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    Doctor: Uh oh, I've seen this before. Nurse: What is it doctor?! Doctor: He's getting his hopes up for a speculative new army. That can only mean 1 thing. Nurse: No! Doctor: That's right. The AoS announcements this weekend will be limited to a more official preview of the recent Lumineth we've seen in the Lowdowns, plus a warcry warband. His disappointment will be so crushing... he may lose all faith in future previews... Nurse: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    Nurse: *Sobbing* But Doctor, isn’t there anything we can do?! Doctor: No...... I’m afraid the only thing we can do is pray that the patient realizes that the hobby is not dead just because the previews didn’t fit his expectations. Nurse: *Sobs even harder* edit: Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all quarantine.
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    Just about done: Orruk Magmadroth
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    Very different approach to painting these. Underworlds is pretty fun to experiment with though.
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    Warhammer Community Instagram has a count down to the Previews, 1 Day 23 Hours to go!! Cannot wait to hopefully get a glimpse at the Sons!!
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    I've scratchbuilt a general dwarven house today, just to get a feel of the techniques and materials, and it's been a blast. WIP:
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    it wasn't in the realm of light, it was in the void between Hysh and Ulgu. So the Lumineth were likely weakened cut off from their realm (God-king knows what that does to the aetherquartz they need) compared to Archaon who had chaos at his back and Slaanesh could've been empowering him to free itself. It works(in my view anyway) that a campaign centered around him would treat him like the horrifying demi-god that destroyed hundreds of worlds, nearly conquered all the Mortal realms and defeated the gods that he is. Thus why they are so determined to hide the prison, they know they can't hold it if chaos finds it. Edit: thinking more on it that's the pros and cons of the prison. Con: we have evidence from the Corebook and "Pantheon" that there's enough chaos energy out in the void to sustain daemons thus why we've seen them clawing at the edges of the realms to get in. So Archaon had daemon support and the chaos energies necessary to be a demigod juggernaut. Pros: the void between Hysh and Ulgu offers the same natural protection that Teclis and Malerion gave Azyr by combing their magics so Tzeentch can't see what's happening in that realm. So that's why they need to keep it in that general area despite it putting them at a disadvantage if chaos finds them again.
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    Fake news. Nobody loses faith in previews. Disappointing previews simply increase expectations for the next one.
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    Love seeing everyone else's troggoths. I've been having a good time with mine. I'm still adding to it to try and make it 2000pts and I'm still very new to the game but let me know what you guys think. It's all still a work in progress.
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    I've been playing Slaves to Darkness for the past 3 months. My store was doing a league where we started at 1000 points, then went up to 1500 points, though I got a few 2k games in as well. From playing in this league, I would say that Ravagers are fun, but not worth playing at a competitive level. You are basically locking yourself into having to take the artifact that gives you an 18" bubble for your aura's, or your aura's aren't going to be covering enough units. Otherwise you end up with things like "I can make this charge, but then I'm not wholly within 12" waaaaaay too often. And lets be completely honest here - without either the slannesh, nurgle, or khorne buffs, most StD units just aren't really worth their points. Battalions are unplayable at 1000 points or 1500 points, and only really become worth playing with at 2k points. Chaos warriors are barely playable, and only really useful either as a MSU unit because you ran out of marauder horsemen for battleline requirements, or as a single big unit to act as a tough screen and prevent your opponent from charging into your jucier units behind. Of course, even though they are tough (ish), they still fold to most competitive(ish) forces because everyone is running around with rend or just an extraordinary number of high damage attacks. Chaos Knights are... fine, but only really playable with ensorcelled weapons because they are slow enough that you can't reliably charge with them in most matchups. Plenty of people will say "Just give it some re-roll buffs". Sure, we'll use our 1 spell that gives re-rolls (on a 7, so... 50% of the time we can get it), or use the warshrine buffs, which are on a 3+, meaning 1/3 of the time they won't go off. These are too unreliable in practice to actually be effective at buffing our units, simply because outside of marauders teleporting Slaves are too slow to actually dictate engagements. And when you can't dictate engagements, your opponent will be able to ignore the unit that you threw buffs onto and take out the rest of your army, or just engage that buffed unit at range and neuter its power. So what actually works? Archaon + varanguard + marauders lists. People have been able to make these work competitively and have some results to show for it. Of course, you can't run Varanguard outside of the 6th circle just because that circle + aura + buffs is enough to triple their damage output, which means that they can actually do respectable damage. Of course, without those buffs, they are far too pillowfisted to be worth 300 points a