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    Hello everyone. I don't like to have to make posts like this and its been a while since the last one, but unfortunately I keep seeing the same sort of things posted over and over, usually by a small group of people. This forum (TGA) was set-up by myself nearly 18 months ago to be a fun place to hang out and chat about Age of Sigmar. It is a safe haven for like minded gamers from all around the world to avoid the hate and bile that was present on almost every other Warhammer forum/website/blog online. I wanted to find all the people who were enthusiastic about AoS and bring them to a single place to create a worldwide community that shared a love for all things related to the mortal realms. Unfortunately it seem that along with the success of a thriving and fun community comes people who just want to moan and complain about the very thing that they spend so much time involved with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I welcome and enjoy lively debate but flat out moaning and complaining will not be tolerated here any more. I invite anyone who feels the need to spend time complaining to head over to another forum to do so. I recommend 4Chan as the bets place as it seems built for it but there are many others. http://www.warseer.com/forums/ http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/forums/list.page;jsessionid=F75F6F37FA8705FD51B6E3965F4A96CA https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Battle i'm sure there are lots more too but it is no longer welcome on TGA. This forum has a pretty robust reporting and reputation system. If you see a post where some is just complaining for the sake of it them please report it. I want to make this a fun forum to be part of and the community helping with that will make it easier. Thanks, Ben.
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    Hi everyone, Warscroll Builder has finally been updated with the new GH2017 points. As always, tell me what I missed or got wrong. It was a lot of data to input, so I'm sure I missed more than a few things! There are still some known issues for iOS users we are working on. Hope to have those resolved soon. Lastly, allies will be coming in the next few weeks. If there is anything else you would like, let me know and I'll try and make it happen. -Tony P
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    Morning all, A very rare Saturday post from me (though I'm writing this in the week). This is because I have been waiting for the General's Handbook 2017 to go on preorder today before I can talk to you lovely people about it. Now I'm sure there will be plenty of leaks out by the time I release this as is always the way, but still I hope this will still be of interest. As some of you will know, I am in the privileged position to receive review copies of GW new releases to talk about on my podcasts (AoS - The Black Sun / 40K - The Triumvirate). So my usual approach for this kind of thing would be to record a solo show this weekend for release in my usual slot on Monday. This time round I've decided to do things a little differently as there will undoubtedly be a plethora of GH2017 reviews out for you over the next week; podcasts, blogs, YouTube, you name it. My plan here instead is to write this article for you, the people of the TGA Destruction sub forum. Whilst in places TGA gets a bit of bad press nowadays, I think we as a sub forum have kept an incredible level of positivity and created a fun, friendly place to post and discuss our love for AoS, which is great. It truly makes my weekdays more bearable and I get a lot of joy from posting, reading, replying and just generally interacting with all you guys. So this here is my initial overview of Ironjawz in the General's Handbook 2017! As for the podcast, obviously this new publication will remain the main focus for some time now and my intention is to do a series of Allegiance specific shows as opposed to trying to cover the book in full. Once @Sangfroid has had a chance to read the book I will be getting him on to discuss Ironjawz in more detail, by which time I'll have played some games and may have expanded upon or changed my opinions on the below. There will also be a Nighthaunt show with @Mengel Miniatures , a Slaanesh show with Bryan Carmichael etc etc. I'm not entirely sure this is the best way to go about it and perhaps doesn't make best use of the early access, but I wanted to try something different, so we'll see how it goes. I probably should've stuck this episode on my website to generate traffic or whatever, but yeh as I said, I thought it'd be cool to share this with you guys right here! I guess other than reading, replying, sharing etc the only other thing I'd ask in return is that you check out my sponsor, Element Games and click through this link to get your purchases (ie a GH2017 preorder!!) - http://elementgames.co.uk/warhammer?d=10210 Well I think that's enough preamble that no one cares about, right? You're just gonna scroll down and get to the goodies....tbh this is exactly what I did when I got my Handbook, flicked straight to the Ironjawz, so I can't blame you (though I urge you to stop on page 1 for just a moment when you have the book yourself! /vanity ~ love you GW!!). Soooo.... The goal here is pretty much to go over everything Ironjawz in this new book. In time I may open up discussion on the other Destruction elements, but I need to stick to my roots and talk about what I love for this post. Obviously I won't be quoting whole sections of the book, listing points values or anything like that. However this review should be able to give everyone a great idea of what we have to look forward to...and boy do we have a lot to look forward to. Ok let's dive in; Matched Played Rules Whilst there is some new stuff in here around The Rules of One etc, coming at this from an Ironjawz point of view I just wanted to touch on the fact that I can see nothing stopping non-Hero Generals or the stacking of effects. I've double checked this a couple of times as I had expected to see both included. I suspect these will still be popular Tournament house rules, but that aside you can still have a Brute Boss as your General and stack your Warchanter buffs. Now I'll say upfront, you may not need the Boss General anymore and we'll get onto why in a bit, but if you know my previous feelings on such things you'll understand there must be something good coming! Also like some of the more recent Battletomes, you can't take a Command Trait unless your General is a Hero, which I think is an elegant work around. Obviously this is just a first look and it's gonna be fun trying to new stuff, but it'll be interesting to see if we settle back into the Brute Boss General. Off the bat though it has to a thumbs up that it's still an option and better still that there's other stuff that may at least make you consider other things. Pitched Battle Profiles - Points So here's where it gets exciting, right? There have indeed been some reductions for a number of Ironjawz units you will be pleased to hear; * Both Gordrakk & the regular Megaboss on Maw-krusha have received substantial points drops roughly around what I expected and advised. I think the Maw-krusha would've needed to drop a little more for a Double Dragon list to become an archetype, however as it is it could certainly be a fun consideration. * Ardboys have remained the same whilst in a unit of 10, but they do now have an option to be fielded at a discounted rate as a Massive Regiment. The discount here is actually pretty sizeable so is good value, the flip side being it'll