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    Yea... I mean there has always been strong picks but for me Seraphon becomes boring as they hardly even have to play the game... Sloppy wizard positioning? you can dispell over the entire board and cast through a skink... You lack characters for the objectives? Summon new ones!... An on demand Teleport... switching spells around if you picked the wrong one... No command points? don't worry! next round you'll get 3 new ones! This combined with some real heavy picks in the form of Kroak, Salamanders, Starpriest+ skink combo, bastiladons... Makes seraphon into an easy to play faction that forgives mistakes but also gives you such crazy efficiency per point. If seraphon has an issue it would be few drop armies that can hit first and hit hard that doesn't rely on magic. So Changehost... Strangely enough Beasts of chaos... But also Idoneth and some Ogor/orc builds. But in the hands of 2 equally skilled players currently seraphon have an edge vs most armies. I think GH 2020 might fix some of the issues, but not all... You can literally random roll a seraphon army from the book and in turns out alright.
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    Games Workshop truly the poster child for "Get Woke, Go Broke Gangbusters and Make Enough Money to Ride Out A Pandemic Like A ****** AF Boss"
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    ...sorry that it took me so long for finishing them, but here are my converted/kitbashed Vampire Lords I abandoned the idea of the mutated left arm, and I used many bits: bodies: Idoneth Namarti Thralls & Namarti Reavers wings: DoK Khinerai heads: Spite Revenants left hand: Crypt Ghouls shoulders: Grave Guards cloaks: Dark Riders
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    Oni themed ogres? I like the concept atleast. Wip of my next project.
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    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/games-workshop-to-refund-state-aid-after-business-charges-ahead-z9qw3j8bf something to remind us that despite how they act, GW still has a heart.
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    I see your pedantry, and raise you even more! While GW only uses "Codex" to refer to their 40K books, the actual meaning of the term is much broader. A Codex is a book which is written on lots of sheets of paper (or parchment etc.) bound into a cover along one edge. These days we use that format for most printed books, so pretty much just call them "books". However, technically, a "book" is what is written in the codex and could be just as easily written on scrolls, clay or stone tablets, or the format more familiar to wargamers, a series of loose cards! In the modern day we still kind of use scrolls for digital files, but even most e-readers are designed to present them as though they were codices. So while battletomes are not Codexes in the GW sense, they are most certainly Codices in the original sense of the word.
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    40K 9th box set has some awesome content. Not a 40K player but glad for those guys, makes me ecstatic to think what we may get in a couple years for AOS 3.0.
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    One more Cogstrider painted, and the build nearing completion on Iyla Greyson and her mechanical griffon
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    I had a bit of a dip in productivity as I waited for orders to arrive for my cities of destruction force which I'm currently referring to as Ghurite Wyldwalkers; which seems fairly catchy. The truthsayer is finished up and so is a wizard on Griffon. Alongside these I've got a unit of greatswords, 2 more wizards, some pistoliers and a unit of freeguild guard with spears. These are mostly wip shots while I wait for greenstuff and rattle cans. Let me know what you think. Truthsayer: Battlemage on Griffon: Battlemage 1. Primarily built from the godsworn hunt leader, with a little bloodbowl wood elves and sisters of the thorn: Battlemage 2. This one uses parts from the old ghur battlemage with godsworn hunt legs and untamed beast torso: A pair of greatswords. These are all built using the untamed beasts and marauder horseman kits: Sergeant of the spear unit. The rest of this unit is built from the untamed beasts plainsrunners and ungor weapons. I wanted the unit leader to have a bit more bulk to stand out: Lastly, the first of my pistoliers. I still need to greenstuff saddles for these guys and maybe some reins...:
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    I am really hoping that this Sunday the Lumineth go up for next weeks pre order, otherwise I'm not sure if they will untill after 9th.
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    GW are Lannisters, they always pay their debts.
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    I just wanted to say a big thanks @Sedge and Mini Mag Tray for coming on board as a continued advertiser especially during these uncertain times. Visit the site here to check them out - https://www.minimagtray.co.uk
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    Astonishing that all those models are push fit. As someone who has got as far as buying a few Necrons in the distant past and has a soft spot for them, they are the best Necron models ever made hands down.
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    Also this seems not to be the new starter Box as it is limited. Will they get a Dark Imperium Kind of Box too?