pop. Marauder Heavy lists work, because marauders are basically the one unit that is actually worth their points in the book. To the point that they are almost twice as efficient as the next best unit in the book. This means that they are actually near the same level competitively as some of the other top books. Gamey lists utilizing multiple Gaunt Summoner's work, though generally more because Pink Horrors are so pushed at the moment than because the gaunt summoner's themselves are that great. Finally, the Nurgle Battalion works when paired with tanky units. Notably here, some armies will kill themselves faster to the mortal wounds from this than from your own units hitting them... which says more bad things about how abysmal the damage output of slaves are than about how good the battalion is to be honest. Are people right to be upset with this book? Yeah, I would say so. Especially if you are wanting to play a "traditional" StD army utilizing warriors and knights. Or if you are wanting to play with your warcry warbands and have them be remotely useful. Are others right to say that you can play StD competitively? Yes, they are. Are both sides of the argument talking past each other because of their different expectations? Absolutely. Can the problems be fixed with points adjustments? To an extent, yes. Some of the problems are integral to how the book was written, namely the aura bubbles around the hero's, and issues relating to that. If someone's biggest issue is this, then StD is probably not the book for them. Other issues like Chaos Knights not being worth their points though is a much different issue, as dropping them from 180 points to 150 points suddenly makes them much more appealing. Chaos Warriors dropping to 80 points for 5 makes them an interesting option over marauders if you are looking for something tankier. And FAQ giving the warcry warbands the ability to take marks (or even just giving them the undivided keyword) can give them options that they don't currently have. These are all things that could be changed with GHB2020, and providing that feedback is important to some of us here.
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    honestly just hoping they release a kit for kossars so i can get massive hordes of peasant infantry. really missing the empire archer kit - it was one of my favs
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    Hi all, first of all, thank you very much for the contest and this great opportunity for painting motivation! I hope this entry fits the Theme of Blood and Glory, if not please contact me and I will retract the submission. Unfornunately I wasn´t able to Basecoat my Chaos Models for this due to Corona. I hope you enjoy my model as much as I enjoyed the other submissions around!
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    Hello, After 10 years out of the hobby outside of some occasional painting, I wanted to take advantage of the sudden free time to pick up where I left. Which mostly means finally painting that lizardmen army I promised myself when I started during 6e. They are still called Lizardmen, right? Here are a couple of miniatures I painted the last couple of years when I had some free time and tried to get into AoS. A necromancer inspired by Drachenfels: Birdhead, my little favorite: Some burly boys I found in my grey pile of shame: A guy inspired by Gardens of Hecate: Some skellies: And finally, the first skinks of my future army. I’m still doing some small adjustment to the color scheme but I’m proud of the overall result. But I still need to decide how I will base them. (Any ideas are welcome) And just for fun, the very first miniature I ever painted (Chestnut ink and gold because yes!). And now back to painting, I have a lot to catch up...
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    Myself and some friends on instagram are taking a trip down memory lane and collecting armies from our childhood. I'm doing dark elves, some amazing models which still hold up. I will add pics here as I finish units but if anyone wants to join in, I'm @jamie07 on instagram and we're using #flashbacktofantasy Here's what I'm managed to collect after a couple of weeks trawling eBay. Painted stuff is taking a bath right now. So excited to get these done!!
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    Blood and Glory? We need a Khorne warshrine ! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3118681614851377&set=gm.2723542474545304&type=3&theater&ifg=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3118762281509977&set=gm.2829985377080250&type=3&theater&ifg=1
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    A few tweaks yet, but here these babies are, just in time for #Adepticant. A labor of love and rot.
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    Hi, Here is my entry to the contest. And here is the link to my instagram post. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-M9CwgHMjL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    Greetings! Here are my spire tyrants I recently finished as my entry
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    I always got the feeling that GW wanted teh Underworld warbands to have AoS rules to make them cross compatible products, and so that Underworld becomes a partial gateway product for new gamers. But that they didn't actually want them to be powerful/highly useful because they operate somewhat differently to regular units in the game. So honestly I'd expect and sort of want all the Underworld Warbands to have varying levels of power from Ok to fairly poor. Mostly because I see them as flavour focused on a side game rather than something ideally suited to the core AoS game. Of course I think it also leaves them open to being used as "counts as". I can see loads of people using the new DoK models as regular models not as their character selves.
