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    Is it too early to start a... Slaves to Darkness, hideously overpowered! Oh god GW are such idiots they’ve ruined the game for the 50th time this week alone, I hate everything to do with this game, it’s such a load of rubbish, GW are hateful morons that wouldn’t know how to create a decent game, Archaon is too powerful, Chaos Knights are too strong, typical stupid power creep. AoS won’t make it to 2020 at this rate, in fact let’s just put it out of its misery now because if you like this game then you’re an even bigger idiot than GW. Anyway why can’t I find anyone to play with? ... thread yet?
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    I found a few things while digging around...
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    I think a Psychic Awakening-style event for AoS wouldn't go amiss. A round of smaller updates for every army, either introducing new units for the newer/smaller armies or beautiful new resculpts for older armies, done via dual battle boxes (the availability of which needs to be carefully managed), books and events, before more general releases, and it could fold in the continuing new/rejigged armies AoS will keep seeing. You might see, I dunno, Corruption of the Sea: Nurgle and Idoneth get the spotlight. Both get a new unit, Nurgle gets some Pestigor and Idoneth get a dude riding a giant crab. Or Shadows In The Forest: the Kurnothi get an army release and get packaged in with new Skaven sculpts for Clan Eshin Gutter Runners and Night Runners (and since I'm already at full mast, why not Death Runners too?). Basically continue the process of clearing out the metal and resin, whilst also feeding us shiny new things.
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    Had the house to myself this weekend, and thought I better crash through as much as possible so I can somehow justify the Feast of Bones box arriving tomorrow (hopefully) and maybe a SC Chaos Warriors set for Christmas and some Warcry monsters and... Anyway finally finished the scenery from the Warcry & Kill Team stater sets and a bonus stormvault base I bought! This is what is known as a major achievement here in procrastiland. That means I’ve just got all the Warcry starter set troops, the Ravaged Lands Shatteted Stormvault set, an extra Warcry bell tower, a Bone Tithe Nexus, an entire Sector Imperialis Basilicanum, the Rogue Trader KT box, all the original KT Ad Mech Units, some Soul Wars nighthaunt, some Myrmourn Banshees, Arkhan the Black, Lady Olynder, the entire Loon Curse box, the Blackstone Fortress models, a Mangler Squig, 20 more various Squigs, some Gryph Hounds, a Chaos Noise Marine, Haarkan Worldclaimer, Inquisitor Severina Raine, several Nightvault Warbands, Forbidden Power spells & Engine, Nightvault Arcane Hazards, some Azyrite Ruins, a Dreaded Ambull and the Shattered Dominion Objectives to go! Should have that all done in the next day or so... 🤔🤔🤔
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    Hey guys, Ogors have been a personal favorite of mine for some time (I have a display case full of them). I'm pretty pleased to announce that they're fully up to date on AoS Reminders Remember - Might Makes Right
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    Delusional is a bit harsh, isn't it? They have never even been called armies so far. For now, the lore has only told us Malerion and Tyrion created their own kin, nothing about their relationship to each other. And light and dark are not necessarily opposites, particularly in AoS where the Realms of Light and Shadow are heavily intertwined and their respective gods arguably work more closely with each other than any other gods of the Realm in the current age. You seem to go from the assumption that there'd be a direct continuation of the dynamic between high elves and dark elves in WHFB, despite that dynamic having already been dissolved during the endtimes and never given any importance in AoS. Wether I'm right or wrong about there being only one more army (I consider it just a theory myself, as written in the quoted post), I think you may end up quite disappointed either way if you expect a redo of High and Dark Elves. They are gone, whatever comes now will most likely both be GA:Order on both sides and will not have the same enmity and I think only as tenuous a connection to Ulthuan and Naggarythe as Bonereapers have to Kemri. I don't really have a horse in this race, I'm a Death and Chaos boy at heart and it will be a long time before I ever pick up an aelven army. It's just something I think is possible from the information we have been given in AoS so far.
