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    Brettonia have never been more popular than when they've been removed from the game. They were removed by GW for a reason, most likely due to poor sales and low trademarkability, the fact a vocal minority still clamour after them doesnt mean they would be an instant sell out. Instead far more likely is the fact that vocal minority would find a new faction they feel should be in the game to clamour after insisting that they "won" getting brettonia back and therefore they can do it for everything. New and cool beats old nostalgia for me.
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    I just wanted to say that my life was nearly destroyed by TGA being down the last little while. Last time TGA was down, someone said that the game was dying because no one made a big enough stink about TGA being down... so here I am, making a stink, and simultaneously confirming the game is not dead. 😄
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    LOL. You ever met one? Miserable ****** never happier than when they’re whining about one thing or another. Right now there’s large sections of the 40k community throwing a ******-fit because the intro text (all the blah blah blah emperor sits on his carrion throne blah blah blah) has been slightly modified and because they’ve been told that if they’re racists they might not be nice people. It’ll take more than a few community articles tickling their bellies to put a smile on their faces.
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    Silent People, huh? Never heard of them.
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    Posting some progress...I've been working on this model for what felt like a month. I'm pretty scared by the idea of painting a whole army like that
  6. 16 points
    Age of Sigmar is a much better game than Fantasy ever was imo.
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    For about a decade now I've been trying to create an elf project which reflects my personal vision of what elves should be-unknowable, sinister, somewhat malevolent, as much inspired by folklore and Teutonic paganism as anything by Games Workshop. This darkness needed to be offset by a degree of grace and dignity though. In my minds eye these beings were dreadful, not evil. Their motivations beyond the ken of outsiders, but not despicable or excessive. For the majority of that period the project was based around Various iterations of the dark elf aesthetic but I wasnt in the place personally to pursue it. It was a vision out of reach, the principal obstacle being that I didnt feel as though I had the skill to realise my vision. Inspiration would give way for frankly ruthless self doubt. The army sat in my spare room but would cause me intense irritation for not being quite what I wanted it to be, and gradually found itself sold off in chunks to fund my AOS habit. Eventually forgotten. Then the Arch Revenant and Kurnothi were released in quick succession and I was immediately won over by the aesthetic, the revenant as Valkyrie and the Centaur of the Kurnothi. Their release also made me properly consider Tree Revenants who I never really looked at before only to realise that they are absolutely outstanding models in their aesthetic. This triumvirate of models fired my creative cylinders and provided the aesthetic to work to, and without me really thinking it through money had been spent feverishly and a more feral iteration of my sinister elves was back on the table. After months of mobilising the core units I have finally finished painting my first unit below and am delighted with how my paint concept sells the idea: Removing the horns on the Unit champion in particular made him much more of a fearful looking individual and he is sort of the epitome of the project: Currently the army is comprised of: Drycha (Converted into a tree demon) Durthu (Conveted into a sort of fen beast monster) Arch Revenant Branch Wych (Converted into something more sinister) 15 further Tree Revenants 3 Kurnothi wolves conversions (KH proxy) 3 Centaur conversions (KH proxy) All of these are assembled and I will post as I make sufficient progress on them. The reason for posting all this is solely out of respect for the hundreds of articles, blogs and army projects which have inspired me to maintain or pursue the hobby over the years. Especially when I have not had the self belief to actually do any hobbying myself. Honestly I'm not really satiated much by feedback or praise in the hobby. After spending much of my life living in crippling anxiety I have thankfully with support come out the other side to know that the greatest value in any hobby is that the person practises it values and enjoys it for themselves. In that sense the greatest reward for me in all this occurs at the painting table while I contentedly work away and watch an idea morph into reality. It's nice if people like my stuff but I dont do it for anyone but myself and in that sense posting on here feels somewhat redundant. But army projects are my absolute favourite aspect of the hobby and I have benefitted immeasurably from the time and hard work of others in chronicling their work. While I dont have anything like the time or skill I would like to properly do this justice and make the blog itself an event as say is showcased in the exemplary work of @KnaveOfScribes if someone is inspired, engaged or otherwise enthused by even one aspect of what is here then engaging here is time well spent. I hope you enjoy my contribution to the wonderful canon of army building projects that bless the hobby.