cost you not far shy of a quarter of your army! Definitely a nice option that I want to see on the table. I'll be thoroughly disappointed if @Sangfroid isn't rocking one at BLACKOUT! No 5 man unit option and these remain Ironjawz Battleline only. * Gore-gruntas got the reduction everyone was expecting. You can extrapolate this cost from the Skirmish book. Whilst I've long said this unit is a Warscroll issue, not a points issue, this reduction is a nice fix. I can see myself continuing to field these regularly and will now fancy them both as quick, cheap objective grabbers in 3's as well as big pork tarpits in 6's. And that's it for the units. Absolutely nothing to complain about there. Completely happy with these as sensible reductions. If you run a list now with a Maw-krusha and 2 units of Gore-gruntas (like I did at EGGS), with these reductions you could pick up a 3rd unit of piggies gratis!! #cashback Now that's not entirely true unfortunately, as the eagle eyed reader will notice I haven't covered Battalions yet. There is seemingly a trend throughout this edition of the General's Handbook to increase the cost of Battalions, though I'll admit I haven't spent too much time comparing others (it's all about the Ironjawz man!!) the Ironjawz ones are no different; they have all been increased by the same amount. This figure is almost surprisingly large, however as mentioned it does appear to be a game wide trend, presumably with overall internal balance in mind. So what does this mean? Well, the Ironfist is now more of a must than ever (we'll get onto this - a couple of reasons why!) so I think we'll just take the hit and suck it up as its that good. Unfortunately this increase does eat up most of the free points we've gained back above. This would mean my EGGS army would remain exactly the same, although in tomorrow's money I could upgrade the 2nd unit of pigs to Brutes/Ardboys. Obviously this is using just one list as an example...if you previously ran a Godrakk Gorefist list, even with the Gorefist rise you'd still have plenty of spare change. I guess I would've like to have seen some of the other Battalions go cheaper than the Ironfist (even with them all going up) as it means we'd see them more. It's hard to talk too much about how my old lists translate as I actually think it'll be a case of building from the group up now. We have the fantastic Allies rules (more in a min) and also the two super cool mega Battalions that I haven't mentioned yet. I'll talk about what these include later, but yes, we get a one drop army!!! How exciting is this? All in, it's gonna cost us 280-300 in tax to gain this ability (so potentially smaller armies) but the benefits are huge. We'll get onto that. I'll also give some example army lists I've been considering in a second post. Allies Well surely this is one of the most exciting things in the book for us?! I'm sure many of you are like me in that you have countless projects laying around, previously hampered by Battleline restrictions, so this is a fantastic move by GW - from a hobby point of view as well as gaming. So as Ironjawz, we can ally with; Aleguzzler Gargants, Bonesplitterz, Gitmob Grots, Greenskinz, Moonclan Grots, Troggoths How cool is that? So I won't go into all the options, but I thought it might be fun to pick a few; Aleguzzler Gargants; enough said surely! We all talked about armoured Gargants when the Thunderfist box came out at Christmas last year. Now we can field two in a 2,000pt army. It's gotta be done! Bonesplitterz; well I always wanted to finish my Ardboy Yoofs (Savage Orruks) to use as generic Battleline. Whilst I'd love to do so as it was a cool concept, I'm so pleased I don't have to now in order to unlock some of this other cool stuff. Note the Savage Orruk units are now capped at 30. Big Stabbas are 100% on my list though. I converted one and was really happy with it, definitely more to come. You can ally a Teef Rukk which is pretty cool! Gitmob Grots; Spear Chukkas! What more to say. Great addition to an Ironjawz army for sure. Obviously you could pick up some cheaper bodies here as well as the Battleplans are still mostly model number focussed. Massive Regiment of Grots clocking in under 300 has potential. Greenskinz; well there are some juicy options here! The newly rereleased Rogue Idol clocks in at 400 points with the Greenskinz keyword. That, is exciting. It has a buff that boosts Ironjawz bravery, their Achilles heel (until it dies!), and would be a fantastic centrepiece. Can see this being popular. The Wyvern and Warboss with Banner are also strong choices (though less so if not your General) Moonclan Grots; Doesn't necessarily appeal to me in an Ironjawz army, but the power of Grots & their Fanatics is undeniable. Note that Fanatics now come in a minimum unit size of 3! Troggoths; always wanted to paint the Fellwater Troggoth models! Could squeeze 6 into your ally allowance with a bit of change. Note that no Beastclaw monsters will be seen in Ironjawz armies. For me, the ally rules are one of the biggest hits of this book. They've done a fantastic job with them I think. It's a great idea and opens so many doors in terms of modelling and gaming. Can't wait to see what combos people come up with! Allegiance Abilities: Destruction Now before we get on to the really juicy party that is the Ironjawz abilities, I would be remiss to ignore the generic Destruction stuff and talk about where that is in GH2017. This will be a very quick rundown, just to tell you why (at an initial glance) we, as Ironjawz players, do not need to concern ourselves with pages 156-157 of this book...we're onto bigger and better things! Battle Trait - Rampaging Destroyers; I think will all saw a change coming here and I have to say that what GW have done is a pretty sleek simplification of what was a heavy dice rolling exercise. That's all well and good, but unfortunately the new rule is much less reliable as you only roll for Heroes and need to get a 6 (+2 for the General) to trigger an effect. If you do happen to roll that hallowed 6 (TBS dice are recommended) the abilities are nice for a selected unit; a 6" move, a pile in or a charge depending on the units proximity to the enemy. I always said that how good the Ironjawz abilities would be would also depend on the Destruction ones in turn; so with this change I think it's fair to say we'd be open to checking out something new. Next let's check out the Command Traits. Remember your General has to be a Hero to access one of these; Nothing Left Standing; same as before, however it now doesn't remove special scenery rules. Might is Right; same as before, doesn't apply to mounts now. Wild Fury; this has been simplified. It's now a flat +1 to hit if you've suffered any wounds. Again this would not apply to mounts. Bellowing Tyrant; total change up here, this now grants +1 to run and charge rolls and you can use the General's Bravery for the selected unit. 6" range. Big and Brutish; unchanged. Ravager; now adds +1 to the Rampaging Destroyers roll. This means your General triggers it on a unit on a 4+. Funnily enough, even though there are lots of changes there I still think the two most used now (Bellowing Tyrant & Ravager) will remain top of the pile. I think Ravager would be my pick. Ok one last thing before we hit the Ironjawz abilities - the Artefacts of Destruction; Hammerblade; same as Meteoric Hammerblade Battered Talisman; the flavour text here seems to denote that this was once the Talisman of Protection, however it's now a dirt-encrusted remnant of its former glory. As such, it's now a 5+. Rockeye; a renamed Gem of Seeing. WFB Ogre Kingdoms players