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    Personally, I see GW's pattern of doing a -much- better job with the rules nowadays than a year or two ago. They've finally settled on what they want Age of Sigmar to "feel like" rules wise, and I think it is all the better for it. Golden days ahead Our enjoyment of the game locally has increased a lot since GHB2, and it keeps getting better. Edit: I'll be honest. I don't see the issue people are having with the supposed faction inbalance. If it bothers you so much, switch factions, if you don't want to do that then make your faction work. I played Skaven for years without a tome, and stubbornly forced myself to work with that.* *As usual, Beastclaw players get a free pass on this one I see you! Nothing is invincible. Anything can be beaten. The mortal wound spam with no counter-play argument is also a bit flat. With the exception of some spellcasting spellportal shenanigans, everything in the game has a counter-play. tl;dr: Try to solve the problem rather than defeating yourself on its perceived advantage.
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    Hi everyone I have been sitting on these for almost two years (after getting great advice from death forums on what to get) and had time off work due to injury and toon a serious painting notion. Glad to say after 15 years into the hobby for the first time I have a fully painted and based army. Feels really strange haha 😅 Got a chance to spray my Mortarch so that's my treat before I check out some cool new nighthaunt stuff to add.
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    Since Fantasy 6th ED I've been playing and somewhere around early introduction of 8th ED I lost complete interest in the game itself. I have to admit I always like to play with some competitive mindset however I always prefer to play allrounders list (basically taking a few good units and round it off with less optimal but interesting units) so when you pick up a battle its most likely to be interesting. With the new introduction of AOS I was as most of us sceptical but with the expansion of the new universe and the removal of "jokes" I was hooked again. Then came AOS 2 and I was pumped (I have both Death and Stormcast so perfect match), now more than half a year later I'm losing interest again. I tried to identify this loss of interest and came to the conclusion that the following factors played a role in it: 1. The imbalance between armies but also within armies (very clear with stormcast old vs new). Before I could pick up any game I knew it would be an interesting bloody battle (with few exceptions), now if you use AOS 1 vs AOS 2 books its not even a game anymore. Just placement of models and removing them. I've tried the new stormcast chamber vs an old book and it was ridiculous. Also tried to play my old stormcast vs new stormcast, same result. Somehow reminds me of the broken books in Fantasy making tournaments a dying event. 2. The crazy mortal wound mechanic, where at first mw where rare and only available to the most powerful heros or units. If your unit does not have any mw output your not competing anymore. It's so boring to play with and against it, there's zero tactics behind mw just roll dice and remove models. What happened to rend? why is this interesting mechanic so limited to -1 (usually), if armor saves where such an issue why not increase rend. Again this is starting to remind me of the terrible magic phase in 8th ED. 3. Free terrain, I've always disliked the Sylvaneth mechanic of terrain spamming. Guess what now most new armies can do it. Every time I play against free terrain I hate it, it usually gives unfair advantages and sometimes even starts dishing out mw... see point 2. Also in most situations it doesn't even make sense, somehow in every battle the same terrain piece pops up for some reason. Perhaps AOS 2 has to grow on me like AOS 1 did, but for now it feels like much less interesting game then it was before. How are you feeling about the development of AOS?
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    The old Creaky Gamers have been at it again.
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    This. By even highlight for your opponent that you've taken several stabba boosting units, you are handfeeding them something of a plan that they might not have come to with. Show them your cards. Answer data questions. Don't say "Four of my units can boost one of the others" even though it's true, that's beyond just providing the rules reference. Yes. Very yes. Much yes.
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    The idea that you are suggesting that youtubers on this scale should be judged as professional really demonstrates your obliviousness. Like or dislike at your leisure but your attitude is arrogant and misguided.
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    So, I won a Minor Victory on Blood and Glory in Ulgu vs. Stormcast (very popular in my local meta, not sure why) with my list, will do a quick recap. I had Arch Warlock with the good Skryre trait and artefact, Warpseer, Grey Seer and Bombardier, 3x20 Clanrats, 40 Monks and 25 Acolytes, 2 WLC and the Vortex. He had a bit of a mongrel list which was about 2300 points as he was trying stuff out. Stardrake and a Tauralon, few heroes, decent amount of shooting. Played overly defensively for most of the game, lost one WLC before it could even shoot but basically the match flipped when I one-shotted his Tauralon with a WLC and melted his Staunch Defending Stardrake (22 wounds in one round) with MMWP Acolytes in round 3. Once that happened I was always gonna get at least a minor as the Warpseer probably kept about 30-40 models on the table. So did ok. My magic phases didn’t go as I’d like but the Warpseer is rightfully an autoinclude, great model with great rules.
