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    And therefore bad.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Well, I like that argumentation, but on the other side having custom warbands for each factions for the game that get a release over time seems also like a possible way to go. To be honest I am a bit concerned how the other factions are going to be included lorewise. Imagine, alpeaks, Archaon finaly standing up from his Throne, shouting at the next Gaunt Summoner: "Hell yeah! That is the Idea! I will make a Team-Deathmatch-tournament to find new Champions! All this "best of the best" stuff for my Varanguard was boring all along! Who can we invite?" -"Well, the Goretide, Skullfiend Tribe, the Rotbringers..." "Yeah, all these boring dudes are at all my parties anyway. Anyone interesting?" -"Um...there are several Tribes of highly specialised Tribesmen spread across the realms, who fight every day for survival in the harsh conditions of their realms" "Nice, whom else?" -"Well....these are all the different Factions of Followers of the Dark Gods" "I want one of these green things!" -"An Orruk? I am not quite sure if an Orruk qould leave Gork and Mork behind, althrough they would be great servants to Kho.." "No! Not these. The small Stabby ones!" -"Gits?!" "Yeah! They are awesome, fightning all along on shrooms! Oh and I want the Shark-Dudes!" -"I am not sure if the Idone.." "AND NAKED DWARFS! These guys are insane, I love them!" -"Archaon, my Lord, I am worried abou.." "Can we invite Nagash? I want the nerd to see my awesome "Who´s gonna be the next worth Champion"-Party! But don´t allow him to compete, his magic tricks are boring. Now you´re alive, now you are dust...Nerd, thinks that this is funny" -"..." "Oh and invite Sigmar, too! Last time we partied that guy got so drunk that he throwed his hammer at me and lost it! Heard that he reforged a whole chamber only to make them forget this story. Looove him!"
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    I'm not targeting anyone in particular but there seem to be a lot of apologists for GW on this forum. Why defend them? GW are making record profits yet now decide to push up prices on a scale we've never seen before. Paints, start collecting, existing kits, forge world... None of us benefit from these continual price increases.
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    As someone who has to pay ridiculously inflated NZ prices for GW models, your selfishness irritates me.
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    No hands to take his helmet off. Can't eat.
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    It's only a disappointment if your expectations are too high. If you take the Studio Previews as what they really are, a preview of some of the things to be released in the near future, and not as wish fulfilment, previews become much more enjoyable. For me the real disappointment is the 5 pages of salt we'll get on Saturday no matter what will be revealed.
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    Still want my Feudal Industril Ironweld Factory Empires to be a thing. Embracing innovation and strength of arms against all that is magical or unnatural.
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    You're likely someone who'll get more out of the game's Narrative play style! Think of it this way: Matched Play is MMA. Narrative is Pro Wrestling. MMA is two people doing similarly structured, hyper optimised things with a focus on extreme efficiency and making life as not nice for the other person as humanly possible. Pro Wrestling is two dudes putting on a show. It is a social contract to get in a fake fight with someone you've maybe only just met, and to make it as entertaining as you possibly can. Does this mean Narrative play is fake? Heck yeah it does, Narrative Play is putting on a show, telling a story, just for the two of you, and for a show to truly become a Spectacle, it usually has to be worked. Being good at this kind of game is a skill unto itself. It entails pulling each other's punches, giving the other guy breathing room so you don't pull the AoS equivalent of stiffing him in the nose and having him bleed all over everything for the rest of the match. It involves an inherent degree of trust in your 'opponent' to do the same thing. It might also involve not being too obvious about doing these things lest you start making your opponent feel bad because it's obvious you're going easy! It's certainly not for everyone: most competitive minded people simply cannot comprehend the narrative approach when you try and sell it to em. But there's a pretty damn big subsection of the playerbase that can enjoy it, I suggest you go find em.
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    Or you could manage your own expectations like an adult? You’re not owed an imminent Chaos book. People on here speculate, sometimes with good evidence, other times with none what so ever. It’s up to the individual to parse what’s likely/credible and what isn’t. Keep your chaos, sell your chaos, join a church, whatever. This isn’t a forum for announcing your life choices.
