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    I would actually like to see the realm artifacts be replaced; one of their main purposes has passed, now all armies have their 2.0 battletome, that purpose being to help bridge the gap between old armies and new, much like the generic command abilities, which might be getting removed too (Quote: Vince Venturella iirc). I feel like the realm artifacts too often were better choices than some tomes' own, and things like Ethereal Amulet on any monster with a 3+ save just seems like a bad play experience if you didn't have the MW output to deal with it.
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    Bye bye... artifacts and spells.... Bye bye, Aqshy Scales... Eternal Amulet, Doppelganger Cloak....
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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/28/sunday-preview-calling-all-generals/ Generals Handbook next week preorder
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    Been going crazy on my Tzeenth- a tzaangor shaman done!
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    I think the op must be a Stormcast as they seem to have lost their soul. The tragedy of the Stormcast is that they aren't simply losing their personalities, they are losing everything that makes them human. They are all suffering from something akin to Alzheimers. Read what Terry Pratchett said about it. He made a documentary about people choosing death rather face the slow erosion of humanity that the disease brings. There really can't be any bigger stakes than this. As for the size of the Stormcast army. There is one anvil of apotheosis. The reforging is not a fast process. The malign portents story "the price of apotheosis" hints at this. The six Smiths are essentially conducting surgery on the soul of the Stormcast. It is not unreasonable to assume that the process can take hours. In the world a human dies about every two seconds. If we assume each realm is about earth size, than about 100,000 souls are sent to Nagash for every Stormcast that is reforged. This reforging time puts a hard cap on the possibile size of the Stormcast armies. If we assume that one Stormcast is reforged per hour that's 720 Stormcast a month. So if more than that are killed and sent for reforging then the army will not be able to be replenished. In the soul wars novel this exact problem is described. In fact a lightning gheist causes the whole process to be stopped for a time. All this goes to show that the idea of everyone in the mortal realms becoming a Stormcast is nonsense given the established framework of the lore.
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    Finished my goal for this month! Here are 3 Tzeentch Mortals to add to my small collection! I imagine they are skulking in the dark sewers and tunnels of some city, preparing the grounds for some eldritch ritual to call forth their patron deity. The cabalists differ in their interpretations of what will happen next - some think they will be elevated to paradise, some think they will be granted the power to undo past wrongs, and still others whisper apocryphal tidings of fire and ash. A hint of things for next month - perhaps the Cabalists will raise more to their cause, either for sorcery or sacrifice. Or perhaps something greater comes, borne on great wings and bearing terrible wroth, to shatter the delusions of these flimsy mortals. In other news - the silver tower acolyte sculpts are beautiful. Super dynamic. I also like having a female acolyte from Underworlds. I think it was a missed opportunity that the regular acolyte box is a sausage fest.
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    I don't know, as someone with a family history of dementia and Alzheimer's, the thought of losing myself more and more hits a really deep-seated fear. Sure, it isn't a mechanical failing, and they are technically immortal, but what a horrible way to exist. I love that part of their lore and I really love how things like Soulbound explore that even more. Also Im not sure how fighting them on the tabletop can be hollow when their immortality isn't linked to any actual rule? Do you mean that it doesn't feel good to 'kill' a bunch of little painty men that don't stay dead once they get packed back up into their cases? Aren't all Warhammer models immortal after a battle, unless you step on them?
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    Gotta feel sorry for the guy who bought 2019 last week after getting fed up of having it on the app... ...oh that was me then 🤣🤣 Not to worry. Something else to buy and hide from the missus 😂
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    Are you telling me that an army created specifically to counteract chaos and had the advantage of rapid surprise attacks was doing well. I have read all of the beginning AoS stuff, and stormcast even then were not invincible. I mean in the very first book a stormcast gets permanently killed.
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    Personaly I love the narrative of Stormcast being regular people dealing with and changing due to a rough form of immortality. (Pitures from https://kaisermakes.tumblr.com/)
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    Well, some relatively weak factions (where by "weak" I mean weaker than your average Tzeench, Fyreslayers or even - dare i say it - Lumineth...) rely on artefacts such as the Ethereal Amulet to mereley get a fighting chance. An example would be Soulblight and/or Legion of Blood (which I both play): without the "staple" Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with th Etheral Amulet, those factions are going to suffer massively...there aren't so many "competitive" builds out there for those factions to start with, and now we risk to lose the few of them that are actually viable. Precisely. On the other hand, I do agree with @Dankboss that some artefacts are currenlt making strong factions even stronger... it's a tough one, granted, and we still don't know what the pool of "new" ones looks like... That one's just plainly broken on some characters mate . And yes, same here - I don't wan't to let go my Etheral Amulet at all!!!
