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    Am I the only one mad the OBR are getting regular archers? GW had the opportunity to create a unit called Crossbonemen and they didn't take it.
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just to make it VERY CLEAR for some of you. This is the RUMOUR thread. Any more moaning in this topic about Lumineth Realm-Lords will result in mod action. This can range from points being issued to a cool off period (a temp ban) for you if you moan about them. You are welcome to make a new topic to discuss but it should be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about them. This forum is for people to enjoy Warhammer, not read about people moaning about it. This is very important with the global pandemic happening around us right now!
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    Instead of a German renaissance steampunk theme like the Empire, they should try something different for AoS humans. Maybe like a more medieval Francophone thing, based on old romances and chansons and Arthurian legend. Lots of fae magic and cavalry charges and oath swearing and so on. Intricate heraldry, big helm crests. A hobbyists dream. Perhaps give them some sort of female figurehead who determines political and martial primacy through the nautical distribution of various bladed implements? For weird AoS factor, give them crazy flying cavalry. Horses mixed with eagles and lions and so on. Wings and hooves and beaks. To emphasize their dedicated training, maybe some sort of rule to represent their ability to maintain formation during charge? Grimdark it up with ratty little peasant followers who carry around relics of revered Stormcast or something, I dunno, who cares they're peasants. Would be cool, I think. A new twist, you know?
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    Bro don’t be hateful and ask for data. Just accept that an unreleased unit breaks the game and it’s mere existence causes the dreaded NPE. Next I want an apology that you like Aelves and I’m not leaving until I get it!
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    Regarding the rumour engine, ya'll are obviously missing the obvious - it's skaven
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    This may seem odd, but I love that you can ignore large parts of the setting while have it still feel cohesive. That's not a knock against AoS - I think it's great that nearly everyone can create their own army and story without feeling dragged down by one of GW's named characters or random bits of lore. But at the same time most armies have enough base lore holding them together that they're recognisable. For example, you could have one Khorne army who reveres the Blood God and another Khorne army who was forced into his service due to a blood pact generations ago and neither would feel out of the setting. In other settings you may feel as if you have to justify why one of these armies hasn't disrupted x city or why their leader is an aelf when the lore clearly states that aelves are severely allergic to blood. Yeah sure you can houserule it in other settings, but at that point you're not using the full setting and it feels somehow more fake. The setting is full enough for a good basework but not so full that the setting dictates your army. It might not be the best to read an official story in, but it is the best Warhammer setting to build your own homebrew faction in.
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    I think whatever happens for AoS 3 it's a super exciting time to be in the hobby. We're seeing armies grow as they get new battletomes, have a new army coming with vamps, a new god arising and a narrative storyline that's really kicking things up a gear. Add to that a new warhammer quest amd some amazing underworld warbands and we're only a few days into April. I know some players are desperate for their fave army to get new shiny toys (and some really need it) and I'm sure every army will get its time in the sun in time. Cant wait to see what's coming for AoS, warcry, bloodbowl and Underworlds. As someone who has collected, painted and played since 4th edition warhammer I've not been this excited to see what's coming next since I was a kid!! Bring it on!!!
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    That whole 'Teclis raids Shyish to weaken Nagash' plot is actually quite important from narrative perspective, ending the current Soul Wars that were started by the Necroquake. Actually a lot happened in the Narrative, especially concidering all started with the Malign Portents Campaign: The Necroquake enabled the manifestation of Endless Spells We had Sancrosanct Chambers beeing dispatched to face the Attack by the Legions of Nagash The Nighthaunt manifestation became more present, with Lady Olynder as Mortarch The Idoneth Deepkin were forced more and more into the open The Bad Moon manifested more and more (Gloomspite Release). Some Goblins got into fights with Sylvaneth. In the aftermath of the Necroquake we had several Stormvaults beeing opened. Most important