  8. 15 points
    So i made a troggoth hag kitbash using one of the maggotlords and spare dankhold bitz and wanted to share it. It is real easy to recreate and probably alot cheaper than the fw model.
  9. 15 points
    What’s up party people! It’s been ages since I’ve updated this thread. All the previous reasons (hate taking pictures, busy life, the great plague upending everything) apply. That being said, it’s time to show some of my most ambitious project to date. This was actually finished last year around this time, but I kept it under wraps with the intention of taking it to Adepticon this year and show it in the Golden Demon. This wasn’t exactly a “secret project” so much as I just can’t stand taking photographs, and prefer to share the miniature in person if I can help it. But, once COVID shut everything down it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen this year. So, I had resolved to wait under the plague passed and possibly show this at the GD 2021. However, life has other plans and it turns out we’re expecting! The baby is set to arrive in Feb next year, so its pretty clear I wont be doing any traveling for warhammer for a while. Super bummed I wont be able to o show it, but the trade off is more than worth it. So. Without further ado, Alarielle the Everqueen, Life Incarnate. As you can see, I went for a high-realism approach, trying to model Alarielle’s features and overall expression something akin to my wife when she’s serious. I also incorporated my wife’s red hair into the composition. The beetle is fulled painted with Colorshift paints from greenstuff world. I’ve developed a very specific working method with them, and this final effect is a combination of 3 different colorshift paints re-enforced by painted shadows. Throughout the scratch-built diorama base there are also a number of insects all painted with colorshifting paints. In the bottom left-hand corner of the above photograph, you can also see Arkhan the Black’s staff, with it eerie green glow near the waterfall (and Arkhan’s foot is visible just under the waterfall.) Although not totally visible in the picture, there are also several layers to the soil under the ground level. If you look you can see all the roots of the trees, plus skulls, weaponry, shields, and banners: all attesting to amount of warfare the land has seen hiding just below the forest floor. Detail of the soul amphora. Detail of bioluminescent mushrooms and a spite. Total work time was somewhere between 300-400 hours, give or take. This is by far one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I’ve ever undertaken. Painting tiny highlights on the eyes through a 20x magnified jeweler’s loop was no joke. I actually have a lot of work to show (I know I always say that, but I do!) And I’m going to try and get the projects on my bench finished Ana’s photographed as best I can before my summoned reinforcements arrive in Feb. Happy painting all. -F P.S. Here’s also a short video that gives a good 360º view. BB5CBDDB-87D1-4F67-86E8-75D15044124A.MOV
  10. 15 points
    It's great. Play it. It's far superior to 40k 8th and time will tell for 9th.
  11. 14 points
    I think it speaks a lot to the spirit of Blood Bowl that not only do they have official art of a gor cheerleader (who appeared previously in one of the BB magazines) but the artist also traced the expression from the high goat out of that one meme. We are all of us richer for Blood Bowl existing.
  12. 14 points
    Log Entry Day 196: Still no AoS news. Things are dire. I'm starting to forget how the Activation Wars work and the names of all the Fyreslayer units...
  13. 14 points
    I was thinking about this the other day and how I would like to see behemoths and heroes count as their current wound total rather than just 1. This gives both more utility (granted heroes didn't need it) and I think on a fluff level works better, in the same way monsters get weaker as they take more wounds their ability to control a point is diminished by being wounded and logically (or as logical as you can get about a game of lizards on dinosaurs fighting underwater elves etc.) it seems to me my 12 wound thunder lizard bastiladon has more control over an objective than 10 chainrasp however a bastiladon with 1 wound left is clearly out matched by 10 chainrasp, model numbers don't make total sense for controlling points. If my wife and I are in our loungeroom and an adult tiger gets in you wouldn't say we control the room because we outnumber it right? Facetious I know but it's what makes sense to me
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    Time passed since last time I uploaded something! Here’s the fanatics and my beloved loonboss (been searching for that model for years!)
  15. 14 points
    This the same Boris Johnson whose most famous trait is that he’s pathologically incapable of telling the truth? in that case I better tell my parents to stock up on beans, pasta & bog roll again & order in a litre of Agrax Earthshade myself.
  16. 13 points
    Allegiance Abilities are, imo, what makes a faction interesting.
