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    Sorry this is delayed. I have been very busy at work! This is the list I took to LVO Age of Sigmar Championships Allegiance: Nurgle Mortal Realm: Ghyran Leaders The Glottkin (420) - Lore of Malignance: Blades of Putrefaction Harbinger of Decay (160) - General - Command Trait: Grandfather's Blessing - Artefact: The Witherstave Gutrot Spume (140) Chaos Sorcerer Lord (110) - Lore of Foulness: Magnificent Buboes - Mark of Chaos: Nurgle Battleline 10 x Putrid Blightkings (320) 40 x Chaos Marauders (300) - Axes & Shields - Mark of Chaos: Nurgle 40 x Chaos Marauders (300) - Axes & Shields - Mark of Chaos: Nurgle Behemoths Chaos Warshrine (170) - Mark of Chaos: Nurgle Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1970 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 169 The strategy with this list is the be as effective against a wide array of threats. At Seven drops. If I needed to turtle, I can. It has a couple of decent hammers (Marauders) and is incredibly tanky. And that tankyness comes from several sources including several damage prevention rolls (DPR), units with a high concentration of wounds per model (blightkings), mass amount of wounds (marauders with Fleshy abundance). Glottkin provided two amazingly synergistic spells, as well as a great counter punch. I am doing this from memory so I will try to remember most of my opponents army and the details of the game. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Game 1 - Focal Points 2018 in Ghyran - Demons of Tzeentch (old book) - LoC, a couple units of pink horrors, Gaunt summoner on foot, Gaunt summoner on disk, Chaos sorcerer lord and LOTS of endless spells. I went first. He deployed his Pink Horrors on the line in a mission that is 18" of separation. I noticed this immediately and jumped at the opportunity. I also knew I had to make a quick strike because I knew he was going to flood the board with endless spells and then unleash the demon rift. So I was able to move, run, and charge both units of marauders and completely remove both units of pink horrors, chaos sorcerer lord and secure 4/5 objectives. I spread out by buff pieces and Glott as to limit where he could summon all the blues. It forced him to turtle into his corner. So I got a bit lucky. I went far ahead on VPs and had a good game. 25-0 major win for me. Game 2 - Duality of Death 2018 - Ironjaws. Ethereal Maw Crusher, 1 unit of pigs, 3 units of 'ard boys, big unit brutes, couple warchanters. He out dropped me and went first. I deployed 40 marauders and Harbinger on one side, 40 marauders and CSL on the other with the warshrine and Glott in the middle with the warshrine screening Glott. Didnt want that crusher coming in and alpha-ing him! He made a CRITICAL error right off the bat. In a casual game I would have said something but this was a tournament. He used his hero phase move with his Maw Crusher to move onto the objective to my right. Then in his movement phase, moved his warchanter also onto that objective and then the maw crusher up 3" outside of the objectives. Since his Maw Crusher secured the objective first, then moved off of it.. he lost control of it before he was able to score and VPs. He charged the marauders, but was unable to do a ton of damage, perhaps 10-12 marauders. Because of 6++ and rr-rolling 6s to hit and wound (lucky cycle roll). The marauders surrounded and brought him down to about half health. I used Glott to charge him but angled my charge as to use my Pile-in move to move onto the objective, securing it. The marauder on the left move ran and charged his pigs and ard boys. Tied them up for a turn or two (RR saves and +1 save was SO clutch) while the CSL slowly walked up to the objective. Maw crusher died and that was basically game over. HILARIOUS because the last wound done to the maw crusher was from the Harbinger's Horse bite when I rolled a 1 for the number of attacks!!!! Game 3 - Blood and Glory - Tzeentch AGAIN! Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore. Witch Fire Coven battalion with like 30 Acolytes. big Unit of enlightened. Blue Scribes, Pink Horrors. I also knew I probably was not going to get the MAJOR win on this one because he could produce models in many different ways and had amazing mobility. So Almost immediately I was playing for the minor win/loss and focusing on secondary objectives. I was able to pull off a long move run and charge with them, with blades of putrefaction FINALLY going off and removed 20 acolytes and the Manticore in one round of combat. With each of us controlling 2 objectives and most of the board dead, It all came down to one objective. I had summoned 3 units of 5 plaguebearers on it. He shot every blue and brimstone horror at me. Managed to get a couple more models then me on it. Had I rolled a 1 for either battleshock I would have forced the draw. But I was content with the minor loss and most of my secondaries. So a 9 point minor loss was pretty decent. Game 4 - Battle for the Pass 2019 - Nurgle mirror match! Plague Cyst and Blessed sons battalion. a 20 man unit of kings, gutrot and two more 10 man units. 40 BLIGHTKINGS! This was a bad mission for him. But I had such a fun game. My opponent was so amazing! He left 10 kings to guard his home objective. He moved them up a bit but proved to be a critical error. The 20 man unit came off the side edge, as close as he could to one objective . Unfortunately for him, my marauders are just so freaking fast and managed to secure both side objectives, while MY spume managed to outflank with the 10 kings, right behind his home objective. I failed that charge but got the double turn. It was pretty funny because I was nervous about those 20 kings causing havoc in my back field. So I Move and ran the maruaders to just outside the 20 man unit, summoned a tree in between two LARGE pieces of terrain behind them to essentially seal off my home objective, but locking those idiots in a thunderdome with the 20 kings. They got fleshy abundance and had a 4+ re-rollable,/5++/6++. He piled in with I think 14 blightkings. Got about 40 something hits in on them. But I only lost 3 marauders! I was so far ahead on VP we called it after about turn 3. Game 5 - Starstrike 2019 against Skrye. 2 warp lightning cannons, 6 storm fiends, the engineer with more more warp power and vigor dust injectors, bridge, 60 clan rats. I was 3-1 and REALLY wanted to win this one! I knew with a high scoring minor loss I had a solid chance to sneak into the top 8 and play in the finals! He gave me first turn which I was shocked about. But I think he really wanted the double turn. I basically stayed put. I had castled. There was a HUGE central terrain feature and also two large walls in my area. he was basically going to bridge up his army and shot the ****** out of me from one of two lanes. I just buffed whatever I could up and prayed. He bridged up the warp lightning cannons and shot the sorcerer and warshrine off. His fiends waddled up and blew the blightkings off the board. He got the double turn, but it was kind of a dud. One warp lightning cannon blew itself up, and the other didn't do to much damage. he screened his stormfiends and the remaining cannon with clan rats. Marauders to the rescue. I got blades off, and move/run/13" charge and literally went around his screen and deleted his stormfiends. and the remaining cannon. and the clan rat screen. The objectives came down. My side was in a good spot. Behind a piece of terrain. Summon 5 plaguebearers. secured. The other two both landed on the FAR left side completely away from the action. Well the other marauders, move, run and 12/13" charge again to ALMOST take out the 20 rats holding it. Couldnt actually get models onto the objective because of his expert placment. Long story short, its bottom of turn 4. FIVE minutes left in the round. Marauders tied up with a couple small rat characters and a smattering of clanrats. I was ahead and just needed to take 1 of the two objectives. Had I just retreat the remaining marauders onto one of them instead of remaining in combat to try to remove models from the other I would have one! But I just got flustered with time and lost focus!!! My opponent was so awesome though. It was an amazing game and I LOVE his gaming group (Gentlemen Gaming) 3-2 with a minor loss. 34/180 and a Best Painting nomination. 8th overall! I ended up securing the ITC's Top ranked nurgle player for 2019, Best Nurgle at LVO, and my gaming group won Best Age of Sigmar team for the year! Thanks to EVERYONE'S help over the year. I couldn't have made it this far without the advice and great ideas of all of you!
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    As many, I'm excited to get my brush on some Lumineth, so to tide myself over I decided to take a crack at some Lumineth Themed terrain for my gaming table. One of the features I loved the most in the reveal trailer were the magically floating rocks that GW's scenery department made to compliment the Lumineth to I attempted to replicate that to spruce up the bases for these Aelven Waystones.
