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    BOOM! Stop writing lists... you, re welcome. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: GhurLeadersDrakesworn Templar (460)- General- Arc Hammer- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm - Mount Trait: Storm-wingedDrakesworn Templar (460)- Storm LanceDrakesworn Templar (460)- Storm LanceLord-Arcanum on Tauralon (320)- Spell: StarfallBattleline5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers5 x Liberators (100)- WarhammersTotal: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 88
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    Ogor birthday rock cake?
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    I am (as ever with new things) excited for the conversion possibilities that Warcry presents in terms of modelling, but I cant often find the motivation to "be the bad guy" in most hobby formats. I adore my Slaanesh and Khorne mammoths but when it comes to really embracing the lore in many ways I am a stickler for a tragic hero rather than a villain. With this mindset approaching Warcry I was excited to see that it is possible to run a Vanguard chamber Stormcast Warband, and all of the potential conversions that could springfrom that concept. THE IDEA Those who have lived in darkness may, in times of need travel its winding road absent the blessing of light. The Varanspire is a dark, techarous and evil place, one that few beyond the cults of Archaon have ventured into in centuries and returned to tell the tale, for this reason approaching my Warband I have started with the idea of souls of those within the Varanspire itself who were able to be redeemed forming an elite reconnaissance force for the Stormcast within the spire itself. These would be souls drawn from the various tribes, those who perhaps sought to resist the influence of Archaon and died for such misplaced faith in a world that would find them purpose. Yet to put these souls to task outside of the scouting of the Varanspire would be to waste the knowledge they had garnered from their lives before, however with such value placed upon such memories the risk of losing worth with every reforging is an ever present concern to those who run the spires. These little notions encourage me to add trinkets to my Stormcast, Hyshian Memory Stones that once formed a tangible library of memories for the tribes of Hysh are now embedded into trinkets and tokens the Stormcast bear upon their forms as they venture into the heart of darkness. Should they fall in battle such stones can absorb their last memories mapping the paths taken throughout the spire that they might, in their next incarnation venture that much further throughout its winding corridors and avoid those pitfalls that had proved fatal in their prior journeys. THE THEME We are alone, it is to our Strength of will and Keenness of Blade that we must now look. For my these are Vanguard Hunters who have travelled far from Azyr, who will for months, years on end be without resupply from the forges of Sigmar. Their gear would have to be functional, long since worn and battle beaten, their weaponry altered to deal with the long expanses they would be fighting across and tasked to the vicious predators that form the ever hurry fauna of the Varanspire. Instead of swords I would turn my mind to spears, the long reach allowing them to impale would be predators and keep them at safe distance. Instead of the heavy shields of liberators I would give mine the more mobile prosecutor shields that they might be more nimble in combat. Each would bear their crossbow alongside a variety of weaponry, needing such plentiful weapons that should one break they can bear another into battle. Similarly their masks remain but the overly ornate headdresses have been removed, they are functional but not gaudy and serve to shield their users face without giving away their presence needlessly. THE BASES Beneath our feet lie the bones of friend and foe alike, all are equal unto the reaper. The Varanspire is a fortress, built atop collapsed civilisations, its many haunted mazes littered with memories of those who came before, to this end I have created ruined city basing for my stormcast, with broken stonework, statuettes and rubble forming a backdrop for their acts of heroism. With my models set to arrive tomorrow along with more brass rod to use as hafts for spears I will update with models as I progress.
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    I am never offended by a negative opinion. But I am curious... Why only center focus on “move and hit”? Wait option seems very interesting for me. But is never mentioned when the critics of “It is only move and hit” appears. It opens lot of gates and tactics. Of course you can move and try to hit the enemy as soon as you can take an action. But why not try to score the mission? Why not take a good position, and wait for your opponent to try to broke it? About the need of buying more stuff.... I can not take this seriously. It is really something that “surprise anyone”? We are talking about Games Workshop. Of course you will need more miniatures in order to make a good warband. You have to do this in all theirs games. Of course you can make conversions, use proxy models, green stuff... whatever. Even buying a second box.
