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    Evening all, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years? I have spent the last week or so mostly laid up in bed following my operation. Fortunately I received a copy of the newest Chaos Battletome: Maggotkin of Nurgle, which has provided some great reading and made the week more bearable! As I am currently not podcasting and am unable to do any voice based stuff at present, I thought it might be fun to just put up some of my initial thoughts on here. I appreciate this may be a duplication of information for some people, but hopefully it'll be of interest to some of you. It's worth noting that @Mengel Miniatures will have a review up tomorrow/next week, @Russ Veal & the Facehammer crew also have a podcast ready to go. Finally you can check out some great videos @Terry Pike has done on magnetising the Great Unclean One on Twitter (@TerryPike84). So I'm not going to go into too much detail or anything and won't cover the lore side of things (I'm sure @Spirit of Grungni will have us covered there in due course!). Part I - Allegiance Abilities Battle Traits Cycle of Corruption - We have already seen this from the Blight War book, so no need to go into any further detail at this stage. However, it is worth noting that there are ways within the book to adjust the Cycle mid-game, which is pretty powerful if you find yourself needing the extra move or wanting to pick of a final few wounds from a support character etc. It will be interesting to see two Nurgle armies face off against each other as they use the same cycle, which is pretty cool. The Garden of Nurgle - Similar to Sylvaneth, after terrain is set up but before you choose territory, you can set up a Feculent Gnarlmaw. As we go through this I will talk more about the Gnarlmaws and their interaction with the army overall. I have to say it is cool seeing GW bring more things like this into the game. Summon Daemons of Nurgle - This is one of the most interesting parts of the book IMO. All the Daemon scrolls in the book have lost their ability to be summoned as a spell (which has farther reaction implications to Chaos as a Grand Alliance, that's another subject for another time though) and instead you now build up Contagion Points as the game progresses. These are gained for controlling certain areas of the board and having Feculent Gnarlmaws in place, which is really thematic. At the start of your Hero phase you can expend these Contagion Points to summon furth a variety of Nurgle Daemon units (or more Feculent Gnarlmaws). They are placed within 12" of a Hero or Feculent Gnarlmaw and 9" away from enemy units. I suspect you may see players using the initial points to get an extra Gnarlmaw or two on the table. From my initial (and indeed subsequent) reading of this, I see no reason why you would not have to pay reinforcement points to summon Daemons in this fashion. However, with the removal of the summoning spells I do wondering if this is something factored into the army cost and perhaps we will see this ruled as "free" summoning. Seeing which way this falls will really effect the overall power of the army. I do really like this mechanic, seems much more refined than spells. Command Traits These are split down into three categories; Rotbringer, Nurgle Daemon and Nurgle Mortal and all have some interesting options. It's worth noting at this stage that there are a lot of named characters in this book, way more than any others so far. This means that there will likely be plenty of times that you don't have a command trait. Very quickly; Rotbringer 1. Grandfather's Blessing - Once per battle move the Cycle of Contagion. 2. Living Plague - Units within 1" can suffer a mortal wound in your hero phase, and you gain a Contagion point. 3. Hulking Physique - Bonus to wound. 4. Bloated with Corruption - Splash damage back in the combat phase. 5. Avalanche of Rotten Flesh - Boost to run and charge rolls for your general. 6. Resilient - Bonus save vs wounds or mortal wounds. Some nice choices there and I do think there may be times you will see pure Rotbringer armies with a generic hero as the General. With this being the case you could tailor your selection here around that. I do think being about to move the Cycle onto the extra move for another turn just seems solid though. Nurgle Daemons 1. As above. 2. As above. 3. As above. 4. Tainted Corruptor - In your hero phase you can taint terrain near your general to have some of the features of a Feculent Gnarlmaw (not the best ones haha!) 5. Nurgling Infestation - Once per game can inflict D3 mortal wounds in the combat phase. 6. Pestilent Breath - 6" ranged weapon that is good vs hordes. Inflicts mortal wounds. Again, I think I like the ability to move the Cycle. It actually offers quite a lot of utility/versatility against some of the other options here, but as we'll get on to there are other ways to achieve this. Nurgling Infestation is good if you can get your General within 3" of a wounded key piece and finish it off automatically, much like the Kharadron Overlords "no trading with some people" (I think it's called). Pestilent Breath has the potential to do a lot of damage, but is probably too situational. I think there is every chance you'll have a Great Unclean One as your General, so this is a list of options you'll probably be looking at a lot. Nurgle Mortal 1. As above. 2. As above 3. As above. 4. Hideous Visage - Bravery debuff for enemy. 5. Overpowering Stench - Opponent has to reroll hits of 6 vs your General. 6. Virulent Contagion - Improve Rend by one. Off the top of my head, I cannot see many lists appearing with a Mortal General. Perhaps a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount and that being the case, maybe you'd try to build some sort of bravery bomb. But yeh, this is the least exciting for me...though perhaps I'm just being short sighted as the Mortal scrolls aren't in the book!! Artefacts of Power As above, these are split down into the same 3 categories. You'll need to take consideration here, as obviously even if you named character as your General you'll still get to pick one of these for one of your other characters. Rotbringer - Artefacts of Contagion 1. The Splithorn Helm - Bonus save vs wounds or mortal wounds. 