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    Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce that Bad Dice podcast is back on the mics and we have returned with a review of the new Seraphon Battletome. On the show I have @Jack Armstrong and @Paul Buckler to talk about the book and their experiences playing with it so far. you can get the episode on YouTube the podcast is at anchor.fm/baddice and will be up on all the usual podcast locations soon. We look at lists and combos that are sure to see the tables. New rules including Star-born and Coalesced armies as well as going into detail on all 4 constellations. Jack has played Lizardmen since the early days of WFB and even won an Age of Sigmar Masters with Seraphon. Paul has more recently built a ‘Coolest Army’ winning Seraphon force. They both have bags of experience to share in this episode. New Seraphon Army List’s On the show we covered 4 different lists. Jack’s Fire Lance Temple Host. Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur – 250 Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur – 210 Skink Starseer – 140 Skink Star Priest – 120 15 Saurus Knights – 300 15 Saurus Knights – 300 10 Saurus Knights – 200 10 Skinks – 60 10 Skinks – 60 3 Salamanders – 240 Fire Lance Battalion – 160 Pauls Fangs of Sotek Slaan Starmaster – 260 Skink Priest – 70 Skink Priest – 70 Skink Starpriest – 120 Skink Starpriest – 120 40 Skinks – 240 40 Skinks – 240 40 Skinks – 240 3 Salamanders – 240 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 Bound Gemini – 70 Bound Quicksilver Swords – 40
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    Updated! Important milestone as of today (ok technically a week today) the whole game is now running on 2.0 rules. Every single army has an up to date and modern Battletome. Whilst not every army has terrain or endless spells (which both did appear to be fairly standard additions to the majority); each battletome is running on the 2.0 rules system now. Importantly this means that we should now see an end of random army/model removals en-mass from the system (excepting from Forgeworld where we saw a good few removed this last winter). Moving forward I would expect more normal GW release patterns. That means most models should hang around until they are replaced with an updated sculpt. Sometimes we might see individual models removed, although I'd expect this to go hand in hand with new additions to armies. With two new armies on the horizon and with several new starting sets released (including Daughters of Khaine) the times are good for AoS. If you run or are involved with a local club its now a fantastic time to get new people into the game with fully updated 2.0 armies new people can freely choose any of the armies without the worry of getting removed or having to run highly substandard or outdated rules.
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    As a tournament player who doesn't have the pleasure of owning a Seraphon army, I'm both incredibly happy for you all, and very worried about seeing the builds this book is capable of! Don't buy into the pessimism, this book is incredibly strong with some absurd damage output. I'm certain that Terradons and Salamanders in particular are going to give me nightmares to fight against, but simultaneously it looks like all the Saurus options, Kroxigor, Skinks, etc are all super viable and scary with the right support now which is awesome to see! You guys made out very well, and we haven't even seen all the sub-allegiances/artefacts/etc! I'm excited to see all the crazy builds you guys come up with The best tip I can give to ruin someone's day is abuse the fact that the Skink Starpriests' ability affects ALL attacks a friendly Seraphon unit makes...so those extra attacks your Saurus get for being Coalesced and having 15 or more models? Those 80 Boltspitter shots and 80 melee attacks from that blob of 40 Skinks? Those 7 attacks PER MODEL from that squad of Cold One Knights? Yeah, they all do mortal wounds on unmodified 6s to-wound, and there's tonnes of ways to improve your to-hit rolls to maximize how many of those you throw out. Fun times! (but not for your opponents ) Also, a cheeky one for those who may not have noticed yet; Terradons drop their bombs after any move, NOT a normal move. Cue dropping bombs on the charge! Combine with Fangs of Sotek and it's next to impossible to avoid a Terradon alpha-strike, and those bombs get dropped on a 2+ (each dealing D3 mortal wounds!) if you've got the snazzy new Terradon Chief following them around! 12 of those with the aforementioned Starpriest buff will utterly ruin anyone's day, and it's next to impossible to hide from them - even on turn one!
