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    Here we go for episode 5, a case of mistaken divinity! Stay healthy folks, another one next week 🙂
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    Working on my Slaanesh themed Marauders. It’s slow going (bouncing between work from home with 2yr old and work at office), but up to 13 built out of 40.
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    They remind me of the cardboard obelisks that came with the tears of isha campaign box
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    Floating obelisks as scenery piece would be smart. No issue with placing them like the OBR one, they come with cord and pin and just dangle from the roof.
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    I'd love to see a much bigger Aelven version of this bad boy, would be fragile as ****** but still it'd make for a great Lumineth terrain piece
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    It's still better not to provide misinformation. The statement didn't say May 31st, but April 14th. Anyway, now as our expectations have been lowered, what do you think they will show or want them to show on Saturday? I hope we get at least one or two new units. I would love to see something not from the mountain culture. Especially from zenith or wind. Still some people don't like the aesthetic of the mountain faction that much, and I think at least those two might be more similar to the old high elf style (winged helms like Eltharion). Edit: From someone who is a bit ahead of the curve (living in Korea), three weeks could be enough to significantly improve the situation. It depends of course how bad it is in the UK, and if people really follow the rules etc., but here things got significantly better in around that amount of time. It won't be back to normal of course, but might be enough to restart economical activities, and people have a bit more leeway to move around etc. 🤞
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    Hey guys, some of you have already seen my webcomic Neverchosen that was commissioned by Warhammer Community. since people seemed to like it, I have decided to do my own series that I can publish while waiting for the next order from GW. It’s called Mortel Realms (my art name is Pierre Mortel) and will be released every Wednesday. I’ll post them here in this thread when they go up, to avoid spamming the forum. I hope you’ll like them!
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    Apologies for the double post(again) but this was just tweeted. A phenomenal gladiator arena made for a series of AoS Warcry battles and to use some new White Dwarf stuff.
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    Started working on my shadow warriors. C& C always appreciated!
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    We saw it coming but it's still a pity. By God-king Sigmar we'll get through this though, stronger and better than ever with our communities full of new ideas and grey armies on the shelves conquered for the promise day when their shining doors open once more! Only the Faithful!
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    Hey guys, it’s that time of the week again! Today you can see why disciples of tzeentch have learned to be extremely specific when asking their patron for something...
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    New comic guys, forgot to post it here yesterday!
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    It is wednesday my dudes, which means it's time for another Mortel Realms comic! Some of you may have already seen this one a while ago on the forum, but don't worry as I am working on some new ones for as soon as I am done posting my backlog.
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    Hello, After 10 years out of the hobby outside of some occasional painting, I wanted to take advantage of the sudden free time to pick up where I left. Which mostly means finally painting that lizardmen army I promised myself when I started during 6e. They are still called Lizardmen, right? Here are a couple of miniatures I painted the last couple of years when I had some free time and tried to get into AoS. A necromancer inspired by Drachenfels: Birdhead, my little favorite: Some burly boys I found in my grey pile of shame: A guy inspired by Gardens of Hecate: Some skellies: And finally, the first skinks of my future army. I’m still doing some small adjustment to the color scheme but I’m proud of the overall result. But I still need to decide how I will base them. (Any ideas are welcome) And just for fun, the very first miniature I ever painted (Chestnut ink and gold because yes!). And now back to painting, I have a lot to catch up...
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    Myself and some friends on instagram are taking a trip down memory lane and collecting armies from our childhood. I'm doing dark elves, some amazing models which still hold up. I will add pics here as I finish units but if anyone wants to join in, I'm @jamie07 on instagram and we're using #flashbacktofantasy Here's what I'm managed to collect after a couple of weeks trawling eBay. Painted stuff is taking a bath right now. So excited to get these done!!
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    I`m loving the Kislev preview, but for the me the most exciting thing out of this is the realization that GW is planning on producing new models for the Old World. I had seen the new maps and desire to build a new game system, but I thought that they would mostly try to leverage existing model lines (if they did I missed it) I`ve never played Warhammer pre-AoS, but I`ve been dreaming about having revisited/improved Bretonnian models. I had been crossing my fingers that GW would reinvent the army of AoS, but now it looks like more of a possibility for the Old World. I don't care really in which world they end up, if I get new Brets I'll be over the moon! I would guess that all Tomb King lovers would rejoice at that news.