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    Working on the first two of my Spire Runner Stormcast for Warcry, both aiming for a more gladiatorial, beast hunting vibe born of souls who perished in the shadow of the fortress. #Ageofsigmar #warcry
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    I suspect people read to much into the face. I think it really just is the logo for underworlds season 3. I think the escape from the great oubliette is an excuse dor players to use old world characters. It says the escapees are from before the age of myth. Also their descriptions match old world characters: vampiric ariatocrats - von Carsteins, blind loremasters - eltharion in a later retconned storyline, etc. I don’t think this event will result in new characters in the lore.
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    I have been up and down on this game a lot. I was super hyped about the game before previews appeared, then started to worry about a lack of options when the game previews started, but having watched a couple of games and thought about the rules a bit, I am coming back around. I was confused why they didn’t talk about the scenarios much in the gmg review. (Sorry to harp on about this, but it is the highest profile Warcry video out there right now.) Then I noticed that in the recent gameplay video that they pretty much ignored the objective for most of the game. There didn’t seem to be much consideration about how the mechanics of the game actually worked. In this game charging into a model that hasn’t been activated yet is probably a bad idea as you can only hit it once and it can immediately reply and hit you twice, so chowing targets carefully is going to be important. Use the chaotic beasts in scenarios where they appear as a way to overcome a lack of numbers is an interesting but risky option. With only six abilities from your opponents side to remember, they aren’t going to many gotcha moments. At the beginning of each round , you will know if your opponent has the option to use a powerful quad ability and so you will be able to react. I’m excited by the idea of more chaotic beasts coming into the game. Imagine a game where both sides are competing to take down a gargant. Now I just need to have a little conversation with my wife.
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    Before we start passing judgement on the game or on other people’s opinions of it I would just like to remind everyone your local shops may well have a copy of the game to demo this weekend or by the weekend of the release. I know I for one am buying the game, several of the faction cards, cypher lords, and the terrain set. I don’t care if the game itself is the largest dumpster fire since HeroHammer, I’d just use the minis and the terrain in other games.
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    I think we should probably at least wait for the game to be actually released and on sale before deciding whether it's a dumpster fire that will never be spoken of again and probably sink Games Workshop and in fact the entire hobby industry when millions of unsold copies have to be buried in a landfill in Arizona. Anyway reasonably interesting Stormcast show this week with the Warcry project manager. More focused on the aesthetics/model design but gives you an idea of what a core project it's been for them in that they started work on it way back in 2016.
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    Imma throw my hat in the ring with a super left field suggestion. It seems there's a lot of contention over the cultural inspiration for the teaser's... well everything. What if that's intentional? What if the necropolis is made from bone tithes from all the realms? That'd explain the mix of cultural signals as the necropolis would have influences from everywhere. As for the mortarch (or whatever this guy is going to be) it's probably a new character, but Krell is a solid choice. But how about Count Noctilus? Hear me out here, the vampire coast expansion for total war warhammer 2 has popularized undead pirates again and it's been long enough since that hype train for GW to have had something in the works as a response to that. While he wasn't killed by ghal maraz itself, his ship was rammed by the heldenhammer which had a recreation of ghal maraz as a battering ram. I know I'm reaching for straws here but since the free cities are getting a full book, this would be an opportunity to turn their "rival" from firestorm, the wraith fleet, into their own army.
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    The ray of the sun reminds me of this;
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    I think what exacerbates the move and wait opinion in Warcry's case is the lack of a save roll. I don't think warcry's un-interactive because of this, because a save roll's just math that the system is forcing you to play out, when it could have done it in a less random way somewhere else. Which is what warcry did! People are just very defensive at the moment because so far the highest profile review for a very hyped up system is sort of a rushed mess. Owen (finally got his name!) who was the main critic of it seemed like he was being unwillingly dragged through the entire process, and it really came off like he was spiting the game because of it. There's also the knowledge that a lot of people will now be heavily influenced by GMG's weighty opinion, potentially shearing off a portion of the playerbase before it even releases. This kind of backlash is why most pro game reviewers who don't particularly enjoy hyper-competitive mobas or fighting games don't review em! It's particularly rough for Owen's case, but it's clear Warcry is the exact opposite of the kind of game he likes, just there wasn't any way for him to have possibly known beforehand, and now he has to help make an internets about it.