2. Muttergrub - Wizards can attempt to case an extra spell. Non-wizards get a spell. 3. Rustfang - In combat phase pick an enemy unit within 3", reduce their armour save by one for rest of the game. 4. Flesh Pealer - Can cause mortal wounds within 6". 5. The Bileheart - Splash damage back in the combat phase. 6. The Fecund Flask - Once per game 2+ heal all wounds, 1 you die! A couple of these seem to duplicate up one the command traits. Bloated with Corruption and The Bileheart could be entertaining, though it's kind of a shame you can't do it with a Great Unclean One. Rustfang has the potential to be absolutely massive I reckon. Muttergrub is less glamorous, but just solid. Nurgle Daemons - Daemonic Boons 1. Noxious Nexus - Cause mortal wounds based on the turn number. 2. Nurgle's Nail - If you cause wounds with this weapon, you can roll 2D6 and on a 7 auto kill the model. 3. The Bountiful Swarm - In hero phase can essentially do a Stardrake Cavernous Maw attack. If the model had 4+ wounds you can add a Beast of Nurgle to your army. 4. The Witherstave - Enemies within 12" have to re-roll sixes to hit. 5. Tome of a Thousand Poxes - +1 to cast for a wizard, non wizards get a spell. 6. The Endless Gift - In the battleshock phase the model can heal wounds taken that turn. Whilst there are some good options here, if you're taking anything other than the Nail you're doing it wrong!! Autokilling models with a splinter of one of Nurgle's toenails, need I say anymore?! Nurgle Mortals - Plagueridden Gifts 1. The Virulent Blade - +1 damage if you roll 5+ to wound. 2. The Foetid Shroud - Opponents re-roll hits of 6+ in the combat phase. 3. Sublucus' Stenchplate - Enemy units within 3" at the end of their movement phase suffer D3 mortal wounds. 4. The Eye of Nurgle - Once per battle, the nearest model to the bearer dies on a 2D6 roll of 7! 5. The Carrion Dirge - Good bravery debuff to enemies with 12". 6. The Shield of Growths - Reroll saves if the roll is equal to or less than the number of wounds suffered. Much like the Nail, the Eye is super fun. I do think the Dirge has the option to be really strong though. Part II - The Lores of Nurgle As to be expected with any new Battletome, we have some cool new spells here. Firstly, all wizards know the Foul Regenesis spell, which allows you to move the Cycle of Contagion. This is the spell granted by the Muttergrub, so there is plenty of opportunity for this. I feel that this ability is really strong within the army and the easy access to it here is what makes Grandfather's Blessing not an auto pick imo. There is a separate lore for the 3 branches of Nurgle, which are as follows; Rotbringer - Lore of Malignance 1. Blades of Putrefaction - Buff. Rolls to hit of 6+ inflict a mortal wound as well as other damage. 2. Rancid Visitations - Unit takes a mortal wound for each model within 3" of the caster. 3. Gift of Contagion - D3 debuff. -1 to hit in combat / -1 to wound in combat / -1 to save Some great stuff there. Visitations is situational but potentially huge. Gift is great, albeit random. the top option is great if cast against a unit Blightkings are fighting. Blades is an awesome spell for the army, again working well with Blightkings (this won't be the last you hear about that unit!!). Nurgle Daemons - Lore of Virulence 1. Favoured Poxes - Debuff. -1 to hit, wound and save until caster moves, attempts a spell or dies. 2. Glorious Afflictions - Debuff. 1/2 move, run, charge. Also cannot fly. Good range. 3. Sumptuous Pestilence - Bubble damage. Short range. Favoured Poxes definitely will have some solid applications, though the downside is potentially an issue. Glorious Afflictions is the pick here. There are so many ways to push your own movement options, so if you can do that whilst holding your opponent back I think you can create some really dominance. Nurgle Mortals - Lore of Foulness 1. Magnificent Buboes - Arcane Bolt with a slightly better range, also debuffs target until your next hero phase. 2. Plague Squall - Mini Rain of Stars. 3. Cloying Quagmire - If you can roll over the enemies save they take D6 mortal wounds. All of these are really good just for adding additional ranged mortal wounds. Great reason to include the already powerful Chaos Sorcerer Lord in your lists IMO. Part III - Warscroll Battalions Just a quick run down of what they are and what you need for them, with some additional comments; The Munificent Wanderers - This is one of those bigger Battalions which includes multiple smaller ones. In this case, you'll need two Tallybands and a Great Unclean One and can also add additional units. The benefit is a boost to the Rampant Disease stage of the Cycle of Corruption. Due to cost and requirements, unlikely to see play. Tallyband of Nurgle - Standard Daemon Battalion, can be made up of a variety of units. Minimum would be 1 Herald and 4 units of Plaguebearers/Drones. Each unit heals a wound in your hero phase, Plaguebearers grow D3 models. Also if you have 7 Plaguebearer/Drone units in the Battalion you gain a contagion point. Definitely possible to make a one drop army from this Battalion, which means it likely to get used. Thricefold Befoulment - 3 Great Unclean Ones baby!! Who needs to know any more! @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) has already called shotgun on this though, sorry! . The big boys gain various buffs when they are close to one another, boosting hit & wound rolls, as well as improving the Plague Wind spell. Very cool/fun, will see play for these reasons alone. If I don't see @Ben Johnson running this at some point as well I'll be disappointed. Nurgle's Menagerie - This is Horticulous' Battalion. He's joined by 3 units of Beasts (could be individuals) and up to 3 other units (Drones, Beasts, Nurglings). So this can be a cheap enough Battalion to field and the benefits are pretty good as you can use Horticulous' Cultivating ability in every hero phase, not just once a game. Can also place the Gnarlmaws within 3" of any unit from the Battalion. There's also a secondary benefit which has a bravery debuff, however the condition for that is hard to meet. People like Horticulous and the benefit here is reasonable, so I think this will see some experimentation, but ultimately will not see much play. The Blessed Sons - This another of those Battalions that includes other ones. You need a Plague Cyst with maxed out characters and at least 4 units of Blightkings. You can add other units to it to keep it one drop, which is nice. You are immune to battleshock whilst your units are over 7 models, however due to the costs I would expect smaller units of Blightkings. You also get to reroll saves of 1. I'm not sure the cost outweighs the benefits here. Obviously if you're playing a 4,000 point game or something, this is bangin'. Plague Cyst - This is the Lord of Plague & Friends Battalion. You get to reroll all hits and also can put out extra mortal wounds on a 6+. Rerolls on Blightkings is super juicy, any chance for another crack at those exploding sixes has to be worth consideration. Ultimately though, I think there are better options. This leads me on nicely to... Blight Cyst - This is the Lord of Blights & Friends Battalion and this is my favourite Battalion! Very cool as you get to hand out the Lord of Blights shooting attack to all Blightking units within 3". Also, in the combat phase, enemies don't get any benefits for cover, which is potentially huge and is the equivalent of rend for the Blightkings, something they would hugely benefit from. Oh, btw, Blightkings also get Rend -1 in this Battalion!!! Fantastic Battalion and a great excuse to add that amazing new Lord of Blights to your army. Affliction Cyst - This is the Lord of Afflictions & Friends Battalion! So rather than Blightkings, you're packing your army full of their mounted counterparts, the Pusgoyle Blightlords. Note these can also be Batteline if the Lord of Afflictions is your general. The Battalion allows your units to deploy hovering in the sky and drop down with 9" of enemies. Also makes the Lord's command ability affect all Blightlord units instead of one. This is probably one of the coolest Battalions and whilst not the strongest will 100% see play on this factor alone, and rightly so. Some nice options there. The Tallyband and Blight Cyst are the ones you're probably going to have to look out for. Kind of a shame to not see any including Mortal Nurgle units and also that they ones present are strictly limited to Nurgle Daemons or Rotbringer units (even the two bigger ones) and there is no intermixing of the subfactions. Anyway, I'm going to leave it there for now. Hopefully that will be interesting to some of you guys, please feel free to ask me any questions, though I will not be giving out points or anything like that. Screenshots and such are not allowed on these forums and will be removed. I will return with Part IV tomorrow, which will be a brief overview of the warscrolls within the book. You can get a jump here by checking them out on the GW website if you haven't already. I'll also share some of the army lists that I have been writing. Thanks for anyone reading and to GW for providing the book, Chris *Edit 09/01 - Part IV - Nurgle Daemon Warscrolls, can be found at the top of page 3* *Edit 10/01 - Part V - Rotbringers Warscrolls, can be found in the middle of page 3. Direct link below*
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    I'm going to apologize in advance if any of this sounds antagonistic or disrespectful, as neither is my intent, but I am just flabbergasted by some of these comments and I don't know how else to express it, but I'm trying to do so as politely as I can. I don't understand the turtle hatin' here, nor any of the comments about some perceived lack of creativity. I think these minis are extraordinarily creative and unique. Saying the eel and shark riders are just copies of dark eldar and harlequin jetbikes is such an outrageously reductivist comparison that it boggles my mind. Their similarities end at "spikey elf riding on flying thing". Their armor is all elven-esque, but it is in no way a copy, and I fail to see how you can overlook the unprecedented fact that they are riding magically flying SHARKS and GIANT EELS, something that has never been done anywhere before and which no one predicted, and dismiss that as "lazy" and "uncreative". I don't understand how you can judge something's details while simultaneously glossing over all of the biggest ones. Say you think they're lame, say you don't like them, but to accuse them of being lazy and lacking creativity is soooo unfair to those incredibly talented artists. What do you think would have been "more" creative? You think they're lazy? What have you designed and created? I'm not trying to attack anyone here, so please forgive my passion, I just feel the need to defend the very talented people at GW on this one.
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    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the next expansion set for AoS which will be called Boxhammer!! A spokesman told me it was specifically designed for players who come home after a few beers with their mates and go online to stock up their paints or treat themselves to a new character model. He said "we realise these players often forget what paints they needed and end up blowing a couple of hundred pounds on starting a new army instead. Then they get disheartened when they realise it will be months before they finish their current project and get round to painting them. We really wanted to give something back to those people." "We also hope this new ruleset will appeal to all those people who left the hobby because they insist its better to move your models around in big rectangular blocks."
