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    Some of you may remember a couple of comics I posted a while ago! Well one thing led to another, as they say, and today the first season of my comic strip Neverchosen is hitting the web! I though I’d share since this is the main place I go to for AoS discussion. I hope you’ll like them! https://www.warhammer-community.com/neverchosen/
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    Oh this one really makes me laugh
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    I hope they make the Skycutter replacement. The character that comes with it is still one of the best looking elves I've ever seen.
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    If you enjoyed the first two, the next part of my Great Canon series exploring Teclis' full tabletop and publication history is up, covering 6th edition and his first Black Library appearance in Giantslayer: https://doublemisfire.blogspot.com/2020/02/great-canon-teclis-part-3-mage-trios.html Feedback as always welcome. Edit: @PiotrW, I've just seen your post and realised that the first couple of articles in my series give a pretty solid basic overview of 1/3 of what you're asking for in Teclis, with more to come on his involvement in the End Times, and AoS appearances to date coming in future installments: https://doublemisfire.blogspot.com/2020/01/great-canon-teclis-part-1-origins-1992.html?m=1
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    Hm I think you don't get my point. And no way I want a specific type of model be as good as xy... All I am saying it's sad to have to play 7 times more official StD models than pure maggotkin. I don't have issues with allys within the 400 points range. But I decided to play my maggotkin und trying to get the best out of them without playing 85% StD models, just feels bad man And I totally get why he is doing it and that it is one of the strongest options for us currently. Im not as noobish as I may sound sometimes
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    So had a bit of spare time and thought I'd set up everything I have amassed between Death, Chaos and terrain in order to try and mimic the new Wrath of the Everchosen war kicking off! Took a good few pics and hope you enjoy and a bert video, and yeah one thing new house lacks seriously is a big enough table so went old school floor hammer.. VID_20200213_165134.mp4
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    I think the main thing holding Black Library books back is just... well, they're not that good. Even the more famous and well-regarded of the titles, like Gaunt's Ghosts, are extremely pulpy, and have very limited appeal. Don't get me wrong: I really like Gaunt's Ghosts. They're very binge-able, perfect beach fodder and nobody should be ashamed for liking them, because they're great fun. But at the same time, they are held back by the same thing that holds most of the BL's fare back, and that is that, by and large, there is only war. Who is going to read Black Library books? There are exceptions, but on the whole it's existing Warhammer fans. All of them? No. Not everybody cares about the biggest, toughest rat and how many dwarves and goblins he kills (they should, but they don't 😥). Not everybody wants to pick up part 237 of the Horus Heresy saga. There are types of people who are keen on finding out how exactly every Primarch got to where he is, and who get excited by revelations about Roboute Guilliman's backstory, but there are not enough of these people to keep BL in the, ahem, black. A limited range of genres, stories of wildly varying quality, already restricted by their sci-fi/fantasy nature and link to a known nerdy hobby, are not going to set the publishing world on fire, and comparisons to the rest of the publishing world, where books are cheap, does not help: Waterstones currently has five out of fifty books in its paperback bestsellers lists at £9.99 or more, and that's pretty much the starting point for Black Library books. You can pay a tenner to read David Guymer's story about underwater elves, or you can pay £6.99 and get The Handmaid's Tale- or £5.99 and get La Belle Sauvage, both of which are, I am confident in asserting, are better-written and have more to say than your average Warhammz novel. Again, please don't mistake me and think I'm trashing BL. They're fine for what they are, and nobody should have to defend their literary tastes. But great literature they are not, and when it's such a challenge for them to break out of the niche they have dug very deeply for themselves, the concept of them making less and less money (assuming that is the case) should come as no great surprise to anyone.
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    Actually with some googling - I looked for candles though you can try other search terms. Basically hunt for accessories and items for the base and once you find a site selling/producing them have a look through their inventory - chances are they'll have some books/scrolls/stuff https://bitsofwar.com/home/656-imperial-books-of-salvation.html https://bitsofwar.com/home/702-chaos-books-of-damnation.html https://elementgames.co.uk/kromlech/conversion-bits/candles-books-skulls
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    It seems fairly clear that the old High Elf models were not included in Cities of Sigmar because they would be too close to the Lumineth. So the removal of the models could, in some cases especially with the more modern models, have been a temporary measure until Lumineth are released. I'm not full of expectation, but I do think it is possible.
