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    This forum super needs a mouseover function for all those darn abbreviations and cute-isms people like to use. Folks! Spell it out with first use, then abbreviate in subsequent uses in that post! It's a basic rule of good writing for communication.
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    It's clearly going to be skeleton jack, king of the pumpkin patch. I too hope it's a new aos oc. Don't need more old world links. Make new stuff.
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    I developed a nifty online tool last week that might help you guys with your battles in the future. As a Seraphon player, I was always stressed that I was forgetting to do things in the right phase. So, I developed AoS Reminders. It has Seraphon, Gloomspite Gitz, Sylvaneth, and most importantly, Idoneth Deepkin!!!! Check it out here -> https://daviseford.com/aos-reminders/ Basically, you add your units, battalions, command traits, realmscape features, and artifacts, and you will get an ordered list of what abilities to use during which phase. I know how many rules you guys have to remember I hope this cheat sheet helps you be more efficient (and win more battles!) Please give it a whirl and let me know if you enjoy it! I would LOVE some feedback and critiques! If you notice that a rule is wrong, please either tell me here or post it as an issue here P.S. it is print-friendly! When you hit print, all of the fancy UI elements are stripped out and you get a list like so:
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    I hope I'm not stating something too obvious here or something that's been said already, but for me, above all, two things are important: 1) (learn to) enjoy other aspects of the hobby 2) if you really are a competitive person, find something else to compete in While I only prefer matched play and try to optimise my lists as much as I can, I really enjoy painting and creating a cool and thematic army. Thus, the reward of seeing your creations on the tabletop, pitted against your opponents', becomes a reward in itself. For me, having a few hours here and there to paint/convert while listening to the latest Joe Rogan Podcast or whatever is just a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Gaming is almost secondary, and while winning is fun I play Khorne Mortals and have been used to losing the past few years But competitiveness is part of the human mindset, which I fully respect and am aware of. And I hope I'm not disrespecting anyone, but I just believe it is a waste of human potential for really competitive people to spend all their energy on winning in the Warhammer hobby. Or more exactly, to invest so much of themselves in the hobby that game results affects self esteem or somewhere close to it (ie. if you care that badly about winning or losing). While I'm definitely not against tournaments, this hobby will never be a sport and don't treat it as such. To satisfy my competitive urges I train and compete (although irregularly and at amateur level) in brazilian jiu jitsu - if you're a competitive person, that's where I recommend you go. Don't get me wrong - I love this hobby and have been in it for over 20 years - but winning or losing here really isn't something you should invest your emotions in. I mean, ofcourse I do it too from time to time, I'm just trying to keep it in perspective.
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    It seems clear that aside from the eight gods (maybe nine, depending on how Teclis is counted) of the Realms and the gods of Chaos, there are, or at least at some point where, possibly countless lesser gods in the Mortal Realms. Sadly we only have bits and pieces about them. We know from the lore on the gods of Death that for the most part these are raised through belief. This does pose an interesting question to cases such as Morrda. Are gods that resemble or are even identical with gods from the world that was survivors, where they ressurected or are they completely new beings produced by the belief of survivor from the world-that-was? Whichever it is, it doesn't seem to work for the original aelven deities, seeing how Mathlann and Khaine remain dead despite a strong base of worshipper. In Khaines case that might be because of Morathi, but Mathlann is deader than dead as the Idoneth aknowledge. We know there where a lot of minor Death gods and Nagash killed and absorbed most of them. We also know other minor gods where around. In some cases godsbeasts are acual gods as well (like Dracothion). It was never stated outright, but imo it's implied that at least some of the great monsters slain by Sigmar, Grimnir and Gorkamorka in the age of myths might have been less pleasant gods. Most minor gods are propably gone after the age of Chaos, but at least a few might still be around. I guess they can be ressurected. The Hedonites Battletome has an interesting tidbit about a Pretender Keeper of Slaanesh trying to ressurect and wed a dead Godess of Plenty to spawn demigods.