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    EDIT: This post has been revised to include other builds posted by community members(thanks for the input!), and has had formatting fixed for readability) With the Las Vegas Open being just under two weeks ago, I thought I'd start a little thread for people going to help them prepare. Sometimes a player loses a game simply because they were not fully aware of what an opponents army does. So, with that in mind, here a few that I can think of, and what you can do help your games against them! Please feel free to reply to this thread with things of your own, as I think it would be cool to build a list of both popular and less popular powerful builds succinctly. Changehost: Murderhost: Vanguard Wing: Kharadron Overlords Dropship: Fyreslayers:(courtesy of @Andreas) Thunderquake Starhost(courtesy of @PJetski and @Space Lizard) Kunnin' Rukk Sylvaneth(courtesy of @Rimio) Aetherstrike Force(courtesy of @PJetski) Lord Ordinator-buffed Artillery Plaguetouched Warband Plague Drones:
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    No one is getting perverse joy over WHFB content being eradicated because WHFB content hasn't been eradicated since 2015. WHFB, the tabletop miniatures game, ended in 2015. It is neither updated nor revised and never will be. The lore still exists in many forms and is frequently licensed for video games and RPG's. This would never be remarked upon if it weren't dredged back up every time GW spells "Aelves" without an "A". Warhammer: Legends exists to pay homage to 30 years of world building and many people's love of the Warhammer world. It gives players the means to play narrative and open AoS in the Warhammer world with official rules. Nothing more, nothing less. At this point, WHFB players have had 3 years to find some part of AoS that speaks to them. They have had 3 years to find an army that they enjoy playing with, enjoy the lore behind, enjoy the look of, or enjoy painting. If they haven't found anything about AoS to enjoy then maybe its not the game for them and that's ok! That's fine! I don't like playing Dungeons & Dragons (or Pathfinder) after having played both for over a year. But if the only thing someone loves about AoS is that they can find someone to play with, then they should be honest about that. But if that's the case then perhaps its time to find a game they actually enjoy instead of wishing that this game would be something it isn't. Let's be clear. GW have provided updates to rules and/or points for models they do not sell and make no money from, 3 times now. The only benefit they receive from doing this is community goodwill and the chance to keep fans who may make future purchases. They are not spitting in anyone's face. They may have made decisions that you disagree with but nothing they have ever done (including ending WHFB) is a personal insult aimed at any player or group. They are a business. They don't care if you disagree with their business decisions but that disregard is not a personal insult. Please understand that notions of persecution directed at this community are misguided and bitterness over the end of WHFB achieves nothing at this point. Claiming that anyone on TGA is taking joy in the suffering of WHFB fans does nothing but make this community seem hostile and unpleasant. These are exactly kind of accusations that drove AoS players out of forums in 2015 and onto Facebook and that eventually led to the creation of this forum. For a while TGA was the only place to publicly discuss AoS without fear of being attacked and blamed for the end of WHFB. Please remember that before making these kind of claims. If you feel you are being verbally attacked for enjoying WHFB, report it to the mods immediately. But if you are only making hyperbolic claims for the effect of it, that is just harmful to this community.
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    Hi All, I've been asked to post my army list taken in the GWGT heat this weekend. I wanted to take the Grots out to play and fully expected to struggle to 1 win, but managed to get 2 majors, 2 minors and one defeat (last game table 3). Finished in 22nd place and qualified for Final so incredibly happy with the weekend (and amazed) Gitmob Grot Shaman (General) - Ravager Gitmob Grot Shaman Grot on Gigantic Spider Grot on Gigantic Spider 60 Moonclan Grots, Spears, 9 Nets, Command 60 Gitmob Grots, Short Bows 20 Gitmob Grots, Spears Aleguzzler Gargant Aleguzzler Gargant Spear Chukka Spear Chukka Rock Lobber Rock Lobber 3 Fanatics (always in the unit of 60 Moonclan Grots) 1,970 points (Special thanks to my opponent who voted the army as 'favourite army'. I haven't had a nod on the army/painting front in a very long time.) -Skeekrit
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    Hi all, I just finished up making a Warscyer Citadel out of recycled junk and bitz because my toddler insists she can't eat large plastic terrain kits! Here is a before and after, any questions please ask away. I have also written a blog post detailing the project if you are interested :-) Mark https://ghyran.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/building-wylderlands-2-scratch-built.html
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    Hi all! Recently started playing and painting a stormcast vanguard chamber force. I really enjoy the look and feel of the newer models! So far I have the following1k force built: Lord-Aquilor Knight-Venator 2x5 Hunters 3x Palladors 3x Lonstrike Raptors In terms of painting, I'm currently working on gryph chargers and absolutely loving them - making it up a bit as I go along but they are really stretching me and making me try new things. Here's how the one with the most work done to it looks: Looking forward to getting this one finished - the other 2 and Aquilor shouldn't be too far behind 😁
