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    "I am scissors. Paper is fine. Rock needs a nerf."
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    Make ironjaws not suck, that is all.
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    So new to Warhammer and to Painting miniatures in general but I have been enjoying myself so much I have even started to help paint my girlfriends flesh-eater courts army anyway here are the pics My first carnosaur was so much fun to paint and as you can see I have a gold and blue theme All in it has taken me about 3 weeks to paint and I have some more to post soon as I have a completed Old blood on foot and Skink star Priest Troglodon was also really fun to paint Flesh eater courts for my girlfriend
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    This will be the Freebooters’ Skyship.
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    Just to add the two cents from the other side of the spectrum. GW is so in control of leaks there are close to none rumours. But when something is their, it sparks conversation. And those are far more interesting in my mind. For example the remark someone made about GW focussing on new instead of replacing old kits, came from the conversation about the chaos warriors and knights models because of a rumour about Darkoath. Which in turn also sparked an interesting conversation about where it all would fit with the next expand is being confirmed destruction and wrath & blood fitting in somewhere in there as well. Again, to each their own, but if I wanted only a prediction of what’s to come without the reactions of others... I’ll just read the community page 😅
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    Of course. Game 1 was against Mixed Chaos, a combo of Skaven, Chaos Dwarf artillery and some cheeky Enlightened. Quite a good match up for my list, as I get to re roll hits and wounds against them of 1. Plus it was in the realm of fire, 30 Dryads with inferno blades are quite good! Ended up tabling him. Game 2 was against a nice version of DoK, who were not Hag Narr, but the one with plus one to hit when they charge. I got a bit lucky turn 1 here. Alarielle's shooting attack did 3 wounds to Morathi before she transformed, as well as making an 8" charge with some dryads to wipe some Witch Aelves. First few turns all the dice rolls went my way, and he had terrible luck. Made it an easy win and another tabling. Game 3 was against Mixed Order. Really mixed bunch, Phoenix, Morathi, some Fyreslayers, Arknaughts. I benefited quite a bit from it being total commitment, which meant he had to start the fyreslayers and heartrenders on the board. I gambled on one side of the board and managed to slowly grind him out, but it was an incredibly close game. My Phoenix went up against his and ended up dying first, but Alarielle came in at the end and helped claim his objective one last time to just swing me over the edge. Incredibly close game. Game 4 was against another Mixed Order list, and on stream. Chris Myhill, who was playing them, I know quite well and have played round his house a few times. He's an exceptional player, so I knew it'd be tough. I managed to bunker up quite nicely turn 1, and he whiffed a bit with his griffon in his turn. I let him have the double, which was a gamble. It almost backfired when his Dragonlord managed to sneak into Alarielle. I managed to make some good saves and some of his attacks whiffed, at which point I was able to hit back, mainly through spells through Alarielle, where she killed the Dragonlord and did a lot of damage to the Griffin. Chris played it out and I never felt I had won it until I did, but the defensive nature of the list, and the speed it has end game, helped me win. Game 5 was against Stormcast, also on stream. My only loss of the weekend. Big sequitor blocks came at me and pinned me in my defensive set up. I focused far too much on killing his sequitors, which I did, but as a result lost sight of the fact I could auto lose turn 3. I had left myself out of position, Craig noticed it once he had won the roll off, and duly made a fool of me on live stream! 5 great games and good opponents. The lists speed is great. It lacks high rend, but the mortal wound damage through spells and alarielle tends to make up for it. Plus it's just very good at scenario play.
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    I completely understand and sympathize with your struggle (so to speak) with this. I, too, have had to tackle the issue. I solved it by giving in. I just buy it all, secure in the knowledge that as long as I have miniatures that remain unpainted, I cannot die. I am immortal.
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    Howdy. In short, long time 40k player, also played Malifaux and Warmahordes. Diving into AoS with Death and getting into Underworlds. So I'll probably be hanging out in those two forums the most.
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    Yes. This is what they send me. AoS_Azyrite_Townscape_CB_140x210.indd.pdf
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    Too bad it's Facebook. They are such liars and deceivers that I'll never post there. Would love to give feedback on Morghasts (too high) and the need for a "how to build an army list" section, but it's not gonna happen in Facebook.