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    I've been playing Slaves to Darkness for the past 3 months. My store was doing a league where we started at 1000 points, then went up to 1500 points, though I got a few 2k games in as well. From playing in this league, I would say that Ravagers are fun, but not worth playing at a competitive level. You are basically locking yourself into having to take the artifact that gives you an 18" bubble for your aura's, or your aura's aren't going to be covering enough units. Otherwise you end up with things like "I can make this charge, but then I'm not wholly within 12" waaaaaay too often. And lets be completely honest here - without either the slannesh, nurgle, or khorne buffs, most StD units just aren't really worth their points. Battalions are unplayable at 1000 points or 1500 points, and only really become worth playing with at 2k points. Chaos warriors are barely playable, and only really useful either as a MSU unit because you ran out of marauder horsemen for battleline requirements, or as a single big unit to act as a tough screen and prevent your opponent from charging into your jucier units behind. Of course, even though they are tough (ish), they still fold to most competitive(ish) forces because everyone is running around with rend or just an extraordinary number of high damage attacks. Chaos Knights are... fine, but only really playable with ensorcelled weapons because they are slow enough that you can't reliably charge with them in most matchups. Plenty of people will say "Just give it some re-roll buffs". Sure, we'll use our 1 spell that gives re-rolls (on a 7, so... 50% of the time we can get it), or use the warshrine buffs, which are on a 3+, meaning 1/3 of the time they won't go off. These are too unreliable in practice to actually be effective at buffing our units, simply because outside of marauders teleporting Slaves are too slow to actually dictate engagements. And when you can't dictate engagements, your opponent will be able to ignore the unit that you threw buffs onto and take out the rest of your army, or just engage that buffed unit at range and neuter its power. So what actually works? Archaon + varanguard + marauders lists. People have been able to make these work competitively and have some results to show for it. Of course, you can't run Varanguard outside of the 6th circle just because that circle + aura + buffs is enough to triple their damage output, which means that they can actually do respectable damage. Of course, without those buffs, they are far too pillowfisted to be worth 300 points a pop. Marauder Heavy lists work, because marauders are basically the one unit that is actually worth their points in the book. To the point that they are almost twice as efficient as the next best unit in the book. This means that they are actually near the same level competitively as some of the other top books. Gamey lists utilizing multiple Gaunt Summoner's work, though generally more because Pink Horrors are so pushed at the moment than because the gaunt summoner's themselves are that great. Finally, the Nurgle Battalion works when paired with tanky units. Notably here, some armies will kill themselves faster to the mortal wounds from this than from your own units hitting them... which says more bad things about how abysmal the damage output of slaves are than about how good the battalion is to be honest. Are people right to be upset with this book? Yeah, I would say so. Especially if you are wanting to play a "traditional" StD army utilizing warriors and knights. Or if you are wanting to play with your warcry warbands and have them be remotely useful. Are others right to say that you can play StD competitively? Yes, they are. Are both sides of the argument talking past each other because of their different expectations? Absolutely. Can the problems be fixed with points adjustments? To an extent, yes. Some of the problems are integral to how the book was written, namely the aura bubbles around the hero's, and issues relating to that. If someone's biggest issue is this, then StD is probably not the book for them. Other issues like Chaos Knights not being worth their points though is a much different issue, as dropping them from 180 points to 150 points suddenly makes them much more appealing. Chaos Warriors dropping to 80 points for 5 makes them an interesting option over marauders if you are looking for something tankier. And FAQ giving the warcry warbands the ability to take marks (or even just giving them the undivided keyword) can give them options that they don't currently have. These are all things that could be changed with GHB2020, and providing that feedback is important to some of us here.