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    Skinks are most certainly not dead. 40 wounds with a 5+ save (assuming you use bucklers) for just under 250 points is nearly as efficient defensively as Clanrats. Arm them with Boltspitters, buff them with a Starpriest and Priest and that unit is putting out 80 shots at 4+ to-hit, 5+ to-wound with unmodified 6s to-wound dealing mortal wounds in addition to normal damage, all from 16" away PLUS 80 melee attacks that also deal mortals!
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    I figured this would be helpful to new and experienced players alike in keeping track of how the state of the game generally is and a track on what is likely to come in the near future from what GW has officially said. GAME EXPANSIONS Note I've listed this as expansions, however several of them are so widely used that they are considered core to the game in many play areas. Malign Sorcery. Endless spell components are considered to be core to the game. Use of realm specific rules varies region to region, though generally quite well accepted in most places. A single boxed set that contains: rules for Realm Spells, Realm Artefacts and Endless Spells. 14 warscroll cards 13 endless spells (Balewind vortex is the "missing" Endless Spell model as it has its own box) Forbidden Powers. Another expansion boxed set like Malign Sorcery. Endless spells and new terrain feature are generally considered core to the game. Mercenaries and new terrain feature rules vary region to region, but generally good uptake. Note set appears to contain less than Malign Sorcery, however most of the models in this kit are much larger. Rules for Greyfyrd Lodge Fyreslayers and Tenebrous Court Flesh-eaters - both mercenary company bands. Model and rules for Penumbral Engine terrain feature 4 New Endless spells Warscroll cards for new models and several new terrain sets (as listed on the GW store page) Older expansions. These are often still valid to play, however as they were generally linked to time-limited events run by GW they are often not so widely used after their general campaign period. Model stats presented in them are likely very out of date though and I believe some battleplans have been reprinted in latter publications. The books can sometimes have lore in them which is often an engaging read for those after a bit more depth and understanding of the world and story of the Age of Sigmar Malign Portents - mostly a campaign book with battleplans and some narrative battle systems. The rules for models are now present in the respective armies in the Battletomes; whilst the terrain feature is no longer sold by GW. Note currently GW only sells this in e-book format. Skirmish - a rules set for playing smaller games with far fewer models. Whilst most new battletomes have details for their army for Skirmish within them, the original book is now out of date. GW reprinted updated rules in a White Dwarf issue in 2019 (need to edit in when I find which one) - note this WD might be a bit tricky to get hold of. It's hoped/expected that Skirmish might get its own updated book in time - however Warcry has somewhat jumped into its slot of the smaller format game right now. Realmgate Wars - some of the first campaign books to be released for the game. The story lore from them is already sold in books by Black Library. Meanwhile the stats and many of the rules are now very out of date. GW only sells these now as ebooks. Path to Glory - much like the Realmgate Wars this is another very early publication in the AoS timeframe and is now quite out of date. BATTLETOMES Note: Old Battletome = earlier editions which have lore and warscroll cards; but have no allegiance abilities, pre AoS 2.0 rules New Battletome = more recent release with AoS 2.0 rules, includes more depth and allegiance abilities and other extended content. Current count (note includes all announced Battletomes) No Battletome - 0 Old Battletome - 0 2.0 compatible Battletome - 24 Grand Alliance Order: Free Cities - combines Free Peoples, Dispossessed and Aelves - New Battletome, No Terrain, No Spells (however all universal Endless Spells get realm bonus as default) Daughters of Khaine - New Battletome, No Endless Spells Fyreslayers - New Battletome, Endless Spells and Terrain feature Idoneth Deepkin - New Battletome, No Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Kharadron Overlords - New Battletome Seraphon - New Battletome - Unique Terrain Stormcast Eternals - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells Sylvaneth - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Grand Alliance Chaos: Beasts of Chaos - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Blades of Khorne - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Disciples of Tzeentch - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells Slaves to Darkness - New battletome, Unique Endless Spells Hedonites of Slaanesh - New Battletome, Endless Spells and Unique Terrain Maggotkin of Nurgle - New Battletome. Unique Terrain Skaven (All Clans) - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Legion of Azgorh (Forgeworld Chaos Dwarves) - New Battletome Tamurkhan's Horde (Forgeworld