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    For me personally I started the hobby 17 years ago when a nice character model was about 8 euro and a big box like a battalion about 40 or 50 if I am not mistaken. However, back then a purchase would normally not lose support at all. Like my Tau 40k stuff, despite new sculpts being released are still useable and have been stripped maaaany times and repainted with Gw paints. Prices going up didnt bother me initially as it felt like the sculpt quality was getting better. It felt like an investment in time and money to buy and paint stuff. As a result I happily spent A LOT on things like tomb kings, Skaven, elves, bretonnia, etc, especially after AOS got released. I even kept buying custom round bases from GW at 4 euro each (the large oval ones). Soon I felt the sting however when stuff kept being discontinued or changed. Like sayl was a staple in my Skaven army and yes I know it was cheesy, but it is now eating dust. Or my warpfire stormfiends cant be used as-is anymore due to weapon loadouts rules having changed. I feel everything GW produces nowadays has an expiration date. Wether its through power creep or rules changes or armies no longer being supported. I feel the thing they broke the most is trust. I don't mind paying high prices for quality models, or their overpriced paint, but when I can't be sure that my tactic or army is still useable in a year, I have to think very carefully before making a purchase. Its not just the price of a model. Even a simple foot troop takes about 6 hours at least to build, clean, undercoat, paint, varnish, etc. A unit of 40 is like working full time for 1.5 months with no rewards other than feeling you are making "your" army to battle with as long as you desire. To have that all stripped away again and again by GW like its nothing, it just feels bad. Very bad. I keep on considering to quit GW games completely, not because of the money, but rather the feeling of wasted effort, time and resources. I now mostly enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby, but no longer the gaming as a result. I wish instead of going up in price, they would make some cheap competitive armies instead, so they earn their money through new players rather than keep trying to milk customer loyalty instead. I cant even convince a single friend to start Warhammer due to the pricing.
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    This appeared on GW Facebook
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    William King is going to take a shot at AoS.
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    All hail to the silent hero within GW, who against all odds, had successfully convinced everybody, that knights should ride proper regular horses! What a surprise after all these AOS dinodogs, rhinocats, eels etc.
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    Great to see so many happy faces . Looks like the long waiting has been rewarded with an awesome army, with so much variety to choose from. Everchosen, the warcry warbands (with still one to be revealed), new Chaos Beasts etc, and now these new warriors, and a SC with only new models included, I would be over the moon if I played Chaos. I am actually tempted to start an army, if it wasn't for the huge pile of plastic that is already bigger than my house can store and my mariage can bear I wonder how long the Godsworn Warband will last now. The only ones that might be still be a bit disapointed are the ones that hoped for a full Darkoath faction, but I guess no one really expected that one anymore anyway. I guess this reveal pretty much concludes what we can expect this year. Only thing left from the leaked list (which I think no one doubt anymore it is completely correct) is the StD Endless Spells. I also see some Azyrite Terrain, but I guess that will be the warcry terrain from the starterset sold seperately, right? The new Warcry Beasts doesn't seem to be for this year, nor is the revealed WHU warband, or the two remaining Warcry warbands. Question that remains is the sudden price increase for the (warcry) warbands released with the BattleTome. That seems to be rather extreme, even for GW. On the other hand just adding more or even new content wouldn't be fair to the people that already invested. in the current sets. Anyway, we will find out soon enough. Personally I think this has been a great year for AOS. No less than 12 new BT, and for what I understand all of them improvements. A full new army (OBR), a major release (GloomGitz), a fair amount of great new models for both Slaanesh and StD, even more if you include the warcry warbands, new Heroes for Skaven, Mawtribe, FEC and Sylvaneth. Gotrek and 2 SC for CoS, Endlessspells, faction terrain, Forbidden Power, WarCry, and some great new terrain kits (Dominion of Sigmar.) And maybe not 100% AOS, but still usable, new edition of WHU, various Warbands and of course Contrast Paints, which may not be revolutionary but definatly a great new tool and timesaver for many of us. I think it is very good that GW focussed on consilidating the factions, and having proper 2.0 rules for every existing model. I think it is not realistic to expect a relatively complex game like AOS to be ever completely balanced, but I think things definatly improved with the new Tomes. At least they try. CoS i.e. Some people may not be happy with the fact this is a soup Tome, but at least all these small factions without a proper BT, now finally can be played competatively. And similar to i.e. LoN it opens up the opportunity for GW to extend subfaction into a full new army anytime in the future. Also the weakest of all 2.0 factions (I think), Night Haunt, got access to a more competative option via LoG, maybe not top Tier, but at least much better. With just a few BT for an update left, I think we have a great time ahead of us, with new armies, major updates etc. Especially once the new production plant will be ready at some point. On the negative side. Well I think removal of so many kits long before CoS was eventually released, and without proper communication, was Rock Bottom. I can see why people were really upset about it. Also the various Dual boxes selling out way to quick was a bit of a bummer, especially as the included new heroes are still not available seperately. Oh and of course the price increases didn't make any of us happy either. Other than that, I really think we have not much to complaint about. Even for people who think SCE get generally to much attention, can't complain as although they were not completely neglected, there weren't that many new models for them this year either.
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    Long time no update! I've been keeping busy, and I plan on going hard on the OBR release too! I've experimented a bit with black bone on my Neferrata model:
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    Took my Wild hunt in a different direction than the GW colourscheme: I immediately had to think of the night elves from World of Warcraft when I first saw the Kurnothi!
