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    Alright, here we go... So I’ve been painting minis for over thirty years now, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. At the very least, it’s a hobby that helps me achieve some level of zen meditation, a way to block out the real world for a little while. Not that the real world’s terrible, or at least my little corner of it, but it’s always a nice break to escape to the realm of Sigmar for a fantasy recharge. I’ve loved GW’s versions of the dark elves since Trish and Aly Morrison broke off from GW to form Marauder Miniatures. They were a couple of the original GW sculptors, who also share the ignominy of sculpting the original Nagash. Well, everyone has at least one skeleton in their closet to hide... As I was saying, they made the first complete, fleshed-out line of delves, complete with some really characterful mastiffs. If anyone is familiar with the Dakka site, that’s where I picked my “Mastiff” moniker from, when I’d post my 40k projects. Anywho... I always have had a soft spot for the delves. Surprisingly, I’ve never picked up a single Drizz’t novel, nor read any Malus Darkblade. But I’ve always gravitated to bad guys with a sense of style (team Empire over Rebellion all the way!) and these guys had it in spades. Unfortunately, my painting productivity is best described as “glacial”, so completing the hundreds of figures required by a WH Fantasy army was itself a fantasy, so I stuck to 40k. Until AoS. I still held out for a while, not wanting to get involved until they had point values for armies. I kinda assumed they wanted to kick around the rules for a while before committing to figuring out relative costs. In any case, when they finally released the “proper” game with pts, I dug up my half-completed delf units to see what could be turned into an army. Congrats on reading this far, thanks! Here, have some photos of my Dark Elf army, which has been put on hold since the Daughters of Khaine finally gave me a fun and competitive army to play: Damn, GeeDub really made some amazing models for the delves. Really hoping they revisit them some day, I’d love to field corsairs and cold one knights again, and not just as allies. In my next post, I’ll start talking about my Daughters of Khaine and post WIPs, which is what the blog is intending to cover.
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    I’ve always loved the Witch Elves... they were one of the units that really defined the dark elf personality and helped differentiate them from the high elves which were ubiquitous in fantasy, even back in the 80s. But a few things kept me from adding them to my delf army: 1. The price. 2. Low armour (glass cannon doesn’t suit my play style). 3. The price. 4. Liked the corsair models as well, and they cost less while having higher survivability. 5. Did I mention the price? $70 CDN was ridiculous, and still is. But now that they have a competitive list that’s also fun to play, it’s more worthwhile to make the plunge. I have to admit, I was getting tired of getting crushed because of the basic list available for the delves. I’m really bad for painting and repainting models, trying to figure out colour combinations. I’m never satisfied, always feeling like there is a “correct” combo that’s just out of my grasp. It’s terribly inefficient when it comes to finishing models, but... whatever. It’s my thing. So it took me a couple of years to reach a colour scheme that satisfied me with my original delves. I finally settled on dark purple and golden yellow, with dark blue armour and white hair. After all that work, I was finally happy, and started repainting all my stuff for a final time... ...but I was underwhelmed when I applied that scheme to my welf. It was ok...ish. The golden yellow really popped on my other models because the rest of the palette was so dark. The contrasting colours really worked. But when applied to a model that was 80% skin, the yellow was lost. So, time to experiment again. The pink hair was a model I was making for a Blood Bowl team a couple years ago. Liked the colour, but decided I wanted to keep the hair paler. More vibrant than my first model though; these murderers are defined by vanity and visciousness, so I wanted a little more colour than silver. So, I finally figured that out. This is where they currently stand:
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    Happy new year, one and all. My shop is running a hobby accountability. Here is my progress for my Gloomspite Gitz. This post has my current batch and the pile of sprue for 20 grots, Zarbag's Gitz, and some fanatics.
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    Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to start the altar for a couple of years. I love painting warriors and wizards and creatures... but machines, not so much. I rarely feel any real inspiration for colours or styles. Strangely enough though, last week I finally got struck with a bolt of inspiration and realized I’d better run with it immediately before I lost it. I’ve been painting my cold one knights and corsairs with dark blue-grey armour, and ended up applying that to my bolt thrower. I figured that might still work for the altar, along with magenta flames and runes to help tie it into my welves. So far, so good! In fact, I’m actually enjoying painting the sharp edges with high contrast, it’s fun to figure out lighting angles. I’m using mostly GW paints for the blue-grey, but decided to add a bit of Vallejo prussian blue to each step of stippling to add some colour saturation. I think some if the blades will be light grey NMM, so the blue helps with the contrast. The OSL for the runes and flames are fairly subtle, because I’m too scared of overdoing the effect and having to repaint everything. These are gaming models, so I’m trying to boost my productivity and complete these for table. I’d love to get this completed inthe next two weeks, minus the Avatar of Khaine, guardians and hag/slaughter queen. Doesn’t this look like something the Addams Family would drive? It’s the Jalopy of Dooooooom!!
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    It was the 23th of february in 2018 when a colleague of mine started a get-to-know-warhammer-event in our company. Thanks Pete! 😀 I was hobbying some years before with a tiny force of some chaos warriors in 8th edition, but never got them to the table. So i was eager to play my first game. Due to Age of Sigmar the rules where easy to understand und we all had a really nice evening. During the whole event i told everbody that i don`t have the time to hobby again. The next evening i sad at my desk which looked like this: I went to the local store right after work and bought the only Free People kit they got. Handgunners! The old painting station was banned to the cellar for years. But the colors and primer were still in good shape so i was able to start directly. I won`t explain the decision for the free people because it`s clearly the only sensable one. For everyone I tend to exaggerate a little some times. And Warhammering was no exception in this case. 3 days and an express postal service later my desk looked like this: 20 Guards with sword and shield, 10 Handgunner, a General on horse to lead them into battle and the cannon for boom! The first army around 500 points ready to go. Unfortunately the painting took far longer than the assembling. In this blog i want to documentate the evolution of my free people army. It`s planned as a kind of timeline which i can read from time to time to bring back the good memories. Also i`d like to get some feedback and opinions for the painting, conversions, listbuilding and general hobby mischief I`m doing all day. An improvement in my english skills will come naturely, hopefully. Thanks Pete for bringing me back into the hobby!
