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    Well this may be lighting the fuse but we're missing the elephant in the room. My wife and I share loads of 'nerdy' hobbies but Warhammer isn't one of them. The reason for that isn't to do with how representative the fluff or minis are (although seeing yourself in the game is undoubtedly important), but way more to do with the behaviour of the "That Guys" in many stores and clubs. Creepiness, mysogyny and general awful behaviour is unfortunately disproportionately common in our hobby. It's the same with homophobic language too. Unfortunately stores are often pretty poor at dealing with this kind of thing. I know people's income is on the line and nobody wants to drive away customers but, having run sports teams and other clubs in the past, not dealing with toxic individuals is what ultimately hurts your member/customer retention the most. This behaviour drives guys away too, but one thing we often forget is that the creepy behaviour we just find irritating can often feel threatening to women. It's not hyperbole to say many women don't feel comfortable or even safe going into some hobby stores because of the way certain men behave towards them. Nobody is saying there shouldn't be a place for the awkward nerdy guy but basic civility (and basic personal hygiene) towards everyone regardless of gender, age, race etc. shouldn't be too much to ask.
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    Untamed Wilds (Beasts of Chaos vs Wanderers) Great Bray Shaman 10 Ungor Raiders 10 Ungors 10 Bestigors New Beastlord Model New Named Female Waywatcher Model 20 Glade Guard 10 Sisters of the Watch 10 Eternal Guard The idea is to have a mainly melee army vs mainly a shooting army, and to have some female models floating around on the part of the Wanderers. Give the new Waywatcher a command ability and the like, and an awesome pose. Legions of the Damned Legions of Nagash vs Slaves to Darkness 20 Skeleton Warriors 20 Skeleton Warriors Necromancer 5 Black Knights New Mounted Wight King Model New Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 5 Chaos Knights 10 Chaos Warriors 20 Marauders Basically a war between a dead city and Chaos, each with mounted leaders. Comprising mainly old models, GW could cram loads in whilst giving a new LoN player a solid start on an army.
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    This thread is a great example of why I think you should buy Sigmar models you love for the model's sake and would enjoy using more than buying models for rules. Buying something because it's stupidly good at the current moment and you want to crush opponents is a recipe for heartbreak. Anyone that didn't expect a big hit from the nerf bat hasn't been paying attention to how GW does things. The Jabberslythe is still fine, people are overreacting in this thread. It's just no longer a must-add to certain lists "have the same thing with 2 hellstorm rocket batteries that I used with ordinator and bless weapon deleting 60 wound units by casualties+bravery in a single turn that now just catch dust on the shelf"... no one is forcing you to keep them on the shelf. Not being able to insta-delete stuff with Lord Ordinator shenanigans isnt stopping you from playing them. Bringing units that you know aren't amazing in the current meta but know you'll have fun with their models and rules is pretty liberating
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    Event Title: Justice Series GT Event Author: JustPlay-Ritchie Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 03/30/2019 12:00 AM to 03/31/2019 12:00 AM Our regular event the Justice Series is making the jump into the big leagues with a 2 day Grand Tournament! This will become a regular event each year ran by JustPlay and the Justsayin podcast hosted by Ritchie and Ian 2 days of Age of Sigmar Match play with venue, rules pack and tickets all to follow. We have been known to talk about all the major tournaments and what we think of them well time to put ourselves out there and run our own, promoting the Community Rules pack on event scoring and putting our spin on what we think makes a great event. Save the date Ritchie and Ian Justice Series GT
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    I think it's safe to say it's probably a new sculpt of this.
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    For me, GW is moving in the right direction with Sacrosanct. The women are part of an army, not a seperate sub-faction or unit, they have more than a single “token” model and they wear pretty much the same armour as the men. They could dial back the chest armour and get rid of the ridiculous “high-heel boots” but I generally like the range and what it represents for GW’s design ethic moving forward. Maybe. For my wife, it’s not an issue unless you make it an issue. When we play Silver Tower, she uses the Warpriest because he comes with a Gryph hound and can heal the party. Gender and representation play no part in her decision making or her appreciation of the models or games. GW’s always going to struggle with this, especially as their consumer base expands and diversifies but they do seem to making progress. You can’t please all of the people all of the time but I do think they’re getting better.
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    Wow your story and your models are fantastic.
