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    @Nos I think you're reading way too far into the lore with a specific lean against humans. Don't forget the Dwarves got beaten long before humanity fell to Chaos. Come the end time setting Dwarves are heavily on the way out and are a fallen race by and large (I've been reading the old Gotrek novels so yeah dwarves are very much a failing old race). Humans lasted far longer - however dwarf, human, elf, tree - they ALL feel when Chaos tore the old world apart. None were able to withstand it and all fell. Stormcast are the extreme reaction, but they are not the be-all and end all. They have their own failings and issues. Plus don't forget your average aelf is not much more durable than the average human. Aelves and Dwarves are not godly in power and are flesh and blood just like a human; their only real bonus is in being able to naturally live a lot longer. Humans often relied on population - faster breeding and also generally being able to work with stuff like technology and magic at the same time (Aelves and Dwarves focusing on one or the other). Honestly look at Skaven - 90% of their forces are fearful ratmen who die in DROVES and who basically are just sort of nasty and easy to kill. If they can survive then surely humans can too. We won't lose humans - we will get 1 or more human factions in the AoS setting and they will work. They will have features that let them rise up to meet the challenge of the current age of Chaos. Be it through machines, magic, grit, population, divine intervention etc... Heck in the lore they already fit - we already have them all over the place. The only place we don't have them is with a Battletome.
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    A quick tip for those of you that, like me, don't like finecast or the current Loonboss on Giant Squig; The Mangler Squig kit comes with several alternate faces for the squigs, and I've used the one I didn't use for the mangler squig for this little guy; The rider is an extra from the Mangler kit as well, except his mooncutta and head, which are from the Squig Hopper kit. The body of the squig is just a lump of milliput and the legs are from a River Troll. Obviously still needs a lot of sculpting, but the basis is definitely there, and Squigs are pretty easy to fill in the details on, when the face and legs are sorted.
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    Ooh, this could be an interesting story actually. Humans have now come to live in a world where death isn't the end, they don't need to be afraid of Nagash if they just fight valiantly and get resurrected as a Stormcast. In a world where people are willing to turn to chaos for power this must be a highly tempting offer, all the strength with none of the eternal damnation. Armies start mustering around the realms, knowing even if they fail, they'll be back stronger than ever to get revenge. They march fearlessly into Chaos hordes, rampaging Waaghs and legions of undead, falling by the hundreds. Little do they know, the Anvil of Apotheosis is broken, the salvation they seek is unattainable and death means walking into Nagashs open arms. Sigmar is forced to watch on as the very inspiration and hope he sought to bring backfires, whilst his Stormcast scramble to find a solution.
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    The Imperial Guard disagrees
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    Imho, I don't see any problem with Duardins, Aelves or the average Joe. Just give them some new aesthetics to visualy break from other generic fantasy settings and we are ready to go. Look at free guild, they ride demi-gryphons, so push that over 11, expand the lore a little bit, give them a new flavour and we have a perfect army for AoS (it's just what happened to Gloomspite Gits).
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    I think once the main stories shift away from the god-battles a bit and focus on the people in the stories we might well see a lot of shifting perspectives. Right now much of the big lore events are at the GOD end of the scale; which honestly leaves little room to develop characters for some factions because by the time most gods complete a campaign many of the more mortal creatures are generations old. AoS started with the gods, but I think we'll steadily see characters and mortals rise up and the time advance slow down some. I think tihs has to happen for GW to get a handle on the lore and background and to build up character franchises. You need your Gotreks and your Gaunts Ghosts and such to be the backbone of your lore.
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    I entirely agree that the setting really needs some fairly relatable human factions. It's always been a big appeal of these sorts of games for certain parts of the fan base, myself included. As much as I live some of the more fantastical players in the setting, I find it much more enjoyable playing those which a more relatable - more human. I dont think it's too difficult to create such a faction (though I admit it's not easy) that fits the mortal realms. There are lots of lite fluff nuggets dotted around the place that suggests this the less physically imposing, magically talented mortals live. What I'd particularly like to see, and have been hopeful for for some time, is a spread of humans across the grand alliances. Perhaps one faction each for death, order, and chaos, to suggest the different ways in which humans adapted to survive the age of chaos. Darkoath seem to be a movement in that direction for chaos and draw on a really deep fantasy aesthetic. I'd be really interested in seeing a mortal death army that expands on how those loyal to nagash live their lives. Given how the fluff describes the stormcast as a strikeforce that takes ground and waits for the free peoples to hold it, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a mixed aelf, dujardin, and human faction rolled together to represent the mortal armies loyal to sigmar. I'm imagining something similar the the alliance in warcraft 3 cranked up a fair bit. That said, theres room for a more unusual mortal order army
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    Finished the first part of my pledge with a Chaos Sorceror and six Chaos Warriors. Matching them to my original Tzeentch scheme, which is definitely not what I would've chosen were I starting afresh... grey skin... First outing for the airbrush as well after a number of false starts. Nice effect on the robe, less good elsewhere and lots of lessons learned!