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    Pushfit models are barely less customisable than some of the full kits these days, which basically are push fit without the pegs.
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    Really great podcast. I like how there's clearly been an effort to make the Ossiarchs both supremely cold and logical and orderly thinking beings, but also fallible, petty and malicious while telling themselves that they are none of those things. Like how they might give a tithed nation a way out if they can follow some rules but then make those rules almost impossible to follow, so the ossiarchs can tell themselves, well, we were being fair! It's the kind of petty letter-of-the-law and ultimately narcissistic feel that they clearly get from Nagash. Honestly, the characterisation of Nagash and Death more generally might just be the best AoS background. I also like the ambiguity they introduced with these Crematorians, the Ossiarch 'fire and forget' suicide troops, some of whom are beginning to worriedly realise that they're not quite the honoured and valued soldier caste they thought they were, and maybe they should be trying to find a way out from Nagash's gaze... The idea that it's the lower ranking ossiarchs that are made of mashed together souls is interesting too. On one level I would have thought that more souls mean more power but I can see the rationale here. It's a bit like Dark Magic in WHFB, which was all eight winds of magic crushed together, left to stagnate and lose vitality as they became homogenous, if powerful. Or a blended whiskey vs an aged single malt. You can even see it with the multi-faced Necropolis Stalkers and the higher-ranked, single-faced Immortis Guard. Multiple souls whirred together for their value, still experienced and thinking, but ultimately more artificial and less tolerant of individual genius or creativity.
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    I am a proponent of Comp, and it certainly was the only reason 8th edition had such a thriving tournament community. Between Swedish, ETC, and multiple other rule variants in between we were spoiled with a large variety of tournaments that all felt unique, while also maintaining a degree of competitiveness that just didn't exist in the base game. That being said, the majority of people who feel this way have moved on to 9th, and as new players come in and for those that are left I think the historical 40k attitude towards comp (no) is going to continue being the prevalent attitude in AoS. So feel like its not really worth much discussion at this point. Luckily AoS is in a much better place then 8th ever was in terms of balance. It could use quite a bit of improvement, much of which is quite fixable via some form of comp, but I think quite a few mid tier armies are viable at the top of the scene (ie if played by extremely skilled players who know the ins and outs of their armies). I think when it comes to tournament play, most don't choose to go this route, but those people you are talking about who want to be competitive with one singular list, can absolutely achieve that (unless we are talking about a true bottom tier army) if they are willing to put in enough practice and continually bang their heads against that wall of the top tier. The game just has so many movement nuances and is so dependent on precision and the single minded pursuit of objectives and what exactly you need to do to maximize them, that I think the combat imballances are a bit less important then they seem for many of us. However, getting to that level of skill, where it stops mattering quite as much seems to be a place that is hard to reach. I certainly am no where near it. But I have seen people who have gotten their (think people like the Seraphon player who won Adepticon).
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    Had an idea for a conversion using kits from the feast of bones box and some mournfang. Plan to count it as a frostlord on stonehorn
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    Before descending into doom and gloom about current price increases, I reckoned that a little analytics would present a different story to current pricing and whether this was indeed still a good value hobby. So I focused on the Start Collecting sets, and worked backwards, making sure I was valuing the start collecting sets compared to individual sets, the points value, and even a hobby value based on the age of the sculpts and the size of the bases (the bigger the base, the bigger the hobby value such as assembly and paint job 😉). This isn’t an exact science, so there may be a few minor inaccuracies (some may say the same for GW pricing) but I thought this would give an idea about pricing approaches and what is to come: Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting This 2018 boxset released was for AoS 2.0, but with AoS 1.0 models Contents (price individually/points in Pitched Battle): Endrinmaster £17.50/120pts 5 Grundstok Thunderers £25/90 pts 3 Skywardens/3 Endriggers £25/100 or 120 pts Grundstok Gunhauler £30/130 pts Total saving on individual spend: £97.50 - £60 = £37.50 saved Total army points value: 440/460 pts Hobby value: 5xunit models on 32mm bases 1x hero on 32mm base 3xcavalry unit on 32mm bases 1xartillery unit on 105mm base Hobby comments: A slim box with not a lot of plastic, and low model count (10). Gunhauler isn’t bad though, and these are Age of Sigmar sculpts, not Oldhammer. Overall