one under the Lake Lethliss which resulted in the release of Katakross from his prison, as well as Lady Olynder beeing the first who slew the Celestant Prime, showing that Sigmars chosen can be defeated. Khorne Bloodbound were able to summon Skull Altars and Judgement of Khorne as his rage about endless spells manifested in the realms Dwarfs had a wild party, talking about reunion and stuff. Waking up next day all hangover not remembering talking 'bout anything important. Archaon called best champions of chaos for some sort of Allpoints-Olympics. It´s what we call Warcry now. Skaven manifested more and more due to holes beeing dug between realms Ogors now attack united as Mawtribes, no longer strict seperation between Beastclaws and Gluttons. Are no big players yet. Breyherd attacks increased here and there, often with big Herdstones appearing. Kurnoth stirs under Wald. Also some Kurnothian are spotted in Beastgrave. Hedonites of Slaanesh became more and more active around the realms. Syl'Essque made himself a name in the meantime. Seraphon manifestations seem to make more sense now. They are confirmed Star-Magic-Lizzards. But they are also Flesh-and-Blood-Dinosaurs now. It´s weird, don´t ask further. Still no meaning in the overall narrative...like...they don´t care. Lizzard lifestyle I guess. Godrak united the Orruk-Clans and started a big Waaagh which also seems to include other destruction factions that run alongside. It´s said that he aims for Azyr. Nagash reinforced his war-efforts with the Ossiarch Bonereapers which were led once again in full strength with Katakross at helm. Katakross attacks the All-Points. Archaon was all way off, taking actually care of releasing Slaanesh. Archaons breaks the first chain and then heads back to end Katakross Assault. Teclis and his armies slowly show up on the stage. We learn more about them and their background Sons of Behemat pop up. Morathi went full bit*h-mode, released Slaanesh after taking a good ammount of souls from him and ascending into goodhood. Then she assauled Anvilgaard which is HarKuron now. Idoneth were also into this conspiracy for reasons I don´t get yet. Slaanesh has born something. Also, Sigvald is back. FUTURE: Teclis gathered an army to finally stop Nagash's attacks which may end in the End of the Soul Wars. Manfred and other Soulblight meddle with some Nurgle-Stuff. We don´t know yet if he will manage to maybe break loose from Nagash or not. This could be the End of Legions of Nagash. Rise of Belakor Kragnos appears after beeing trapped under a mountain.
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    Vampire: any last words mortal? Cultist: *gak* h...harder Vampire: what? Cultist: what?
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    Was not expecting new witch hunters!
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ I’ve had a nice day playing with my son today after quite a busy and tough week at work and I was looking forward to reading about the LRL released and peoples thoughts on them. I did not expect to see some of you moaning and going on and on. Im not going to bother explaining about needing to play some games, actually reading the story and not a summary, or how we may have a new edition this year and things change. I’ve even developed a twitch when I see the phrase “Negative Play Experience”. This forum is to enjoy Age of Sigmar, especially in the times of a global pandemic where many of us are restricted about how we enjoy our hobby. I’m not expecting everybody to be fanboys but I do expect you at least give constructive criticism. If you can’t do this, this may not be the forum for you. So please, no more moaning. Be constructive and respectful to each other
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    People seem to think that every army is going to run with Teclis auto-casting all the spells he wants, and Cathallers forcing battleshock tests, while simultaneously throwing out debuffs left right and center from temple units and wizards, while still having a giant core of archers mortal wounding you from across the table, ignoring your armor and cover and line of sight. The truth is you cannot do all of that in a 2k list, not even close. And Even if you could, hopping that every spell goes off, is in range, and isn't denied is a ludicrous expectation to try and plan for. There is no denying Lumineth will end up having a large toolbox to construct a list from, but they will never be able to do everything people are demonizing them for all at once, in a single game. So it seems that, realistically, that your problem is more that lumineth have a wide variety of options to choose how they want to specialize their armies strategy in the list build stage, while other armies are much more restricted in the tactics and gimmick they can employ. And the only thing I can say to you about that is to be patient. Soon other armies are going to get the lumineth wave 2 treatment, to expand their own toolboxes. I just hope they when they get their updates, this community is more chill and less full of toxicity for those gamers sake.