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    Hi Terri If you're passing Warhammer World, give me a shout and and we'll have a chat, I'll try to answer your questions. Message me on our FaceBook page - Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Recruitment. In the meantime, take a look at this months issue of 3D World magazine, there's an 8 page feature on us and the sorts of people that we are looking for. Cheers Matt
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    I wish we could fix the Glaivewraith warscroll and be good, but the reality is we need a book re-write. Same with SC, Nurgle, BoC. They need to re-do the books to make them legitimately competitive. Nighthaunt was sold as THE bravery debuff army due to spookiness yet we can barely even get a -2 if we work at it. Our version of fight twice is totally random, and they highly overrated and overcosted Ethereal and fly army wide. If they made a terrain piece that gave board wide -1 to bravery that goes up each battle round it would help. Maybe also give +1 to charge and it counts towards wave of terror. If Cities of Sigmar can have a spell that straight up changes someones save to '-' why can't the spooky boys have one that changes the bravery to '-'?
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    K'Daai Fireborn? Yes, why not. They have both the CHAOS and DAEMON keywords. Btw. I created a Battletome Cover for the Legion of Chaos Ascendant as there is no regular Battletome:
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    Hi everyone. back in the early days of TGA we held a painting contest that was really well received and everyone seemed to enjoy. I'd like to bring this back with a monthly challenge. The original thread - I'd like to bring this back and will get things rolling in March. So you all have a 2 week head start. Good Luck! This thread will remain the as the contest thread. In future months I will update with a new post and edit this first page.
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    The rest of my bases have arrived. See the awesomeness below, plus @TwiceIfILikeIt and her contribution. #dragonforgedesigns
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    I would rate it on 4 levels. The weakest lores fail in the early steps, medium ones go the middle steps and the strongest ones pass all 4 checks. 1) Reliability. Low casting values or easy + to cast, reasonable ranges, no finicky extra dice rolls to make something happen. This is the lowest level to pass, but if you can't cast them, it doesn't matter what they do. Stormcast fail at this level, as so much of it is weirdly situational or hides behind yet another 4+. Sylvaneth and Nurgle also fail here, as you have almost no ways to actually get your spells off against a competent opponent. Nighthaunt also struggle here, with most of their spells having short range, medium-high casting values and only very few ways to buff casting. If you aren't consistently casting on dice a roll of 5, its probably not a great lore in general, as you will fail to often in a game too count on it. 2) Power. Some single spells are just amazing, notably all the teleport spells. Almost every lore could be improved by swapping their best spell for a teleport. Just having access to one is totally game changing and forces the other side to do things radically differently. The Slaves movement destroying spells are also game-changing when they go off. Nurgle players play very differently if blades of putrefaction goes off vs when it doesn't. The anvilguard no-save spell bubble is also game defining. Players with these lores will take at least 1 wizard almost every game just for a chance at these spells. My gloomspite opponent will regular take 3 wizards, all with the same teleport spell, just so he always has access to it. 3) Price Point. Not really of the lore, but of the army in general. Cheap casters make or break spell lores. For example, the Ogor Mawtribes spell lore for itself is quite good, but in most of the allegiences, you are paying 140 points for a single caster, and so wizards are mostly ignored. People just play a beatstick or more troops instead. Then in the suballegience where you get 2 casts and spells per wizard, suddenly you see 300 points of wizards/spells in almost every list. 60 points per cast feels about right for a support wizard. Stormcast fail here hard, as their cheapest wizard is 140 points for a single caster, without much extra value. Skaven do incredibly well, with several 120-140 pt double cast wizards. Gaunt summoners are incredible at functionally 20 points per cast after they've summoned their horrors. If Bloodwrack medusa were 3 cast wizards, you'd see a lot of use out of the Daughters of Khaine spell lore, even though the spells are mostly meh just because it is so cheap to cast. 4) Versatility. This is what separates the true top from the bottom. Do I want to take enough wizards to access almost every spell? Are they mostly useful most of the time? Hallowheart I think is one of the strongest lores. Almost every spell is useful every turn, all have reasonable ranges and all are cast on a 6 or less. The only area it kinda lacks is the 'power' department, as none are totally game changing, but it is so good in the other ways it doesn't matter too much. So by my standards, Best- (4 /4 points on my scale above) Hallowheart, Tzeentch, Bonesplitterz, Legions of Nagash, Gloomspite Gits Great- (3/4) FEC, living cities, tempests eye, Slaves to Darkness, Skaven OK (2/4) Ossiarch bonereapers, Mawtribes-Bloodgullet,Ironjawz Bad (1/4) Daughters of Khaine, Nighthaunt, anvilguard, Sylvaneth, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Hammerhal, Mawtribes (other), Terrible (0/4) Stormcast I have no idea about some of them- beasts of chaos, idoneth as some examples. I think they are pretty low down though.
