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    I've spent a few months (and a lot of greenstuff) working on this Archaon conversion Got a bit of backstory to it, but it's long and I'll leave that to its own thread at some point, but it's the leader of my other wendigo forces. Still hours of work left to go mind.
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    talking of how the Aelven factions mesh together I kind of mentioned this before but I've been thinking about how all the factions play together and what I'd love to see next edition (or whenever) is essentially a refinement of that multi-player matrix in the new GHB adapted for normal games. and instead of just a list of allies that you can take 20% of whatever there's a sliding scale, of 3 or 4 tiers, tied to how "friendly" the factions are. so for example... Daughters of Khaine and Malerion's faction or Lumineth and Idoneth are ranked best friends forever and you could take say something like 30- 40% of them as allies and they synergise better. Keep it pretty tight and thematic and it would really act as a boost to those factions with smaller model counts.
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    Thought people here might appreciate my Ironclad flying into battle through a realm gate. S Im slowly working on building my KO army waiting for my airbrush to arrive to I can start painting these bad boys.
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    Dark Harvest is really good. A very solid read, that gets extremely creepy and perfectly expresses how dangerous sylvaneth can be. I listened to the audio book, and while I enjoyed it I wasn't massively keen on the performance. The chap who read it didn't do as good a job as some of the voice actors BL have used.
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    Dont be too harsh on my english please. So i played my match vs seraphon yesterday. I played with depsoilers and plaguetouch warband. Mark all nurgle ofc -Deamonprince- axe- armour of tortured souls/radiance of dark glory -Chaos lord on karkadrak - diabolic mantle -Sorcerer lord- mask of darkness -Sorcerer lord on manticore- Call to glory -Chaos lord-Daemonbound s teel/reapersblade -15 Chaos warriors -10 Knights -5 Knights -5 Chaos chosen -Plaguetouch warband. Battleplan: i dunno what it's called it was a new one from the 2020 handbook with 3 objectives in the middle of the board where you roll every turn which objective whould give you 3 points instead of 1. Becouse i had a 2 drop army i was fishing for a double turn (sadly this never happend) and let the seraphon start the first round. When we started the game my hopes were realy low couse i know seraphon is just a **** to play against. My opponent played Kroak and had 2 skinkpriest, one of them on a troglodon. First turn he got 4 command points off his allegiance ability and had +2 to cast on his kroak and +1 on his skinkpriests. He started of with some spells to buff some units but also managed to get off comets call (every ****** turn) spraying mortal wounds over my army, trying to pick of DP general/wizards. Over the progress of the game, having mortal wounds saves on most of my army this realy helps but still is nasty. He got off his ravenak's gnashing jaws turn 1 and put it in the middle of the battlefield in case i had a double turn. When it was my turn i moved in my army and had a unit of 5 knights to flank him from the side on one of the objectives(the one with the extra 3 points). Over the course of the game he had been so lucky with where the main objective whould be places and i had to struggle to get points becouse of this. When it was round 2 and he starded he deceided to move his army in with mostly saurusses and cast another geminids of uhl-gysh (damn nasty -1 attack/-1 to hit on those who got hit) And becouse his endless spells are bound as seraphon, there was little i can do and he could always moved them to his liking (OP LOL). I had only 2 wizards with 1 spell/dispell so i did not even bother to try to get them of the field becouse i knew he whould just cast them again next turn with maybe even more horrible consequence. From this turn on he whould also cast celestrial deliverance from his kroak on a balewind to his priest on a troglodon. (spraying more MW jeej) He used his CP to buff his sauruswarriors to get +1 to hit/+1to wound and -1 rend? i'm not sure anymore. This is where i got supriced by the power of plaguetouch, even tho he ate 4 of my knights (1left) that where flanking and had a ****** ton of attacks on my warriors. only 1 warrior died becouse of the reroll save rolls (i also had ocular vision on both my knights) but i did some dazeling MW back from plaguetouch woundrolls of 6 he did. Shrinking his Sauruswarriors ghehe. As it was my turn i charged in most of my units and whould use my chosen later (standing behind the warriors