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    Well... around here GW‘s words are law. Everything that is not allowed for matched play is „untrue“ and people refuse to let you play it... 👌🏻 So now they all can‘t play anything anymore except Lumineth 🤣
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    GW is making more money than ever in spite of the CV. There is no actual excuse for poor service.
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    Maybe, yet they‘re a company though people keep acting like GW was a friend next door. It‘s funny how raising the prices for products is fine since „it‘s a company“ but being upset about a lacking product is usually answered with „have patience, give them time etc.“ ? They don‘t deliver: I won‘t pay. They don‘t produce good rules: I won‘t buy those. I might have patience if the prices wouldn‘t be as absurd as they are or if the rules quality was improved (that one is steep a downward spiral imo). Summarized: I don‘t pay for a lacking product which already is too expensive (Azyr is constantly bugged and out of date) while the company keeps increasing prices and keeps claiming that their low-quality product is actually high quality. If you keep throwing down money of that companies throat it only signals them that they can even charge for doing nothing. One has to draw a line at some point. Edit: And I am honestly fed up with their business practices lately.
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    Has the new Blood Bowl Spooky Team gotten anyone hyped for a new Death faction?! Imagine a new Death army with werewolves vampires and pumpkin heads?! Haha and if not I’ll get nighthaunt when they get a new tome 😁.
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    Here's a short list of some of things that make AoS a simpler/more elegant game than 40k. Points and buying models/wargear: In 40k you have the ability to purchase (not counting Power Level which is typically not used in PUGs) per man beyond the minimum squad size for most non-vehicle/monster units. Additionally, most units also have a selection wargear that cost additional points. List building in general in 40k requires far more accounting. Most of the time in AoS, you drop the zero from points and not change a thing. Detachments: 40k has a whole host of Force Organization Charts with Detachments each dictating the type of units you take. Additionally, taking more detachments alters the number of Command Points (8th ed was more, 9th ed is less). More Types of Unit: 40k has Troops, Fast Attack, Elites, Heavy Support, Flyers, Lords of War and HQs compared to AoS's Heroes/Leaders, Battleline, Behemoths and Others (I think that's everything). Point is there are few more unit types in 40k. Command Points and Stratagems: 40k has several times the number of Command Points available for a 2000pt army to manage before and during a game. As mentioned, CP can even be spent on Stratagems giving units special ability very close to what Battalions often can do in AoS (not that close, but enough to mention). Additionally, 40k's general pool of a Stratagems is typically more than what any given AoS army even has to spend CP on during a game, and there are at 3-5 times that number of stratagems available per faction. Determining To Wound Target Number: In AoS this is a static number depending on the unit. In 40k, this is a variable determine by the difference between Strength and Toughness. Factions and Subfactions: 40k just has more of them. There are more active Codices than Battletomes and most 40k factions are often going to have more subfactions (like space marine chapters, Tyranid Hivefleets and Eldar Craftworlds) than any of the AoS factions I have seen. Terrain Effects: As of 9th edition, 40k now has more involved terrain rules for a game where I would say terrain and terrain density is more important since 40k is largely assumed to be mostly ranged with few units have more than 10 individuals in them. Model Positioning: As of 9th, 40k models have to placed with similar care as they do in AoS with 2" coherency. But more than 6 models have to be careful to stay within 2 other models. Granted, AoS tends to have more wholly within effects, but 40k also has a few themselves in addition to good number of within effect auras. More Datasheets: It isn't a secret that a lot of AoS/40k's rules are actually baked into the unit rules. And 40k has loads more units dramatically increasing the complication of the game. Again that is just a quick short list of the things that stand out to me not thinking too deep about it. Sure, some AoS factions can have a meta resource or mini-game attached to a faction (Aether Gold/Quartz or Destiny Dice, Etc.), but that isn't universal to all factions. I also want to say that I think that 40k is largely needlessly complicated and not really that complex of a game. I much prefer AoS's approach as I find much of 40k's mechanics often feel like a busy box with lots of switches, dials and buttons that don't really do that much save maybe give the illusion of complexity. I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with simple mechanics. Chess, Go and number very hard to master games aren't really that complicated relying on how the player manipulates the mechanics as a matter of skill compared to knowing more mechanics being counted as skill (again, personal opinion) which I often find with GW games.