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    the fact that no one has mentioned the Sepulchral Guard yet blows my mind and makes me think you're all noob poseurs who don't actually play the game but just pretend to so you sound cool when hanging around bus stops. Let's see... a 7 model, 7 wound unit with a 6+ save, so will get blown away probably before you get to do anything with it. which is just as well as those 7 models have 5 different, all fairly rubbish, weapon profiles between them. so should you get to use them they'll take up a load of time to almost certainly achieve the square root of ****** all. of course with their pretty useless keywords it's never been really clear what army you're supposed to field them in anyway. the absolute kicker at the end of all this is that they're actually great models, certainly skull & scapulas above any of the other Deathrattle/Skeleton models available and you wouldn't even need to do too tinkering with the war scroll to make them good but as it is I guess they never will be. aos-warscroll-the-sepulchral-guard-en.pdf
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    Being stuck inside for a bit thought I'd dig through the old bitz box and start a project......hello steroid tyrant 💪😄👊
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    I`m loving the Kislev preview, but for the me the most exciting thing out of this is the realization that GW is planning on producing new models for the Old World. I had seen the new maps and desire to build a new game system, but I thought that they would mostly try to leverage existing model lines (if they did I missed it) I`ve never played Warhammer pre-AoS, but I`ve been dreaming about having revisited/improved Bretonnian models. I had been crossing my fingers that GW would reinvent the army of AoS, but now it looks like more of a possibility for the Old World. I don't care really in which world they end up, if I get new Brets I'll be over the moon! I would guess that all Tomb King lovers would rejoice at that news.
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    Nobody knows the answer, but I can imagine something like: The AoS miniatures that need to be updated are in the pile of "things to do" (or squat after nobody buys them anymore). We already know that they are at maximum capacity of production and there are some new armies in the pipeline so... TOW still has 2-3 years (or more). I expect that the game will be focused on new models and of course they are going to have some type of special characteristics (some of them more magic-special-weird and others more historical look, remember that Fantasy had a shitting monster for a warmachine, a mechanical steed and the catrazza dudes). And I think that all the old ones are going to be handicapped or phased out.
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    If there was one Elf to be tempted by Slaanesh it was Morathi.
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    nah GW actually like and favor Malekith/Malarion they not going to disadvantage him with any Slaanesh nonsense or stuff like that. he probably going to like Archeon and have massive plot advantage over other characters
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    Here we go for episode 5, a case of mistaken divinity! Stay healthy folks, another one next week 🙂
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    Floating obelisks as scenery piece would be smart. No issue with placing them like the OBR one, they come with cord and pin and just dangle from the roof.
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    Long time no updates but I've finished the unit of gore gruntas before the corona lockdown and have started on a mawcrusher now that there is a lot of free time! As always c&c is appreciated!
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    Some pics of my 2k points list 🙂 I still can‘t believe how small our model count on that points level is, but on the other hand I completely tabled a Hermdar list recently without losing much. (I lost a gunhauler, 10 Arkanauts and 1-2 Thunderers, he lost about 160 wounds of Fyreslayers) I hope Nurgles grip loosens soon so I can start making profit again! Anyway, stay safe and healthy out there fellow Skyfarers 🍻
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    The humble Liberator is always my go-to for a bad unit. They're understatted, their shields suck, they have no banners or drummers, they have terrible bravery, their weapons hit like a wet noodle and they are totally barren of useful warscroll abilities. And SCE is still required to shove in 15 of the goobers because they're the only moderately affordable battleline. They also have no reach weapons despite their heug bases, which means that as soon as you go above minimum size they'll struggle to pile in and fight (not that they'd do much damage even if they could). You're left with an overpriced minimum size screening unit that punches down and melts to even the most pathetic overtures of aggression. They're a tax on any SCE list and while any unit can serve as a speed bump, they're a particularly expensive and unimpressive speed bump even by speed bump standards. I actually wonder if after more than a year of battletome releases anyone still has to suffer a battleline as awful as the Liberator.