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    There’s also the need for variety, from a plan aesthetics viewpoint. Having an army of big, mean Meele machines is great..... until you come across your first walled fort. Then you just stand around as then lousy pink skins throw stuff down on our heads. Give us a catapult or a battering ram, or even a monster that fulfills a siege role. How about some heroes that actually utilize gore gruntas as transportation? Im not sad we lost greenskinz mechanically. the new ironjawz sculpts are beautiful, I just feel we need some more variety before we can truly represent the breadth of the ork hordes.
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    It's important to note that "high fantasy" basically means nothing in terms of design aesthetics. High and Low fantasy can share identical designs because the high and the low aspects don't really have any direct impact. It's the story, setting and the lore of the world that combines to define the appearance. Or the other way around of course. You can have a magic free, french renaissance designed army with an injection of steam punk and it won't have any problem fitting into a high fantasy world as a design style. If anything the real change would be going for "more" when it comes to designs. Things like the steam tank getting a re-design to look more advanced; or having more gaudy cogs starting to sneak in here and there etc.... You basic musket becomes a rifled musket of archaic design powered by magic infused powders instead of just black powder.
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    Battletome: Accountants I mean they're collecting tithes and stuff right?
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    I found the review incredibly biased. Ash literally had to remind Owen more than once that a 1 out of 5 means the game does not work at all in that area. And he still tried to give it a 1. And when time came to talk about the work you had to put in to get everything to a playable state, again he went for a 1. As if building and painting miniatures means it doesn't work. By their own review rules, he was not being an fair reviewer. In the actual rules review section he cited negatives that were literally true of every wargame. You move your models and act with them in every miniature game. In most wargames you don't even get to choose whether you move or fight first. And the point about there not being player interactivity is kind of laughable in a game with individual models with alternating activation. Your wait time until you get to do something is going to be at most a couple of model movements and a couple of attacks (and it will only be that long if someone uses an ability that gives more actions). I get that rolling a save makes people feel like they are doing things, but to pan it as not interactive was a bit much. Especially when he plays Warmachine/Hordes, a game where you largely do nothing at all for the entire opponents turn except tell your opponent the defense and armour of things they attack and then record damage (with the exception of some rare abilities like counter charge or a similar shooting ability). If the criteria used to evaluate Warcry was applied to games Owen actually likes, he'd have to score them incredibly low as well. When the reasons you state for not liking a game are also even more applicable to the games you do like, something is off.
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    That little hat, those feathers and the flaps on the pantaloons made me happier than any warcry necromunda kill team they could have released. Granted, it's the happiness one feels when your kidnapper allows you to see sunlight for the first time in months... but it's a form of happiness nonetheless. I don't think we'll see new Freeguild models anytime soon, but a man can dream about some motherlocking Imperial cavalry. Come on, even the Bretonnian line had better horses! EDIT: In all seriousness, like some people have said, this cover seem aimed very clearly at people who are nostalgic of the Empire and want Empire 2.0. If there were serious plans about changing the Freeguild aesthetic to something more classical or steampunk (moreso than the original Empire), then they wouldn't have commissioned art which reinforces the "Fret not, the Empire lives!" vibe. At least, that's what I think. I'm all for a more steampunk, industrialised Empire look, like the creations and conversions by Melcavuk, but I don't think I'll see this in years.
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    It's really hard to tell what will go and what will stay - in fact without insider info its nigh on impossible to predict. Some older but iconic models might hang around; others and even some modern ones might vanish. It might be a mix of both making the armies work as a single block and also retiring some that are simply near the end of their production lifespan and GW hasn't got the investment to put into new moulds at this time; or they are wanting to put that money into new models for the range, but simply don't have the production slot for a release at this time. It's a huge question and one that I hope comes soon in answer from GW.
