously over the past few years. This seriousness was particularly evident last Autumn when GW began soliciting general feedback from the community on point values and balance in Age of Sigmar. In addition to this general effort, the design team contacted a group of people around the world in order to provide focused feedback that would then be used along with the general community feedback to help guide the team's decisions for GHB2019. I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity. Now that the GHB2019 points changes are generally public, I'd like to take some time to reflect on the experience. This is going to be a bit of a long post, so here is a summary of what I'll cover: My methods of analysis A summary of my recommendations My thoughts on the changes that were actually implemented ___________________ PART 1: Methods For those of you that are not already familiar with my contributions on this forum, I'm something of a numbers guy. While I certainly don't love math, I have found that a basic understanding of the mathematics underlying strategy games like AoS is absolutely fundamental to any kind of cogent analysis. I've done a lot of work trying to understand the nuts and bolts of Age of Sigmar, and I saw this area of expertise as my major opportunity to contribute to the GHB2019 project. There were plenty of seasoned gamers also providing feedback, and I felt confident that they would be able to provide plenty of gameplay-based nuance that I could support with my basic math. With this in mind, I set a very ambitious goal for myself: nothing short of a complete mathematical analysis of every warscroll in Age of Sigmar. I ended up having to pare back a bit on this, but I was proud to compile spreadsheets covering every faction with a "modern" battletome up to that point (so every faction from the first Sylvaneth tome up to that point) as well as every faction that showed up as either significantly over- or under-performing in the Honest Wargamer's faction ranking table. I provided a feedback document to the team with an analysis of each of these factions based on the fundamental math (focused on defensive and offensive efficiency ratings) and a concrete list of recommended points adjustments for each warscroll in these factions. PART 2: Recommendations In general, I recommended relatively conservative nerfs to over-performing warscrolls/factions and relatively aggressive buffs to under-performing warscrolls/factions. My rationale behind this was simple: the overall competitive metagame is actually reasonably healthy with quite a few armies performing well. At the time, DoK did stand out as a big outlier but even with it's gaudy win percentage it wasn't prevalent enough to create a truly toxic dynamic. People generally do not like it when their army gets nerfed, but in some cases nerfs are necessary both for external and internal balance. That said, I strongly believe that these nerfs should likely be modest as I do not think the gap between the top performers and the next tier is all that large, and furthermore the likelihood of the metagame diversifying as new tomes release is significant. In fact, that is exactly what we have seen happen. While DoK was the bogeyman at the time, we have since seen Skaven and FEC rise to the top of the heap. Furthermore, people generally like buffs. For that reason, I took a more buff-focused approach to my recommendations and suggested some pretty dramatic points changes, particularly for factions like Ironjawz, KO, and others with really dismal performance. I'm not going to go into exhaustive detail about exactly what suggestions I made, but suffice to say that when I learned about the team's decisions I found that they generally agreed with most of my nerf suggestions (although there were a couple of things that surprised me a little), but generally implemented much more conservative buffs than what I suggested. PART 3: Reactions At first, I was slightly disappointed by the list of changes. I thought there were a few misses on things that needed a small nerf, but more importantly that the points reductions to struggling factions wouldn't be nearly enough to make them competitive. In general, I stand by these beliefs and I think that the community largely agrees based on the reactions I have been seeing. That said, I have since come around to believe that the changes that were implemented were largely correct given the accelerated pace of new releases and general developments in the game over the past six months or so. I know that sounds like a bit of a contradiction -- that I stand by the belief that a lot of warscrolls were under-buffed, but that I think this decision was likely correct. Hopefully I can explain my reasoning, as I think that it's something that is very important for the community to consider when reacting to the GHB2019. When I was working on my spreadsheets, I spent a lot of time looking at warscrolls. It became immediately apparent to me that there is a pretty wide gulf between old warscrolls from the early stages of AOS and ones that have been updated or written more recently. Not only do more recent warscrolls tend to do more, they also seem to have different baseline expectations about what level of efficiency is expected. I did a lot of number crunching as far back as the original GHB, and while defensive efficiencies have largely stayed similar to what they were back then the same cannot be said for offense. Competitive levels of offensive efficiency are basically 1.5-2 times as high now as they were in 2016. I use a system that I call WDR to compare offensive efficiency regardless of the rend level of the damage that a warscroll does. Without getting into the nuts and bolts of it, a WDR value of .1 was really good in 2016. Only the absolute cream of the crop reached that level. A WDR of .07-.09 was enough to make a warscroll quite efficient on offense, whereas the more "defense only" warscrolls were typically in the .03-.05 range. Nowadays, most battletomes have units that are well above .1 WDR at baseline, and it's not uncommon to see WDRs of .15 to .2 in easily achievable situations. It's not uncommon for relatively defensively efficient warscrolls to have baseline WDRs in that .07-.09 range now. While these offensive changes have stayed relatively consistent for a while now, the last year or so has seen an incredible amount of design space open up. AOS 2.0 battletomes just have so much going on in them compared to even "modern" battletomes like the old Sylvaneth tome, Bonesplitterz and BCR. With new magic options opened up through endless spells, an expanding repertoire