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    nah GW actually like and favor Malekith/Malarion they not going to disadvantage him with any Slaanesh nonsense or stuff like that. he probably going to like Archeon and have massive plot advantage over other characters
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    this is why the wise man just wakes up, opens his browser first thing every morning and just screams incoherently into it for five to ten minutes, you can retroactively fills in the exact details of that day's outrage after you've had a coffee.
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    In a furry? Really? And that’s what’s she then does with the obelisk. Quite the quarantine you’re having 😂
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    hi guys, ive written a guide and made an installer to make this process less painful. Feel free to use it and pass it on to others! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vdVH9kHNRnaGXf03gwuYBn7xGTgU37OHCnpSstGYXFU/edit?usp=sharing Stay safe.
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    So... Those are the chains holding Slaanesh, right? We can even see his claw. That's pretty cool. I wonder if those obelisks will be a Lumineth scenery piece? Wonder what they'll do
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    But this is your main problem - it is not the same game as it was 10+ years ago. The world is new, the setting is new, the system is new - the fluff is vastly different. As to your criticism of the book - no one is looking away, people are simply pointing out that there are options if you want the book to be competitive. If you want to play a fluffy friendly game agains a similarly narrative “soft” opponent then the book provides you with plenty of options. If you want to have a really strong tournament build you better focus on the 25-30 percent of what is competitive. The thing is all armies are this way - some units are strong some are weak - not one army out there let’s you play competitively with anything you want. Here is IMHO your main error in assessing the book, you want your favorite units to be competitive - since they are not the book is “garbage”. On a related note - I started playing chaos in the nineties and I don’t recall warriors ever being on the competitive side of things. They have always been overpriced and underperforming. Great lords, monsters, magic - but the big warrior units were seldom what dominated.
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    Finally got a Light Box installed! I retook images of some of my army, in case any of you wanted to see them in light!
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    We'll spare you the 'go play another army' bit if you spare us the constant complaints about the army. Get over it, please. The army has changed, just like every army changes when a new book drops. Warriors are not the best choice anymore. Complaining won't fix it. Ranting won't fix it. We might see a minor points adjustment in a GHB or errata in the future, but even that's not guaranteed. Figure out a way to make it work (which, by the way, if you look a couple pages back there was someone actually making a constructive post on how to run warriors) or give up, those are the only two ways you'll be happy. Otherwise be bitter and hate the book until the next one is released, but don't do it here and waste everyone's time.
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    honestly just hoping they release a kit for kossars so i can get massive hordes of peasant infantry. really missing the empire archer kit - it was one of my favs
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    Herr we go again... why are we back on “this book sucks track”? The funny thing is that STD have been placing high (right before the Corona stop to tournament) but still “it sucks”. Lot of people come with various advice on builds - still it sucks. The only real reason that I am seeing is “I can’t play with knights and warriors competitively”. Here you probably are right - but few people say that Fleshcourt sucks because ghoul swarms are not viable, or that Slaanesh is not top tier just because you must use KoS. Heck - sometimes I like playing Tzeentch without casters, but I don’t get upset that that is far from an optimal build. Learn to accept and adapt. Or simply play another army (without any disrespect - there are other knights in shiny and oversized armor armies in AoS- some much more competitive if you want loads of such models). As to criticizing the advice to use a 120 points model as an ally in a 2000 point game... priceless comment. I regularly use Gaunt summoners on discs in Tzeentch as well as Be’lakor due to them being fantastic models - By said logic DoT must really be a worthless army.
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    If hoarding a stupid amount of miniature kits for decades is wrong then I don't want to be right!
  31. 2 points
    Sometimes this makes me feel like those crazy toilet paper people but of plastic.
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    IMO, there is a misconception about The Old World and"Fantasy Fans". My last fantasy game was over 16 years ago and I don't feel diferent from a dude that is just playing Vermintide or Total War, or a girl that is reading the Gotrek omnibus. I don't know why but some people think that, because they started playing in one of the "true editions", they have some type of right over all other Fantasy Fans, and imo, that's selfish and naive.