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    >>>>> This story start righty after the Malign Portent story "To End the Everwinter" <<<<< “Bjorgulf was no more.” His words carried a heavy tone of grief, shared by everyone on the dimly lit hut. Háma sighted heavily. He is tired of this. For months he could barely rest, the non-stop dreams troubling his already troubled sleep. His back aches, more than it ached during his long life. He is used to pain since he was born, but the piercing stabs on his malformed bones are reaching new levels… He must endure… For he is The Hands… The assembled council stays silent, as if waiting for his next words. “I told him not to go. It was too early. I told him that if he wants to go, he must stay true to the true enemy. He was too reckless…” “Who felled him, Wise One?” asked Hartha in his rumbling voice, already baring his gold plated teeth. The Frostlord was huge, a giant among giants, standing quickly as in defiance to an unseen foe. “The Carrion God?” “No Hartha. The Carrion God still lingers in his black fortress, doing his dark deeds. His foolishness felled him. He picked up a fight where he should have picked up allies.” “WHO… FELLED… HIM?” the tone now full of threat and spite. Everyone backed up, as they know that Hartha’s anger can be like an avalanche. Everyone but the hunchbacked ogor in the middle of the hall, still staring intently at the huge amber crystal glowing on a bone armature, ignoring the angered brute. “Calm down and sit, Frostlord. We don’t need a second Bjorgulf…” The voice was husked and dry, but carrying a commanding tone. The hulking ogor grumbled with himself, looked around for support, and founding none, sit again in a dark mood. “Something is amiss...” “What?” this time the question came from Hrothgard, the Hunting Hand. Covered in pelts, his Blood Vulture perched on his shoulder staring intently with beady eyes as the conversation unfolds. The First Hunter pointed at the crystal. “What are you seeing, Háma?” “The Everwinter. The storm is still raging. Bjorgulf’s Allfrostum doesn’t walk the paths of the living anymore, but yet his storm still lingers. They walk in the twilight, between life and death. That is an abomination.” Everyone looked around in disbelief. For the curse of the Everwinter always follow their kin, but abates when the cursed ones fall. “Badoun, cast your bones. We need to see to where this leads.” As if waking up from a dream, the huge Gargant sitting crouched on the corner of the hall grabbed a pouch from his belt. Covered in bones and fetishes, the giant shaman threw at the floor a handful of carved skulls from his oversized fist, looking intently at some unfathomable pattern they formed. “Hummmm… Ommmph… Hummmm… Me sees deff… Dat ya ‘now… but…” with a finger the size of an arm, he moved around some skulls “Foul magicks workin’… Ole Bjorg will ‘now… Even ded… Me sees him ‘ere… We need him ta speek… He found sumfing…” and absentmindedly the Gargant start carefully to collect the skulls back into his bag… Háma started walking on the hall, with his peculiar shambling gait, leaning on his staff, thinking. “To Shyish we shall go. Find Bjorgulf. Or what was left of him. Hrothgard, ready your skals. Small group, take some sledges with you, we need to move fast. You must find him. If there is one that can do it, it is you” “Aye, Wise One. I shall be the Hand that Hunts! Should I bring him… whole?” “Yes. And for that part Hartha will be going with you.” With a snap the Frostlord moved into action, with a speed that defies his bulk “My spear is yours, Wise One! We shall bring him!” “Bring him… Whole! Take Blackrock with you. Stay back until Hrothgard finds a lead. Then bring the husk that once was Bjorgulf here. I shall see what he has to tell me, and will give him a proper rest with the Winds.” “Svard, how much time we have until the Howling Gate opens again for the Realm of Death?” Adjusting his prized duardin-made googles over his nose, the old Hand of Winds searched into the satchel hung on his shoulder, bulging with books and scrolls, and grabbed a well-worn leather-bound tome on one big hand and started looking at it. “According to my calculations, if the Amber Moon is really at the peak, then the gate will open for Shyish by next night. Of course this may change depending on the tides of…” “Enough time” cut Háma, before the old and wizened ogor started once again one of his endless speeches over the winds of winter “Hasten the preparations, the Horandrár shall ride soon!” ******* Háma walked into the pens. Hartha is preparing his mount for the long and dangerous journey, the enormous black Stonehorn impatient to be released. “I remember when you brought Blackrock to the encampment… Only you to tame such a foul tempered beast…” said Háma in his usual rasping tone. “Yes. It was a little difficult to tame, but here it is…” replied Hartha, without turning, still concentrated in placing the many leather straps of his big saddle. “Little difficult? When it came crashing to get you he only stopped after you put your spear through one of his eyes! And even so you barely managed to mount him!” “Nonsense. Everything was under control… Besides, now I have only one eye too… Heh, don’t they say that the rider became like his ride?” “Yes. Only that you lost ours not to a spear, but to that Orruk you was choking.” “It was well worth it! If you could feel the sensation of that ****** kicking in your hands you would know what I am talking about…” “It surely do, as you kept choking him even when he was gouging your eye with his finger!” A sound like two big rocks scrapping together came from the big ogor. It was a long time since Háma heard Hartha laughing. “That ******!” “That ******!”, agreed the Wise One, laughing too. Háma came closer to put his hand on the beast long black fur. Stonehorns normally have white or pale grey coats, to better blend on their icy surroundings… Not that the creatures had many natural predators, but this one is pure, jet black. This is very rare. A king among his kin. A giant among giants. A survivor. Like Hartha. “Why all this talk about the past? If you came here to command me to be cautious on my mission, Wise One, there is no need. I will be. I will bring what was left of Bjorgulf back to you. Whole. No unitended fights…” “No Hartha. I am not here as the Torr Kønig, the Wise One, commanding his Frostlord. I am here as your brother. Asking. Please. Be careful, we need you.” Turning to stare back for the first time, his face becoming a little softer when he gazed at the ruined body of his twin “Aye, Little Brother. I know. I don’t want to end like Bjorgulf. We will prevail. The Winter will end. You will see.” “Yes… The Winter shall end…We shall see…” replied Háma, already lost in thought… _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hunt, a story by AJ ( @Antonio Rodrigues )
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    Hi there again, Finally got a little more hobby done. This time it’s an addition to Halfling greatswords! I still need to complete a standard banner, and then a unit of 20 will be complete. These are part of a small force for a local escalation league that starts in January. Next are demigryph knights and a free guild general! Also, I know I promised Halfling crossbowmen last time, so here’s a little WIP shot. Hope you like what I’ve got! Untile next time.
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    The week after the outriders of the former blog entry I painted this unit of 10 men with their mighty zweihanders. I`m really happy with them and it was a pleasure to paint. I really like the armor which is kinda bigger than the one of the normal guards. But there is still enough cloth to give them the blue/yellow look and fit them into the whole Nordheim army. The different heads with more beards look pretty well too. It`s the first time I`m happy with the eyes I painted. As you see the greatswords went with orange cloth stripes. There is one special guy in this unit. I called him Iron Joe. If he`s not too busy defending the growing empire against all sorts of monstrous filth he likes swimming, cycling and running At the moment these Greatswords aren`t used in battle and stay on the shelf. But im planning to build a more melee focuses force. And these guys will have an essential role in it.
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    This one is a kinda tragic story. I bought him to accompany my artillery. Obviously. In Malign Portents he had a command ability which let him pick an artillery piece which could fire twice this round! WhoopWhoop! With AoS 2.0 there came the possibiliy to spend more than one command point each round. So the idea was to make a really cannon heavy list with around 1600 points to get 8 command points for the remaining 400 points. With these command points you could have made your 4 cannons shoot twice in the first 2 rounds. I guess this would have brought a lot of fun. At least on my side. (You can read about this in the Ironweld Arsenal discussion Thread started by @Double Misfire) But GW was aware of this fact and changed his warscroll in the new Stormcast battletome. Now he has some ability about battelshock immunity for stormcast units only. Its a real shame because I put a lot of effort in this model. But on the other hand it`s not that bad. I also had a lot of fun painting him and he looks good on the shelf So that`s the story of the Lord Ordinator. Here are the Pictures: I think I done quit well with his cloak and really like it. It looks even better if you turn the miniature in the light.