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    I developed a nifty online tool last week that might help you guys with your battles in the future. As a Seraphon player, I was always stressed that I was forgetting to do things in the right phase. So, I developed AoS Reminders. It has Seraphon, Gloomspite Gitz, and most importantly, Sylvaneth!!!! Check it out here -> https://daviseford.com/aos-reminders/ Basically, you add your units, battalions, command traits, realmscape features, and artifacts, and you will get an ordered list of what abilities to use during which phase. Sylvaneth has been heavily requested since I launched this tool - since I play against Sylvaneth a lot, I know how many rules you guys have to remember ;). I hope this cheat sheet helps you be more efficient (and win more battles!) Please give it a whirl and let me know if you enjoy it! I would LOVE some feedback and critiques! If you notice that a rule is wrong, please either tell me here or post it as an issue here P.S. it is print-friendly! When you hit print, all of the fancy UI elements are stripped out and you get a list like so:
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    You’re assuming that GW wants to sell a lot of these boxed sets. That’s really only going to be true if they are a way to clear overstock of existing sprus, which seems unlikely in this case given that a Sylvaneth is about to get another big sales push from the new Battletome and Gitz seem popular too right now. In reality, these limited run boxes are a promotion and quite possibly a loss leader. Why would GW want to produce enough boxes to meet the full demand when they are selling the contents at significantly below the market price for the individual components? If they sold enough copies of Looncurse to appease anyone who wanted one or more Arch revenants, what would that do for the market afterwards? People complaining that GW didn’t produce enough boxes are really complaining that GW didn’t make enough for them to buy everything they wanted at discount prices. If all you want is an arch revenant or two then you can pick them up on eBay for less than half the cost of the box (ie cheaper than a share of full Sylvaneth content). How many people who wanted the Sylvaneth still sold the Gitz (or split the box, which is fundamentally the same thing - they weren’t buying Looncurse as an intro set, they were plundering a discount box for stuff they wanted and selling the stuff they didn’t to minimise their net spend. Not that I’m suggesting this is morally wrong, it’s the way this hobby frequently works. I just think the level of indignation is strange when the complaint is that people can’t buy the box at a discount and sell off the stuff they don’t want because someone on eBay bought it to sell on first, and the suggested solution from some people is that GW produce enough discount boxes, at increased cost to themselves, to make everyone happy. Some people even think this would make good economic sense!
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    Perhaps if the Idoneth actually believed that Mathlann was still a live God, then that belief would become self-fulfilling. As it is, he remains dead because they believe he is dead. Belief can work both ways. I don't think that the main Gods - those that are the embodiment of a Realm - require belief from mortals for their existence, although their strength may wax and wane accordingly.
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    It's cool dude. If you wanna champion your army go for it. His getting two armies, one for fun one for tournaments. Personally I wouldn't lead him down the path of an army that doesn't do well in tournaments. I also think free people are a very cool army and have a lot of potential as far as hobby goes, so I'm not throwing shade at them. Just giving unbiased feedback (I hate daughters).
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    Just gotta get some of that OG with the OP for the OC. What. No, I agree with you
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    Please 'fane' interest in my latest hobby project - finally ready for battle
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    It's in the middle of G9! It took me a minute too, because it just looks like a bit of sprue holding the wheel in place.