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    They are indeed! Unfortunatly i think that our best "competitive" shot is a mass-warriors (2h+shield) and cheap shooters list plus Runelords, math-talking. Hammerers are great but the points/wounds is grim, you need to think about them buffed and not needing battleshock to see value in those little hammerguys. If a tome ever comes out we need battalions to push forward ours elite units, right now we have nothing and base statsline, points/wounds and attacks math are what determine the best. (Even if i think that a Dispossesed player, right now, is more in the "cool" then the "competitive" side of the hobby)
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    The realm-themed box is definitely a good idea, so stick with that. I think also using it in the same way as 40K is doing- i.e. taking it as an opportunity to put a new character model out there- would be a good idea, so maybe taking factions that has lots of good plastics and some resin kits that need redoing would be the way forward. Seraphon- you could chuck out a new Slann or Saurus hero on foot alongside some existing Saurus Warriors, Skinks or Temple Guard. Wanderers- a new Nomad Prince or Waystrider or Spellweaver plus Glade Guard, Wild Riders, whatever. Beasts of Chaos- Gors, Bulgors, a shiny new Beastlord. And so on.
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    Hi @HollowHills, sorry if that came off as unfair. I wasn't trying to make out you were some terrible person but just saying it shows where we're at that fractions like 1/3 and 1/4 are considered equal. Now you can totally make the case that these things are incremental and take time to change and expecting 50/50 parity now (or indeed any time soon) is unrealistic (or I would happily say in many cases undesirable) but we should still be aware that the disparity is there. As for it being natural for people to enjoy same sex environments, well I'm very sorry but you'll have to speak for yourself there and most importantly surely if that was the case that's for your private gaming group, not the hobby as a whole. Keep women (or men if that's the case) out of your gaming groups if you really want (and tbh I could understand women creating women only groups) but don't make it harder or less welcoming to enjoy the hobby itself, all I'm saying is listen and consider what people unlike yourself are saying. Anyway I wasn't trying to call you out just saying we should every once in a while stop to examine our views because we all hold ingrained prejudices that we're often not aware of, I know for sure I do and it's something I'm trying to do better (and not always succeeding, such is life) .
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    Got my wild riders almost done
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    My partner played a mixed order list comprising of the older Aelven factions, there’s some great sculpts in there between sisters of the watch, sisters of the thorn, wanderer range, mistweaver etc. These days she’s on to death because they’re cool, I think assuming people will only play models of their own gender is a little short sighted really, with Sequitors and the new Stormcast GW is moving to a fairer representation where appropriate but a lot of the races are so far removed gender is irrelevant (Daemons, Orruks, Gross, Ogors, Seraphon, Sylvaneth) or so armoured you couldn’t tell the difference (Kharadon)
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    My first game with DoK went very well. Thanks for the suggestions and help, Overread & InSaint. Was a 1k game against Nighthaunt in Duality of Death, but it felt like my army was a bit too competitive as there was not much to do to counter them as it consisted of two big blocks of witches supported by a hag queen each and a Hagg Nar SQ on cauldron buffing them all. The outcome was decided in round 2, and he was tabled in round 3 with me having lost about 25% of my army in total. Witch aelves (even without mindrazor!) have even more insane damage output than I thought when they get rerolls on both to hit and to wound. And Hagg Nar made them surprisingly resilient, especially with Blessing of Khaine. Looking forward to expanding my murder elves with some more unit types.
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    Skaven vs Duardins (disposesseds) Or skaven vs Moonclan grots. it probably will never happen, but it would be a great way of showing how much those faction hated or hate each other.
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    Brettonians vs Tomb Kings j/k I would like to see realm-themed box sets. Each set could contain two factions that are likely to cohabit that realm, and maybe a couple small pieces of thematic scatter terrain or objective markers based on each realm's realmstone type. An example could be a Ghur box containing a mixed BoC force and a destruction force (iron jaws, moonclan, beastclaw raiders, etc). Included terrain could be something along the lines of the skeletal remains of godbeasts embedded in the rocky outcroppings of a barren wasteland. Kharadron Overlords vs Disciples of Tzeentch in Chamon. Daughters of Khaine vs Slaanesh in Ulgu. You get the idea: realm-themed box sets.