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    I honestly don't mean to sound harsh, but I think you really need to accept the fact that GW is not really interested in rehashing old Tolkein fantasy tropes. Not trying to pick in you particularly, but that is just the gaming world we are all "living" in right now. At least this strange human/Duardin/Aelf alliance army is relatively fresh and interesting.
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    Honestly all of the lore regarding the Free Cities has been pointing to this for a long, long time. The setting was growing too large for them to really ignore what they'd established - that a lot of the Old World races inhabit these Free Cities - as well as the issue of a lot of said Old World armies needing Battletome updates to become viable in any way, shape or form. I'm usually the first person to criticise GW, but not this time. At the very least, it's a much needed stop-gap between fully fleshed out factions for each of the races.
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    No you’re supposed to think it’s a light hearted throwaway quip and move on with your life.
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    Are y'all serious, you all start bi*ching about stormcast. Yes, stormcast are big buff dudes in plate armor. So what, Get over it. Go read a hallowed Knights novel.
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    No Dispossessed so I don't care. I honestly don't care about any Sigmar release besides Dispossessed. Every release besides Dispossessed is just another grudge into my very large book of GW grudges. Warcry is just another release spot that should be a Dispossessed release, there is no debating this.
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    2 new warbands for Warcry coming at some point
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    Ok *cracks knuckles* let's do this... Firstly whilst not an army I have collected I have to say the combined forces of Archaon should be the setting's big bad and get the treatment they deserve, more than any idividual Chaos god, more than even my beloved Death or Grotz. So we're talking big release, decent amount of new models and lots of stuff combined and folded in... To be honest probably too much, but ****** it, they should be on a par with Stormcast so that's the kind of size tome I'm looking at... HERALDS OF THE APOCALYPSE 3 sub-factions, Everchosen (super-elite), StD (elite) & Darkoath (normal'ish), different battline depending on general but can mix and match beyond that. Different spell lores and allegiance abilities for all 3, but same Terrain and Endless Spells. Everchosen Archaon (Ld, U, B, W) Balatos Kurgan von Mazdruk (or smoother dumb name) - Castellan of the Varanspire on Winged Chaos Beast* (Ld, U, B, W) / also builds - Varanguard Lieutenant on Winged Chaos Beast* (Ld, U, B) Belakor (Ld, W, B) Daemon Prince (Ld, W, B) Gaunt Summoner (Ld, W) Lord of Injustice* (Ld) Varanguard (BL if General Everchosen) Varanguard on Foot* (BL if General Everchosen) Damned Priestess of the 8 Fold Path* (P, Ld) Handmaidens of the Apocalypse* (BL) - essentially chaos Cultists/Monks/Nuns, think Black Legion Dark Apostles with wimples & whips. Notes: Everything here except the monks essentially hits like a ****** tank and costs it too so stat increases all round, Lord of Injustice is basically an executioner/dedicated hero killer, Varanguard on foot 5-10 models but beefy as ******, mounted again 3-6 or so and steamroll ******. Monks are your chaff/objective holders but can also buff the Priestesses' abilities. Allegiance abilities and spells with be powerful but more focused on tactical bonuses, these aren't your mindless warriors but the best of the worst, so movement shenanigans, things that let you move units after set up, create illusions, that kind of thing, to represent these are tactical martial geniuses whose lives are devoted to destruction. Slaves to Darkness Chaos Lord on Manticore (Ld, B) / also builds - Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore (Ld, W, B) Chaos Lord of Daemonic Mount (Ld) Chaos Lord (Ld) Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Ld, W) Exalted Hero Of Chaos (Ld) Chaos Chosen - Smaller units (5-10) but much more buffed stats Chaos Warriors* (Bl if General StD) - new more dynamic models and slightly more buffed stats Chaos Knights (mounted) (Bl if General StD) - buffed stats Chaos / Gorebeast Chariot 6 x new Warcry Warbands* Chaos Warshrine Chaos Spawn Notes: Not a huge amount of new additions here but they get the Warcry war bands and your basic Chaos Warriors get new sculpts and are buffed up to be semi-elite, not Varanguard level but still they should hit like a truck if not a tank. Spell lore and allegiance abilities focused on raw strength and destruction. Darkoath Darkoath Queen (Ld) Darkoath Queen on Chariot* (Ld) / also builds Darkoath Chariots* Darkoath Chieften (Ld) Thedra + Godsworn Hunt (U, Ld, W) Darkoath Shaman* (Ld, W) Darkoath Witches* (W, U) - 3 witches + a cauldron, acts a bit like a Gobbapalooza Darkoath (were Chaos) Marauders* - (Bl if general Darkoath) new sculpts, dual kit with melee/ranged options Darkoath Beserker/Were-creatures* - Kind of like Goblin fanatics they hide inside units and then burst out in a rage of fur, claws and fury Darkoath (were Chaos) Marauders Horsemen - (Bl if general Darkoath) Darkoath Packmaster + Chaos Hounds* Notes: Your Frazetta barbarians unleashed. Can be run as their own force or to pack out and provide numbers to more elite armies. Spell lore and allegiance abilities focused on fast movement, berserk rages etc with some more nods to corrupted natural magic. Chaos Untamed Chaos Gargants (B) Furies* Raptoryxes* Slaughterbrute (B) Mutalith Vortex Beast (B) Notes: Your random other chaos stuff to add some spice Terrain Wicker Man* - Giant burning wicker man where slaves are funnelled into and burnt as sacrifices to the primordial ones, provides a bravery buff/debuff plus as the fires burn hire and the cries of the scarified pierce the veil between dimensions it can help summon daemons. Endless Spells Locus of Corruption* - A giant 8 pointed star that acts like a damage bomb/area control with bonus of chance of creating Chaos Spawn from models it kills Wave of Mutilation* - Chaos flavoured version of vermintide, scuttletide etc Vortex Arcanum* - Opens a mini rift in reality that sucks magic out of the mortal realms and into the Realm of Chaos, makes non Chaos magic harder to cast/easier to dispel Allies Beasts of Chaos, Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, Hedonites of Slaanesh, Legion of Azgorh, Maggotkin of Nurgle * = New models Ld = Leader U = Unique W = Wizard P = Priest Bl = Battleline B = Behemoth A - Artillery
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    Guys could we please stop talking about the prices already. It's pretty easy to make a new thread on the subject of you really want to.
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    @Sleboda in my experiences of moderating other sites: 1) In general whenever two members have a disagreement in public its likely both can be reprimanded by mods because once two start arguing they both tend to cross the lines in their own way. 2) Mods sometimes are casually aware of history between two members which can make one-off posts appear more as a continuation of previous arguments rather than just one off comments. Thus point 1 comes back around again. It can also make it very hard for mods to work out "who started it all" especially as often neither person started it all and it just grew into a long running disagreement - which can swing back to both getting told to stop. 3) In general its better to discuss moderation issues in private with either the mod in question or another member of the team or the admin of the site rather than to do it in public. Doing it in public only draws out the drama and takes it in new directions and some sites can be fairly hard on people "arguing against the moderation" in public. It's mostly there to stop endless arguments sprawling all over the place. I've no idea about this case - but I'd say talk to the mods/admin in private if you've an issue. You'll often get further with less issues.