comment: A decent saving of £37.50 masks problems of pricing. The Grundstok Thunderers are massively overpriced individually (£25 for 5 models/ 1 model on 32mm bases at £5 per model/ or 3.6pts for £1). The Gunhauler is better value (4.3 pts per £1), but it isn’t brilliant. The hero is of good value for points (6.9pts per £1). The cavalry is almost standard but you get only 3 (better than the Grundstok Thunderers value, but not the best out there). Overall, the set is not great value for the hobbyist, even with some eye-catching models, and is basic value for the gamer (7.3 pts per £1), set against absurd prices individually. Overall, a slim boxset masking problems of over-pricing for individual boxes and poor hobby value overall. Seraphon Start Collecting: This 2016 boxset was released for AoS 1.0 using Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Pitched Battle): Oldblood on Carnosaur £50/240 pts 8 Saurus Knights £22.50/ 80pts for 5 (both only have 8 knights) 12 Saurus Warriors £25 (for 20)/ 90pts for 10 Total saving on individual spend: £97.50 - £55 = £42.50 Total Army value (based on complete units): 410 pts Total Skirmish value (based on models): 476 pts Hobby value: 1xbehemoth hero on 120mm oval base 12xunit models on 32mm bases 8xcavalry models on 60mm Oval bases Hobby comments: big box of plastic, with a centrepiece model in the carnosaur. Lots of accessories too. Sure, they’re Oldhammer sculpts, but they stand up very well compared to the recent ones. Overall comment: Annoyingly incomplete boxset for matched play (5 extra models or 2 incomplete units), but good for Skirmish or combined with other SC boxes. And you can’t go wrong with the hobby side with a massive model in the carnosaur which is £50 on its own. Points wise, not bad at all (9.5 pts per £1), against individual costs of 4.8 pts for £1 (Carnosaur) and 7.2 pts for £1(warriors). Pricing for Seraphon seem good both individually (although pricey for the carnosaur in Matched Play) and balanced in this boxset both for gamer and the hobbyist. Beastclaw Riders Start Collecting: This 2016 boxset was released for AoS 1.0 using Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Matched Play): 1 Stonehorn £37.5/400 pts 4 Mournfang Pack £40/280pts Total saving on individual spend: £77.50 - £55 = £22.50 Total Army value: 680 pts Hobby value: 1xbehemoth hero on 120mm oval base 4x large cavalry unit models on 90mm Oval bases Hobby comments: Despite only 5 models, this is a big box of plastic, with a centrepiece model in the Stonehorn. Overall comment: A baffling boxset in some ways. You only save £22.50 on individual prices, but you get plenty in terms of hobby and gaming. The best value Start Collecting set around, with 680pts to play with (12.4 pts per £1), one centrepiece model for the hobbyists, and four large models that also look good. What is odd about this, is that in terms of value, individually Beastclaw units are priced fairly. Invidually, the Stonehorn is great value both for the points and for the model. However, you still get some savings on SC box, so it’s worth it. Greywater Fastness Start Collecting: This 2019 was boxset released for AoS 2.0, using mostly Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Matched Play): 1 Warden King £15/110 pts 1 Cogsmith £15/60pts 10 Ironbreakers £30/130 pts 1 Gyrobomber £30/80 pts Total saving on individual spend: £90 - £60 = £30 Total Army value: 380 pts Hobby value: 1xhero on 32mm base 1xhero on 25mm base 10xunit models on 25mm bases 1xartillery model on 50mm base Hobby comments: 13 models, 2 heroes on small bases and an artillery piece from mostly old sculpts. Hardly spectacular, and it shows in the slim box size – half the size of Beastclaw and Seraphon start collecting boxes. Overall comment: You’d be forgiven in thinking ‘what the heck?’ when looking at this start collecting set. 380 pts for £60 is awful value (6.3pts per £1). Worse than the Kharadron set, and masks the terrible value of individual prices but only just. The gyrobomber is ok as a model, but individually at £30, is nowhere near worth it (2.6pts per £1), both for the model, and for the points. And the Start Collecting boxset hardly makes up for that poor value. The heroes are lacklustre choices. Even thematically, this could have been so much better for Greywater Fastness (including a hellblaster volley gun?) The fact this has been priced as a ‘premium’ start collecting set (not £55 but £60) beggars belief for what are mostly old sculpts. This is at best £50s worth of models for £60, and I'm being charitable there. Summary: I was hoping to show some rhyme and reason in the recent pricing that I had somehow overlooked, but couldn’t, alas. If that doesn’t show what a mess pricing is, I don’t think anything will. Games Workshop are pricing products arbitrarily; not in terms of points value, hobby value, new sculpts nor materials value – their pricing is all over the place. To then apply price increases feels even more absurd given the baseline prices reflect no sensible (or transparent) reasoning whatsoever. If the most recent Start Collecting sets (as in Greywater Fastness) represents GWs approach for future sets, and by extension, individual boxes, then I suspect any pricing increases in the future will also not reflect any reason other than a requirement to improve their profits by some alchemical or byzantine process. So going from a point of optimism, I now despair (a little). Perhaps I will find more sanity in pricing from eBay resellers from now on?