will enjoy the reference. Bellowing Blade; a renamed Blade of Vituperation. Call it what you want, you won't see it! Collar of Domination; unchanged. Battle Brew; ahhh the big one! Remember when this artefact was fine...like before Frostlords were a thing. They ruined the bro juice for everyone. As suspected, this took a hit. One use only and inflicts D6 mortal wounds at the end of the turn. So like the Command Traits, the same two artefacts are likely to be the ones you see, even with a slight hit. Talisman and Battle Brew in this case. Rockeye now has a place though to be honest and could well overtake Battle Brew. Has a nice inbuilt anti-Frostlord effect with the range as well. There we have it, the state of Destruction...kinda the same, but reigned in a little and fairly so I think. Whilst nothing there previously was a problem with Ironjawz, there was so much out there that made it an issue. So with that in mind I think these are pretty much necessary changes. It will also make any Ironjawz player reading this entirely ready to embrace what's next I suspect. Had we still had everything as good as before we might be slightly less willing....but yeh, let's do this!!! Allegiance Abilities: Ironjawz Here we are, the business end of this ramble! Let's not delay any longer and kick off with the Battle Traits; Mighty Destroyers; this is the new Rampaging Destroyers, for free! So we just get the generic Destruction ability (with more to come!). Whilst this ability is by no means reliable it's a very tasty freebie. The +2 for the General here only triggers if your General is a Megaboss. Smashing and Bashing; you've seen this on the Community page. A very nice ability that can create some fantastic chain reactions. Note that it just says the combat phase so this also works in your opponents turn; wow!! Ordering combats will be more important than ever. I love a bit of finesse with my Ironjawz and which this seems so brutal, it will require planning to execute to its greatest potential. Eager for Battle; +1 to charge!! No stipulation other than being an Ironjawz unit. What more do I need to say here?! Brilliant. So there we are, three innate abilities that all work really well together. I think we can be pretty happy with that. You see why I believe the Ironfist to still be ultra important even given its price hike. Great stuff here though. Let's move on to the Command Traits; Hulking Muscle-Bound Brute; re-roll 1's to wound for your General. Meh, not bad, but keep reading. Live to Fight; General can re-roll hits if he charged. Probably better than above, but we haven't hit 11 just yet! Brutish Cunning; this is utterly gaming winning. On a 5+ you can have one Ironjawz unit close to your General charge at the start of your enemies charge phase before they do any. Fantastic. Just a shame it's always a fixed dice roll with no manipulation. Still, we'll get some stories here. Imaging triggering a Maw-krusha Destructive Bulk chain in your enemies charge phase!! Stories inbound! Bestial Charisma; other than being a phrase often used to describe me, I think this is my fav Command Trait. D3 Inspiring Presences. Yes please. Prophet of the Waaagh!; you can reroll Waaagh! or Mighty Waaagh! dice, or gain the Command Ability if you don't have it. Some people may enjoy this, does nothing for me though considering I don't use those command abilities anyway. Ironclad; Rend -1 when attaching the General. Not bad at all on a Maw-krusha IMO. Wish it was an artefact. Some brilliant stuff there. Brutish Cunning and Bestial Charisma being absolute stand outs for me. Let's see if the Artefacts off anything of interest.... Armour of Gork; bounces a mortal wound to the opponent in combat on a save of 6+. Destroyer; increases the damage of one weapon by 1. Doesn't work on mounts. Really nice on a Megaboss' choppa. Daubing of Mork; ignores wounds and mortal wounds on a 6+. Probably nicer on a Maw-krusha as with more wounds there's more chance of hitting this a couple of times. The Golden Toof; Ironjawz units close by can auto pass battleshock of the bearer killed a model in the last combat phase. Situationally brilliant. As someone terrified of battleshock this has appeal, but spoiler, read on! Metalrippa's Klaw; +1 Rend on one weapon. Doesn't work on mounts remember. The Boss Skewer; very much a case of saving he best for last here IMO. This adds +1 to your bravery in the battleshock phase and -1 to the opponent. Reasonable range on this one. 100% the first thing I'd be taking from this list. One thing I don't think I mentioned is that you can only take each Artefact once. So there we are, some very exciting stuff in here I think you'll agree. I'm worry I've gone on a bit long here so think I'll call it there. There's plenty for you all to get your Teef into. I'll come back with a second post on Sunday or Monday and cover off the two new battalions (which are both brilliant btw!!) and show some of my first army lists. Sorry I haven't been able to cover it all off in one go, this was pretty time intensive haha!! Phew, there we go. Hope that reads ok and is of interest to you guys. I appreciate I've not given too many of my own opinions on things so far, but it's early days and super exciting times!! Plenty of conversation to be had. Let's call it there. Let me know what you think, is this a good format for review as a supplement to the podcast? Interested in all kinds of feedback. First time I've done this and worried it's a bit vague. Anyway, thanks for reading, Chris x
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    Sup! I've decided to go with fancy AoS Skirmish points pages for all of you who want to play Skirmish using additional Warhammer AoS and Fantasy models. Hope this not breaks any rules. But if you don't like this content please let me know. THE PDF IS READY FIRST POST WILL ALWAYS CONTAIN THE NEWEST VERSION. Unofficial Points.pdf (3.50 MB) now with FW stuff THIS IS NOT OVER There is still some work to be done. 1. I need your help with first page, disclaimer, info on how to use it etc. (The one right now is kinda sketchy) 2. Report on bugs and mistakes, missed models etc. Suggest ideas. Please make this post Sticky.
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    Hey everyone, on the 17th of May you've got to scrap all your plans and make sure you tune into Warhammer Live! Why? Not only will you get the first peak at the incredibly exciting new game that is AoS SKIRMISH, you'll also get to see bottle live on air playing the first games of it! It's going to be my Freeguild no-for-goods (and perhaps some other Order mixed in) up against Ben Johnson's Flesh Eater Courts, so it should be a thrilling game as well as a chance to see the new Skirmish rules in action. If you're a TGA member and a subscriber to Warhammer Live, make sure you shout out in the chat box too. Hope to see you all there! twitch.tv/warhammer
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    that's very cool stuff. I will start something with my necromancer's blood magic coven. I hope you will like it
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    Hi Boyz! After some months passed twitsing my mind about what kind of greenskinz will fight for me in the new fantasy made in GW my choice is done! I've decided to mix together the "old-dark-middle-age-style" with the new "high-fantasy-ultracolored-age". I've chosen to follow the guideline of yellow armour, but with my personal interpretation: some little spots of yellow in a dark iron armor! (not rusty or dirty... just dark) My goal is to paint a list of 1000pt of ironjawz, and these are the first 5 brutes! hope you like them!