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    I came away with a good impression from the demo game I played in store this weekend. Figured it might be helpful to lay out some thoughts. The core game has a lot of Jervis Johnson to it. It's very much about movement and dice maths, with most of the complexity/skill coming from being able to recognise and capitalise on opportunities within a limited number of activations. Other than that, it's relatively rules-light compared to Necromunda or even Kill Team. It actually reminds me of Blood Bowl more than Mordheim in some ways. Warbands have particular tricks and strengths, but they all fit on a single card and they're fairly easy for both you and your opponent to wrap your head around. Very few 'actually, I've got this special rule'-type surprises. The really important thing is understanding how to create an opening, exploit it, and defend your advantage - that might feel a little abstract, but fighting to claim and hold an objective in three turns of Warcry felt a lot like breaking open a defense and making a run to the endzone in BB. The initiative dice system and the wild dice are the standout bits of design, for me. They introduce lots of mindgames and make rolling for initiative a really interactive moment where neither player really 'wins', just tries to build an advantage across a few different axes. You can cede the initiative but stock up on doubles/triples/quads for big ability combos. You can do the opposite and play for the first activation. Neither is abstractly better - it's all situational and a judgement call, which is great. Way better than 'going first is always best'. A few other subtle rules are really important too - the 'disengage' action, for example, limits you to a 3" move ending more than 1" from any enemy models. This is a really big deal because it introduces the idea that all characters are equal when disengaging. It doesn't matter quite so much how speedy your Untamed Beasts are after I've tagged you with an Iron Legionnaire - I'm going to slow you down, at least for your first action in that activation. This encourages you to create traps and chokepoints, rather than just stand on the objective and wait for opponents to come piling in - again, similar to Blood Bowl. The 'wait' action is also cool. You effectively give up an action, but being able to shunt a fighter to the end of the activation queue while leaving your other options open denies your opponent information and can lead to some tense moments. One thing I'd add is that the various scenario generation cards and extra features seem absolutely essential. I suspect a lot of players will be tempted to ignore the terrain layout suggestions, weird deployment positions/timings, and Chaos Beasts - don't. The game seems to be at its best when there's a bunch of factors in play that neither player has total control over. My game involved deployment from every board edge, hidden objectives, including characters coming in later in the game, and a massive Raptoryx with 30 health rampaging around in the backfield. Extra mechanics like this are how you avoid the 'run into the middle and fight' issue. I suspect that some players will bore themselves by deciding to avoid what feel like 'optional' rules, but are actually essential. I can't feed back on the campaign side, obviously, save to say that I kinda appreciate that they're not going too deep on gear or character progression. I definitely miss some of the sense of customisation that you get from Necromunda or Mordheim, but I suspect that Warcry has a stronger cure rules that work because listbuilding is less of a factor in who wins. Likewise, this is probably how you get a lot of people interested in playing skirmish games - it's way more accessible, the penalties for losing or falling behind are less severe, and you're not constantly having to add to or replace models as loadouts shift. Sorry for the essay! Overall, a very positive first impression.
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    UNLUCKY! Just one more and you'd have been able to activate your most powerful special ability on the forum.
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    Let's stop using the word "Sigmarine"
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    That may be a reason why you are not a consultant. In general the boardgames market is worth much much much more than the niche wargames market. A small piece in the former may be worth more than a monopoly in the latter.
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    Probably Chaos related but alternatively... Noses rotted away, cheeks hollowed out, eye sockets like pits of despair but also the eyes and mouths give a sense of animus and never ending horror... These heads are still 'alive' in death, the rotting remains of proud princes of Shyish who refused to bend the knee and now hang from a totem/standard/chariot/cart belonging to the Deadwalker legions, cursed to cry fell warnings and morbid prophecies to the enemies of the Great Necromancer until crows finally eat their traitorous tongues and peck their eyeballs from their rotting skulls.
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    From a game perspective I’m all for it, from a gaming perspective no thank you. I already feel AoS is so much harder to teach than Ghb 17 (not to mention at launch) due to extra rules interactions. One of the big selling points in the beginning was every thing can kill everything. Now with saves after saves or re-rolling ignoring rend saves that’s not the case anymore which adds to the learning curve. I’d rather they (had) changed the rules to d10’s. Gives a wider range to express abilities without needing slowing down the game. Now all behemoth’s could have an inherent -1 to wound against damage 2 or lower attacks. To show the massive nature of the monsters. (Or any number of other options that a bigger spread of rolling allows.)