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    Don't get me wrong, i definitely don't feel like Lore of Madness is bad, I just feel like it's more middle of the road-to-good. Now, if you throw in the FEC Endless Spells, that changes things. Chalice is a game changer, and probably the benchmark for a perfect faction specific spell. It's perfect for the playstyle of the army. The Arachnacauldron is another example of a great faction Endless spell.
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    As someone that owns both armies, this is a perfect place where I can chime in on. The first thing I should say is: How new of a player are you? If you're completely new to wargaming, then pick the army you like the look of first. Rules change over time, and you'll most likely spend more time painting than getting games in, which means you'll be staring at the army you choose for quite a long time... better be something you dig :). The second thing is, don't focus so much on tournament results unless that's what you desire to eventually spending the most of your time. The armies that you will most commonly see at these events on the higher placings may or may not reflect what armies are played locally for you. In regards to directly comparing the two armies: - Ironjawz are a massive blunt instrument compared to Khorne. Khorne is a blood-soaked Rube Goldberg Machine where you need to be precise in who you buff and with positioning your models. The Blood Tithe table is also where good Khorne players get separated from great Khorne players. A lot of Khorne players get fixated on summoning in a Bloodthirster, when using something else would be the better play, which makes Khorne harder to play. - Ironjawz actually get to use magic. A Khorne player, you'll has access to so much spell hate that they really won't learn the intricacies to how spells work. - Khorne Mortals in particular are balanced around the amount of extra attacks that are available, where you can quite easily get +2 attacks to every single model, or +3 if the stars align. - Ironjawz being a small model range is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that the Start Collecting box gets you a massive amount of the army and doubling up on it is mandatory. The curse is that the lists you play are quite limited compared to Khorne, which list builds around their battalions, such as Tyrants of Blood, Gore Pilgrims, Dark Feast, Murderhost, etc. Ironjawz battalions are not built around as much, with Ironfist and Ardfist being the most common. - Khorne's model range is massive with plenty to keep you chewing on it for quite a while. If you have any specific questions in regards to comparing two armies, I believe I'd be able to answer them.
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    If we get anything flying, I'd rather it be the return of the true Dragon Princes. I want to remind everyone of the power of the Aelves by riding around on the battlefield burning their armies to ash!
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    Fortunately we’re lucky there. Two of our key players came over from historical war games where 2v2 is the norm. But the first time we did I think the key was using the narrative to determine deployment. In the narrative the Grots were holed up in an old Duardin stronghold in one corner while the Ogors were in a valley on the other side. Similarly the Sylvaneth were deploying from an Awakened Wyldwood in the middle of a forest on one side of the board (coming down out of the same mountains as the Duardin Stronghold) while the KO were in the more open plain on the other side where their ships had easier flying. The middle of each side was occupied by some fun pieces the players had requested (Rogue Idol and Colossal Squig on Destruction side which the lead grot character had respectively activated and mastered in the narrative, and a Flamespyre Phoenix and Magmadroth, both more favors called in by the General). For rounds 1 & 2 then it basically played out as almost two separate games with the advantage that both players on which ever side whose turn it was doing their actions (movement, shooting, combat, etc.) at the same time. By ro7nd 3 of course everything was mixed up but by then the numbers were down to much more reasonable amounts. Game was won on the last combat of the last turn when the Sylvaneth finally secured their objective giving Order a 2-1 advantage on that front. Thinking about that though made me realize how important controlling deployment has been to the success of all our narrative games. Fortunate to have a gaming group where as long as their is a narrative logic to how the units are initially deployed (or come onto the field in later rounds) there are no complaints. This seems to do a very good job of preventing some of the issues related to “over powered” units wrecking the dynamic, and we’ve incorporated plenty of them over the last year.
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    Khorne definitely falls apart to good shooting. Being capable of kiting them while shooting is also an important thing as most of the units only move 5" plus their D6 run move. This might change a bit once people get some more play with the new Wrath of the Everchosen book (run+charge Bloodthirsters in Tyrants feels like it will push itself into some level of prominence). Another big flaw is the lack of multi damage combined with rend. One thing that really bites Khorne is that beyond characters, anything higher than Damage 1 is few and far between, not to mention that rend is either on the extreme or nonexistent. A buffed anvil unit will typically just wall even our heavy hitters. Rend -1 is prevalent to some extent, mostly in our characters, and a few units, however sometimes that just isn't enough. There is a decent rise in units just having a 3+ save (be it OBR, Cities, etc.), and if any re-rolls come into play the rend is typically a wash.