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    It’s called fashion, sweetie 👠
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    I think some folks aren't really giving GW/Nagash the credit they're due for what they've done up to this point. From Malign Portents up until Broken Realms, 2nd edition really has been the Age of Nagash, with the undead moving from victory to victory in a relatively unbroken string. Yes, they were always qualified victories, but that's only because an outright victory would mean the deletion of the setting and the end of the game. Yes the skaven threw off the great ritual... but only enough that Nagash didn't directly and instantly consume all the magic of Shyish, becoming more powerful than all the other gods put together and personally wiping away all life in the realms. Even so, he still successfully inverted the magic of Shyish, fundamentally changing what the mortal realms look like, drew a near inexhaustible supply of power to himself, unleashed a necroquake that changed how magic in the entire game works and raised legions of nighthaunts everywhere that most of the other factions spent most of an entire edition fighting against for their survival. The necroquake also revealed Katakros's location, and while the undead didn't wipe out the city they did free his spirit, so again a victory, if a qualified one. And with Katakros, Nagash unleashed the Ossiarchs who went on to establish a realms-spanning empire, claiming territory in most of the mortal realms, including claiming and holding territory in the 8 points, the seat of archaon's power, something no other faction in AoS has done to this point. Yes, archaon returned in time to repell an exploritory assault on the Varanspire, so the undead didn't literally wipe the primary chaos faction from the game, but again expecting them to would be silly, and Wrath of the Everchosen is still the story of an unprecedented Ossiarch victory over the forces of chaos. Victories in wargame narrative /should/ be qualified. One faction shouldn't get to wipe out another, because real players play that other faction, have spent money collecting them and time painting them and emotional energy investing in them. Judged by any reasonable measure, Nagash has had a spectacular run driving the narrative of 2nd edition, and it is absolutely time for him to take a back seat for a while. Especially since a key narrative theme of 3rd edition seems to be the breakup of the old grand alliances due to internal conflict. We've already seen the elven gods move away from sigmar, and seen Morathi betray them both. With BR:Be'Lakor, we're set to see the balance of GA:Chaos broken up the same way, since the unchallenged tyranny of Archaon has been the only thing holding the otherwise fractious forces of the dark gods together. With the various Mortarchs all pursuing their own schemes, not to mention the fundamental conflict between the lifeless future promised by the Ossiarchs and the vampires and ghoul kings who require a steady supply of the living to feed upon in order to sustain their immortal unlives, there's a lot of juicy narrative potential for internal death conflicts. But none of that can happen as long as Nagash is ascendant, able to impose his will on his mortarchs, and through them on the rest of the undead. So yeah, I think Nagash actually had a respectable run in 2nd edition, and yeah, I'm content with him being taken at least temporarily out of the picture in order to allow the writers to tell a new story in 3rd edition. But the way it happens, that is supper disappointing. Such an anticlimactic end for the Soul Wars. Nagash dominated 2nd edition, yeah, but it never felt like shameless Nagash fan pandering. It never felt like the undead were being made to seem cool /at the expense/ of the other factions. Nagash's victories were always hard fought and qualified in a way that fans of the other faction could still feel like their dudes were cool in managing merely to survive. None of that is the case here. From the summaries I've seen, the Lumineth, on their own, with only one of their twin deities, effortlessly crush the entirety of what was Grand Alliance Death while losing basically nothing in the process, and in the end with a snap of his fingers Teclis undoes something that took Nagash centuries of work and the entirety of Shyish's relamstone to do with little more than a snap of his fingers. Even with the narrative potential that comes with Nagash temporarily out of the picture, even with the fantastic new Soulblight Gravelords release coming, a narrative loss that completely one sided kind of sucks a lot of my enthusiasm out of the game. And that amount of cheap fan pandering for a single faction, on a level death never saw, on a level not even the stormcast ever saw, does not promise anything good for the writing going forward. I came to BR:Teclis prepared to see Nagash lose and lose big. Even excited to see how Teclis would pull it off - to read about how long he had prepared, hear how many other deities he had roped into helping with the project, to see how high a price he would pay for that victory. From the summaries so far, yeah... yeah even going in expecting a loss GW still found a way to leave me colossally disappointed.
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    I've never had a NPE due to a powerful army, no matter how many rules it has or how hot it is in the meta. My NPE (and I'm happy to say are few and far between) have always been down to players moaning how powerful an army is and how it can't be beaten and how it stole their girlfriend and replaced the milk in their cornflakes with a unsuitable replacement! I can't wait to face the Lumineth, to find a way to beat them and overcome the army. Bring it on!!!
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    The "Derp List" is continuing to shrink...
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    Personally, I find the events of BR: Teclis exciting. The narrative of this book, much like BR: Morathi, shows that big events and impactful changes are possible in the Mortal Realms. Nagash not just being defeated, but destroyed along with Arkhan (for now) is defninitely a ballsier move than I expected from GW. While I can't personally understand the griping about the fact that Nagash was defeated (he was the main antagonist of the Soul Wars arc, and we know what usually happens to an antagonist at the end of a story), I can see why some people think how he was defeated is unearned. Still, I overall prefer this over a static universe in which nothing ever changes just to make sure that nobody's faction ever has to lose. I am now pretty hopeful for the future of GA: Death, though. As prediced, Soulblight are now free to do their own thing, which is nice. There is now narrative space for non-Nagash loyalist Death factions, such as certain Kings of the Tomb. For those sad about the demise of Arkhan, he'll probably be back in a shiny new Ossiarch Bonereaper body soon enough. Not to mention that there is a 0% chance that Nagash is gone for good. The threat of the return of the Grand Bone Daddy still looms over Death. We know that their freedom is temporary in the grand scheme of things.