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    Ever since they did a pivot on AoS to try and bring back the more dedicated competitive gamer they have strayed further from balance. It makes sense from a short term financial decision. They are getting a sales boost for people chasing the meta, but I think in the long run they will cause more harm. Of course developing warcry they can use that to help drive new gamers into their offerings. I do know that malifaux is becoming way more popular than GW (minus 40K) around these parts.
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    @Barkanaut you realise Slaves to Darkness didn't have any Battletome through the whole life of AoS so far and Chaos is the BIG enemy of the whole Mortal Realms. In addition most armies didn't get many if any new models. Cities lost models; Orruks didn't get any; many got only one (Skaven and Flesh Eaters still haven't got the retail release of models in duel army boxes from the start of the year). KO might not be Stormcast, but honestly they are no more "hated" than any other army. Several AoS armies are smaller than KO. Look at Fyreslayers or Flesheaters; both armies with fewer models than KO in general. Meanwhile armies like Skaven and Serphon have loads of legacy models. Suffice to say that aside from Stormcast, Khorne and one or two others; most armies in AoS are due for updates in terms of models. Be it broadening the range or replacing old sculpts with new ones. Also don't forget Seraphon have been without a tome for 2.0 for as long as KO have and yet last christmas their battleforce sold out about the quickest. So GW are also looking at the real sales data for armies. They, honestly, have a better handle of what armies are selling well more so than most gamers (since our views are often heavily influenced by the community(ies that we directly interact with.
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    Wooo! Ironjawz hype!! I just took a small 2 day event 2 minors and 3 majors with my ironsunz list. List and a small summary inside.
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    hey guys, been taking a break from the hobby with life stuff. came back and finish up my Gobbapalooza still a big fan of the Gitz though as I played a few game at felt frustration at the rules at times (especially playing against Slaanesh couple of times)
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    As someone who is a teenager and involved in the hobby, I have to say my spending has increased on the hobby, but I never buy GW product at retail, my local gaming store gives a good discount and I've been buying some stuff off ebay as recent for CoS. I worked a job all summer to get money for the hobby ~30hrs a week, and it allowed me to branch out from only purchasing bundled products like start collecting boxes and starter sets and collect the army I wanted from when I first started playing Age of Sigmar about 3 years ago, Moonclan Grots. Granted, the high entry price to the hobby has made it near impossible to get my friends to invest in the hobby and if I play with them I let them borrow spare models. I am also kind of a unique example because I stopped playing video games a few months ago so I would have more time to paint because of school and sports being time consuming. Honestly, I think a far bigger problem with entering the hobby is paints. I am fortunate that my dad has a large collection I can borrow, but paints would be what is really costly for a lot of my friends. When I clean up after a project I am always amazed how many different colors I use, just to achieve pretty simple paint schemes. I am also pretty careful with my purchases because I only play with painted models, so any unpainted ones get to stay off the table until I have made some progress.
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    Depends upon the environment and partly how you're doing it. I think things like texts and Twitter where you're normally using a small keyboard (i.e. mobile phone) and limited on characters, acronyms are very useful. On a forum or other platform they can be confusing and often cause a lot of misunderstanding because there are often multiple interpretations for the same shortened phrase: BT - Battletome or Blood Thirster? LoS - Legion of Sacrament or Line of Sight? LoN - Legion of Nagash or Legion of Night? My own view is using them to reduce repetition is great, using them because you can't be bothered to type the words isn't.
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    Getting StD out of the way so you guys can proceed with the thread. 🤗
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    Haha I was doing something similar, however not necessarily with the aim to make them look more like actual Tomb Kings in general, just to make them please my personal aesthetic preferences and the red colour as homage to my old TK army. I definitely didn't get the gold right though but it's good enough as a mockup I'd say.
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    40k raises it's hand?
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    Mmm probably not for a while, those tomes were made with 2.0 in mind. They don’t really seem that much in need of rules updates urgently.