in 3'' to fill the gap when those warriors whould die giving me reroll wound rolls for units in 12'') and tried to get most damage out. I parked my DP on a edge of the fight hoping to lure his heroes in with bloated blessings on himself. From turn 3 as he started he took the bait with his carnosaur (in the end his carno kiled himself and we even had a debate about him choosing to attack or not lol) and from that point on it was just attacking from both sides every round. Both suffered losses, but in the end despite the nasty debuffs he gave me i prevailed with most units alive and some finaly getting some objectives (he had more models in the start making it hard to take objectives) We ended up in round 5 having the same points and called it the day with a draw becouse it was such a lovely battle. So what are my thoughts? -I think i did realy well overal with my first 2k army vs a verry skilled seraphon player. - Plaguetouch warband realy gave me a chance, dealing massive MW back to the attackers (whitout i doubt i stood a chance + my rerolls on saves) - I had allot of luck on those heals from despoilers - I had low expectations of chaos warriors becouse of all talk people had about them ,but they did surprisingly well. - I think seraphon is in a better tier then slaves becouse of several reasons: they get so many command points (i had to spread mine over turns and even get an artifact for a extra D3), spellcasting is no match against seraphon's dispell over the entire map+ bound spells (realy realy strong), the +1/2 to cast, casting with kroak through skinkpriest. But especialy spraying mortal wounds over the map.. , Oh and not to forget -1 damage from EVERY attack on ANY dino. - I lost some units in the battleshockphase where my opponent just had command points ready for pretty much every battleshock test. - I feel like bringing my list to a tourney you are in for some real struggle against heavy magic lists, i'm not sure how well cabalist whould do. Or heck maybe a plaguetouch cabalist list? - I think bel'akor should maybe even be picked as general even if that makes you miss out a command trait, imagine using his puppet abilty on the turn you go into combat and use it on his kroak lol (or high value targets in other armies) Ofcourse feel free to ask questions if you wanna know more
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    the big issue there is it's too out oc character with how he is described in the lumineth book, especialy the way his journey at the start to find teclis is described and the "being*" he met. *which I suspect is the spirit of hysh proper, instead of just it's moon.
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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/27/the-aelven-pantheon/ Nothing new but they point out to Malerion doing no-good and the Khainite warband: “We’ll have to wait and see to find out – but, perhaps, not for long. ”
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    Managed to grab another win today! This time it was versus Seraphon, a really wonky magic focused list with Kroak. I gave him the first turn, which after his hero phase felt like a major mistake, however I really didnt want to get double turned. A grand total of 20 MWs went through in his Hero Phase. My general died, several SHs and Black Coach was down to like 2 Wounds. It looked stupid, but that was essentially all his list did. Barely anything in shooting, and nothing in combat. So all deep striking (Lady O, 10 Chainrasps and the 30 Grimghasts) spread out over two objectives - while the SHs sat in the middle and the 40 Rasps + GoS on another one. 6 VP(NH) vs 2 VP (Seraphon) I didnt get the double turn. Thought I was screwed at this point. He made a crazy Lord Arcanum combo with Purple Sun and 8 CP. It moved over 40 Rasps, 6 SHs and 30 Reapers. However it totally flunked and killed a total of like 5 models, none of which were SHs. Reikenor managed a cheeky move + charge and pile-in move which got me a 5th point in the second round. Once it was my turn, I had all objectives. Thats another 8 VP, and the next turn again he just couldnt get me off them as I could the double. 8 VP again. At this point, Round 3, I had like 22 or 24 points, versus his like 6 points or something, so it was pretty much over. We sure suck at fighting compared to most, but out flexible deep strike and fast moving models make us really good at the objective game. easy peasy lemon squeezy!
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    I really want both concepts to be fleshed out into full factions (I know Daughters of Khaine technically have Witch Aelves). I think that Devouted of Sigmar with the option of focusing more on the Witch Hunter aesthetic would be my ideal Human faction for AOS. I have also stated in numerous threads that I would adore a classical fantasy witch army for Destruction.