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    Reinforcements have arrived for the Kharadrong Raiders! Previously, the younger element of the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge were represented in the predominately Kharadron core of the army. With this new flight, more of the whole spectrum of the lodge is represented. Let's take a look! The traditionalists of the lodge, still adamantly aligned with Runefather Zharrik, are represented in the Fyreslayer Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runesmiter units. Take note of the protective ur-gold runes flaring up and covering their upper torso in a magma-like crust to protect them from the blows of their enemies! This patterning is all freehand work. The Auric Runesmiter can be seen holding his Forge Key aloft as the molten crust parts before him and he emerges from the magma tunnels. This Runesmiter is converted from from WHQ Doomseeker and is appropriately equipped with both his Forge Key as well as his smoldering Latch-Axe. The younger generation, those aligned with Runeson Thrundrik and who more fully adopted the way of the sky fleets, are reinforced with the arrival of Thrundrik's very own Flagship, the Gorog Varrbarag ("Party Boat!"). You can see one of the crew as imbibed a tad too much and lays flaked out on the deck. And still, there are still other remnants of the broken lodge that have returned after their long exile. Some, like the Runelord Agrhun, have continued to practice a variant forms of rune magic although it has been decades since many shaped Ur-gold as the lodge's Runemasters once did. Others, jaded by age and broken dreams, have forsaken the traditions of runic empowerment and taken up the finest arms and armor in all the Mortal Realms. These grumbling Longbeards take every opportunity to remind the Shattered Lodge of what was lost. While still others, particularly the youngest and progressive of Thrundrik's followers who have spent a significant amount of time amongst the cities of the Firestorm Plateau, have worked to bridge the gap between technology and the magic of the Mortal Realms. The young upstart Hazgal, foremost student of this emerging discipline, has learned to harness the very energies of Hysh through rune craft. The culmination of his experimentation is found in an endrin-powered Luminark, a prototype war machine that Hazgal has managed to build and hopes to reproduce to reinforce Barak-Zharr and the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge. Such experimentation is looked askance by the traditionalists and only heightens the tensions present amongst the reunited lodge. Only time will tell if the remnant will survive.
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    Hi guys - I'm considering starting up AoS skirmish (I've already got a 1500ish pts Rotbringers army), and I just got an itch to paint up a spirit host last night - I had some lying in my bits box from a shelved project, and I replaced the arms with Dryad hands to make them more creepy, glued a bunch together, and went to town with Nihilakh Oxide, Coelia Greenshade and white and black. I kinda like the result, especially them having more contrast than you usually see. Now, what next? I have some ideas for a Crypt Horror werewolf, and perhaps some of the new shadespire skeletons for my warband.
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    I've just finished (if an army can every be finished!) a very heavily themed Mortal Khorne Army. The premise being that they were Worshipper's of Ulric during the time of Myth, but after being abandonned by Sigmar in the age of Chaos were tricked/coherced into following Khorne, believing him the be an aspect of of Ulric, the Blood Wolf. They are savage barbarians that dwell in the Urlicsberg mountains in Ghur and worship the Wolf God. The link to the full army plog is in my signature if anyone fancies checking it out, feedback is always appreciated.
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    Well, the 3 recent DoK videos have a lot to answer for! 3 Bloodcoven boxes and a hotline on standby for the new stuff (take my money!) and I seem to have started a new army...... I've been messing about with the bases, going for a ruined temple theme akin to the ones in the video. So like a lot of folk I imagine have been inspired by that vid. Ruined greco-roman columns, temple flooring - all with a hooks and barbs twist though! Morathi is super peed off so I want to reflect that in the architecture! First conversion is my Death Hag - a kitbash from Hellebron and the Yvrainne kits. You need to do a fair bot of chopping (including my thumb in this case!) to get the torsos to fit properly. I also removed all of the soulstones seeing as that's a Aeldari thing not an Aelf thang. I also thought they looked a bit foppish for this army. For the same reason I have shaved off all of the earings from the Witch Aelves. Anyways - there you go! I shall update some more as I go on on a fairly irregular basis. Next up I plan to assemble some Sisters. For more regular musings/micro updates you can follow me on Twitter @timfisher22
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    My predictions for 2018: People will whinge online about Stormcast getting too many releases; People will whinge online about their chosen faction not getting any/big enough new releases; People will whinge online about certain factions and units being broken; People will whinge online when GHB'18 fixes said broken factions and units; The vast majority of hobbyists will enjoy playing games, painting models and otherwise getting on with our lives.
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    One thing that unites all AOS players, from dedicated narrative gamers to top ranked tourney players is the importance of good sportsmanship. But what exactly is it? Whilst there are plenty of builds, tactics and general approaches which divide us - proxying, 'filth' lists and RAW v RAI to name a few - is there a universal notion of sportsmanship that transcends the different approaches to the hobby? For me, good sportsmanship is about the following: No matter the outcome of the game, you should always part on good terms with your opponent, wanting to play that person again. Always let your opponent go back and do something they honestly forgot, unless it means resetting a big chunk of the game. If a rules dispute takes more than a minute, just roll for it. If it turns out later you were wrong and it went in your favour, buy your opponent a drink to make up for it. Banter is fine, but know where the person you're playing's boundaries are and don't overstep. If that crucial charge or spell is a tiny fraction of an inch out, let them have it or roll for it. You probably haven't been measuring 100% accurately all game anyway. There's nothing glorious about a grossly one sided game. Know what the other person is looking for from a game and try to make sure they get it. Be supportive of new players so that they become the worthy foes of tomorrow. Any ideas of what constitutes sportsmanship or examples, good and bad? Please share them!
