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    HI! Welcome back to my blog- since the previous entry I have successfully set up my machine and run a few files off- in fact I now have enough parts for about 25 acolytes and 3 jezzails and more on the way! For a first time 3d printer experience, the machine has been pretty smooth so far, with only a few failed parts...although it is both messy and unpleasant to clean due to the toxic resin, so I am learning a lot about gloves, masks and special filtration to keep myself from ending up looking like a plague monk! It has been interesting to correctly match to the torsos, which has involved many test prints to check scale and position of parts. However, allowing for the fact that some trimming will always be needed, I think I am at the best result I can achieve. The next stage will be to assemble some complete kits and get paint on to see how they look, then produce enough for the full army! Oh, and maybe make a skryre techno vortex spell pylon whilst I am at it...
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    Clan Prepnik This blog is dedicated to my Skaven clan. Please excuse me in advance for the language errors, as I am not a native speaker. I am French but I will do my best to share my clan tales in English. I intend to combine fluff, hobby and play in this blog with stories, pictures of my models, battle reports and list building. I warmly welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the read. The story of Clan Prepnik originates from the one of Grey Seer Bouldrak, its chieftain. A long time ago, Bouldrak was imprisoned by his sneaky-treacherous acolyte, and consumed with a powerful spell of Black Hunger. For weeks, Bouldrak was left with nothing but his basest instincts, devoured by a terrible need to feed. But he resisted. “Bouldrak is destined to great success, yes-yes. A confident of the Horned Rat cannot starve like a weak-foul skavenslave! No starving anymore, never-never”, he swore. The fear of hunger was born, and it led Bouldrak ever since. Grey Seer Bouldrak, chieftain of Clan Prepnik The birth of Clan Prepnik Once Bouldrak escaped his prison and exterminated his treacherous acolyte, he began to build the largest and greatest food supplies of Skavendom. There will be so much food in this reserve, he thought, that all Skaven, Human-things, Dwarf-things and other weaklings will swear allegiance to him once the Black Hunger strikes all. They will have no choice but to beg Bouldrak or die of starvation. Bouldrak recruited dozens of gullible and starving Skavens of the streets of Blight City and they all fled for Aqshy, the Realm of Fire. This was the perfect place to build a secret stockpile. Nobody would suspect Skaven farming on some arid aqshian land, he thought. Clan Prepnik was born. Thanks to the devoted clanrats and the dangerous power of warpstone, Clan Prepnik managed to farm black corn on Aqshy to a very successful and profitable extent. The supplies grew exponentially, along with the clan population. Aside from farming, Clan Prepnik further increases its supplies through raids, extortion, blackmail and trade in Aqshy and elsewhere. The resources allowed to build a fortified place to keep all this food safe. The organisation of Clan Prepnik Clan Prepnik lives off its tremendous amount of food. Some is traded for warpstone, weapons, resources, machines, slaves and beasts. Most of the supplies comes from black corn farming, which no other Skaven clan masters more than Clan Prepnik. The black corn is kept in gigantic silos guarded by the Grainkeepers, elite stormvermins completely consumed by fear of the black hunger. Bouldrak prematurely expose them to the same treatment he has received: being imprisoned with a spell of black hunger until they either die or escape loyal to Bouldrak. They are no Skaven more loyal to him than the Grainkeepers, and they are thus the ones who are trusted (more or less) to guard the supplies. The leader of the Grainkeepers is Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter. The legend tells he can split a black corn grain in the air. Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter The silos are often the target of great envy, including among some low rats of Clan Prepnik who do not always understand why food must be kept safe rather than eaten quick-now. If a thief were to be caught stealing from the silos after having avoided the Grainkeepers, Clawlord Snut Grainsplitter, Grey Seer Bouldrak (who lives in the silos) and the various traps, he would be condemned to die of starvation in the very silos of his envy. Bouldrak monitors the population of Clan Prepnik very closely. With this much food, it would be easy to expand to a very large number of Skaven, and this is sometimes done before battle to provision for the dead to come. Yet having too many members would put the food supplies on stress and run the risk of not having enough food in reserve. The members of Clan Prepnik are given just the food they need, served as some sort of foul black porridge. Females are genetically bred to have small litters, and carefully monitored by experienced Packmasters and Bouldrak himself. When the population gets too high, a certain number of clanrats are imprisoned and left starving together, until one Skaven emerges as the sole survivor and gets promoted to Clawleader. Clanrats of Clan Prepnik The banner and rune of Clan Prepnik When clanrats are not at war, they endlessly toil in the black corn fields. The manual labour is eased to some extent by the machines and foul brewages of Clan Skryre. Arch-Warlock Deerik supervises these unholy inventions to the greatest yet suspicious satisfaction of Bouldrak. Warpfire Throwers burn what is left to burn on Aqshy to make space for the crops. Gas-masked rats known as the Cornraisers throw globes of foul warpstone-infused pesticide all around to kill whatever or whoever wants to stop the never-ending cycle of black corn. Curiously, the life expectancy of clanrats toiling the fields is quite low, even to Skaven standards... Arch-Warlock Deerik The Cornraisers spreading foul pesticides Clan Moulder provides Clan Prepnik with huge beasts to run enormous mills. When they are not a war either, Rat Ogors and Stormfiends push millstones in circle all day and night to transform black corn into some sort of dark flour used in ignoble preparations. Rat Ogors bred by Clan Moulder Bouldrak is currently considering involving Clan Pestilens and Clan Eshin to begin his masterplan of spreading Black Hunder throughout Aqhsy and the Mortal Realms. Gnawholes are being pierced throughout the Mortal Realms as you read this story. Perhaps one has even appeared in your backyard while you were asleep... <To be continued on this blog>
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    I hate February. It’s hard to keep any painting momentum going, when my brain wants to curl up in the fetal position under my desk and hibernate until Spring. And by “Spring”, I mean June. I love Canada, but it sucks too right now . Sigh. Anywho, here’s proof I’m still making some progress on the girls: Overall, I’m pretty happy with how they’re turning out. A big reason for the slow progress is that I’m still figuring out my colour scheme. I’m moving more to dark blue and pink, rather than purple, pink and gold. I think the hair needs to have a lot more pure white, like my Slaughter Queen on the left. It’ll help them stand out from my regular witch elves on the table. She’ll end up on my Altar. And I’ve managed to break two sickles already, and they haven’t even been in the battlefield. Damn. What do you think looks best for hair?