of out-of-sequence actions, and an increase in rules and abilities that interact with the table in some way (including both faction scenery and the Gloomspite bad moon mechanic), new battletomes just have an order of magnitude more depth than most of the old ones (not to mention factions that don't have battletomes at all!). It's rapidly becoming apparent that trying to balance old factions through points adjustments alone is just not a viable approach. I suggested some pretty aggressive points changes, and as I was making those suggestions I thought to myself that GW will likely not implement these changes because they simply don't make sense on a basic level even though the underlying math is sound. Even in the second half of 2018 it was apparent to me that some warscrolls were beyond fixing with points adjustments simply because any adjustments to make them competitive on offense would require making them absurdly cheap. Remember, when you change the points value on a warscroll you affect both the defensive and offensive efficiency at the same time. Suffice to say, finding the sweet spot that would allow these warscrolls to be competitive in the environment of late 2018 would be incredibly difficult, and in many cases it would require pointing warscrolls at a level that does not at all make sense for what that warscroll is supposed to represent. You'd see a clear difference where recent models would be pointed at a certain level, and then old models would look like they were pointed on a completely different scale. From a mathematical perspective this makes some sense in that these older warscrolls were designed on something of a different scale. But from the perspective of the game world, it really doesn't make sense. This problem would only be further exacerbated in 2019 where more of the power of top tier armies is coming from their battletome rules rather than the warscrolls themselves. Fortunately, Games Workshop has shown a remarkable dedication to updating old factions as quickly as possible. Some of these tomes are effectively expansions (such as Gloomspite) while others are simply updates (FEC, Skaven). Both strategies have clearly demonstrated viability for bringing an older army back into relevance. If GW keeps up with its current pace, every struggling faction could be updated within a year or two at most. So why not give these factions some aggressive buffs to get them back in the game while they wait for a tome? To me, that was the key question. There is a clear answer though: whiplash. Let's say GW is planning on updating an army within the next year. In order to make that army relevant in 2019, the points on many warscrolls might need to be cut by 25-50%. People will be stoked to play that faction. Now everything is way cheaper and actually decent! Of course, you'll need to buy a lot more models to fill out your army list now. Skip ahead a year, and now the battletome is dropping along with updated warscrolls and a suite of powerful new abilities. Suddenly the whole army needs to be dramatically re-pointed again, only this time the point values are going to be going way, way up. Suddenly all of those models that you just bought can't be put on the table at the same time anymore. Yes, you have access to a lot of new abilities but now your 2k army is a 3k army and you need to make drastic cuts. If that happened, players would be LIVID. And justifiably so. People love to complain about power creep and suggest that GW is intentionally making new things overpowered in order to sell more kits. "Of course they don't buff old things! They want the new things to be great so people will buy them!" It's certainly possible that there is some truth to this, but people forget that GW can just as easily push sales by buffing old kits as they can by making new ones. Every time an update tome comes out, GW has difficulty keeping popular older kits in stock. Clearly buffs drive sales of old kits just as much as they do new ones -- and old kits don't have the same added development costs that new ones do. If GW was just pushing profit, wouldn't they be more incentivized to make existing kits OP to move their already extant inventory without incurring new costs? That's pretty much exactly what would happen if GW made aggressive point changes to old warscrolls in the months preceding a battletome update. They'd sell a bunch of models, but players would rightly be furious at what would amount to a pump-and-dump strategy. So in retrospect, I think GW had two possible strategies for making the old armies viable in the game. They could create a two tiered pointing system with new armies having lots of bells and whistles but a much higher points cost per model and old armies having great efficiency but few interesting abilities, or they could commit to updating the old armies as quickly as possible with new rulesets that would bring them up to speed. I very firmly believe that the second option is a lot more work for GW, but it's a lot better for the game. I am glad that this is the strategy they seem to have chosen, even though it does mean that old factions need to wait a bit longer than the GHB2019 to get up to speed. Hopefully that explains why I ultimately agree with the choices GW made in the GHB2019 point values despite the fact that I still think that the buff recommendations that I initially made are still "correct"! The other major concern that I see a lot is that these yearly points updates are not enough. I do agree with this criticism, which is why I was very pleased to see that GW will be issuing a supplementary points update in July to cover more recent battletomes. I think this sets a very good precedent for the future. Hopefully we will see these supplementary updates once or twice a year in addition to the GHB. Overall, my participation in this process has left me with quite a bit of confidence that GW in on the right track. EDIT: I just want to add a note as I think some people might be getting a slightly incorrect idea: I am not an employee of GW or a member of the development/design team. I was selected to provide focused feedback, and I can only speak to my own thoughts and experiences. What I post does not necessarily reflect the views of the development/design team or GW as a whole. SECOND EDIT: I would really appreciate it if people refrained from using this thread to discuss why this or that unit is pointed incorrectly or why the GHB is terrible etc. etc. There is already a thread for GHB2019 thoughts and feedback. If you'd like to respond to my arguments specifically I'm absolutely happy for that, even if you disagree with me.