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    For some time a wanted to present my Ironjawz to you. Now that there was armies on parade I took the chance to take some pictures and post them here. The Palefacez come from the Realm of Ghur. Their name comes from their uncommon pale skin tone. The clan is lead by the Megabosses Slog and Lob Paleface. Slog is accepted to be the superior boss, and demonstrates his superiority as he rides on his Maw Krusha into battle. Maybe Lob is just a bit more kunnin' and leaves the posturing to his "brotha". He himself bears the title "Da Gargant Killa", as he has hunted down a tribe of Gargants with just a handfull of Brutes. The Palefacez grew in strenght and number especially as they raided some Chaos Fortresses infested by the servants of the Chaos god Tzeentch. At one occasion, Lob and his Brutes slew a Lord of Change who underestimated the ferocity of the pale green warrior. The servants of the god of change therefore bear a grudge against this particfular Ironjawz tribe.
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    @Sharkbelly thanks! I'm still working on the new narrative to continue this army. I think incorporating he malign portents seems like a good idea. So when I had a week off work I created this: a winged vampire build mostly with dark eldar parts. I had a lot of fun building him and waiting the bronze armor (a nice break from gold and silver) and especially the wings. such a large area of flesh was very interesting and I think the veins worked out pretty good. What do you think?
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    ++ Mod Hat On ++ I can fully understand that some people may be a bit disappointed about the reveal for Malign Portents but I would like to point out a few things.... This is the BEGINNING of the theme that Age of Sigmar is going for this year and going forwards Of course there was going to be a campaign book for people playing in this setting (remember the three ways of playing? Not everybody does just Matched Play) They've clarified some of the background (see there are farmers) This community is for people to discuss the game and the setting for Age of Sigmar but if I'm honest, some of the comments in this thread have got me wondering what some of you actually want from the game. Below is a very nice quote about this... So can you please read that quote and think about it when you are unhappy about something and feel the need to post about it. @Pariah-Miniatures - Take this as a warning. Please think about some of the things you want to mention when replying to posts. I'm not very happy with some of your comments in this thread, so I have issued warning points to you. Criticism is fine but not the way you have been doing it Cheers
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    Its been a while since i did anything that majorly inspired me in terms of destruction for Age of Sigmar as it can be very challenging to get excited about a faction that can come off as two dimensional, whenever i start out a new project I tend to design and make one big centre piece model for the faction to get me inspired for what I'm going to be making. So looking at the most unloved of the destruction faction the Firebellies (one model, finecast). I did like the lore of regarding Gorkamorka as the Great Suneater so working that forward I'm working on a faction that revels and reversed in the flame in all its forms, wanting nothing more than to turn the worlds around them into firey reflections of their gods laughing face. To this end I will be working on custom scrolls, models and fluff for the faction to grow them into arsonist based mixed destruction faction with unique spells and a story behind them. So to give the concept some legs here is an early WIP of Svangr Prophet of the Suneater atop his Magma Dragon
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    Here are mine! Sorry for the low quality pics of 2 of them. I'll take better ones soon. Each of these have been semi speedpainted with a few hours work per warband (including drying steps). About 1 hour per warband for the big parts, and the rest detailing here and there. My Warcraft tribute to the Iron Horde (tried my best with the glow effects, but I don't have an airbrush, so this is the best I could do): Reavers: Sepulchral guard: and my Steelheart's Champions: Spiteclaw's Swarm
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    *taps mic - is this thing on?* I wanted a Cairn Wraith as a leader for my warband, but having used the (admittedly brilliant) original model for 2 or 3 conversions already, I wanted to try out something different. One of the Skeletons from the Shadespire pack already has a scythe and some kind of hood, so I had a plan... I used the "dress" from the Tomb Banshee as the bottom of the miniature, cut the skeleton in half and pinned them together. A bit of dremel work, some tattered cloak bits from the new Death Guard and some green stuff, and I have what I think is a nice take on a cool character.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster, etc. As a Scotsman, what used to be Albion is really appealing to me. The idea of a bunch of forest dwelling barbarians is exactly what I want to be doing, and there's enough room in the established lore to branch out with a bunch of other swampy stuff too. I have somewhat grandiose aspirations of expanding this to a full army, but I've never painted anything in greater volume than Blood Bowl teams. One regiment 'complete', and another started. The Bloodreaver figures are a treat, and combine very well with the Marauder Horsemen heads to create the look I'm going for with the minimum of fuss. It's my expectation that I'll use these as a Blades of Khorne army, incorporating a lot of Space Wolf elements. I have plans to use Wulfen as Wrathmongers, Fenrisian Wolves as Chaos Hounds (as shown in one of the photos). My Mighty Lord of Khorne uses Geigor Fellhand's head and a shoulder pad on the Slaughterpriest in the Start Collecting box. I’m toying with the idea of turning dryads into bloodletters, but the idea of a forest tribe is pretty appealing. Having a lot of fun with this project. Going to try to keep the rank and file Bloodreavers going for as long as possible. If anyone's got any spare Marauder Horsemen heads, let me know - I'm down to the last 10 or so. Ditto for Beastmen Gor Herd right arms with Axes. I'm out of them entirely. No real plan to play at this time - I haven’t played since 5th edition, so for now, it’s just a ‘paint the stuff you think is cool’ project.