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    Defensive Formation: "THE ONION" Named after the multiple layers it uses. When to use: When you know you're going to be hit hard by an aggressive army, preferably one that wants to punch you in the face, since shooting armies have ways to circumvent your outer layers entirely. Notable examples: Ironjawz, Beastclaw Raiders, Bloodbound, and armies with similar playstyles. Mind that it is potentially dangerous to do this versus an Ironjawz army, as their Megaboss on Mawcrusha can chain-charge through your outer layers. In such a matchup, ensure that your outer layers are not weak enough to be wiped out entirely by the mortal wound output of a Mawcrusha charge. What you need: - Several smaller, low-value units (2-3, depending on how many layers, or how wide you want to go) - At least one big bubblewrapping unit (This usually means a unit of 40, but there can be exceptions. This is your "wall") How it works: By using multiple layers of small, low-value units as seen above, you're able to keep an enemy at bay for several turns. This serves both as a stalling maneuver, and as a highly defensive one. The opponent can only charge during their own turn, which limits them to 5 charges during the entire course of the game. If you can force them to charge something with little to no value to you, you've essentially robbed them of 1/5th of an incredibly valuable resource. It is imperative that you keep the separate units safely outside of 3" of each-other. Should the opponent be able to pile in past a unit onto the next, you lose the advantage. If, for some reason, a layer of your onion should survive until your next turn, simply retreat it backwards past the layer behind it, and continue the process until you reach your main bubblewrapping unit. Then, bubblewrap your bubblewrap, and use the opponent's charge as an opportunity to pile-in your 40-man unit with little to no damage in return, piling in your layer-bubblewraps first, then removing casualties in such a manner to make room for your 40-man unit to pile in properly afterwards. You can do this with more valuable elite units as well, since they usually lose quite a bit of their edge if they are hit first. By utilising a layer in this manner, you can ensure that the damage done to you is minimal, and the damage you do in return is maximized. What can an opponent do: An opponent can work around your onion formation with in a number of ways. Do not expect them to play according to your plans, and always be ready to adapt your formation should the need arise. That being said, should the opponent play into your hands and attack the onion head on, then do not stray from the strategy. Any fight done on your terms is a fight in your favor. Among some of the things that can be done to work around the onion formation is the following: - Shooting the outer layers: Can work in your favor if the opponent have to focus a lot of his shooting on your outer layers to open them up, but with good shooting, he should be able to open up gaps, if not outright remove some of the layers entirely. Be smart about what models you remove to ensure you can retain a blockade as long as possible. Even a single well-placed model can be a wrench in your opponent's attempts to charge things beyond it. - Magic: Definitely works in your favor. Any spells used on your outer layers are spells not hurled at your far more valuable units. Otherwise, it serves the same principles as shooting - Flying, teleporting, double pile-ins, extreme mobility etc: Many of these can be worked around, but are all something you have to consider when you place your outer layers. Flying units will love big gaps between each layer, while units with pile-in tricks, or large number of units hurled at the same unit, will take full advantage of smaller gaps, by potentially piling past a destroyed outer layer onto the next. - Alpha/Deep Striking: I will cover this in another entry, but if you are in a position to utilize the onion formation to begin with, you should also have the tools to prevent an alpha/deep strike from hitting anything but an outer layer. Simply alter the form of your formation on demand, and deny your opponent the ability to teleport in behind you (have at least one unit within 9" of either corner, as those are the easiest spots to teleport to) - or, alternatively, build your formation in a more circular manner, to deny even a flank or rear charge. Summary: If utilized correctly, and your flanks are protected (by more layers, perhaps) - then the onion formation should serve well as a defensive maneuver. While it does work offensively as well, it's best used in situations where you don't want to charge anything, and simply want to stall an enemy unit, or large force, for several turns without throwing big resources at it. A good rule of thumb here is to never, ever, charge first. Always let the opponent come to you, while utilizing the rest of the board in such a manner that you decide the overal flow of the game. Force their hand. Be proactive, not reactive. While you want to be defensive, don't be afraid to move aggressively. For example, walk up and layer up in front of an opponent's force, and dare him to charge you - if you do it correctly, and he takes the bait, you've succesfully wasted his time. Got any input? Or think I'm horribly horribly wrong? Feel free to let me know!
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    Despite the simple core rules, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a deep and complex wargame, with most of the complexity found in the unit rules, or ‘warscrolls’. Metagame-defining combos are still being discovered, hidden in plain sight within (and between) the hundreds (and hundreds) of warscrolls available. Here in the land of Tron we have access to the ‘Rain Man’ of the Age of Sigmar, a mysterious figure known only as ‘Jim’. Jim has a sixth sense at finding combos, and I wanted to start a series to go over some of his list-tech. These will be lists that we haven’t yet seen much (if at all) in the international tournament scene. I suppose I should qualify that by saying that it is quite possible some of these lists have been discovered, and even used competitively, but our focus is on their lack of prominence for the purpose of this series. Without further pre-amble, I give you the first of the Undiscovered Power Lists - Order Draconis. Carrying on ancient traditions from a world long-lost, the Order Draconis range across the Eight Realms, searching for other enclaves, and assisting the forces of light against the Mad Gods. Order Draconis Aelf lists are not heavily favoured in the competitive metagame at present. We think this list is an exception, as it can be built to perform as one of the most effective alpha-strike lists out there. In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, games often come down to one crucial turn. This list takes advantage of this dynamic, pumping up the effectiveness of all models and enabling them to take maximum advantage of it for that one turn. The List Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord (General) - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Reckless (Re-Roll Runs and Charge within 10”) Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Leaders: 3 Battleline: 4 Behemoths: 3 Number of models: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment Three deployment drops - one Dragonlord, and the two battalions. This means you will almost certainly get the first turn. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world, just hand back and set up for the charge in a following turn. While this makes for a spectacular first turn charge, this army works just as well saving up for a decisive big turn later in the game if required. When deploying, a key consideration is making sure that your units are within 10” of the general at key moments - that will be the main skill of the list. Speed First up, the basic Move profiles are very fast; 14” for the Dragonlords and 12” for the Dragon Blades. Add to this the battalion ability, which allows each unit to make a full move in the hero phase. If they are close enough to charge, after this bonus move, they can do so on a 4+. However, what we are aiming for is a turn one charge, so you will be starting at least 24” away from your opponent’s models, meaning this charge will require a roll of 10+ for the Dragonlords and a 12 for the Blades. We will opt to save this ability for the Dragonfire instead - more on that later. The army now makes its regular move. By now, the Dragonlords have moved 28”, and the Dragon Blades 24”. They should be within easy reach of key targets. Because Dragonlords can fly, you can even get over the chaff or terrain if needed. Then you get to do your charge, on average another 7”, but you also have the General’s Reckless ability to reroll your charge rolls within 10” of him if you have positioned carefully. The first turn charge is a big deal, but as mentioned, you can also save the big charge for later in the game - in which case charging in the hero phase might be a useful option. The upshot is, this army can move across the table for the turn one charge more reliably than Destruction armies using Rampaging Destroyer, and almost as well as the Lightning Strike Stormcast. Shooting A requirement of decent alpha strike armies is the ability to clear 'chaff'. Chaff are the annoying sacrificial units the enemy will throw in your way to slow you down, or ‘bubble-wrap’ more important units. To help deal with this, Dragonlords each have a ranged ability called Dragonfire. Remember how we passed up the opportunity of charging in the hero phase using that battalion ability? Instead, on a 4+, the Dragonlords can use Dragonfire in the hero phase, each potentially causing D6 mortal wounds. They can then do this again in the shooting phase. Pretty decent. Combat This is the meat-and-potatoes part of the list. Let’s assume you’ve managed to charge at least one dragon into key targets, which is quite likely. How much damage can you actually do? Each Dragonlord has an Aelven War Horn. When blown once per game, all units within 10” gain +1 attack with each melee weapon. The wording is important. If all three blow them in the hero phase, and are within 10” of each other, that is +3 attacks with each melee weapon. Suddenly, each Dragonlord attacks with: Dragon Lance: 6 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 3 Damage Dragon’s Claws: 9 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 2 Damage Fearsome Jaws: 6 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -2 Rend, D6 Damage And each unit of 5 Dragon Blades unit attacks with: Drake Lance: 25 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 2 Damage Steed: 25 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 4+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 1 Damage. Fearsome Jaws is the important one, but imagine a unit of 5 Knights doing 50 attacks! And half of them do two damage each! Now for the fun part. The General’s Command Ability, Lord of Dragons, allows every unit within 10” to reroll all failed Hit rolls for its combat attacks. OK I lied, THIS is the fun part; all Dragonlords have Quicksilver Potions. This is because you have two battalions in use, so you get an extra two artefacts. Most events allow duplicate artefacts (nothing against it in the GHB anyway). So you can attack with all three Dragonlords before the enemy gets to strike back. And as this is also your turn, you can even get in a unit of Dragon Blades. And that’s pretty much it. As an alpha strike army, you are getting the charge, doing an almighty ton of damage, and hoping there is not enough left to swing back. Army Cost The Dragonlord Hosts as a competitive 2,000 point army is one of the least expensive to collect. RRP directly from GW it is £177.50 - less if you purchase via online retailers. That’s a pretty good deal! Additionally, there are only 23 models to prepare, making it a good one for a beginner to get stuck into. Weaknesses There are some downsides that a canny opponent can take advantage of. The key one is that this army does its thing in one turn, while the Aelven War Horns, Potions, and charge bonuses are in effect. The Hit roll of the most important attacks (such as the Dragon’s) are only 4+, so anything that reduces the hit roll is going to throw a big spanner in the works. During turns in which these guys do not charge, the lance attacks lose +1 to Wound and 1 damage. Also, there is a lack of rend for a lot of these attacks. Objective play is a strength of the army, with a high threat range and speed. But the army needs to throw everything at you in one go, and then go back for the objectives once they’re done. Perhaps keeping one or two units of Dragon Blades in reserve. So if you can keep out of their reach you might be able to score enough to take the game away from them. Easier said than done though. And lastly, just outlasting them if you can. Enough chaff ‘bubble-wrap’, a few missed charges from the Dragons, and things will start looking up. On the Table Jim and I had two games play testing the Dragonlord Host. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 4 x Morghast Archai - 480 2 x Morchast Harbinger - 240 2 x Morghast Harbinger - 240 The Draconis force has been censored here due to unsightly proxies. Just use your imagination! I had been yet to lose Nagash in a matched play game so far, spanning three tournaments and a bunch of test games, so I was counting on Hand of Dust doing some good work. In the first game, Jim had the first turn, and by the end of that same turn I had lost Nagash and four Morghast Archai without striking back. In the second game, I took the first turn, got all my buffs off, and then tried to bubble-wrap Nagash a bit better. I moved the Harbingers to take some side objectives. This time Jim charged in the second turn, and again I lost Nagash and most of everything else in one round. Absolutely brutal! I would be keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
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    Started work on my converted Branchwraith. Have it almost all the way painted; just have to finish off the base.
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    Previous count 2 Additions since last count: 1 Daughters of Khaine Battleforce - which I'm going to count as 5 boxes worth of content (it includes 2 khinari, 1 melusai, 1 witch aelf and 1 cauldron kits) Completions since last count: Set of 5 Doomfires finished 2 sets of 5 khinerai finished (one wing was damaged and being replaced) Set of 10 Witch Aelves finished Current Count 3 First day of the New Year and, technically, the starting point for this quest to keep my buying down and my building of models up! Would have liked to be on 0 or lower for the start, however one gifted and one recently bought Battleforce is going to keep the number higher. This is not just due to the number of kits in the box, but also because both the cauldron and melusai components require part painting quite significantly before final assembly and thus won't count for a fair while yet. That said I've finished all the fully finishable content from the first box and the second is on the way. This also marks a big landmark for my collection since with this final battleforce I'll have all the cauldron/shrine kits I'll need as well as all the khinerai. I'll also have a full functional 20 melusai, which is where I'm going to stop collected them until such time as I've completed other aspects of the army. That leaves me needing only 10 more witches to complete my 90 witch army, though I will pick up a second box of 10 which will give me a few parts for some conversions and some painting models to test out the scheme. This means that my budget for January is already taken up (battleforce) and leaves me the start of February to complete my Witches. This is pretty much where I hoped to be a while back as Feb is my target month to start messing around with paints. That point might well mark a shift in my building and buying as I really want to get this army built and painted.
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    Found some random bits from the old Kull Pass box. The more grots, the better.