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    I am more of a reader than a poster, anyway I wanted to "revive" this Thread a little as I really like the concepts you shared over here. In fact I read this topic a few months ago when I got started in March 2018 now i have perused it again just for fun. 😀 I wanted to touch a bit on points already brought up: -Wanderers embracing Harmony and Balance in the Realms -this striving for Balance fittingly fleshed out in their goal to gain forgiveness by Alarielle -the use of Fae-Creatures Building upon the little lore we have I continuously thought about our defining feature: The Wandering and Pathfinding and to an extent the Survival Aspect. Some of you have beautifully summarized the motivation(s) for Groups of Wanderers to get by as they do - be it search for forgiveness, the thrill of the Hunt, etc. I got inspired by Unit Quotes out of the Game Dawn of War (never played it that much though) there is this unit of Eldar Rangers and they keep saying things like: "We yearn to wander." "You can not imagine what we have seen with our eyes." "We have traveled much darker paths." etc.. What I got from this was a sense of arrogance and pride on the one hand but also a sense of duty, confidence and inspiring spirit coming naturally to Aelven Kindreds. This Elements could very well be fitted into gameplay as a focus on the Bravery stat. Wanderers already have the "Defiant Hunters" trait - there could be so much more. (But I fail to come up with any precise Ideas at the Moment.) When looking at the Wanderers from the perspective of the City dwelling Aelves I always imagine it along these prejudices and wishes: -Wanderers are perceived as being either cowards or adventurous hot headed fools not adding anything to the fight against Chaos -Maybe a bit too "primitive" (we got Archmages, Loremasters, etc.. ) -Directionless and meandering -Maybe a hidden desire to life the Life of a Wanderer and be adventurous, romanticizing Ideas of "getting away" When in fact Wanderers are fighting the most difficult fight of all: -No refuge means high alertness all the time -When they die they are gone (No Reforging) --> By the way: Where do Aelf Souls go? Is there still a hidden relation to Waystones and Soulstones that Aleves carry with them? -These Aelves have been to places and have seen Horrors beyond compare (I just love the almost callous sentiment of "You can't imagine what we have been through" vibe.) -They have traveled all the Realms and in a philosophical sense they "serve the Realms" as they want to keep them clear from Chaos, there is also no desire for owning Land Regarding these musings, I just wanted to emphasize the reliance on cleverness and Experience that any Wanderer-Warband has to have in order to survive. As some of you already said the addition of all sorts of creatures is vastly tempting, however I would also be perfectly fine to continue on the path of an underdog Aelven-Force. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. So where should I end my ramblings? Maybe with some concepts that do not fit anywhere: -The Trait "Singer of Spells" is fluffy and valuable, why not expand the Singing on to Wanderer Units or to a Battalion? Having Oral Tradition or weaving new Leylines through Spell-Singing this could well be a defining feature for us. It is a bit Tolkien-Inspired but Singing when wandering through any wild Enviroment is so relatable. ---> Wanderer Units could have a ward against Mortal Wounds when Singing a certain Song. I am also inspired by the Fyreslayer Runes here, where a Player can activate each Rune only once per game. -However Wanderers being stealthy and then having the Singing-Element? -It would be an ironic twist to somehow buff the Wanderers Bravery, since they fled during the Age of Chaos. Now they are determined - they may retreat but only to hunt down their foes later. -What do you think about an Infantry Skirmishing Unit carrying Javelines and (Short)-Swords?
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    Here we go, so, that's a report from a 2000 points game involving not 1, not 2 but 3 Gyrobombers. We played Starstrike (Cometstrike ? The one where in turn 2 and 3 comets come down and become objectives) and my list was: Grudge that reroll 1 to hit vs 4+ armor saves (I'm very sorry but english isn't my first lenguage and i don?t know the right translation to abilities etc.) Warden King -resilient-ancestral pickaxe Runelord x3 30 Hammerers 20 Ironbreakers 20 Longbeards 10 Warriors (to allow 3 ally units and screen) 20 Irondrakes 3 Gyrobombers (divided in 3 units as the matched play rules want) He had 3 units of chaos Knights, one big-15 man chosen units, 15 chaso warriors, 2 charriots, a chaos lord on manticore, a chaos lord on demonic mount, a sorcerer lord and a...slambo? Dunno about that one. I deployed very slowly (i mean placing single units or less relevant one to see his drop) trying to fool him to overdeploy on the right side but the 10 knights on the left scared me, he was very concerned about my Irondrakes. Turn 1: I let him had the first turn, he could not charge me in any scenario, so he advanced in order to secure a turn2 charge, i tried to position the longbeards and ironbreakers to absorb the hit, on the right side i repositioned my warriors, hammerers and a poor Gyrocopter to absorb the hit and let the Hammerers countercharge. Turn 2: That's the beginning of turn 2, the comet struck on the left and i started to move the Gyrobombers in that direction, he was very unlucky with charges and only 5 knights