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    Finished another character for this month, so i beat the target! Tzaangor Shaman.
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    For those wondering about their numbers. The battletome says a stormhost has between 5k and 10k stormcast.
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    Yeah I think its going to be impossible to beat a skilled LRL player. If they go stone build then our eels lose their rend and don't have enough damage. We have no real way to stop Teclis dropping mortals all over the place. Then you look at the bravery stuff. We kill 20 wardens, then the calathar makes us take battleshock as if we most all those models. The cp spell they have shuts down our ability to use inspiring presence and means we wont have the cp for buffing up turn 3. I'm not really surprised though. Our book is comfortably over two years old now. Only DoK, LoN and Maggotkin are older. Older books often start to fall down due to powercreep. Plus we were always reliant on a single key build that covered from our battletome being weak in many areas.
  16. 3 points
    It was pretty back and forth once the initial surprise was over(which they had banked on to make their storm strikes so effective to prevent chaos overwhelming them) halfway through the Realmgate Wars. Heck even before that the Stormcasts had it rough by the second book "Warstorm" and then "Hammers of Sigmar" are full of grim situations that see the Stormcasts new to battle get ambushed several times and either panic fire into their own troops or a lord-celestant get his eye gouged out by a Khornite while his soldiers got pulled into orbit by a Aqshy moon. Nevermind how many Khul's soul destroying sword sent screaming into the chaos realm or how many committed suicide by closing chaos gates on the bad side where they were cut off from Azyr. That was a big reason they needed reforging. The huge casualty rates the brutal baptism by fire trying to retake the Realmgates caused.
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    Once you leave the somewhat "Mary Sue" Realmgate Wars stories things start to improve. Realmgate Wars were not the best, they were made as campaign books to go in campaign books and were released at teh very start of the game when AoS was brand new. They focused on the Stormcast (poster army of the game) and were mostly about the legions bashing back Chaos from the nearly corrupted realms. The fact that Stormcast can march for days without much need of rest, food or water; that they can eat and drink most things; that they can climb mountains and have energy at the end to fight several battles all without rest etc... These can all make them seem rather boring. However. As things have gone on we have started to see problems with them. Sure they are immortal, but their memories are not immortal, only their bodies. A Stormcast reforged might remember all of their past or only some; they might recall everything as a stormcast in detail but not their once living self; or it might be the other way around. It's fearsome because as they forget more of themselves each time then they are in as sense a new person each and every time. This scares most Stormcast because whilst their "body" is reforged, their mind is not. Death can well be the end of a Stormcast as a personality and person. Furthermore the more they are reforged (and now that they've been fighting a while the forces agaisnt them have a better understanding of how to kill them) the more it chips away at them. Leaving less and less of a person and more of a machine driven by Sigmar's will and hatred of Chaos. Indeed they've conducted purges on the populations of the Cities; they've done evil things in the name of defeating Chaos. The more they are reforged the more zealous they become, the more they lose their sense of individuality; the more they disassociate with the people of the Realms. Stormcast are not good, they are simply the greatest force against Chaos. This takes some getting used too as readers and writers and the stories we get now are far improved. All we really need is a better sense of geography and also time in the setting and things would improve dramatically. Stormcast are set to fall from grace very easily. I can see points in the future where the Cities of Sigmar and the Free Peoples of the Realms might turn on the Stormcast even though they are the very agents of their god. If anything the immortality is their greatest weakness. Any faults they have are preserved; any errors kept any issues amplified. The suggestion that reforging strips away more and more of them each time a suggestion that eventually there might well come a time when Sigmar has to abandon them and not reforge them least they are too broken. Or perhaps he will keep reforging even if his Stormcast might crack and fall from grace entirely. One of the Inferno short stories already shows a Stormcast who has abandoned Sigmar and its suggested that in that act Sigmar also abandons him. The main issue with Stormcast is in the long term they'd overpopulate because of continual recruitment and immortality. That said I'd wager DEATH is a far bigger questionmark over that. The Realm of Death - the very place that all the dead go - is vastly more populated (there's no filter) and yet it seems that the only afterlife that might resist Nagash is the Skaven one - all others appear to cave to his will and armies. Nagash has a true everlasting and ever growing legion. This isn't like Hade's lording over souls; Nagash is weaponising the souls and the bodies and the bones into legion after legion. All other realms feed his and even if Chaos corrupts some, Nagash is still getting a lions share of souls and bodies and bones to build from. Now there is a huge ever growing legion where you can't just stem the tide of recruitment. Of course his recent Black Pyramid plan, which broke, has created an almost black hole creation at the centre - something that consumes all and takes it beyond any of the Gods reach.