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    Rumours abound of the next Slaaneshi battletome. What is certain is that it'll represent a definitive direction for the god in Age of Sigmar, and so I'm anxious to see what direction they'll take it in. The rumours about Slaanesh being 'toned down' to be more child-friendly can be pretty much discounted based on the surprisingly extreme models in the Wrath and Rapture box (fiend mammary glands and the tendon harp are pretty disturbing details). However, it's not enough for Slaanesh to keep its 'teeth': what I'm looking forward to is an interesting and iconic exploration of the inherent potential of a Chaos god of 'pleasure'. GW has produced some of its best lore out of relatively limited ideas (Flesh Eater Courts and Kharadron Overlords becoming instantly iconic) so I think it's entirely possible the background writers can knock it out of the park. What follows is a kind of mix of sepculation and fan theory, trying to artoculate what I think is so interesting about Slaanesh, and why I'm so excited about a Slaaneshi mortals release. 6 Aspects of the Pleasure God The aspects are not rigid categories, and indeed a follower may embody many simultaneously to varying degrees. Each aspect describes a form of hunger for pleasure; the desire that serves as an avenue through which a person comes into the Slaaneshi fold. They're also arranged in three pairs, with each representing a contrasting duality of ways in which Slaanesh may be worshipped: a mirror of the light/dark duality. 1. Indulgence The Glutton, The Hedonist, The Debauchee Indulgence is perhaps the most commonly manifested aspect of Slaanesh, yet still comes in a variety of forms. It may be expressed through gluttony of food, drink, carnal activities or other sense-pleasures. The commonality of all such pursuit is excess; overstimulation of corporeal pleasure. Within this aspect, there is a thin yet profoundly meaningful line. It is the difference between the proudly hedonistic bon vivants and the compulsively overstimulated; the slaves to their own addiction. It is usually only the former category which has a chance to rise to the status of champion. The latter group is likely doomed to an eternal, unrestrained sensory excess. The Prince of Pleasure is grateful for this self-sacrifice, and he looks upon his thralls of addicts with fondness. 2. Neophilia The Thrill-Seeker, The Adventurer, The Explorer The neophile shares with the glutton a desire for overstimulation, but seeks it through the novel discovery of the-not-experienced. The insatiable thirst for newness means they rarely over-indulge in any one thing, but quickly tire of one activity and are thus spurred to seek another. Slaaneshi neophiles are perhaps the least reliable followers, given their penchant to abandon their masters in order to seek new adventures. They tend to favour mounts, as a good steed will allow them to cover more ground and explore more lands. They tend not to get too attached to their mount, though: there's often some strange new creature to tame just past the next hill... Aestreth the Magpie Lord, great plunderer of Ghur, was a notoriously fickle Slaaneshi champion. His military exploits earned him the favour of his patron in the form of a Demonic sword, said to have been forged from a shard of Slaanesh’s fingernail. This formidable blade earned him yet more victories… for a time. As the novelty of the weapon began to wane, so too did Aestreth’s enthusiasm. One day, he stumbled across a particularly fluorescent warpstone blade, which he pried from the dead claws of a Clan Skryre Emissary. Any Duardin could have told him that a Skaven blade isn’t worth a Grot’s expulsion. However, mesmerised by its jade glow, Aestreth dropped The Prince’s Nail into his massive hoard of trinkets and decided to use this new blade instead. Aesthreth had the misfortune to christen this warp blade in a duel with an Urruk Megaboss. The first sweep glanced off the brute’s shoulder plate and the second shattered the skaven-forged blade to the hilt, and Aesthreth soon found himself splattered into a cautionary about respecting one’s gifts. It is said that, following the Urruk massacre of Aesthreth’s Chaos horde, Aesthreth’s trove of exotic treasures is still somewhere in the realm of beasts. The Prince’s Nail waits impatiently for a new wielder. 3. Vanity The Handsome, The Aesthete, The Paragon Slaanesh’s vain followers are numerous, and it is rare for any disciple of the Dark Prince to truly not care about their appearance. However, the true path of vanity is not simply a superficial one. It is those who strive toward self-centred perfection in all things, in intelligence, grace and a thousand different skills who truly embody the path of the vain. While those who embody the aspect of dominion strive toward leadership, those who embody Slaaneshi perfectionism become leaders as a product of their quest for mastery. Thus, the selfish desire for perfection creates some of the most powerful and important leaders within the faction. This aspect's desire for power invites the lure of Tzeentch, but while the changer can only offer diverting boons and obstacles to their ambition, Slaanesh lavishes the fruits of their vain ambition with admiration. 4. Creativity The Artist, The Poet, The Musician Least likely to worship Slaanesh via the blade is the artist. Painters, musicians and poets pay homage to the dark prince with their craft tools instead. The creative aspect is similar to ‘vanity’ in a preoccupation with aestheticism. However, instead of focusing on themselves, the object of the creative follower’s aestheticism is transposed into the art. The creative aspect is perhaps most reverently respected among the Slaaneshi hosts, even if this doesn’t always extend to the creator himself. Every self-respecting Lord has a chronicler, chef and musical band: one of the perks of leadership. Most common are the various types of musicians who serve in the command of units, and these individuals invariably take more pride in their craft than the crude hornblowers and drummers of the other gods' armies. Slaanesh is the patron of all aestheticism. No piece is too explicit, too strange, or even too Heretical. There are whispers of Sylch, a mighty Slaaneshi Sorcerer Lord who resides in the Realm of Hysh. He is rumoured to have gazed upon a vision of Sigmar and has since dedicated himself to painting the god king’s likeness in portrait. Though perceived by the other chaos gods as heresy, Slaanesh has blessed Sylch for his work. The Dark Prince understands that examining and re-creating beauty is a worthy task, even if such a pursuit glorifies his enemy. For if Sigmar's glory can be painted on canvas, perhaps his power can be understood... 5. Dominion The Tyrant, The Patriarch, The Mentor This aspect is embodied both by the sadistic tyrant and the benevolent protector of his people, for the aspect does not dictate HOW the dominion is exercise, only that an individual's power/influence exerted upon others. Indeed, many a benevolent voivode who think they know best for their subjects falls into the worship of Slaanesh, who encourages them to take pleasure in their power and control. Yet this can also entail sadism and tyranny, for how the master plays with his pets is up to them. What matters is the impulse to assert one's will onto another. Mortals who embody this aspect feel the temptation of Khorne but it is only Slaanesh who allows them to savour the experience of control, while Khorne encourages domination for its own sake. 6. Submission The Acolyte, The Servant, The Maaasochist Opposite the aspect of dominion is that of the submissive. These souls are often insecure or fearful, wishing to transcend their sad existence by dedicating themselves fully to a rapturous cause. Few who worship Slaanesh recognize their 'death drive' enough to articulate it, but the dark prince senses their existential terror and gives them what they truly want: a warm, accepting oblivion. Such despondent souls might also be tempted by the embrace of Nurgle, who will free them from their pain if they give into dispair. However, Slaanesh offers them something more: if they relinquish not 'sensation' but their very 'self', they can experience the rapture of oblivion. These zealots form a foundation for any Slaaneshi revolt of civilization and they serve in the armies as loyal minions to the cause. I've fitted these aspects on the oppositional axis below, as well as which of the three categories of Slaaneshi follower the aspects tend toward (in context of how they are reacting to the absence of the god: either seeking to find him, asserting themselves as replacements or simply pretending everything is fine). This text post has gone rather long, so I'll save my speculation/wishlisting of new releases for another time. Oh, and just for purposes of starting an argument, here is my subjective ranking of the philosophical depth of each of the four chaos gods: Slaanesh Nurgle Khorne Tzeentch (Swap Nurgle and Tzeentch and that's how I rank my preference of the aesthetic style). Thanks for reading, let me know if you share my passion for the dark prince.