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    When the Lumineth came out first - TGA had an interview podcast with play testers, and they liked playing with and against the Lumineth. My opponents haven't complained either - but to be fair I haven't had that many in-person games so far. So it's a very limited sample size. Like Athrawes said, a lot of this seems overblown. I don't mean yourself, but there are many people who just don't like elves, don't understand how an actual Lumineth list looks like, or have ulterior motives when complaining about "NPE". And NPE is such a fuzzy concept, which also has a lot to do how someone general feels towards an army or a certain playstyle. For example, I have problems when certain DoK players complain so much about LRL ignoring game rules (Morathi?) or interactivity (priests?). Another example - your case - and I don't mean you aren't right, if you don't like something, you don't like it, that's fine. But generally speaking "reducing the effect an opponent can have" is something that most armies have in some form or another. It's also something that if you can overcome it, will contribute to your own fun. On top if it, it can be fun for the player to have such abilities, and it contributes to having all kind of play styles and player types in the game, which are good things. "Control"-like armies/characters, relying on debuffing your opponent are a staple in strategic, fantasy, RPG games. So in my view, it's good to have one or two armies in the game who can do that (although you can disagree with that of course). The same is true for magic heavy, or shooting armies. Not everyone likes going up against those, but they contribute to the overall variety and health of the game in my view. Of course that doesn't mean, they shouldn't change some of the abilities if they are too powerful or limiting, but all the complaining about NPE seems a bit much to me. AoS started as a game with many melee focused armies. Shooting and magic were just "flavor" for the most part. The more the game grows, the more they need to offer different play styles, which will bring in new players, but this naturally will also annoy some of the older players who basically don't want the game to change, or get back to the old game (or just players who don't like certain play styles). Which is fine. But that doesn't mean that the game got objectively worse, or armies that work differently are objectively "NPE" and have to be changed. For you the Cathallar might feel unfair (an ability once per turn on one unit on a 5 W, 5+ save hero no less). For me it could be a Mawcrusher, Witch Aelves, a KO boat, or any other thing. I think most of those issues can be solved easily in non-tournament settings. You can always talk to your opponent, but also accept that not every faction and game must be fun for both sides equally all the time, if we want a big variety of playstyles in the game. And in a competitive tournament setting NPE shouldn't play a big role anyway. I and my opponents had fun games so far with LRL, but apparently not everyone does. I just don't think it's that big of a deal, and also unavoidable in a game that's not all about you and what you want.
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    Guys can we please make a separate thread for moaning/arguing about Lumineth rules? It's taking over this thread to a ridiculous degree. We can't have 3 pages of bickering every time Warhammer Community post one rule from one unit.
  23. 17 points
    not mine but i thought it was pretty on point with the Kragnos reaction
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    First of all, I wonder how people expect "Let Nagash win" to be played out? @Sorrow complained about "Age of Chaos" beeing a thing, nevertheless Age of Chaos is a thing we never actually experienced in "game time" as it was simply part of narrative worldbuilding. Current events have a tidbit more impact. Especially Nagash's goals are quite extreme. Let the Necroquake Succeed? Nice, all living are now dead, we cut 3 Grand Alliances from the game and call it a day? Success at invading Hysh/Eightpoints? Despite the fact that you would have to kill whole (sub)factions that are based on these Realms (LRL and Everchosen), the next step would be to have more and more Campaigns about Death invading stuff. Nice, exactly the kind of game we want. As for the "But the baddies never win" argument, it is nonsense as soon as you start reading lore instead of consuming reddit memes. Especially as AoS 3.0 was damn grim and Broken Realms: Teclis is the first "Good Guys win" plotline since a long time. AoS 2.0 started with the Necroquake. As mentioned above, in the narrative the Quake had to fail as it would end the whole setting. Bloody Skaven rescued the whole realms. Still the Necroquake gave Nagash a huge boost while entagling Sigmar in a war of attrition. Damn, this was even reflected in GW's release politic! We had this Edition no new SCE Models after Sancrosant despite single Miniatures to celebrate store openings and stuff! Meanwhile GA: Death had a major overhaul with several new factions added. The Necroquake revealed Stormvaults which were Prisons and Secrets hidden by Sigmar and the Pantheon. This actually caused a huge load of trust issues within the already separated Order Pantheon. We had Lady Olynder release Katakross from a Stormvault which was full sucess for GA:Death, all within it's own Campaign Book (Forbidden Power). Wrath of the Everchosen was a "baddies against baddies" Campaign. Katakross achived what even Sigmar didn´t manage: He got a foot into the Allpoints, interrupting Archaons plans. While not getting controll of the Eightpoints, it is still a great success. Broken Realm: Morathi may be about GA: Order but I wouldn´t call it a "the good guys won again" in the narrative. Actually Morathi betrayed GA:Order once again, releasing a damned chaos god from his prison and ascending into godhood. While fighting common enemies, Morathi has her own goals and only cares for order as long as it is required for her plans. This is again a big fail for the real good guys, which even costs Sigmar a whole City. Broken Realm Teclis doesn´t make Order win the Edition. It merely ceases a long war that started to be dangerous to many factions. I am curious if Sigmar takes any role in the whole Plot or if it was all Teclis own solo approach, which would once again show how seperated GA:Order are. Imagine an Avengers Movie in which noone of the heroes cares to help but instead do whatever they like until Dr. Teclis Strange shows up, beats up the Bad Guy and then disappears again. The Story Arc that GW delivers is quite interesting and something I have not seen much around in TT Games. tldr; People complain about stuff, mostly because they don´t know stuff .
