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    I'm (hopefully) having a narrative game soon with a small group of friends, and this model was created to lead my narrative forces. While the model itself isn't finished, I think the warscroll is and I just wanted to get people's feedback on it to make sure it'd be fun to play and play against, as well as narratively fitting. Most of the players are quite new so while I think this Warscroll would be fine in a normal game, it's been a while since I've played against a new player and I wouldn't want to leave a bad taste in their mouths.
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    I, like most of us, have a computer or smartphone in front of me the whole day. So 3 hours without tech is something I appreciate. If the electronic tools to support the game are super smooth integrated, it would be ok. But even to unlock my phone would mess up my immersion.
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    You are wrong. "Within 6 inches" includes "6 inches away". Here is the relevant part from the Core Rules: "[...]So, for example, a unit is within 12" of another unit as long as any model from one unit is 12" or less from any model from the other unit[...]" (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf, page 2) You are absolutely right about this. Even without the actual rules at hand, you provided an intuitive and elegant explanation to the problem. Another person voting you down without even discussing your argument shows that you left no real room for a counter argument. Your intuition is correct. If an "Ambush" ability states that the unit has to be wholly within 6 inches of the battlefield edge, the following Designers' Commentary clarifies the meaning of it: "[...]A: A model is wholly within a certain distance if every part of its base is within the stated distance[...]" (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8f9bd00c.pdf, page 3) In combination with the quotation about "within" above we can see that "wholly within 6 inches of the battlefield edge" means that one point of the models circular base can be exactly 6 inches away from the battlefield edge. Lets put the model on a line with the objective and let the line be perpendicular to the battlefield edge. Since in your example the center of the objective is 12 inches away from the battlefield edge, it means that it is now exatly 6 inches away from the "6 inch point" of the models base we discussed beforehand. Since "exaclty 6 inches away" is included in "within 6 inches", the model is now within "capturing distance" of the objective. I am sorry that multiple people were trying to tell you that you are wrong and did so without any backup from the rules. We should always be wary when people speak from intuition alone and fail or not even try to connect their statement with the actual rules of the game. I hope my explanation is clear and that you can make use of this knowledge during your future games.
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    Time passed since last time I uploaded something! Here’s the fanatics and my beloved loonboss (been searching for that model for years!)
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    Something I've been mulling over the past few weeks and thought I'd see what the TGA brain trust have to say about it. TLDR: As the pandemic makes it harder to play games in person and we switch to playing online, do you think this will have an effect on both game design and our attitudes towards using more tech in our 'analogue' gaming? Over the past few years there's been a huge push, with both RPGs and wargames, towards simpler, more streamlined systems. I'd say 80%+ of the games I've bought recently have been billed as 'Rules Light' in some way or another. Generally speaking it seems to be a popular trend, much as WHFB 3rd edition is my holy text I can't imagine actually ever having the time or brain capacity to play it again and I'd take Warcry/AoS over it nearly ever day. Same with RPGs, like I love WFRP but honestly I think Soulbound is a more 'fun' system and most the games I've picked up recently make even Soulbound look crunchy. At the same time there's still been quite a bit of resistance to using more tech in games to speed things up. People like rolling (buckets of) dice & messing about with their paper character sheets and whatever. Part of that was, I thought, a generational thing, people have an emotional attachment to playing games like they did when they were kids or first got into it and we all know how resistant, violently so sometimes, people are to change. But with the pandemic it feels, certainly with the RPG community, that as the pandemic has gone on a rubicon has been crossed. Faced with a choice of playing online or not playing at all I've seen nearly all the old greybeards I know at first grudgingly give playing online a go and now in many cases they're embracing it enthusiastically. So what I've been wondering is as people get more comfortable playing games online and incorporating tech into their games will this see a change in game design. If people are more willing to rely on apps and the like to handle the backend stuff could we see designers take advantage of this to return to more complicated, 'crunchier' systems, even getting rid of things like universal resolution mechanics. You keep the player facing side still relatively simple, but underneath the hood there's a lot more going on, what I'm thinking of as 'Rules Hidden'. Likewise with wargames, I brought this up a year or 2 ago about how we could incorporate more tech into our games just to speed them up and