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    So yesterday I didn't get much time to paint but I got some good stuff done. Finally got some paint on my priestess and lady of slaanesh as well as getting a bit of paint on some blight kings and doing more work on archaon! Still plenty left to do though. (Apologies for picture quality. Light in the room was not the best for photos and I was tired)
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    Previous count -3 Additions since last count: 1 Daughters of Khaine Battleforce - which I'm going to count as 5 boxes worth of content (it includes 2 khinari, 1 melusai, 1 witch aelf and 1 cauldron kits) Completions since last count: 0 ; chipped away at a few models here and there, but no block completed. Current Count 2. So Christmas has hit and with it a storm of content in the form of a Battleforce which has fast pushed my count back into the positives. I fully expect this to have a lingering impact as until I hit the painting side of things I'm likely to leave the cauldron and the melusai mostly incomplete since they require more painting in separate parts before assembling (at least to make the painting a little easier). So that will be at least 2 boxes that will last for a time. That said I've got only 3 more Doomfires till I complete another box and I've started on the fragile Khinari from the Battleforce. Looking to make them into 10 more Heartrenders. I've also plans to add a second Battleforce to my collection which would round me out with all 20 of each type of Khinari that I think I'll need (whilst I love the models I can't see any reason to take more than 20 of either kind at present); 20 Blood sisters (one full unit of them); 4 Cauldron kits in total (more than I'll need in leaders and cauldrons and even Avatars so that's a nice completed block of purchasing). Plus the Witches from two battleforces means I only need to add one box of additional witches to complete my third block of 30 Witch aelves. Tempted to make them twin daggers as they look great like that, even though I'll admit that bucklers is likely the more versatile build choice. Hoping I can knock back the count to 0 before January, I've also come up with a new "rule" for myself - no buying models* unless my count at the time of buying is 0 or lower. Who knows if I can keep up at the rate I am currently I might even be able to adapt that rule to a lower value threshold. It would be great to see it at something like -10! *exception for Kickstarters, limited release models and supreme good deals that are insane to avoid.
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    This one is just a gorgous model.🤩 I had so much fun with this one. The base alone was a place of tiny rocky happiness This griffon took me 3 weeks to paint it completely. I spend alot of thoughts for the styling of his back. Which animal should it represent? And what was paintable? I made 3 versions. Something unreal, a leopard and a cheetah fur. In the end I took the leopard andI think it was the right choice. In my eyes it just looks amazing. Unfortunatly the painting took quit a long time. So I had the opportunity to play some epic games without him really being finsihed. The rider was fun to paint too. I really like the yellow/blue color sheme and have never regreted this decision. It just looks fantastic. Even as WIP. In the end the general on griffon looks like this: This one is an autoinclude in each of my lists so far. Sometimes he has a bad day and kills not that much. But you can see in the eyes of the opposing general that this griffon always strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy.
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    This is the first batch of my Slaaneshi acolytes; my 'Hedonaughts'. I want to proxy them as daemonettes (as I like the rules, but want the majority of my force to be mortal). Painting this starting batch of five has made me try several new recipes and techniques, to various degrees of success. White Cloaks Easily my fave aesthetic of the lot. The only negative to wet blending is that, in painting the cloaks first, I ended up getting errant smudges on them I would have to cover with more stark colour transitions. I like how the white is darker than the white of the shields, as this makes it feel like real clothing. I'm not sure whether the edge highlighting was advisable, but at least it fits with the TT style of mini. NMM Gold This was something I'd never done before. While not perfect (mainly due to my iffy judgement lighting values), it at least looks gold-esque. And it didn't take me too long. I'm mainly talking about the shield designs here: when it came to small and complex shapes like trinkets I muddled through, and it shows. NMM Steel I tried a kind of NMM metal once before, but that was for an ethereal effect on Shadespire Guard (see below). I tried something more conventionally metallic, and the results are mixed. It's too similar in colour to the cloaks, which is especially noticeable on the axe. I painted the sword with a more blue hue, which was a slight improvement. Let me know your NMM steel hacks. Gemstones This is one aspect which will be present on every single model in my army, so I had to get it right. I was surprised at how quickly the difficulty of achieving the effect becomes (booth because of brush control and visibility) at a certain size. The big gems be a little dopey in terms of verisimilitude, but I prefer them because I was able to paint them properly. Skintone I decided to go with an easier, layering system to save time. My Shadespire Targor pic below is probably my best flesh paintjob, and, while I'll be using a similar colour scheme for batch 2 of this unit, I've accepted that I need to keep it simple if I ever want to finish this project. Overall, this was a good learning experience for my project going forward. As you can see from the pink mowhawk dude (the first test mini I painted, which I dropped within 10 seconds of the final brushstroke and snapped his horn...)I was planning on free-handing cloak embroidery but it didn't quite work. On the other hand, I was nervous about the workload going into making the weird 'bumps' on the armour (easily the strangest aspect of the idoneth aesthetic) gems, but it turned out to be the most fun part of the project. I overdid the splash effects of the waves here and there, so I'll be more restrained in the future. And I kind of haven't nailed which direction the river is going, which makes it a little confusing to look at as a group. Ah well, live and learn. C&C welcome!
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    This one was also bought in a our local shop. Afterwards i realized how lucky I was because this gorgeous model is no longer officially sold In my opinion this is the most beautiful artillery piece on the whole GW range. It`s just a cannon how a cannon should be. I`m searching ebay for an unbuild one ever since. I need a second for symetric purposes Here are some pictures I really like how the crew turned out. You can see in the faces what kind of guys they are. The seasoned gunner with a long beard and grim look commanding the crew, picking targets and firing the cannon: The normal cannon crew member, having seen his share of the battle. Being determined in his duty: And the greenhorn without any facial hair. Maybe it`s his first fight? Having a more shyish look and hasn`t earned some individual equipment pieces yet. At the moment he may only do the most easy work and carry those heavy cannonballs: In the end I`m really happy with this model. If you got an unbuild sprue of it at home. PM me, I`d be glad to take it
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    Reinforcements have arrived for the Kharadrong Raiders! Previously, the younger element of the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge were represented in the predominately Kharadron core of the army. With this new flight, more of the whole spectrum of the lodge is represented. Let's take a look! The traditionalists of the lodge, still adamantly aligned with Runefather Zharrik, are represented in the Fyreslayer Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runesmiter units. Take note of the protective ur-gold runes flaring up and covering their upper torso in a magma-like crust to protect them from the blows of their enemies! This patterning is all freehand work. The Auric Runesmiter can be seen holding his Forge Key aloft as the molten crust parts before him and he emerges from the magma tunnels. This Runesmiter is converted from from WHQ Doomseeker and is appropriately equipped with both his Forge Key as well as his smoldering Latch-Axe. The younger generation, those aligned with Runeson Thrundrik and who more fully adopted the way of the sky fleets, are reinforced with the arrival of Thrundrik's very own Flagship, the Gorog Varrbarag ("Party Boat!"). You can see one of the crew as imbibed a tad too much and lays flaked out on the deck. And still, there are still other remnants of the broken lodge that have returned after their long exile. Some, like the Runelord Agrhun, have continued to practice a variant forms of rune magic although it has been decades since many shaped Ur-gold as the lodge's Runemasters once did. Others, jaded by age and broken dreams, have forsaken the traditions of runic empowerment and taken up the finest arms and armor in all the Mortal Realms. These grumbling Longbeards take every opportunity to remind the Shattered Lodge of what was lost. While still others, particularly the youngest and progressive of Thrundrik's followers who have spent a significant amount of time amongst the cities of the Firestorm Plateau, have worked to bridge the gap between technology and the magic of the Mortal Realms. The young upstart Hazgal, foremost student of this emerging discipline, has learned to harness the very energies of Hysh through rune craft. The culmination of his experimentation is found in an endrin-powered Luminark, a prototype war machine that Hazgal has managed to build and hopes to reproduce to reinforce Barak-Zharr and the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge. Such experimentation is looked askance by the traditionalists and only heightens the tensions present amongst the reunited lodge. Only time will tell if the remnant will survive.