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    Narrator-- "It was not Sylvaneth"
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    I don’t think anyone has a right to be frustrated about any of it. GW are a company out to make money. Not a religion or political party. They’re not abusing anyone, they’re not defrauding anyone or failing to represent the interests and rights of citizens or threatening anybody’s livliehoods. They’re just not making the toys and stories that some people want them to make fast enough for their liking. That’s literally all this is about. To which I would say again: manage your expectations. Expect GW to act in their own interests rather than yours. That’s what I do and I’m never disappointed by these things. At some point their commercial interests and my hobby tastes will align and it will work out for both of us. Up to that point there’s the rest of the other GW stuff I already like/ life to keep me occupied. If GW were making a big thing of Slaves and making it seem as though they were coming soon and to be expectant about it that’s a completely different issue. But they haven’t/aren’t, so.
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    Yeah have to say now we've got a lot more info there's just one big question left that's got me all excited to figure out. Will 'the internet' blame GW for ruining Warcry with a long & sustained roll out of entirely optional new rules packs and 'money grabbing' expansions... or for ruining Warcry by releasing everything at once and so not showing enough 'long term' support by releasing new stuff every other month? Choose your own miserable adventure!
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    I do sympathise with the "you don't have to buy it" argument HOWEVER, the GW hobby is entirely insular and exclusive. GW don't support 3rd party models, don't allow them in their stores or competition. If it was an open system with competing models, it would be fine. If you're a narrative or open play player, it doesn't matter- just use any old models. If you're competitive, it does matter to a point because GW models are the only models you can use. That's why systems like frostgrave are such a breath of fresh air- zero model prescriptions.
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    My guess: GW shows us what happened to Brettonians
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    Ship Ahoy! I'm taking babysteps (pun intended) with the progress, thanks to "The Squig". However, I've been intrigued by the idea of using Gutrot Spume as a way to deepstrike a unit of Blight Kings, and reading Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds, I've become intrigued by the character Spume as well. However, I've already used the (admittedly, quite cool) model for my Blight Kings as a unit leader, so I went on an inspiration search on the internet, to find out what people had done for conversions of him. Sadly, there wasn't too much, but I found this guy: (Sadly, I don't know who's done it, so I can't give him credit - If you recognise it, please let me know) While there are definitely things I'd do differently, the basic idea of using the Gellerpox mutant tentacles and Typhus legs I really liked - so I set about making my own version: I spent a lot of time scraping and cutting away any 40k-ish parts on the legs, and used gut-maw belly from the Pusgoyle Blightlord kit (mostly because I love the old-school gut-maws), made a huge axe from a combination of a 40k Death Shroud scythe and a minotaur axe, gave him a chain loin cloth, and used the "crab-hand" from the Khorne AoS starter set lord, to continue the nautical mutation theme - and finished it off with a back banner from the 40k Lord of Contagion kit. Obviously still needs a lot of sculpting, but I really like the basic idea - plus, he is HUGE: I've also gotten a bit further on my Glottkin conversion; I've made a gladiator style shoulder pad (still needs distressing, though) for two reasons - both for having a place to put the dark green I used for the army, to tie him together with the rest of them, and besides; shoulder pads are awesome. I've also started the wizard on his shoulder - I'm a bit on the fence about him. While I have the Ethrac Glott model, I kinda wanted something thinner, more wasted and weedier - we'll see. Lastly, I got inspired to start a Daemon Prince conversion - this is extremely rough, sketch stage-ish, and he needs some fly wings, but I think this could work. As always, comments are much appreciated.