make things easier and generally most people seemed aghast at the idea, which is fair enough, as there's always a point where you think well why aren't I just playing Total War or whatever. But can you see this changing as the crisis drags on? Let's assume that 2020 is a write off for large tournaments and even just playing in shops and the like and if we're being honest 2021 is going to be touch and go. Does that change your view on things like, for instance, digital dice. What if a tournament said ok, to cut down risk by speeding up games and removing a possible infection vector you need to use an app rather than a bucket of 50+ dice to resolve things, that was a sticking point for a lot of people before but now? And if you're more open to that does that change your overall attitude towards incorporating more tech into games? What if the next AoS app allows you to not only build your army lists in it but then when you play someone else you submit both armies in the app for the game and you can pull up warscrolls etc for the opposing army easily. What if since it then has all your units logged when you decide to make an attack you can click in the app which unit is attacking, which unit it is attacking and any units nearby giving them buffs and automatically works out all the to hit/to wound/save rolls etc (just think you'd never 'forget' to apply a rule or bonus/malus that way). What if it then works out all the targets and you can either roll yourself OR it just resolves the results itself within the app from that attack and determines the number of wounds, models removed etc and keeps track of everything in the app. What if it then keeps track of all your games so you can create leaderboards with your mates, and it gives you constantly updated stats on how your individual units/models perform, allowing you to constantly refine your lists. What if it uploads that info to GW so they can keep track of what models are over/underperforming or just getting used or not across thousands of games each weekend and so effect changes quicker and more effectively? What if this allowed 2000+ points 5 round games of AoS to be resolved in say 60-90 minutes rather than 3 hours or whatever, so you can play more games and whilst playing games you can relax more, especially at the end of the day, not having to remember 50 different rules, abilities etc as the app either resolves it for you or gives you a prompt. Like in any phase you literally get a checklist come up of all things that models in your army can do. What do you think? Has our real world End Times changed how you think about any of this? Have you read this far? Why? Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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    Cheers for that! Yeah I really love that about AoS is how diverse it is [although it can be a pain to see if a certain faction materialises] - I totally love the Kharadrons and that was a faction that really surprised me. A single small set of the Kurnothi has me grabbed me too when the other aelven factions haven't. I'm interested to see what else comes along, especially more types of dwarf. Theres been no confirmation or rumour of a second wave- they could continue making micro factions and exploring races, combining older factions together to streamline the ranges a little. I can't see Fyre Slayers and KO together, maybe with a new dwarf faction connecting them - maybe if the dispossessed re-possessed their old empire? The mentions of Grungni's endeavours are interesting but they sound like they are way off. I think we might see some new stuff/angles on dwarfs through Warcry and Underworlds in the meantime. There was one very very old rumour [from Warseer during End Times] of a mining machine- new dwarfs could focus on the mining/smithing/forging background of dwarfs since we have the slayer type and engineer type expanded into full factions.
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    Not really, i would say it is a problem across the board. Lets say you for an example can get a Monster or 20 soldiers for the same cost. Usually here is what happens: - The soldiers got a larger footprint, more wounds, scale better with buffs and probably deal more damage .In some instances, models can be ressurected. - The monster counts as 1, scale down with damage (usually after 3 or 4 dmg) and only gets a CA or Artifact if Hero (and unamed) Of course some models as the Hurricanum have strong traits that make then worth taking, but i would say there is more "bad" behemoths than good ones, specially non hero ones. I am not a professional player, game designer or anything but i belive there should be a small revamp on the monster concept of AoS. Maybe giving a monster a number of "capture bodies" equal to its current number. Or make monster stats decrease slower, who knows? I am just a dude who likes to field by monsters 🤣
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    I wouldn't look too much into the Facebook thing. Forgeworld is still making new Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and now Aeronatuica Imperialis models, the final of which was in the pre-order preview today. Those aren't covered by a HH page now either. Then again, might be a sign all those and anything AoS or Old World related will have a connection to Warhammer Forge (which also used to be the name of the fantasy branch of Forgeworld) whenever that's fully revealed. Sent an email too regarding Chaos Dwarf rules updates. Funnily enough, I sent it before I even read this thread and saw other people were sending emails! Hopefully there's more people sending emails like that too.