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    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the next expansion set for AoS which will be called Boxhammer!! A spokesman told me it was specifically designed for players who come home after a few beers with their mates and go online to stock up their paints or treat themselves to a new character model. He said "we realise these players often forget what paints they needed and end up blowing a couple of hundred pounds on starting a new army instead. Then they get disheartened when they realise it will be months before they finish their current project and get round to painting them. We really wanted to give something back to those people." "We also hope this new ruleset will appeal to all those people who left the hobby because they insist its better to move your models around in big rectangular blocks."
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    I think you're addressing this from the wrong angle; the individual units that were "top tier", while strong and occasionally gamebreaking (Skyfires) are not what will shake up and change the meta with this release. It's the subtle design changes to how we will be playing the game, and how it will affect armybuilding - which it will, on the top tables. - Battalion points hike. This is honestly genius. It adds a tax on one-drops, it makes taking the strong battalions comparable to giving up a unit, and it severely limits the alpha strike potential of certain lists. Making it gamewide puts a precedent upon it where they are flat out telling us that if you want this and that special rule, you build around it, not throw it in as a bonus because it's "mandatory". - Battleplan changes. These are going to affect us so much. I think super-killy elite armies with few models are soon going to be a thing of the past, and that mobility and survivability are going to be key factors in this edition of the game. - Added rules of one and nerfed allegiances. Long story short, we're getting less stuff for free, and we're being forced to think twice about what we choose and how we use it. - Alliances. Just the existence of these will change how we approach army-building. Literally everyone can fill the gaps in their army now (Ironjawz with Spear Chukkas), which means having a balanced approach to what you will expect to face at top tables is more important than ever. One-tricks will get punished more. I think these changes will make the game more turtly and defensive at first, with a gradual shift to mobility happening when people figure out their new armies and allegiances. I also think it will make far more armies capable of reaching top tables, and that player skill will be more important than ever. Subtle nuances and ability to dominate games tactically will take precedent over deathstars and alpha strikes, and it will be a healthier metagame for it. It'll be awesome.
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    I've decided that my skirmish games are set somewhere else entirely, the abandoned city of Minnowbrooke somewhere in the realm of beasts. Nobody knows quite why it was abandoned, or why, if you press your ears against the walls and listen carefully, the buildings seem to be making sounds quite like a gurgling stomach.
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    Hi all, I'm new around here but am a relatively long time Warhammer player (since the mid to late 90's) and very long time competitive gamer. While I have not participated extensively in the Warhammer tournament scene, I have played quite a few other competitive games at a high level, both online and tabletop. Since getting into Age of Sigmar I've been reading quite a lot of talk about the current state of game balance. With the results of the UK Masters just coming out and the controversy over the use of compendium warscrolls at SCGT, there has been a lot of talk about whether certain warscrolls or even whole factions are "broken" and should be banned. This discussion extends to talk about what should be changed in the next edition of the GHB. As a person who has been following and participating in tournament gaming for a very long time, I find a lot of this talk to be troubling for a number of reasons. Specifically, I find the underlying logic of the arguments to be flawed and I am concerned that the logical conclusion of these arguments will be highly detrimental to the community over the long run. In order to make my point, I'm going to be making a number of analogies to Magic: The Gathering. While Warhammer and Magic are very different in many respects, I think it's extremely useful to look at Magic as a model for a number of reasons: it's arguably the most successful game in history, it's very challenging to balance, it has a similar design philosophy of releasing new content for the game on a regular basis and thus needs ongoing balancing, and it has a very long-standing and extremely successful tournament scene that has conclusively demonstrated crossover success with other games (IE: many of the top Magic players have proven to be able to also compete at the top level of other highly competitive games). I've also played Magic at a high level for a very long time, so my familiarity there is helpful. Anyway, back to AOS. One of the themes that I see coming up frequently is the idea that List X is broken, and the fact that it won Tournament Y proves it. I've heard this before about a number of different armies, and most recently I've been hearing it about Tomb Kings with respect to the UK Masters. All I can say is that the results of a single tournament are extremely insufficient to prove a point like this. Games with high levels of variance require large amounts of data in order to draw solid conclusions. Wizards of the Coast rarely if ever makes conclusions about balance based on the results of a single tournament, and even if it were to the tournaments in question would involve hundreds or thousands of participants and over a dozen rounds of play. I don't know that any AoS tournaments even come close to this scale. Even then, the strategy that wins the tournament is rarely what Wizards is looking at. There have been many instances of major tournaments in which the winning strategy ended up not doing much after that tournament while another strategy that performed well but didn't win went on to dominate the tournament scene in the following months, resulting in a banning. For example, Wizards of the Coast just recently announced the banning of three cards in the standard format. Standard bannings are very rare -- the last time one happened was in 2011, and before that was 2005. If you look back to the results of Pro Tour: Kaladesh (the most recent super-high level magic tournament), neither of the two finalists' decks contained any of the recently banned cards. It takes a LOT of data to really demonstrate that a strategy needs to be reigned in. We need to be very careful about jumping to conclusions based on a small sample of data. Perhaps more importantly, the philosophy of "Strategy X is winning, therefore it is broken and needs balancing oversight" is potentially very problematic for the long term health of the game. Most competitive games have a number of strategies that shake out into tiers of competitiveness. There are usually a couple of Tier 1 Strategies that are extremely competitive, some Tier 2 Strategies that are either broadly effective but not as effective at the Tier 1 Strategies or narrowly effective against a specific popular strategy, and then Tier 3 Strategies that are kinda strange and competitive enough to win sometimes but not with any consistency at the high level. Most tournaments will be won by a Tier 1 or Tier 2 strategy, and occasionally a Tier 3 strategy will sneak by and grab a trophy. Most casual strategies will be hopelessly outclassed by Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategies and may have some game against Tier 3 but will still be pretty dominated. Age of Sigmar is no different from this. I'm not deep enough into AoS tournaments to really talk about what strategy belongs in what tier, but I think we've all heard some things come up frequently. Clan Skryre, Kunnin Rukk, Warrior Brotherhood/Skybourne Slayers, certain Sylvaneth Lists, Settra lists, Beastclaw Behemoth Spam, Mourngul/Neferata, Ironfist, Letterbomb etc. all probably fit somewhere in AoS's tier system. I'm sure I'm missing some, so please don't consider this an exhaustive list. If your approach to balance is to identify what the Tier 1 Strategies are and then nerf them, all you succeed in doing is turning the Tier 2 Strategies into Tier 1. Then you nerf those and after enough nerfs eventually you get a really flat balance plane where nothing