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    A curious thing happened last weekend. For the first time (ever?) I finally finished painting every single model in a Warhammer army. Usually as hobbyists, we end up buying a little too much, so even if we're happy with the state of our 2000 point army, we inevitably have a few extra models (or maybe a lot extra) that end up sitting in a box somewhere and never finished. So this is a real sense of accomplishment to have finally painted every single model I own for my Flesh-Eater Courts army. And of course, nothing else is more appropriate than taking some family photos of the army in their completed glory. The army in all it's glory. I tallied up all the units, and it clocks in at just under 4000 points before battalions. I am very satisfied with the contents of the army, I won't be able to run any list that spams a singular unit, but it's very balanced in the models in the army and looks exactly how I think an army should do on the tabletop. Lots of little guys, fewer of the big guys, and even fewer of the real big guys! The royal family. Other than Duke Crakmarrow, every single character in the army is converted in some way. Certainly one of my objectives for the army was to make more interesting versions of the Courtiers than the slightly different build (or specific build) you get in the box. This is the model that started the entire army. I had seen a conversion in White Dwarf where someone had converted the free Slaughterpriest from White Dwarf into a Vampire Lord. I thought it looked amazing, but could go a step further in the 'Vampire-ness' by adding things like the cloak. At one point, he was indeed going to become a regular Vampire Lord, but back when I was starting this army late 2017, I was cautious about starting another 'non-battletome' army (I had already collected Slaves to Darkness and Free Peoples at this point as my main Age of Sigmar armies - little did I know Legions of Nagash was around the corner), and for Vampires I also wasn't going to be happy spending a small fortune on Blood Knights. Converting Dragon Princes for Blood Knights was also a bit more than I wanted to chew in terms of conversions of the army. So Flesh-Eater Courts it was, and I ended up being happy with the enlarged look of the Crypt Horror hand on the model. This guy right here is my favourite model in the entire army. As mentioned, I really wanted the Courtiers to stand out and I think this guy aces it. From the modified pose where he's running along with weapon in one hand and a slab of masonry in the other, to the bulky spiked shoulder pad, to finally the spikes from the Zombie Dragon kit jutting out of his back, it all just works really well together. This guy is my least favourite model in the army. He has the opposite problem, he doesn't stand out. The cape he has just kinda blends in due to the wings, and his spikes aren't even as impressive as the ones on the regular Crypt Infernal models in my army. It just didn't really work out with this guy, and in the end I whacked a regular Vargheist head on just to make him stand out a little. If I had an extra model, this is the one guy in the entire army I'd redo. For the Crypt Ghast Courtiers, I have had some Daemonette bits lying around for ages now. Obviously I didn't want to break up a box of Ghouls to make a Courtier and be left with 9 models, so I figured I could convert the Ghast Courtiers out of Daemonettes. In hindsight, I wouldn't have used the heads with the spectral hair as what has happened in the past is that people have confused a Ghast Courtier as a Tomb Banshee. Overall I'm pretty happy with the conversions. The 2nd one (the one on the right) which was completed much more recently, I did consider having a more hunched over look more akin to Valreek from the Grymwatch, but didn't feel like I was going to pull it off. Funnily enough, the second one (which I'm a bit happier with the dress on) did get me thinking about perhaps a small unit of Daemonettes (maybe Warcry) in dresses could be cool unit to make. The Ghoul Kings are the old Strigoi Vampire models. I had picked some up a while ago in a buy of a bunch of metal models and didn't really remember about them until I was perusing through my boxes more recently and thought I may as well use them. Better to have some dedicated foot models in case I wanted to use both the Kings on Foot and mounted. I only had a head for one of the models (and it's fairly enormous), so I ended up just putting on Ghoul Heads with some minor green stuff work. Lastly the Throne + Endless spells. I think these were probably some of the most enjoyable things in the army to paint. The throne in particular is a lot of stone, a lot of bone, a lot of drybrushing and a lot of blood. And that's a wrap. The entire army is painted, and most of it is based. I just need to track down some more tufts of a certain kind to finish off about 30 models in the army, and then it's complete, for now? I think I probably have enough appetite with the army to paint one more start collecting box if it came down to it. When I built the Zombie Dragon, I definitely tossed up whether or not just to build a second Terrorgheist as I felt it'd be more useful, but wanted the Zombie Dragon to 'complete' the army. So we'll see, but it's definitely time to be starting a new painting adventure.