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    This is exactly right. Monsters are under powered in AoS. They have fewer wounds than units, usually do less damage, and deteriorate quickly. Not only is an extra block of guys almost always better for the reasons you point out, but monsters simply don't feel right in AoS. They should be something units fear. Sure, they can't hold objectives. But if stated correctly they could be something that is simply awful to engage. On top of giving them more offensive output, I would give behemoth units more staying power. Maybe something like a 4+ ward save against no rend attacks and 5+ ward save against rend 1. Maybe that's too much, but they should be a rock to a normal infantry unit's scissors.
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    I guess that I will be unable to finnish any more minis before the month ends, so my last WIP for july are some bouncy fellas
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    I fell a little short this month. Only finished these 8 banshees. Got started on big Lady O but got distracted, will finish her off next month.
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    Haven't finished this guy, but thought I'd slip in one last WIP before next month :).
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    Ok, not bad month, but diverged a bit from what I planned, because I felt some other way when time came 😅 I've completed the 5 chainrasps that I left WIP last month. I finished the buildings and bases from the mausoleum. But I haven't touched the walls, and haven't worked on the bases of those minis. I felt like painting 4 other Myrmourn Banshees instead, and that's what I did 😇 Also, I built all minis from issues 17 to 20 of Mortal Realms magazine, and couldn't resist to paint the Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed. It's a very beautiful mini, I must say. I finished this month's pledge (sort of) very happy with the overall results. Photos now! The full blob of chainrasps, as of now. 30 guys. Will be 40. Buildings from the mausoleum: All my 8 Myrmourn Banshees, led by the Tomb Banshee And the beautiful Knight After taking the photos, I sent all banshees to patrol around the mausoleum in the cabinet. You can see how I have arranged the mausoleum (walls only primed atm). On the right, there is the WIP area, but it will be the Flesh Eaters Courts area once they arrive. (sorry for the light on this one, just took it because I found it funny) On to next month!
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    i would say yes, 1 miniature can be within 6'' of the objective and the edge, because the 6 belongs to both places there doesnt exist a space that separes both places, its like if you have a ruler 0 -------|------- 12 the | on the middle is 6'' and within 6 let you touch that | and that thing is also within 6'' of the objective, there is no imaginary space that separes that place. The | spot is both within 6'' of the objective and the edge so it is a valid capture and ambush point for 1 minituare to get in. At least that is my opinion.
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    So I may not have made any progress on Eltharion because I got distracted by 40k and painted my first ever Space Marines, albeit heretical... I've convinced myself this isn't really a new army - just a continuation of my Khorne army, further along the timeline!
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    Put my recent models in the light box for much better quality photos ! Some of these are still WIP.
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    This guy is done for the time being!
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    So after my quite lengthy mid-month update, I ran out of steam and was only able to paint one more Slaughterpreist, so here he is. So as usual, I went a *little* overboard on the Blood for the Blood God application, but I think he looks pretty decent overall. It's a little messy but rule of cool and all that. I'm going to have 3 Slaughterpriests in my army, so to get a little variety I converted on a different axe head from some Skullreaper bits I had. I pinned it on and used Superglue to get it together. (If you want Khorne bits I suggest getting a box of Skullreapers/Wrathmongers) Here's a group photo of some of the models I've done in the past plus the newly finished Slaughterpriest. I'll be entering this photo in the Best Fantasy Squad Category in Goonhammers Annual Painting Contest. I don't think I'll take home a prize or anything but I would like to measure myself against other painters. Anyway, until next month!
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    You can get a big blob of 20 Pinks into CH, you just need to dial back the Flamers a bit. CH is too good not run if you're trying to be as competitive as possible.