  17. 13 points
  18. 13 points
    Maybe, yet they‘re a company though people keep acting like GW was a friend next door. It‘s funny how raising the prices for products is fine since „it‘s a company“ but being upset about a lacking product is usually answered with „have patience, give them time etc.“ ? They don‘t deliver: I won‘t pay. They don‘t produce good rules: I won‘t buy those. I might have patience if the prices wouldn‘t be as absurd as they are or if the rules quality was improved (that one is steep a downward spiral imo). Summarized: I don‘t pay for a lacking product which already is too expensive (Azyr is constantly bugged and out of date) while the company keeps increasing prices and keeps claiming that their low-quality product is actually high quality. If you keep throwing down money of that companies throat it only signals them that they can even charge for doing nothing. One has to draw a line at some point. Edit: And I am honestly fed up with their business practices lately.
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  20. 13 points
    I've spent a few months (and a lot of greenstuff) working on this Archaon conversion Got a bit of backstory to it, but it's long and I'll leave that to its own thread at some point, but it's the leader of my other wendigo forces. Still hours of work left to go mind.
  21. 12 points
    With all the teclises, nagashes and kroaks in the current meta I decided my army needed the dark master himself. Still abit wip but I'd appreciate any c&c
  22. 12 points
    I really hate it when the LGS has this kind of culture. It's all but a guarantee that the hobby dies slowly in that area because the new blood gets turned away while the store owners are too afraid of losing core customers to confront the people that are hamstringing their business. A smart store will identify people who can be ambassadors to new players and steer the new folks toward the kind of people who are more positive about the hobby and who will actually make an effort to make new players feel welcome and play down to that level when needed. The more time I spend in this hobby (and other in-person gaming hobbies), the more convinced I am that a hugely underrated factor in the success or failure of LGS is the emotional intelligence of the owner and core employees.
  23. 12 points
    This thread should be renamed to "Rumors, General Chatter, and @KingBrodd still wants his gargants" with some kind of marker for an actual rumor post. 😄
  24. 12 points
    Sure. Here's where I'm at so far. Probably 85% complete painting it. Need to do some clean up, etc. Also here's a picture of Vampire Lord (that I use as a proxy for my Chaos Lord on foot). Lighting isn't perfect, lots of reflection here but you get the idea.
  25. 12 points
    Found my display board bits from Dark fantastic mills (not out yet but preview)
  26. 12 points
    Its probably because I’m a bit contrarian and love red as a color... but if they had shown these models for the lumineth marketing I might have been sold. gorgeous😍
  27. 12 points
    You do not kill gotrek, you just avoid him
  28. 12 points
    And my scheme largely sorted with Eltharion all done:
  29. 11 points
    I'm from a large family and the oldest of six children, who all have 1-2 middle names. By the time my mum had my youngest brother Sean she's lost interest and allowed us to give him a middle name. We named him Kevin, after the gerbil 😃
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    It's wild that, assuming the DOK underworlds set has a $25 models only version it would actually be cheaper to spam buy that set than buy the regular kits. 10x that set for $250 = 20 witch aelves, 10 sisters of slaughter and 10 blood stalkers, so $280 in "value" plus an extra 10 Hag Queens XD Of course you'd never actually want to do that, but it does go to show how overpriced those kits are.
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    THE PUMPKIN HEAD! THE BED SHEETS! I’ve waited around 30 years for GW to give me an Ian Miller pumpkin head army. I AM SHOOKETH https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/07/terrifying-touchdowns-from-beyond-the-grave/
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    Its not about money. Its about sending a message.