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    Regarding the Troops - I really hope that the Lumineth do not have a caste System :D What I kind of missed in the Article about the Wardens was some sort of explanation of who they really are: Full Time Soldiers? Organised in military Orders? Militia? What I always liked about good old Ulthuan was that the Spearmen and Archers were the Militia (just so unique for Elves!) - I doubt that the Lumineth will be having a Militia of some sort and that the Vanari / Auralan Units are professionals. Just my personal opinion - but the "lowest" Troops are always the best, the Bread and Butter, the foremost Defence, the Ones who suffer the most, but victory would be impossible without them. Recently I downloaded a mod for Medieval 2 - "Call of Warhammer Beginning of the End Times" and the High Elven Voicelines struck me as being surprisingly good and flavourful. For ex: "The Horror of War is the burden of all." "The Citizen Levy of Ulthuan stands united!" "Watch your comrades!" I hope that the Lumineth consider every life of their kin worth saving - perhaps the younger ones watch out for each other, because they are still more emotional. Now the Auralan Sentinels are my most anticipated release ever! give us the Modellsssss! 😄
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    Check out my latest batrep in my signature (monthly meetup) to get an idea of what 30 Acolytes can do. I got all 30 into range against 20 Spite-Rev's and did 75 damage. Another game they wiped a Maw-Krusha and 2 Gore-gruntas in 1-turn with astounding amounts of overkill. I absolutely love them and believe they can carry lists as the output is nuts. Combining them with 2 other threats like 9 Jezzails and Monks\Hell Pit\Stormvermin\Gutter Runners and you have something solid. Generally advice comes down to "never combine them with Fiends" as they both want MMMWP and Vigordust to do any decent damage. You could use both if you run Deranged Inventor however so at least 1 of the units is RR hits. This also helps if you need to move your Jezzails but still want them to keep their hit RR's.. though I argue you should try to make use of Gnawholes with them as they're the best fit for Gnawhole teleporting aside from a Skitterleaped wizard using one to retreat back. As Skreech mentioned, they can be difficult to use now that they're on 32's. I find that they work best as a reactionary unit.. but I'm also a very reactionary player. They work this way by punishing heavily aggressive units for getting too close by being able to run the full unit 3" away to make sure everything is in range which is why they work well against things like Slaanesh, Fyreslayers, IJ, etc. Otherwise, yeah, it can be hard to get 20-30 in range.. but 90% of the time those 15 or so will still blow up what they're shooting at. They're weaker against shooting armies as anyone reasonably decent is going to prioritize them and shoot them off the board which is easy to do and they're damage drops off quick since MMMWP\Vigordust will slowly eat at them (hence why you typically want a unit of 30 to take wounds for a couple turns). For those curious, I did a quick mathhammer of the above between Fiends\Acolytes with either MMMWP or Deranged Inventor + Vigordust. Note that this also includes the +1 damage from a Spark: So, by just pure numbers if you wanted to take both, giving the Acolytes MMMWP and the Fiends Deranged is going to net you the most against a 4+ save while the opposite will be about 9-10 less damage against a 4+. Obviously you need to take threat ranges, resiliency and point cost into account as well.. but that's just the rough numbers and you all can decide what's best for you own lists 😉 The "problem" with taking both is that you'll have a harder time taking a 3rd threat without sacrificing points in hero's, Clanrats or Endless Spells. For example, you could take 9 Jezzails, 6 Fiends and 30 Acolytes with 2 Engineers + a Grey Seer and 60 Clanrats and be left with 1960 (or swap the Grey Seer for an AW and have 1980) so it can work. Alternatively drop the Jezzails for a melee threat like 40 Monks and you can still take a Screaming Bell over the standard Grey Seer and still have room for 20 more Clanrats. So.. as I'm typing this I realize there isn't really a problem as more and more people are moving to 60 Clanrats and doing reasonably well with it. Up to you if you feel you need more Clanrats or bigger heroes like Verminlords with extra CP's or really want to bring WLV. Sorry, I went off on a tangent again.. things like this get my mind turning and IT can sometimes have incredibly slow workdays 😅
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    gloomspite gitz are probably the best for that Big trolls, medium trolls, goblins Big spiders, little spiders Big squigs, little squigs And little goblins everywhere It's the best "big guys surrounded by waves of small guys" army Also, Ossiarch Bonerepeaer. Katakros is a good centerpiece and is towering over the mortek guard.