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    The Troggoth Hag is definitely a piece I believe every Troggoth army needs. It's amazing as a model and amazing on the table. I rarely do such detailed eyes and faces but when working on a model that is the centrepiece of your army you want to spend some extra time just to make it special. This is surely the best work I have ever done on a models face and I think there is just a lot of character and emotion on the model. My smaller Troggoths are just green and blue but for this model I felt like it really needed another color to make it pop more so I asked some people what would be best and after many recommendations I decided to go for a nice bright orange and I think it really fits nicely. This picture also shows well the addition of mushrooms all over the model. Even though my Troggoth army is based on swamp themed bases with lots of water effects the mushrooms really tie it to my Grots and Squigs that are based on more rocky bases but with lots of mushrooms. The base on this model was definitely one of the most fun parts of the process of creating it. Here we see a detail shot of the base with the small Free Guild soldier hiding from the lumbering Hag. I love the base I did here. The water effects came out nicely and the base that comes with the Hag looks really nice after I added all kinds of fun stuff like mushrooms and skulls to it.
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    Hi and welcome. I'm Russ and I work in miniatures design for tabletop, rpg and boardgames. I've been working in the industry for seven years and I am currently the studio lead for a UK based minis and boardgame producer. I'm also a big hobbyist, and I am currently working on a new Skaven army for AoS. However, let's be honest, some of the minis in that range are less than ideal. I fact I remember selling a few of them when I worked at GW myself. And I left in 1999... So, to make my awesome new Skryre list look as good as I can, I'm harnessing my experience in minis design, and my new 3d printer, to update and modernise my list using current plastic kits as a basis, and creating parts to turn them into whatever I need. I'm going to blog this on here and on my gmsibg group page as I thought the process might be interesting, as it'll show a lot of the stuff that happens behind the curtain with minis manufacturing. And it will hopefully lead to some cool pictures of skaven bad asses. To begin! My skryre list is not totally locked but I've immediately identified the issues with acolytes and jezzails as my first target. For both, I'm going to use storm vermin as the torso bases and create arms, heads and accessories to change them up. My initial work is shown below... I aim to have the complete kit done in the next few days.. And on Thursday I'm setting up the new 3d printer I just bought! I'll detail that too, in case anyone else is thinking about getting one! Until Wednesday...
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    The Satirical Simulacrum, The Bullet AoS Lore Dodged The following is a topic I've ruminated on my the precarious mechanics of 40k' as satire, but some Reddit bickering about female space marines crystalized my thoughts. While I like all of GW's IPs, 40k has always been my least favourite. Part of this is just preferring swords to guns, but I'm also put off by the fascist, racist, sexist (grimdark is wall-to-wall 'ist') Imperium of Man, the seeming 'protagonists', compared to the conflicted but humanist world of AoS. I don't think there's anything 'wrong' with stories featuring undesirable protagonists (The Shield, Breaking Bad, even sitcoms like Peep Show and Always Sunny accomplish this). However, a common refrain when the discussion turns to, say, increasing gender representation in 40k is that this would diminish the satire. And 40k is satire, right? Well, let's talk about that. Early 40k art tends to embody a more absurdist tone. To very briefly touch upon the Female Space Marine argument, it's easy to see how the debate becomes more complicated. I'm usually unsympathetic to outrage about 'forced diversity' in mediums where verisimilitude or fostering audience identification is important, but I can grant 40k as a somewhat special case. The Imperium is a horror of Fascist eugenics and so I understand why people who argue that retconning in women SMs would diminish the oppressiveness (not gonna get into the whole genetic science argument, suffice to say that misogynist eugenics fits the theme of fascism). On the other hand, Dan Olson would call this the 'Thermian Argument' (basically, justifying problematic things with an in-universe explanation), which ignores the purpose and meaning of artistic decisions within a text. It's a bullet AoS has deftly dodged, with GW's focus on representation yielding diverse Stormcast, Aelves, Ghosts and Chaos worshippers. If we're talking about the organizing idea of the tex, we're back to notions of 'satire. What is the evidence for 40k's satirical cred? 40k arrives in the late 80s. It was a product of Thatcher's Britain, part of the same counter-cultural wave as 2000 AD or Alan Moore. 40k was punk. So, is 40k a satire of the fascism it depicts? This is a joke, obviously. But here’s the crux of my *actual* point: 40k as a milieu is not inherently sexist or Fascist, but it is a testament to the impossibility of a ‘satire’ surviving the incentives of consumer capital. THE MODEL OF CONSUMPTION This is not a unique problem to TT games (look at the Robocop or Starship Trooper sequels. Actually, DON’T), BUT it’s especially hard to pull off here. Indeed, the term ‘late capitalism’ can be accurately applied to GW IP. If we accept the world of AoS and 40k as an ‘art text’ (insofar as it is a composite of many different bits of narrative), we might question how the requirement to constantly sell, expand and not to ‘complete’ the story impacts its 'punk' satire. Here, consumption is the enemy of transgression. Imagine the film Network as a decades-long Soap Opera and you see my point. The 40k IP isn’t story with a narrative structure where textual ‘meaning’ can be summated, but a staggeringly huge UNIVERSE by countless authors. This cuts both ways. We cannot go further than calling the Imperium fascist by claiming THE GAME ITSELF fascist as this would be unverifiable. The presence of a thing does not necessarily equate to the text supporting or idealising of that thing, even if it gets co-opted (and, to be clear, most satires get co-opted by someone). But we can’t pretend that making the lore more accessible, deeper and BETTER does not compromise its ‘polemic’. Superficial elements of parody do persist somewhat (the Imperium and Orks perhaps most of all), but have mostly been supplanted for a tone of greater verisimilitude. And losing some of that satirical edge doesn’t make the lore weaker. On the contrary, adding nuance and depth (good things for a game world) is antithetical to the precise, utilitarian story structure of satire. Satire, whether it is Dr Strangelove, Oh! What a Lovely War, Catch 22 or V for Vendetta, functions through the purposeful, dialectical approach to ideology and meaning within a text. POSTMODERNISM AND THE GRIMDARK All of this suggests that 40k is at the very least 'bad' satire (i.e. unsuccessful in deconstructing its target for criticism or parody), but bad satire is still satire. But what if it has crossed the threshold, to the extent that it can barely be