  18. 2 points
    I heartily agree with this! As someone with a homebrew "counts as" city I'd love to be able to be more creative with my lore. I doubt it will happen but we can wish!
  19. 2 points
    I hope this means they'll relinquish the forced realms for Cities. Realm gives no choice within itself, so give us choice of realms.
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    Losing Ignax's scales just when an army with massive mortal wounds output comes out is painful
  21. 2 points
    Well by Phil Kelly this is actually a slippery of writing, an exaggeration rather than real scale description. He says the Hammerhal is still massive, “as large as modern London” but certainly not on the same size of a continent. And yeah from description in Soulbound, the great patch is around the same size of Eurasia.
  22. 2 points
    At the same time, losing access to a "common pool" of artifacts will widen the distance between battletomes
  23. 2 points
    It says "if" you decide your army is from a mortal realm use the below rather than malign sorcery. Ok, my skaven are not from any realm at all and my corrupter cant even remember where he picked up his sword of judgement. At least thats how i hope it works.
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    I received my pre-order yesterday and having digested the battletome I'm pretty happy with what Games Workshop have delivered. Sure, the range of miniatures is a little limited, but between the nations, spell lores and artefacts there's enough available to engage in some fun list building. I've enjoyed the fluff. It's nice to finally see Hysh, Tyrion and Teclis fleshed out, also to see a more optimistic High Elf/Aeldari style faction - one on the ascendant rather than simply holding off an inevitable decline (though there are still hints of that). Page 22 provides flavour for Realm-lord armies and hints at what we could expect to see in future, should the faction prove popular: Tyrionic Lord regents / Lady regents / Champions - Combat heroes Archers - Vanari Auralan Sentinels Spearmen - Vanari Auralan Wardens Charioteers Knights - Vanari Dawnriders Artillery Scouts Teclian Loreseekers - Loremaster style spellswords Aelementiri Temples River - tens of thousands of river warriors, presumably some kind of river wizard and river aelementor? Mountains - the Alarith we have seen already, ~ a thousand Wind - rare, air wizards/aelementor? Rare. Zenith - angelic aelves, beings of light/thought. Almost none. Hopefully we will see a Tyrionic hero and another Aelementiri temple at some point! I would really like a combat hero, I was thinking of using an allied Idoneth Akhelian King (High Elf Prince on Griffon) to scratch that itch.
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    That’s some evil, and very well painted, looking cultists. Well done. so for me it’s do or die tonight. Wish me luck😅
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    It was two or three months ago I pledged to get just an Ogroid Thaumaturge done and didn’t quite make it, but I’ve been plugging away since then and completed both it and a Tzaangor Shaman. First finished models in ages!
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  28. 2 points
    This is true! Needless to say, capturing a realmgate, even building Free Cities is a far cry from dominating the entire realm. I'm playing through a Soulbound campaign with some friends right now and, yeah, most of Aqshy is still dominated by Chaos. Our GM told us we have to find a realmgate to Shyish and the closest one was in a place called Khul's Ravage...so yeah. We're not going there. That's not how we want to get to Shyish. 💀
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    It is nice to see this thread so active with my fellow Fishy Boiz! I think LRL will be hard for anyone to defeat. Can you imagine using a standard army that is magic heavy like Gloomspite....just leave your casters at home :p. A solid player will definitely have Mr. T (I pity the foul who doesn't think the Teclis mini is ugly) protected from the Scryer. After seeing how ugly Teclis is I realise how bald and beautiful our minis are lmao. Something I love about Eels is how if you run a bunch of Eels you can still throw in some fun units and play semi competitive. I regularly throw in a Prime or Eidolon or Turtle and it balances out to a semi-competitive list. I think when playing games not in a tourney it doesn't feel oppressive for my opponent. Playing a tooled up Tzeentch list for example is not fun for most but Deepkin lists usually feel like you have a chance. We are by no means OP but I think we can still do well in major events by playing the objectives. That said, our Tome is feeling the power creep and I think it will continue to do so. I am excited for a new tome not because I want to smash all the LRL and OBR players out there but I just want to have more variety.