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    Brief rundown. The Midnight City are a once reclusive industrial empire, founded long ago in the Age of Myth around the slumbering form of a Goddess. Every cog, every steam tunnel, every artisan clockwork mechanism in the city was engineered to channel the powers of the Realm to restore their Goddess from her Age long slumber, it was these need to innovate, need to create new methods of pulling more power from the very air around them that spurred the cities industry. The contracts they garnered through such innovation when into funding new research into Cog and Steamwork technologies to revive their ward. It was however only as the Age of Chaos dawned that the Goddess awoke, her first breath was said to be the cities last. Every cog froze, every steam tunnel suddenly grew empty, not a sound of the clockwork was to be heard throughout the City. In the first days of the cities death those who only sought to exploit it for wealth abandoned their holdings, fleeing to the safety of Azyr and the riches it might offer their coffers, as days turned into weeks then too did those whose hearts were conflicted, buckling to the need for safety over their love of the city they had dared to call home. Finally came the Heirs of the noble houses, each great house dispatching one heir to Azyr that their lineage might not die with the city they could not bear to leave, it was as these heirs crested the mountain range to the south of the city that they looked back to see their homes ablaze, a piercing beacon of ruin benearth the darkened sky. When the Heirs reached Azyr they spoke of the death of Midnight, a tale cemented by all those who came before them but made all the more real by their description of the flames that claimed the city. As her lie was cemented in the minds of the Azyrite host, and all who might carry rumour out into the greater realms, the Goddess and her remaining loyal populace continued their labours in the hidden under-workshops of the city. It had been they, in the Goddesses eternal wisdom who put flame to all that remained above the streets of the old city, returning the land to the wilds and shadow daemons that any encroaching forces would see little but the gutted husk of the City that once was. With this lie in place, and the populace reduced to number sustainable in the Undercity, comprised of only those with the resolve and vision to see through the plan of their Goddess the innovations of Midnight have continued through the Ages. The Undercity now spreads beneath much of the mountain ranges surrounding the old town, far larger than the husk from which it has risen once more, they produce Cogwork mechanisms the likes of which few others could dare to replicate. As the Age of Sigmar dawned the Midnight City rose phoenix like from the ashes, though hidden they had maintained smuggling routes with local tribes to ferry arms and supplies where needed yet with Azyr open and the seeds of hope growing a new market had been born for their innovations of war. The goddess however remained elsuive, now masquerading as the Midnight Queen those who traded with her city would never have seen even a hint of the divine, a genius in no doubt but mortal. All this has changed with Lethis, unwilling to see another stand alone against the darkened tides the Midnight Host marched forth, the queen resplendant at the head of her cities armies, at the apex of the battle however her true form was unmasked and face revealed to the hosts Azyrite. And now the city lays besieged, the the Azyrite host demanding the Goddess return to the Penumbral jail she once occupied, her populace unwilling to yield she who staved off the darkness and allowed them to prosper. A city alone, The City of Midnight
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    Hi, Here is my (Example) entry to the contest And here is the link to my twitter post.
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    Here is the General of this group. since the vanguard hunters are battleline with him, he’s it. Never mind the fact that I don’t own any hunters...,yet. Most assuredly, this army will look good as a group and seen 4 ft away. What I imagined and what the reality is, is very different. Also, the last of the leaders the Lord Exorcist is next on the line
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    For AoS Sons of behemat scions of the flame chaos dwrfs(big hope) 40k fabius and emps children dark mechanicus Regular mechanicus specialist games new blood bowl team(hoping for tomb kings or chaos dwarfs) more house of blades info ash waste nomads misc more old world news
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    I am limited to the armies I have played with/against so take mine with a grain of salt. I am also excluding grand allegiance warscrolls since they aren't meant to be competitive. 1- Liberators - These guys are particularly tragic since they are essentially the poster child of AOS. Many people end up with them because they were in the original AOS starter. You could double their attacks and drop their cost and they would still stink. 2- Ylthari - I know a-lot of the underworld crossover warscrolls are painful, but this one is the worst of all. She is like adding a worse Branchwych to a worse unit of Tree Revenants and then paying a 20pt tax. On top of not filling a battleline slot. 3-Kurnoth Hunters with Bows - Awesome model, but eclipsed by nearly every shooting unit in the game. However a few people have build entire armies around them and have had some success.