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    ????????????? What did I do other than point out that someone else was not nice? Seriously, I get that you, personally and for whatever reason, don't like some of my posts, but this is completely unreasonable to call me out. Really. Edit: I've been told by mods to "think" more (which is, in itself, an insult from the untouchable mods). You know what? I just did. I "thought" about it and it's even more upsetting now. I responded to an insult by pointing out that I was insulted. I did not insult back. I did not use this space to attack. And yet, a mod (you!) felt a need to take his personal feelings about my other posts to a level where it was ok to castigate me for expressing my feelings about being insulted by another poster. I totally get that this is not a democracy. I do. In fact, I support that. This is a hard-won space created to foster positive interaction. However, you have taken a misinterpretation of a previous post of mine and used it to justify treating me unfairly. That's not positive and is not interactive at all. I try to follow the rules here. I really do. When I unintentionally run afoul of them I don't get an explanation of why, let alone a message letting me know that I have done so. The other participants seem to enjoy my contributions (as shown by my +2634 rating) and yet when I support GW or defend myself from attackers I'm put down by you. Not cool. Not cool at all. Super, super disappointing. Also, please note that this post itself is not using hostile or offensive language. If you are upset by it, maybe look inward.
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    At the Open Day I got chance to speak to Sam Pearson (rules writer) about the Cities book. He obviously wouldn't say much but was very enthusiastic about it - I got the impression it was something of a passion project for him (this was backed up by lots of other GW staff encouraging me to speak to Sam whenever I mentioned that I was interested in the Cities book). He said that he'd reviewed all the relevent warscrolls and had had to do a fair bit of tidying up with some of them to make them more realistic. The example he gave was something like a model which carried 2 weapons but warscroll had them using 3 in the same phase/turn. He also said that he had written rules to improve some of the weaknesses of AoS - his example was that cavalry currently "hit like a wet fish" and he'd tried to address that.
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    Thinking about how the Warcry warbands would work in AoS, I was originally not too keen on it, thought it was more of its own (more interesting tbh) thing and one which would not really pass on to the tabletop. Minimal visual and themtic coherence compared to most of the other AoS forces, which its fair to say are pretty visually homogenous in a way that WHFB armies usually weren't by virtue of how they tunnel down into a particular old subfaction or focus on exploring a particular theme. Why not just have a core of Darkoath marauders, horsemen, skirmishers, archers, etc? But I was rereading Rob Sanders' Archaon novels and it struck me that they show a greater and weirder diversity of mortal forces in the chaos hordes than we ever saw on the tabletop. Eastern armoured pikemen, cannibal ogre-worshippers, mutated maggot-men with one mother, steppe horsemasters, a warrior-cult of mirrored knights. That's cool as heck and shows a lot of variation quite distinct from the traditional axes of mortal/beast/daemon or khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/slaanesh. It's the kind of encyclopedic listing off of different groups that you see in Herodotus when he's listing off the different backgrounds of Xerxes's forces or, to use a more recent and probably more appropriate example, like in GRR Martin's books where Jon Snow sees the different distinct tribes of wildlings. Could most of this variation be represented by, say, marauders with a variant paint scheme? Probably, rule-wise, but it does lead to a kind of smoothening out of the sheer amount of weirdness. If a new Chaos Hordes book consisted of Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness and Darkoath, the latter could be the opportunity to show the huge range of tribes and peoples that follow chaos in one way or another. Folks from all over the realms that have come to the Varanspire and then left again as part of the hordes of chaos, keeping their fighting styles. So you could have a core of 'generic' darkoath marauders, horsemen, characters to represent those tribes who maybe don't deviate from the mean so much and to establish a slightly more normal core. Then you have a small phalanx of heavily armoured breachers from Chamon, a band or two of crow-masked skirmishers from Ulgu, fanatic shock troops from Shyish... Lots of visual contrast and variety, nothing else quite like it in AoS, united with a common colour scheme or banner or warpaint or base style. All the chaotic (eh? eh?) variety of a barbarian horde under a stern-faced brute in black armour, bearing the sigil of the Everchosen. Like, if GW had spent the same amount of energy (as though this sort of thing can be easily transferred) developing a single battletome, there's no way it would ever have as much weird diversity and creativity as these 6-8 warbands. In a certain light it's like Warcry is an excuse to get 6-8 new boxes of unique marauders. Obviously it's not, GW is pushing this hard enough that they clearly want an AoS kill team but as a side effect that has the potential to make mortal undivided chaos more than muscleboys on parade, it's pretty cool. I think it's more meaningful than the simple and kind of halfassed way GW has incorporated the Shadespire warbands into the codices.