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    Because if people try to make the game something it's not, the lack of balance gets to be a seriously disturbing problem. Particularly because the investment in fielding an army and switching it to something else in AoS is very high (money, and time spent as well as emotional investment involved in creating an army.) Put $2500 cash on the table and participants get very angsty about balance issues. Treat winning or losing a game/tournament as a major change to your life you are going to worry about what's balanced. Tell people play the game to have a fun time win or lose - balance doesn't matter as much. Some successful games are designed with intentional assymetry to win rates - to give players alternate options for fun. The reality is most games have fairly significant assymetry between best and worst factions in win rates but people tend not to make a big deal about it because the cost to switch factions is often less then in AoS. GW's main audience isn't people who go to tournaments to win cash prizes. It's main audience is largely people who have never gone to a tournament or if they have they aren't approaching it with a mentality that winning is more important then having fun. There are certainly people like that in GW fandom but they aren't a large percentage of people. Despite the marketing for other highly competitive games around cash prizes - the reality is for games the vast majority of players and dollars spent are for people who are playing games for fun. Some games market themselves around the cash competition at the top but that marketing is still mostly to people who are doing it for enjoyment not for a living. AoS and GW are actually IMO more transparent in design intentions. It's a game designed to be a lot of fun to play and paint and collect and build. The designers hope we enjoy all that enough to want to buy more toys. It's not designed to be the ultimate tightly balanced competitive tournament game. The open ended and continuously iterative design process makes that impossible (a process followed by most tabletop gaming companies mind you.) But all the changes keep the game fresh and interesting and gives us cool new miniatures and lore to inspire us to buy and collect more toys. It's not that GW can't do competitive games in fact Warhammer Underworlds was designed with competition in mind. AoS can be played competitively and can be tons of fun to play competitively
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    After having played a few games with the Ironjawz in the new book my primary take aways so far are: Mighty Destroyers is the most important tool, it is so good that I find a general with the brutal cunning trait more important than the warclans, especially in below 2k games and without the ironfist battalion. The combo of doom is basically 2 warchanters buffing up a unit of 6 gruntas and a MK, then both due to mighty destroyers have a HUGE threat range nearly nobody are able to deal with, and both hit so incredibly hard, you can usually target units in a way to wreck 1 and instantly fight with your other unit right after. It takes careful screening by your opponent to mitigate this in any way and thanks to +1 damage lasting to next hero phase, they are still dangerous to fight. The weirdnob is hardly worth it if not getting 100% attention as a general in a big waagh with the trait to know and cast 2 spells and +cast artifacts and access to +to cast from waaagh zap. In pure Ironjawz I dobut I will use this guy much unfortunately, as him being the general also sacrifices the ability to use Waaagh, but this could be a worthwhile tradeof for example in Ironsunz, to get around the horrid megaboss trait and artifacts. Yes you can't Waagh, but you get a 2 spell caster with +1 to cast, which greatly increases his usefulness and chance to get anything of. This would also be the perfect time to use Gordrakk as your Mawkrusha boss. Warchanters are absolute beasts and makes any unit an absolute terror and you should always bring at least 1 for every 1k points. Warbeats are just happy coincidences though, don't plan for that 4+... I prefer fixin beat, due to the above doom combo, the warchanters have a hard time to keep up and be in range for the 2 others in the first couple of rounds. Everyone seems to be hating on brutes, I know where they are coming from and perhaps this depends on the local meta, but if you face just a bit of units with 4+ wounds, then their damage is by far the best for their points, so having at least a unit of these guys to chase some big stuff is worth it and cant be ignored by your opponent. Again maximize the use of mighty destroyers, this is proabably the best command ability in the game if you could only chose 1. Seriously consider your available CP and if a warclan is worth it compared to Brutal Cunning to use this for free one more time each round.
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    We need a Devoted of Sigmar release. I'm talking new crusader knight kit(that can be built into different religious knightly orders) , new witch hunters(anti-chaos) , a vampire hunter(anti-death). A new war-shrine kit that can be built into different kinds of shrines, clerics, faith militant heavy infantry, war-vestals of sigmar. New warrior priest of sigmar and cherubs/erotes.
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    And more models. I'd love to see other sea monsters and a heavy infantry foot unit. ( in coral armor )
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    Restart the clock guys.
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    Why exactly? StD are the last faction that really need a tome. Anything else is just an update~ I understand it is your favorite faction, nevertheless there is no reason for a special treatment. The faction is fine, like any other is
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    This rather blurry image of the back of the start collecting box confirms head options for the warriors and a different weapon and head for the leader of the Knights. Not fully multipart kits but better than nothing. Depending on how the kits go together if will probably be easy to do some weapon swaps too.
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    Well you should be thanking me, I pleased the dark gods by finishing a legendary campaign with Sigvald and now we get these insane sculpts. During WHFB chaos warriors always looked top notch on the table and delivered now we're hopefully back to that in AoS, I'm excited to see these new dynamic poses up close.
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    So this shows an alternate build of the mounted lord... and is the same as Archaon’s head. Perhaps a build where he can swap mounts?