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    a bit late to the party but my oberyn is done Hope you like him as much as i do Cheers Anamnesis
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    First : I AM FRENCH AND I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD, SORRY FOR GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE MISTAKE The stormcast eternals are right now one of the most popular army in the game, with a very good representation in tournament. However, i think we are in a situation of « the tree hide the forest », and the battletome is not in a really good nor fun state. Notice that i KNOW that many armies (ironjaw, kharadron, flesh eater court) are in a worst state, but hey, i’m here too talk about Stormcast. Only stormcast, no allies, grand alliance or anything else. I don't want to see players of other armies coming to say " yeah, but nurgle/khorne/tzeentch/freeguild/moonaclan don't have X and need Y..." The stormcast problems are not invalidated by the fact that other armies have problem, in the same way that other armies problem are not invalidated by the fact that stormcast have some It's not a crying post "boohoo, stormcast are too weak, please GW, buff them trough the roof " but a post about how could we change the battletome to make it more interesting an not gravitating around 5% of its option Note too that ton of tournament and game happen everywhere, and i suppose that somewhere in the world, someone kick ass with hammer prosecutor. Most of my points are « general », but i think, valid. They are of course, at the end, my opinion, not « the only truth » that i force everyone to accept, but i think many people will agree with me. The point is : how can we make the stormcast more balanced and interesting to play ? I thought about that and wanted to share my ideas about them. And i would love to hear your advices Prepare yourself, it will be long What carried the stormcast in a very good tournament position lately was very obviously one extremely powerful, if not flat-out broken : the vanguard wing. Now that it is corrected, the stormcast don’t have many option to stay viable in a tournament. Except the madman who won a tournament recently with a no-bataillion-14-drop-list, most of the well placed stormcast list are very similar and there is some option more powerful than the rest: - They are a vanguard wing, a hammerstrike force, a skyborne slayers, or an aetherstrike force. Two were nerfed (but are still powerful and used), and one is a very extreme list that can be hard-countered. - Most (if not all) of the armies use Staunch Defender, which is MUCH MORE powerful than the other command trait - Vanguard units are pretty much non existent, except in the aetherstrike force - Most of the list are hero-heavy, with the lord relictor and lord castellant being everywhere - At the item level, most, if not all players take mirroshield, lantern of the tempest and sigmarite armor. Sometime a luckstone on a venator. So we have an army who turn around the same warscroll bataillion, command trait, units and item. The internal balance is quite poor The good : things that are fine: - The army is still the most versatile in the game, with ton of available playstale and orientation - The heroes are all useful, powerful and unique. The biggest strenght of the army - Very good mortal wound output. Stormcast can face pretty much everything and even in a hard match-up, can try to take a draw or minor victory - Prayers are extremely good - Staunch Defenders The bad : things that need to be corrected in the stormcast army : - Vanguard units are too expensive for what they bring to the table, without exception - Prosecutor suffer the same problem. - Most of the units are actually quite average. Liberators, paladins, judicator, are outclassed by several entries (chaos warrior, bloodwarrior, blightking, arkanaut company, skyfires, etc) and none stand as a « holy hell, this ****** is good » choice - The army lack the complex and multiple layer of synergy most of the armies now have, with very direct and simple as well as limited buff (a +1 to hit in melee, reroll 1 to hit at range, etc). Very obvious in comparison to khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/death/fyreslayers who have ton of buff who cover everything. - The bulk of the army is quite slow, and entirely revolve around expensive bataillion and the relictor to move around - Without Staunch Defenders, the army is fragile. Stormcast unit have a BAD wound/save/cost ratio. - Allegiance ability (scions of the storm) is mediocre, and used only in very specific case, because not reliable. In comparison of destiny dices, the 4/5 death abilities, fyreslayers, nurgle and all those global buff, it look lackluster Another stormcast weakness is magic. No invulnerable save (except on one command trait and one item), and one anti-mage who need to be 160 pts to be efficient. The army need LOT of investment to have a passable magic defense, that will have no effect against a magic-focused list like Tzeentch or Sacrament. Some people would argue it’s normal, and actually better that the stormcast have a particular weakness. At a time where nurgle unit can run and charge with a + 5 global move and where tzeentch have one the best melee unit in the game, i think the time of « fluff and specific weakness » is over. What should be done : - Rebalance the units - Stop the over reliance on a few powerful if not broken bataillion - Making the army more resilient globally. Without staunch defenders and lot of castellant, the stormcast don’t « feel » as sturdy they should be. When you think about stormcast, you imagine giant armored men facing ton of opponent and winning against all odds. Not 220 pts retributor with the same resilience as skullreapers or brutes who are 40 pts cheaper. - BUT the army should be less invincible against armies who don’t have ton of high rend or mortal wound output. - The army should be more resilient against mortal wounds. How i think it should be done : Point cost : - Lowering the cost of ALL vanguard units of 20 pts (40 for the aquilor), no exception - Lowering the cost of hammer prosecutor to 70 pts, and javelin prosecutor to 80 - Making the lone