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    So, I was playing Starstrike in a tournament and as you don't know where the objectives are going to be I strung all 4 gravesite along the mid way line so I could move towards where ever the objectives arrived. I spent most of the game then berating myself for such stupid taking the risk and not giving myself a "safety" GS. Especially when I got down to 2 models left (Nagah and a Wight King), somehow I managed to 'hand of dust' through the spell portal and broke a unit's coherency, then Nagatling Gun & Shoot & Fight the far right GS clear. Survived the next turn (we're talking major Hail Mary stuff here) and summoned back 20 GraveGuard, 10 Black Knights and 5 Dire Wolves. Despite what on paper looked like a terrible use of GSs...appeared to be a stroke of genius. I wouldn't recommend it though
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    I always start with my "safety" gravesite. It's my last line of defence in case everything has gone poo. I typically consider the objectives next. I want the opportunity to summon a unit such that it's within objective grabbing range. (Throughout the game occasionally measure distance between objective and gravesite, whilst mumbling incoherently under your breath for added effect) Once I've done that, I pretty, much end up with something similar to what Honk drew. I've been using a flying VL with various speed up buffs recently, it's quite fun when he covers half the board and summons back some DireWolves to threaten an objective. I've over played my hand though, most of my regular (which are very few atm) know my tricks and are ready for it.
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    Yea, i figured why would anyone complain if I’m disadvantaging myself? The conversion is nothing fancy. I’m chopping up the Corvus Cabal and arming them with shields. Many of them look fine as is, although I’m looking forward to squeezing out more mileage from the kit and turning some of the monopose big models into believable marauders as well. Here’s the first buddy I put together. He’ll certainly fit on 25mm, but some of his buddies are less compact.
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    Don’t mind me. I’m just stalking this thread and Ghyran...
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    First 5 wardens minus the bases - waiting for some new base materials to be delivered. I am such a slow painter so this will be a long project.
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    So I had my first game against the new Seraphon tome this weekend after a really long break and took a hard fought loss finishing 19 - 24 on Scorched Earth from GHB2020. My List: It was a wildly uphill battle as I don't think we could have rolled a worse battleplan for my list (only 7 units with 8 objectives in play), while he had I think 11 running Coalesced. (Kroak, 3 skink characters, a carnosaur, a foot saurus hero, 2 units of saurus, 2 units of knights and a unit of skinks). I was only 4 drops so I gave him the first turn but a positioning blunder allowed him to kill my Slaughtermaster turn 1 with buffed up Skink mortal wound shots (I'd put him just outside of Look out Sir range from the Gluttons) but other than that it was a mostly uneventful turn. I managed to run my Frostlord up and he killed a Skin hero with his charge Mortal Wounds and roughly 20 skinks in the combat while only taking a single wound in return (subsequently healed by his Splattercleaver) but my Ironguts failed a 6 inch charge (another positioning blunder, one inch further back would have allowed a command point reroll from my Butcher). My remaining units sat on objectives bringing the score to 4 - 4. I won the double turn, failed for again to get off Balewind then shuffled my remaining units to prepare to counter punch turn 3. The Ironguts made it in and chewed through 15+ Saurus suffering 8 wounds in return. Bad rolls left the Frostlord tied up by skinks killing only another 10ish then again healing off the return damage. His next turn really changed the battle. Between Kroak and the Skink heroes he got a load of extra command points, charged