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    Afternoon folks Another quick update today as I'm up to my armpits in grey plastic at the moment - the last stretch of the first 3k of the Court is about to start, with the last 10 Spites, 3 Hunters, a Branchwych, Drycha and Durthu to build and paint. So 16 models and about 1080pts left. The counts-as Durthu should be fun to do, if a little mental... Currently on the painting slate is the Harvest Maiden and a single ghul, for the Denizens of the Grey Marches series. On the building slate however is a whole bunch of stuff: That's a whole bunch of Crone-touched stuff. Another three Hunters - really happy with the champion with the heart-fruit in hand - they all need a few last details added and greenstuffing around the wastes, as well as the bases being completed. Probably wont show much more of them until they are done. The other 4 chaps are the rest of the first unit of Crone-touched Treekin at a very early stage - they've got a treekin left arm added, heads in place and rooty bits added to chest hollows. Still loads to do on them like trimming Spite arms to fit, adding branches, leaves and roots as well as bark texture to their backs, and sorting their bases out. Still enjoying how they look, but I think I'll be mixing them into the existing regular Spites for games etc just to break up the look of the units. GW did an outstanding job on the Nighthaunt range and it's been great to find excuses and ways to use some of them in the Court. Still tempted to find a way to use Lady Olynder for something too.. Back again soon, Knave
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    Hi fellows Dawi ! Need some advices here. We are doing a friendly tournaments this week end (5 players) and we must play with one and only one 2K list for the whole. I add that we'll be playing with home made rules : 500pts of allies for 2000 pts. What do you think of this list ? Allegiance : Dispossessed (duh!) Leaders : Warden King Runelord (Pickaxe) Runelord Unforged (Anraheir's Claw, thanks @Furuzzolo !) Units : Ironbreakers *20 Irondrakes *10 Longbeard *10 Quarrellers *20 Warriors *20 Allies : Arkanaut Frigate (great cannon) Grundstok Thunderers *10 (3 Aethershot Rifles, 1 fumigator, 2 decksweeper, 2 Cannon, 2 mortar Battalion : Grudgebound War Throng Total : 1990/2000pts 124 wounds I'll try to make some detailed reports of each round and battle, and take some photos for you. My opponents will be : Some stinky goatsmen, Shnappi das Kleine Crocodil, Some Icy ogri and, of course, filthy grobi. The main goal here is to grab objectives quickly with the Frigate and thunderers, hold on with covering fire while the rest of my army advance. Thanks for replies !
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    I was given these by the owner of my local game store, I am assuming the package was damaged or something was missing. Well I hate leaving gifted models unpainted so I finally sat down and painted these. I stuck with the standard scheme I usually do, heavy on the checks! It is standard across all of the destruction forces I have done and will hopefully tie them together if I ever decide to use them in a mixed force.
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    Chaos warriors are beautiful models in my opinion, some of my favourite in the Chaos range. Personally I cannot see Slaves to Darkness going away any time soon with the battle box this Christmas. It would really annoy anyone who purchases it if they were to discontinue the army in the next year or two.
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    This is a real problem. I was trying to do some detail work during a re-listen of episode... five I think, at the point where the tribe's storyteller is describing the moobs of the Beastclaw Raiders, and I had to put my model down because I was laughing so much.
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    Update; Ive been assigned a team mate so we've had the opportunity to theory craft our lists. He is bringing a very shooty skaven list with lots of jezzails, warp fire throwers and an Arch Warlock with some endless spells. It can put out a ton of mortal wounds in the magic and shooting phase but will die to a stiff breeze in melee. With that in mind I'm going to run the following; Allegiance: KhorneWrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Immense Power - Artefact: Deathdealer Bloodstoker (80)Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Chaos Glaives5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Chaos GlaivesTotal: 1000 / 1000 The game plan is basically to kamikaze the bloodthirster into their lines first turn to give them something to worry about while shooting them to pieces. Then the two units of knights follow up with buffs from the lord and blood stoker and backed up by the warp fire throwers. The reavers are just there to screen the jezzails. If we pick our shooting targets carefully such that we delete small units and heroes I should be generating heaps of blood tithe much earlier than usual which will mean lots of daemons by the end of the game :-) I'll most likely put up a tournament review of our 3 games after the event for anyone who is interested.