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    Well there was a big rumor post on Warhammer community that hinted at the return of bugman. I wonder if there is a booze focused army/warband based around valaya goddess of hearth, healing and brewing who has also been mentioned in lore and is the only unrepresented dwarf god. Maybe even some fem dwarfs? Edit: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/15/mysteries-of-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-1/
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    I have not played any MEs with KO specifically. However, I would never really take a battalion at such low points totals as you really don't get value from it. Also, if you are worried about him dropping his units from the sky you could go for Mhornar ans use the navigator artefact to make it impossible for him to charge your ship with one unit a turn essentially. If you want to use Thryng (seems sensible) I would rather use Riggers rather than Arkanauts as they are going to do a lot more for you if they roll to fight after being charged. Plus, if you take an Endrinmaster to make the riggers battleline he will put in work against the Arcanum (and anything else). Lastly, my experience with MEs is that speed and the ability to reposition quickly are king. My first pass is that I would play something like this. Thunderers chill in the Gunhauler and fly off to murder things. General and his melee Riggers do similar. Should be good fun. You could also give the melee unit one skyhook for superior charge if you are so inclined.
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    I would get rid of the damage chart and sub in a “ last breathe” line where it states - “if this model had 3 wounds or less remaining, use these stats “. That way the monsters stay at peak strength for most of their lifespan while only decreasing once if it’s at its final wounds. I would also get rid of the horde discount for all units. This seems to be the simplest and most effective way to keep monsters somewhat threatening.
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    Thanks! I had that feeling too but I mean.. I can admit I didn't use them as well as I could have. They were often out of range of +1 attack after they charged which is what elevates them above Monks in my opinion. The fact that I felt like I had to keep them back multiple turns because Death Frenzy would absolutely not go off hurt them as well. I may give them another chance in a Double DF list with a Warbringer, but outside that I still think they're overcosted compared to just running Monks.. hell, I would even consider running 2 HPA's over them. Funny you mention that about Fiends though.. had some more Discord discussion last night. I think I'll be giving 2x6 Stormfiends a shot, honestly. No matter what we're always going to have issues with things like Kroak and Tzeentch wiping heroes off the board easily, but against anything else? Man.. they would shred. Even if you're careful with T1 movement and using Bridge then you can give those armies a run for their money. If you count the damage in melee as well then 6 Fiends (Shock Gauntlets) can easily be putting out ~70 damage vs a 4+ with all 3 buffs. Even buffed with just Deranged and a Spark, you're looking at ~50 damage. As for Rat Ogres.. I would've like to have seen them at 70-80 points, but that isn't to say they're bad at all. Completely unbuffed Fiends vs unbuffed Rat Ogres (including the Fiends in melee with Shock Gauntlets) is actually the same damage on average (20). Giving them +1 to hit brings them up by about 5 which isn't huge, but being able to counter all of the -1 to hit running around is useful. I really like the thought of them, it's just that I keep coming back to 40 Monks. They're cheaper than 8 Rat Ogres and will put out more damage until they drop below 30. All that said, sitting here for the last 30 minutes practicing mathhammer has led me to the following. Fiends don't get hurt too much from losing that +1 to hit from Vigordust so long as they still get MMMWP (and even with just Deranged + Spark they get ~50 damage vs 4+) and Rabid Crown boosts Rat Ogre damage by a decent amount. I think you can really make the two work together: Now.. the next question is what would be better; 8 Rat Ogres + MM or 2 HPA's? Average damage say's the HPA's, but 2d6" movement and being heavily bracketed can change that real quick. Best against hordes as you can get a lot of bases within 3" and re-rolling those MW dice on the charge means they can do a ton of impact damage, unlike the Rat Ogres. They also ignore spells on a 4+ which is nice, as well as potentially coming back to life and keeping a unit tied up another turn.