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    I've been working on a spreadsheet for warscrolls, what kit makes them, and the material/age of the kit to try and figure out what armies need updating the most and heres a rough overview of what ive got so far: Average Kit Age (Oldest to Newest) Seraphon (May 2008) Ogor Mawtribes (September 2008) Skaven (February 2009) Legions of Nagash (August 2009) Beasts of Chaos (February 2011) Cities of Sigmar (October 2011) Orruk Warclans (November 2012) Slaves to Darkness (August 2013) Maggotkin of Nurgle (March 2014) Disciples of Tzeentch (August 2014) Flesh-Eater Courts (August 2014) Gloomspite Gitz (March 2015) Blades of Khorne (March 2015) Sylvaneth (October 2015) Daughters of Khaine (December 2015) Hedonites of Slaanesh (April 2016) Fyreslayers (November 2016) Stormcast Eternals (January 2017) Nighthaunt (May 2017) Kharadron Overlords (August 2017) Idoneth Deepkin (April 2018) Ossiarch Bonereapers (November 2018) All-Plastic Armies Cities of Sigmar Daughters of Khaine Fyreslayers Idoneth Deepkin Kharadron Overlords Nighthaunt Ossiarch Bonereapers Stormcast Eternals Armies with the most Finecast Kits (Most to Least) Seraphon (12 kits) Ogor Mawtribes (8 kits) Beasts of Chaos (7 kits) Skaven (6 kits) Legions of Nagash (5 kits) Blades of Khorne (4 kits) Maggotkin of Nurgle (4 kits) Slaves to Darkness (4 kits) Disciples of Tzeentch (3 kits) Orruk Warclans (3 kits) Gloomspite Gitz (2 kits) Flesh-Eater Courts (1 kit) Hedonites of Slaanesh (1 kit) Sylvaneth (1 kit) Armies with the most Metal Kits (Most to Least) Skaven (7 kits) Gloomspite Gitz (1 kit) Legions of Nagash (1 kit) Armies with the most Non-Plastic Kits (Most to Least) Skaven (13 kits) Seraphon (12 kits) Ogor Mawtribes (8 kits) Beasts of Chaos (7 kits) Legions of Nagash (6 kits) Blades of Khorne (4 kits) Maggotkin of Nurgle (4 kits) Slaves to Darkness (4 kits) Disciples of Tzeentch (3 kits) Gloomspite Gitz (3 kits) Orruk Warclans (3 kits) Flesh-Eater Courts (1 kit) Hedonites of Slaanesh (1 kit) Sylvaneth (1 kit) Armies with the Fewest Total Kits (Least to Most) Daughters of Khaine (6 kits) Flesh-Eater Courts (8 kits) Fyreslayers (10 kits) Idoneth Deepkin (12 kits) Hedonites of Slaanesh (13 kits) Kharadron Overlords (13 kits) Sylvaneth (14 kits) Orruk Warclans (14 kits) Ossiarch Bonereapers (16 kits) Ogor Mawtribes (17 kits) Disciples of Tzeentch (21 kits) Maggotkin of Nurgle (21 kits) Nighthaunt (21 kits) Seraphon (22 kits) Legions of Nagash (24 kits) Beasts of Chaos (25 kits) Gloomspite Gitz (25 kits) Blades of Khorne (26 kits) Skaven (31 kits) Slaves to Darkness (32 kits) Cities of Sigmar (35 kits) Stormcast Eternals (37 kits) Armies with the Fewest Warscrolls (Least to Most) Daughters of Khaine (15 warscrolls) Idoneth Deepkin (15 warscrolls) Kharadron Overlords (15 warscrolls) Fyreslayers (18 warscrolls) Flesh-Eater Courts (19 warscrolls) Orruk Warclans (19 warscrolls) Ossiarch Bonereapers (21 warscrolls) Sylvaneth (21 warscrolls) Hedonites of Slaanesh (22 warscrolls) Ogor Mawtribes (23 warscrolls) Maggotkin of Nurgle (25 warscrolls) Nighthaunt (26 warscrolls) Seraphon (27 warscrolls) Beasts of Chaos (32 warscrolls) Disciples of Tzeentch (32 warscrolls) Legions of Nagash (34 warscrolls) Blades of Khorne (38 warscrolls) Slaves to Darkness (39 warscrolls) Gloomspite Gitz (42 warscrolls) Skaven (43 warscrolls) Stormcast Eternals (54 warscrolls) Cities of Sigmar (59 warscrolls) Top 15 Oldest Kit Releases Still in Circulation (Oldest to Newest) Skaven - Skryre Acolytes (April 1994) Skaven - Warpfire Thrower (May 1995) Legions of Nagash - Bat Swarms (July 1997) Legions of Nagash - Legion Black Coach (June 1999) Legions of Nagash - Fell Bats & Zombies (July 1999) Orruk Warclans - Wardokk (December 2000) Skaven - Night Runners (March 2002) Skaven - Warlock Engineer, Ratling Gun & Warplock Jezzails (April 2002) Skaven - Gutter Runners & Rat Swarms (May 2002) Slaves to Darkness - Chaos Marauders (June 2002) Maggotkin of Nurgle - Harbinger of Decay (August 2002) Disciples of Tzeentch - Fatemaster (September 2002) Seraphon - Slaan Starmaster, Chameleon Skinks, Saurus Warriors & Skinks (May 2003) Seraphon - Skink Handlers & Salamanders (June 2003) Seraphon - Lord Kroak (July 2003) I hope all these different metrics are useful for the rumourmongering and wishlisting!
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    Post pic of awesome, colourful, paint job. Go for a walk. Return 4 hours later to find discussion of the genetic makeup of 'females'... Insert Homer-Simpson-Disappearing-Into-Hedge.GIF
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    hey don’t be sorry, it’s always helpful when people reveal exactly what kind of person they really are.
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    Also this article contains someone who might be familiar https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/12/12/celebrating-selflessness-a-warhammer-hero-storygw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-4/ Congratulations to all the Warhammer Heroes and to our own great overlord and master @Ben Curry who runs the forums here!
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    Some of you may remember a couple of comics I posted a while ago! Well one thing led to another, as they say, and today the first season of my comic strip Neverchosen is hitting the web! I though I’d share since this is the main place I go to for AoS discussion. I hope you’ll like them! https://www.warhammer-community.com/neverchosen/
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    I'd still be extremely leery of any reduction of her style to "oh she's a girl, their eyes are like that" when her work is still the result of a lot of effort and craft, there's male painters who work in that same style, and there's prominent female painters whose style is radically different. The chain of 'female painter doing excellent work -> ah, here's a biological reason based on her eyes' seems to me to be a drastic oversimplification of what makes a good painter and what goes into the development of a particular painterly aesthetic. Comes off as a very Just-So story kind of situation. It's also not something anyone would say about a male painter; 'he's a dude, so he can paint like that'.