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    Such wise words, that's exactly it - I doubt many hate Space Marines in 40k per se either (hell, most guys I know like the looks of both Marines and SCEs), it's just that if those two factions get something it means others don't get anything. And at the moment a few armies/factions could use some love in the miniature department - Aelves, Seraphon, Ironjawz, Slaves to Darkness, Skaven, Free people (with them being such an important part of the setting - representing "normal" civilization - I'd actually put them at the top spot) and so on and on. Meanwhile Stormcast got more kits that some of them combined. I understand that churning out SCE or Marines is profitable and easy as the designers can copy/paste lots of things but still, it would be cool to see others (at least those who sell well) get some love too
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    In Teclis' defense, it's not like he has a history of destroying the world because his plans didn't work out and he thought he knew better than anyone else what...to...do... Oh... 😐
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    And working on day two of the progress:
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    Hey guys! 7 months after opening, we've developed a great community around Age of Sigmar and wanted to highlight some of them! We've started with Benjamin Savva, who discusses his Daughters of Khaine army. I hope you find it interesting as he discusses influences on the theme of his army and the narrative background to all his armies- the Erstwood.
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    So, I am taking my baby steps into the 21st century and uploading photos (or indeed anything) for the first time. Thought this would be the place to start with some Troggoths and a Giant. Will try and have more lighting next time. Going to climb that learning curve!
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    Played 3 games over the weekend with the new GHB. I decided to go with more balanced lists, as I tend to gravitate to the skew battalions for competitive play (Gorefist, 'ardfist, ), and wanted to give the Megabattalions a fair shake. Lists: Not much of a difference between the two, the Ironsunz one obviously is a little more geared towards having an extremely scary MK in and outside the Waaagh! round. The Bloodtoofs is more geared for a traditional Waaagh! Bomb and keeping the MK in the back for an additional turn or two. Won all three games (Double Keeper Slaneesh, Mixed GG list: big units of bounderz and stabberz w/ supporting pieces, and finally a Blisterkin list ... I'm guessing he's preparing for the Gristlegore nerf in July.) Anyway, I had a few takeaways. 1: The 30 'ardboy pin w/ Ironsunz is extremely strong. I'm still experimenting with exactly how much I can safely engage, but in every game I was able to clear 2+ chaff screens and lock in a scary horde by piling barely within 3". 2: I still think it's necessary to put a MW save item on the MK. The offensive loadout I went with in the Ironsunz build was complete overkill, I don't think I even needed to swing w/ the fists or tail once. On the other hand, I was constantly worried about the MK going down to MW in each game I played with Ironsunz, and the lists I played against weren't even particularly geared for MW output. 3: As I anticipated, I used Mighty Destroyers once over the course of the three games, and overall think it's a slight nerf in the context of the way I play the game. The guaranteed movement is nice in some cases, but most of the lists I ran had an 80% to 90% chance of activating Mighty Destroyers once during the round. Going from an 80% chance but free, to a 100% chance but costing 1 cp is a slight nerf to me. I know I'm completing discounting the ability to pile-in and attack in the hero, but with Warchanter/Waaagh! having no effect in the hero phase extremely limits its offensive usage. All-in-All, it's still a great ability that can win you games but it's annoying siphoning resources away from Waaagh! Anyway, going to a local tournament next weekend and I'm thinking about bringing a 'ardfist list I've been working on. Haven't locked down the details, but I'm anticipating a bunch of Skaven/FEC players going out for one last round before the July FAQ. The only real solution I've found against them is just to send meat at them and hope they make a mistake... I'll need some luck.