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    Painted some Nurgle warriors. I swear like 20-25 paints/shades/dry paints were used just my camera sucks lol
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    Personally I still think so. I don't didn't need points changes to think that though. But it does depend on how you define good and what you want from it. Foot ogors do need you to play more tactical than to charge forward and outkill your opponent. But all the troops in big groups are great. Love 12 gluttons to clear hordes and just be super survivable. I love 10 Leadbelchers in a unit even more. They are great in combat do some extra damage from ranged and are very versatile. And they have great rend. 8 Ironguts absolutely decimate everything they touch. Usually are a target for your opponent though. Not a big deal as that means your other units are surviving, scoring and killing. Leader wise the Tyrant has no real role besides giving Ogors or Gnoblars battleshock immunity. Butcher is good in the Bloodgullet tribe because you can cast the Maw for some damage and a support spell. I also really like the Slaughtermaster in the goremand battalion. To chances to get a +1 to hit for a nearby unit. Ironguts that hit on 2+... yes please! I do feel that an Ogor list on foot needs a hunter with some cats. Because you have not the speed nor fly to threaten backfield objectives and targets otherwise. I usually save setting up my Hunter to the last and then decide if I want them in ambush. Or use the cats to screen my important units. All in all, imo of course, I think they are good. But on paper its a 3-2 or 4-1 army and if you just want to win the big tournaments it's likely not with Ogors. But on the other hand I think we are a nice counter to KO, Tzeentch, seraphon and Lumineth. We got the bodies that a lot of d3 Mortal wounds spells don't really worry me. KO can do massive damage, but they will fold if you get to them and with their thunderers having a range of 18" that's pretty doable. In the meantime you just swarm the objectives with 8+ Ogor units. But I have yet to play against them other than KO, so that's just me guessing. If you want to have fun and never feel like you auto lose Mawtribes is great. You win more than you lose in my experience. It's pretty forgiving when figuring the army out and it's fun to paint. hope this helps.
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    I know adding strength and toughness are a bit contentious in AoS, but I think some form of it would at least help monsters. In 40k, if your Imperial Knight gets hit by 60 grots, they'll all be wounding on 6s so it's not very scary for the knight (which I think is thematically and mechanically right). In AoS, if you surround a Maw Krusha with 60 grots, the Maw Krusha will take heavy damage if not outright die. While adding actual Strength and Toughness would be a lot of hard work outside of a new edition, and would probably require a lot of rebalancing, they could add something like Toughness lite. For example, a general rule saying "Units without the Monster keyword have -1 to wound against units with the Monster Keyword". I know this wouldn't quite cover everything but I think it'd help the issue where monsters feel like they die to a stiff breeze.
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    Nagash gets bullied enough, I think the guy deserves a break.
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    @Kramer That sounds like a great idea. I've been on a huge nostalgia kick recently and have been reading all the WD Batreps from my childhood. The Lustria table used in the Skrolk/GUO batrep vs Lizardmen was a real stand out.
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    Hello all. After months of work, I have finally completed my Lumineth Wind Spirit. I posted an earlier version of this video in the anvil of Apotheosis thread, but thought that I should share the finished miniature here. I decided to try my hand at using the Character creation tools in the latest Generals Handbook. I'll still probably end up using this miniature as an allied Akhelian king, but for friendly games, it feels cool to have a unique warscroll with some sense of balance. Now that my Hero is complete, I can begin working on my Lumineth force proper. It has been a blast creating this design from concept to completion. I look forward to sharing the painted miniature soon, and I also look forward to seeing what other unique creations people come up with the flesh out the Lumineth in Age of Sigmar.
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    Finally got my unit of grimghast done. Had such a good start after I set of two weeks ago. Did 8 models in about 7 days. This will impress no none of course, but for me that is an absolute speed record After that, life happened and I really couldn't find time (or energy) to finish the last two models from the unit, until two days ago. Just two days left for the remaining part of my goal this month ( dreadblade harrow)...guess it still doable if I work on it two evenings, but I think I give myself some space and make it for this weekend, don't want to rush. Nice to see all the progress of others here, love this thread.