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    They certainly did not win all of their battles. If anything, the authors in the Realmgate Wars made Stormcast far more human (and, I think, more interesting) than Space Marines. Don't forget: 1. Tarsus Bullheart and the Hallowed Knights failed in their quest to bring Nagash into Sigmar's new alliance. He failed so badly his soul was consumed by Nagash and lost forever. 2. Upon arriving in Ghyran, the Hallowed knights are so mentally assaulted by the Beastmen's Dirgehorn that some of them literally walk out into the swamp and commit suicide by drowning rather than complete their quest. (This is one of my favorite parts of the Realmgate Wars and one of the main reasons why Stormcast are more interesting than Space Marine, in my opinion). 3. Lord Celestant Jactos Goldenmane was seemingly killed by Korghus Khul's Reality Splitting Axe during the initial assault on the Brimstone Pennisula, the opening battle of the Realmgate Wars. I say "seemingly" because Khul killed him but Jactos' head did not return to Azyr after he died. Instead Khul intended to place his skull on top of his skull pyramid in order to ascend to daemonhood. 4. Thostos Bladestorm's fight against Archaon at the Mercurial Gate ended with the Stormcast's soul devoured and destroyed by Dorghar. 5. Archaon's first appearance in the Realmgate Wars was at the Battle of Mount Kronus where he faced Vandus Hammerhead and the Hammers of Sigmar and summarily whooped all their butts in short order. No contest. And those are just examples from the Realmgate Wars! There are plenty of ways to permanently kill Stormcast in the lore. Combined with the fact that people with the will power to become Stormcast are very rare, I wouldn't worry about Stormcast overpopulation just yet, Malthus.
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    Finally figured out a workable streaming set-up for two cameras. Top down worked very well but would be good if we could get in some more side perspective cameras as well. Fun 1K game test run last night. BCR vs Nurgle on a 48”x58” table. Not much terrain either. Will want to run a few more games to build up the proficiency before bumping up to 2K on 6’x4’ but last night gave us confidence we can get there.
  32. 2 points
    Shock and awe is also active if you use a prayer or CA that redeploys your units - anything that sets up a unit of Stormcast again in the ability/prayer description.
  33. 2 points
    I get what you mean. An eel spam list using morsarr, volturnous and maybe an aspect of the storm probably has a win ratio of just over 50% . Balance wise that's pretty good. Generally the strengths of those lists and the weaknesses are fairly even. Problem 1) our win ratios has been steadily trending downwards and each time a new battletome comes out (particularly obr and now lrl) our strengths are worse than they were before. Problem 2) If you run any kind of non meta list, say thralls and reverse tide, our win ratio would probably be in the bottom tier. This also has the sad side effect of meaning that despite having loads of amazing "new" plastic kits, most never see the light of day. Problem 3) Most of the actual rules from our battletome are dead. Command traits? Volturnous will probably be your general. Artifacts? Malign sorcery ones are all better. Spells? Too unreliable and too weak. Rituals? Happens once in a blue moon. Battalions? What's that? Problem 4) A lot of the intended synergies just don't work. The soul render thrall dynamic is pretty much impossible. Lotann gives buffs that are much easier to get elsewhere etc. Luckily I do think most of these issues are easy to fix. Just got to sit tight and wait for our second tome.
  34. 2 points
    @Sleboda like shadows of the Apt series? Mantis weapon masters and waspkin warriors!
  35. 2 points
    Strongly disagree, immortality is part of what makes the faction, the faction. As someone who loved stormcast faction and lore from the very beginning. I don't want any more GrimDerp in my faction. The reforging flaw is reducing stormcast to being mindless automatons. Soon the hammers of sigmar will not be acting like they should. Ironic, I remember when people thought they were just suits of armor.
  36. 2 points
    It's been discussed earlier, but can Vanari units cast spells from the Lore of Hysh?? Thanks all. I built Eltharion and he is magnificent!! Love the model.
  37. 2 points
    This has happened even in the Realmwars - in fact Chaos mages were able to intercept the spirit energy and use it for their own ends. However the energy itself was not corrupted, simply used to be drained to provide raw power. So when the device was destroyed the souls were released to Sigmar once again. That said there are certainly more than a few ways to block their return to Sigmar.