his Carnosaur into the Ironguts to reinforce his saurus and brought his second saurus unit in to further tarpit my Frostlord. In the combat phase he pumped A LOT of command points into buffing the saurus fighting the Ironguts then activated them and kiled 4 leaving the unit at 6 wounds. I swung back with the Ironguts to thin his numbers and hoped he would activate the other unit of saurus to pile in while the skinks were blocking surface area on my Frostlord. The Guts damage was negligible, as was the output from the saurus on my Stonehorn who I then activated to wipe the skin unit. This created a gap for me to retreat through next turn and get into his back line to go Hero/Objective hunting. The Carnosaur finishing off the remaining Ironguts activating his run & charge for the rest of the battle ability. End of round two scores 8 - 8. Sadly he got the double turn, Carnosaur got to my Frostlord and between him and the saurus they got the kill. The other saurus unit advanced to just outside my leadbelcher range and waited. On my turn I finally got off Balewind and slapped all available spells into the approaching saurus unit, only scoring a few mortals off Maw while Kroak unbound everything else. The Leadblechers scored some saurus kills with their shots and my Mournfang positioned themselves to hail Mary up the board (12 inch charge to get onto an objective held by a single skink hero), rolled an 8 so they and my Gluttons slammed into the remaining saurus stringing out to keep their objective and making sure not to pull in the Carnosaur. Combat went well with the Gluttons killing all but 1 saurus and the casualty pulled leaving the Mournfang out of combat and sadly just out of reach of piling forward into the skink hero. Score after round three 11 - 12 in his favor (I should have realized I had his objective here as the lead Mournfang was in range and counts as two units but I was too focused on wanting the double turn to charge in and burn it but ultimately that point didn't matter). I won the roll off and took the double turn. Thinking he would be charging his Carnosaur into my Butcher I retreated my Gluttons from the lone saurus to protect him, again stringing out to keep their objective as well. The Leadbelchers did their job whittling the approaching saurus unit and the Mournfang charged in, killed the skink hero and burnt his objective rolling 3 on the d3. On his turn his got his foot saurus hero into my Mournfang to stall them then ran and charged his Carnosaur into my Leadbelchers. It easily killed them and he burned the objective rolling a 1 but getting a plus 1 for it being a leader. End of round 4 scores were 17 - 16. He won the roll off and in doing so the game. The Carnosaur shredded my Butcher and burnt his objective then the lone surviving saurus ran to burn the vacant one on my far right. On my go I just retreated the Mournfang up to one of his remaining points to score some pity points ending the game at 19 - 24. Overall it was a good game, I felt the rust from 9 months without playing in the first round but quickly got back into the swing. One thing I will note is that the army feels really weird against the army wide minus 1 damage from the Coalesced. I think in future games I'll probably try smaller units and can definitely see a Skal being the preferred battalion. It's probably worth noting my opponent offered to let me move my units for the first two positional blunders but I prefer to learn from my mistakes the hard way.
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    I am loving the lore and development of the Aelven pantheon. I really hope it is building to something huge. Personally I would like Malerion to be seduced/manipulated by Slaanesh but I also like the idea of them developing their own Grand Alliance. I hope that one day they will better develop the other Gods outside of the Aelves, Sigmar and Nagash.
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    Regarding White Dwarf, 40k equivalents to our battalions recieved formal Warhammer FAQs today. That's a promising sign.
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    First attempt at trying to grimdarkenize a Stormcast.