called satirical at all? 40K really should be the ideal set text for a university course teaching postmodernism. And I’m not talking simply about having pop-culture references. Fredic Jamesons' critique of the post-modern move from parody to 'Pastiche' echoes some of my earlier points, and even his criticism of Postmodern architecture summarizes a lot of what I LIKE about the 40k aesthetic, that it "cannibalizes all the architectural styles of the past and combines them in overstimulating ensembles". But it is perhaps Jean Baudrillard's idea of the 'simulacrum' which is most appropriate. I used to describe 40k's shift as akin to ‘going from Alan Moore’s Watchmen to Zach Snyder’s’, inasmuch as the satirical edge has been buried beneath non-reflective aestheticism. But, really, this is too neat a process, and it implies a kind of pure 'Ur-40k' which can be excavated. But this imposes a sort of hierarchy which does not in fact exist. As Baudrillard says: “Today, abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being or substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: A hyperreal. The territory no longer precedes the map, nor does it survive it. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory - precession of simulacra - that engenders the territory.” As the elements of anarchic pastiche were slowly extracted from 40k lore to make the world feel more accessible to consumers, we are left with a monolithic simulacrum: a copy of a copy of a copy (and so on). It is hyperreal; it is Grimdark. All of these are issues which the AoS lore has sidestepped from conception. On the one hand, it simply cannot be (and isn't) as subversive as 80s 40k (it is a financially-motivated relaunch by the now-large GW corporation), but this frees from the complexity of representation. The lore's text is one which BEGAN as perhaps a little unsatisfyingly 'weightless' (goodie golden paladins fighting bloodthirsty Khorne bros). Since then, AoS has moved into more nuanced territory, whether by problematizing the idea of 'Order' as 'good (Idoenth, Khaine and even recent Stormcast lore reinforce a moral ambiguity), as well as introducing relatable nuances to 'evil' factions like the servants of Nagash or Nurgle (for which Josh Reynolds deserves most props). Free of the complication of satire, AoS is freer to explore the facets of its lore without the pressure for deconstruction. Overall, I think that while 40k's lore is pleasingly iconic, its roots in satire will create problems as it ages. The truth is, while satire can exist in all artistic mediums including games (Spec Ops: The Line or Papers Please), tabletop wargames are uniquely ill-suited to follow through. There's the business model of perpetual consumption as well as a mechanical obstacle. The player is required to identify with their army insofar as they are using it to win, but to actively connect the toy-soliders to in-universe characters is optional self-work rather than anything reinforced in mechanics. This is not to say that you couldn't make a satirical board game (not the same thing as being funny: Bloodbowl is funny but not really satirical). I don't have an extensive board game knowledge so I'm sure there are examples of games which utilize player gameplay to make some satirical point. But Warhammer ain't it. And that's fine: as I've mentioned, the polemic of satire is antithetical to personalizable and expansive scope of GW IP. Ask a diehard Kaiju fan if Toho's decade-spanning Godzilla franchise preserves the satirical intent of Godzilla (1954), they'll admit "no". But you won't get them to say the franchise was a mistake. 40k has lost its satire but grown its appeal. This has been a cunnin' fink-piece by Lorecritmork (yes, I was tempted to make more of that bit, but it's not like a mini-essay on postmodernism isn't alienating enough).
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    Because a unit of 30 crossbowmen just isn`t enough I painted another 30 directly after the first ones. Seems I got some resilience for repetitive work This standardbearer isn`t as fancy as the other one. Time was running short before my first tournament. But I managed to photgraph some steps of the painting process and build a little gif from it. I hope you folks like it. I just like painting those guys. The blue/yellow colors make me happy Here is the gif:
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    Skaventide Warscroll Changes All Clans Covered Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Presented here for you, by popular demand, is a total recap of the changed to all the Skaven scrolls laid out by Games Workshop. To the regular readers you will notice the Pestilens scrolls are in here despite already having been covered in a separate article. This is so anyone seeking a total guide doesn’t have to jump between the two. If you’re Pestilens supremacist or an enterprising Nurgle Maggotkin player perusing new options, go check out the separate article if you like. Now on to the meat of things. Masterclan Seeing a few significant changes to the head honchos, and most if not all of them good. Let’s get stuck in with the rulers of the Rat-Race. Grey Seer – increased to 120pts from 100 · Unique spell replaced with Wither, a powerful short range debuff. · Warpstone mechanic reworked to be more risk/reward. · Can cast 2 spells now. · Command ability has been removed. Finally the Grey Seer actually behaves like the erratic uber-caster he is meant to be. 2 spells is a great buff considering the Lore specifically for Grey Seers and the Warpstone mechanic is neat and thematic. Screaming Bell – Remained at 200pts · Confers battleshock immunity to nearby units. · Can’t move without being pushed now. · Same 2 spell buff as the Grey Seer on foot. · Peal of Doom reworked slightly. · Cracks Call range shortened. · Now has a 5+ ward save I was sold from the first point and this thing just gets better as you go down. Everything about the bell is neat and it’s thematic and most importantly, powerful. Verminlord Warpseer – Remained at 260pts · Doom Glaive damage is d3 instead of 3 but attacks 6 times instead of 4. · Now has a 5+ ward save. · Has the ability to accrue extra Command Points. · Command Ability now confers Battleshock Immunity. · Unique spell does d6 damage to target, rather than d3 or 3 to a flyer. · Received the new Verminlord bravery debuff effect. Another big winner, the Warpseer will find himself in a similar position to the Fungoid Cave Shaman, a powerful utility character that can farm command points and therefore get allied to everything that can take him ideally. Lord Skreech Vermining – Remained at 300pts · Same Doom Glaive change as Warpseer. · Thirteen Headed One mechanic reworked so all options are viable. · Now can cast 2 spells instead of one. · Verminlord bravery debuff effect added. · Thirteenth Dreaded Spell unchanged. My favorite Skaven character, Verminking received only a handful of changes specific to himself but they’re highly impactful. His access to 2 spells instead of 1 works well with his Knowledge of the Arcane rule to let him really lay the magical pain. Otherwise Skreech remains a reasonable option for Mixed Skaven, and a bit outclassed by the Warpseer for ally potential. Thanquol and Boneripper – Remained at 400pts · Warpflame mechanic changed to anti-horde focus. · Can mix and match whichever weapon options he wants per arm. · Command ability changed. · Received the Monster keyword. · Unique spell changed to anti-hero spell. · Arkhan the Black level casting buff from Staff of the Horned Rat. The cockroach of the Skaven clans, no amount of stepping on this little monster will ever keep him down. Thanquol emerges in the new book as one of the strongest named characters in the game with a swathe of devastating abilities that keep him strong in all phases of the game. Looking good, Prophet of the Horned One. Masterclan Verdict The Masterclan are looking fantastic after their changes. Im definitely convinced these guys are the undisputed masters of Blight City. There are two big Skaven players in NZ, myself and Mr Mitch Harty (twitter handle is bitch_party), and he’s always been a Thanquol man while I’ve been an adherent of Skreech Verminking. We both came out well from this but Mitch is definitely laughing his way to the bank. The Clans Verminus The soldiery of the rat clans, Verminus bring cheap chaff infantry and heavy hitting elites supported by small affordable leaders and the dread Verminlord Warbringer. Let’s dig in. Verminlord Warbringer – Decreased from 280pts to 260pts · Standard Doom Glaive change. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · 5+ ward save added. · Punch Dagger has the chance to massively increase damage on a 6 to wound. · Receives combat bonuses for nearby rats rather than for charging. · Command ability is now wholly within. · Can now cast 2 spells. · Death Frenzy spell upgraded to target d3 units instead of just one. This guy saunters in and single-handedly makes Verminus Allegiance viable. We don’t even have the full picture and I can safely, SAFELY say this is a thing and this guy will lead it. Fantastic changes across the board that turn this lad from a brutal close combat sledgehammer to a powerful leader and support character… and a brutal close combat sledgehammer. Clawlord – Remains at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Warlord) · Scurry Away mechanic replaces original retreat after fighting ability. · May only take the Warpforged weapon option now. · Command ability unchanged. Losing the other weapon options isn’t exactly a big deal as no one ran them anyway. Scurry Away isn’t as good as the old ability where he would fight then have a chance to run immediately after, but at least Scurry Away isn’t on a dice roll. In Verminus armies this guy can take a command trait along with every other Clawlord, so that should be quite interesting. Clanrats – Remains at 120/200pts · No longer receives combat buffs for being a large unit. · Shields now work against any damage rather than turning off against damage higher than 1. Changes to these guys are more in the Allegiance Abilities for the army than on their scroll. They still retreat and charge which is all anyone ever wanted from them anyway. Stay golden pony boy. Stormvermin – Remains at 140/500pts · Exact same shield change as Clanrats. · No longer get buffs for outnumbering their opponents. The changes to these are more in line with the fact that they are receiving so much else from the rest of the army with battleshock immunity, buffs to hit and wound and rerolls being thrown around hard and fast. Stormvermin are an expensive unit that require support to be good, but when they are supported there won’t be much this deadly utility unit can’t do. Clan Verminus Verdict A solid, well rounded series of warscrolls that are now believable as their own real, tactical force rather than just that time I took 1600pts of Clanrats and Warlords with 2 Screaming Bells allied to cheese a local store event. I look forward to seeing people crying on twitter as they realize how much detail their 89th Stormvermin actually has on the model. The Clans Pestilens My once and future army. My hard-cover Pestilens battletome was bought a week after their release, and it’s no secret my desire to play and win the army borders on the fanatical and unhealthy. I’ve annoyed many a person with constant deranged rants about why its fair the Plague Monk warscroll has more words than the Old Testament and I feel not just qualified but entitled to review and break down this section of the clans. Verminlord Corruptor – Increased to 260pts from 220pts · Unique Spell changed so that it does more damage, but no longer spreads. · Plaguereapers don’t reroll all their hits anymore but inflict mortal wounds on unmodified 6s to hit. · Plaguemaster now does AoE mortals around the Verminlord rather than tick off creatures that have already been hurt by it. · Received a 5+ ward save. · Received a passive bravery debuff to nearby enemies. · Command ability now grants rerolls rather than additional attacks. Big Cheese himself came out looking pretty good. Can’t help but feel that Plaguereaper change will have an FAQ saying he can’t take the Sword of Judgement on top of that ability so goodbye to that. His prior weaknesses (no rend, terrible survivability) have been fixed, and his strengths (two casts, high attack volume) made it through unscathed. Good changes, though I will miss his old unique spell even if it wasn’t exactly good. Plague Furnace – Remained at 180pts · Altar of the Horned Rat now just makes anything wholly within 13 inches ignore Battleshock. · The wrecking ball does far more damage but is a single target instead of AoE now. · The Plague Monk crew actually have attacks now. · It has the same ward save as the Verminlord Corruptor. · It has keywords that prevent it from receiving Look Out Sir now. Good lord GW the Plague Furnace didn’t actually need to be stronger. Yeah it can’t benefit from look out sir anymore, but they give it mini Crown of Conquest and a ward save? Like what? This thing only got better. Thank the Horned Rat I have 4. Plague Priest (Both Variants) – Remained at 80pts · Tumbled into one warscroll. · Gained the attack profiles of both original priests. · The Plague Tome once per game activation is gone. · Pestilent Prayers are all reworked (addressed at the bottom of the post) This was always going to happen. Plague Tome + Wither was one of the strongest combos in the Chaos grand alliance, and people were starting to wake up to it. A shame that they had to change him, but it makes sense why they did. A small price to pay for the rest of the changes, as Iskandar Khayon said in Black Legion, a sacrifice is only a sacrifice if it diminishes the giver. Plague Monks – Remained at 70/240pts · All once per game effects removed from command options. · Improved Rend on 6s and rats doing damage when they die left untouched. · Banner now causes 6s to wound to do double damage. · Doom Gong now boosts running and charge rolls. · Rerolls for two swords is still here, as is +1 attack for charging. The meat and bones of the army. This one was always going to get changed due to it being a troop unit with more rules than Kairos Fateweaver. But the changes are for the good… or so it seems. All the changes are really strong and benefit the unit. HOWEVER the warscroll specifies 1 in 20 for it’s command options, which likely means the minimum unit size has been upped to 20. Squashes a few of my tactics and will mean some changes. I will however roll with these changes and no doubt actually be better off with them (ideally). Plague Censer Bearers – Remained at 60pts · Aura of damage effect is slightly better. · They receive bonuses for being near monks at a slightly larger range now. I expected nothing and wasn’t disappointed. I was terrified these guys would be the recipient of random buffing that meant I would need to