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    This is the first Bristol AoS event since the covid crisis began, so we are keeping it nice and casual and making sure that the venue, the TO and the player's safety is paramount. The event will be 1000pts, using the latest GHB20 battleplans. In addition to your normal army, each army will be able to field a custom hero, their own Realmwalker, using the new Anvil of Apotheosis rules from GHB20. These custom heroes will be capped at 20 destiny points. I will be working on a proper player pack over the next few days, and will update this event page as well, once the other info is all sorted out. Tickets aren't currently on sale, but we will be taking reservations. I'm aiming to keep this as cheap as possible, so budget for around £15 per player. All players attending will be given a free face mask to help with overall personal safety. The event is currently maxed at 18 players, due to government guidelines. If there are any changes to this, we will inform you instantly.
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