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    If my opponent uses a command ability to make their unit ignore a battleshock test that I worked hard to set up, and it costs me the game, how is that fun for me? If my opponent uses a command ability to make a unit pile in and attack twice, how is THAT fun for me? The answer, it's not, and it's not supposed to be. These NPE witchhunts are getting ridiculous. Wanting every rule to be fun for both you and your opponent makes the game boring, and is unreasonable, and I believe impossible to achieve while maintain a dynamic game full of 20+ distinct armies and even more playstyles.
  26. 16 points
    People who are outraged by the bladelords really need to get treatment for lumineth derangment syndrome, because in a vacuum those rules are hardly "OP" or "broken".
  27. 16 points
    NPE stands for Negative Play experience - a phenomenon many players are quick to spot in armies other than their own.
  28. 16 points
    Yea the new Idoneth looks really lit, here are a few more of them, pretty easy to paint too!
  29. 16 points
    Yeah man, it's like how Vampire the Masquerade had vampire bloodlines and then, like, a couple years later we got Warhammer Vampires with distinct bloodlines. Or like how Michael Moorcock had this whole Chaos thing with a crazy many pointed star as its symbol and black-armored, pale-skinned men wielding demonic runeswords as its servants. Or like how Michael Moorcock had decadent, island-dwelling elf-like things with really tall helms that ride dragons. Or like how this guy Tolkien had rune-carving, grumpy mountain-dwelling dwarfs with long beards and a grudge against orcs and elves and enjoyed axes. Or like how Landsknechts in Renaissance Germany had halberds and pikes and greatswords, big hats and bigger pants. It's almost like Warhammer is in general a pastiche of different IPs and ideas shamelessly cribbed from other sources, and it prices its models at an extraordinary premium and profits enormously year-after-year from a brand built off the pastiche of other ideas made by other minds. So when people who, lets be honest, are also just fellow consumers of GW's content, wax poetic on the moral failings of those making pastiches of GW's content, I question the sincerity of those beliefs, if not also their meaningfulness.
  30. 16 points
    Morally bankrupt for taking someone else's idea and making a cheaper version? Does that apply to Kia? What about the bag of marshmallow cereal I bought instead of Lucky Charms? I am glad other companies exist and they put pressure on GW. Including companies that make knock-off giants and skeletons that live in the desert.
  31. 16 points
    Oh no! Someone's providing alternatives and competition to another product! That's terrible... for some reason.
  32. 16 points
    Fixed em for you! Nipples shall not rob you of your enjoyment any longer!
  33. 15 points
    Hey @Icegoat nice to see humans aren't getting any new models for aos right?
  34. 15 points
    Honestly.... I think it takes a good competitive player to be able to actually do this. If it's two people hard core into the beer and pretzels, but one is playing LRL and the other is playing sylvaneth, that LRL player is going to cream the sylvaneth player hardcore almost every time despite neither trying to take competitive armies. It is why it frustrates me when people go "Oh competitive shouldn't count, most people don't play that way" as if balance is only skewed for people trying to 5-0 tournaments and if you're just super caj, well it's no problem. It's even worse for casual players, because pure casual often don't know what they're getting in to, and darn the seraphon player has just beaten the pants off everyone in the group for the twentieth time. It takes some pretty good understanding of your army to know how to tone it down as well as how to turn it up, and it takes an understanding of the opponent's army to know where to tone your army down to. And I can't tell you how many stories I have been hearing about people's starts in a warhammer game being, pretty much "Me and my brother (Friend, what have you) used to play, and he won 90 percent of games cause he took overpowered faction X, while I had underpowered faction Y". This isn't people trying to bend the rules into a pretzel to top the ITC (Or whatever circuit), it's siblings where one just bought a better army than the other.