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    Time for the first blog update! Been pretty busy with real life stuff recently but still managed to get some hobby in. Really enjoyed painting to podcasts in the evenings. The last couple weeks I've completed my freeguild guard and built up the darkshards. Pretty rusty at painting so took a couple models to get back into it, though overall very pleased with how they turned out. Learnt a couple painting tips along the way too! Here's all 14, went for a blue and white colour scheme with purple and red highlights. Just got to try and wrangle another 6 from somewhere to bring it up to the full squad. Dwarves closeup. These were the first I finished and were stripped and rebased from my old fantasy army. Think they're looking good and especially pleased with the bases. Command squad. The kit bashing came out pretty well, particularly the masked drummer. Still got to work out a freehand design for with the banner, but got to practise a bit more before trying that. The rest of the boys. I feel the kit bashing really added some character; Lanky McDwarferson with the steam gun, pet rat guy, stump leg guy etc. (names tbc) Pre-undercoat darkshards. Pretty much straight out of the box. Added a couple arrow stands and backpacks here and there. Plus used greenstuff to add the freeguild captain greatsword to the unit champion. Definitely a bit out of practice with the green stuff as it was a bit messy sculpting (probably wasn't wet enough) but should look fine once its painted. Also added another small dagger to the bottom for some Darth Maul vibes. Finally my sorceress. Just a hag queen model I got off ebay atm but planning on attaching a sisters of the thorn staff for her other hand. Also considering greenstuffing some fabric for a dress to make it look a bit more battlemage than stripper-witch. Will see just have to see what I'm feeling when I've got the other kits. Next steps include painting up the darkshards and buying either the hurricanum (I have some conversion ideas) or the sisters/concussor
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    Right now it's OK. I've still got 11. When I cleared the backlog before getting this last set I had a Mausoleum to paint. That's done now. I guess I'll go back now and touch up all the bits that I have painted differently to how I do now. Rusty weapons, blood etc. After that, or once I get bored of that anyway, then I think that's when the shakes set in and you just stare at the calender waiting for payday so that you can get some new stuff to feed the habit. It's gonna be a chimera next I think 😁 As for the why no one uses the sword... I don't know. Its on the box. The strange thing about it is that he gets +1 to missile attacks and not melee so it's a big sword that does naff all for him 😂
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  19. 1 point
    Im also worried a second wave could hit, it's a real possibility now especially with the amount of people present at protests. I just hope we can get the Sons and Lumineth out before then if it does happen.
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    I think these are all June minis.
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    I can't justify the battalions unless I'm running something more "generic" with 6 Fiends but.. I'm not even sure that's worth it. Even without an Engineer to overcharge them they aren't too bad, but at that point you may get better results out of Jezzails, not sure. MMMWP does nothing for them since they don't hit or wound.. but yes, MMMWP is a given if you take Fiends or Acolytes and I wouldn't take either without that spell (and usually Deranged Inventor for a backup). Don't know how well it will go against Seraphon as I'm not sure if he's planning to go Skink heavy or more magic\bastilidon heavy.. but this is my first pass at a list: Doomwheel would be the first thing I drop in favor of more Clanrats as well as 10 Gutter Runners or 10 more Night Runners... or more Clanrats, but having deepstrike and pre-movement options would probably be better overall. I don't believe in list-tailoring, so this is my current attempt towards an all-comers list against things like Seraphon, KO, Tzeentch, etc. Issue is it can be lacking against more CC heavy armies now but.. we'll see. Another potential alternative is drop the Doomwheel and 1 WLC to throw in 25 Acolytes and an Engineer who can overcharge the cannon for 12 shots anyway. The biggest issue I have with it is the low amount of Clanrats. I've really been trying to include 80-100 in every list like I used to do, but I really feel like Night Runners are a necessity anymore to zone out some breathing space against shooting and deepstrikes. Anyway, I have time to practice and since NOVA was cancelled, that's one less tournament I have to "worry" about. A shame though, as I was really looking forward to it. Here's to the new GHB giving us some potential new options 😉
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    And then there were 20. So that's 1 Cygor and 10 Ungor Raiders done and I've got 10 Bestigors and a Great Bray Shamen left. That will then be this painting contract complete and I'll have been forced to stop spending as lock down lasted longer than my savings could handle my spend rate!