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    Louise Sugden should paint every model and be put in charge of all official colour schemes. Really should be no question about it. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/18/peer-into-the-mindstealer-of-the-expertsgw-homepage-post-4/ cant wait to get this model myself (& then leave it unbuilt on a shelf for 6 months before making it look like an ill looking animal that has been left Unloved and unclaimed in a rescue shelter for 5+ years)
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    Hey guys, some of you have already seen my webcomic Neverchosen that was commissioned by Warhammer Community. since people seemed to like it, I have decided to do my own series that I can publish while waiting for the next order from GW. It’s called Mortel Realms (my art name is Pierre Mortel) and will be released every Wednesday. I’ll post them here in this thread when they go up, to avoid spamming the forum. I hope you’ll like them!
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    To celebrate the imminent release of Mawtribes, I finally got around to finish my stonehorn conversion. Greasus lives! Hope you like it.
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    I used to enjoy coming here to read this thread but boy oh boy is it full of repetitive whinging these days. It makes for an incredibly dull read and also makes this community appear very entitled and unable to cope with change. Makes me long for the old days; even just a year or two ago this thread community was much more fun. BTW I don't lay the blame on this change of attitude on gw, who have improved their communication over the time that this form has gotten so salty - let's face it, things are improving on the AoS scene, with only a handful of armies requiring battletomes and the general direction of the game pretty clear, plus there are now frequent updstes/reveald over what is happening and where the lines are going. All the positive vibes still exist out there in other threads on this forum and also WhatsApp or discord servers. Hell even Facebook comments are more fun than this thread. I don't know what has caused the change in tone for this thread - or maybe it's always been the same and I'm just less able to put up with it? Anyway I would seriously like to ask the mods: could they have a think about employing a heavier hand of moderation so that this thread can take a step back from the repetitive whinge-fest it has become?
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    Haven't we all been preparing for this moment for years by stockpiling massive backlogs of unbuilt and unpainted models?
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    The UK Government has today announced that it is recommending people to avoid all contact which is non-essential, in order to limit the contagion risk for Corona Virus. Our gaming group have just unanimously decided that we should no longer meet, and I would ask all those in the UK to do the same. Wargaming is non-essential contact. Theres no grey areas there. I work in Healthcare provision and expect to soon be joining my colleagues in supporting and isolating and treating vulnerable individuals from the virus in the biggest battle the NHS has yet faced. In order to do this it is essential that the spread is limited to ensure that when these people get Ill, they can be cared for with the appropriate care and expertise and equipment required for people with weak immune symptoms fighting off pneumonia. If they do not receive that support, they will die. If the level of spread is in anyway multiplied by unnecessary social contact, such as people going to work who can work at home, or people going out to play football or to the pub or to play war games, then our health system will soon be swamped. In which case anyone requiring critical intervention regardless of cause is also likely to die. If that happens, then people with health conditions which are not usually fatal will without the requisite resources to support them become critical, and then they will die. And so on. The evidence in Italy at present is that the real danger of COVID 19 is not that it kills people, it's that it kills hospitals. Dont go out and play war games, or indeed to do anything non essential. Not only do you put yourselves at risk, you put others at risk, and you create a negative example that encourages others to do likewise. On a similarly related note, given the social isolation to come, while possible can I encourage you to please order things from Independent Hobby shops etc if you're going to buy anything over the next week or so. Many of them struggle month to month as it is so weeks without custom Is going to be brutal. Our actions now will endanger lives or save them. Wash your hands as well as your brushes. God bless everyone x
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    From a new player perspective, I don't see the point. At all. Yes it will be a success. Yes the new gameplay will be certainly cool. But I find this announcement counter-productive to the point of irrelevancy. AoS is not even 5 years olds, and still, they announce the resurrection of its predecessor. Anyway, even if dug Total war warhammer a lot, I guess I am not the target.
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    It's almost as if there was a Battletome meant for old Empire/Elf/Dwarf models announced in the last week and people were getting excited for using their old collection or something. I can't help but laugh that you somehow have a 'gripe' with older models you dislike still being available. It's a bit rich you saying people are 'crying' when old models being available somehow manages to upset you.
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    Probably when @Thomas Lyons stops playing them - or at least stops being vocal about wanting stuff for them. Let's take a look at things that Tom publicly likes: Kharadron Overlords - myriad issues (no reason to restate them) that makes the current army a bit of a mess Moonclan - Tom sold the army he had and then GW immediately gave them a full revamp with the Gloomspite book. I extend a very heartfelt Thank You to Tom for disassociating himself with this army so that we could have this glorious book. Spiderfang - Gloomspite was a huge grots overhaul, but for the most part Spiderfang was ignored and got some basic quality of life improvements. Still considered by most to not really be competitive (hope someone proves everyone wrong). Why could you have not sold off all of these models as well Tom? Imagine what we could have now if you had done so... Fyreslayers - new book gave them nice modern rules, but absolutely nothing new for the range aside from terrain + endless spells Duardin - radio silence Daughters of Khaine - a good strong book, but Tom did not play them until after they released. They will probably be beaten flat by the nerf bat in the new GHB, not because they are too powerful but simply because Tom finished painting them. Swifthawk Agents - 😂... Warhammer Legends bound just because of how much Island of Blood models he bought. The moral of the story is to not pick an army Tom likes. He is the reason you can't have nice things. The best strategy for purchasing a new army is to send him a PM and ask him his honest opinion of an army and then to go with the ones he actively dislikes. Ignore this advice at your own peril!
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    Flesh Eaters Courts Beastgrave warband with a female ghoul!