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    I've got lots of interesting plans, though how many of them I'll actually get to do is another matter. What I really want to do is a map based narrative campaign, with a strong Kingdom Building element to it. There is a region of wilderness, somewhere adrift in the multiverse, with gates to all eight realms. None of them are very accessible gates, and few people know of them, but if exploited then they could be another all-points. Word is gradually spreading, and factions in all of the adjacent realms are beginning to send out expeditionary forces to establish outposts in the frontier. But these strange new lands are far from uninhabited, and ancient crumbling ruins at their centre suggest that *someone* knew of this place in the dim and distant past. Effectively every player would control their own little colony, in a game that would be a bit like settlers of Catan with warhammer battles. Scouts would have to be sent out to find locations with useful resources and claim them for the kingdom, by building outposts and forts. These can then be upgraded into larger settlements once more resources are secured, but the different colonies will soon come into conflict along their shared frontiers, and various NPC factions will be randomly encountered on the map as well. I plan to use a hybrid of the path to glory rules and the points system. Effectively each player will start out with a single path to glory warband, but will be able to gain more troops as they establish more settlements. If all goes well then they should fairly soon have small standing armies garrisoning each of their settlements and outposts. However how many of those troops they send to any given battle will vary. Some games might be small skirmishes between groups of scouts, while others might be larger pitched battles. In that case there will be an element of seeing how well scouts and spies can report on enemy troop movements. Players will effectively have to try to use espionage to find out how many points worth of troops any given general is committing to a theatre, and decide whether they can commit that many troops themselves without leaving a settlement undefended in ork infested hills etc. I'd ideally like to end up with a mix of big games, skirmish scale games, maybe even play underworlds and warcry from time to time, as small adventuring parties head off to explore the ruins. It will all form part of the unfolding narrative, and each player will have a real attachment to their kingdom (or tribe, or what have you.) I like the idea that there will be a strong roleplay componant as well, with players sending diplomatic missives back and forth. What happens when your order city is besieged by the undead, and sends out messengers asking for help? Will another player come to their rescue, and what if that happens to be the Chaos player, and their aid is contingent on your kingdom turning to the worship of Tzeentch? There is so much potential! Naturally I've yet to be able to persuade anyone I game with to actually play it with me. At this rate I might just do it on my own, with my kingdom pitted against NPC factions, but that would miss out on a lot of the more RP-y parts of the experience.
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    I started wargaming... well it's kinda hard to put an exact number on it. See, my first models (I can remember) were a couple of metal goblins from some random game that I got at a convention which my dad took me to when I was around 5. I went to tons of conventions back then I guess, I don't remember them but there is pictures of me looking at giant LOTR and historical battles being set up. I mostly played with LEGOS for a long time, and read tons of books, which helped lead me towards imagination based games. Fast forward to 7th grade I think, and I start playing Warmachine and Hordes with my dad. I didn't paint to much, but enjoyed playing. I have a decent collection of Trollbloods (collecting dust for the last 3 years). I also joined an Iron Kingdoms RPG group like half a year. I started playing warmahordes with some friends from school as well, and started painted consistently finally. Then 3rd Edition (i think) came out and all the sudden only the new models were any good. My dad and I saw the stormstrike box (the liberators, retributors and khorne warriors one) and split it to try a new game. We then got to 2 player starter and were hooked. I think this was right before the Generals Handbook was first released. The games were rather one sided, as the khorne were super underpowered, but fun nonetheless. We play mostly narrative or pick up games at home and at the local game store. Since then I have grown to love painting more than playing, even though games are great too, and am super lucky to be able to borrow paints from my dad when I need them. I have collected some dwarves and tons of goblins now as well. I have also picked up some Skull Pass dwarves, which are almost as old as I am, which are a future project once I finish up some grots. I also started playing actual D&D with my family (my dad runs it) set in the mortal realms. I'm not smart enough to figure out to mix text and images so I'll caption them at the bottom. 1. First 2 minis ever. Not sure what game, a couple of goblin musicians, if anyone knows please tell me. They still have the paint I gave them when I was 5. 2. Trolls from Hordes. One on the left was the first one I ever completed, right is the most detailed/recent one I did. 3. Gorak Longstrike, Pygmy Rifleman, my first ever RPG character. He was painted by my dad. What I lacked in roleplaying ability I made up in choosing the biggest gun he could carry and making him a killer shot. He might have been compensating for something, but who knows. 4. First stormcast on the left, best/most recent on the right. 5. Some of by Grots, who go by the name the 'Bloodmoonz' . They are known for red-tinted robes, a powerful loonboss and varied color in their squigs. 6. Some Warcry models I painted. All my Iron Golem were converted to have demonblades which in my backstory for them they forge. 7. Finally Gha (short for some long old world elven name I got from messing with a name generator) he is a reskin of one of the PCs for the D&D starter set for the mortal realms. He is an aelven wizard who worships Teclis as the God of Knowledge and is attempting to find study Teclis's creations, of which he is almost completely unaware, but he knows that Teclis left Gha's people to do something.