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    Oh and in case anyone was wondering this would be the kinda list I'd take if I had the brutes/boarboys. Allegiance: Big Waaagh!LeadersOrruk Megaboss (140)- Artefact: The Boss SkewerOrruk Warchanter (110)Orruk Warchanter (110)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)- Artefact: Shamanic Skullcape- Lore of the Weird: Da Great Big Green Hand of GorkBattleline10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute Choppas5 x Savage Boarboys (130)- Chompas5 x Savage Boarboys (130)- ChompasBattalionsBrute Fist (120)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsChronomantic Cogs (80)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 175
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    @Tizianolol bit of a late response but since nobody else has I'll throw in my 2cents. Quick note first, the footboss is 140 now so you're overcharging yourself. Honestly I don't think ardboys compete with brutes anymore in standard IJ lists. Definitely not in big waaagh. The primary advantage ardboys always had was the fact they were so much harder to shift than brutes. The +2 bravery, 6++ save and better points per wound all added up to a solid block which was "almost" as good as brutes on the damage. -10 points made brutes better points per wound than ardboys and that's without the +10 points hike on ardboys. In addition the damage difference, which slightly favoured brutes, is now much more pronounced. So you're losing +2 bravery/charge and the 6++ shields but gaining 50% more wounds and much better damage for 30points. However. The most important change for big waaagh is that you can no longer roll multiple after saves on any wounds you take. So if you have the 12 waaagh point 6++ up the shields are now worthless. With all that in mind I'd suggest dropping the extra CP and swapping to 10 brutes instead of 10 ardboys. Then shift metal rippers onto the cabbage (it's fricking amazing on him) and take the +1 bravery banner on your footboss to push the brutes to bravery 7. Allegiance: Big Waaagh! LeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)- Boss Gore-hacka and Choppa- Artefact: Metalrippa's Klaw- Mount Trait: Weird 'UnOrruk Megaboss (140)- Artefact: The Boss SkewerOrruk Warchanter (110)Orruk Warchanter (110)Wurrgog Prophet (160)Battleline6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320)- Pig-iron Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (260)- Pair of Brute ChoppasBattalionsIronfist (160)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 131
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    Slaanesh is still good, but is still good by the wrong reasons due to bad internal balance. Slaanesh will keep performing good (maybe not top, but good) because the Keeper of Secrets is still broken. Daemonettes will keep overperforming because you can most likely summon 30 for free once your KoS get to close combat, so 330 points for free, if they made the charge (wich they can reroll once for free) or the KoS survive till the next turn, they fight twice too by expending 1 CP... so they hit like 660 points suddenly. If you remove the Keeper of Secrets from the book, Hedonites of Slaanesh turn into ultra trash tier. The only good pieces in the book are Bladebringer Exalted Chariots and Contorted Epitome, occasionally Infernal Enrapturess if the enemy got heavy magic, otherwise she is 140 points of dead weight. Every other troop underperform compared to the points it costs. The Hedonites of Slaanesh dilema is they are trying to balance the whole Depravity Point System based on the Keeper of Secrets capacity of exploiting it, to the point is impossible to use with Viceleaders, Infernal Enrapturess, Contorted Epitomes and Bladebringers. The Bladebringer on Exalted Chariot is really close to be able to use it, but she got the added handicap of not beign able to generate DP with the mortal wounds effects, that is the real damage output of the chariot. She will probably be able to use the DP system as good as the KoS if that abilities triggered it. So if you take out the KoS, the DP system do nothing (you know, not nothing, but not enough to make a difference). Meanwhile they keep increasing the point cost of the troops to compensate for the DP, but the DP is balanced for KoS only, and this compensation is a little stupid because troops dont generate DP, increasing the points of the troops do nothing to fix the KoS generating DP problem, only make new problems in wich your starting not summoned army is trash, swifting even more power to the Keeper of Secrets. I happen to own Wrath and Rapture, this box came a little before the battletome was anounced, so it was before the KoS was updated, and everything was balanced for the army to work without a Keeper of Secrets, the summoning points were in the GH and were much more lower than now, Daemonettes costed 100 points, they got built in rerolling 1s, the Infernal Enrapturess costed 100 points, this is arguably too low if the enemy got magic casters, but if the enemy got no magic caster, this is a really good cost, i wonder who decided to priced her as "perform normal vs mages and underperform when not" instead of "perform normal in every game but when the enemy got mages it overperforms" and you can tell this is a problem with powercreep design philosophy, when some battletomes are tought as "sometimes underperforming, otherwise normal" and some are tought as "Sometimes overperforming, otherwise normal". The exact same thing happened to Fiends, they were costed at 140 points, wich is arguably too low (im fine with them being 160 points if they reach that number someday) but is again the same philosophy disonance, in W&R they were design thinking "If they fight 1 wound enemies they perform normal, if they fight 2+ wounds enemies they start to overperform, peaking at super performing vs 4+ wound enemies" and now is the reverse "They perform normal vs 4+ wound enemies, they underperform a little vs 2-3 wound enemies, they are utterly trash vs 1 wound enemies" due to being priced so insanely high. Then you got the other power creeped battletomes that are design with the overperforming philosophy. And don't get me worng, KoS is a superperforming piece, but is the only piece that got that deisgn in our battletome... by mistake... because they cannot figure out how to balance DP for everyone and they leave it in a middle spot that make every other hero underperform in DP while the KoS is still above overperfoming. Edit: So i remember it wrong, Fiends was 180 and Infernal Enrapturess was 120. I remember the point cost being lower, but may be because people liked to guess about the points before the product was out, as it was anounced with a lot of time before finally releasing. It may be too because the most common comentary on Fiends going from 180 to 210 was "I thought they should have lowered them to 140 because they do nothing" Anyway, everything was cheaper and Daemonettes cost was 100 points with built in rerolling 1s.