Nurgle) - New Battletome - WARNING Tamurkhan has been removed from sale from FW - army status at risk Grand Alliance Death: Flesh Eater Courts - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Legions of Nagash - New Battletome, Nighthaunt - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells Ossiarch Bonereapers - New Battletome, Unique Terrain, Unique Endless Spells Grand Alliance Destruction: Ogor Mawtribes - New Battletome - Unique terrain, no unique endless spells. Orruk Warclans - New Battletome - no terrain - no endless spells. Gloomspite Gitz - New Battletome, Unique Endless Spells, Unique Terrain Forgeworld Armies - downloads for Rules found here : https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-GB/Downloads#warhammeraos Removed armies: Note these are armies no longer listed on the GW store for sale, they might have Generals Handbook rules, or they might have been consolidated into other Battletomes/armies. Brayherd - No Battletome, Allegiance Abilities GHB2018 - However army likely replaced now with Beasts of Chaos as unified force. Greenskinz - No Battletome - all models removed from sale Gitmob (goblins) - No Battletome - all models removed from sale Aelves - general listing (includes most of the old elf model lines and aelf lines from AoS) Now majority rolled into either Free Cities or removed from sale. Darkling Covens - GHB2019 rules only - however model line is in Free Cities Wanderers - akin to aelves above. Beastclaw Raiders - combined into Ogor Mawtribes Gutbusters - combined into Ogor Mawtribes Everchosen - now rolled into Slaves to Darkness Consolidated future Battletome release rumours/hints: Lumineth Realm-lords - Revealed at the New Years event, release in Spring 2020 https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/04/reveals-from-the-new-year-open-day-2020gw-homepage-post-1/ Sons of Behemat - shipping manifesto seen with their name on and teased in a GW video, but no actual photos nor details yet. WARNING = products likely and actually on last orders Realm of Chaos: Wrath and Rapture - all models within are now on individual sale - very likely this box will vanish. AoS Forgeworld models have had quite a purge over recent months, it might be continuing so consider them "At risk" even if they aren't mentioned as being on last chance. Other Age of Sigmar Games: The following are other games set within the Age of Sigmar: UNDERWORLD: A card and board format game which features small warparties of warriors adventuring and competing over small battlefields. The game features core packs which update every so often with a new edition (Beastgrave is the current edition). These contain boards to play on as well as warbands to play with. Many races feature their own unique styled warband which is sold with its own cards and rules. Launch periods often have custom card protectors and dice for newly released factions. A minor negative point is that many universal cards (can be used by any force) are often sold through different warbands so there's a bit of a "collect them all" aspect to the game. The models released in this have full rules for the full AoS game and can be used in it. Those which had battletomes published after the release of a warband will have the rules within the battletome; otherwise the rules will be included in the box and on the GW website under the rules tab for each warband on their store page. NOTE The GW store often shows two listings for many of these warbands. One on the "Underworlds" tab which has a slightly higher price and will have all the Underworld cards included. The other is on the army page for the warband under Age of Sigmar and will feature a slightly lower price but also no cards. Note some warbands do fall out of production when it comes to card supply; however the models remain on sale under their respective army page. Sometimes you can find "out of production" warbands with cards in retailers (3rd party and GW stores). WARCRY A skirmish game format which features its own unique set of rules and boxed game. The game works by using small warbands of warriors, either unique chaos themed ones or regular models from all current GW armies for the game. The game is sold through terrain packs which contain terrain features in plastic as well as card boards to play the game on. The terrain positions and design vary depending on randomly drawn cards which detail the setup of the game; the position for starting for both players; twists (unique variations to the rules/stats which can include wandering monsters such as chaos furies). Players roll dice and make choices on how to play through the battle. Games are short and brutal aiming for a quick to setup and quick to play game ideal for new people with limited budgets and for any gamer with limited time or after a different scale of combat. All models can be used in the regular AoS game (most Warcry unique models are all from the Slaves to Darkness AoS army
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    Look again. From zero to hero in a pair of hours. And the book is not already our! A lot of artifacts, traits, etc... are still missing and people are already enjoying the warscrolls and battalions.