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    Man. Those are GREAT. (IMO waaay better than the other one they stopped BTW, at least I prefer your humor...) You really nailed it ! Especially the faces. And the fact you get very well some fluffy bits (like the Warcry guy)
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    that's what it's all about. Those little stories will stick to the model until something new happens. Love it. I recognise the same. But it opens up new avenues as well. We had a great game where a player had to defend a city against a two players. So he made a 2K list, and played on two tables (not at the same time), but he had to divide his army in two parts. He thought a retreating battle against both players, keeping track of the losses. The next game his units replenished if at least one model made it off the table. The final game was a three against one. The two attacking players kept track of their victory points (1 for every unit destroyed). In the final free for all battle there can be. only one winner but it can only be one of the attacking players if the defender is fully out of their own territory. But that has yet to be played! I like that. allows for a lot of fun. But unless you have a good set off players the 8K battle is more fun in theory than in real life 😂
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    Yessir good shooting definitely screws Khorne over. I would suggest you take Irondrakes, I think there's a way you can give them plus 1 rend and they shoot twice if they don't move, I've been shredded by them before *sigh*
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    The worst part about the Azyr app is: you pay for it, yet it‘s always been buggy. you can‘t use a Battletome if you „only“ own the physical version, you have to buy the digital version as well. Digital books don‘t have a considerable discount compared to their physical equivalents. your purchase is bound to your google account / apple account, if you switch your device-system you lose all purchases
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    Yes well, GW isn't actually accurate with like anything. Azyr app is missing things, warscroll builder has errors and you can't save or change lists.... But have pros and cons
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    Don't forget you can hold an objective with thunderers. Not overly much, but could work.
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    Marauders are battle line in Nurgle. So it is a pure Nurgle army. What you are actually saying is I want to only be able to play “insert a specific type of model” and I want it to be as good as any carefully build army out there. Not going to happen - not in this game. I play mostly Tzeentch and I regularly add STD units - never feeling that I am no longer playing Tzeentch.
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    I know I will be in the minority on this one, I really hope that they do not include the bolt thrower, I know I said they would probably, but I have always loathed the bolt throwers from WHFB. I want to see something more fantastic than a bolt thrower.... yes I know that the sigmarines have bolt throwers...
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    After playing in a tournament recently I've come to my own conclusions about what I think the army needs. Granted it was only 1k, but I still think it's a fair assessment as our weaknesses are exacerbated at 2k games. I played against Tzeentch, Bonereapers, Fyreslayers, and Slaanesh, several top dogs in the meta. Allegiance: Legion of Azgorh LEADERS Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) - General - Command Trait : Grotesque - Artefact : Armour of Bazherak the Cruel Daemonsmith (100) - Darkforged Weapon UNITS 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 1 x Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (120) 1 x Iron Daemon War Engine (180) 1 x Magma Cannon (140) TOTAL: 1000/1000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 65 On retrospect I would've dropped a unit of Fireglaives and the Rocket Launcher in favor of a second Magma Cannon and an endless spell, maybe Cogs or the Soulscream Bridge. The rocket launcher's output is so unreliable, it's crazy how much it's outclassed by the Magma Cannon. As for the rest of what I took... Taur'ruk: He's great as is, and perfectly costed as well. No changes needed here. Daemonsmith: Also pretty good, could do with a range increase on Blood of Hashut. Fireglaives: Hitting on 3+ would go a long way on these guys, and of course it goes without saying that the Deathmask blows and should be reworked. Let's compare with Mortek Guard, possibly one of the game's best infantry choices. At 130 points for 10 models, they get 2 3+/4+ attacks at -1 rend, with an extra attack on 6's to hit. It's certainly not farfetched to give Fireglaives a 3+ to hit when they're costed at 100 points. Deathshrieker: Bad. Needs at least one of the following to make it a competitive choice: 3+ to hit, additional Rend, or flat 3 damage. Magma Cannon: We all know this thing is amazing, if anything it's the only thing in our army that could be acceptably nerfed, I think. I don't think it needs to be; as much as your opponent might complain about how you can just drop 6 (7) mortals on him with no way to prevent it, it's still a 140 point unit that can't do much else. I think if they changed anything about this they would make it savable wounds instead of mortals. Iron Daemon: Pretty solid all around. I think More Power should be slightly changed to 1 wound if the result is between 12 and 18, and d3 if the roll is 19+. I think the biggest thing we need is less so our damage output and more so durability; We've got an allegiance ability that lets us negate wounds in each phase, so our biggest strength should be being hard to kill. We lack anything that gives us a bonus to save. It would be broken to give everything in our army a 3+ save, but what about the Standard Bearer? It would not be unreasonable I think to change its aura to give everything in range a +1 to save.