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    Cellistar Ballista up! onward evocators I think
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    Games Workshop are having their best year ever and their profits have continued to up despite Covid. They're not some small, struggling independent out of one guy's garage who needs your charity. The only message you're sending is, "Lol they'll put down money for literally anything with the Warhammer logo on it. Just keep shoving half-baked products out there, they'll buy it anyway, who cares lmao?"
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    THE PUMPKIN HEAD! THE BED SHEETS! I’ve waited around 30 years for GW to give me an Ian Miller pumpkin head army. I AM SHOOKETH https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/07/terrifying-touchdowns-from-beyond-the-grave/
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    I made good experiences with a Hammer of 6. Last game I killed one Great Unclean One in one charge😉
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    Hello mates! I´ve made this quick-tutorial for some lumineth easy bases. I hope it can inspire any of you!
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    Hello, Can you critique this list 340 -Mannfred Mortarch of the night 130-Necromancer 120-Wight king with baleful blade 280-Skeletons with spears x 40 140-Direwolves x 10 240-Chain rasp horde x 30 240- Black Knights x 10 300- Grimghast Reapers x 30 50- Extra command point 2000/2000
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    Q: Can I use rules from older publications in Pitched Battle (2020) games, such as Mercenary Companies from the General’s Handbook 2019? A: Yes, but only if your opponent agrees or a house rule permits it This is the wording. We are all making distinctions to make it logical. That distinction in not in the answer. Older publications, bam! That’s it. the whole point of the FAQ and errata should be to avoid being unclear. And this isn’t it. and again I agree. The way it’s worded, if you feel the wrath of the everchosen is a publication, white dwarf is a publication, etc. Then the battletomes should also be counted as a publication. And with the above lazy wording should be disallowed. although I cannot stress enough. It’s not a big deal, the community is reasonable enough to just deal with it and not go all ‘but raw it says you can’t’... just annoying that they used such a broad term when they could have easily made it more specific.
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    I wrote a deep dive strategy article for KO, going over factions, unit options, and discussing strategy at length. Want to step up your game? Take a look. https://www.goonhammer.com/start-competing-kharadron-overlords/
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    Thanks for the tip! And apologies for clogging up the thread with that comically large wall of code.
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    Totally! Everytime someone says the word Soulblight all im hearing is Deadwalkers, new zombie models in the style those found on the Corpse Cart, Pusgoyles and now even on the new Blood Bowl Black orcs. Or why stop there we might have zombie orruks, ogors or even giants. I even got a colourscheme ready and a listbuilding plan and then I wake up and realize that this is pure wishlisting... But damn it would be nice...
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    I've used them alongside a big unit of 40 rasps to fill out my battleline. Usually stick them on the flanks to screen Bladegheists and/or threaten objectives, as they're nice and fast. I've had them sneak an objective or two.
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    My thoughts are if you are ditching depravity you’ll want to include either Fiends or Marauders. Both are incredibly strong, the issue with Fiends is you don’t Generate depravity Marauder spam is also potent, especially with slaanesh abilities
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    I first got into the hobby in 2016 after playing Total War Warhammer. In Total War, I had played the Vampire Counts, and loved them (and Mannfred) dearly. I wore down the inevitable Chaos invasion with hordes of cheap zombies raised by my vampiric necromancers. When I went to the Games Workshop store I was bewildered at this Age of Sigmar thing but went with it. It is fair to say that Mannfred and Vampire Counts helped me to start Warhammer, even though I own no Mannfred models.
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    I did it at a Tourney got owned, because I’m a terrible player and my opponents are genius’s. Mostly because I usually have no idea what I’m doing while they have plans and strategy and stuff. The better list was the 2x 6 Fiends list the winner had. I’ll try to find the various lists.
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    Yeah that would be amazing. Have to be honest Warhammer Fantasy has still some cards to play to attract interest.