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    One thing that I'd love to see, and I'd say we're already starting to see examples of this, is for GW to look at being more creative with how the various factions can be put together. The Grand Alliance concept is one I kind of like, in general terms, but obviously at the moment those books are dead in the water and probably not coming back. Let's say by early next year we have all the existing armies dealt with and for better or worse up to 2.0 standard, what I think would be great (and play into my belief that GW wants people to have lots of different factions of various saqizes on the go rather than just being a X or Y player) would be opening up more models to different books. It seems like the Allies system whilst perfectly fine doesn't really get used as much as it should, Mercenaries is another way to try and push this but I think just making battletomes more inclusive would work even better. So the Cities of Sigmar book looks like it will have, a lot of, the existing Wanderers units in. Good, I like that, it can stay around. Then let's say they, as is being hinted at, release some next level animal/beast Aelves models they could have a standalone Wanderers book too, with the new and old models (with the old ones still fine for your CoS army). And lets say the new models are some kind of Wild Hunt fauna like equivalent to the Sylvaneth flora, perhaps tied in some way to Kurnoth, then then next Sylvaneth Battletome could also allow you to include a select few units of them (and of course vice versa). Or when Malerion's Aelves get released, obviously they have their own new models, but also can include select units, the snakes say, from DoK and from some of the thematically appropriate Cities of Sigmar units, without overwriting or invalidating those books. Likewise when Grungi pulls his finger out you could have a new Duardin book, that gets new core models but also, again, allows you to take select Kharadron, Fyreslayer, Cities of Sigmar units, without those individual books being discontinued. You could do that with so many of the factions, and to me makes perfect sense if you want to maintain such a huge range of factions to make them playable across different, thematically appropriate armies. To my mind whilst too many Battletomes has obviously problems, the real issue is supporting all of those with models. They can pump put 4-8 books a year without it killing them or us and would be much tighter and lore focused than just the Grand Alliances with the big benefit that players wouldn't have to wait years and years before new models are released that can fit into your existing armies.
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    I can absolutely understand, why people lik the game. Also I can understand, why people don't like it. But please, for the sake of humanity, several people should learn to accept negative opinions and dissapointment, even they can not confirm that themselves. A negative opinion will not hit anyone in the face, or injure someone physically. The people don't liking stuff are not biased in any way, nor are they literally Hi*ler. Please accept the standpoints without stigmatising people! I would like to tell, why I think Warcry isn't going anywhere, at least at the moment. 1. Randomness due to availability of abilities within hero phase 2. much too restricted options of action, like literally move and hit 3. power peak within the factions, that is most certainly here to stay 4. the need to buy more stuff for fullfilling the hope of having more balanced warbands, and maybe more options From my understanding, it was never anything like certain games, that where previously released. But GW stated, that it will be a little like KT, Shadespire in a skirmish manner. So what is actually is, is a totally radnom beer and bretzel game, where the players throw dice all over the place to gain totally random bonuses on 6s, or using abilities to win, whenever someone rolled better in the hero phase. If people like to have that random experience and can enjoy that, that's totally ok. Personally, I don't like it. In Skirmish games I expect factions, that do have like a 50%:50% chance to succeed, or at least something like 40%:60%. That's, as it seems, not given here, since the Golems seem to have significant advantage. Then I don't like the restriction of actions, that are literally moving and hitting. One player in each turn can just not interact with the enemy. That's leaves a player very defenseless and passive. So that advantage of certain factions can and will destroy the entire gameplay for one player right from the beginning, by not being able to counter act. So for me, I can totally understand Owen in what he mentioned. The game is playable, but that's pretty it. But that doesn't qualify a good game for me. The need to buy more stuff is just due to marketing purpose, and will not balance or change anything, that's what I am sure about. I am dissapointed in what GW made out of a potentially great Skirmish option for AoS. If anyone would feel offended by my honest, but not that shiny and positive opinion, then aknowledge, that all of you have the right to think different, and that this difference doesn't make us enemies in any way. It is just the 2 sides of the same coin.
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    Of course I'd agree, although to offset the lack of currently available models, I hunt for old empire stuff. My general on horse is Ludwig Schwarzhelm.
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    Honestly FW could produce a LOT of upgrade kits for AoS, but so far GW and FW don't seem to know what to do with FW esp for AoS. They formed a dedicated AoS team and then after the alternative stormcast heads came out they disbanded the team. It's hard to say but there seems to be both politics and production pressures on FW which is resulting in it jumping around and unable to settle down. That AoS was a game originally built to just shift models (no real game) and that its been 4 or 5 years or such since it launched and over that time FW has produced 1 dragon (that we believe started life in the End Times of Old World) and 2 sets of alternate heads kind of shows that AoS is not all that important. It's a huge shame because AoS is such a ripe picking ground that FW should have no problem thinking up ideas and selling models.
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    Thanks for the tips @PlasticCraic ! Will keep that in mind if GW fails to deliver anything new I'm not troubled by the sculpts, just that Finecast as a material is not my thing. I hate having to straighten up all sticks and blades, and there's usually a lot more flash and mould lines than GW's current plastic models.