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    @JackStreicher @Grimrock GW calls him Mage God from time to time (for example in his reveal piece on WC). He is not a god of Light Magic, but of Enlightenment. Now that is a bit different from a God of Magic, but he was also already one of the best mages while he was alive. Teclis was always about magic, they also made him the most powerful magic model in the rules in the past. Around 7th edition maybe. In the Stormcast Eternals BT, they also gave us a direct comparison of Sigmar, Teclis and Nagash: .... “for Sigmar was a warrior at heart, not a supreme sorcerer like his distant ally Teclis, or a master of spirits like his rival god Nagash.” (page 10 for the context). Teclis also managed to lessen the effect of the Necroquake in Hysh. And Hysh is associated with magical power as Michu says (not only light magic). They mention that too. In Warhammer Fantasy Light Magic was also the most difficult to master among the 8 winds (in the fluff, not mechanically). They brought that over somewhat with Hysh’s Realmstone only becoming available for magicians to use after Teclis thought them how to. Before it could not be harvested like all the others. That said, “most powerful” can mean all kind of things, and even Teclis fanboys like myself probably won’t care if he can’t cast as many spells as Nagash. He should be a great manipulator of magic, that could mean something like better at dispelling, or as he is often about empowering others, maybe all magic users in his army perform better when he is on the table, or something with endless spells like with the Slann. Many ways to make him “the best” without taking away Nagash spell battery crown. I just hope they do something interesting with him.
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    Took today off, and after several weeks of planning and getting bitz i now have my 15 Stormfiends all created. I took all my old metal Rat Ogres and just figured my way through it all. Next up will be painting (poorly) and flocking. The yellow bases are shooters (Ratling Guns and Windlaunchers), Orange are the close combat Shock Gauntlets. Going to try to field 2x6 and 1x3 with 9 Jezzails, ArchWarlock and Bombadier. Seems fun so I made it.
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    It's ****** awkward to explain but the short version is no, the reason is you can't actually go far enough not that you're not allowed. I'll go into a more detailed explanation below. Terminology Within α" means under OR EXACTLY so a unit which can be placed "Within 6" of a board edge" can be placed EXACTLY 6" from a board edge. This also means that if an objective is 12" away from a board edge then there is a single point on the board that is Exactly 6" of the board edge AND exactly 6" from the objective. So a model can be placed so that the very edge of it's base is on that point and it is within 6" of both the board edge and objective. Conversely the term more than α" is equivalent to not within α" DOES NOT include EXACTLY α" Hence In order to use Mad as Hell you must be more than 9" from an enemy unit. Hence you are (9+β)" where β > 0 You trigger Mad as Hell and move 6" (9+β)" - 6" = (9-6)"+β" = 3"+β" Since β > 0 ==> (3+β)" > 3" Thus you are more than 3" from an enemy unit Hence you are not within 3" of an enemy unit. You are not in combat.
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    This right here is frustrating rules writing: Armoured Crest: At the start of the combat phase, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 3" of this model and that has up to 5 models. If you do so, until the end of that phase, add 1 to save rolls for attacks made by that unit that target this model. JUST GIVE US A 3+ save on our giant dinosaur monsters instead of this dumb thing that slows down the game.
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    Let's also not forget that while Nagash is the god of death and undeath, Teclis is the god of magic. I would rather expect the god of magic to be good at the thing he is the god of, yes?
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    In all freaking fantasy setting, mages dispell, but GW thoughts it'd be cool to call the same thing with two different terms ... Anyway
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    Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Mortal Realm: Aqshy Leaders Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500) - General - Celestine Hammer - Command Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Mount Trait: Storm-winged Drakesworn Templar (420) - Tempest Axe - Mount Trait: Storm-winged Celestant-Prime (340) Lord-Castellant (120) Lord-Exorcist (120) - Spell: Azyrite Halo Runelord (90) - Allies Battleline 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammer & Shield - 1x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammer & Shield - 1x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators (100) - Warhammer & Shield - 1x Grandhammers Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Everblaze Comet (100) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 90 / 400 Wounds: 86 Im gonna test this ****** soon Im so freaking exicited about double drake, being able to cast comets every single turn and prim-o-desserto ❤️
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    Finally finished the souldrain forest and really pleased with the result. Combined it with a few extras and can’t wait to try a game out
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    All endless spells and terrain are chinese kits.