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    I love the liberators and the Strike chamber so definitely agreed there. We need lightning pilums they can conjure and hurl into approaching enemy ranks and veteran Retributors that have gone full lightning golem with a selection of supernatural Azyr abilities. That said i'm not expecting anything until next year with a possible change to 3.0. (I am hopeful though that they'll pull something for more Stormcast heroes like a veteran Extremis paladin from the Astral Templars appearing in BeastGrave. A lone crusader on a battle-scarred lightning dragon to fry Sigmar's enemies and claim the realm of beasts)
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    We have decided that a bit of fun is in order so myself, @ianob and @Paul Buckler are running an online, interactive game of Age of Sigmar. Team Bad Dice vs Team Just Play. Ian and I will be team captains and taking opinions, tactics and strategy’s from everyone watching at home to play against each other from afar. @Paul Buckler Is the games master who will be playing out the game at our instructions. Play by Mail for you young uns - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play-by-mail_game Over the next few days we will take suggestions on how best to play this out, the battle plan to play and the lists that are to be used. There will be multiple daily updates but I expect a game will take at least a week. Social media posts for discussing should use #AoSbyMail let us know below if you are #TeamJustPlay or #TeamBadDice
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    Or just hang it with a thin (pretty much invisible) nylon thread stuck to the ceiling (but here, wifey will enter in a fury and put the obelisk "somewhere" as a suppository.. 🥵 )
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    But this is your main problem - it is not the same game as it was 10+ years ago. The world is new, the setting is new, the system is new - the fluff is vastly different. As to your criticism of the book - no one is looking away, people are simply pointing out that there are options if you want the book to be competitive. If you want to play a fluffy friendly game agains a similarly narrative “soft” opponent then the book provides you with plenty of options. If you want to have a really strong tournament build you better focus on the 25-30 percent of what is competitive. The thing is all armies are this way - some units are strong some are weak - not one army out there let’s you play competitively with anything you want. Here is IMHO your main error in assessing the book, you want your favorite units to be competitive - since they are not the book is “garbage”. On a related note - I started playing chaos in the nineties and I don’t recall warriors ever being on the competitive side of things. They have always been overpriced and underperforming. Great lords, monsters, magic - but the big warrior units were seldom what dominated.
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    I could see it. With focus on Gordrakk it would also help evenly pace out the grand alliance antagonists: 2015-Chaos, Archaon and the Age of Chaos. 2018-Death, Nagash and the Time of Tribulations/Malign Portents. 2021-Destruction, Gordrakk and his crusade to fight "the hammer god"(Age of Savagery?)
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    And some people on facebook already complained that this unit looks to AoS, doesn't fit WFB and GW ruined their game again... Sigmar's beard, now I undestand Archaon. EDIT: And how, after 5 years and muliple big tournaments, can they say no one play AoS and it's a flop? How?
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    So, with the whole hullabaloo going on the with the pandemic and the consequential quarantining, I've decided to dive back into expanding my Deepkin army into something more respectable, or at least, something I can bring to tournaments. I've already gotten the Leviadon, the Reavers, the King, Soulscryer, render and Tidecaster, as well as a Startcollecting and a Allopex. I think this is a good core army so far, and this list is an attempt to bring a more balanced army, rather then going all out with spamming Eels or Namarti. The general idea is to make a very flexible and diverse army, that can pull off many different ways of fighting and warfare, rather then pigeon-holing myself into a more "tilted" list. I'm also trying to avoid getting too many eels, since holy hell, they are abysmal models to put together. Well, more specifically, they are god awful when trying to get them to stick to that useless little nub. Anyways, there's a lot of tricks you can pull with this list, such as deep striking the Leviathon and Ishalen into a flank in order to hold it for the game, using the Tidecaster as a back-field artillery piece, running the horde of thralls up the board with the Soulrender, or having the Reavers and Ishalen run up the board in order to run interference while my Morsarr and Alloplex get into position for some brutal beat downs.
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    Speed painted my last hero and now my leaders for the Blood Gullet mawtribe are done
  49. 1 point
    New comic guys, forgot to post it here yesterday!
  50. 1 point
    I am waiting for some mad dude to field 1980 DoK. Khailebron Temple 1 Hag Queen (General) 3x10 Witch Aelves 17x5 Khinerai Heartrenders Not even sure this is allowed. 🤣
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