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    The story of Da Bloodbreaka Clan is one of triumph, treachery, and good old fashioned orruk violence. For the full story on my Ironjawz, I have attached all the lore and updated tales and feats about my clan as the Soul Wars progresses. Included are all my characters, including my Megaboss, Gorfang da Immortal, and what they are planning next. The short version of their tale: My orruks enjoyed the Age of Chaos at first as normal Greenskinz, but a combined Khorne Bloodbound-Chaos Duardin army smashed Gorfang's Waaagh! to bits. Much of the army was either sacrificed to Khorne or fled, while the rest were enslaved by the Dawi Zharr. Over the years, the enslaved orruks were used as cannon fodder by the Chaos Duardin army, but they kept winning and growing bigger and bigger. Eventually, they overthrew their taskmasters, looted the chaos duardin fort and left into the Mortal Realms to liberate the other downtrodden orruk tribes. Eventually, they settled into a ruined duardin karak and renamed it Mount Kraktoof. The destruction city is based in the mountains of Zarcosia, a continent in the northern reaches of Ghur. The Ironjawz presence broke Khorne's grip upon Zarcosia and allowed the mortal races to reclaim their lost cities and kingdoms. From this central point, the orruks never have to travel far to find a good fight since they're surrounded by enemies. They are also able to use a realmgate to travel across the Mortal Realms thanks to the power of da WAAAGH! generated by Mount Kraktoof. Gorfang himself has vanquished notable adversaries and liberated countless orruks from the chains of slavery. Beside him are fellow Megaboss Azkrug Fangfist, who has become his most kunnin' boss, and Brute Boss Bogg, the dumbest and smashiest orruk around. Da Bloodbreakas have swelled in numbers and have a mountain full of loot and trophies to prove they're da best! That's not to say everything has been great. Mount Kraktoof has been pillaged, raided, sacked, destroyed and demolished countless times, mostly by its own inhabitants. Zarcosia is also a diverse continent of adversaries, so land is often traded back and forth between the other Grand Alliances. The same relalmgate that the Ironjawz use to travel across the Mortal Realms can also be used by enemies at any time to assault the Greenskins. Recently, there was an uprising by Brute Boss Bogg, or better known as Ugly Bogg, da Ugliest orruk in the mortal realms (think Ugly Bob from South Park) for control of the clan. Gorfang triumphed, and now he hunts the traitorous orruk and demands his skull be put atop his big pointy stick. Following the Necroquake, Zarcosia is in turmoil. Death is on the march in the east, Chaos has made a resurgence, and the wild beasts and magics of the continent have been unleashed. Da Bloodbreaka Clan relishes this anarchy, but the forces of Order are teetering. To help stabilize the continent, Sigmar has dispatched the Primal Sons of the Astral Templars Stormhost. They are my other army I am currently working on, but they were once citizens of one of the fallen kingdoms on the continent called Jaskviny, a land of iron and song. The nation was shattered when Chaos invaded, but Sigmar saved several during a last stand against the Khorne Bloodbound. Now they return to tame the wilds and drive back all threats to the Cities of Sigmar. DA BLOODBREAKA CLAN ARMY PACK.doc