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    Hi everyone, this is my first post here (long time reader though). A couple of weeks ago a few of us decided to start a Path to Glory campaign, having not played a game of either WHFB, AoS or 40k in about 10 years I was quite excited to get cracking on my warband (I have still been painting a lot of during those 10 years though). Initially we were going to play a game of Skirmish using the updated rules from January's White Dwarf, which being a bit more flexible on what you could take meant I went to town on an Aelf/Tree soup of 5 Dryads, a Spellweaver (converted Tidecaster aka the Treecaster) and 3 each of Sisters of the Watch, and Shadow Warriors. This was the status as of Tuesday: That was 250 renown, but then we decided to go Path to Glory which complicated things with the Allegiance choices. First off I needed to pad out the Dryads to a legal unit of 10: As there are no Path to Glory tables for Wanderers I modified the Sylvaneth one and added illegal 5 person units of Shadow Warriors and Sisters of the Watch (later these will be merged into a 10 strong unit of Sisters), so I assembled up 2 more each of the those, painted them and added them to the force: With the Spellweaver having 3 unit choices/rolls on the follower table that's the first game's models sorted, but I was really getting into painting these guys this week and wanted to paint some more. Cue the Kurnoth Hunters: Painted in the same scheme as the Dryads and with the same coloured (thanks Aethermatic blue) weapons as the Aelves I think these guys fit in well with their friends: And today I decided to paint up the Treelord from the Start Collecting box in the same scheme (he wasn't finished when I took the group shot above) but here he is in all his snowy happiness: All these guys were painted in the last 10 days using mostly contrast paints with a few highlights (I did a write up on the painting method and some background stuff here: https://www.goonhammer.com/tale-of-3-warlords-campaign-for-the-northern-wastes-age-of-sigmar/ ). Next week I'm looking at painting up some Eternal Guard and a Waywatcher (converted from one of the Eternal Guard and spares from the Sisters box, as I decided to start the army days before GW pulled the Waywatcher from the store), just waiting on an OOP metal Eternal Guard from ebay to arrive to replace the plastic one I converted to the Waywatcher.
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    New comic guys, forgot to post it here yesterday!
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    Hi everyone, wanted to share my Katakros to Settra-conversion with you. The idea was Settra returning from the realm of Chaos with his promised body of gold. Hope you like him. C&C welcome. Best DD
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    I can hear a honking in the distance so before the clown car pulls up and dumps all its occupants into this thread... Coming out with stuff like Orruk armies are gender neutral is clearly nonsense and every single person knows it, or at least really should. I've almost certainly never seen an explicitly gender neutral pronoun used in conjunction with them in any official context, the models there release and the characters they feature in fiction and fluff are all explicitly as well as implicitly coded as male. Or something like Skaven, why not introduce female characters, you don't have to stick ****** on a rat to make it female. And before anyone drops some ****** about skaven brood mares or whatever that's a ****** awful thing that they can easily just excise from the lore. It's a fictional magical world, keeping stuff like that in is an active choice. If it hasn't come up already I'm sure we'll get some chirruping about 'forced diversity' or some other incel nonsense. Funny how for these people nearly always 'don't have a problem' with diversity it's just when it's "forced", except weirdly it turns out that 99/100 it just happens to be "forced" in their view and for some reason their view is the one that counts on these issues. Or how 'they don't mind female models' (oh how generous sir!) but this is one is too ugly, mannish, or otherwise doesn't serve to act as an object of arousal for them. Is that how you judge male models? I'm not saying female models can't be 'good looking' (in whatever way you judge the looks of a 2" high piece of plastic) but representation is about body shapes, ages etc too. No one blinks an eye if GW release a grizzled silver fox Stormcast like Stormsire, because it's just accepted that male models can come in all different shapes and sizes and we're not judging them on their bonerability. And stuff like this. Even people that see it's a problem and do want more representation are happy to limit that to a 1/3 minority, and this isn't an attack on @zilberfrid, when you're starting from close to zero in most cases then I agree, 33% would be nice and the part of me that is a terrible ally would see that as a victory of sorts too, when any female player would be more than entitled to roll their eyes at this. As said this is an entirely fictional world suffused with magic, everything that features or doesn't feature in it is an active choice and one that can be changed at any point. What we cling on to tells us everything about us and not the world we're playing in. And the thing is it doesn't really affect people at all. In an RPG then you may want to explore issues of racism, sexism etc through the game, and whilst a lot of people will tell you they play these games to get away from that (that is actively having to spend every minute of their life in a world that discriminates against them in some way not being someone who is oh so tired of having to respect others) it at least has the potential to be explored in an interesting and possibly cathartic manner. But more often I hear people saying you know what perhaps at the end of the day I dont want to have to deal with fantasy racism, sexism or whatever. And if a few things need to be changed in a setting well why not. I grew up in the 80s, I don't think the people that designed RPGs and war-games back then were racists or sexists at all, in fact certainly on the British side most would have been, or considered themselves to have been, left wing and anti-discrimination. But cultural attitudes were not as sensitive (in a good way) as they are now, so baked into the core of the genre are a lot of problematic things, we do not have to keep them. Just because something seemed ok in 1983 that doesn't mean we have to cling on to it in 2019. We don't have to burn all our books and defenestrate our past, but we can simply acknowledge things have changed and we can be better now. Especially with a Wargame? It makes zero difference on the table, there's no special rules for gender, you're not dealing with social interactions or issues just trying to kill what's opposite you. But it makes the game more accessible and tells people who aren't white boys that this is something they can be involved in too. Representation matters. Seeing how many people seem to be worrying about how to build up and maintain gaming groups you'd think anything that made the game more open to new people would and should be welcomed. GW are doing a hell of a lot better than they used to, and for that I congratulate and applaud them, but they're still a long, long, long way off from achieving anything even vaguely close to parity. The new Chaos Warriors look absolutely fantastic, I'd love to have seen how they could have adapted that aesthetic to a few female sculpts, they actually made an effort to include more in the Warcry warbands so it's a shame not to develop that. This isn't just me 'virtue signalling' or whatever ****** someone's learnt by rote on a reddit forum to immediately spout in situations like this, I'm being selfish here, I'd love to see what they could make if they tried. I want more people from different backgrounds involved because it makes it more interesting, it makes it more welcoming, it makes it better. I want more people to play the game, because the more people that play the game the healthier it is, the more interesting it is, the more toys we get. Right now there are huge demographics that could be brought into the game and showing them through artwork, models, stories that they're welcome in the, not our, hobby helps that.