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    Another report from the front lads. This time scorched earth in a crowded desert city. (cool map, but would never be seen in a tournament ) He was using the new kurnoth hunters warscroll with the arch revenant. I wanted to give the skull reaper horde another chance before I changed it. Not exactly an army people are afraid of, but it might offer some insight. I'm not going to go into exacting detail on this one though as it was fast, and I'm tired. The Armies: Terrain: There were streets and open fire lanes in the center but he clogged up the major arterial way with his wildwoods by the edge of deployment. I set up my altar to block more line of sight Deployment: All the kurnoths hung out in the center with the revenant and a wytch wile 2 spite squads grabbed each objective with the last wytch on my left. The thirster and 5 reapers, 5 mongers, and 5 blood warriors sat on the right, sitting next to the wildwoods. I dropped the rest of my army in an extended line, covering both the center and left objectives. The Battle: I won the roll off to pick sides and chose to steal his wildwoods. No free dryads for you! Also blocking line of sight from his shooters. and my opponent chose to go first. The battalion let him teleport a unit (6" away) and move 3 others, so he teleported the melee kurnoths directly in front of my right hand "castle" (more like a fort) and moved the shooters up. The revenant then chased the melee hunters and the shooters did 5 wounds on the blood warriors guarding the big block of reapers. Charge phase the hunters make it to the mongers (who were guarding the flank of the thirster) but most get stuck on the blood warriors in front. He uses the revenant to give them +1 attack. 4 easily kill the blood warriors who do a total of 3 wounds back. 1 only gets 1 attack through on the reapers doing 2 damage and 2 of them kill 3 mongers who finish off the wounded one. In return the thirster does 8 mortal wounds and 7 damage on the unit of hunters while the reapers + mongers kill all but one who is kept around with a command point. That 1 dude also did that evocator thing of mortals, but only in 1" and only 1 dice per model in the hunter unit, killing a reaper. Objectively worse than evocators, but still new. My turn I move up the big castle (who gets clogged on the streets/altar/buildings) who ran because they weren't going to get in range this turn. Plus he had a shooting line I didn't want to let him get the chance to unload shots with. Call it a gamble. The right hand reapers fell back towards the spites and the thirster finished the last hunter. We rolled off and I won it, choosing to go first. The thirster went after the enemy general and the big reaper blob moved on the shooting kurnoths with the small unit of reapers + blood warriors threatened the left objective. It was at this point that I overestimated the reapers. Or underestimated the durability of the hunters. The big blob charged 2 hunter units and captured the center objective. They outran the mongers and were only getting +1 attack. 4 reapers did 6 mortals and 1 wound to the first unit while the 3 did 5 mortals to the second unit. In return they killed 1 reaper with stomps. Meanwhile the arch revenant only got 1 attack through and did 2 wounds to the thirster who promptly did 15 wounds back, but she resurrected with 3 wounds on the spot. I expected him to retreat her onto one of my objectives, but the only ones who moved up were the spites who just sort of sat there warding off my attacks from his objectives. The great bows killed 2 reapers and injured another. In combat the revenant went first and did 6 wounds to the thirster, while the reapers killed 1 hunter form the first unit and did 2 mortals to the other. The wounded reaper was finished by stomps and the revenant paid for her temerity. I won the roll off for turn and my opponent decided to call it. That was a weird one. My opponent essentially threw himself upon my sword turn 1 and whilst I didn't quite manage to finish him there that was 600pts to kill blood warriors and tie up my smaller block for a turn. Losing the roll offs is what really finished him though. If it manages to get through the bows can be nasty, but with hitting on 4s they're not a great choice. I suggested using the second kurnoth bunch as scythes and playing less aggressively. Castling and all that. We'll see how that goes, he's sticking with the woods for a while yet. The mortals from the hunters are nice (for them), but not really game making, even with the bonus ones from the greatswords. Side note: Holy cow! my opponent only failed 2 saves from all of my big unit's attacks over 2 combat phases. Those were some hot dice. As for my thoughts on my army... I was really missing the priests this game. Getting trapped by that hunter was bad and being able to snipe things with them would have been nice. The thirster feels so vulnerable, I'm certain that if those 3 hunters had made it to him he would have been at death's door. Need to keep him wrapped. The reapers did a fine job, but I need to limit my reliance on them. Everything else worked as expected. I was a little surprised that I managed to keep that re-roll 1 aura from the enemy heroes who were hiding (mostly). Side note: that arch revenant is not to be trifled with. -2 rend always hurts. They definitely aren't useless to mortals. you just won't be using those command abilities on much. It's why the insensate rage is a popular choice of thirster. Besides being the least points he doesn't make you feel like you're wasting the command ability he has by not using it. Plus explosions. Explosions are always nice. The others aren't bad choices either, I just feel like you have to consider bringing more daemons if you're using them. Even if it's just more thirsters. Agreed. The only times I've summoned one, the game had been decided by then and he really didn't add much. Could be worth summoning if you're on a hero capturing scenario and happen to have the points. That's rather specific though.