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    Yeah I just asked this question so I know the answer! You cannot. You can only place a model within 3 inches of an enemy unit if the unit that the model is being returned to is already within 3 inches of that same enemy unit. There is text in the night haunt tome with this ruling.
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    Wrath of the everchosen is a supplement though in GW terms. That's a different kind of product than a Battletome. So that should/could be the distinction they are making. But the wording 'older publications' sounds very concrete but is clearly creating more uncertainty. I agree.
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    Oh man, some of the hero models are definitely made for a fantasy setting. I'm getting closer and closer to a full 20 man Greatsword squat where every model is a conversion. And most of the models are coming from 40k. That Eisenhorn model 😍 But most community posts were about the lore and tactics of all kinds of 40k factions. So no, still hibernation time.
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    Service to the God-king permits no slacking, still gotta scope out conversion materials for the realms.
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    The message from me is "This whole year is f'ed, and nothing is going that well. Hunker down and put what free money you have toward the things you like, in hopes that they can keep going long term." In 2019 I might have dropped the app (well, to be honest I'm lazy enough and the monthly rate is small enough that I'd probably keep paying it for a long time and just grumble about it here rather than figure out how to cancel). In 2020 I'm keeping it.
  26. 1 point
    Liber Necris should be required reading for Death players.
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    That’s a fair point Jack and I agree. GW are doing well enough financially. I tried the Azyr service a few years ago but noticed too many errors and anomalies and cancelled my subscription almost straight away. Now Warscroll Builder, yes from time to time you spot a few issues but they are almost always fixed promptly. In this case I much prefer the free version.
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    Yeah, somebody posted something like that around here... Maybe in FEC 🤔 setting up models within 3“ while unengaged seems to be a nono.
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    Anyone seen this silly thing? One drop (only one Hero though), if you get all the Power of Hysh spells off and Lambent Light off through Spellportal, it's something close to 30+ MWs per turn. On most setups, unless they have good unbinds, you're removing whatever Heroes you want top of 1 with barely any counterplay. ...of course, the list basically auto-loses on Places of Power or against anything durable against shooting (Idoneth) or MWs. But it is amusing.
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    And here’s Corsairs 21 to 30! A squad with crossbows and daggers, making their way onto the beach. Here’s the Reaver (squad leader): The standard is a witch elf one, with the Corsair top added back on. As the sail ‘Wolfships’ and are pirates but I hadn’t done a particularly ‘pirates’ flag yet I did this one black and used a wolf-skull and cross-bones decal from a Space Wolf sheet. I also used some Alpha Legion hydra decals as it goes with the beast-hunters theme. Perhaps they’re battle honours, perhaps beasts captured. Like all the standards in the army, I repositioned them so that they’re flowing front-left, as are the Corsairs’ cloaks. The unit’s piper, wading her way through the shallows. Another ex-Wanderer. I modelled this one with a set of brass knuckles (knuckle duster, to some), winding up a punch. Double daggers. Another couple of ex-Wanderers. Didn’t take the ‘Eternal Guard’ title literally, I guess. And the last two. Corsairs 31-40 are on the painting table now. After that I’ve got: - a scourge runner chariot - a dark elf-crewed and converted a bit celestar ballista - a light wizard - my black ark fleetmaster ...and that’s the army done for now. Rumour is that Armies On Parade 2020 might not be happening. If so then I’ll enter next year instead, which gives me time to add more units 😉
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    I'm not as positive about this ruling as I was the Longstrike one. My understanding at this time is that the same logic that you're applying to say it's interpreted one way (ie the rule doesn't explicitly say to do it one way, and there are some similar abilities that do) is the same logic I'm using to say it shouldn't be done that way. I feel that if they wanted it to work that way, they would have explicitly said that, and in the absence of that, I look at similar abilities in the same book and have it work in a similar way (ie resolving damage against each target seperately). I can see a good argument for either method. My concern, as with the Longstrike debate, is the level of confidence that you're placing in your answers on the public forum. We're in a stormcast group where everyone here has a vested interest in having it work a certain way, so you're in a situation where you can easily create an echo chamber where everyone eagerly agrees with you and doesn't want to see it any other way. If you at least admit that it's open to interpretation and that the rule is vaguely worded, that's good enough for me to agree to disagree.