gryph hound a different unit than gryph-hound units. Lowering the gryph hound unit cost at 60 pts for 5, without the warning cry and castellant/veritant bonus (making them similar to chaos wounds or dire wolves in their role) - Lowering aetherwing cost to 50 pts - Lowering concussors to 240 pts - Lowering drakesworn templar to 460 (in the same cost range than a vampire lord on zombie dragon, whith more resilience and utility, but less killing power) - Lowering the celestant on stardrake to 500 - Lowering the lord celestant on dracoth to 200 (too expensive when you think that for 40 pts more, you can have a freaking freeguild general on griffon, or for 80 pts less, a mighty lord of khorne on juggernaut) - Lowering the cost of the knight questor to 80 - Increasing the cost of the lord relictor to 120. Right now, he is waaaay too good and one of the best model in the game. - Increasing the cost of the lord castellant to 120 pts Army mechanics Scion of the storm : making the deep strike guaranteed and when the stormcast player want.I t’s the only way to make it reliable. For preventing MAXIMUM CHEESE with full deepstrike, limiting the number of units who can come from the sky to 3 per turn (stormcast usually come by waves in the fluff) A new ability : Inspiring heroes : Every STORMCAST MODEL around 6 " of a STORMCAST HERO gain a 6+ invulnerable save against mortal wound (and only mortal wound). Every STORMCAST UNIT around 6 " gain +1 to bravery as well. Why : Stormcast have one of the few army to not have invulnerable save, and suxx bravery wise (liberators are worse than arboys, bloodwarriors or comparable unit. Even stormcast paladin have only 1 bravery more than brutes, famous for their low bravery). They need a specific hero to not run everywhere, and are VERY fragile against bravery focused attack. I think this new allegiance ability, would encourage stormcast player to play their army around their numerous, charismatic and powerful heroes, marching united, few against many, and not disperse themselves too much. It is close to their fluff. The biggest change : - DELETE STAUNCH DEFENDER - MAKING STAUNCH DEFENDER A BASELINE ABILITY TO LIBERATORS AND PALADINS, AND INCREASING THEIR COST TO 120/220 Why ? because right now, liberators and paladin unit feel « right » only when there is a +1 save (staunch defender) around. They really need this 3+ save to stand out against other units. But staunch defender is too strong, giving a 2+ to all stormcast heroes and a 3+ to their ranged unit, as well as making dracoth and stardrake ridiculously resilient and not fun to play against. With this change the « frontline » unit of the stormcast become what they should be : resilient guys able to hold their own against a numerical superior ennemy, and excellent in defense. In compensation, the stormcast will have more fragile ranged unit. And it stop the army to be « everything or nothing » : invincible when there is staunch defender, frail without it. People will still have trouble against frontline units, but not the whole army. No or low rend army will struggle to kill the liberators/paladin (as it should be), but not the ranged units. For the command trait, i fond them disapointting and without relief. They should show the personnality of the general, and have some synergy with allegiance ability (cf kharadrons who have command ability about their ships and code, tzeentch with many destiny dice shenaningan, or nurgle with some influence over the wheel). Something more sexy than +1 att or other should be the norm. Profile change - Making Neaeve Blacktalon a vanguard unit - Giving the TOTEM keyword to the relictor - Allowing the palladors/aquilor to charge after the use of winds aetheric, but now ending their movement 5 " away of ennemy models. Now, they will really able to harass the ennemy like they should, without being able to slip everywhere as before. Giving them a ability that doesn’t synergize with them is stupid : " hey let's give to this 200 pts melee unit an ability to go everywhere without being able to charge, and only to fire 9 pitiful dmg 1 ranged attacks ! " - Removing the group mechanic of the desolators (more desolators = more attacks) and giving them one similar to the decimators (anti massive unit ability) - While he is « fine », the celestant prime is not really fun. It’s a beautiful and symbolic model that need to stay away of the board during a good chunk of the game, and will likely be removed by the ennemy juste after his arrival. I propose to double his wound cost as well as +1 att on his base profile, but increasing his cost to 600. My goal ? Making him a « legendary/mythic » hero like morathi/archaon/nagash/alarielle, a expensive badass that will wreck ****** (but unlike all of those previously mentionned, don’t bring anything to help his army except his killing power) - Making the lord castellant ward unstackable, and making his ability to ALWAYS heal on a 6, no matter the rend or the stack of armor buff. So the heal won’t disapear if the ennemy have rend, but won’t reach ridiculous levels if you stacked armor buff on him. I would remove his offensive ward ability and give him a new that give a 5+ invulnerable save on the unit against mortal wound. So players will have to choose between « more resilient against basic attacks » and « more resilient against mortal wound ». With his new cost of 120, i twill be a powerful model, but taking lot of him will be quickly expensive. Bataillon Ok, there is waaaaaay too many bataillion to make a rundown of each of them. However, i would change the aetherstrike force so a unit could use marked to death only one time per turn, making it more tactical to play than simply protecting 12 vanguard raptor who wreck everything, and more interesting to face for the opponent Last but not least : removing the stormhost warscroll bataillion, way too expensive and unplayable at 2000, and replace them by a system similar to the Kharadron Overlords spatioport : you choose your stormhost, gain acess to few items, command ability/ ability, with certain condition. I love the skyport system and would love to see it expanded to other armies So... what do you think about it ?
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