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    Game 5. Border war vs Sylvaneth. Major Loss. 15 to 23. Most enjoyable match of the tournament. Great sportsmanship from the opponent.
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    The only reason this matters (or anyone cares) is because of the arch revenant. Everybody keeps talking about, “how garbage t-revs are” and now they care that they cant get their hands on a bunch of t-revs all of a sudden? Give me a break... If it matters all that much to you proxy a model until the arch-rev actually comes out. That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of units you probably won’t use, making whatever money you saved on the box totally pointless. Looncurse was a box supposed to bring NEW people into the hobby by giving them two semi-balanced forces to play with for the first time. GW clearly underestimated the sheer insanity that new plastic crack would create among established players; because quite frankly everyone freaking out about this needs to get hit in the head with a giant cartoon hammer and take a nap for a bit.
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    Welcome to TGA. It's a truly friendly, helpful place in which to discuss this great hobby. Working on Troggoths myself at the moment. You may find when the contrast paints come out (soon) that having different coloured squigs may become a bit easier to achieve, but keeping it simple when starting out is sensible. I still have many of my earliest attempts and it's good to look at them now and again, if only to see the progress I've made over the years (not that I'm particularly great now ).
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    Original character (do not steal)
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    In Souls war from J Reynolds there’s a good description of minor deities including the myth of a cat queen spirit that reincarnates or something like that. From the malign portents we know that there were many Death minor gods absorbed by Nagash and at least one was hidden until a Stormcast brought Nagash right at his doorstep
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    I really hope that's the Shyish OG equivalent ... Original Corpse 😂
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    I feel Syberites is taken so often because we have a lot of heroes in our list and getting them all down in one drop is very important. But CP is very important to us due to the Keeper's command ability. I've found it's good for single use items, such as the Cameo of the Dark Prince - you can get the command point and then trade it in for rerolls to hits. Even just taking a MW for a turn can give you all the rerolls you need - especially if you opponent gets a double turn as it lasts until your next hero phase. My games have all been over by turn 2 so I've not seen our summoning in action properly, but it's a useful boost. I would even think it's worth taking an 80 point Slaaneshi Exalted Hero of Chaos just for a cheap summoning anchor that hides behind the fane - 80 points to ensure you always can summon is worth it imo.
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    Just had a game agains some Slaanesh random Scum. I had Aspiring Deathbringer general with reroll charge bubble Exalted DB with +2 attacks 3 priests 1Bloodsecrator with banner of wrath 5 warriors + 2X5 hounds 3X5 Skullreapers 2X5 wrathmongers Slaughterborn bataillon Wrath axe and bloodicon 10 drops He had a godseeker host 2 Flying Keeper of secrets 1 exaltedchariot with hero 1 epitome 3X5 Helstrider 10 seekers umbral spellportal Cavalcade and sybarite bataillon 2 drops We where playing on gift from the heaven in Ghyran. I packed everything in the middle, he gave me the first turn. I casted my judgement to block paths and blessings and pass the turn. He advanced at 16.1" from me and ended his. I won the rollof and gave him the double. He charged with his keeper and his seekers on my left flank, killing a unit of warriors and reapers in one strike. Then i countercharged and killed them all with 5 reapers and 5 mongers (with 2 or 3 extra attacks) amazing. But i failed to catch my objectives that they where sitting on. I got the double,s made a long 11 charge with hounds and seized both objectives. Then he took his turn and made something i didnt expected, summoned a chain of heralds on foot to summon a pack a daemonette on my obejectives (but he failed to have more than my 3 reapers) he got the double, seized both objectives turn4 summoned another keeper and exalted chariot and smashed me a little. The rest of the game was an exchange of objectives and i happened to win by a single point. Afterthoughts : Keepers are scary veeery scary. Having your whole army striking last after the ennemy striked you twice is no fun. The epitome is crucial too in this gameplan. We counted that he played with 3200 army points with his summonings vs my 2140 worth. That seemed a bit unfair. Fighting slaanesh can't be done like any other random army, you have to have a very specific plan, sceens and patience. About my own army : Slaughterborn was valuable. Very. Was it worth an extra unit of reapers/skullcrusher? ....mmmmmh. Dunno. The effect is passive, unconditionnal, reduces drops and adds an artifact. It indeniably saved my ass against Rend1 daemonettes/Seekers. What was the most valuable was all the retaliation i had in the army. I failed to rememebr to activate the Tithe N6 when i needed and that would have been muuuch less close. The exalted with spears and his 11 attacks was not the tax i thought he would be but defenitely not a suport piece as his useless command ability suggest. What i missed was speed. Mov5 models are nice but this is where hounds and juggernauts really shines. To fight slaanesh i really feel that working on long range dammage is a key. I summoned a Canon dut it did nothing, contrary to priests. I almost feel i need 5 priests and a bloodsecrator for our heroes.
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    To summon that guy would imo not be the best choice, though. Ganing 8 BT points can become a huge test of faith. Destroying 8 units, either feind or enemy, will most certainly manouver you in a position, where you don't have any heroes anymore, or your army is already shredd into pieces. For the beginning I would concider to have him in the regular army list, until you feel that comfortable, that you would summon him via BT points.
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    They won't do warscroll changes with a new battletome on the way. The Mawkrusha needs a 120+ points drop in the current environment. The same is true for all ironjawz units, lack of move/wounds/MW save is crippling. Compare brutes at 180 to troggs at 160. Then realise that troggs are on the cusp of being overcosted themselves.
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    Man those Skaven seem to be Nagash’s biggest nemesis outside his own pride. They’ve managed to screwdriver over his plans how many times now? why is ****** a bad word? I know it can have certain connotations but it’s also a tool.
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    Building to the first 1000 points the aim is: Envoy of the Fallen Lady - Keeper of Secrets Sinisterous Hand Strongest Alone Strength of Godhood Sliversash Siren of the Murkwood - Infernal Enraptures Reaper of Sin - Bladebringer on Exalted Chariot Seeds of Dissent - 10 Daemonettes (Dryad/Daemonette Hybrid) Corrupted Revenants - 10 Daemonettes (Tree Revenant/Daemonette Hybrid) Mesmerising Mirror (Endless Spells)
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    And they're done! With a bonus Tomb Banshee! Excuse the less than amazing pictures, somehow everything ended up both overexposed AND blurry. I'll find the right setup someday... Although it might look a bit weird in the pictures, the base is actually wet mud. It looks really good IRL, but in the pictures it mostly looks like spots of reflected light. And extra bonus picture of the Mortis Engine I finished not so long ago, just because...
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    Working on a Keeper of Secrets/Treelord Hybrid for my Sylvaanesh. Envoy of the Fallen Lady, Harvester of Sins. Bearing the corrupt fruits of the forest to all those who might seek their taste.
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    Work ongoing on the spells and throne!
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    Season 1 warbands got a few minor touch-ups and I'm done with them! I've finally purchased all of season 2, so I'll be trying to get that finished before S3 I guess..
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    Thanks a lot! It’s really nice to get positive feedback. I’ve finally completed my first 10 Daemonettes: And a group shot of the army so far:
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    As a Competitive player, I find it very interesting and a challenge worthy of my time, to try and succeed with a list that isn’t, the best but maybe the worst. I mean sure I could play the best army with the best army composition, but I mean everybody can use a Warplightning vortex efficiently if he has the know how (which hopefully most skavenplayers have), but it is much more interesting to succeed with a list that is much weaker then others used at the competitive scene.