really stands out. Now, that may sound awesome to some people and honestly I think it would be if the game were static. The problem is that new stuff gets released over time. Wizards of the Coast puts FAR more resources into ongoing playtesting that GW ever has and likely ever will, and they still make mistakes on a fairly routine basis. GW has an absolutely terrible track record of balancing new releases, and they have an active financial incentive in making sure every new release is powerful. So in practice, a flat balance system very rapidly becomes a system in which whatever was released most recently is absolutely dominant. New release happens, it wins a bunch of tournaments easily, gets nerfed, then the next new thing comes along and the cycle repeats. A pattern like this is incredibly toxic for the game. Players love getting new toys to play with, but they hate feeling compelled to buy the newest thing in order to be competitive. So when is it justified to heavily nerf or ban a strategy? I'd argue that the most healthy long term method is to reserve this for strategies that emerge and are effectively "Tier 0". A Tier 0 Strategy is plainly dominant against most other strategies to the point where it's oppressive and the metagame devolves into Strategy X and Anti-Strategy X. In that case, Strategy X has to go for the health of the game. That's generally the approach that has been used with a good amount of success in Magic, and I think it would work well for Warhammer as well. Magic has a high level of investment. Cards are expensive, and it really sucks to spend a couple hundred dollars/pounds/euro on a deck only to have it banhammered into oblivion. The level of financial investment in Warhammer is fairly similar -- a competitive tournament army is going to run you a couple hundred at least. Then you have the time investment of painting it, which is substantially greater than anything you see in Magic. If anything, I'd expect Warhammer players to be more attached to their armies than Magic players are to their decks, so banning or nerfing an army into a non-competitive state carries a very high cost to the community. If bans and nerfs are a regular thing a lot of players will be lost and many prospective players will be turned off (why should I spend a bunch of time and money on this when they are just going to take it away?) Given the high cost of bannings and the unhealthy nature of a heavily policed metagame, I think we need to accept that there are going to be tiered strategies and some are just going to be better than others at a given point in time. Ideally, every major faction should have the ability to field a list that is at least Tier 2. In such a system, the Tier 1 and 2 Strategies are going to feel broken compared to kitchen table strategies, but the tournament metagame itself is actually quite healthy. When new stuff gets released it's less likely to dominate if there are existing powerful strategies that can compete with it. The key is to know the context you are playing in and negotiate with your opponent when possible. If you are playing casual games, don't bring a high-tier tournament list unless you talk it over with your opponent first. If you are entering a tournament, expect to see tier-level strategies and don't show up with a kitchen table build if you aren't OK with losing. So given that I'm arguing against an aggressive approach to nerfing/banning, what do I propose instead? Again, I think we can learn a lot from Wizards of the Coast. If you've followed Magic for a long time, you will inevitably notice that there are certain types of strategies that have all but disappeared from top level play. Broadly speaking, the strategies that have waned over time all fit into the general category of "strategies that are intended to prevent your opponent from participating in the game in a meaningful way". Two great examples are Combo strategies and Draw-Go Control strategies. Combo strategies essentially ignore the opponent and focus entirely on assembling a combination that ends the game in one turn. Needless to say, playing against Combo gets boring for most people real fast. Draw-Go Control focuses on countering or otherwise stopping every play your opponent makes. While playing against this kind of Control strategy isn't necessarily boring, it's often extremely frustrating. What Wizards realized is that while some people enjoy playing these strategies, very few people enjoy playing against them. And thus, through a series of design decisions they were basically phased out. You do occasionally see Combo and Control decks but they aren't nearly as extreme as they used to be, and they tend not to be Tier 1. Since making this shift, Magic has grown massively. Essentially, Wizards asked the question "what is unfun?" rather than "what is too powerful?" when determining the direction of the game. I think a similar approach could work really well for Warhammer. Over the long run, I think we need to identify the kinds of strategies that lead to bad games and eventually weed them out. Again, I'm not well versed enough in the tournament scene to really say with any confidence what these strategies might be, but I suspect that two culprits are leading contenders: Alpha Strike and Debuff Stacking. Alpha Strike lists are essentially trying to remove the opponent from the table before they can react either by shooting or deploying directly into melee. Debuff stacking prevents the opponent from playing the game by completely crippling their ability to use their units even if those units are still on the table. Both strategies have the same fundamental goal: stop the opponent from doing anything. I could very well be off on this though, so take that with a boulder of salt. When GW does identify strategies that are unfun, they should clearly articulate what it is that is unfun and make sure to check new designs against this blacklist of unfun things. For example, GW could decide that it will avoid introducing any new warscrolls that allow large numbers of units to deploy within close range of the opponent. Single units deepstriking might be fine, but whole battalions might not be. Occasionally, there will be game mechanics that are fundamentally too powerful and need to be adjusted. The need for this should lessen over time, and we can already see evidence of GW doing this. A great example is abilities that allow you to use multiple command abilities in a single turn. There used to be quite a few ways of doing this, and most of them have been removed through updated warscrolls. Unlimited summoning is another example, and we all know that one was demolished through the matched play rules (perhaps in too heavy handed a fashion, depending on who you ask). You can see this strategy used successfully by Wizards of the Coast as well. Over time, Wizards learned that things like fast mana were very frequently found at the heart of degenerate strategies, and so they stopped printing cards like that. The result has been much improved balance. The only thing stopping GW from doing this very easily is their potential unwillingness to alter legacy warscrolls that they don't intend to replace. Personally, I don't think that point adjustments will work well for this kind of balancing. I know that was an extremely long post, but I'm hoping that it will at least get us thinking about what kind of competitive balance would be healthy for the game over the long run, and I hope that we can look to other successful competitive gaming systems and learn from their successes and failures. TL;DR: One can't accurately assess balance based on the results of a single tournament An ongoing heavy handed approach to banning/nerfing will very likely be extremely unhealthy for the game over the long run A better approach to balance over the long run will involve accepting that there will be different tiers of competitiveness and that top tiers will always seem broken compared to kitchen table strategies as well as identifying strategies that are fundamentally unfun and abilities that are fundamentally too likely to be overpowered Aim to ensure that all factions have at least one strategy that is Tier 1 or Tier 2 Discontinue publishing warscrolls with mechanics that are identified as unfun or too likely to be oppressively overpowered Be willing to update all specific warscrolls that involve unfun or oppressive mechanics OR introduce rules that nullify these mechanics (possible examples include: you can never use more than one command ability in a turn, you must start the game with at least half of your points on the table, no unit can move more than X" in a single turn etc. -- note that this is just spitballing, I don't intend to advocate for any of these changes in particular).