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    Let me be more constructive since I got moderated and a warning for perhaps a too harsh response. You have to go into this game knowing your environment. Let me be clear that the current tzeentch competitive build is not something you can take a casual build against and realistically expect to do well against, no matter how good you are. You have to also take some responsibility for your gameplay by creating an appropriate list. That means if you like armies like the goblins, you are going to have a lot harder time fighting tzeentch (same as fighting triple keepers, etc). You have to be able to take their synergies down. They are a tanky tanky army that you have to be able to do a lot of damage to to mitigate their free splitting wounds. They have destiny dice which is essentially like having a mini set of loaded dice to guarantee you success for a certain number of rolls (good players will make them their critical rolls). I found the best way to fight them is to have a competitive powered army with a high degree of damage that it can inflict, and get on the heroes which can't fight very well and take them down. The rest of the army follows suit. But if you're not taking a competitive list, just like if you are facing competitive triple keepers or flesh eater courts or any of these other competitive lists, you're going to struggle a lot. This is not a game where lists can just do well against other lists because of points. Competitive lists operate at a much higher level than their 2000 points suggest. A 2000 point casual list vs a 2000 point competitive tzeentch or triple keepers build is really a 2000 point vs a 4000 point game for all intents and purposes.
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    results from hammerandbolter2020 last weekend Lists are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14dWASWOy9HsetcZ4xgMbwzTgygqpSEmI/view Some things to notice: - 6 different factions in the top 10 - at least 10 differents factions in top 20 - most of lists are really different - it is really refresshing to see that no list is unbeatable. - Big guys are really playable and sometimes winners but not OP: nagash, archaon,...Many of less bigger (around 400pts) heros/monsters are enjoyable and effective (LoC, GKoTG, KoS, Stonehorns etc...). It is such a relief to see so many big guys on tables... I am sure that in the near future, we will see some other builds especially with recent books releases. Unfortunately, some miniatures are (close to) "must have" and some others are pure trash. For example, in tzeentch and also StD armies, Gaunt summoner is super good due to his free horror spam and being a wizzard 2 spells. All in all, except for several armies not in the top 40, the game is in a very good shape, well balanced, miles ahead of its sci-fi brother. It is time for GW to do the same to 40k
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    I'm not exactly the greatest/fastest painter, elite tournament gamer/game breaking list-builder, or even have the biggest or largest hobby collection. I tend to minimize buying big models and almost never buy repeat models of the same unit. Hell, as of late, I've made it a habit of only buying Two-Player Boxes, then never proceeding to build them. There's still a sizable collection of models that haven't been built yet, including some that I bought as far back as the start of my collecting project (more on that another day). Every year, I take roughly one-two weeks to set out and take inventory of every model in my Age of Sigmar hobby collection, and re-evaluate where I want each army to go/stand. Here's all of it, sitting on a queen sized bed, in all it's poorly stored and unbuilt glory: Yes, it's a lot to cover. I may even share it on this here blog when it's finished. I say "When" because it was progressing smoothly until last Friday night, when my wife woke me at 1:30 in the morning to let me know that she was pretty certain that her water just broke. Eighteen hours later, our two beautiful "Hobby Ruiners*" were born, taken to the NICU, and we've been stuck here at the hospital since (helps to get a sleeping room, and then be snowed in during the biggest snowfall here in over three decades). We're hoping to take one home tomorrow and another a day later, and there's a part of me that's been both longing for hobby time again, and feels a pit of guilt that I could ever want to hobby instead of caring for their precious little souls. For now, au revoir Hobby Time! * I kid, I love them considerably more than 75,000 points of plastic army dudes.