  35. 15 points
    Just finished actually reading it in person. I am EXTREMELY glad I avoided any spoilers or previews. It was a great read with a ton of nuance that I am sure will be frequently skimmed over in summaries. Neither side comes of out this looking good. The narrative really delivers the theme that they just beat the snot out of each other on multiple fronts and everyone came away bloody. Every battle includes forces from both sides taken damage even when the result is one-sided. Both Lumineth and OBR come out seeming every bit the supernaturally elite forces they are supposed to be. There are some really cool tactics used by both sides tacking advantage of conventional maneuvers and magic in equal measure. My favorite was when mortek guard are advancing towards a raised platform with sentinels on it. They have a shield wall up, and when they get to the base the second rank of the shield wall climbs on top of the first then both are fused together by supporting mortisans to create an unliving bone-ladder. Then the multiple subsequent ranks part to reveal stalkers that had been crawling six-limbed to stay hidden under the shields. The stalkers climb the ladder and get on top, carnage ensues. And continuing the AoS trend of campaign books having good story; important stuff happens! Stuff that matters to the setting! Arkhan may be perma-dead, Nagash had his corporeal form broken again (but managed to give Teclis PTSD over their duel), Null Myriad have been decimated, Glymmsforge and Lethis got a potent morale boost while fighting enemies that are literally slain by morale, and Mannfred gets to be the biggest ****** whoever dicked! Haven't gotten to the rules yet but quite happy with the narrative. Feel free to ask any specific questions you may have about the book BTW.
  36. 15 points
    I feel a great disturbance in the hobby... As if millions of wallets cried out... And were suddenly silenced.
  37. 15 points
    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/03/28/sunday-preview-enter-the-cursed-city/ WOOOOOO LETS GO BABYYY
  38. 15 points
    I think on a meta narrative level having Nagash be defeated is an essential component for story telling. Nagash is a pure existential threat that goes beyond 'Chaos' or 'Order' as he is the embodiment of death and the lord of entropy. Invariably Nagash will win out as the old saying goes, "Death only has to win once". I believe that it is important to show Heroes and Gods dance with death and come out on top as that is a core component of most heroic epics. It is possible to temporarily beat Death, but never to truly defeat Death in the long run.
  39. 15 points
    Jack you are just overreacting and being a hater. I mean you overreacted when stormcast got the stormkeep rules, complaining that they were overpowered. Even when stormcast players were telling you that the rules did very little for the army. And now you are overreacting again.
  40. 14 points
    Paradoxically that insufferability is what makes Teclis interesting to me. If he was just perfectly wise and sagacious and enlightened and always acted correctly, he'd be dull Mary Sue OP insert-perjorative-here. As is though, he's arrogant, condescending and acts unilaterally, just as you say. The people of Shyish are going to be inspired whether they like it or not. The Idoneth were going to be destroyed purely by his decision, regardless of the motive being 'good' or bad. Sigmar's sometimes still the barbarian to him, Alarielle's too hesitant and Just Doesn't Understand The Way He Does, even when she helps him. The caveat to all that his that he's earnest, which gives those characteristics a certain shading. This is the same outward-looking Teclis who pioneered teaching humans magic in the first place, who saw their value as more than animals, who consistently rose above traditional elven insularity and self-interest to seek the preservation of the whole world. He saw a parallel between the frail, sickly humans and how he was viewed by his fellows, and extended true sympathy because of that. In the Mortal Realms, that sympathy and outward-looking nature was what helped him commune with Celennar in the first place. He genuinely did see the state of Shyish under Nagash as an affront and resented Nagash's megalomaniacal ambitions over all people. But then that all has to be set in context with his absolutely surety in his own correctness, the 'smartest person in the room' syndrome, which fairly directly led to the apocalypse of the World That Was. His inability to see his own hubris was of a kind with Nagash's, even if not on the same scale, and led to massive Lumineth casualties and war escalation for what was meant to be a symbolic goal. One take on the question of the Idoneth is that it wasn't covering up a mistake - Teclis seems to get how badly he messed up in the End Times - but that his sympathy to a wounded, poorly, frail elven people was such that he took it upon himself to spare them the pain he knew... without actually asking how they might feel or questioning his own right to make such a monstrous decision. This doesn't make him Actually Good, deep down, but it's characteristic of someone I feel is fundamentally uncynical, with often horrific results. His arrogance and hubris are interesting in that they're significantly different and, I think, more nuanced and personal than traditional fantasy elven characteristics. In conclusion, Teclis is a land of contrasts.