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    Well at this point I'm pretty sure a riot would start if SCE got another 6-8 new models. Especially the people who have giant piles of liberators!
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    I appreciate that this forum is a place for AoS positivity, but surely I’m allowed to say I like the system but hate the lore without being told to not play a game?
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    Don't play a game where you "detest" 90% of it. The new factions are the ones here to stay, even if old models get soup tomes they won't be supported forever.
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    I'm glad they pull back orks and goblins. AoS needs to continue its current path, with non-generic factions. I believe that's the main reason it's been successful. From what we hear and see these AoS only factions are the best selling ones as well (Kharadrons and Idoneth). In my opinion generic humans, aelves and duardin should stay in the lore but shouldn't receive minis. We had hundreds of games/movies/books with averege joe humans, orks and elves. And still more are coming. It's time for flying goblin pirates and duardin driving large mechanized bastions. Not some boring militia humans and smart arogant elves in long robes. We've already had plenty of that.
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    This is the list I'm planning on running at a con event in March. Gloomspite have a lot of themes you can build on, so the two I've focused on are: 'Wizards' and '-1 to Hit'. Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz - Mortal Realm: Ghur LEADERS Skragrott, The Loonking (220) - General -Lore of the Moonclans : The Hand of Gork Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300) - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider (300) - Artefact : Headdress of Many Eyes - Lore of the Spiderfangs : Sneaky Distraction UNITS 60 x Stabbas (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields - 9 x Barbed Nets - 1 x Moonclan Flag Bearers - 1 x Badmoon Icon Bearers 20 x Stabbas (130) - Stabbas & Moon Shields - 3 x Barbed Nets - 1 x Moonclan Flag Bearers - 1 x Badmoon Icon Bearers 6 x Squig Herd (70) 5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140) 1 x Boggleye (48): Itchy Nuisance -Lore of the Moonclans : 1 x Brewgit (48) 1 x Scaremonger (48) 1 x Shroomancer (48): -Lore of the Moonclans : Call da Moon 1 x Spiker (48) BATTALIONS Gobbapalooza (110) ENDLESS SPELLS Mork's Mighty Mushroom (80) Scrapskuttle's Arachnacauldron (50) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 147 LEADERS: 3/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/2 ALLIES: 0/40 So, quick rundown: I have 4 wizards with +1 to Cast, and 2 of those with +1 to unbind. Throw in the Arachnacauldron for +1 more on top of both for one of the wizards. The Arachnarok Shaman or one of the Gobbapalooza are Mighty Mushroom delivery boys. If I'm feeling confident that the Arachnarok can handle the inevitable focus fire, I'll deep strike it with Hand of Gork, pop the Mushroom as far as I can allow, and then finish up with Sneaky Distraction so that anything coming into it is at a potential -2 to hit. Even if either spell fails, I figure the Shaman on Spider will do a great job of distracting my opponent. If I expect the Arachnarok to die almost immediately, I send in one of the Gobbapalooza wizards to kamikaze for the glory of the Bad Moon. I will attribute the MMMbomb idea to Tom from this week's episode of Warhammer Weekly! All the Stabbas are protected by -1 to hit in melee, potentially contributing this benefit to the Loonboss if it's nearby (who has his own -1 to hit artefact). Shroomancer potentially adds another -1 to hit, as well as making the Stabbas killier. Overall the goal is for the list to be as annoying to deal with as possible, which mostly involves the Stabbas being a gross tarpit to get rid of, while the Loonboss and wizards deal with the big threats. Thoughts? I know Gobbapalooza are not the most efficient unit you can take, but I love them, and I think they do some really useful tricksy stuff in this list (as well as being wizards for scoring objectives). Though, I'm already weighing the benefits of just replacing them with their weight in Bounderz. Other changes I'm considering is seeing if I can fit in Geminids somewhere, as it contributes to both of the themes I've focused on.