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    I think the consensus around the rumours is mid-July? But I could also see GW holding off if they think a second wave might send the UK back into another lockdown.
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    https://twitter.com/guillaume_gte/status/1271650751987752960 My Vampire Lord kitbash/conversion, inspired by Mike Lee's "Nagash" and Josh Reynolds "Neferata" excellent books :)
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    Honestly the very existence of Seraphon is the humiliation to the game balance. Just finished watching a game that 1000pts Seraphon tables 2000pts the sixth circle. It’s frustrating.
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    Ohh yes, I absolutely mean to suggest doing this only with books that you have purchased. It's meant to be a solution to the awkwardness of carrying around a stack of hardcovers to a game, not a solution to the cost of books. I definitely don't read it like that. I'm sure anyone who uses the site regularly noticed. All multiplayer in-person gaming is a bit tamped down now due to social distancing needs, but aside from that is there any evidence that AOS is in a bad place? The GW store is selling out of kits faster than they can restock. I haven't noticed any downtick in online engagement, and I'd argue that online engagement isn't all that representative of the community at large anyway.
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    Pff I'd start looking at playstyle and trying to find the models that fit. Because so many good models in Cities, but some really force you into a certain playstyle. (Handgunners for example are great, but reward you for not moving and keeping in range of command abilities.) There is a great story* which speaks of a dwarven hold in Ghyran. Where they don't use metals but use hard wood for their armour. So if you are willing to paint wood grain. It wood look cool. (sorry, not sorry). *Eight Lamentations: The Tainted Axe, I think. EDIT: I helped oscar with this tutorial. It requires a steady hand but it does look great. https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=wgUtyPIa3V8&t=222s
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    Finished my Stormcast army. Personally not a big fan of the standard gold paint scheme and their Cybermen heads so I tried switching things up a bit.
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    After near 4 months, finally I completely finished the whole araknarok!! What a nightmare to build and paint, the most difficult project I’ve encountered so far (or at least the most tedious one). Sorry if there’s too many photos, but I can’t hold the excitement lol
  30. 1 point
    Another option is a third Company. You are then no longer limited to Nar or Urbaz (+ Zilfin if you get a frig). The Aether War general also helps in this, but limits your general choice.
  31. 1 point
    You should definitely go for the Aetherwar box and a big ship of your choice. This way you can try out every battleline option in the book and also our two main batallions (ironsky command and grundstock escort wing). On top of that you get the best hero we have right now aka. the baloonboy. I just started my KO army in this way and am more than happy about the versatility of my collection.
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    This was an excellent batrep, guys! Greatly enjoying your channel. It's awesome to see non-standard lists as well.
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    Welcome to my first blog post. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at this game. Most games I play I'm just an average player. But I love this game and will continue to play. A little bit about myself. I started around 2014 playing Warhammer 40K with Grey Knights. With a lot of people Dawn of War was my first real introduction into the universe. Fast forward a couple years later and a friend of mine pulled out some dwarves. My first thought was "These are small and what are those bases". He then offered to show me how to play using some old Empire models and I was hooked. After playing years of the "good guys" in 40K I wanted something very different. Thus began my journey into Death. My first models were Skeletons and Vlad von Carstein. I quickly got a 500 point army and played verse another friend who was beginning with Skaven. I swear he had 100 or so rats and I was panicking at my small force of (from terrible memory): Vampire Skeleton Blob Horrors Hexwraiths What I remember was I managed to mow down most of his army with the Hexwraiths and Skeletons and that he was shocked that mass bodies didn't work well. Sadly I never played another game of Fantasy after that. Fast forward to 2018 and Nighthaunt were just released. The inner Death armies in my were screaming to get back into the game. So I did. Started with the box collection and split it with someone at the LGS. I quickly assembled a 1000 point list and played my very first game verses my old roommate who had Sylvaneth (fun fact I play him regularly on weekends). Oddly enough I can't remember what I took other than Chainwrasps, Reapers, and "Vlad" as a generic vampire. Fast forward to 2019 and I sold my Nighthaunt because their play style didn't fit what I wanted. So next logical step? Flesh Eaters Court. Because over the years of painting and playing I always said I was terrible at painting flesh, so why not get an army that was basically flesh and bone? I ended getting a decent force for them and played in a couple tournaments and generally took top 3. But they again weren't my play style... Fast forward to April of 2020. I say "hey why not give this one last shot?" and picked up Ossiarch Bonereapers. I picked up the essentials and started reading about them and planning a paint scheme. I had no knowledge of what they were or how they performed I just new I wanted to stick with a Death army and their models are some of my favorites (Nighthaunt still win on being the coolest to me). So here we are today sitting at roughly 2500 points of Ossiarch Bonereapers. About a dozen or so games I played I am very much enjoying how they play. A nice brick wall of "elite" units that can act independently. The painting is very different than what I normally do for 40K and it's part of the challenge with the army. That's it folks. A little intro into me and the hobby that I very much enjoy. I am really hoping that I will stick with OBR, but only time will tell!