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    I don't understand why there seems to be so many people who what Kurnothi to be these savage forest dwelling animal men who hate Sylvaneth. We already have that, its called Beast of Chaos. Don't get me wrong I would love to see Kurnothi expanded as either their own force or a branch of Sylvaneth, but I would like them to be their own thing and not just Beast of Chaos but elves and better, because you know they would be.
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    Ah le sigh. Nagash defeated... again. Colour me surprised! (sarcasm) GW is just really bad at writing meaningful/impactful stories for their antagonists. There is a HUGE gap between what they say Death does and what we actually read in the stories. From the battletomes and small stories, the Death armies and Nagash seem to be a huge threat to the other realms and everyone is quaking in their boots when the Bonereapers come knocking. But as soon as any form of serious resistance comes up, the whole Death faction seems like a cardhouse. I mean seriously, what did Nagash and his armies actually achieve? The black pyramid was built but the end goal of sucking all souls to Shyish didn't come to pass. The Eightpoints weren't taken, even with Archaon absent and despite Katakros being hyped up as the best general to ever exist etc. Hell, in Soulwars the Nighthaunt didn't even manage to capture Glymmsforge! And now we have a book in which Nagash and his minions fail every single attempted goal? Seriously, GW? Every one of the three original Mortarchs failed? Couldn't even throw them the proverbial bone and have one of them succeed? And for me the most infuriating thing is that Nagash didn't learn a thing from his past defeats! Every time he throws himself into the melee he gets knocked on his ass. Against Sigmar, against Archaon and now against Teclis. This sadly makes Nagash look like an incompetent fool. Of course he can't win his big goals because then every faction would just die and that's the end. But it is simply bad writing when you tell your readers that your villain "is really powerful, I swear yo!", only to have him defeated at every turn.
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    Imagine if there was a forum where people could react to or comprehend the AoS background - or even a short summary/précis - on a deeper level than an immediate hysterical reaction of “my favourite plastic mans didn’t win, epic fail GW, everything’s ruined”. That’d be wild.
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    to quote @Aelfric NPE stands for Negative Play experience - a phenomenon many players are quick to spot in armies other than their own.
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    At this point we really need to talk about the LRL and it is not about Powerlevel: They have so many overdesigned rules which break multiple core rules at once. They stack a needles amount of special rules atop one another. They amplify the magic dominance issue AND grant free Range AND grant a free CP. The constant "ANDs" are making this army the crystalized essence of Negative Play Experience. Their rules lower the amount of playerinteractions one big factor of NPE. This is not about gaming power, this is about their design. I Hate playing them (or against them). They are the manifestation of an entire faction that is unfun. Why is the message of every rule they get that they can do everything AND everything best? Why does the Faction terrain grant three significant buffs? At this point I really don't want to see any more rules of the faction, I am done, it'S getting worse and worse and worse. What the hell is GW thinking? I've played against them 6 times so far and it was the most unfun experience I'Ve ever had in all of AoS. They lost 3 games and it is not about power. I refuse to play against this nonsense of an army that is taking the fun out of the game while turning it to a "look at what I can do: ALL OF IT" nonsense and I will ban them from any tournament (which are semi-competetive) in order for everyone having a good time not puting up with this.
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    Nonsense. This lady does have a few design choices the same as Yzma, but a long cloak, high collar and "being thin" isn't patented by Disney. She wears a mask, no hat, no eyelashes, entirely different face, the collar is quite different, dress is quite different, coat is the elongated bodice, not a separate piece, the emaciation is a lot less comedic and more menacing. Also the mask and sword. They are both thin with a dress, long tail and collar, but that's about it. That's like saying Stormcast, Chosen, Ironjawz and Blood knights are all buff guys in armour and oversized pauldrons, so they must be the same.