reached my ironbreakers on the left, the five in the middle charged my longbeards but turn 2 ended there, he got control of the objective. STD 2-0 Dispossessed Turn 3: He got the double turn, charged the Daemon prince OVER my longbeards, engaging the Irondrakes ( 😞 ), the chariot on the extreme left charged from behind (ending in 3" of the Irondrakes. Not a lucky shooting game), the Manticore and chaos warriors reached my warriors on the right side; the middle charriot was blocked by my BRAVE Gyrobomber, setting up a very good countercharge from my hammerers. I menaged to free the Irondrakes from the prince bombing mortal wound on him with the Gyrobombers but they was still engaged by the chariot. The comets struck on the enemy left side and on my right side (under my hammerers). STD 8-3 Dispossessed Turn 4: The melee was hell, at this point! Left: The Ironbreakers got the -1 rend from a Runelord and with the help of the Warden king command ability singlehandedly removed the 5 knights from the table and claimed the objective. Middle: Longbeards stood theyr ground against 5 knights and 10 chosen (thay hit hard but the longbeards gave me the one turn i needed), behind them the Irondrakes were engaged by the chariot, i decided to pickaxe them with the Warden King to setup a turn 5 steal on the enemy objective (was guarded only by the chaos lord on demonic mount, sheer number on the 9" charge could win me that). Right: Oh boys. The hammerers ran on the enemy! -1 rend from the Runelord and they removed the charriot and all the chaos warriors from the table, engaging the Chimaera. STD 10- 11 Dispossessed The end of turn 4. Turn 5: He won the roll and tried to claim the Ironbreakers objective but failed, so he called it there. Dispossessed Major victory! (Yes, we did the Hammerers battle, they killed the beast 😉 ) I hope you enjoyed the report, even tho my english is pretty bad. That was a list to try the Gyrobombers and my impression is that being in 3 different units they're not worth it. In a future where is possible to bring them in one unit maybe yes. 3 was way too many, i think 2 is the right number, the mobility thay have with the mortal wounds is pretty good and gave me a lot of options! One of them was used to screen hammerers, one to prevent a movement on the right from the chosen and one to be annoying on the right...the ranged weapon is average, the 4+ to mortal wound spiky.
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    So the beasts of chaos are released, but over half their troops are webstore exclusive... some units are even out of stock. Bestigors are only available in the get started boxes. It seems weird GW didn’t repackage more units on rounds before this release.
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    Legends isn't the main mode of the game so its only a side project not the primary focus of the games balance. It's there as an option to let you use legacy armies but its not really the intended balanced structure of the core game. So its going to have over and underpowered stuff and likely not be fixed up often if at all. It's nice that GW is doing it, esp after htey destroyed the old world; but as time keeps marching on I'd expect it to dwindle - esp once GW releases more characters and units for AoS that are likely similar enough to old ones to let you use old models as them with ease.
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    I’m going to discuss it on the podcast this week along with some list theory so I’ll put it up then!
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    ...and ended 4-1 (10th place with the various soft scores, 5th place without them) with my only loss being to the winner, so I’d say Deathmarch definitely has some legs!
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    I'd say it's certainly possible they will adress it in the future. For now however, I am uncertain they will. I mean we do have Bloodletters but otherwise we arn't a DoK/Nighthaunt army with a ton of Mortal Wound acces. IF it will change for Bloodletters I think it should go hand to hand with their cost being reduced a little. I am open for both scenarios, but in reality they havn't changed too much so far for Khorne, other than the GH update. As an example, I still don't know why Khorne is the only army that has riders on Daemonic Mounts without the Daemonic Keyword, or a hero with a Daemonic partner without it. As mentioned months ago, this is not the case with the DoT, MoN or Slaanesh equivelants... It's not even the same with the Slaves to Darkness equivelant ^^ In any case, slowely but surely I do believe AoS2 is shaping up to be a great game. Much better as AoS1. I do completely agree with the notion that GW seemed to go a bit overboard with the Mortal Wounds, which in turn likely makes the current Stormcast players unhappy also. All in all though I do like the rock, paper, scissors design and maby GW will just make some heroes that allow some units to ignore Mortal Wounds or treat them as Rend -3/-2. There are a lot of easy fixes available, if it pans out that Mortal Wounds are too plenty atm.
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    Hey all, Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the Rogue Idol on the GW Official Base Size PDF. I see it comes with a 170mm x 105mm oval base on the Forgeworld website, so should this be taken as official? 160mm round seemed like the natural choice to me. Does anyone have any inkling on what the "official" size should be? Cheers all
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