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    In Tempest's Eye it can be very good, and it's one of very few viable low-drop lists in Cities. You can reasonably put 80% of your army into a single battalion. You have your general/big monster in the form of griffon, pistoliers are kinda-functionally-melee units, outriders do shooting and gunhaulers provide even more mobility and firepower. All you need for this to work is some magic. However! One very important thing when it comes to 1st turn and pistoliers: To work as intended, pistoliers must shoot, charge and then shoot again. That means they can't run this turn, because while TE allows shooting after running, you can't charge after that. This drastically lowers their effective alpha strike range. Another thing,, pistols are range 9. Meaning that despite wide range of charge move increases we have access to (you can pull off +6 if you really want to), pistoliers effective charge range is 'less than 9'. What does it mean in practice? Well, a problem arises. Because most battleplans place you 'more than 24' from your nearest target. You have 12 move, +3 in your first turn. If you subtract 15 from 'more than 24' you are, annoyingly, 'more than 9' from the target, and that's not good enough. Yeah, you can run after that, giving you, with right budd, extra 9 inches of movement but you won't charge after that. You can forego shooting phase and charge even 2d6+6, rerolling failures, but then, you will also only shoot once. So, what you can do with that? Well. 1: Use chronomantic cogs. +2 inches of movement and your pistoliers firepower effectively doubles. However, if you hinge your entire plan on this succeeding, terrible things happen if you fail. (Best way to cast it: either a hurricanum (+1 to cast) which you will find extremely useful anyway, outriders love it, or a sorceress with 10 men sacrificial unit (+2 to cast). Both can, obviously, just roll badly so I hope you're a betting man.) 2: You can likely control who goes first. So you can let enemy come closer, survive their initial shooting and whatnot with your extra saves and such, and then easily reach them turn 1. Maybe even get a double turn. But it hinges on your enemy actually coming closer. Will they make a push for objective? Or do they know you need them to move forward so they simply wont? Be prepared for an instance where all you will achieve with those pistoliers in the 1st turn is some impressive area denial. Which is also a good thing as well, you have outriders and gunhaulers to shoot those guys while they're keeping distance while pistoliers grab objectives. 3: Good opponent will know that pistoliers won't hit him with double shots 1st turn. And may count on you knowing that as well, planning for you to go second. Guess what, you can always go first, move forward, soften his screens with gunhaulers and outriders, charge anyway, buff yourself with general's command and be quite deadly even with just a single salvo and melee attacks. Things pistolier/outrider based lists like: Hurricanum. Every single thing you use gets much better with +1 to hit. Knight Azyros. Great general material, actually. Can provide hawk eyed AND re-rolls of 1 to hit, while simultaneously benefiting from his pistolier honored retinue for not getting himself killed, all that while keeping up with your cavalry. And it allows you to use the griffon as a suicide unit when necessary. Wildform. You want pistoliers to make their charge, +2 bonus is great. Lifeswarm. You generally don't have the numbers infantry based list would have, so healing is always good. Every man counts. Hawk Eyed. Other traits might be good, but when basically every unit in your army shoots, boosting shooting is what you do. I wholly advise trying such a list, it's very fun and it's everything your opponents expect Cities NOT to be. It's fast, elite, hard hitting and aggressive, with potentially very low drop count giving you a huge chance for controlling the early game. And you won't be bored, everything wants to move a lot. If you get stuck in combat, you just retreat and shoot/re-charge. Is there a support character hidden somewhere? Gunhaulers. If there's an objective unclaimed? You just run up outriders there or high-fly a gunhauler if it's far enough.
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    Maybe a Monster Hunter series similar to the Witcher!!
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    Haven't had any time to progress on enlightened unfortunately! Hopefully this week I can get a few hours in though. Been great to see others' progress on this thread though!
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    No. Its just the paperback release of the second one. It is a bit disappointing that we have so few AOS novels recently. With Josh leaving it's left a bit of a vacuum. It is encouraging, though, to see new writers like Dale Lucas working on AOS books. I hope we can uncover a few more new AOS writers in the near future.
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    For the phosphorite bomblets, the endless spells and Thunderes with Special weapons I'm using the footnote of Zilfin to move in the Hero Phase. But appart from that, I'm not sure if there is anything that could help.
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    He can only take Slaves to Darkness spells in Slaves to Darkness Allegiance. However, he may use endless spells from Slaves to Darkness.
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    Really depends on the mission and your army, as well as your opponent. usually I go for a crooked flat diamond shape: * * * * the left and Right tight around the middle line, the upper one as far as I dare and the bottom one as resurrection point in the middle of my deployment zone. Since this is an Grand Host discussion, no legion of night backfield ambush madness 😈. Depending on the battleplan, you could deploy a unit in the grave, run up a hero, vamplord in nightmare is extra fast, and then call up a big blob, which then kinda got as far as double or triple their movement speed. always the question where the moshpit will escalate, where you’re going to need your units, if your opponents rushes forward, ironjawz really outran and blocked my forward deployment once. but 3/4 of the time I end up with that Diamond shape, as tight/flat/wide as I think is best. Maybe 4/5...