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    Everything about Ghur is amazing.
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    I'm having flashbacks of being on a warhammer forum at the twilight of 7th edition WFB. 🤒 Man that was a crazy time.
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    Do we know when the next community survey takes place? And can we please spam about Tomb Kings to be Relaunched pls? It seemed to have at least a minor impact on SoB
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    Language is fluid, not static. That is something you need to accept.
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    I call this Fantasy Flight Games 🤣 I kid. I kid.
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    Page 311 of the Big Rule Book under Matched Play rules. Army Roster subsection - first paragraph states that you write out your army list and show it to your opponent prior to deployment/start of the battle. Below that it states the content of the roster - basically all army details. The only details you can leave off are specifically mentioned on warscroll cards such as which unit an assassin unit is hidden within. Typically those note that the unit is written on a separate bit of paper and that is placed in a visual but covered spot during the game and is revealed when you reveal the assassin in the unit (or that unit is destroyed).
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    I’m with you on a lot of points in this thread but this is weirdly backwards. They design models first rules later based on what they feel the models should do. So immersion comes first they make it a playable game after. Sources being the recent stormcast podcasts and the White Dwarfs this year. Where is your source for immersion not being a point for the game designers? To your second point, yes immersion is subjective. So where for you the suspense of disbelief is broken when a shooting attack only hits enemies when they are close together, for someone else it’s that the goblins have a tunnel in every. single. Battlefield... that’s what breaks mine. Magical missiles, no problem. A mage dragging a meteorite out of the sky that lays there hurting things around it, fun with me. But for me bloodhound carrying a bronze throne around to every single battle all of the sudden with no previous mention in the lore. That breaks mine. Now terrain feels like a gimmick, just to sell more. But anyway, sorry for going of track, your argument of it not being one or the other is a attempt to make something subjective objective. It simply true. Immersion is subjective so everybody will, and should, draw their own line where they think is the breaking point. Last point about the game. Totally with you. Except I’m also looking for immersion as said above.
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    A GAME without immersion doesn't need painted models. In fact it doesn't need models at all. If it was only about fun mechanics, it could and should be played with cardboard tokens. It also doesn't need backstory or artwork, which contribute nothing to the game as a GAME. But these things exists, and they are what drives sales (people could make their own tokens instead of spending money on expensive models) so it seems that for a majority of players it is ALSO about immersion.
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    As an open/narrative gamer, I've fallen in love with the new terrain as they makes for fantastic narrative devices. You can also scale up to them, wherein armies "earn" their terrain piece. I do find that a lot of the new 2.0 add-on rules make the game cumbersome. Thankfully, you are always welcome to choose which to use and which to discard. That's the magic of AoS to me. Now if I was playing an official, matched tournament, that's different: I would expect to use all the rules and play a lot of meta lists. That's not really my thing though. I like seeing my money on the table and have been happy with casual games so far.
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    100% this. I think what a lot of people miss in these discussions is that GW have given us a framework to make the games we want to play. So for somebody dissecting some rules to get the best usage out of it, somebody else is just putting models on the table and playing and somebody else is coming up with some amazing narrative campaign to play with their models. This forum is slanted towards matched play and it's understandable because it makes arranging games easier and people like playing under those conditions. But even though it's matched play, you can play the game how you want to
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    Kurdoss Valentian costs the same amount of points as two Command Points plus either a Knight of Shrouds on foot, or a Spirit Torment. The two Command Points alone is most likely equal or better to what his ability will steal over the course of a game, and the damage output of the Knight or Torment through buffs to your Bladegheists or Grimghasts is likely to be both more reliable and sustainably higher over the course of a game. While I realise that some of the point of the Command Point theft is taking them away from your opponent as much as granting them to you, it remains a bonus at best, and entirely outside of what you can reasonably base any sort of tactics around. There is simply no situation in Matched Play wherein he is not severely outperformed by other options in the Nighthaunt battletome. (For the record, I love the model, just like everyone else.)