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    To be fair, the finecast Wurggog Prophet is a great little model, and the Wardokk is decent enough. The Maniak Weirdnob is abysmal though. If you want variety in the models, I recommend this guy from Mierce: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_050_000 He is doing his little Wardokk dance, or he can also perch nicely on the back of a boar as an alternative Maniak Weirdnob. So he's a great alternative for either. He fits in perfectly with the army and is just the right scale too. There is also this guy who I would imagine to be the right scale, although I've not bought one of these myself (unlike that first one linked above) so I can't really confirm that: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnl_cha_011_000
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    Astral Templars CA gives +1 wound for a unit against a hero. Knights Excelsior and Tempest Lords give re-roll 1s to wound. Which you probably aren't taking, and probably shouldn't be buffing generic battleline unit if you are. I put the numbers into my spreadsheet today. Hammers and swords are dead even on actual wounds assigned vs something with sv4+. Rerolling 1s doesn't change that. If I remember correctly, +1 to hit for a unit of 4 liberators creates a difference in average wounds that get through saves from 1.67 for sword/shield and 1.76 for hammers. 0.09 damage dealt. That's not a difference that will ever matter on the tabletop. With a -1 hit debuff, hammers do about 0.11 damage less. It really couldn't matter much less. Use what you think looks cooler. I went with swords because I feel like the better hit stat will make them more consistent. Can't make your wound rolls if you can't make your hit rolls. In reality, swords and hammers are both going to do about 1 point of damage per round. Sometimes, they'll do 2 damage. And rarely, they might do more than that. But that extra 0.09 will never show up because you can't roll 0.09.
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    So by that definition, Death should squat Deathrattle. They're just non-floaty Nighthaunt. (and on that note people are still clinging onto the hope of Dispossessed and Wanderers getting proper battletomes)
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    Swords ARE better if you have access to buffs that concern the wound roll. Hammers are better if you have buffs to your hit roll. As Liberators have lay low the tyrant, inherently they sometimes come with a hit buff built in, so hammers is the standard choice (besides the cheap models from sc and old starter coming with only hammers and shields). At the end of the day the damage output of a squad of Liberators is negligible and whether you do an average .2 or .22 damage per attack is no difference, so go with what you prefer the looks of. They're only there to take up space, tick battleline and hold out until damage can be directed at their adversary from elsewhere.
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    By Sigmar, no! He is prince and emperor! Summon the Elector Counts! Bring me to my men!
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    I’ll be tracking this thread to see all the different spelling of ‘Waaagh’ over the next few weeks.
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    There's a lot of hate on here for the gmg review of this game, but for me it is a good review. I had serious reservations about this game before seeing any play throughs or review and Owen confirmed a lot of them. They are basically professional wargame players as they have wargame channels providing their income, they play alot of games and i respect their opinion. The name of this thread is 'killteam/mordhiem?' We have had so little information for so long that how can anyone say it should be this way or that way. I have pre ordered the starter and i will play it and make my own opinions, i really like the snake handlers and the bird men and will probably buy them, but i am not convinced it is a good game yet. They have played it, and they have no agenda to say it is great or rubbish, they are just saying what they feel after a number of play throughs.
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    Talking about homebrew, do you think we can use the basic infantry like savage orrucks, squeleton warriors, chainrasps etc as NPCs like the furies and the birds ? I can clearly see myself having an horde of orcs appearing at the end of turn 2 because they heard things smashing each others 😁
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    The skeletons are still great. I don‘t see any reason for an update?
  33. 2 points
  34. 2 points
    Don't know if it was already discussed here, but someone pointed out to me that on this picture: it could be, that this silouette on the left could be a lion thing like the one from the preview in front of a satyr-aelf. It is not quite the same, the hair on the feet, the tail and the mane don't fit exactly. So it had to be a another lion-miniature. Not sure about it, could be a centaur, could be a combined silouette of a lion and an aelf. Edit: looking at the video again at 0:23 it seems to be the same centaur-creature from a different angle.