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    Seraphon look extremely busted right now. Points are low, they can basically ignore half of the damage that is dealt by 2 and D3 damage weapons and they have incredible synergies all across the book. All that being said I‘m eager to face that OP army and try not to get stomped.
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    Buy both infantry kits and you have everything for your warband.
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    In current Meta Bonesplitterz work best with Big Waagh Allegiance, 2x30 bpobs of orruks with stabbas, cabbage(maw krusha feom IJ) and some other units of 10(eitger ard boyz of savage morboiz) and you are good to go. In terms of boars, pick Savage boar maniaks for alpha-striking weak blobs with low save, or gore-geuntas for some heavy-lifting enemies.
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    I'd assume celestial vindicators for the +1A ct or hammers for Gavriel Surecharge. The issue with the latter is you want to charge from Scions setting up at the end of the movement phase and the battalion's ability triggers in the hero phase. It also won't be easy to keep Prosecutors alive and in position at the same time. If it's the paladins you care for, skyborne slayers might be the better option, it even has an own thread
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    I really need to try this list: It‘s a list with things I‘d like to play ^^
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    Losers: Chameleon Skinks, summoning, EOTG, Ripperdactyls Changed but roughly break even: EOTG Winners: Everything else This army looks fantastic and that's before we see the allegiance/battalions/spells/etc. Can't wait to see the full spoiler tomorrow when reviews go up.
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    To add to what @LuminethMage said, they could give hime a significant bonus to casting, and that would be a goid representation of his power, having the ability to very reliably get off a few powerful spells each turn.
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    Screen it. Protect it until you can unleash it on a meaningful target. At the moment Ardboys will mince through any other screens without requiring a hammer to do it. So you screen out deepstrikes etc. while your Ardboys slowly meatgrinder their way through the opponents screens. At some point they will have to commit something meaningful to deal with the Ardboys which you then want to pounce on with the MK, preferably in such a way that it's protected from retaliation. In other words, practice practice practice. I've been playing my IJ for 3 years now with maybe 200 tournament games. I cannot tell you how many times my MK died for absolutely nothing, there was a rather embarrassing game on THW stream for chrimbobo game 1, chucked one into 6 kurnoths and lost it to kill 2 which were instantly regrowthed back....So yeah, practice.
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    Lets be honest, this is the only thing that really matters 😉 Competitively, my preference is of course on 60 Clanrats over 3x10 Stormvermin. Your heavy hitters are going to be coming from Eshin\Skryre so having screens (of which the Clanrats are better at) helps so the real damage can be dealt from everything else. Again... less painting always wins.
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    I might switch the marauders for another 15 chaos warriors though. In my local meta people keep things very spread out. Also a lot easier to transport 30 CWs than 15 + 40. We'll see. Casual list so I'm not trying to go for super nasty.
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    My legendary camerawork again.
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    5 damage Carnosaur bite?
  29. 1 point
    Thunder lizard give them 2 more wounds, coalesced decrease the damage... Bastiladons will manage.
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    Well, its shell is hard but with damage more cracks appear.
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    @Grimrock Hysh is not only a realm of light but also of enlightement and revelation. It's and embodiment of truth, purity and wisdom. People of Hysh are seeking knowledge and are masters of arcane arts. To summarize: yes, Hysh is a realm of magic and Teclis is a god of magic.
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    It was Teclis' obsession in the world that was, and he was on par with Caledor Dragontamer, the greatest mage of all time, and Nagash himself when Nagash had already basically made himself the demigod of undeath. All of this was while Teclis was still mortal. I guess I just extrapolated from there. He is, at least, the aelven god of magic, much as his twin would embody aelven martial excellence.
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    Found it on etsy. 3dprintall is the seller, he's based out of Texas in the USA. Pretty good time on the shipping too.
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    @Kasper @brattenbergus On the banner glyph point. Personally I would recommend just building double banner for your unit. The glyph is really situational and very meh, you won't notice it not being there. On the otherhand a unit without a banner is significantly worse, to the point if I have to choose between the boss and banner as the last model ~70% of the time I choose the banner. Since you may choose to split your units into 5s and there are several different abilities which allow people to target/remove specific models that Redundency is crucial.
