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    Congrats! and if it’s any solace those first few months are actually quite good for hobby time I found. 😅
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    20 years ago I moved to a new city with my wife and two young’uns (4 y/o and 6 m/o) to start a new job. Money was tight, and I was needed at home evenings and weekends, and that’s when I returned to painting my little plastic soldiers after a five year hiatus. It was actually pretty productive, hobby-wise. I didn’t play at all, but got a lot of painting and conversion time in, and was always around my girls. Hobby-wise it was a blessing in disguise... I had enough time to practice painting, enter a GD and win a Slayer Sword. So... I agree with the people who say pick your favourite army or two and purge some stuff. Put the money away for your kids, maybe a bit towards a rainy day fund for growing your army. Have a dedicated painting table, even if it’s just a small fold-up TV tray, so you can hobby in those short breaks between baby naps and feedings. And do not feel guilt (unless you’re ignoring the wife and kids ). Humans need mental health breaks. Painting is a “zen” thing for me, helps me relax and tune out the challenges of being an adult for a while. As long as you’re not ignoring your family, it’s good for them too because you’ll be happier and calmer in the long run. I just moved into a smaller home last month, and even though I’ve got boxes to unpack still for some rooms, I desperately need painting time to de-stress after all the commotion. So I’m stealing it when I can, even just assembling models on the couch. Life’s too short to give up hobbies completely. Good luck!
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    I just had a day off this monday, which i used to "play puppets" with my elder hobby ruiner. She was sitting at the table playing with her dolls, i was sitting there painting mine and we had a wonderful 4 hours of joint enjoyment she's just about to turn 5, so you don't have to wait forever. She also demanded me to paint a gryphhound for her in her favorite colors two years ago, my wife couldn't deny me the painting time till it was done either
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