convert another 20 ****** Stormvermin into these, thanks for actually having my back there GW. Plagueclaw Catapult – Remains at 160pts · Receives artillery bonuses if there is 10 or more models in the unit, instead of more than 10. · Does a bravery debuff to victims. I was afraid this thing would get worse not because I use it (I have 3 fully panted to a high standard and they sit in a drawer somewhere) but because I’ve already ragged on it so hard, I wasn’t sure how I would somehow step that up. Pleased to say… that won’t be necessary. It’s slightly better. Changes to Pestilent Prayers and Noxious Prayers The original prayers on the warscrolls of the Plague Priest and Plague Furnace are now gone. They’ve been replaced with new effects that are fundamentally different with bizarre names. · Disease-Disease! (Formerly Wither): So instead of making it easier to wound the victim ala Wither, this is ow the Gaunt Summoner unique spell on a 6. Boo hiss. · Pestilence-Pestilence! (Formerly Plague Breath): It’s the same as before but the bubble is 3” not 2”. It also doesn’t affect Pestilens units, rather than Nurgle units. Neat. · Filth-Filth (Formerly Bless with Filth): Thank Christ it’s still the same. No changes here, and what a boon that is. · Rabid-Rabid! (Formerly Rabid Fever): Add 1 to the attacks of something nearby. So this is where they shoved the Verminlord command ability. I’ll forever miss the old one of this, my monks fighting after death is a MASSIVE part of my army’s reputation in NZ due to me taking 2 Furnaces and making sure it was always active. Pouring one out for you my lad. Clan Pestilens Verdict With widespread buffs to everything in the army and very few points increases, none of which could be called unjustified, Clan Pestilens is shaping up as the big winner of the clans so far. Saddle up lads, I will be your captain for this journey and the destination is, indeed, the podium. The Clans Skryre Blegh, really wanted to not do this one because of the sheer amount of reading and writing involved. I’ll save you some reading if you’re just here for Stormfiends: Yes, they got nerfed and no, nobody has any sympathy. Arch Warlock – Increased to 160pts from 140pts · Warpflame Gauntlet hits on a 2+ rather than being auto hit. · Can increase the damage of his melee weapon and spell at a risk. This could have gone a lot worse for Skryre players given the popularity of this lad. He’s still an excellent caster and his ability to take risk death to churn more damage is purely optional so really he plays the same as he did before. Also Skryre have their own whole table of spells for this guy to reap. 20pts isn’t much of an increase considering that. Warlock Engineer – Remained at 100pts · Slight rework to risk/reward spell mechanic. Almost entirely the same guy. As ever the devil is in the details and the devil here is Skryre’s new warp lore table. It will be interesting to see if other clans take him purely for that given his affordability. Stormfiends – Decreased from 290pts to 260pts · Can now only take squads of mixed weapons, what the box provides. · Warpflame reworked, see Thanquol and Boneripper. · 6+ triggers are now Unmodified 6 triggers. Damn Games Workshop, I’m not even sure if this was necessary. You could have just changed how warpflame works so a unit of only warpflame wouldn’t be hilariously devastating but sadly, new warpflame on a whole unit of these would be blatantly unfair. I’m hoping this leads to greater variety and interaction with Clan Skryre, but it will be a shame if people hang up their fiends for other options. Skryre Acolytes · Can run and shoot now. · Can’t shoot things they can’t see anymore. You were worthless cheap Skryre battleline before Acolytes and that is EXACTLY where you will remain unless the Skryre Battalion brings you fresh spice. No one would take these in mixed Skaven over Gutter Runners, and no one would play Skryre just to have these as battleline. Hopefully you catch this hard pass better than you throw globes. The Weapon Teams (Doomflayer 60pts, Warpgrinder 80pts, Warpflame 70pts, Ratling Gun 80pts) · All overload mechanics guarantee the death of the unit after its attacks are resolved now. · The drill comes up whenever you want but can inflict mortal wounds on the units tunnelling up. · Warpflamer changed to be in line with other warpflame weapons. The only one of these that will see any use outside of being mandatory for battalions is the drill, which now is a lot better given the risk of my 500pt unit of Stormvermin simply never surfacing isn’t a thing anymore. Warp Lightning Cannon – Remains at 180pts · Can double the dice for shooting at the risk of blowing the weapon up. · Now has 8 wounds instead of 6. Being able to choose to double the dice to fire the cannon is pretty awesome, even with the risk it entails. Just remember you have to choose to do it before rolling the power dice… pray you don’t roll a 6. Doomwheel – Increased from 120pts to 160pts · Can double it’s shooting attack at a risk. · Hurts every unit it roams over rather than just one. · Still a chance the enemy can move it instead of you. Look GW you made it better but you didn’t make it 40pts better. I was sold till I saw it can still run over and kill my own things on a bad dice roll and no matter how Skaven that may be, it gets a pass. Warplock Jezzails – Remained at 140pts · 6+ is now Unmodified 6 to hit. No real changes. Convert some up and drop them out a Gnawhole into shooting range. Not much else to say, they’re still good and they will see use. Clans Skryre Verdict Wow Skryre, you are tonight’s biggest loser. All I see here is a faction better suited to being allied than ran by itself. Acolytes are trash, Stormfiends require (shudder) actual skill now rather than just a silly battalion and some dice rolls and the weapon teams will just straight up disappear with one turn of bad luck. The only thing that can salvage this is a solid Allegiance ability and their spell lore to be really good. It’s thematic, but don’t expect pure Skryre on the top tables anymore. The Clans Moulder Ah Moulder, I’ve been looking forward to this. Every Skaven player (and every Skaven player reading this knows this to be true) wants Moulder to be good. And wit an Allegiance ability of their own and a new Battalion, this may not be far from the truth. Let’s see how they fare. Master Moulder – 100pts (New Warscroll) · Whole new unit. · Has the Packmaster whip ability. · Has a command ability that summons destroyed Moulder units to the table. · Powerful range of attacks. Games Workshop you magnificent ******. This with the Packmaster change is exactly what Moulder needed. A powerful support hero that can hold his own with a command ability tailored the clan he belongs to. 10/10, great work. Packmasters – Remained at 60pts, now per Packmaster due to being a unit. · Can now be taken in groups of up to 3. · Same whip effect as the Master Moulder. · Lost a few weapon options. Packmasters now come in… packs? Neat and fun, I like it. A neat and expendable option to roam the table following Ogors and Abominations while the Master Moulder does Master Moulder things. Rat Ogors – Remained at 100pts · 6+ changed to unmodified 6 to hit. · Attacks generate additional hits rather than additional attacks. Nothing significant changed, just rules tweaks for consistency. Hopefully see more use with buffs and their own allegiance rules. If I catch anyone taking these because they have a shooting attack their