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    If you have them or they allow you to proxy, sure. Especially for Gautfyre. Otherwise, I always go 3 Warpfire, 3 Shock Gauntlets and 3 Grinderfists
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    Yeah, we have good tools in our arsenal, it's why we can actually play as a cohesive force. Our melee is lackluster, so we end up being the Tau of AoS, which isn't as fun for our opponents, I think. I like being a ranged-focused faction, but I'd like some melee infantry options that are more mobile. I honestly think Wardancers would be a great fit, but they'd need new models. I'll still keep the old ones I have for the time being of course, but they could really use them. As it stands, I generally ally in my Dryads, and later on I'll throw some Kurnoth with swords or scythes in to do some heavy lifting in melee, or possibly an Ancient and a Branchwraith for Wildwood summoning shenanigans.
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    Yeah you really can see the age of those models (boys and that chariot thingie), which really doesn’t look that well with a Ironjaws army who have like very good looking models. But still they would fit perfectly together the fluff is similar, heck even Gordraks big whaaag is a horde of “ALL GREEN-THINGS”. So for the love of Gork (or Mork?) make greenthing big again.
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    I did look into that As far as we know, the squig is counted as a weapon due to there being no mention of treating it as a mount, nor it actually being one - with the core rules explaining how to handle command traits/artifacts in context of mounts, but not "companions', this is the current interpretation. Obviously the other moonclan warlord riding a squig would have his squig count as a mount but as you say, the new battletome will surely switch things up a bit, so this is only relevant until then.
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    “They say that you cannot chose your family. This is unfortunate, as it often our families that will cause us the greatest grief in life.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “How sure are we that the face we see in the mirror is us? It may bear our visage, but can we know that the thoughts in its head are the same as our own? Who is this identical stranger?” Attributed to unknown Aelvish philosopher. ~ “Why….. done thisss?” “Because you need an anchor, my poppet. Else your former lord could snatch you back. And I wont have that.” “It hurttttsss…” “Aye. Life is pain, poppet. Never forget that.” “Feellsss wrong… heavy. Aching. Hurtttsss…” “I carved you such a pretty face, and you will learn how to make your shell move for you. The others all did and they are nothing compared to you my sweet.” “Who…” “Who am I? Come now, you know me. Deep inside, you know me. I’m you.” “Nooo...” “Yes. Oh yes. She broke me, aye She did. Took my eye, and from it so much of me poured that I can scarce remember my old self. A pale, broken shadow of an echo, that’s what she left me. And that’s what you are. A shard of an echo of a shadow.” “Not ssshadow…” “Oh but you are, dear poppet. You are. Youngest of the three. Most fickle.” “Ssss...” “Most wicked. Most cruel.” “Yesss…” “You’ve always known. All I’ve done is allow you to admit it, dearest. Reminded you of who you truly are.” “Ssss…Maiden…” “Such a clever girl. Once, we were whole, we were one. Now, we are Three, and much diminished. But we endure.” “What need…” “What need do I have of you, poppet? You reaped souls for the Lord of Dust and Bone, did you not?” “Yesss… harvested…” “Then be my Maiden of the Harvest. Reap that which I sow, little sister.” “Yesss… sssissster…” ~ “Pulled from death and bound to life.” “Whole, yet a shard. Sole, yet an aspect of another.” “Free and yet bound, sharpest and cruelest of the Three-in-one.” ~
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    Yeah, I’m now starting to accumulate unpainted boxed games - I just can’t run the risk of not getting one because it’s been discontinued. Been burnt before.