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    Hello there! This is my entry: And this is the link to my Instagram post:
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    Any impression of "historical and low fantasy" goes out the window the second you play Total War: Warhammer II. Rats with massive warp lightning guns and stuff blasting spells off against massive lizard men summoning vortex spells that rampage across the battlefield with giant dinosaurs roaring and vampire on zombie dragons blasting spells over and over. You are delusional if you think its low fantasy.
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    Yeah, Deepkin, Beastclaws, Varanguard are tops with Seraphon, Ossiarch and Cities of Sigmar in close second. However don't underestimate using unique AoS designs making you win in fantastical style even if doesn't always win the battle. A prime example is the recent tweet Kraken Studios shared with their Luminaria army with cogwheel cavalry (pistoliers). "My Cog City Luminaria army. Fully converted and scratch built. Custom designed cavalry to represent a mad engineering guild that travels the realm of Ulgu in a giant Cog City testing out dark experimental war engines. " That's definitely a winner. Plus they updated the "Knights of the Empty Throne" sub-faction with a recent faq which helps if Grand Marshall Archaon is pushing your wallet a little too hard.
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    Deepkin are the best all cavalery army in the game and they play like all cavalery army.
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    I think WFRP 4e did a fairly good job of maintaining the grimy atmosphere of the old game while updating it to include the mandatory modern stuff like Karlfranz having a griffon and there being eight colleges of magic etc Buuuut, so many people have left the team that worked on the bulk of it that I'm a little concerned they won't even finish their rewriting of the Enemy Within (which AFAIK doesn't include the old Kislev bit), before they ever get to fleshing out more neglected areas of the Old World and beyond This Old World stuff should at the very least provide a lot of inspiration for cross-pollination and fan made material tho
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    If there was one Elf to be tempted by Slaanesh it was Morathi.
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    we're already on the backlash to the initial backlash! and on some corners of the internet almost certainly even on the backlash to the backlash to the backlash of this reveal.
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    What will I do without a constant and regular injection of new plastic kits? Don't tell me I am going to have to start digging into the model-kit reserves that I have been hoarding in my garage for the past ~30 years...
  41. 1 point
    Really glad I stocked up on some paints and glue (just in case) that were running a bit lower than I'm comfortable with. Forgot to get more Mournfang Brown though, but it's ok, for my troops I use contrast to skip basing and washing so I just use Skrag and Deathclaw Brown for belts
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    The point of this bident is to be an ice bident. It's like saying "the water would be better if it wouldn't be so wet". Th They are something inbetween scimitar and falchion. Still not too unrealistic for WFB. WFB is historically inspired fantasy wargame, not historical wargame. We have rats with machine guns and laser cannons here. And Steam Tanks! Let the designers have some artistic freedom.
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    Here is an awesome (Stonehorn + Warshrine) Warshrine Conversion that I plan on totally, shamelessly, copying. I don't really like the derpy mutants on the stock warshrine. Note that the image below is actually a video of the shrine rotating so, if you like it, I recommend you click on it for a better look.
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    Liberators are bad but they're a 5 star unit compared to Castigators. Max 3 damage and 6 wounds on a 4+ for 80 points. God awful. Castigators are without a doubt the worst unit in the game, somehow even worse than the 1.0 Troglodon. Even at 60 per 3 they wouldn't be worth using. Eternity Warden is a top contender for "most useless warscroll" because Saurus Guard serve the same purpose but are better at it, but at least it's not objectively bad like the Castigators. Many of the Underworld warbands are probably in consideration for worst warscroll
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    Finally based some artillery. Cannons and organ guns are no more, but I'm still gonna use these as proxies. http://imgur.com/a/sIT9Aio
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    I´ve made my own Daemon Rift from Leftover-Bits of my Slaughterbrute
  47. 1 point
    You guys are really making me want to buy a mierce mammoth now...
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    Due to waiting on parts for the steam tanks (mainly rod and tube for the hinges on the tracks), I've started in on my Commanders Body Guards, the Cog Knights (GreatSwords) Still have lots of work to do on him. need to add a tube or two and some armor. So one 3/4 of the way done..... 19.25 to go. As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
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    As a player, why are you required to judge another player's level of painting?
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