  33. 11 points
    Necro team seems to be coming for Blood Bowl too. +++ MOD HAT +++ Please can we avoid leaked pictures! They'll be on the WHCommunity site soon
  34. 11 points
    Nighthaunt, as a faction and in a competitive sense, is not that bad. We're called "trash-tier" by, mainly, those that don't want to take the time to really learn the tricks and tactics needed for a legitimately "hard mode" faction. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you insist on playing Nighthaunt you're playing the Dark Souls of AoS (yes, truly, let's compare the two) and that should be a sense of pride. It is for me, for sure. I've learned so much sticking to Nighthaunt. But, if you give those who call us "trash tier" a listen, they sometimes come up with some pretty good points. One in particular is how we have no reliable answer for a hard-hitting shooting or magic phase. No single army in AoS is so perfectly balanced that they can take on every other army with the exact same chances of winning. That's not possible, nor should we lie to ourselves that it's a goal we should strive for. But, most armies have enough tricks or are centered around abilities that give them tools to answer as many potential outcomes as needed against most armies. An army with a hugely strong hero phase will also generally mean a strong unbinding ability. Armies with strong shooting phases usually mean enhanced potency if they stay and fight it out. Armies with strong combat phases usually mean they can reliably count on their combat effectiveness. And, lastly, armies with strong movement usually get their movement through actionable abilities. Any one of those strong phases usually means weaker other phases for balance, and that makes sense. We don't have this balance. This is why we're hard mode. I have a rant below. I wrote it, deleted it, and then wrote it out again. I'm going to hide it under the spoiler tag so you don't have to read it. And you probably shouldn't. But I'll make this point here even if you don't: I have tried to stay positive about NH for over a year now, doing my absolute best to get both community and GW feedback on how to excel with the faction only to be constantly ridiculed and literally laughed at for it. I have put together a guide so that others can benefit from the work I put in. And now? Now I think I need to take a break and step away from it all. This FAQ was just the last straw for me. Maybe I'll chime in again if they start talking about a new book or something, but after this I don't have a lot of faith. Tomb Kings became OBR, if we're being real. If we have to wait as long for NH to become something, I think I'm done with the game. I just can't keep fighting this brick wall. I need a break. See ya around.
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    First 5 wardens minus the bases - waiting for some new base materials to be delivered. I am such a slow painter so this will be a long project.
  36. 11 points
    I would say that what the game needs in a long term perspective a global increase of points. We are moving towards a horde playstyle again, and above all, this is the thing that keeps aways new entrys to the game. It would be a fine movement in the competitive environment to have more point updates across the year (online always) and specific ones por subfactions, but the thing we need the most is getting back to the original idea of AoS, a game you need few models to play.
  37. 11 points
    What's important about the Petrifex change is that now Bonereapers have to choose between a +1 save with Katakros OR their Bludgeon CA. Having both ultra defense and ultra offense was the real issue. Also, it's a crime that Kroak remains at 320.
  38. 11 points
    Totally read that wrong at first. Hot Aelves are looking for single Duardin in your area.
  39. 11 points
    Do you say this line often: ”I wanna go fast but I wanna stab things really good!” Hi, Acid Nine here, and I am here to tell you that your days of spell worrying are over. Thanks to the wonders of Teclian magic, we now can offer you the wonder that is Hyshian’s choice brandtm Aetherquartz pills. yes, you heard that right! Not only does it make you hit things better or helps you dodge out of the way of a charging beastman, it allows us to cast two, I repeat, two spells in one turn! No more mind bending decisions mid-battle on if you wanna have swords bouncing off your ethereally blessed armor or powering up your spear tip. You can do both with just one pop of this magical substance! wanna toast a Dawi from the inside out after after you just galloped a mile in under 40 seconds? No problem! just pop one magic little Aetherquartz pill and you’re slinging spells around like the Archmage himself!* All these effects can be your’s for just one down payment of your emotional stability! Order now and receive access to our Cathallar Counseling hotline, which can take those roaring emotions and throw it all right into that Bonereaper’s stupid face. It’s not like you were using them anyways! Cry some more, Nagash! But wait, there’s more! If you order now, you can get a bottle of Our extra large aetherquartz pills absolutely free of charge! That’s right, you get twice the number of aetherquartz pills in the same order!** so come on down to your local Tor Wallmuni pharmacy today, to pick up this once in a lifetime offer! Remember, Hysishian’s choice is not light on value! *claim not verified by creators of Hyshian’s choice **offer only valid in the great paradise of Syar.
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    'elfs don't count' he grumbled through his beard into a tankard of ale.