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    It would be the perfect army. Probably not the most effective but man would it be a fun time.
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    I decided to pull the trigger, and I'm liking the result so far. I need to work on my green stuff skills, but I'm hoping it'll be good enough to pass once painted.
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    Even if there are more ridiculous monster armies, this is absolutely the correct attitude to have. "the fundamentally revolutionary character of Stegageddon" indeed.
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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/05/stegageddon-the-final-form-of-listbuildinggw-homepage-post-2/ Tread can be closed
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    vampire pirates are boring, all the interesting stuff in vampire coast are zombie-related. a vampire uprising faction/subfaction (vampires sneaking into human dominated settlements and armies and converting them gene-stealer cult style) paired with vampire 'over-lords' style faction (vampires ruling over mortals, breeding the best humans to turn to vampires and others for feeding) have much more potential to play off what the actual vampire side of things... zombie pirates would then allow for a zombie themed death faction that doesn't step on nurgles toes and takes the best stuff from vampire coast (plus new stuff obviously). even if Ossiarchs are skeletons (they are more like consctructs and don't fit the skeleton vibe, but lets just say they are) there is still the wights of fantasy. they were their own thing and are currently part of death rattle. a wight focused army with skeleton 'conscripts' could replace LON as the standard armies of Nagash.
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    5 Bloodthristers in the new Wrath of the Everchosen book comes to mind. Put them bad boys in a Tyrants of Blood batallion. Run and charge. If one gets to fight, all of them fight.
  41. 1 point
    With my last few models painted, my army really can show itself.
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    This is the key. You win games of AoS by scoring VPs based on the objectives for a given scenario. While combat is an essential part of the game plan - you need to stop enemy units from scoring, defend your own units, and sometimes have explicit kill conditions for victory - it is important to remember that AoS is not “Fantasy Killfest 2020”. You need as many Hunters as necessary to fill the combat function requirement in your list without undermining all the other things you need to consider. It doesn’t matter that 200 points of Hunters is much more effective in a fight than 200 points of Tree Revenants. You shouldn’t be taking Tree Revenants as a primary combat unit. But neither should you overlook the vastly greater mobility (with commensurate objective grabbing and interference potential) that the Revenants bring to your list. Build a list to win the objective game you are playing, not the abstract combat simulator that is over represented on the internet.
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    Sorry, but although she has the Sorcerer keyword, the Blight Cyst Battalion doesn't have that term bolded which means that she can't be used in place of a Sorcerer for the battalion. So unfortunately it's a 4 drop list.
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    Just finished my Emerald host, though I have another 10 Hexwraith making it a total of 20. Just qurious but how many Hexwraith for which general do you guys run?
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    Remember that Living City has a few core strengths that you want to focus on. If you'd like to focus on different aspects of the game, then consider using a different city better suited to the task. In my mind, the reasons to play Living City are as follows: 1. You have a lot of monsters and/or multi-wound models that would benefit from the passive heals. 2. You have strong shooting options that you'd like to drop in next to your opponent. Bonus points for then being able to use the CP and also have an effective combat phase. 3. You have other naturally good charging units for the hidden paths ambush. 4. You have roles that could best be filled by Sylvaneth units. 5. You have a limited movement range which can be helped out by the hidden paths ability (though in many cases Tempest's Eye will fix that even more effectively). I'm sure I've neglected to mention other reasons to take Living City, but I usually try to make sure my list ticks at least 2 or 3 of those boxes before I call it good. Otherwise, I start thinking about a different city. @Korvak It looks to me like you've mainly chosen Living City to try and use Sylvaneth, maybe also for a few extra ways to heal Gotrek. The problem is it seems like you've actually built more of a Hallowheart list (once you remove the Sylvaneth anyway). Hallowheart could allow you to heal Gotrek with a very reliable Lifeswarm and it would also facilitate casting the Comet. I would also recommend taking another hard-hitting unit or two in place of a few other picks. You have Gotrek, sure, but he'll only realistically contribute to 1 area of the battlefield. I would perhaps drop Neave and the Aetherwings for more Wild Riders or something similar that can hit hard but is still mobile. The dryads are nice, but if you do swap to Hallowheart (or something else) you'll need a new "anvil" unit. Eternal Guard, Ironbreakers, or massed Freeguild Guard with swords and shields could all do the job. Also, I would drop the 10 dreadspears for 10 more darkshards. That way you'll have 20 darkshards that the Sorceress can still use to sacrifice, they'll get their 15 model bonus, and they can still be the retinue if you'd like. All of this is assuming you can swap out units on a whim. If you don't have certain units that I've mentioned, then just try to fill those with similar units that you do have. One of the nice things about CoS is that we have 2-3 units for almost every role.