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    It would appear that Skaven have layers as well, not just Ogres. Truly a horrifying sight, you madman.
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    Stormvermins!! Yes-yes Oh by the way, if anybody was wondering how the onion formation could look like. here’s a picture
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    I think it could be a really interesting talk. I don't get to play every army, so when participating in a tournament it would be nice to be somewhat prepared and have a general idea of what you can expect from X and Y army, instead of having to ask at the table "so what can your army do..?". It is never fun to lose due to a "gotcha" moment where you are caught with your pants down, like not knowing Idoneth can attack first with their entire army in turn 3 or Slaanesh making your army fight last and double pile in with everything. I think the issue is how to organize it - It would almost require a thread dedicated to each army in AoS. Ontop of that, the armies play so differently depending on what you face. Two players facing Skaven aren't gonna have the same game at all - One might face a bunch of Plague Monks where he gets blown up in combat, the other might face a bunch of Jazzails and Acolytes and get shot off the board. I do think the tactical aspect of AoS isn't discussed enough at all. Everyone seem so focused on list building (which is really important, sure) but even in battle reports you don't get to hear thoughts and strategies at all.
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    As many, I'm excited to get my brush on some Lumineth, so to tide myself over I decided to take a crack at some Lumineth Themed terrain for my gaming table. One of the features I loved the most in the reveal trailer were the magically floating rocks that GW's scenery department made to compliment the Lumineth to I attempted to replicate that to spruce up the bases for these Aelven Waystones.
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    Our gaming group started with a narrative campaign. In the first game three drunken Ogors (a Butcher, a Firebelly, and a Tyrant) had gone on a rampage over who was the better killer, eventually attracting a larger horde (1k points basically) of other Ogors. The rampage had gotten so bad the Swifthawk Agents were dispatched to stop the mob. Unbeknownst to them a Gitmob has started following the Ogors, taking advantage of the mayhem they were creating. Worked for four players, each of whom had specific narrative objectives. In the second game, following the pyrrhic Swifthawk Agents victory (only the general and a few other units had survived), the Swifthawk Agents had sent out Skycutters to find the remnants. One ended up crashing in a hidden Sylvaneth Grove that was otherwise surrounded by a forest full of Spiderfang Grots. As the Grots rushed to destroy the Skycutter the small force of Sylvaneth tried to protect them. Each turn more units would come onto to battlefield depending on a random roll. The final game saw the Swifthawk General form an alliance with the Sylvaneth and call in favors he was owed by the Kharadron Overlords to fully eradicate the grot and Ogor presence in the region. While the other two were roughly 2k pts on each side this one was a big blow off at roughly 8k total points. Took a bit of work readjusting each scenario to accommodate the outcome of the previous game but small tweaks (like giving a unit of Swordmasters that kept surviving a ‘veteran’ bonus) really got people engaged. When the Swifthawk General finally died in the big battle he actually got a spontaneous moment of silence the players had gotten so attached...
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    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This months theme is: Blood and Glory Like all fine art, you are free to convey that however you will. The more creative the better. The Rules Entries must be posted in the results thread - tga.community/entries Only one image per entry. Feel free to use a montage, but bear in mind that TGA resizes images to a maximum of 800x800 so don't make it so big we can't see what it is! The Final image must also be shared on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a link back to this contest thread and the hashtag of #TGAPaint1. Please add a link to your your social media post on your entry on here. (An example of this is waiting for you in the results thread already). All miniatures entered must be your own work (no getting a commission painter to do something for you) You need to be a member of TGA.Community in order to enter Prize Support Element games and Artis Opus have kindly sponsored this months Painting Contest. Element Games are giving a free Start Collecting set to a random entrant. Artis Opus are giving a free brush set to the person voted as the contest winner. How to Win. At the end of the last day of the month the entries thread will be closed and a new Poll thread opened. This will remain open for 1 week. The winner of the poll is crowned the TGA Painting Challenge Champion and will be remembered for all eternity.