house is getting shot with a Plagueclaw. Giant Rats – Remained at 60/200pts · Horde bonus now increases weapon range rather than attack bonus. This change makes sense and it’s thematic, and I suppose it’s a good thing that we won’t be seeing Moulder armies with nothing but Giant Rats. That being said, they were always a quiet favourite of mine though I rarely if ever ran them. I see them still seeing a lot of use as an annoying battleshock immune objective camper. Rat Swarms – Decreased to 60pts from 110pts · Rules updated to be similar to restoring dead models to a unit. Was cutting the cost of this unit so dramatically potentially a disaster that will see Moulder players catapulting to the top tables as they drown us in 40mm bases covered in plastic rats they bought from their local Pestilens player? God I hope so. Hell-Pit Abomination – Remained at 220pts · Avalanche of Flesh attack similar to Slaanesh Chariots impact but has a 3” range over their 1” · Warpstone Spikes enable the model to have a chance to straight up ignore magic. Solid changes to a severely underutilized unit. A powerful centrepiece of any Moulder army, I will be shocked if there isn’t at least one in all the Moulder lists to come. Clans Moudler Verdict Damn Moudler, they tweak a few of your scrolls and give you one character and suddenly you’re a real army that poses a real threat. We haven’t even seen their allegiance abilities yet. We will watch your career with great interest, Moulder players. The Clans Eshin The sneakiest come last as ever, but no one will call them the least of the lot once they’ve read these changes. Verminlord Deceiver – Remained at 300pts · 5+ ward save added. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · Can cast 2 spells instead of 1. · Skitterleap is no longer a global teleport and can’t target models with more than 12 wounds. Necessary changes. Deceiver enthusiasts should just be grateful they came out without a point increase. Further increased survivability ensures that this master assassin continues to do what he does best, assassinate. Deathmaster – Remained at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Assassin) · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · Has a LOT more attacks with Fighting Claws. Largely the same old boy by a different name. He does his job a little better now and with so many attacks with his Fighting Claws, the smart Eshin player will close this guide and start digging through the Realm Artefacts. I recommend starting with Ulgu… Gutter Runners – Remained at 60/200pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. They remain the once and future premium ally choice as far as Skaven units go. No changes made, no changes necessary. Stay awesome. Night Runners – Decreased from 100pts to 80/280pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · They make a 2d6 move now after deployment rather than just a free move. Same as Gutter Runners, the only change necessary was to stop them moving 20+ inches turn one. Otherwise they’re still what they were before, a niche option but a good one. Clans Eshin Verdict Without knowing the Allegiance Abilities of Clan Eshin I’d call these the least stand-alone army with no specific spell lore. They’re niche, but I may yet be proven wrong when the rules are shown. Jesus that was a lot of typing. Tell me your thoughts, yell at me, whine that Acolytes aren’t that bad (they are that bad, shut up). All feedback is welcome as always.
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    So, first post, I originally started collecting the Wood Elves way back in 2002 during the 6th edition of Warhammer Fantasy as it was known then (and also when all of this around us was fields *shakes walking stick*). I played a few games with the Elves but was more into 40k as more people were playing that in my FLGS at the time and it was easier to get a game in as a result. This focus on 40k continued when I stopped going to the store for games and started gaming regularly with a small group of friends and for years my Wood Elves sat in a case forgotten and gathering dust. Then came the End Times and the Warhammer World ceased to be, replaced by Age of Sigmar. It wasn't until the release of the generals handbook that our gaming group began to take an interest in the game but pretty soon they all began to collect small armies (Seraphon, Free Peoples, Chaos Daemons, Fyre Slayers and Duardin). Remembering my Wood Elves I got them out of storage and finally began working on them again so I could have a viable force for use in the odd game here and there with others in the group. My collection of Wood Elves includes quite a few of the old metal models (thank you Ebay!) that I remember reading about in an old Games Workshop catalogue from around 2003 but could never afford at the time (Wardancers, Mage, Great Eagle, Scouts and Waywatchers) . These are mixed in with the newer plastics (glade guard, glade riders, Wild Riders and Dryads from 2005) and then some of the models from the latest Wood Elf release some point in 8th Edition Fantasy (Eternal Guard, Wild Wood Rangers). The name for the army is inspired by an arcane item from the 2005 Wood Elf army book - The Moonstone of the Hidden Ways. Due to the current state of things with the Wanderers not having a battletome and the old wood elf units now being legacy warscrolls I've been using the Grand Alliance Order allegiance for my army. This allows me to steal warscrolls from the other Elven (Aelven?!) Factions as I see fit in order to get as close to my old 8th Edition wood elf army lists as possible. To this end I've been gradually working my way towards a fully painted 2000 point battle host for the last year. This list itself has gone through various iterations as I've played games with it and, although it's not designed to be competitive in a tournament setting, ive finally arrived at something that puts up a good fight whilst being representative of the spirit of my old Wood Elf army. So without further ado, here's the list: Allegiance: OrderMortal Realm: GhyranLeadersArchmage on Dragon - Magestaff & Book of HoethAvatar of the Hunt - General- Trait: Legendary Fighter- Artefact: Ghyrstrike Glade Lord on Great Eagle - Spirit BladeBattleline20 x Glade Guard 10 x Dryads 5 x Reavers Units10 x Wardancers 5 x Hunting Hounds 3 x Warhawk Riders 20 x Eternal Guard 3 x Kurnoth Hunters- GreatbowsEndless SpellsSoulsnare Shackles Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 136 So there it is, I've got around 1300pts of this painted up to a standard I'm happy with and will post pictures of stuff completed to date over the next few weeks. For the moment though here's my completed Archmage on Dragon:
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    Oh man this was alotta work. Painting 30 crossbowmen was a mentally demanding task. But I needed them for my first tournament. So there was the motivation you propably know. In the end I had enough time to play around with the standardbearer and could push myself alot further with painting freehands. I`m very proud of the standardbearer. I think this freehand turned out really well The painting is a copy of the Vasa. A swedish warships witch sank on it`s first journey Here`s the reference https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-swedish-warship-vasa-ralph-bruce.html I really like those guys and play them every game. Buffed with Hold the Line! they perform exceptionally well and kill nearly everything.