  38. 2 points
    Happy Release Day everyone! I gave the second Ymetrica color scheme a try: Im pretty happy with how it turned out! I think I will paint my whole army in this scheme (but now, im thinking about how im going to paint the Alariths?)
  39. 2 points
    Hey I'm not taking part in this thread but I just wanna say I read it all in one sitting and it's the most inspirational hobby thing I've seen all year, so thanks to everyone here. Keep it up!
  40. 2 points
    I'm ready to go for the next month. My goal is Grashrak and his Despoilers. I also have 14 Bestigors to finish up.
  41. 1 point
    Author must have watched too much Game of Thrones and their teleporting armies. Though at least that makes more sense in the Mortal Realms with portals and magic everywhere/in everything. Heck, the powerful fiery winds in Aqshy would be enough of an excuse why the boats traveled so quickly at an ensorcelled pace. Also nice of GW to put some light on Lake Lethis again. Leave it to an undead lake battle to put the murky in Mercs.
  42. 1 point
    Love the shading, lovely limited palette and NMM on the gold and weapons!
  43. 1 point
    I've always thought of a Beastmen like army would do well for Destruction and I dont mean Beasts of Chaos Beastmen like Gors but more so different Bipedal Animals such as Rhinos and Hippos, Elephants and such but taken up to an 11 in an AOS style. An Insect race would be awesome, make them different to Tyranids in theme though so perhaps they're not all consuming but just territorial of their Hives when enemies encroach on them.
  44. 1 point
    Been a long while in the hobby hiatus zone... but I've finally decided to shake off the laziness and get back to work. A mix of stage 1 and 2 on this guy, and some colors are not blocked in yet, as you can see.
  45. 1 point
    Very good post @Theo Jansen I think there's a lot of related but distinct discussions we could have around the playtesting process. Some of these are (with my opinions italicised): Is it a net benefit to the game? Yes, massively so. Is it perfect? No, just as we can't expect any process to be perfect, but we should constantly strive to improve. Do they do a good job? Yes, I think so, looking at some of the things they have caught. The relevant comparison is not a subjective, imaginary perfect version of a given book, but what that book looked like before playtesting. Is it fair to criticise the process? Yes with an asterisk. From someone on the outside looking in, the UK scene seems very factional and I could well imagine that criticising the process is used as a proxy for criticising the individuals involved / scoring points in personal feuds. Hopefully when there is well-reasoned, constructive criticism of the process, that doesn't get misconstrued as criticism of the individuals. Do the playtesters get an advantage in individual events? Already discussed extensively in this thread and beyond, with some good points raised on all sides. Minor if any in my opinion. Do the playtesters get an advantage in the ETC / other team events? Yes, and it's probably quite significant. It's this last one that is the one that I would argue deserves most focus, given that the reason this blew up as a topic was specifically because of comments made on the Bad Dice review of the Lumineth book, by a playtester who represents England at the ETC . In the context of ETC, having a team of mostly / all playtesters is advantageous in several ways: You know which way the meta is likely to go before everybody else This can and does inform your portfolio of armies (confirmed on the podcast) You know whether to invest time and tournament reps in specific armies You know if an army has a likely hard counter looming All of these things are huge in an event where pairings are critical. I think that context is something that deserves specific discussion. For ETC specifically I would suggest an earlier cut off date for what is valid. It's not a perfect solution, because it means you're likely playing with an "old" ruleset, but it would solve the issue of big swings in the meta right before the event that some teams knew already knew about in detail, and most teams didn't. Finally I'd like to say that there are several red herrings that come up whenever playtesting comes up that I would like to address in advance: "They're great players" Yes they are, and sincere hats off to them for their many achievements. But that is tangential to this specific discussion. You could put Usain Bolt in rocket boots, and say he would have won the race anyway, and that would be true. "The game would be worse without playstesting" Agreed. Suggesting that playstesters have an advantage in team events is in no way advocating for the abandonment of the entire playtesting process. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the above, but especially from playtesters on whether they agree / acknowledge that they have an advantage for the ETC specifically, and what if anything they would suggest as an outcome for that.
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    With the current warscroll stats, brutes should be allowed to mix and max between all weapon options. Other armies have this. Look at SCE Evocators. Wouldn't make them op but could give them a slight buff.
  47. 1 point
    As somebody who paints their Stormcast as Hallowed Knights, I have to say that is a beautiful model. I like how crisp and sharp your highlights are! Only the faithful!
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    I see you like dinosaurs 😁 I’ve made my steam tanks with those beasts: Funny enough
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