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    I will paint at least one model
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    I have to say, "Harvestator" is a VERY good word. Cheers!
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    The tusks on the Chaos Dwarf are a really nice touch. Good reference to the old Big Hats. Tusks used to be one of the mutations from Hashut's corruption.
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    Yeah, you're missing - a lot! Cubicle 7 have at least two FAQ for WFRP4, DnD gets erratas and FAQs in the Dragon Magazine, Pathfinder also have erratas...
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    I'd like to note, this isn't really good business sense. Both 40k 7th and fantasy 8th had extremely poor balance that shifted every new book, and those two games shed players drastically. A poorly balanced game will see gamers leaving it. And for all the cheers of some people going "Well they were all WAACs anyways!", man, they KILLED a setting over this. There are still GW games that do balance better. SBG, and, like, a shocking amount of people have SBG models stored some place. If you're looking for an AoS off ramp because your sick of triple keepers, SBG. Especially in the UK which has a huge community for it. SBG is great and much better balanced than the two mainline games. And has a healthy community and healthy future. If someone comes up to you and goes "Hey I have only really played like a couple games. Want to throw down?" and you drag out your triple keepers and body their list, you are that guy. If you only play your triple keepers when your opponent is looking for competitive tournie prepping, that's fine. Context is context. The person playing triple keepers isn't not still playing that when they do open play. And some people will abuse the openess of the rules to the hilt. Matched play is as much a defensive measure against jerks as it is anything else. It is offloading the issues with trying to find balance to GW because a lot of people DON'T want balance. They want to win and will find the loopholes for it. Even when they complain about balance, they aren't going to moderate their lists or not use every single rule to their advantage, because the win is important for people. You have to have incredible force of personality and charisma to get people full on a narrative game that really does cut away the balance issues. I haven't seen it yet. When I played a firestorm campaign, one guy brought his tourney tzeentch list (tzeentch changehost was the best list of the time). And everyone else quickly followed in trying to build their own cutthroat lists with what they had. And eventually the whole thing fell apart. I fear Cities will just be the new slaanesh. That's not balance, that's just shifting who is the most busted. Currently the winrates for factions in 40k is largely 45 to 55 percent. There's no 60 percent winning factions right now in 40k period, and the one list that looked like it would break the meta lasted all of three weeks before GW nerfed it. And that's the thing, despite what people who are, frankly, just haters say, 40k balance IS BETTER than AoS balance. And this is a thing members of this community need to get over. There's a vocal group on this forum that reflexively hates on 40k and dunks on it any time it comes up in comparison. And it drags the discussion down because 40k is a good comparison point. 40k balances itself more regularly and better than AoS does. Is it perfectly balanced? No. Is it even really well balanced? Not really in my opinion. Is it better than AoS? yes. Why? It's the same company. Because 40k has more resources put into its balance efforts. The iron hands nerf is just one of dozens of examples of how GW quickly shuts down drastically overperforming lists and builds in 40k. This still leaves certain lists trending to the top, and a couple of factions remain in the trash heap, but, man, there's no triple keeper slaanesh in 40k today. And instead of just hating on 40k and declaring everything is fine, maybe demand that GW put at least as much effort and resources into AoS as they do 40k. This is what I'd like to see.
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    These were the first non-Orruk Brute figures I'd painted, so some of the smaller details were completely beyond the limits of my fine motor skills, but here are the Eyes of the Nine and Grymwatch.
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    Necrotopia? Really? All I could think of was this.
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    REAPERS https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/19/what-is-the-tithegw-homepage-post-3 So this confirms much of what we knew already, that the reapers are built of bone and many souls; that they treat the living like a farmer treats cattle (stock for the harvest) and that they posses their own independent thought and goals (even if slaved to Nagash's overarching directive). There's more detail on them acting like immortals so coming to take tithes from peoples who might have been left without a harvest for generations and thus forget the old agreements. There's also aspects of them having squabbles or territory expansions of their own might might cause them to turn on a tithed settlement and the, ever present, fact that some might turn against them and thus have to be harvested in a more direct way. There's also rough details on 3 variations of the legions, giving a hint as to the source of bone having an impact on their performance. From an army given into bestial rage in combat; to those formed from the dark Pyramid and resistant to magic. In addition there's several new works of art!
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    Yeah, the term WAAC is a useless one unless you pair it with a definition for that second 'A'. What is included in "all" costs? Cheating? Smashing opponent models with a crowbar? Calling in a SWAT team? There are a lot of things that could fit under the umbrella of "all" costs. But if you mean "all, while still following the rules" costs then it's a different story - that's just a good player who maybe, since you're complaining about them, doesn't match the social cues of their opponent or group.
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