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    So this is my free people army for now. Recently I made some pictures of the whole army. I`m really curious about what will happen the year of 2019.
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    I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this one. The fear and uncertainty of painting such a big miniature was gone because I already painted on of these. So I tried some new technics and painted my first real free hand on this one. I also finally desided to give Nordheim a strong relationship to the sea and naval stuff. So ships were suitable. Especially a whole fleet I think this is still a fantastic kit. In the end this is grim looking Karl Franz with Garl Maraz in his hand!
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    This one is kinda a cool story. I always wanted to have one, because of the warscroll. He has the ability to heal an unit with keyword Order and he has his little Gryphound fellow. Unfotunatly you cannot buy this one from the GW webside. He`s a special model in some boxed set. I don`t know why, but I was able to buy this in the GW store in the next major city. I think this was really lucky and I`m happy to have him. I don`t spend much time on painting him because I wanted him to be finished for a game. So everything went in a hurry. In the end there are a lot of little flaws. But no one will notice it on the table I really like the free Gryphound which comes with this priest. You have a lot of possibilities with this one in a game.
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    The week after the outriders of the former blog entry I painted this unit of 10 men with their mighty zweihanders. I`m really happy with them and it was a pleasure to paint. I really like the armor which is kinda bigger than the one of the normal guards. But there is still enough cloth to give them the blue/yellow look and fit them into the whole Nordheim army. The different heads with more beards look pretty well too. It`s the first time I`m happy with the eyes I painted. As you see the greatswords went with orange cloth stripes. There is one special guy in this unit. I called him Iron Joe. If he`s not too busy defending the growing empire against all sorts of monstrous filth he likes swimming, cycling and running At the moment these Greatswords aren`t used in battle and stay on the shelf. But im planning to build a more melee focuses force. And these guys will have an essential role in it.
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    This one is just a gorgous model.🤩 I had so much fun with this one. The base alone was a place of tiny rocky happiness This griffon took me 3 weeks to paint it completely. I spend alot of thoughts for the styling of his back. Which animal should it represent? And what was paintable? I made 3 versions. Something unreal, a leopard and a cheetah fur. In the end I took the leopard andI think it was the right choice. In my eyes it just looks amazing. Unfortunatly the painting took quit a long time. So I had the opportunity to play some epic games without him really being finsihed. The rider was fun to paint too. I really like the yellow/blue color sheme and have never regreted this decision. It just looks fantastic. Even as WIP. In the end the general on griffon looks like this: This one is an autoinclude in each of my lists so far. Sometimes he has a bad day and kills not that much. But you can see in the eyes of the opposing general that this griffon always strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy.
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    This one is a kinda tragic story. I bought him to accompany my artillery. Obviously. In Malign Portents he had a command ability which let him pick an artillery piece which could fire twice this round! WhoopWhoop! With AoS 2.0 there came the possibiliy to spend more than one command point each round. So the idea was to make a really cannon heavy list with around 1600 points to get 8 command points for the remaining 400 points. With these command points you could have made your 4 cannons shoot twice in the first 2 rounds. I guess this would have brought a lot of fun. At least on my side. (You can read about this in the Ironweld Arsenal discussion Thread started by @Double Misfire) But GW was aware of this fact and changed his warscroll in the new Stormcast battletome. Now he has some ability about battelshock immunity for stormcast units only. Its a real shame because I put a lot of effort in this model. But on the other hand it`s not that bad. I also had a lot of fun painting him and he looks good on the shelf So that`s the story of the Lord Ordinator. Here are the Pictures: I think I done quit well with his cloak and really like it. It looks even better if you turn the miniature in the light.
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    This one was also bought in a our local shop. Afterwards i realized how lucky I was because this gorgeous model is no longer officially sold In my opinion this is the most beautiful artillery piece on the whole GW range. It`s just a cannon how a cannon should be. I`m searching ebay for an unbuild one ever since. I need a second for symetric purposes Here are some pictures I really like how the crew turned out. You can see in the faces what kind of guys they are. The seasoned gunner with a long beard and grim look commanding the crew, picking targets and firing the cannon: The normal cannon crew member, having seen his share of the battle. Being determined in his duty: And the greenhorn without any facial hair. Maybe it`s his first fight? Having a more shyish look and hasn`t earned some individual equipment pieces yet. At the moment he may only do the most easy work and carry those heavy cannonballs: In the end I`m really happy with this model. If you got an unbuild sprue of it at home. PM me, I`d be glad to take it
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    Right after the artillery I went with a single character and some tiny conversions. Basically just putting two dogs on a larger base to accompany this beauty. The female mage is Autumn Bronzeleaf from Reaper Miniatures. The doggies are from some companion pack. Also from Reaper Miniatures. For me this model had a lot of first timers to offer. First female character, First non GW and first metal miniature. I like how she looks now. The eyes could have had more contrast and the cloak looks more dirty than properly shaded. This could have been better. Maybe next time Amber is a specialisation for the Battlemage. The Ambermage has a spell granting +1 to wound for a single melee unit. So you need a marker showing that a unit is affected by this spell. I don`t really like those markers made from cardboard or plastic. So i made my own one. This little fella shows everyone that you should`t mess with the boys nearby Here`s the final picture of them:
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    This Knight Azyros is obviously not a man of the city of Nordheim. But he`s a very good addition to a free guild army. His rerolling 1s on hit aura is just fantastinc for these big shooting units. So I just bought one in holidays and painted him in a week after coming home. There are many different colorshemes out there for those stormcast guys but I think the original one is just the best. Golden armor just kicks ass I messed around with the wings alot. All was looking ugly. I just wasn`t able to paint those staight lines on them. In the end I just put some Layers of white on top. No it`s kinda ok i think. And I know that I will never try those wings again
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    Painiting theses outriders at the beginng of may was somehow hard for me. I started with the horses and wasn`t very happy with how they turned out. Afterwards it was hard to muster the motivation to finsih them. On the other hand it was the first time that I experimented with not so obvious color/shade combinations. The grey horse, for example, is Stormvermin Fur with a shade of Seraphim Sepia. Doesn`t look that good for a horse. But I will use it for kinda moosy stones in the future Painting the riders was more fun and in the process i god back my motivation. Here you see the full glory of the 12th Outrider detachment of the Nordheim army. I like the roman number on the blankets and the turquiose cloth to distiquish them from other detachments. In the end I`m quit happy with them. Unfortunatly they are also on "wrong" bases.