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    Here you go: "Well, they didn't show those miniatures some internet guy said they will release, even when there was no hints about them. Oh, and there is nothing new for that faction that they released last week, clearly they forgot about it and it soon will be squated. And they didn't release that faction from my homebrew lore. That was such a letdown! Warhammer is ruined!"
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    Also, I've seen a lot of people online complaining about this saying that they would be happy to "sign a waver" to show up, that hey "don't mind getting sick", ect. But It's important that people understand why big gatherings like this are being thoughtfully canceled/postponed. It's not about individuals getting sick, but about them becoming contagious and spreading the virus to more people once they leave. A rapid spike in people getting sick can lead to healthcare services getting overwhelmed, as there are only so many nurses, doctors or even beds in hospitals. By slowing the spread through postponing events like this, it also lowers the transmission vectors, and so perhaps the same number of people still end up catching the illness, but it happens over a longer period of time allowing, health services to keep pace with demand for aid. tldr; It's not just about keeping you (an individual) from getting sick, but about slowing the spread of infection.
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    He's an elf, that's enough for me.
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    Earlier today I posted a comparison of the old and new chaos warrior sculpts in the previous thread. I've since painted both of those models and I figured people might be curious to see how the two sculpts look next to each other. The main change I made, as I wrote previously, was to use one of the new spare heads on the old model - the old helmets are much bigger than the new ones, which makes the proportions look pretty inconsistent. Otherwise, they're about the same size.
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    You are behaving like the three blind men who found an elephant. One touched its tail and proclaimed that it was like a mouse. One touched the elephant's trunk and said that it was like a big snake. The last touched its leg and said that sure an elephant was like a big tree trunk. Point being that you need to see the WHOLE THING before passing judgement on how powerful the book is. Until then, please turn the drama dial down a skoach?
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    I decided a few months ago that my games of Age of Sigmar needed a narrative setting and to that end I settled upon the idea of an ancient ruined city in the Realm of Life that has recently been rediscovered and is now being fought over. The only problem was actually building the city. I had assumed that GW would release more Azyrite kits at some point so I took a leap of faith and started building up the kits they did have available into the beginnings of my ruins. Of course I couldn't just leave the kits as they were and some converting was done, firstly to incorporate a Realmgate. I also decided that as the ruin would be over grown I needed some appropriately fantasy like trees. I have plenty from model railway kits and these just weren't hitting the mark. So having browsed the GW range I thought that the Shardwrack Spines would work well as trees for the setting. I recently finished up the first set.... these took a while to do! Anyway my terrain journey continued apace with more ruins as the kits became available. The townscape sadly isn't as modular as I would have liked and so I only picked up a single kit. It's fine don't get me wrong. Its just that it only goes together in one way and I didn't want large duplicate pieces on the board. As I started laying out what I had done I realised that I was missing an important element that would really tie the whole city together, some street surfaces. Well thankfully I was able to find an easy and effective way to build these and so I set about creating some streets. I've only completed four sections of these and I'll need a few more for sure. Again like all terrain projects, these take a bit of time to do and so I've only managed four. I was able to incorporate some of the recent debris from the newer kits and I think this works well to theme the pieces for what I've been doing with the Azyrite stuff. Below you can see some ruins laid out with the street in place, its going to look good once its all together! I picked up the Enduring Stormvault kit too when that came out. It's huge and storage is going to be a problem. Still it works so well with everything else how could I resist? Finally the terrain kits for Warcry were releassed and these I am still painting. Again they are just great, more detailed than the original Azyrite stuff and that means that they don't match 100% when built together but side by side on the table they are amazing and I've been busy getting them done too... Anyway I think that is enough photographs for now. Once I have a few more pieces done I'll update the thread and hopefully I'll be also able to get some battle shots soon!
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    Done, but not all here. Missing 50 arkanauts, longbeards and runelord. Almost all weapons magnetized to field diffrent options.
  32. 25 points
    Oh and with a bit of work and some bits (maybe Liberator legs) they'd make fine "marked" warriors, I just made a Tzeentch mockup.
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    Wow, some people like classic styles, some like more "out there" concepts, some like something inbetween and some like things across the spectrum. I would appreciate less of the "I don't want this, so GW should not make this" sentiment, though. That works in both directions (i.e. classic design fans against new concepts, and fans of new concepts against classic design), where the "grumpy grognard WHFB loyalists" and "everything made before 2015 sucks AoS loyalists" horseshoe around to become almost exactly the same as each other - despite their massively differing tastes.