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    The photo quality isn’t great, especially on the last two, but here are my “original eight” warbands. I had dropped out of collecting Underworlds stuff before Nightvault came out, but now that I’ve pulled it out and played a couple more games I’m getting back into it. I’ve got three new warbands in the primer queue and another one awaiting assembly.
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    To be clear I was referring entirely to the fluff. I've no real opinion or experience of how free guild play in game I'm afraid. I was trying to say that as far as I can see theres no reason a new faction of mostly humans would be at a disadvantage narratively speaking against Daughters of Khaine or Flesh Eater Courts or Gloonspite Gitz
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    I'm not saying that you are wrong, but I've the feeling that all of this arguments are just people playing with semantics. Imho, Free people will become the Imperial Guard of AoS, and it could be awesome ( and remember that we can have a lot more weird and funny things than IG btw). Lore will be diferent, the feeling too...but that's not what we are talking about.
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    Ok so I finished 3rd in little tournament,won two games against SCE Sequitors list and Legion of Azeroth (maxed out scores) and Lost nailbitter against SCE Sequitors and Evocators list when I almost recovered from horrible,horrible deployment mistake. It was also first test for my new build I am planning to bring to GT Heat 1 in March Morathi Slaughter Queen with Iron Circlet 2x Hag Queen Bloodwrack Medusa 30 Witches with pairs of knives 30 Witches with bucklers 10 Witches 2x5 Lifetakers Cauldron Guard
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    @Nos a new human faction doesn't necessarily means a new Freeguild faction. In the fluff, we have many humans armies that resisted the Age of Chaos by going full survivalist. They are now no more than barbaric tribes, and the vast majority has turned to Chaos. But they are still common, basic human, surviving amongst the horror of the ages. That's the whole point of the Darkoath archetypes. For the Order side of things, as posted above, good clues are that the common-yet-AOS-upgraded-and-redesigned human faction will be the Devoted Of Sigmar. And like the Daughters of Khaine or the Bonesplittas, they will compete with the other, stronger races / creatures with their faith and magical machines (and their number, I guess, unlike the Daughters Of Khaine). Vast crusades of utterly devoted human fanatics, aided by magical machines and lots of priests (with varied powers), and coming in huge numbers, the Devoted Of Sigmar will be (if they got released 😛) a match for any other armies of the current meta, as will be the Darkoath barbarians.
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    Humans were far from annihilated in the Realms. Sigmar is their patron god and humans themselves were as heavily populated as any other species. They were, like ALL others, decimated when Chaos launched their major offensive and took the Realms for a Thousand Years. Dwarves, Aelves, Humans - all were crushed. Also you're mistaken about the gods - the age of Gods and beasts was the Age of Myth. That age is passed long now and whilst there are still such creatures around they are more rare and muted. Humans can very much survive just as dwarves and Aelves and orks can in this Realm. If it were only the gods then all the other races we play would be near useless. They'd be driven out and crushed too. Yet we see that in the early Realmgate novels there are many bands of humans who survive; we see in the newer stories that humans not only survive, but build cities - big ones. The only reason they are undrerepresented on the tabletop is because they've yet to have their Battletome(s). Just like Destruction and the goblins. Humans can very much survive and thrive in the AoS setting. What might set them apart is a use of things like black powder; the power of steam; the power of magic and also infantry and regular swords. Bolted to the side of the Stormcast; aided by their Patron God Sigmar and perhaps others in the future. The Realms are a dynamic setting and there's certainly room for all factions. Also the Old world was on the brink of the end of the world, but lets not forget the "end of the world" was only a theory until it happened. Until it happened the end could have been coming for another thousand generations or might even have been defeated and driven back.