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    They will get one spell from the city spell lore to use and all of them are good.
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    "From my rotting body, flowers shall grow, and I am in them, and that is eternity." Edvard Munch Apologies for the lack of updates recently. It's been a while, but then it's taken me a while to tackle this month's challenge. At the beginning of February, to align with Tales of Instahammer's Monster Month, I set myself the task of complete The Ancient One atop his zombie dragon. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a slog, but we've made it. Who is The Ancient One? (The lore) For decades, this vampire's spirit has walked the Realm of Death's many underworlds. Unfettered from his cadaver during bouts of deep sleep, he has travelled far in his hunger for knowledge and secrets. Most souls are all too eager to share their stories. Others are doomed to repeat their final moments or strongest memories; The Ancient One need only watch. Even the dead want to be heard. Now his tower stirs again. Fell bats flock to the upmost turrets, crawling like lizards to rest in the rafters. Those humans and the other base creatures held in the laboratories huddle deeper in the shadows. Deep beneath even the duardins' old tunnels, rows of iron maidens rattle once more with madness and the crunch of mandibles. Acolytes long sequestered in their private quarters feel the winds shift and look up with red eyes and trembling hands, helpless against their father's will. Back in possession of his remains, he pushes aside the lid of his sarcophagus and emerges into total darkness to record that knowledge, the secrets of the dead painted on reams of human skin that he might reread them, refer back to them, draw pleasure from them all over again in his quest to understand them. For only in understanding them does he make them his own. And they will be his. "I come back to myself slowly, and the visions of the dead come with me. They dance in the corners of my eyes as I reach out to drag the vast stone cover from before me, retracing steps they once learned in life or else writhing from base memories of a different kind. A select few of them I recognise, their features etched into my being, bound to me or my holdings until such a time as I deem otherwise. Others I might recall once I have woken properly. Most of them are as faceless to me as the dead in my dreams and just as immaterial." Dark Awakening, Ch. 1 Bringing The Ancient One to un-life You might recognise several of the parts used to convert The Ancient One and his mount. Much like his experiments, this vampire's model is made from a variety of different sculpts. At its base is the Tomb Kings Hierophant from the classic Casket of Souls set. There's a Spirit Host arm, an arm from the Warcry Beasts kit, several skulls from the Mortis Engine set, and a Terrorgheist with a Troglodon's head, which to my mind is super serpentine and draconic. The rest is Greenstuff. (Curious? Check out some WIP shots.) I think my favourite part is his gnarly expression, which I feel really captures the essence of the Necrarchs and the classic Vampire Counts artwork that has so inspired me. I hope you like him as much as I do. If so, I'd love to hear about it. Related read: Sunday Spotlight: The Acolytes Five Instagram: @brotherhoodofnecros
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    So a Dwarf player got 10th at the Tempest tournament last weekend:
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    We've been houseruling cover into... well something that makes a bit more sense as necessary. As written it's serviceable, but the moment you have two models up against a wall trying to whack each other (one might be in cover!) we just throw the basic cover rules in the bin and play it by ear. Another thing is fall damage and dangerous terrain. I'd tweak it to 1d6 wounds from 3 inches of falling, then add another 1d6 per inch over. If there's dangerous terrain where you land, just do another 1d6 wounds. Falling's waaay too safe IMO. It reminds me of how an ork in gorkamorka could pinball between a cascade of dramatic vehicle collisions and come out completely unhurt (funny but immersion shattering). Also a basic courtesy ruling of 'if the scenario generated is an instawin from one side, redraw the condition or deployment as necessary, or maybe just don't make it so you instantly win the scenario if you're the one picking the conditions'.
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