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    I don't have a great picture of just the unit, so I will post one in here a bit later. Here is a small army shot with the 20 dryads in the front row. Also included is a converted Treelord Ancient (the Pine Crone), a converted Branchwych, branchwaith, and 10 converted Tree-Revenants.
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    Great looking minis, keep it up! The Imperial Fleet is coming together, 6 done and 4 are WIP.
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    Working my way through base coating the Dreadfane sequitors, very flat-looking still, but quite happy with the colours so far 🙂
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    Changehost/conflag is probably the way that most competitive/meta driven Tzeentch lists will be run for the foreseeable future. Depends on your goal though. If it is to try win a tournament then this will probably be what you want.
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    Seraphon are a great team to get into, they are definitely a meta team at the moment if you want to win but I like them for 2 reasons: 1. Range of models and teams, yes there is the kroak/salamander list expected to dominate tournaments but I play an all skink thunder lizards army which is very different but still plays well. 2. Easy to get started, both start collecting boxes are excellent value and contain core units you will want in your army. Sylvaneth are an expensive team to play as you will need to buy lots of wild woods to be competitive Destruction armies are not my thing but they have lots of options within them for different armies.
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    Thanks so much. Finished them all and now only have 3 palladors and a Lord arcanum on gryph charger to base. Hope to finish them tomorrow night and take out the camera the next day. There is only one that didn’t end up as I would have wanted it. But 4 out of 5 I’m extremely happy with. amazing stuff. Great terrain like this really elevates a game imo. Was thinking about that today as well. I might just add one more month for matching terrain as I wanted to do build a jungle terrain table since the warhammer fantasy battles Lustria campaign
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    Been about a month since the last update. My 1k army is coming together quite nicely. Finished off the darkshards and added snow basing to both units. Just got to work out some heraldry for banners and source a few more freeguild, then the battleline are good to go. I've also started thinking about how to bring it up to 2k. Current plan is 3 scourge runner chariots, knight incantor, beefing up the darkshards to 20, more dracoths, and a 30-man block of one of the elite infantry choices. Ideally I'd want 30 executioners/black guard as the models are sweet, but unfortunately they just can't compete with phoenix guard rules-wise. Darkshards finished. Went for a slightly different scheme than the guard with more red and gold for more of a 'professional soldier' look. A bunch of different angles for the carriage sub-assemblies. It was probably the most work I've done on a single miniature but it'll be a nice centrepiece when its done. Best bits were painting the planets and the burning torches at the back (first attempt at flames). Also need to try and work out how I'll attach the ogre at the front. Next update will probably be the sisters of the thorn which are in various build stages on my desk. Bonus: a converted a battlemage from the hurricanum set, using a freeguild head and an old dwarf miner backpack. Shame they got nerfed but will be a fun painting challenge.