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    Hi here some of my orruks with white skin, and my BlackHand on galagras warchief of iron horde. Step skin : Grey, nul oil, palid wyde flesh, white
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    I have a different opinion on what's happening. Mostly because I think not everything has to be about Sigmar. The voice mentioned that Nagash has been gathering an army, which I presume is Deathrattle. This leads me to believe that the Gutbusters had a Pact of Bones with Nagash, where they would eat the meat of their victims but not the bones which were given to Nagash to be turned into Deathrattle. Nagash violates the pact somehow and the Gutstuffers want the Tithe of Bones they have been paying back, starting the titled Feast of Bones where they invade the Deathrattle army that Nagash has been building with their bones. It might also be the start of the reason why Destruction Armies can't ally with Death armies in multiplayer games(like how Order can never ally with Chaos).
  37. 2 points
    And if you want them too far off, like historical 17th century, they will feel out of place. A mix of themes, making something new, yet familiar would be the best choice. I like great swords, but they do need a bit of Fantasy on them, or else we might just play pike and shot.
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask a question. After the release of the GHB2019 there was a lot of talk about Meeting Engagements and what a cool new format this is for Age of Sigmar. Directly before and after the release there were a lot of posts and videos about Meeting Engagements. I for myself am not a fan of huge 2000-3000 points battles and most of the time I have not enough space to fight a battle on such a huge table with my gaming group. This is why I really like the Meeting Engagements format and that GW decided to push smaller points games more. But now, as some time has passed, I have the feeling that "Meeting Engagements" was just some initial hype. Some YouTube Channels have gone back to posting only about 2000 points games and also most of the posts in forums or on reddit have also gone back to 2000 point games. The last time something was posted in the "Meeting Engagements" - Thread on TGA was July 12. Normally if a format is relevant there are frequent posts about it. Maybe this is just a personal feeling based on my limited perception and maybe my opinion is totally subjective, but this is why I wanted to post about this. Was "Meeting Engagements" just an initial hype and people will push 2000 points battles more and more or is this just my subjective opinion? Me and my gaming group really like this format, because you don't need such a huge collection for Meeting Engagements and it helped me to pull some new people into the hobby, because the games were fast and there was not so much going on. I would find it sad if the rest of the community pushes this format aside and goes back to mainly 2000 points battles. Don't get me wrong. I also like to play 2000 point battles, but I find "Meeting Engagements" to be easier. I also had hopes that this might be new competitive format, which will be played often. But I have the feeling that the community was only interested initially and now starts to go back to 2000 point battles. I would be interested in more discussions and battle reports about Meeting Engagements online, because it is such an accessible format. I think initially Age of Sigmar was more accessible and I often have the feeling that the existing community often pushes formats, which are very hard to get into for new players. Maybe because many people were collecting miniatures since Warhammer Fantasy and because of that many engaged players already possess 2000 - 3000 points armies. But everytime I search for some inspiration for my local group etc. I find that 2000 points-games dominate most of AoS discussions. This could be a reason why a format like "Meeting Engagements" is pushed aside. But as I said before, this might just be totally subjective. This is why I wanted to ask you all about this. I wanted to discuss if my subjective feeling is indeed correct or if I am just imagining things and in the end "Meetings Engagement" will totally turn out to be a viable matched play format.
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    I just don't see All Herd as remotely viable now given the CP purchase changes.
  40. 1 point
    that would mean the superior version of human super soldiers, you know GRAIL KNIGHTS!!!! for ze lady (fyi a bretonian-wanderer join faction would be super cool in my opinion) as for centaur aelves, definately converting those into aelves riding eagle-deers [gryphelope?](with the help of gryph hound heads)
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    There's almost 0% chance for new models. However, the aesthetics can change to a degree, but not in the way people would expect. When Firestorm released there were a number of 'official' Freeguild soldiers that had been kitbashed to represent different cities. Much like how the imperial guard have in their codex.