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    I agree with everyone else that some sort of generic humans dwarves and elves are a super necessary release. They may not be the most popular or the most sexy but they definitely provide a context that is currently lacking. Rampaging hordes need things to attack, chaos needs something to corrupt, necromancer's need bodies to ressurrect and God warriorz need something to defend after all. Without, it just feels kinda empty. While more other cool armies may be individually more exciting and will sell better, I think the IP as a whole needs a generic faction or 2. They could even roll a ton of them into one as 'generic spearmen' and swordemen and archers usable by any faction. Maybe with extra allegience abilities if you so want. And then you could use whatever models you wanted. But currently the IP needs a foundation
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    I meant fresh in respect to being Sigmarised I suppose. The funny thing about people complaining about the new factions is that I personally feel the new factions are basically the same as they were before, just more so. Ironjawz are more Black Orcy orcs. Gloomspite Gitz are way more Night Goblin than Night Goblins ever were in Warhammer. Daughters are are a Khainite Dark Elf army on steroids. Sylvaneth are a whole army of Wood Elf Tree Kin. Fundamentally in my experience it means *more* Warhammer stuff actually gets on the table than it ever did, because rather than being lost in a massive roster 3/4 of which never saw play, you have smaller factions representing that whole roster across multiple armies in which a larger number of them are viable.
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    Hey everyone, actually got my 750 point league game in today vs Daughters of Khaine with..interesting results. Still playing on Kill Points, next week with 1k we will begin doing actual objectives starting with Battle for the Pass. My List Allegiance: WanderersWaywatcher (120)- General- Trait: Eagle-eyed - Artefact: Starcaster Longbow 20 x Glade Guard (240)10 x Sisters of the Watch (180)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- ScythesTotal: 740 / 750 DoK List Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine- Temple: Hagg NarHag Queen (60)- General- Trait: Devoted Desciples - Artefact: Iron Circlet - Prayer: Catechism of MurderHag Queen (60)- Prayer: Blessing of Khaine30 x Witch Aelves (270)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives20 x Witch Aelves (200)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives10 x Khinerai Heartrenders (160)Total: 750 / 750 T1 I elect my opponent to go first while I try to screen the Heartrenders as best I can in deployment. All that really ends up happening is having 7 Glade Guard die to the Khinerai that I didn't expect her to drop down right away, battleshock took another 3. I chose to teleport up the SotW to be in range of the 20 unit of Witches killing ~5 while the Waywatcher and 10 remaining GG shot into the Khinerai and managed to kill 7 with battleshock only taking 1 more, unfortunately. T2 I get the double and put 4 GG shots into the Khinerai to finish them off and the rest knock a couple of Witches out. The Waywatcher took some pot-shots at the Hag Queen general which brought her down to 2 wounds left... and man do I love still getting shots on 3's\3's despite Look out, Sir. The SotW do their job and manage to leave just 4 Witches left. Opponents turn sees the 30 Witches on the right quickly move up the board to regain some ground but they still aren't quite within charge range. The 4 remaining Witches out front manage to charge the SotW, killing 3 since my overwatch shooting whiffed pretty massively. T3 I win priority and get the SotW out of there and take them to a better position when the 30 block of Witches inevitably charges the Kurnoths who have moved up to "attempt" to screen the charge. I opt to let the Waywatcher finish off the Hag Queen while the GG take out 2 Witches. Now this is where it starts going downhill; the Witches make an 11" charge and have enough distance to get 3 into the GG and 23 into the Kurnoths. After my opponent kills off 4 GG, I brace for the big hurt of 46 wounds before saves... and somehow I was left with 1 Kurnoth at 4 wounds. I have no explanation for how or why the dice gods managed to help me for once, but re-rolling all failed saves on a 4+ is what did it. Swinging back, boss-tree cleaves off 5 Witches with what I imagine to be the biggest smirk on his face for surviving that atrocious amount of damage. T4 Opponent wins priority and wipes said smirk off the Kurnoths face and also kill off the GG since they are essentially wet paper. My turn has my Waywatcher decide that it's time to get out and teleports to the back corner while he and the SotW manage to bring the Witches down to 19. T5 Opponent wins priority again and marches the Witches towards the remaining SotW who kill 2 more with overwatch and then proceed to horribly die. With no way out on the 5th round, the Waywatcher decides to actually start getting meaningful rolls and manages to put out 7 wounds against the Hag Queen to end the game. Wanderers win just barely with 53 wounds killed vs the DoK killing 45. Overall thoughts I still really love the army, but oh man is it incredibly defensive and very hard to push out of deployment in against faster armies. I will definitely be including 20 or so Dryads at 1k because there's absolutely no way to win objectives games without an additional anvil. Kurnoths continue to prove their worth, being such a great Hammer+Anvil unit rolled into one nice 200 point package. I have another 750 point game and a couple of 1k games next weekend so I'll be sure to get those posted as well. Thanks for reading!
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