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    I agree. A terrain piece is one of your allegiance abilities (since its free). If you want the perfect example of how bad they can be just look at Gitz. It does basically nothing unless you're running grots, but takes the place of a much needed allegiance ability. If you're playing spiders/trolls/squigs you don't have any allegiance abilities you can rely on. Its a sick model though. In an ideal world terrain pieces would be pointed instead. Specifically for SoB though I would love to see them be able to break terrain instead, even if its just one of the gargants.
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    What’s up party people! It’s been ages since I’ve updated this thread. All the previous reasons (hate taking pictures, busy life, the great plague upending everything) apply. That being said, it’s time to show some of my most ambitious project to date. This was actually finished last year around this time, but I kept it under wraps with the intention of taking it to Adepticon this year and show it in the Golden Demon. This wasn’t exactly a “secret project” so much as I just can’t stand taking photographs, and prefer to share the miniature in person if I can help it. But, once COVID shut everything down it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen this year. So, I had resolved to wait under the plague passed and possibly show this at the GD 2021. However, life has other plans and it turns out we’re expecting! The baby is set to arrive in Feb next year, so its pretty clear I wont be doing any traveling for warhammer for a while. Super bummed I wont be able to o show it, but the trade off is more than worth it. So. Without further ado, Alarielle the Everqueen, Life Incarnate. As you can see, I went for a high-realism approach, trying to model Alarielle’s features and overall expression something akin to my wife when she’s serious. I also incorporated my wife’s red hair into the composition. The beetle is fulled painted with Colorshift paints from greenstuff world. I’ve developed a very specific working method with them, and this final effect is a combination of 3 different colorshift paints re-enforced by painted shadows. Throughout the scratch-built diorama base there are also a number of insects all painted with colorshifting paints. In the bottom left-hand corner of the above photograph, you can also see Arkhan the Black’s staff, with it eerie green glow near the waterfall (and Arkhan’s foot is visible just under the waterfall.) Although not totally visible in the picture, there are also several layers to the soil under the ground level. If you look you can see all the roots of the trees, plus skulls, weaponry, shields, and banners: all attesting to amount of warfare the land has seen hiding just below the forest floor. Detail of the soul amphora. Detail of bioluminescent mushrooms and a spite. Total work time was somewhere between 300-400 hours, give or take. This is by far one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I’ve ever undertaken. Painting tiny highlights on the eyes through a 20x magnified jeweler’s loop was no joke. I actually have a lot of work to show (I know I always say that, but I do!) And I’m going to try and get the projects on my bench finished Ana’s photographed as best I can before my summoned reinforcements arrive in Feb. Happy painting all. -F P.S. Here’s also a short video that gives a good 360º view. BB5CBDDB-87D1-4F67-86E8-75D15044124A.MOV
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    Although not having pledge to anything l, I was able to finish a 1000points worth of Dawis and some stormcast allies
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    I started in 7th edition and pretty much got hooked on the World-that-was as i saw all these super grim over-the-top fantasy things like armies of daemons battling humans, knights burning bodies until it was night for a week straight with some super knights that could slay titans single-handed sand evil vikings with armor fused to their skin who slaughtered so many that they made rivers of blood so I grabbed every novel and armybook I could up to the End Times (including those side ones that went with the Age of Reckoning MMO). However it was with 8th I saw two huge problems that deflated my interest in that world. One was the massive games, even smallish ones took hours so they were basically yearly affairs that I noticed the tiny fanbase could be barely mustered to finish. Then there was the hour to midnight setting that made Status Quo a God as literally every story had to set things back to normal and every novel was a self-contained void since the setting could never move forward. So when Age of Sigmar arrived that not only gave me a banquet of the over-the-top elements I fell in love with, beautiful artwork of these fantasical realms and armies of the gods, but also a setting that actually kept moving forward and novels free of that void as numerous characters could run into eachother as gods, demi-gods and mortals all kept pushing these nobledark cosmic plots through the ages to control the wondrous realms with their endless potential. Throw in that the game itself is super easy to get into with free rules, efficient warscrolls and tons of layers to add on for nuance or side game skirmishes & warband battles and I never looked back since. Out with the old and in with the new. Long live the Mortal Realms and their glorious future ahead!
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    Applied a little paint and here's a better idea of how he'll look
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