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    My dudes! I've sort of finished the magister! It's one of those paintjobs that i was pleased with until I took a photo! I'll come back to it by the end of the month to tidy up, but here it is anyway! I also used the chrome pen on the disc and staff! Big problem with it- fingerprint magnet like maaaad! I will try and clean it after it's had a day to properly dry, otherwise i will have to go over it agin.
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    Printed off a test of my entirely unofficial fanmade battletome supplement, and it looks so cool.
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    Ankor bar The protector of the Realm Ankor Bar is the name that the first dispossesseds clans gave it after its reconstruction. Taking advantage of Sigmar's avenging crusade, the young city built its foundations on the ruins of a fortress once in the hands of Duardins manipulating the occult arts of the Dark Gods. Ready for wars of power and chaotic corruption, these Dawis, who rejected Grungni's wisdom, could not avoid their downfall. Annihilating their empire over the centuries, the nameless fortress sealed its doors to never reopen them. A distant memory, it didn't take more than a few picks from dispossessed prospectors to excavate the traces of the lost past. Many guilds of archaeologists today search the remains of Ankor Bar for answers to its former occupants. However, the Realm Gate which makes the wealth and the power of the city is a fabrication of these first inhabitants. ‘’There is a rumor among the most fashionable artifact researchers about the creation of the door. It is said that the last emperor would have had a vision to fill the Four. A titanic work would have started, leading to the construction of the Realm Gate which opens on Azyr. Strangely, no trace of success or failure was noted; however, the passage has been open for a long time. '' Like the other centers of civilization populating the Realms, Ankor Bar plays a precious role of link between Chamon and Azyr. Proud of the power and importance it holds, it does not compete in terms of greatness with his sisters cities like Hammerhall, Hallowheart ... However, they can be proud that the God-King did not saw fit to establish a Stormkeep in Ankor Bar, vowing an unwavering confidence in his mastery of underground combat. Thus enclosed under the mountain and protected by numerous fortifications, this passage leading to the kingdoms of heavens is under good and constant guard. Led by the families of the founding clans, the leading Conclave of Ankor Bar is truly the very essence of the glorious Karak of the Age of Myths. Notwithstanding its homogeneity, the value and the reputation are recognized allowing on occasion the adhesion of new members who will come thereby to make a contribution to the administration of the city. But life at Ankor Bar is not made only of Duardins, a small number of humans coming mainly from former Freeguild companies and even from Collegiate Arcane find in the heart of the rock an oasis of peace. Since prosperity and wealth fuel lust, Ankor Bar is the target of a large number of belligerent, particularly rat men and goblins. Having to adapt to this growing threat, its military force is divided into two axes, one of them mainly defending the external fortifications of the mountain and the few villages clustered around the summit and the other an elite force specializing in the art of underground combat. Constantly mobilized, this elite force fought hard, conquering tunnels freshly built by the invaders or galleries dug by the former occupants. Each victory leaves a bitter taste for the officers who often see their troops overwhelmed by the tides of enemies. Were it not for these sacrifices, Ankor Bar could not expand its influence and the mining guilds would not mine the precious minerals buried to provide the roaring furnaces day and night. Spearheading Ankorian units, the banner is the object of pride and courage for each of them. Sporting red and white surmounted by the mountain, the iconography follows a pattern long reflected by the founders. The red expresses the flamboyant vats of molten metal ready to empty in the forges to shape the weapons that will supply the armies of Azyr. The white evokes the purity of the Kingdom of Heaven where forces in reserve can always transit towards Ankor Bar to support it in the event of an imposing siege. Enthroned in the center, the summit of Ankor Bar links its destiny and the passage between Azyr and Chamon as long as it is defended by these inhabitants.