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    Ask him if you can write his army list for him, and he does the same for you. Narratively you're both generals newly appointed to the army so have little idea what you have to command
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    Depends on how friendly your tournament ends up to be... I just assume that you know the ins and outs of undead armies, LoN and FEC, so you know what’s coming. Nurgle: plaquebearers are resilient but boring. Blightkings can dish out pretty good, but a little debuff (-1 to hit) goes a long way. Plague Drones are fast and have a lot of hp, they have some ranged attack. Nurgle has some good synergies, so the heroes are kinda prio targets too. Khorne: those Bloodthirsters are sick and the cheapest one has the crazy „on a hit of 6 everybody within 8“ gets 4MWs“...and can have first strike too. The skullcrushers dish out d3 MWs on charge if they are >6 models, that tends to hurt. The slaughterpriests are brutal (d6 MWs on 3+) and their prayers can also hurt. The rest of them are kinda ok. Wrathmongers and skullreapers are elite and hurt but nothing crazy. Skullcannons dish out d6, so even if they only have one shot, if it hits, it hurts. Ironjawz: in the current meta sadly left behind, but still boar boyz are fast and can still fight, while brutes are made to deal with bigger foes. Sadly no wider experiences in AoS 2.0 with Overlords, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth or stormcasts. Seraphon I only met once...stupid carnosaur almost made my morghast run away. from the Ancient Times the kharadrons have strong shooting, but if you kick them, they crumble. The fyreslayers are very resilient and what I heard swing big axes nowadays. Sylvaneth are fast with their woods, and those Ents hit like bricks. Stormcast are stupid posterboyz. Have extreme good shooting thou, but the evocator or if you’re going horde decimators will wreck you. that‘s it from here, but as you can see, it’s a lot and very personal experiences, no fishes , wenches or naked ladyboys involved (sadly). So you‘ll have to find out for yourself what is happening out there... glhf
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    I'd prefer 70 to be honest) *gives a sad look to 27 prosecutors on the shelf*
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    Yes to the max please. Hire Requizen gw
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    Target the Hag Queens with your shooting as soon as you can then try to engage the Witch Aelves in combat before turn 3 (I think that’s when they get their re-roll everything bonuses in place). Witchbrew potion from the hags is crazy on the witch Aelves so best to hold off combat until you can remove those buffing units, but you want to clear as many as you can before their turn 3 bonuses kick in cause they are very stabby... watch out for the snake ladies too as they can dish out a tonne of mortal wounds, and try to screen your range units (Balistae and incantors) as deep striking flying units (forget their name) can tie them in combat which stops them being able to shoot other targets. I could be wrong but but I think the Anvils CA only targets one unit to shoot in the hero phase (which is why people use it on large units of Longstrikes), so only one Balistae would benefit from it. Not sure it’s worth at that point. But you could also use it to get an extra phase of combat from your evocators which would help clear out those witch Aelves. Others can probably give you some more details but I’ve played most of my games with Stormcast against DOK while I’ve been learning the game and from my experience those are the big threats. Hags and their witchbrew, stabby witch Aelves, mortal wound snake ladies, deep striking fliers and their turn 3 bonuses...