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    Alas they don't give command points
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    I like your post and appreciate that u share it with us. Also Gratulations to reaching your goal, best nurgle ITC not bad! On the other hand it kind of shows the poor side of maggotkins state too. 3:2 best nurgle vs armees which were not the biggest S tiers. But which is troubling me the most is your list. Sorry to say that, but it's 82 STD models vs 13 real maggotkin models. And thereof you played 80 marauders which are the new plaguemonk style. It's just sad that it looks like you are pushed to grab the strongest "allys" option to even work out a 3:2. Just looking forward to a new tome or the right adjustments which makes pure maggotkin going 3:2 / 4:1.
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    My Undivided Ravagers army runs two groups of 15 Chaos Warriors with Hand Weapon and Shield. The models were built slightly before the new Battletome, and I wasn't going to bother getting an upgrade kit for the weapons not already on the sprue. Just the same, I am okay hand weapon and shield compared to double hand weapons. At H:3+, W: 3+ it is pretty consistent at yielding me some 7-8 wounds (between losses and getting reach) most of the game. My Warriors aren't my preferred target for Daemonic Power or other combat buffs, so I can't see Great Weapons doing much better anyways being harder to hit and Rend -1 being more situational in its effectiveness considering fewer attacks connecting. Halberds are the same since mixed weapons aren't allowed, and I can get most, well enough, Warriors within reach most of the time. I could see the shield being situational depending on a player's meta. I am typically making 1-3 Runic Shield attempts every game and saving somewhere in the neighborhood of about 5 wounds throughout a game. I don't know if that is worthwhile or not as I don't really think about it since I am am not going to change my Warriors loadout. The shields do tend to have a player level psychological effect from my opponents that become a bit frustrated I have any sort of defense to Mortal Wounds. I think their plans revolve around the idea of removing models without issue. When even a 33% save interferes as they appear like they have to think on their feet more than they wanted to. I think my Warriors get targeted a whole lot less because of this. I do enjoy the schadenfreude that occurs when they also start trying to put Mortal Wounds on my knights which is followed by a run down of what units of mine don't have MW defense. At least until I have played them a few times these opponents seem overly annoyed they can't just damage these units outright. I think there are arguments to be made for most Warrior loadouts. I like sword and board since I see Warriors as purely a land control unit and want as much defense as possible since the unsuppoted offense is always going to be lacking regardless of weapon choice. Plus, I like the fact that if I decide on Mark of Khorne I am not doubling up on the same special ability which I think happens way to much in Slaves to Darkness. Finally, I have never found myself wanting extra reach or Rend to give up more consistent hitting or wounding. My Warriors are also on the bottom of the pile of units I want to give combat buffs (such as Warshrine or Daemonic Power) this hasn't been as much on an issue for me.
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    Thinking on it one thing that would make BL far more accessible to multiple readers would be a series or two that are more descriptive and set the scene better. Many of the stories rely on you having the GW webstore open just to glance at the half a line or two of text and the visual image of a mode to understand what it is within the setting. Whilst the story itself often runs on you being assumed to know what it is. This means that for current fans its easier to understand what's happening, but for a novice its a very hard thing to pick up. I think BL could increase their readerbase considerably and move outside of the niche of fans of the game, by having authors spend a bit more time world building within the stories. Don't just say it, show and describe it. They wouldn't have to do it for every story, but to do with a core of stories would be great. Gotrek type stories are good for this - a series that allows itself to follow and focus on multiple different groups and races.
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    This is extremely exciting to read. The whole destruction faction is feeling the raw power of the Waaagh and is being swept away but its current of war.
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    I'd strongly advise against building ZDs without AGK. And evenif you take an AGKoZD one is more than enough. TGs are just way better when it comes to raw damage. If you have the chance take the Archregent. This guy adds too much to your army to be left out. For further information check the last pages as I feel like we've already answered the same questions multiple times.
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    The limit for an Ironclad that wants to fly high is 15 not 20, so it doesn’t help. Would have to be 14+1, which doesn’t seem worth it over 10+1. Also, I don’t think you can shoot pistols when landing from Fly high - you have to land more than 9” away, therefore outside of max range of 9”. I think if you’re going for range (and I can’t make my mind up, have 6x riggers with Saws, and 6x riggers with volleyguns and drill launchers) then drill launchers are probably worth it over the skyhooks because of the chance to do mortals, which is invaluable sometimes.