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    Nice idea sance. My approach is different I Uwe Slave to dankenswerter rules. The Marauders horseriders are translated in knights ( leader and two normal one). the chosen and knights are foot knights and Marauders on foot are the peasants with different weapons. I tested my witch hunters already and I liked them. Lets see how the Bretonnians will work.
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    I have an idea (not really mine) to integrate Bretonnian (or knight in general) figurines. Playing with the rules of the FEC, in fact we really play the FEC but with their appearance altered by illusion. The ghouls are replaced by peasants, men-at-arms or squire figurines. The Crypt-Horrors by knights of the realm or other Bretonnian knights order. And the Flayers by Pegasus knights. (Maybe hippogryph for the Infernal courtier if it fit on the base)
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    Really awful picture, and very WIP, lots of sculpting and gap filling to go, but a Sisters of Sigmar Anointed I'm working on. All of my units are Old Empire themed, so my Phoenix Guard are Sisters, my Shadow Warriors are Halfling Scouts, etc.
  34. 2 points
    Cheers guys, here's the finished starter warband. Hopefully packed with character for when I get to use them on the table.
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    The wreck of the Gryph-hound No one remembers why the Gryph-hound went down but she was lost with all hands in the malignant forest many years ago and it was months before a passing sky-ship found the wreck. It was already overgrown and rotting on the forest floor. The forests of the Harrowmark are a dangerous place for a sky-ship captain who does not know his trade!
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    The Rotmoon The orruk pirate sky-ship that crashed in the forests of the Harrowmark, triggering the adventure known as the Harrowmark Run. The Rotmoons eventually recovered the wreck of their ship and careened it in the woods. They made make-shift repairs but the lack of a dock and proper equipment, meant that they could only cobble-together the two halves of the ship with found timbers, from houses and other shipwrecks. They sailed it back to Wortbad slowly and carefully, knowing that any collision or tight manoeuvres would tear her apart. ~ ~ ~ This only took me 19 months to paint! The Dark Skies project finally got me to take it off the shelf and get working on it again. The weathered timbers colour are all sprays, dry-brushing and washes and the spot colours were mostly Contrast Paints.
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    My first model for the City of my own creation.
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    Hey guys, I'm new here, quick back story, I found AOS from painting minis for fun/dnd. Saw stormcast and bought a SC box and some random other units. Went to my first game thinking SCE these big heavily armored guys, well i got crushed(one because i didnt know how to play very well, 2 because i went full melee in a 1k game with SCE...). Anyway as much as i like the look of SCE models i have no desire to play with a mainly range focus army. I returned the battleforce box i had and and going to go Mortal Blades of khorne or ironjawz. for a new player Ironjawz seem like a breeze to start collecting with the limited range of models and most being useful, BOK seems like a ton of fun to play with all the area unit buffs ect, and the army itself looks super fun to paint. Who would you recommend and hwy for a noob! thanks guys
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    I 100% recommend Iron Jawz if you're a new player looking for a satisfying melee army. Iron Jawz are a very fun, very effective melee army, and give you the added versatility of being taken as either dedicated Iron Jawz, or as part of the Big Waaagh. You have durable, hard-hitting unites, good cavalry, and one of the most intimidating Monsters in the game (Megaboss on a Maw Crusha). BoK on the other hand are in a strange place right now. The strongest versions seem to be either Daemon-focused build running multiple Bloodthirsters, or a Mortal list built around buffing Archaeon and using him to double-pile in and erase huge chunks of opposing armies. The rank-and-file mortal Blades of Khorne lists don't seem to have the punch to really threaten a lot of the most popular armies being played, are very vulnerable to shooting, and tend to fall apart when their support heroes die. I think you'd probably get fairly discouraged if you put together a mortal Khorne list that didn't include Archaeon. It's a very puzzle-y army, and requires a substantial amount of skill to pilot, since you will probably need to win from strong objective play, not combat.
  40. 1 point
    As others have mentioned; Blades of Khorne (especially mortals) are very vulnerable to shooting, lose a LOT of power if their support heroes get picked off, and are pretty vulnerable to Battleshock (if several units lose a few models, the Khorne player will have some tough decisions, because they have no battleshock immunity without spending CP) Bloodthirsters also don't tank that much damage. They only have a 4+ armor save and no ward save. The daemon prince is a fantastic unit with a powerful command ability, but if your opponent doesn't equip him/her with a damage-boosting artifact; he won't wipe out any units on his own.