  41. 10 points
    Legion of Grief: - You can show everyone how filthy rich you are, because Legion of Grief has the most expensive rules per page money-wise. Only Defenders of Lethis can compete on this level of swag! - It's easy to build an army. You don't even have to bother about battalions. - Nobody plays it, so your enemy doesn't know what's coming. Is it Nighthaunt? Is it Legion of Nagash? No one knows. Your TO couldn't even ask GW for clarification. - GW forgot that this faction exists so it can't be nerfed. - You never have to read salty threads about how overpowered Legion of Grief is. - Your army can stop being legal at tournaments as soon as Forbidden Powers leaves the webstore, so you feel a constant tingly excitement thinking about it. Then it vanishes suddenly and you become one of this mysterious Legion of Grief players of yore. - Mortis Engine
  42. 10 points
    I started at the beginning of AoS, and while I have owned minis on square bases I've never played Fantasy. I can say that at the beginning of the lore and for quite a long way through it I much preferred Fantasy's world and themes, and in a way I still do - but not quite as much and there are some things I really appreciate in AoS. A lot of the things I really like in AoS didn't become apparent until starting a roleplaying game using the WHFB system but in the AoS world (it translates over relatively well for a low magic campaign if you're willing to make corresponding gods and places for the dead ones). What I once saw as the biggest downside to AoS (the open world where events struggle to feel impactful) became a massive boon when creating characters, cities, and stories; there was a much greater scope to make unique factions that could fit into the lore, and things were impactful in the scope of the story. While I have no doubt roleplaying in the Fantasy world is a lot of fun, you have a limit of what you can do that fits in with the setting, and a limit to the cultures you can create while still fitting in with the lore. If a city falls in AoS, maybe it doesn't mean much to the setting as a whole, but so long as the city's story was compelling then that shouldn't matter. For example, I wouldn't say Shawshank Redemption had a bad scope because what happened in that story had no impact on the world at large - the characters and their personal struggles were what mattered. From playing the roleplaying game I could get attached to the made up cities and characters and care about what happened to them; of course, GW (or anyone else outside of the game) doesn't know or care, but that's fine as the freeform setting lets you create something you personally can invest yourself in and do whatever you want with. At the end of the day, if someone was to ask me to read a book series in Fantasy or AoS, I'd probably choose Fantasy due to the more structured setting and the fact that I have no creative freedom over the characters in that book and so one of AoS's biggest strengths (room for personal creativity) isn't there. If someone was to ask me if I wanted to play a roleplaying game or create a narrative army in one of the two games, I'd nearly always go with AoS. At the end of the day, as the main point of AoS is to be a tabletop game, I think AoS's narrative is better suited to the medium than Fantasy. While structured deep lore is really fun and interesting to read, as soon as the lore becomes restrictive you limit the creativity of an inherently creative medium. This isn't always a bad thing, but I have recently found fewer restrictions more enjoyable.
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    Monsters are cool. True. Not every game is cut throat. Also true. Neither of these is an argument against monsters being made to actually act like monsters in the game. Wouldn't monsters be cooler, even in casual games (which I exclusively play), if they were actually scary? Why does making monsters good make them less cool?
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    Oni Frostlord on Stonehorn Starting to look the part! Gonna give him a samurai esque backbanner and sculpt some more on the "quilen"'s face. C&c appreciated!
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  46. 10 points
  47. 10 points
    I have seen the argument raised many times of 'why should I care about this city/nation/whatever when the realms are so big?' And I raise two points. The first is reality. Why care about your local game store going out of business when it is only one speck of the larger hobby? Why care about the price of GW miniatures when it is only a tiny piece of your budget? It all ties to a larger, very open ended question of "why does anything matter?" The second point I raise is 40k. A single planet in the galaxy means even less than a single city in AoS, yet this issue is one that rarely raised for 40k as a setting. Because when people enjoy the setting, they find a reason to care.
  48. 10 points
    * when you rush back to read TGA as soon as it comes back online, and then realise that since no one else could load it either, its not as though there are actually any new posts...*
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    Let's play spot the shareholder... 😜
  50. 9 points
    So I disagree at bit on the problem with monsters. The core of the issue isn't necessarily the monsters themselves. Most consider degrading statlines to be a good thing for the game. The current problems plaguing monsters is more to do with the battleshock phase being broken. If battleshock was truly something to worry about, then monsters would be functioning as intended. Because while they do degrade in output as they take damage just like infantry would, they are exempt from any followup consequences. Right now battleshock immunity is too easily accessible to the armies where it matters most. If I had to truly worry about losing an additional 7 infantry after taking 10 wounds, then monsters would become A LOT more appealing. Yea I might take 10 wounds in the fight, but I don't have to worry about running away! I think there is hope on this front though. Notice that in 40K battleshock was completely overhauled and the auto-pass ability was limited to once per game. When AOS 3.0 drops I imagine it will be a copy and paste.
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