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    Adding a second model to my Ironsworn Guardians unit, this was the first of the trio to be built and my favourite of the three built so far!
  38. 1 point
    I don't usually go in for the "anti-authority" posturing with regards to moderation, but how is discussing rumours that are flying around the community with regards to the future of Cities of Sigmar not suitable for something called "The Rumour Thread"?
  39. 1 point
    Adding an Ironsworn Guardian unit (Counts as Kurnoth Hunters)
  40. 1 point
    Guys... I am done with my first 2000 cities army!
  41. 1 point
    The Nogthrong's dramatis personae: Cyng Nurnanog I'll be using the older rules for a Dwarf Lord on a Shield, and I just love this little diorama. Everything I like about dwarfs! The Runesmith Tremblestave The same figure as one I had as a nipper playing 3rd edition Warhammer. It's nice to have a way to use this characterful sculpt again. Since I'm using an adapted Cities of Sigmar set of rules, I'm toying with the idea of using him as an actual wizard. Any thoughts? Eorlcyng Nialon the Disapproving Feudal underlings to the Cyng above, Eorlcyngs are the Tallowlands' equivalent to Thanes. Coln Snorri Spilaf, Thegn of Nog The lack of ways to represent characterful models like this is the main reason for me diving into usign some of the older rules. I could use him as a Warden King, but as you'll see here, I've loads of models better-suited for that. I guess treating him as a Runesmith – based on the banner bearing terrible runic magic, rather than Snorri himself – could work, but I'd prefer to use the Dwarf Warscroll Compendium rules Thegn Kazasturn, Gesith of the Cyng Leader of one block of Ironbreakers. The Weartling Cwichelm Not to be outdone, Cwichelm will bring his snazzy Crimson Few into battle as Ironbreakers.
  42. 1 point
    Ggur battlemage to movement buff gotrek...enjoy!
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    Bleakswords and shadow warriors all done! Only 20 handgunners to go and base 2000p is complete
  45. 1 point
    Today I wanted to share a build alot of people seemed to like and have taken some inspiration from; my take on gotrek.
  46. 1 point
    Shadow warriors are starting to look like a unit. C&C always appreciated
  47. 1 point
    Character time! as ya'll might have noticed I love making character for my army, An armies theme usually starts with a concept character and builds of it. For my wolves it was that one beastlord, For my stormcast it was my gavriel, for my cities it was the general and for these spartans it was my eternity warden who is not holding the hammer above his head. Left to right: Sunblood/oldblood, Astrolith bearer, Skink Priest, Slann starmaster, Star priest, Eternity wardens x2 ...Yes, I did watch alot of 300 while making these.
  48. 1 point
    Put a mahogny frame on it. Every painting needs a frame afterall...
  49. 1 point
    Almost forgot a closeup on my bloodkine bullgor.
  50. 1 point
    Just came back from the UK Throne of Skulls and went 5-1 with my firebelly underguts. It was escalating with 3 1k ME then 3 full 2k pitched battles. Went 2-1 in the meeting engagements, only losing out to Petrifex and 3-0 in the pitched battles. Finished 2nd on tournament points but slipping out of the podium after favourite army and game votes. 2k list ME list Had a blast, Ogors feel like they are in such a great place at the moment being both competitive and fun. I'll do a writeup of the games when I get time/energy but thought I'd share some reflections while I remember. -If you can keep your opponent distracted Ironguts are absolute machines. With everyone worrying about the shooting and Forst (fire) lord they wrecked face in each of the 2k games. Only unit that beat them in combat was 20 Heathguard Bezerkers (who were also tanking the forst-lord at the time) but that was maining due to the dwarves passing 20 out of 24 4+ shrug saves. -Meeting Engagement is hard if your not bringing the monsters. With our only good shooting going in rearguard and no fancy movement tricks, I struggled to bring much damage to bear withing the 4 turns. I only went 2-1 thanks to advantageous pairings and some good priority rolls. -Iron-blasters are a great jack-of-all trades units. For 120 points they can tank, screen, shoot and even beat up non-combat units. Tempted to include them outside underguts as they spend most of the weekend shooting scattershots anyway.
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