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    If you're up for a little DIY and have extra maggoth heads around, I made my Beast of Nurgle out of a maggoth head and some sculpey (and some spare maggoth feet, although they aren't really necessary).
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    @Tasman is right that you can do whatever you please. Both have benefits and are similarly costed. Dragon ogors are faster and more durable but do much less damage. Bullgors are slow (for our army) with weaker armor and less wounds but have the potential to annihilate the enemy's best with ease. A dragon ogor focused list is best with no great fray (generally) while a warherd heavy army prefers darkstalkers or gavespawn. This is usually how all armies do when making lists, choose units to fill holes in your army. Lets say you've got your brayherd guys that you want, but lack a hammer. You pick either a ghorgon or some bulls to punch the enemy. Or visa versa. The big problem for dragon ogors (in my opinion) is that they have a lot of overlap with the brayherd in purpose. Brayherd are just as fast if not faster than DO and are similarly tanky. Bestigor are actually rather comparable to the DO in many ways. Brayherd combines best with bulls in my opinion. Centigors are extremely fast, bulls hit, and ungors grab midfield. I use the mandatory gor unit in desolating beastherd to camp home. I just like having all the different sizes of gor in my army though. It might be interesting to combine DO and warherd together for ultra elite beast army. Haven't heard anything about that idea before. Good luck, and remember, don't be afraid to experiment! (proxies can be your friend) For Morghur!
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    Lol, Thanks for your insight about my list.
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    I finished Corsairs 11 to 20 (of 40). These ten will go in the same unit as the first ten cutlass/dagger ones. An ex-Wanderer. Three here with Doomfire Warlock blades. Taken from their still warm hands, no doubt. Show off with two cutlasses. My favourite is this one with the two-handed sword. Executioner arms with a cutlass blade. Spear and harpoon for extra stabbiness. Being pirates, one has to have a hook hand. And I’m now working on a Black Ark Fleetmaster. I’ve seen people adding texture to cloth via highlights and that’s why I’m trying here. I haven’t the time to learn/try NMM let alone SENMM but managed a bit of Sky Earth True Metallic Metal here on his chest and shoulder played with some Agrax Earthshade and Guilliman Blue Glaze. Happy with it.
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    Well I mean it is still a 25wound unit with a 6++. So it is definitely still a great option to have.
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    You wouldn't believe the people I've encountered who hate on Age of sigmar and talk about how great fantasy was all the time. But they don't know anything about fantasy or did not even play it.
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    I just think Zombies and skeletons make the perfect ship crew. No food problems, can row and pull sails around the clock without tiring, don’t fear to climb the mast in the worst storm, can not drown, do not get sick. Not prone to mutiny or alcoholism. All the usual problems are just not an issue for them.
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    More work on the mantrappers, this time on the cat. I've tried to create a snow leopard look which took ages, but I'm very happy with. Now I just need to finish up the straps and paint the base. Tomorrow I plan to paint Hrothgorn, then it's on to the snow.
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    Gallowmire is a ruined city in a deep valley seven leagues rimward from Wortbad, that probably dates back to the Age of Myth. The citizens of Gallowmire were once wealthy and traded goods with other cities in Shyish; Stonewarden, Overmere and Shadespire. The treasures from those days long-gone have mostly been looted and stolen, but a few may remain, hidden in the undergrowth or in forgotten cellars. Gallowmire was abandoned long ago, it was overgrown and almost lost to the malignant forests of the Harrowmark. Recently it was rediscovered by sky-pirates and used as a hideout between cruises. But something ancient has been disturbed there... ~ ~ ~ I have finished the first of my Warcry Ruins, I want them to look overgrown and tangled with trees so they fit in with the overgrown forest look of the Harrowmark. I will mix them up with Citadel Woods and my forest shipwreck on the Warcry board I plan to make from an A1 cork notice board.
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    We've found a member of the Pleasure Cults! Call the Swordmasters!
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