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    The start collecting demons of tzeentch is a good start. Alternatively they used to have a tzeentch arcanites box with some enlightened and I think tzaangors and acolytes that was also good value. One nice thing is that I've seen peoples lists here with quite the variety of units in. Basically all the battleline options and a large chunk of the heroes have use. Screamers, chariots and flamers are on the weaker end but most things are solid in a casual and even up to a competitive army level. Buy what you like and want to paint. Maybe start with a box of enlightened and archeon since you know you want those anyway
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    I’m more with Aelfric, if they are coming they would be on Sigmar side somehow
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    The numbers advantage isn't that extreme in this game. We haven't seen the grot shootas and stabbas yet, but the points costs of the plainsrunners is just too high to get the weight of numbers you need for these type of tactics to work You're going to get a turn of tying people down, lose a ton of models and then play turns 2 and 3 at a huge disadvantage. 12 guys vs 8 is not the 15+ vs 2-4 of the Kill Team situation. The 6 dudes vs 4 dudes you talk about will very quickly end up being you losing 2 of the guys tying up the 4 and then having to play the rest of the game with even numbers but with way worse guys. The other thing that cuts down the proportionate advantage is how you split things up into the dagger, shield and hammer. You'll need to think very carefully about how to weight your chaff across the 3 different groups and it will be so easy to hit a combination of deployment, scenario and objectives where you just don't get the weight of numbers available when and where you want them. I'm sure as people get more experienced they'll figure this out, but a lot of the time you might end up with even numbers fighting in one part of the board for a while but with the higher model count force to arrive. The other major issue with spamming the basic fighters is you lose access to loads of faction abilities. Without them you end up with a very low damage output per point. When your opponent can spend some 5s and do 5 additional damage over and above the damage per activation shown on the cards and you can't, it's going to push the more elite fighters ahead of the swarm. Given that this is a GW game and they always seem to produce games where a small group of lists end up being "the best" I'm sure that there will be a place in the more competitive side of the game for a high model count list, but I don't think it's anywhere nearly as strong as in KT. No doubt the points on various models will be slightly off and people will find the most efficient ones and that will be how things go for the competitive players, but I highly doubt it's going to be about bumping up your model count as high as possible. There will no doubt be a high powered list that is about having a high a model count as possible without going too far as to weaken the list. I don't know what faction it will be. Probably not the Untamed Beasts. Likely Legions of Nagash, Gitz or Nighthaunt, but it's too early to say. If I had to place a bet, I'd bet on lots of shoota grots. They'll have the numbers and their ranged attack will mean they'll be able to concentrate fire enough to ping down harder targets whereas the melee guys can only fit so many around a target and will have to leave objectives to get there. But all it takes for my prediction to be wrong will be the shootas costing a bit more on the points side than we would otherwise think.
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    Bottom right is probably Kemmler.. it was discussed a lot iirc even though i am a tomb king fanboy and still play them.. new death army is probably raised by Kemmler and lead by Krell.. and my guess is that there will be chariots and stuff..so people can use their old Tomb King miniatures or buy the new "true" chariots and whatever GW releases
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    Drachenfels is a sort of all powerful spooky spirit who predates the Old Ones landing on the Warhammer World and possesses stuff. Get his CliffsNote on the wiki: https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Constant_Drachenfels There's a definitive point in the End Times: Archaon where after the Black Pyramid's blown up and he's at his weakest, Nagash stops acting like Nagash as we know him as (uncompromising, objective, and very very bitter - albeit determined from his kinda limited characterisation from Undead army books), and becomes much more willing to make alliances of convenience and playfully sadistic (the way he hands Mannfred over to the elves). Being willing to play nice with the living armies in the face of the apocalypse could probably be attributed to wanting to survive, but Nagash continues to do keep this up well into the early Age of Sigmar timeline and the formation of Sigmar's pantheon, and being more entertained by his Mortarchs than seeing them as instruments of his will. Drachenfels had a flare for getting bored of his evil overlord persona and playing nice until he got bored again, being friendly to the Empire for long enough for the entire Imperial court to come over to Castle Drachenfels for dinner, where he subsequently poisoned and tortured them to death. When the Black Pyramid explodes and Nagash is at this lowest ebb, Drachenfels has apparently just been killed by Luthor Huss, who on despite his inherent coolness is a pretty ordinary warrior priest (with Sigmar's divine powers on the wane at the time due to all the Winds of Magic/Incarnates shenanigans), who'd been possessed by Drachenfels for months, to the point that an inspirational speech from a vampire probably isn't going to make a huge amount of difference. Drachenfels' daemon army had been used as a distraction for the skaven to infiltrate the Black Pyramid, so he knew it was going to be blown up, who's to say he didn't allow Luthor Huss and Vlad to think he'd been "killed" in order to have a shot at possessing the most powerful body available? It's a pretty silly theory, and I'm pretty sure Nagash sounds off about being from Nehekhara somewhere in Malign Portents, so it's probably redundant by now, but Drachenfels spirit could always have fused with Nagash's, or Nagash could slowly have clawed back a level of control, at least giving an explanation for Nagash's new (and equally awful, just a different kind of awful) personality.