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    The unpredictable results is one thing that thrills me regarding Warcry. In fact IMO it is the reason why this game is a GAME and not a competition. Look at it as if it were a board game. You need less than an hour to play the game, therefore you can play several games per evening. Who cares about prediction if each player coincidencely wins some of these? The "need" for "competition" somewhat decreased the fun playing tabletop games for me. I highly enjoy all of these random happenings in Warcry. For me it´s more like a story told by the dice than any kind of player based competition.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    For a game where apparently normal people openly discuss the damage output of their little models to several decimal places, as if that was a normal thing to do, people are just straight up embarrassing themselves with these garbage, unscientific, rankings. Let's be a little less basic please. Anyway I propose... Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tier: Daughters of Khaine Skyfather Tier: Flesh Eater Courts Demi-god Tier: Legions of Nagash AAA Tier: Skaven AA Tier: Fyreslayers BDSM Tier: Hedonites of Slaanesh The Seventh Wave: Idoneth Deepkin Magic 8 Ball Tier: Maggotkin of Nurgle Stop! Hammer Tier: Stormcast Eternal Branchline Tier: Sylvaneth A Tier: Blades of Khorne B Tier: Disciples of Tzeentch B.1 Tier: Gloomspite Gitz B.2 Tier: Beasts of Chaos Obsidian Tier: Seraphon Tiers for Fears: Nighthaunt Oh look at me I'm really different Tier: Legion of Azgorh C Tier: Bonesplitterz Chris Tomlin Tier: Phoenix Temple π Tier: Gutbusters Salty Privatier: Scourge Privateers I'm Only Here for the Beer Tier: Ironjawz Tiers of a Clown: Kharadron Overlords Refusing to buy new models Tier: Free People 2 Start Collecting sets and I'm done Tier: Beastclaw Raiders Z Tier: Wanderers Trash Panda Tier: Darkling Covens BrexiTier: Slaves to Darkness I now have kids older than I was when I started playing this game Tier: Fimir American Healthcare Tier: Dispossesed Stop It, Get Some Help Tier: Aelves Dead never ever coming back, please get over it Tier: Bretonnians & Tomb Kings
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    I've heard a rumor that people will be upset about point changes no matter what they are.
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    That part I dont get. How can that be interpreted as being "mean"? You said yourself, 3 of the units are pretty standard elf aesthetic (Archers, Riders, Spearmen). Are they mean for not fitting your specific expectations? They are high elves in theme and in large parts of the style, they just put the usual AoS spin on it. Plus, we havent even seen all of them yet. If they are not to your taste, thats perfectly fine. I like them, but thats entirley my opinion. But I hate it whenever people act like GW is out to get them.
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    AoS Statshammer: Over the last month, in my free time, I have been building a website that allows you to add units -> weapon profiles (with modifiers) and it will calculate the average damage that unit would do against various saves (2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, -). If you are interested in checking it out, the current URL for it is https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ Github repo: https://github.com/damonhook/aos-statshammer A reminder that there is a lot more to a unit than just their damage output. This is a tool, not a definitive answer of which unit is better Note: I am going to keep this thread updated with release notes. Current features include: Ability to add up to 5 different Units, with up to 8 profiles each Ability to add up to 5 modifiers per profile Results are in the form of a table, line chart, bar chart, and radar chart Dark Theme Ability to use dice values where applicable (e.g: D3, D6) Persistent storage for theme and units so a refresh won't lose all of your data Import / Export of unit data Export stats (table and graphs) to PDF Ability to add modifiers to target (e.g: Reroll 1's to save, FNP, ethereal, etc.) Planned Features include: More modifiers An actual domain name Ability to add modifiers to the unit as a whole (instead of just to each profile) Ability to optionally add points values to unit to give an average damage / 100 points for better comparisons Other notes: If you do this sort of math in your free time, and you notice that something is not right, please do let me know The repo is public, so you are free to contribute through PR's or creating issues for feature requests/bugs
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    One day you'll see. I'll get my endless spells and who'll be laughing then? Your little "meme" will be over and the time of the d3 mortal wounds 18 inch effective range generic fish spell will be nigh.
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    Hey guys, I first posted a link to AoS Reminders 3 months ago. At the time, it only supported Sylvaneth and Seraphon. I got a lot of great feedback, and three months later, here's what I have to show for it. I'm now happy to announce that we now support the following armies: Armies Beastclaw Raiders Daughters Of Khaine Dispossessed Everchosen Flesh Eater Courts Fyreslayers Gloomspite Gitz Idoneth Deepkin Ironjawz Kharadron Overlords Khorne Legions Of Azgorh Legions Of Nagash Nighthaunt Nurgle Seraphon Skaven Slaanesh Slaves To Darkness Stormcast Eternals Sylvaneth Tamurkhans Horde Tzeentch Features Units Command Traits Artifacts Battalions Endless Spells Spells Realmscape Spells Realmscape Features Realmscape Artifacts Ability to select multiple allies Ability to hide certain rules I've been lucky enough to get a lot of help from some people here on TGA and over on Reddit. With 13,000 pageviews last month, this tool has taken off in a big way. The UI Selecting your army The generated reminders What's next? We're going to finish off adding spells for all armies. We are just missing FEC and Idoneth Deepkin at this point. We're going to add Grand Alliances for soup armies We're going to add Mercenaries We're going to add the ability to re-order phases and rules to suit your needs. Most importantly - What do you want to see?
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    For some people the glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's broken and all the water is on the carpet.
  44. 24 points
    I want to like them. I really do. But the more models I see the more I see things I dislike.