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    A trick from the rebasing off square is to drill into the legs from below the base and put a pin in, its easier to remove without damging as the mini is more braced
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    How are people’s July’s shaping up? We got 1 week to go! @Kramer how many crossbow stormcast do you have left? @Eldarain hows that elf eizard coming along? And @hughwyeth you working on the enlightened? Props to @Kamose for that big bundle of bray love. Yours truly has a tzaangor mutie to finish. Almost there, just all the metals left... ... And starting to work on next month’s challenge, converting a bucketful of Tzeentchian Marauders!
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    With all the teclises, nagashes and kroaks in the current meta I decided my army needed the dark master himself. Still abit wip but I'd appreciate any c&c
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    Decided to have a crack at sculpting green stuff, as I've been watching a fair few videos on it and have plenty of time for putting effort into my minis now. Here's a couple of Skeleton Warriors I decided would be my guinea pigs for the experiment:
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    What’s up party people! It’s been ages since I’ve updated this thread. All the previous reasons (hate taking pictures, busy life, the great plague upending everything) apply. That being said, it’s time to show some of my most ambitious project to date. This was actually finished last year around this time, but I kept it under wraps with the intention of taking it to Adepticon this year and show it in the Golden Demon. This wasn’t exactly a “secret project” so much as I just can’t stand taking photographs, and prefer to share the miniature in person if I can help it. But, once COVID shut everything down it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen this year. So, I had resolved to wait under the plague passed and possibly show this at the GD 2021. However, life has other plans and it turns out we’re expecting! The baby is set to arrive in Feb next year, so its pretty clear I wont be doing any traveling for warhammer for a while. Super bummed I wont be able to o show it, but the trade off is more than worth it. So. Without further ado, Alarielle the Everqueen, Life Incarnate. As you can see, I went for a high-realism approach, trying to model Alarielle’s features and overall expression something akin to my wife when she’s serious. I also incorporated my wife’s red hair into the composition. The beetle is fulled painted with Colorshift paints from greenstuff world. I’ve developed a very specific working method with them, and this final effect is a combination of 3 different colorshift paints re-enforced by painted shadows. Throughout the scratch-built diorama base there are also a number of insects all painted with colorshifting paints. In the bottom left-hand corner of the above photograph, you can also see Arkhan the Black’s staff, with it eerie green glow near the waterfall (and Arkhan’s foot is visible just under the waterfall.) Although not totally visible in the picture, there are also several layers to the soil under the ground level. If you look you can see all the roots of the trees, plus skulls, weaponry, shields, and banners: all attesting to amount of warfare the land has seen hiding just below the forest floor. Detail of the soul amphora. Detail of bioluminescent mushrooms and a spite. Total work time was somewhere between 300-400 hours, give or take. This is by far one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I’ve ever undertaken. Painting tiny highlights on the eyes through a 20x magnified jeweler’s loop was no joke. I actually have a lot of work to show (I know I always say that, but I do!) And I’m going to try and get the projects on my bench finished Ana’s photographed as best I can before my summoned reinforcements arrive in Feb. Happy painting all. -F P.S. Here’s also a short video that gives a good 360º view. BB5CBDDB-87D1-4F67-86E8-75D15044124A.MOV
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    Been going crazy on my Tzeenth- a tzaangor shaman done!
  33. 1 point
    I have been experimenting with these as well and have learned a few things: priming with a glossy black is really important if you want the advertised colorshift effect However, if you want the paint to look like it does in the bottle (the actual paint), then put it over silver. I'm still experimenting with this quite a bit but you can achieve some interesting effects by playing with the undercoat.
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    I'd love to see the Duardin gods and Gorkamorka to get more developed.