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    Hi all, It's been a bit since I've added more Bonereapers, and that's because of 40K. As you can see, Necrons have pulled me back in. I'll be back to my bone guys soon, but at least I'm working on something!
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    Hi all! Been about a month or so, so time for a quick update. Hobby has been progressing quite nicely on all fronts. Finished off the hurricanum, invested in some contrast paints and vallejo basing paste (huge fan), and binge-watched tons of youtube painting videos. Also had a bit of a change of heart with the list and so I'm now going for an elf-centric Tempest Eye build. Hurricanum: Overall pretty pleased with this. Easily the most complex painting project I've taken on so far and I learnt a lot. Think the additional characters adds some nice narrative aspects and it was fun to bring some different armies into the mix. Hardest part had to be painting the interior and attaching the ogre to the carriage. I made the cables just by twisting up some electrical wire with a doorhandle and electric drill, but fixing them was pretty fiddly. Concussors (WIP): The concussors are bringing a much-needed stormcasty punch to the army. These guys are the first 'new' sculpts I've got my hands on since getting back into the hobby so I was very impressed with how much the minis had developed compared to the old freeguild models. The dracoths are great to paint also. This one's basically done, maybe another highlight on the cloak, then hoping to get the other finished in the next couple weeks. Sorceress (WIP): Another WIP. This hag queen is going to be my sorceress. Still not happy with the hair but i think the colour selection overall works well. All Together: Here I've got everything painted so far. Coming together quite well and I'm looking forward to hitting that 1k benchmark. Just need to beg/borrow/steal a better camera also. Future additions will include some handgunners, a dreadlord on black dragon, drakespawn knights (optimistic about these guys since the points drop), phoenix guard and some endrinriggers. Full List: Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: Tempest's EyeMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersDreadlord on Black Dragon (300)- Exile Blade & ShieldCelestial Hurricanum with Celestial Battlemage (280)Sorceress (90)Battleline10 x Darkshards (100)10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)Units30 x Phoenix Guard (420)10 x Drakespawn Knights (260)2 x Concussors (220)6 x Endrinriggers (200)Total: 1970 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 122 tbh not sure if I can bring myself to buy/paint 30 phoenix guard so this might turn into 10 evocators or 15 sequitors + lifeswarm. Could even be something new in the Morathi book!
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    The Tzaangors are ready to march! I got these guys done over the last few weeks. The newer set I made as many of the mutants and great weapons I was missing as I could and the paint job is a little lighter on the skin but it’s not all that noticeable. I feel pretty good about how the two batches blend together. I have got a few sets of enlightened and a shaman are on the way so I’m looking forward to assembling them and putting the paint to the plastic to finish churning this Tzeentch horde out.
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    Some painting progress. I finished the flat dark grey on the rest of the commission raven guard armor panels, & finished the edge highlighting on half of them. Finished the etherial green on the command batch of 10 skeletons. This was mostly already done, just needed a very diluted greenwash around the head & torso, & greyish-white drybrush. I then undercoated the rest of the models black to prep for the remaining sections. I also started the process of repainting the shields on the 10 mostly done skeletons with some pale grey over the wood sections on the back of the shields, which will need a second coat. Helping this along was a few hobby purchases, including a larger wet palette, some brush cleaner, and a brand new Raphael brand kolinsky sable #1 round. This is my first time splurging on a fancy expensive brush, and I'm honestly surprised how much of a difference it's been making, particularly with edge highlighting the marines. The Raphael has a fuller body than most similarly sized brushes, which lets the brush hold more paint & moisture, so I can work a bit longer before risking paint drying in the bristles or having to go back to the palette for more paint. So far at least it's also kept a remarkable point, making it easy to put the paint exactly where I want it. The price was a bit much, so I've been super paranoid about never letting paint more than half way up the brush head,frequently rinsing out the brush, & periodically cleaning it out completely with the brush soap, but even with all the extra pampering it's still made the overall process go faster & more smoothly. All in all, things are moving along pretty slowly, but they are moving, so that's nice. My goal for the week is to finish the edge highlight on the rest of the comission marines, finish the back of the shields on the mostly done skeletons, and do the spear hafts & metal bits on the command batch.
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