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    Building a Skaven List Clan Skryre Gautfyre Skorch. Done. Go away. Ok fine, I’ll do this properly. First up in my series on building Skaven armies to a specific allegiance will be Clan Skryre. I chose Skryre because so far, they’re the most popular Skaven clan and actually see a lot of exposure in the percentages of tournaments. They’re also a relatively easy army to build, given most of the thinking is done for you with the Clan Skryre Enginecoven system. Allegiance to the Skryre Clans The Skryre ability gives you a bunch of tokens you can use to either reroll casting rolls, reroll hit and wound rolls, or add 1 to the damage characteristic of an attack. Essentially, they let you reroll casting rolls. The other two options are almost entirely pointless. As for traits and artefacts, the Cunning Creature trait will keep the Arch Warlock alive and Vigordust Injector will let you buff the Stormfiends, who by now you will understand are the army’s poster child. Start Your Enginecovens Clan Skryre features a battalion that is unique amongst the battalions of the game. It’s composed of one battalion, Clan Skryre, and 2 “Enginecovens”, which are sub battalions. A Clan Skryre battalion must be composed of at least 2 of these. As we can see from the image, the battalion requires at the very least an Arch Warlock and two Warlock Engineers. You’ll also need some Stormfiends and probably a Warp Lightning Cannon. From there you decide what kind of army you want to go with. Clan Skryre The Arch Warlock gets to reroll any one dice for himself each turn. He can however pass on this to give it to a Warlock Engineer on the table, who can in turn use it on any model in his Enginecoven. Handy for Arkhspark and Gautfyre who can hurt themselves with bad rolls. Whyrlblade Threshik Pick a Doomwheel or one of the Doomflayers and roll 2 dice, it moves that distance. If it’s a double, it also takes D3 wounds. Meh. Arkhspark Voltik Popular because it’s the cheapest Enginecoven. You shoot the Warp Lightning Cannon in the hero phase and roll a dice, on a 4+ it hurts itself. Pretty decent as you get more uses out of the cannon and its stats don’t decline with damage. It probably won’t die the first or second time, so you can get 4 shots out of 2 turns easily. Gascloud Chokelung The acolytes / wind-mortar battalion. This lets you throw a warpstone nuke at the enemy each hero phase, dealing D6 mortal wounds with a chance to fail and deal D3 wounds to the thrower. Rattleguage Warplock The dakka battalion. Lets a unit in the battalion fire during the hero phase, then take D3 wounds which can’t be avoided. Good on the Stormfiends as they won’t die to D3 mortal wounds. Gautfyre Skorch Hooooh boy, it’s the big bad wolf of Skaven competitive lists. This is the battalion that takes the concept of winning or losing the game on a single cheese strategy and just runs with it. The Warp Grinder can be set up anywhere on the table and then everything else gets to come up within 8 inches, with everything within 3 inches of the enemy taking wounds. Basically, this lets you drop a full unit of Warpfire Thrower Stormfiends right in front of the enemy, hose whatever you want with 18d3 mortal wounds, and then leave whatever happens to even survive boxed in with fiends. You can use this to kill every single hero in the enemy army. You can use this to obliterate everything in the enemy army via shooting, charging then the battleshock phase. Essentially, this gives your opponent cancer. Adding Allies Clan Skryre is the Skaven clan that doesn’t need to ally wizards, already having the best wizards in the Skaven line-up. Usually what Skryre needs is objective holders as the most effective Skryre build is the Gautfyre + Arkhspark build. Consider Clanrats, Gutter Runners and Plague Monks. A melee focused Stormfiend army will roll around on the enemy if you ally in Packmasters (Stormfiends have both the Skryre and Moudler keywords). Assemble the Doom Machine Here’s my take on Clan Skryre. I’ve gone for the most meta build, but have swapped out the usual 20 Clanrats for 2 units of 5 Gutter Runners. Their mobility and the fact they appear in the movement phase means they’re deployed after the Gautfyre comes down enabling you to better position them for taking objectives. The Acolytes are only there to take backfield objectives. Allegiance: Skryre Leaders Arch Warlock (140) - General - Trait: Cunning Creature - Artefact: Esoteric Warp Resonator Warlock Engineer (100) - Artefact: Vigordust Injector Warlock Engineer (100) Battleline 9 x Stormfiends (870) 5 x Skryre Acolytes (60) 5 x Skryre Acolytes (60) Units 1 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (70) 5 x Gutter Runners (60) 5 x Gutter Runners (60) War Machines Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Battalions Clan Skryre (80) Arkhspark Voltik (70) Gautfyre Skorch (150) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 99 This was a really long way of typing out Gautfyre Skorch is da best. Seriously, it’s super flexible and good in a meta where you don’t need to roll to hit with the Warpflame (get rekt look out sir). You will win or lose the game depending on how your hotdrop on top of the enemy goes. If they’re a static elite army like Stormcast or Sylvaneth, GGEZ. If they’re a bubblewrapping horde army like Moonclan or any chaos horde army with Crown of Conquest, touch luck buddy. Go with the Horned Rat and cheese in his name.
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    So I finally finished up the remaining cards: the Realms of Battle. These card packs include the rules from the Core Book and the additional spells from Malign Sorcery. So you never have to flip through 2 books again while playing. Oh, and these are the first cards with the new and improved layout! I hope you like them. Have fun.