  35. 1 point
    There are so many fun and interesting myths of witches to draw upon from Circe to Morgan le Faye. Personally, I think having a 17th century puritanical aesthetic for the battleline infantry, armed with pitchforks, torches and large belt buckles but also capable of spell casting (similar to Lumineth). I would love familliars as support units, that are capable of buffing nearby units but have no real combat potential (it would be interesting if they were incapable of holding objectives). I would then want the more advance units to start getting into more traditional folklore style witches. You could have a unit of more advance spell-casters with traditional wide brimmed pointed hats, I think a more combat oriented unit of swamp hags might be fun with an aesthetic similar to the troggoth hag. I think a flying unit on broomsticks would be really enjoyable although it would take some creative design work to avoid looking overly ridiculous. I think a Baba Yaga style house with legs would be a fun behemoth unit. I also think the Fimir would make a cool addition to this faction. I also find AOS is lacking in fae folk, unicorns and pegasus and some other traditional fairytale/fantasy creatures that do not fit with much of the current aesthetic but might find a place within this faction. I conceptualized this as a potential destruction army but I think this could also be the basis of an update to deathmages. It would also need only minimal tweeking to work alongside Chaos or Order.
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    The hero on the charge thing is difficult indeed. You are either flying high for a 9” charge or moving forward and seeing what the charge range is. My best bet would be, go low drops so you can set him up hidden behind terrain, and give your opponent turn 1. That way he might move close enough to move within easier charge range. reagrding aethergold. No, only one Gunhauler might use it in the combat phase. They are not one unit but two.
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    That's fantastic @Kramer it's not easy to make an effective diorama on such a small base but you've nailed it.
  38. 1 point
    Some pick up matched play opponents may choose not to play against you as it's kind of a rule of the game to have models on their designated sizes. But as long as you gave a brief explanation as to why you are using different ones I'd play against ya. 🙂 I'd imagine an actual tournament scene would not allow it though. So most friendly pick up games =👍 Tournament practice/play = 👎 Also I understand your reasoning. Others may feel differently. Lets see those sweet custom models!!! 😀
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    I really like the fact that they all have masks! Great job overall and I love the backstory.
  40. 1 point
    I really hate it when the LGS has this kind of culture. It's all but a guarantee that the hobby dies slowly in that area because the new blood gets turned away while the store owners are too afraid of losing core customers to confront the people that are hamstringing their business. A smart store will identify people who can be ambassadors to new players and steer the new folks toward the kind of people who are more positive about the hobby and who will actually make an effort to make new players feel welcome and play down to that level when needed. The more time I spend in this hobby (and other in-person gaming hobbies), the more convinced I am that a hugely underrated factor in the success or failure of LGS is the emotional intelligence of the owner and core employees.
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    That autocorrect is both very fitting for the content of your post and worrying that your device went there repeatedly
  42. 1 point
    I can't be the only one that considers Ravenak's Jaws to be the unofficial ogre spell, right? Just look at the damn thing. Also, it's fluff says it was a Butcher who learned how to cast it first, and Ravenak is 99% just a copy-pasted godbeast version of the Great Maw.
  43. 1 point
    Found my display board bits from Dark fantastic mills (not out yet but preview)
  44. 1 point
    Getting there with bigbird. I think I need another month to finish, because of all the bits and bobs on him to paint (pouches, legs) but I anticipated as much and was only aiming to get all the main colors filled in for this month. Probably going to take a break from big bird for a week and paint some more battleline now.
  45. 1 point
    Hi! Brutes unit and warchanter finally done!
  46. 1 point
    The Underworlds DOK are out in August
  47. 1 point
    Been a bit busy past few weeks, managed to get the Knight Azyros and Larissa Shadowstalker finished up. Treated myself to some reinforcements and got some more Mortal Realms models assembled
  48. 1 point
    Wow, there is some amazing hobby going on here. Got two more Arcanites done, I now have a set of ten for Shadows over Hammerhal.
  49. 1 point
    That is false Information my friend. There is only one great one and 4lesser chaos gods. you just don’t know it yet
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    Sooooo AoS28. I painted this SCE I had lying around to try out a paint scheme. Wanted something grim, testing some paints on the metal for a dark look. Would have preferred it to look MORE grimdark, but this will do.
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