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    Easy - Give retreat+shoot to vanguard hunters instead of run+shoot, - Bring the palladors down to 160 and give them +1 attack, - Let the aetherwing have their special rule watchful guardians without needing to be close to the vanguard raptors, but close to a vanguard unit instead. - Put the longstrike to 160 pts, 180 pts for a 6 wound unit doing 3 wounds in average is grotesque, Or let them ignore "watch out sir ! ". They are character snipers after all, they shouldn't need 3 turns to snipe one. Or to be taken in units of 9 in anvilstrike to go from "horsesh***" to "holy hell what the f*** is this broken abomination". - Bring the aquilor down to 160 and transform his CA to a free ability with a global range. Give him a CA allowing him and another unit to strike first in melee, or to shoot in the ennemy shooting phase. - Give +1 flat damage to the zephyros and neave, make them (or at least the zephyros) loose their leader slot. It's a pure fighting hero, she should be up to the level of the grimwrath berserker to be worth it. - Make the riding the aetheric winds ability of the palladors/neave move more than 5" away of the ennemy units instead of 3", but allow a charge after the move Those changes looks crazy, but the vanguard chamber army have a low-model count and don't hit that hard, if you go up to eleven in the mobility option, then only they can be something else than a bad joke. Right now they can't even harass the ennemy at all, they can't escape from melee and attack, and melee armies are faster than them. With all those changes, they could actually put up a fight against armies such as skaven, fec, fyreslayer or LON. And i'm sure you can already picture them being much more interesting to play.
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    Thanks Thiagoma! Still WiP but more advanced one ; ) Griffons themselves are done, riders are nearing completion. Griffons are easily removable from bases and wings are detachable for ease of transport. Otherwise they'd have some extreme space requirements ; ) After finishing touches on these: Swordmasters and Archmage, because I'm a believer in Dawnspire ; ) Also, I need 5 more shadow warriors to make them legal sized (i'm not a big fan of their rules, but with such limited unit roster it would be a shame to just forgo one completely)
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    That’s what’s messing up the world even more. The consistent drive for more more more! Improve improve improve. It’s all about your achievements relative to another and nothing is ever good enough. In a gaming sense if you care about having a fighting chance and having fun more than improving and being the best, than you are ruining other people’s road to the absolute top! And don’t you dare get in the way of that for even one game! would you really feel okay if you had fun but the other person didn’t have the maximum efficiency in improving! Would you really feel you had achieved anything at all! Or to put it more gently and with the cheeky wink that’s it’s supposed to be read with. If you exaggerate and present your way of playing as the one and only truth it automatically seems like horsesh*t. That mentality messes up parts of the world? Come on, that’s rediculous. And I’m calling you on that. Why is improving the holy grail, not having fun? It’s perfectly fine to be fine with mediocre at your hobby. If that’s how it adds value to your life... that’s how you should approach it. From a personal point I played 4-6 time a week to be the best hockey player I could be for 20 years. Now I make that same effort with my company. AoS is there to be not intense. Just enough to get my focus so I can recharge for the rest. Now there is nothing wrong with your approach to the hobby. But claiming the other approach is wrong comes across as a lack of empathy. So yes do talk with your opponent and if your approaches and expectations don’t match up, compromise until you find s way that is fun for both or don’t play. Again not saying your approach to the matches is wrong. The comment though is.
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    - Friends gone? i’ll get a box of 10 new multipart friends. - Fired from the job? No problem just start up painting a new army and you won’t have time for work anyway. - Wife gone? Buy Allarielle, she won’t be very talkstive but she will give you that familiar dead stare you was used to getting from spending all of your savings on problemsolving soldiers.
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    I 100% agree with this. Every list I've written has 20 Eternal Guard. You can line them up across your deployment zone with Thralls within 3" for a nice pile in counterattack. They're also super tanky naturally and especially while in cover. And I've converted mine to look more like Namarti - just need to put some paint on them!
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    I murder everyone within a 100-mile radius.
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    1. my Reavers never did more than 2 wounds a game. And those wounds weren‘t at Range. They‘ve to prove themselfs to me yet 2. So you argue it‘s perfectly fine to have utterly bad battalions because others have it (perhaps you realize yourself that Your reasoning is nonsense) 3. AGAIN because others have the same issue doesn‘t make it okay: „ well about some million people have AIDS so it‘s ok if I get it too“ - same reasoning other topic. 4. They‘re not shooting focused but they‘ve a lot of shooting. 5. AGAIN: meme others have it so it has to be fine. if you wonder why my response is a bit passive aggressive: it‘s because yours appeared Plainly aggressive and unnecessariliy rude.
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