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    The Protectors of the Candle "We protect the light in the darkness." — motto of the Protectors of the Candle. Like any other major city of Order, Port Stellis is governed by a Conclave composed of representatives of the various factions, guilds and corporations of the city: the aelf corsairs, the miners' syndicate, the knights of the Order Serpentis, the astromancy guild, etc. Each of these groups seeks above all to protect and develop their own interests. As a result, there are often rivalries and tensions between them. However, there are two factions that do not participate in this game of political influence because they exist primarily to fulfill a duty: the Stellar Champions and the Protectors of the Candle. The first are stormcast eternals stationed in a fortress on the edge of the city and they live to accomplish the mission that the God King has given them. They are not involved in Port Stellis' internal affairs and will only intervene in cases of war or chaotic corruption. The latter are none other than the city watch who ensures security inside Port Stellis. They are men and women who have chosen to enlist, wear uniforms, enforce laws and maintain public order. While it should be prestigious role, it is rather an ungrateful and dangerous job. Soldiers with several years of service are generally considered particularly tough and stubborn. The budget allocated to the city watch is very limited, so the hierarchy is forced to be cheeseparing over every expenses. For example, the uniforms are all the same size, each soldier having to sew it up if necessary. In addition, the city watch is lacking men, especially for a city the size of Port Stellis, which makes the work considerably more difficult. And as if that wasn't enough, the soldiers' pay is rather poor... Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Port Stellis must admit that without the Protectors of the Candle, the city would quickly fall into anarchy. Isilde Brumehaut "We're not giving up ground! Hold your positions! And remember: we protect the light in the darkness! Let's show them what we've got! For Port Stellis! For Sigmar!" — Isilde Brumehaut The Commander of the Candle is Isilde Brumehaut, an upright soldier descended from a noble lineage of azyrite origin. Not only does she command her soldiers and supervise the security of the city, but she also serves as a member of the Conclave. While she never falters in her task and never loses her seriousness, the days spent arguing in endless debates in the Conclave and mediating conflicts between guilds make her regret not being on the field as a normal soldier any more. Her desk is invaded by staggering piles of administrative paperwork that seems to renew themselves every day and her drawer is filled with migraine medication... But sometimes, when the city is in danger, she can gladly abandon her administrative duties and lead her soldiers into the action along with the champions of Sigmar.
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    Yorn and his men were not used to doing things gently. That's how the old man had ended down on his knees in the mud. These folk were reluctant to serve aboard the Iron Fist. While it offered relative safety, compared to their village, their conscription did not include passage for their families. And with the strongest of them gone, they stood even less of a chance against raiders than before. The old man knew that and had resisted Lucius's guard pulling his son forward. And now here they were. A mob of villagers, who ire was quickly rising, shouting and spitting at Yorn's men. He didn't want it to come to blades. If that happened, the conscripts would be relegated to cog pits, scarcely better than slaver laborers. Suddenly, a handful of rotten vegetables hit on of Yorn's men square in the breastplate. The infantry man dropped the torch he was carrying and drew his sword. Have the first 5 of the heavy infantry mostly done. Still waiting on power swords. I also found out that Marauder Horsemen shields and Ironbreaker shields are the same size in diameter and circumference. Marauder Horsemen shields are a little thicker and I felt that their detail matched these gus better than Ironbreaker shields. Not totally pleased with the stance of these guys, turns out Scion legs and arms are a little static. Looking back, I probably would use Gor arms instead and leave them unarmored, since I have those laying around. Oh well, too late now! The next five will include the banner and musician. The damn champion may look like more of a general than the converted commissar in the last blog post.
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    Rather than edit or remove my first three entries, I am going to leave them as a way to track changes in the development of the background of my warband. After building the two brothers and the first blind brother, I realized they fit better into the Realm of Ulgu than the Realm of Beasts. The brothers are blind after all, and hunt not by human eyeball sight, but by another form of guidance. I also felt that the appearance of warband was more in line with a civilization that had grown and developed within the realm of shadows. The first spoiler has revised background and lore about the two brothers and the city they hail from. I changed the hand on one of the brothers, removing his fist and giving him a book to hold. Here is a group shot of the warband, made up of the two brothers on the right and three of their followers or "blind brothers" on the right. The second spoiler is a bit of story on how these people are first discovered in Ulgu. I planned on making six of the follower but realized I only had 3 25mm round bases. All the kits I have bought lately only come with square bases. So if anyone wants to throw a couple my way, the warband can grow. Until I pick up some more bases this is the size of it, though they should get a primer spray tomorrow. Any thoughts on how to paint them to make them appear to be from the realm of shadows? I am thinking they need some sort of dark and dreary color scheme with a spot of color, and rusted metal, except for the blade edge. Maybe a pink/white skin tone since the sun doesn't penetrate the shadows. If you read the spoiler text you may have guessed that the new duradin reveal has got my mind going a mile a minute about adding some sort of sky ship using parts from the new big ship model, an devoted war altar and a steam tank. We will see if that ever happens!