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    Bear in mind that this doesn't preclude rebellion of some sort. Mannfred rebels all the time, often loudly and with explosions. Arkhan rebels as well, albeit in more subtle ways. So does Neferata. Think of it like Doombots. Dr. Doom (bad guy from the Fantastic Four, if you're not familiar with comics) makes robot doubles of himself to undertake dangerous tasks, enact certain schemes or to do the stuff he doesn't want to bother with. These doubles are so perfect that they assume that they're the real Doom, unless he's in the room with them - and even then, some of them maintain a strong suspicion that they're real and he's not. And since they think like Doom, they act like Doom. So they plot and scheme against each other (and the the real Doom) because there can only be one Doom, and obviously it's them. Basically, Nagash has absolute control, except when he doesn't, because his servants are all to one degree or another shadows of him. Which means that like him, some want to be on top and they'll knock over anyone they have to, to do it. Including him. If he's paying attention, he can swat them down without any real difficulty. But if he's not (say, because he's preoccupied waging war on Sigmar, Archaon et al), then there's a good chance they might get away with it for a while. So if you want your Death leader to be a rebel against Nagash, the established meta-narrative is flexible enough to fully support that. Same as if you want them to be an unwilling slave of Nagash, a contented servant, or an unwitting dupe. At least in my opinion. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.
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    I know there is a general discussion for the Bonereapers, but I wanted a separate thread to discuss their powerlevel from a neutral perspective. Obviously we haven't seen the points costs or full rules yet, so there is a pinch of salt here. Based on the warscrolls, the subfactions and even the scenery piece today I have to say I am concerned. Several warscrolls contain abilities that allow full rerolls, which we've seen to be incredibly powerful in the past with DoK. The subfactions bonuses seem way better than other armies, for example I believe the run and charge with retreat and charge ability is likely to be incredibly good for board control. Everything I'm seeing is saying to me this is another instance if powercreep. I strongly suspect it has been done to ensure the models sell. So GW don't have a KO or IDK situation where the armies largely have weak rules that prohibit model sales. (I don't mean eels, I mean everything else). Thoughts?
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    So, I was fortunate enough to be at the New Year Open day on Saturday and sat in the Specialist Games seminar. Somebody did ask the question about The Old World and there was a small bit of conversation about it. Nothing was actually revealed, so the following is my own impression of what I'd call the "current thinking". Only a few things are cast in stone. From a project perspective, other than being given the green light by GW management, they're still discussing the design brief. The reason behind the project is that Games Workshop is most well known for Warhammer, which is synonymous with huge armies and battlefields where you have ranked units fighting against each other. It was felt that Age of Sigmar is now well established enough that now was a good time to do something that related to GW's ancestral roots. Square bases are indeed one of the things that is 100% confirmed. The Old World isn't going to change the setting & history of Warhammer, the End Times happened and ultimately led way to Age of Sigmar. However there are a few thousand years worth of events to explore. This reinforces my thinking that we're may have a basic ruleset and then campaign style books that introduce races and specific battles and historic events. It appears that it will be treated in the same manner as one of the other Specialist Games - so given a small team of people including a rules writer, sculptor etc. To my mind this means we need to be realistic in our expectations, so something more in line with Adeptus Titanicus rather than what we originally got when Age of Darkness (Horus Heresy) came out. It certainly isn't going to have release schedule of Age of Sigmar in either models or rules. I didn't get the impression we were looking at Warmaster scale (6mm if memory serves) for the game, however there was no indication exactly what we would be looking at. Talking about huge armies may mean we go back to classic 25mm scale (AoS is 28 heroic), or alternatively we could see something like 15mm or 10mm (which is what AT is). I'm not even sure this decision has been made. In all honesty even if they do drop in scale there's no reason we couldn't use the rules with our old collections and tweak ranges. Annoyingly I should have asked the question on scale (I'm blaming a 4.30am start for my brain not firing on all cylinders). I got the distinct impression that the game system wasn't simply going to be a clone of 8th edition with tweaks. The people looking at The Old World are people who have played Warhammer all their lives so I could see something that is a hybrid of lots of systems, whilst maintaining a faithful link to the Warhammer game system that we all know. One interesting point that Andy Hoare has said before is that the brain is a fickle thing and when we remember playing games as children we only remember the good bits. If we went to play that rule system as an adult we'd be a lot more aware of when things didn't work very smoothly. Although it will pay homage to the various iterations of Warhammer, it's not being done to compete with Age of Sigmar. One point I think is worth highlighting is that it's important to remember that the people who work within Specialist Games enjoy the narrative and lore aspect of gaming. If you look at all of the games they currently produce there are numerous instances where certain teams/gangs/forces are rarely going to be winning most of their games - if you take Bloodbowl as an example, Halflings are probably one of the weakest teams going and that was a very deliberate design choice. That's not to say there isn't a competitive aspect to those game systems, but that is rarely going to be the focus of those games and certain forces do have a definitive edge. As an addition, I was in the Age of Sigmar seminar earlier and Ben Johnson confirmed that there isn't any form of formal discussion between the Specialist Games and AoS studios (I'm meaning interdepartmental discussion here, not that they've fallen out with each other). This is deliberate and as Ben pointed out makes The Old World really exciting for players such as him that have played classic fantasy battle. What that means is it's no use pestering him (or other people within the AoS studio) for information - they have exactly the same amount of knowledge that we have!
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    ...I'm too old to be messing with these stupid memes...
  49. 23 points
    that's one of the selling points for me, though I'd dispute that they're in some way a range of deliberately ugly characters, just that they actually have character beyond being lithe, flowing haired models in chainmail bikinis or whatever the 40K equivalent is. I love that they're making models of older or scarred and battle worn women and tbh think they're just barely scraping the surface here, I wish they'd do a lot more like this with an even more diverse range of body shapes, ages and the like.
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    -Tomb Taxers -The Tithe Takers -IRS (Inter-realm Revenue Skeletons) -PBC (Private Bone Collection) -H&R Bones -Al Cabone's Boys -The Black Pyramid Scheme
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