  41. 1 point
    So having recently lost myself to Warhammer total war 2 and then seeing someone else mention the idea of using a cities of sigmar army to make vampire coast my long held dream of wraith fleet / vampirates will come to fruition! I have already made a unit of zombie handgunners and am currently making steamtanks from my pirate ship mortis engine I made ages ago (hello steam tank commander) and the other half of the idoneth ship that I had which -will- look suitably ridiculous which is half the fun. This also gives me a great way to use up all my bloody spare bits that I have lying around. I'm looking to just do 1000 points to start as a fun little project that I may expand or may just leave at 1k and figured greywater fastness made sense for a pirate ship and GUNS army (and boy have I been wanting to revisit my favourite city of crazed cannon lovers for ages). I'm considering the following as a start point: Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar - City: Greywater Fastness LEADERS Steam Tank with Commander (250) - General Freeguild General (100) UNITS 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) 10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100) 5 x Freeguild Pistoliers (100) 1 x Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) BEHEMOTHS Steam Tank (200) - Cities of Sigmar Battleline (Steam Tank with Commander General) TOTAL: 980/1000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 66 LEADERS: 2/4 BATTLELINES: 3 (2+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/2 ARTILLERY: 1/2 ARTEFACTS: 0/1 ALLIES: 0/200 Now granted it's probably not a good list but looks like a fun one (I plan to my make my pistoliers out of spare black knights i'll never use and pistolier pistols spare from making my living city outriders) My only concern is whether I should have some freeguild guard or something to protect my gunners or whether I just say heck it and go all out (cannon)balls out. I will post some pictures of my conversions when they're more finished too.
  42. 1 point
    @Myrdin I'd say the weaknesses that comes to mind are the following: For Mortal heavy lists, over reliance on positioning for support pieces and 5 wound support heroes to make the rest of the army hit harder. Also the lack of Rend. For Daemon heavy lists, the real damage dealers are the Bloodthirsters (including Skarbrand) and Skulltaker.
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    For those looking for Elven lore from the Old World, this one is a bit long, but should get you up to speed.
  44. 1 point
  45. 1 point
    Slightly left of centre but you can even do the big small with deepkin. Aspect / turtle plus a lot of thralls. I like this sort of idea as it’s not the norm but in the flip side may not be the best. Aspect of sea does have quite good synergy with the infantry though.
  46. 1 point
    What do you think of this? Was going for a Gutstar with tons of buffs from the Slaughtermaster and the threat of self healing dual frostlords. Allegiance: Ogor Mawtribes - Mawtribe: Bloodgullet Mortal Realm: Shyish Leaders Slaughtermaster (140) - Lore of Gutmagic: Blood Feast - Bloodgullet 2nd Spell: Ribcracker Frostlord on Stonehorn (400) - Artefact: Splatter-cleaver - Mount Trait: Black Clatterhorn Frostlord on Stonehorn (400) - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet - Mount Trait: Metalcruncher Icebrow Hunter (120) - General - Command Trait: Nice Drop of the Red Stuff! Battleline 3 x Ogor Gluttons (120) - Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 2 x Frost Sabres (40) 2 x Frost Sabres (40) 2 x Frost Sabres (40) 2 x Frost Sabres (40) Units 8 x Ironguts (440) 2 x Leadbelchers (80) Battalions Goremand (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 108
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    I think you've nailed it, it's the dawning of a new age, the age of cometcat lists
  48. 1 point
    I've still not gotten the campaign off the ground, as my gaming group pretty much only plays 40K now. Every time I've shown this to people the response has been "That sounds so cool" but no one is actually willing to play it. That has not though dissuaded me from keeping going with the project, so I did write up the campaign rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/23epjcdjdlnk555/Hexenwold%20Campaign%20Guide.pdf?dl=0 It has yet to be playtested, but is otherwise ready to go, and I think it should work ok. I'll be very interested to how you get on if you use any of it. My plan is to host the map on a Roll20 page, and allow the players to curate and manage their kingdoms through that. We're trying something similar out for our 40K campaign at my suggestion, so how that works may inform how I modify this going forwards.
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    Just give me a battleline if option and i’ll put em on the table thats all i need
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    I'm kinda reserved about paying a premium price for a book that's not really dedicated to a faction I play. I run Nurgle and collect Slaanesh as a side project, but 40 bucks for a few lines of rules and a couple of mentions in the lore doesn't excite me.
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