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    I'm okay with the idea behind it, it's just very, very strange that out of all thinks we get a wizard tower and khorne spells. I've also read the lore update on some book reviews and it's mentioned several thinks are changed in lore aswell. It's just again that I can't wrap my head around who made this happens. What I do like is that the magical axe works, I also agree with you that there is enough to be said for what we got. While it really feels out of place for me I personally think that the magical axe even is a must thake, so are 1 to 2 Slaughterpriests, Re-rolls are good! I hear you and I really think the magic tower and spells show that appearantly GW didn't know what to do with Khorne AoS either, so just made something for them which they have made for all armies. There are some serious moments where Khorne units will be able to dominate a single combat. So in that sence the beserkers are there. But yeah, we likely should be playing Slaughterpriests with Endless spells, because we got a free tower that makes that really reliable. Lorwise I feel the new new stuff doesn't match Khorne at all. But from a competitive standpoint you can still largely do what you wanted. My biggest miss is that there somehow arn't more Battleshock ignoring characters or rules. The idea of Khorne warriors being mad with frenzy and flee at the same time is just strange. Stranger even is that a Khorne Lord on Juggernaut, Skullcrushers and Mightly Lord of Khorne still don't have the Daemon Keyword. While their Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh counterparts do... Go for it. I do think that screens of Reavers arn't all to interesting, but screens of Fleshhounds most certainly are. 10 reaver units in the back for Objective purposes seems allright. I'm not worried about Battleshock too much either, enough daemons, just think it's very strange when we look at what armies have the immunities now and what Khorne armies are supposed to represent For Bloodwarriors you could certainly do that. Though I do think more often pockets of 10 are ideal. Being functional at those sizes is their big advantage in my opinion. Gorefists are just very nice now!
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    WIP on the Mangler Squigs, lovely models but I have no idea how I'm going to transport it once it's fully assembled 😨 Personally, I really like the yellow armour, plus it's so simple to do! Building as the Loonboss variant but would like to leave the option to also run as a regular Mangler. The boss actually sits quite snuggly just dry-fitting so I hopefully won't need to mess about with magnets or pinning. As for other progress, I have started painting a kitbashed Madcap Shaman and Skragrott, as well as putting 40 bfsp grots onto round bases.
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    Greetings All, I have been playing with this list over the last few weeks Allegiance: Wanderers - Mortal Realm: Ghyran - 1990 Points LEADERS Nomad Prince (80) - Artefact : Forget-me-knot Spellweaver (100) - Heartwood Staff - Artefact : Wand of Restoration Waywatcher (120) - General - Command Trait : Masterful Hunter Waywatcher (120) Waystrider (80) Anointed (80) UNITS 10 x Eternal Guard (70) 5 x Wild Riders (120) 5 x Wild Riders (120) 20 x Glade Guard (240) 20 x Glade Guard (240) 10 x Wildwood Rangers (140) 20 x Phoenix Guard (280) BATTALIONS Waystone Pathfinders (200) So the problem i have is that while the damage output is awesome when the enemy hits my battlelines and i can fire in the Hero phase im then find that i just cant hold one side as the EG and WWR just cant take a beating having only a 5+ save, so i get chewed up and spat out . Also the WR are nice and fast but just dont have the numbers or durability to hold objectives , so yes i can do alot of damage from shooting and the PG can hold up one unit and survive most games i just cant get objectives and victory points by turn 5 Doe anyone have any suggestions on how i can bolster my battleines to protect the all important GG that provide the punch in Hero and Shooting phases ? should i drop the PG for something cheaper to screen , maybe look for large chaff units that can hold up ? I have yet to beat anyone after 3 games and while i can nearly massacre the other player they always get me on VP as most of my damage is centred around the Nomad Prince bubble Cheers B
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    The only rules that by default do not apply to Mounts are: - Command Traits - Artefacts Other rules may specify that they do not apply to Mounts, but if they do not specify that, then they affect the entire unit / model / profile.
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    I may stop short of going full on red phase GW as these are even redder than I remembered.
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    I would rock Kurdoss in every game if I were a night haunt player. Dude sits on a throne and steals command points. He's worth it for the flavor alone.