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    Tournament data is only somewhat applicable as a guide to balance We should be mindful of the fact that tournament data is not necessarily reflective of how the game is mostly played. Most players never attend tournaments in their whole hobby career. High level play and average play look pretty different. What tournament players want out of the game is different from what casual players want out of it. What tournament players are willing to accept is different from what casual players will. To make this more concrete, I believe that casual players have more of an interest in having a diverse pool of options than tournament players. Casual players value diversity because it allows them to play what they want. Given the hobby component of AoS, that is a desire we should give a lot of weight to. Competitive players (those who are mainly motivated by their desire to win) are more interested in having a meta that's stable enough so that skill mostly determines the outcome of games. To that end, a less diverse, more well defined metagame is often preferable. A game in which there is a chance that someone will just blow you up with a random jank build is not attractive to compete in. Still, I recognize that tournament data is the only data we have about what is good in the game. That is due to the nature of casual games. There are no "casual records" and there is no one "casual meta". So if we want to be data-driven at all in our balancing, tournament data is probably just the only thing we have to work with. Still, it's important to remember that there is more to the game than tournament outcomes. What even is a reasonable standard for balance? We should probably be considering both tournament an casual play as different ways to play AoS with their own standards of what good balance would look like. For tournament games, I don' think it is realistic to expect every army to be viable. I believe this because in my experience with competitive games, I have never seen one succeed in making every option a player can choose equally viable in a competitive environment. I don't know of any TCGs where all deck archetypes are equally good, or any fighting games where all characters are. So I don't think we should expect all armies to be equally good in AoS competition. So what should we expect from a balanced game? I think it's reasonable to expect that there should not be absolute outliers in mechanical strength. We don't want a situation where a handful of armies are in their own tier and make up a majority of podiums. I think we are in or trending toward such a situation at the moment. So that's definitely not ideal. For casual games, we should want every army to be able to have a chance against every other army. And we should want many different lists to be reasonably playable. "Reasonably playable" does not mean "able to win in a tournament", though. Likewise, it also does not mean that we should expect be able to throw any random units into a list and have it be good. Due to the amorphous nature of casual play, what makes good casual balance is also a bit vague. I think we should think of it as balance at a "tuned" level, where players try to optimize to a degree and do powerful stuff, but the lists are not necessarily built for maximum consistency and are often restricted to a non-optimal theme. In that regard, I think AoS is still doing fairly well. There are a lot of different playable options in most books at a 7-8 out of 10 power level, often enabling a variety of play styles. Is balance what we should be worried about? Due to the nature of tournament data, when we look at it we only see effects, but not the process by which the numbers came to be the way they are. We always have to fill in those gaps ourselves. It's not enough to point to tournament data and say "See, that faction has a 65% win rate, that needs to come down". This is where, among other things, considerations of play experience enter the picture. There are a lot of ways a game can become not fun to play that are not directly related to balance. An example of that is Petrifex Elite before the nerf. From the data we have, Petrifex was never dominant in tournaments in terms of win rate. But the build was fairly terrible to play against and, perhaps worst of all, extremely easy to figure out. Ultimately, I think that makes the changes to Petrifex justified, even if the numbers don't bear it out: If an army is just terrible to play against, it should change. And the best build of an army should probably not be the most obvious one, too. Lumineth are another example. The army is good, but I think it's fair to say that it's not currently the strongest army. However, the Lumineth book is just packed with stuff that is terrible to play against, like Sentinels basically deleting a hero every turn with no counter play, Teclis auto casting and unbinding and Total Eclipse shutting down certain army builds by itself. A lot of what Lumineth are doing results in a negative play experience because it prevents interesting plays from happening. And even if that does not make the army too strong, we should be concerned about it. In my opinion, recent books have been trending towards overall more negative play experiences. The rise of strong shooting has resulted in a growing division between armies that have good shooting, and armies that don't. And if you don't have good shooting, the whole shooting phase is basically just somehting that happens to you. Magic has been similarly segregated: Some armies can just dominate the magic phase, and if your army can't, you will not participate in the magic phase if going up against an army that can. Those two aspects of the game I think should be closely inspected for the next edition, even if they don't directly relate to balance in terms of win rate.
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    At first I loved this art. Then I noticed the nipples...
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    I shared my Hedonites in the painting thread but I saw people were sharing them here too, so I hope it's okay for me to give you all some photos of the things i've painted since March. I think the tome sounds fun, but also I am not a comp AoS player. I adore the models, and that is 90% of my investment in any army. I have only painted mortals yet, but I have 10 Hellstriders on the way, and then after that I think i'll look at the daemon half for summon/list variety. I have very much enjoyed painting this stuff, it's been the first AoS army i've really fallen for since Maggotkin when I started out a few years ago. Shame the tome isn't landing with a lot of people, when all this lockdown stuff ends, I am looking forward to getting my army to the table! Anyway, photos, which is what people care about! Predictably, Glutos is too big to fit into the army shot, so here he is, in all his excessive glory.
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