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    Hello! Im italian fan (sorry for bad english) of all gw universe and miniatures game in general... but mostly gw . Greenskin since the start of this passion more than ten years ago, with the release of orruks in aos my happines raises a lot and i felt like glorious old time, i were literally impatient for that release! So now here we are; im always been very slow to paint a personal army but little by little i hope to raise a modest orruks force to smash some heads in mortal realms! May i present you my orruks tribe: the Ice Klaw Klan. For now i painted 4 gruntas, one missing because i try to heavily convert it and now i need some bits to fix it, but we dont care. The next in processing are 3 gore gruntas and the megaboss that ill show you in next days, im converting it at the moment. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! EDIT: due to link error must repost all pics argh A little intruder:
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    First warrior of the Alluminarchate finished! Only white and gold on this model... Wanted to try a very limited palette as I envisioned them as pure warriors of light. I had fun with the subtle references on these warriors: there is a bit of crusader knights, Ottoman Dervishes, beduin nomads and a slightly unsettling hint to the KKK... These are after all fanatics of purity and I wanted to make clear that the fact that they fight for the Law does not mean that they are the good guys... The chequered motif is a reference to early warhammer iconography and a good metaphor of the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos. The other warrior and the Alluminarch to follow up soon hopefully! Hagen
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    Hi, with some friends we are starting a sort of Path to Glory for AoS but lighter with one Hero and two units. We will make them elvolve during the game. I choose to play Death with only Nighthaunt minis for the moment because i wanted something fast to paint and i also like them a lot. My Hero Harry Spectter is a Necromancer. All the miniatures i have ever painted, but for the moment i will only play with two Spirit Hosts units and Harry. The Mournghul will come later because i know that he is strong. And because many people ask me each time here is a Step by Step for painting the ghost. The miniature was first basecoat with white spray. Step 1 : I do two wash of Fluo Yellow on the miniature simply adding water. Step 2 : I do the same than step 1 with the Fluo Green. Step 3 : Then i put some Nihilakh Oxyde on the lower parts and the hair. Step 4 : Same than step 3 with Seraphim Sepia. Step 5 : Again same than step 4 and 3 with Agrax Earthshade. Step 6 : With this step i use an airbrush to paint the white over the other colors. I mix White with Lahmian Medium and water and add very thin coat to put the highlight. Step 7 : At the final step i used the previous colors to do some glaze and to erase the blury beurk effect you have with the airbrush because the less you see it the best it is. Finally i repaint with the white too on the highlight parts. I also paint the base with brown and grey and add dry pigment on it and grass. I used a brown red on the base to react with the green of the miniature. Hope you enjoy it and that could help ! Sorry for the long post. Cheers.
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    Reinforcements have arrived for the Kharadrong Raiders! Previously, the younger element of the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge were represented in the predominately Kharadron core of the army. With this new flight, more of the whole spectrum of the lodge is represented. Let's take a look! The traditionalists of the lodge, still adamantly aligned with Runefather Zharrik, are represented in the Fyreslayer Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runesmiter units. Take note of the protective ur-gold runes flaring up and covering their upper torso in a magma-like crust to protect them from the blows of their enemies! This patterning is all freehand work. The Auric Runesmiter can be seen holding his Forge Key aloft as the molten crust parts before him and he emerges from the magma tunnels. This Runesmiter is converted from from WHQ Doomseeker and is appropriately equipped with both his Forge Key as well as his smoldering Latch-Axe. The younger generation, those aligned with Runeson Thrundrik and who more fully adopted the way of the sky fleets, are reinforced with the arrival of Thrundrik's very own Flagship, the Gorog Varrbarag ("Party Boat!"). You can see one of the crew as imbibed a tad too much and lays flaked out on the deck. And still, there are still other remnants of the broken lodge that have returned after their long exile. Some, like the Runelord Agrhun, have continued to practice a variant forms of rune magic although it has been decades since many shaped Ur-gold as the lodge's Runemasters once did. Others, jaded by age and broken dreams, have forsaken the traditions of runic empowerment and taken up the finest arms and armor in all the Mortal Realms. These grumbling Longbeards take every opportunity to remind the Shattered Lodge of what was lost. While still others, particularly the youngest and progressive of Thrundrik's followers who have spent a significant amount of time amongst the cities of the Firestorm Plateau, have worked to bridge the gap between technology and the magic of the Mortal Realms. The young upstart Hazgal, foremost student of this emerging discipline, has learned to harness the very energies of Hysh through rune craft. The culmination of his experimentation is found in an endrin-powered Luminark, a prototype war machine that Hazgal has managed to build and hopes to reproduce to reinforce Barak-Zharr and the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge. Such experimentation is looked askance by the traditionalists and only heightens the tensions present amongst the reunited lodge. Only time will tell if the remnant will survive.