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    I really like artillery. It`s just facinating to have this big boom. Thats why I directly bought 2 Helfire Rocket Batteries and painted them at once. This was before I really understood pointcosts and the principles of alliances and allegiances. Atm its 180 points for one of these bad boys. So two of them only barely fit into a free peoples army I had a lot of fun painting those. in the picture you may see that i magnetized them. One big magnet (5mm) at the end of the gun and a small one in each Wheel. I think they just look better without a base and so they fit to every underground. Man, it`s just fun to paint big rocket guns. I put quit some effort into them. This was the first time i made some color testing: If i recall it correctly its form left to right: Balthasar Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Gehennas Gold, Balthasar Gold and a Layer of Auric Amour Gold. I don`t know anymore(was in april ;)). But I think i went with the Auric Amour Gold variant. Could also be the Gehennas. It`s definitly with heavy Agrax shading. Future projects will be documented here directly so i can always look it up if i forget color combinations i used. Here the final pics: At the end I`m really happy with how they turned out. Except for the eyes. I learned to paint better eyes later. Just don`t try to put the black dot in the middle of the white. It looks much much better if the black dot touches the upper of the eye. You`ll see in the next pictures. For example the Empire Great Cannon which is just a gorgeous model and the mother of all artillery pieces 🤩
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    My second unit to paint were the 20 guards with sword and shield i had already assembled. On the 12th of march they looked like this: Obviously i removed the shields before painting. Subassembly is a thing now. Ten days later i had 20 of them nearly finished: For this 10 man units with champion, muscian and standardbearer i went with red clothbands. The other 10 got kinda purple ones. It took a my a while to bolster the ranks of each of the 2 units to 20 men. But here they are. The 5th... ...and the third swords of the Nordheim army. I really like how they turned out and at the moment they are the back of my army being present in every game. You can see the development in painting in this units. I often came back to these and added more detail. Someday i will redo these banners with something real fancy Here is one special dude of the 5th swords which i like the most: These 40 men are the only guards for now. And they have seen many battles. I hope i can add a lot of them soon. A block of 40 halberdiers sounds pretty promising
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    It was the 23th of february in 2018 when a colleague of mine started a get-to-know-warhammer-event in our company. Thanks Pete! 😀 I was hobbying some years before with a tiny force of some chaos warriors in 8th edition, but never got them to the table. So i was eager to play my first game. Due to Age of Sigmar the rules where easy to understand und we all had a really nice evening. During the whole event i told everbody that i don`t have the time to hobby again. The next evening i sad at my desk which looked like this: I went to the local store right after work and bought the only Free People kit they got. Handgunners! The old painting station was banned to the cellar for years. But the colors and primer were still in good shape so i was able to start directly. I won`t explain the decision for the free people because it`s clearly the only sensable one. For everyone I tend to exaggerate a little some times. And Warhammering was no exception in this case. 3 days and an express postal service later my desk looked like this: 20 Guards with sword and shield, 10 Handgunner, a General on horse to lead them into battle and the cannon for boom! The first army around 500 points ready to go. Unfortunately the painting took far longer than the assembling. In this blog i want to documentate the evolution of my free people army. It`s planned as a kind of timeline which i can read from time to time to bring back the good memories. Also i`d like to get some feedback and opinions for the painting, conversions, listbuilding and general hobby mischief I`m doing all day. An improvement in my english skills will come naturely, hopefully. Thanks Pete for bringing me back into the hobby!
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    Sorry for the delay in posting. I'd like to blame my progress, but unfortunately it was caused by real life interferring with my painting. Not good given the large task I have left myself with. However I did have a week in which I finished 20 Orruks, and this weekend I have managed to (mostly) finish: 3 Ogors 2 Gargants Leviathan / Blood Token Monster 10 Savage Orruks By 'nearly' I unfortunately ran out of brown (XV88) paint, so the weapon shafts and bases are not yet finished, but this just gives me the opportunity to post all my pictures twice. So without more preamble the updated pictures 20 Orruks (with Spears) - I should only need 10, but I got too involved in the painting 10 Savage Orruks (done today, except the brown) 2 Gargants - I need to base these, as not 100% sold on the highlighting on the stomach. It's not this pronounced in real life... 3 Ogors (again, no brown and so no bases). These guys are required to achieve the 5 Battleline units, and no more than 1 of each unit. There aren't many choices in destruction if you ignore all the 'Battleline If...' units and finally, my Leviathan (RAW17) and Blood Token Monster (WA5). In the Old World Warhammer, I couldn't take a model like this, but as there are now flying dwarfs I'm sure a Kraken who can 'swim' through the sky will be fine! I need to get him into my RAW17 story somehow now. Some thought required Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have a more regular approach to posting, and make more progress over the next few weeks. -Skeekrit
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    After my trip to Warhammer world for the AoS open day i was flicking through photos and came across this shot of the Ironweld Arsenal. So inspired by this I have decided to start my own warmachine host. So far I have a mortar, a hell blaster volley fun and and Organ Gun with crew completed.