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    Skaven Blood Bowl Pitch & Modular Sewer Terrain for AOS This blog will document my progress in building a Skaven Blood Bowl pitch which will also be part of a larger modular sewer complex for Age of Sigmar. I will also discuss some of the model making techniques, tools and materials used during this project. I find the idea of building a Blood Bowl pitch incredibly appealing. It's a relatively small project that has the potential to look great. It can also be extended with the addition of a stadium with grandstands and scoreboards. In choosing to build a sewer themed pitch for Skaven this also lends itself to be the initial part of a larger project to build a sewer themed 4'x 6' AOS board. I first played Blood Bowl way back in '88 when I first became aware of Games Workshop and tabletop Wargames. It was actually the Blood Bowl miniatures in White Dwarf 108 that started my interest in the hobby. I had a few games with a friend and subsequently purchased Dungeon Bowl but never really amerced myself into the game. This latest release has piqued my interest as it has a lot of nostalgia for me, it's easy to get into and has the potential for lots of cool updates based on previous incarnations of the game. I've chosen Skaven as I've wanted to paint them for a long time and I think they look so cool. This also gives me a chance to make a start on a project that I've been thinking about for some time. Whilst at the Realms at War AOS event in Cambridge I had the opportunity to catch up with @Wayne kemp, the Skaven Master, and discuss what would be the ultimate AOS table/terrain. When I posed this question Wayne was very eloquent in saying that the ultimate AOS table doesn't exist as everyone has a different idea of what would be the ultimate. His ultimate table would be a Skaven theme, probably sewer themed whereas he said @Dan Heelan would probably prefer a Lizardman theme. I really liked the idea of a modular sewer themed board for AOS as this has the potential to be a multi-system board, possibility of being used for other games, say 40k. I'm not a 40k player but have been collecting Genestealer Cults which lends itself to this sort of environment. I've also wanted to build an urban board for some time. I came across this amazing blog, http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?176894-Magnetized-Modular-Sewer-Cavern-Board-(WIP) , some years ago and have wanted to do something similar ever since. Unfortunately the blog seems to have stalled but there's plenty of great inspiration in there. Building a modular sewer themed board also gives you the potential to build a multi level board which seems to quite popular in AOS at the moment. So my initial plan is to build a sewer themed Skaven Bowl Bowl pitch. Fortunately each half of the pitch fits into a 2'x2' square allowing me to use the two halves as separate modular AOS terrain. The design will be based upon a Victorian style brick sewer with lots of arches and pipes for added Steampunk Skaveness. The pitch will be elevated on a plinth that rises out of the surrounding sewer which contains industrial pipe machinery. The bottom half of the drawing below illustrates the brick and pipework design to be used on the sides of the plinth whilst the top shows the top of the plinth with the pitch squares. I always use squared paper to draw designs for model making projects. I find it makes it a lot quicker and easier to draw, particularly when drawing buildings. I next had to decide what materials I would use for the construction. I wanted the model to be lightweight and durable as it would need to be transported from place to place. I construct nearly all my architectural terrain pieces using sheets of expanded pvc. I have used this for decades, it is lightweight, strong, easy to cut, glue and sand. It also comes in various different thickness from 1mm to 30mm. You can also score texture into it's surface to create different textures such as wood grain, brick or stone. However for this model I would he using it soley for the structure and the paving of the model. The base / flooring is 5mm, the walls are 3mm and the buttresses and pipe shelf are 8mm. I wanted to give the sides, which would be made up of brick arches, more texture and depth so I opted for blue foam (styrofoam). The tools I use for working with expanded pvc are; technical pencil, cutting mat, Swann Morten scalpel, engineeers square 7" & 5", steel rules 6" & 12", sanding block 400 grade, superglue and zip kicker. For expanded pvc thicknesses greater than 5mm I use a circular table saw for cutting. I've not used blue foam much but understand the principles of the material. When creating brickwork in foam I would usually use a biro and draw the brickwork straight on causing the brick work to be engraved. Whilst this can look good it can be inconsistent and can look untidy. This is a reasonably lengthy process due to hand drawing each piece and I wanted to have identical brickwork on each arch. So I came up with the idea of printing each styrofoam piece. I can't imagine this is an original idea as it seems so obvious however I have not seen anyone else doing this. The idea is based upon the original printing process of block printing developed in the middle ages. Styrofoam is a soft material that can be indented, so I created a 'negative' brickwork mould in which a piece of styrofoam can be pressed into using a press. The mould was made from a base of 3mm expanded pvc, the brick design drawn on then the mortar was added using 1mm styrene strips. 1mm expanded pvc was used to build up the sides to hold the styrofoam in place. The styrofoam was cut into strips 9mm thick using a bandsaw which were then sanded smooth to a depth of 7.5mm and cut to size to fit the mould. As you can see from the pic below I used two blocks of wood and some clamps to create the press for the mould. To create depth to the walls I printed smaller pieces of foam to be added to the arches. The printed pieces were then cut and glued. This worked incredibly well, was very quick to use and I was churning out brickwork styrofoam like a Victorian workhouse. This was helped massively by @Mitzy for supplying me with a massive chunk of blue foam. I created another 'generic brick' mould to use for any plain areas of brickwork I would need. To add a little variation to the brick depth I depressed some of the bricks using a piece of plastic. For the pipework I used Hirst Arts pipe moulds 320 & 321 which are fantastic quality. These are quite expensive but having a mould means you can have as much pipework as you like. I used 'low odour' fast cast polyurethane resin as I wanted it to be very durable and Quick to produce. Fast cast resin has a de-mould time of approximately 30 mins. I would need a lot of pipework so I ordered 1.5kg of resin. The two moulds would give me a variety of pipe pieces in two different pipe diameters. This should give me enough variety to make the pipework sufficiently interesting. Here's a wip pic of half the pitch. The space to the right of the pitch will be the dug out area. The squares on the pitch will be paving and the different zones are divided by gutters recessed into the pitch. The pitch will also have drain covers. More progress soon. Thanks for reading. Bish
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    “In the dark fetid corners of Ghur you will find the Wyssan Wood. Dwelling amongst its primeval depths reside the Venomtongue Spiderfang grot tribes. These feather-bedecked grots have mastered all manner of webbed horrors: the stealthy, bone-armored Spinebacks, the lightning-fast striped Wolfhunters, and the bulbous Purple Skullbacks. Swarms of mottled spiderlings are prodded ahead of the creeping horde and mountainous Arachnaroks bring up the rear. But the horrors do not end there, for supporting their hordes are rickety weapons of war crafted from moss-covered stones, rotten boughs, and sticky webbing of the children of the Feaster from Beyond. Our scouts suggest that even greater horrors have yet to pour forth from the tangled depths of the Wyssan Wood! Woe be to the realms if the Venomtongue tribes of the Wyssan Wood ever unite with Spittlegit or even, blessed Azyr, the Ironjawz hordes of Gordrakk! May Sigmar never let it be!“ -Lord Castellant Rhemus of the Astral Templars This is an introduction to my Spiderfang Grot forces. I started these a couple years ago during 8th edition (hence the bases) and plan to take them back up again once the Spiderfang release drops (we know it is coming GW; just make it happen next week...please). I have tons of unpainted models but I'm only posting what I currently have done. A bit of background: Ever since coming upon the Arachnarok kit a couple years ago, I’ve fallen in love with the forest grot aesthetic. While initally saddened to find only 3 Spiderfang kits available, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to build this force, using conversions, from the ground up. Back in 8th, it was a generic O&G force, and I used a bunch of models as counts-as to be able to field an effective army of all forest goblins. Currently, my completed models from this force are as follows: Arachnarok with a Shaman and a Catchweb Spidershrine Grot Chukka 10 Spineback Spider Riders (were my Deff Creepers in 8th) Doom Diver Lobba Rogue Idol of Gork (or Mork) 40+ Savage Grot Berserkers with Big Stabba (Counted as Savage Orks) 40+ Spider Swarm with Spider Herders (Counted as a Squig Herd with Handlers) Savage Grot Shaman A lot of this is harder to use with new synergies in AoS but I look forward to GW expanding their forces so I can return to this army. Enjoy the photos and I look forward to your feedback!