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    I came away with a good impression from the demo game I played in store this weekend. Figured it might be helpful to lay out some thoughts. The core game has a lot of Jervis Johnson to it. It's very much about movement and dice maths, with most of the complexity/skill coming from being able to recognise and capitalise on opportunities within a limited number of activations. Other than that, it's relatively rules-light compared to Necromunda or even Kill Team. It actually reminds me of Blood Bowl more than Mordheim in some ways. Warbands have particular tricks and strengths, but they all fit on a single card and they're fairly easy for both you and your opponent to wrap your head around. Very few 'actually, I've got this special rule'-type surprises. The really important thing is understanding how to create an opening, exploit it, and defend your advantage - that might feel a little abstract, but fighting to claim and hold an objective in three turns of Warcry felt a lot like breaking open a defense and making a run to the endzone in BB. The initiative dice system and the wild dice are the standout bits of design, for me. They introduce lots of mindgames and make rolling for initiative a really interactive moment where neither player really 'wins', just tries to build an advantage across a few different axes. You can cede the initiative but stock up on doubles/triples/quads for big ability combos. You can do the opposite and play for the first activation. Neither is abstractly better - it's all situational and a judgement call, which is great. Way better than 'going first is always best'. A few other subtle rules are really important too - the 'disengage' action, for example, limits you to a 3" move ending more than 1" from any enemy models. This is a really big deal because it introduces the idea that all characters are equal when disengaging. It doesn't matter quite so much how speedy your Untamed Beasts are after I've tagged you with an Iron Legionnaire - I'm going to slow you down, at least for your first action in that activation. This encourages you to create traps and chokepoints, rather than just stand on the objective and wait for opponents to come piling in - again, similar to Blood Bowl. The 'wait' action is also cool. You effectively give up an action, but being able to shunt a fighter to the end of the activation queue while leaving your other options open denies your opponent information and can lead to some tense moments. One thing I'd add is that the various scenario generation cards and extra features seem absolutely essential. I suspect a lot of players will be tempted to ignore the terrain layout suggestions, weird deployment positions/timings, and Chaos Beasts - don't. The game seems to be at its best when there's a bunch of factors in play that neither player has total control over. My game involved deployment from every board edge, hidden objectives, including characters coming in later in the game, and a massive Raptoryx with 30 health rampaging around in the backfield. Extra mechanics like this are how you avoid the 'run into the middle and fight' issue. I suspect that some players will bore themselves by deciding to avoid what feel like 'optional' rules, but are actually essential. I can't feed back on the campaign side, obviously, save to say that I kinda appreciate that they're not going too deep on gear or character progression. I definitely miss some of the sense of customisation that you get from Necromunda or Mordheim, but I suspect that Warcry has a stronger cure rules that work because listbuilding is less of a factor in who wins. Likewise, this is probably how you get a lot of people interested in playing skirmish games - it's way more accessible, the penalties for losing or falling behind are less severe, and you're not constantly having to add to or replace models as loadouts shift. Sorry for the essay! Overall, a very positive first impression.
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    It`s good to see other folks putting love into the Free People! Keep on with the great work. The painting is amazing. I´m looking forward to see more deailed shoots of all the units. ⚔️ MAKE FREE PEOPLES GREAT AGAIN! ⚔️
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    I can't wait for the box... So I decided to make my own kitbashed Arch-Revenant! VID_20190430_181542.mp4
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    I bought this one in our small local store. I literally bought every human mini in this store. So this gunmaster was one of my more early Miniatures. But I managed to paint this guy in the course of one weekend. Had the idea for the basing at work and was immediatly hyped. Started building/painting right after coming home. It`s the first mini I started to put much effort into the head. I really like the thought of him, sitting for a while behind this pile of rocks. Checking wind conditions and such. Just wating for his target to appear and make this important single shoot. It`s a pity that my dice hate me and i never had this shoot in a game. I think he turned out quit nice. Unfortunatly their is a GW base chart now and he should be on a 1" round Making a gif from the process was even an idea from work. I like making gifs. Have made some for other non hobby stuff too. I hope you folks like it too
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