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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/22/metawatch-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-1-list-building-with-dan-street/ If AoS were a video game, no one would play it given the current imbalance. Can you imagine dota/league/sc2 having the following 'meta': This is just embarrassing on behalf of GW's rules writers.
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    Yep! They managed for some reason to create a champion who doesn't get a +1 to hit or +1 attack and only gets a special weapon which is worse that the standard option.. they really out-did them selves on this.. 😛
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    I figured having these boxes on my desk would shame me action but instead they just became a towering monument to depression. anyway a small victory for the sullen as after months I was spurred into action today and built them, now they can join their mates in the miserable ‘to be painted’ pile. huzzah
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    I have my Oathmark book, and I like it. I'll give my impression specifically about the kingdom building soonish, because I think it would be possible to make an awesome AoS campaign implementation from this.
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    So I’ll be taking some beards to the battlefield in a couple of days. It may not be against the very hated elgi (or elf-things) but I’ll definitely will be rightening some grudges.
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    Let it be the War of the Hammer, for elgi taking up the warhammer in parodic mockery of our honourable hammerers is the slight that all Dawi can agree upon. The dwarves of the mountain Karaks have had their mountains turned against then, the Dawi Zharr have had their idol usurped. But all of us from the highest Barak drifting through the clouds of Chamon, to the deepest Fyreslayer lodge have had cause to swing a hammer. The Dawi Zharr build their engines with them, the dwarves of Sigmar's cities still use then to guard their Warden Kings. They are all of ours, and that alone can reunite the sundered clans, and persuade the holds to march with the legions, and the lodges with the skyports. By Grimnir this grudge shall be written in every Drammaz Kron, and we shall march as has not been seen since the age of myth, if not the fabled War of the Beard itself!
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    Haven't had a lot of time but most of them are on bases now at least. Feels like an army and not a jumble now.
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    Casting is over now. Here's the gang : From left to right : A stealthy dwarf thief (from the BC1 Adventurer Set - 1985 ?) Cyril Bear( from the King's Court - 1982 ?) The White Dwarf (from the John Sibbick Cover for White Dwarf n°90 - 1987 ?) Telzad (From Dwarf Adventurers - 1987 ?) Kimril Giantslayer (from Dwarf Lords of Legend - 1988 ?) These wonderful dwarves form the Grombrindal's Citadel Dwarven Ancestors Club ! More to come soon !
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    Sure! always happy to show them off. The Chaos Dwarves are a mix of old 2nd hand models and forgeworld resin ones, rather than conversions. It took quite a while to assemble the force, but I was patient and got a few very good deals on some of the old metal models. Dawi Zharr Regular Dawi And Kharadron Overlords, although I've got the Aetherwar models still to add, so will need to post an updated pic once they are done!
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