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    Hi All, as my first full army Beastmen will always be a main focus for me and the army i always go back to, though i have just finished my Bloodbound army and have been playing with that. As part of my bloodbound project I made my own battletome to accompany it (my theme was far from the normal Khorne scheme). That got my thinking how much I would like a Beastmen battletome, so I pulled my finger out and made one! and i thought i'd share it for any other Beastmen players that would like a shiny book to accompany their hordes. This isn't a rewrite, as in i have not changed or added to the existing warscrolls at all (although i have included some of the warscrolls i often use in my Beastmen force i.e. Monsters of Chaos). The fluff is my own, adapted from some I had written years ago and some adapted from old GW stuff (i'll admit that its a bit rushed in places). The art is not my own, rather I have used various pieces from old GW Beastmen publications and the Cover art and concept art for inidivudal units are from TOTAL WAR: Warhammer. Anyway, i hope this is of some use to people. Below is a link to the PDF and photo version on dropbox and attached are some sample pictures. With my Wolves of Ghur (Blades of Khorne) battletome i used Photobox to have it printed in hard back and the same can be done with these pics. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f5cn2871gl3nk1q/AAD-yLvNcJKgrYxSbrICRL9Ea?dl=0
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    Hi everyone, I am retiring Hinterlands for the time being now that we have not only the fantastic AoS Skirmish but also lots of exciting fan made content being made for it too. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project, helped it grow and gave feedback along the way. The AoS community is really one of the best things about this game and why I love this hobby so much . Who knows if Hinterlands will ever come back, but for the moment I am going to keep it on the down-low. Doesn't mean you won't still be seeing me around here though . Cheers, bottle.
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    A few shots of my Aelves now the warband is finished. The Black Sloth Hell: a drowned, rotting forest in Ghyran. The forest is poisoned from within by a mad god of death and the Aelves that live there are trapped in its recurring nightmare. There are some more photos and some thoughts about putting together an AoS28 warband here: http://www.exprofundis.com/aelves-black-sloth-hell/
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    Are you a rage quitter? Did you previously throw all your toys out and vow to never player Warhammer again? Own up here, confess your sins and all will be forgiven in the eyes of Sigmar. You will be reforged and thrown back into the mortal realms ready to join in with the AoS community.
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    The Alluminarch is complete! I finally finished the base, painting this model was great fun! So refreshing to paint something different from what I am used to (generally darker tones and less vibrant palettes) and quite happy with the result. I will try to see if I can take better pictures of him tomorrow with the favour of some daylight, but for now here you have him, resplendent in ikea table lamp light! The base was heavily influenced by this early john blanche cover art for Steve Jackson's Sorcery book. Deliciously old school high fantasy! Hagen
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    Hi all. Last couple of months I have been collecting and building a smallish wood elf army. These guys have been really fun to paint and play with so far. I just wanted to share what i have done so far and track my progress.
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    So the dust is still up in the air, but I'm going to venture forth with some initial thoughts and reactions. The death of alpha strike? One consistent theme is the nerfing/elimination of many of the mobile burst damage combos in the game - KO Khemist stacking, Tretch + Skaven Warlords stacking, Sayl + X alpha strike, Stonelord alpha strike and even Cloak of Mists and Shadows on the Ghoul King on Terrorgheist. There are only a handful of really strong alpha strikes/burst damage melee combos left that spring to mind: Murderhost, Shock Gauntlet Storm Fiends with Packmasters, very expensive Tomb Kings and Warherd, Executioners with the Hurricanum, Skyborne Slayers and Hammerstrike Force. The question this raises is whether the move towards hordes and away from alpha strike means that the meta shifts back towards bunkers (and specifically Order Funlines). I'm concerned about Freeguild getting even more stand and shoot with their units giving out +1 to hit buffs like candy (already a powerful mechanic). The nerf to the Hurricanum is very necessary now. Battalion changes and Hordes Some good news for Death - almost all Battalions got jacked up in cost. This really changes the calculations for listbuilding - now you really have to pay a lot for that second artefact, rather than getting 3 easily. Single drop armies will be much rarer and there is a real trade off between models and battalions. In some cases, the cost increases are offset by cheaper battleline and/or volume discounts on hordes - best example being Sylvaneth. The Big Losers Mixed Destruction - headshots to the Kunning Rukk and a multi-pronged attack on the Stonelord (points vs other big monsters, halving wounds nerfed, Talisman nerfed and possibly the Battlebrew not affecting the mount - this depends on how explicit the reference to the mount should be). Mixed Death - the removal of the 5++ is devastating to Death's survivability. Death still don't have any credible way to reach out at range - indeed they have lost the Cloak teleport too (and Little Mannfred on a Balewind). The only good news for mixed Death is their non-reliance on Battalions, while everyone else is paying significantly more for these. Inherent Battleline - as they don't count as Battleline if they are allies. Effectively only used for Order, Death, Destruction, Chaos allegiance armies. Brayherd - the only positive is cheap as chips Bestigor spam, but the command ability of the general (absent named characters) is dire. They might be able to spam bodies in your face, but not as well as other armies. Kharadron Overlords - death by a thousand cuts for one of the most overpowered armies - the Thunderers are now rifle spam units, who are still decent output for the amount of ship capacity they occupy. Drill cannons have been nerfed by a third. Khemists don't stack and are 40 points more expensive. The Navigator lost his 3D6 unbind (which was a bizarre change). No cost reductions at all is painful (Gunhauler and Frigate). Bow Hunters - just not worth the points. They can at least move out of combat using Navigate Realmroots and still shoot (not a retreat). Crypt Horrors - seem like a bad choice compared to their flying mortal wounding, rending Crypt Flayer cousins. Mannderp - cannot be an ally - still Derpy Mcderp. Skyfires - I still feel 220 would be right - 3 Flies are 220. The Big Winners Daughters of Khaine A big point reduction on 30 Witch Aelves together with the lack of a ban on stacking buffs means 90 bodies with a quadruple 5++ Ward Save is now a thing - that's 80% of damage protected. Even just for the first Battleround this is meta-breaking. They can also spam Battleshock immunity and other buffs. Fyreslayers - the change from the truly dire Order Allegiance pack is immense. The Rune mechanic is exceptional - especially