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    As always, I apologise for the long time since my last update, but this time I actually have a valid excuse! My wife gave birth to a little baby boy two weeks ago (affectionately known as "The Squig"), and believe me, when they say that babies eat up all your free time, it's true! It's wonderful and magical and the craziest thing ever and really tough getting next to no sleep - but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Anyway - I've managed to get some work done (most of it before "The Age of Squig"), so I wanted to share them - they still need to get details, varnish, and blood and rust effects, so WIP. First up, my Great Unclean One - I really like the way the shoulder pad turned out, it's nice to get some of the green of the Blight Kings onto this guy: Lord of Afflictions: Also, said Blight Kings: My Maggoth Lord conversion (probably gonna count as a Verminlord Corruptor, once the wizard rider gets done) And the project I'm mostly excited about; I bought a Glottkin a loooooong time ago, and made a new head for it, since I wasn't really a fan of the original one. However, I wasn't really happy with the model overall either - It's always struck me as a great concept, with a somewhat lacklustre execution. I took a deep breath, dunked him in rubbing alcohol, and stripped the old paintjob. I ripped my original converted head off him, and made a new one from the "arm-face" of Rotigus, combined with the horns from one of the GUO heads, and the lower jaw of Ghurk - now THATS more like it! Much more tormented and evil looking. The other change was his right arm - I love the lamprey maw, but the arm just seemed weirdly short and out of place on such a big model. I cut it of and reposed it, and added the censer from the Skaven Plague Furnace, as a giant wrecking ball - YEAH! Now we're getting somewhere! Lastly I added some claws from some sort of Tyranid monster to the tentacle, since I thought it was a bit weedy looking - more spikes are always more gooder! Obviously he still needs quite a bit of sculpting, blending and detailing, and a rider added (I'm contemplating a guy with a cannon, actually), and I'm thinking about magnetising him to his base, so I can have two bases and use him as either The Glottkin or a Soul Grinder. Still, I'm really excited about him, and I really like where it's going: As always, comments and critique is much appreciated.
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    I've just finished my Myrmourn Banshees using a combination of contrast paints & regular paints. I really like them for some parts and not so much for others. Aethermatic Blue is amazing!
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    Loved the humans for a long time, but what really got me was when I tried playing Freeguild in a small narrative campaign at the local GW. The other factions fought for control of realmgates, ancient artefacts and the fate of the realms. My guys were caught in the middle, leaving me with objectives such as "keep the enemy out of the village until the people can evacuate" and "secure and defend this small caravan of refugees fleeing the khorne army". Hell, at one point I risked losing a game to save the last pistolier, who'd gotten stuck behind the Ironjawz lines. At the end, the remnants of the Salzunde Cityguard held a realmgate desperately, keeping it open for as long as possible, every second another soldier's child saved. The last to fall saw the realmgate flicker and close as the Change-magos corrupted it, but they died without regret. The city was already empty, their families looking down on them from Azyr. The Tzeentch player won the campaign, achieving his final objective. I, however, won what I'd been playing all along: the B-plot filled with all the heart you'd ever need. Stuck with the brave souls ever since.
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    You're all wrong and it couldn't be more obvious, it's some kind of amazing jewelled chest brooch strapped across the glistening, chiselled torso of a 90% nude stormcast eternal. Probably a new semi-nude chamber. I foresee 3 new kits, a hero the Knight-pectoris together with an elite unit of Nudinators and finally an extra big boy the Handsomator (equivalent to a 40k Knight in size) who might count as a monster in pitched Battle, or have the keyword, but will be far too aesthetically pleasing to ever be called a monster by anyone. From a distance, silhouetted, they probably do look like a herd of strong wild horses so I can see the mixup here.
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    No. We're already starting to straddle the line between a simple, streamlined wargaming experience, and something bloated and overly complex *cough40kcough*
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    Dunno if this is helpful for others, but my awesome GF did a study of contrast over the two primers. I thought I would share. In each set, Wraithbone primer is the left model.
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    Actually do not even care about Warcry at this point. Took too long. Next.
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