the across the board rend - I also like the extra throwing axe range, since this will buff the damage of 30 Vulkites and 30 Aurics popping up to say hi. Some of the cost reductions have been rolled back, but they are still cheap. The Vostarg Lodge is a win as it means that all your units will definitely be able to fight in melee for a battleround. The other battalion feels like a miss as it neglects the fact that the army can deepstrike with Runesmiters. Battleshock Immunity Bubble is nice. Artefacts aren't great. Freeguild - what was already a decent army has moved from the terrible Order allegiance to an exceptional new Allegiance pack. The battle trait expands stand and shoot options, which is already an infuriating mechanic (small models that can fly can partially mitigate this). They have a carbon copy of the Stormcast's incredibly strong Staunch Defender trait (called Indomitable - only it stacks with cover!) as well as solid artefacts - Armour of Meteoric Iron is a straight +1 save and Writ of Dominion is a once per game aoe wound buff). They also gained a cost reduction to their Griffon, which was already amazing value for 300. Legion of Azgorth - lots of subtle buffs. Cost reduction for the Bull Centaur Renders is strong - 60 wounds worth for 640 points with -2 rend, 2 damage. Take a Sorceror Lord as an ally and buff with reroll 1s to hit, wound and save. Slaanesh - so exciting - the triple general trait looks very tasty (e.g. take Archaon as one, but you still get a battle trait) or take two traits on your new shiny Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. The traits look strong too - especially the copy the Yhettee ability - you can stand out of combat at 4" away until the end of the combat phase (rather than charging), then pile in 6" and smash face. Supremely Vain is also a nice buff. Icon of Infinite Excess is a situational but amazing once per game aoe buff +1 attacks to all models including enemies - or summoned Bloodletters! Breathtaker looks good as a quasi-Forest Dragon toy. Ironjawz - I would defer to @Chris Tomlin 's superior knowledge here and excellent write up here - They have a copy of the (nerfed) Destruction move (a good change as it's much quicker than rolling for a Warmachine, rolling for its crew....), two sweet Battalions, the ability to chain activations if they wipe out enemy units (which creates a good tension between MSU and big units for both you and your opponent). Lastly there are material cost reductions for the Cabbages and Pigs (how are they less than 10 points per model!). Seraphon - look very nasty - can teleport Kroak into the front of your army and then Balewind and aoe spam against them. Same trick with Razordons (which got cheaper). Solid traits and artefacts. Stormcast - the nerf to all the overpowered mixed Chaos, Death and Destruction traits is a big plus for them. The availability of 2+ rerollable saves is a big advantage given the nerfs to burst damage discussed above. The Lord Celestant on Star Drake got a points reduction despite being a popular choice. They benefit the most from allies given their freedom to choose. Prayers appear to work on Allies (unlike Khorne Prayers....) which seems purposively wrong and isn't likely to survive long. Sylvaneth - As discussed, the nerfs to alpha strikes/burst damage melee combos mean that Sylvaneth's traditional grind, chip away and heal modus operandi should be viable (notwithstanding the nerfs to Hunters). Extra Battleline choices make Dreadwood viable. Wanderers - nice board edge mobility with their pew pew. Have a trait called Myst Walker which basically imports the 40K cannot shoot a character rule for your general. The Forget-me-knot allows you to incapacitate a charging Stonelord in the combat phase, which is hilarious. The Viridescent Shawl is decent for -1 to hit vs pew pew and a buff to nearby wizards. Tamurkhan's Horde - have a battalion which isn't pricey. Some units cheaper. Everchosen - source of cheap Battalions and Varanguard cost reduction. However, Archaon not any cheaper. Elite infantry in general - Stormvermin (and the costed the same White Lions!), Phoenix Guard, Bestigor, even Chosen. Jabberslythes - how can they be so cheap! The Rogue Idol - so good you can buy two in a box now. Obvious ally choice. Synergies better with Ironjawz now (Orruks). Troll Hag - cheaper and very solid - good spell! Freeguild General on Griffon - so cheap! The humble Treelord - cheaper. Drycha - got a buff to her aoe ability, so it no longer affects friendly units or here. Also good option vs hordes. Seems like you can pick which weapon she has before the game (e.g. it's not something you select on Scrollbuilder) - logically being a named character she does have the ability to do either and pick for each battle. Spite Revenants - might finally see the table now they are cheaper and battleline. Settra - now generic so trolling with the new Ring of Immortality - still a horrific amount of points. Neferata - now an ally choice. Cheaper. Arkhan - an immensely good wizard and troll. The Exalted Greater Daemons - with the nerf to pew pew and some subtle buffs to their scrolls, these are a real thing now. Mannderp - no longer costing you the 5++ Ward Save if you take as general. His Command Ability is great. I'm ambivalent about Pestilens and Skryre. I think they will find hard counters in the form of rerollable saves; and hordes respectively. The cost increase to Tunnelling Skryre is very welcome. I'm not convinced by Nighthaunt or FEC. The deepstrike ability for Nighthaunt in too risky and not so helpful for non-pew pew units. To be fair the Lightshard is an amazing buff on Spirit Hosts - as they only hit on 5+ Defenders of the Realm Delusion is decent to mitigate pew pew. I think Dark Wizardry is the only decent command trait - as their all important buffs are spells. The artefacts are pretty meh too - probably the gamble on the Chalice for healing D6 wounds. You can bring in a Necbromancer as an ally for Vanhels. As for Soulblight - the fly is nice. Their spells aren't good enough to warrant taking the buff to that (Blood Boil - sigh...). The Saccharine Goblet is a quasi battle brew - probably doesn't buff the mount sadly. The traits aren't great - retreat and charge might be the winner. Mannderp and Neferata aren't soulblight, which sucks.
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    After a year in a hobby wasteland (where work has eaten all my time) I'm trying to break back into AOS. I still can't face the thought of rebasing 10k of old money chaos onto rounds so have turned my attention to a small sylvaneth army instead. I really wanted to push the new tree-Revevant aesthetic in the army and have converted most of my models to this end. So far I've only managed to paint a unit of tree revenants and my first unit of 'revevenant-hunters' conversions, but there's some dryads and tree lords on my painting desk ATM. The army is based on the floating isle of Talbion and will use the Gnarlroot rules to include a truth sayer (beasts wizard) and a unit of fenbeasts (tree kin) eventually!
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    Someone in my local store told me about this competition last & said that I should enter so here it goes; This is Xarragh the blind, Grypt Ghast Courtier of my Flesh-eaters of Khorne—at least he will be once he's dragged the rest of his court out from under my to do pile. He's a decent incentive though. I figure he uses the ball and chain for tenderising his meat. Put a link to the competition on my instagram, couldn't find TGA on there to tag you guys though? Anyway, here's the link