  24. 2 points
    IMO, 19 Arkanauts+Navigator should be better than 20arkanauts + Navigator. You have Fly High from the begining, and you don't lose Aether-gold. I don't know if 2 volleyguns+skyhooks are good enough for Fly High (pistols are 9", so you can just Fly High and shoot) even with aether-gold rerolls. Now, just some crazy options here: If you want to use the Ironclad to disembark arkanauts, why not remove Iron Sky Command for an Iron Sky Squadron? Give the Aether-gold from Urbaz to your Ironclad to kill priority targets and use the Frigates to redeploy arkanauts. Battleshockphase could be a problem for arkanauts, but you could split them in groups of 10 and use rerolls for being in objectives (or even aether-gold) to survive. Maybe remove the endrinmaster with dirigible suit for an endrinmaster (cheaper and can heal the ironclad) and an Admiral in the Ironclad (Reroll hit from the admiral and wounds with the Aether-gold), both heroes can pucnh some faces if the Ironclad is being charged. I've got a tournament too. I will try to play with a Zon list that could be fun. C&c welcome: Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords- Sky Port: Barak ZonLeadersEndrinmaster with Dirigible Suit (220)- General- Command Trait: Bearer of the Ironstar- Artefact: Aethersped HammerEndrinmaster with Endrinharness (100)Aetheric Navigator (100)- Artefact: Svaregg-Stein Illuminator FlarepistolBattleline10 x Arkanaut Company (90)- 1x Light Skyhooks6 x Skywardens (200) (OR 12 x Skywardens (400) with 1 Skyhook)- 1x Skyhooks6 x Skywardens (200)- 1x Skyhooks Units10 x Grundstok Thunderers (240)1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)- Main Gun: Drill Cannon- Great Endrinworks: Coalbeard's Collapsible Compartments1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)- Main Gun: Drill Cannon1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)- Main Gun: Drill CannonBehemothsArkanaut Frigate (250)BattalionsGrundstok Escort Wing (140)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 105 Main strategy: 10 Thunderers on the Frigate (pew-pew), the Endrinmaster and Navigator in the Gunhauler with the compartments. 10 Arkanauts running to my objectives (if there is one in my deplayment zone or near it). Behind the Arkanauts, Gunhaulers+skywardens to counter-punch anyone. Basic explanation, nothign set on stone . Tactics: Split the whole army in three small death-stars: The frigate with 10 thunderers to remove slow units (4-6" movement). Gunhaulers to remove key targets (mages, and support heroes, looking for 5+ for mortals with rerolls from focus fire or even aehter-gold if needed). 12 skywardens for big punch (with aether-gold) or split them in two grups of 6 to abuse the Fly High (and beocme a bodyguards for my ships). Navigator to unbind and support the Frigate and the Endrinmaster to repair (and give more punch to the gunhauler, if needed). General flying around repairing, shooting and trying to survive. Arkanauts are there to bait enemy charges and capture my objective.
  25. 2 points
    Don't worry, they will almost differently be usable. The Kharadron Overlord cards only showed Skywardens and Endrinriggers were also usable
  26. 2 points
    I am not sure if its allowed to post Kickstarter links in the TGA forum threads, but I stumbled upon this one and found it pretty interesting for anyone who would like to add some interesting Airships to their CoS collection, be it in the form of Karadron allies/Tempest Eyes, or maybe to their KO force. I personally am really liking the looks of that Oriental themed ship. Its aesthetic would fit perfectly to my Dragon Empire themed CoS as a KO Gunhauler. *If there is an issue with posting the link, please let me know and I will remove it*
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    So, I have a tournament coming up and will be playing KOs. I have decided upon the follwing list. Mainly playing to hold 3 objectives at all times and fly shenanigans for extra. Khemist with khemist supreme leads 20x arkanauts and 10x thunderers on home objectives. 20x arkanauts + navigator with pistol in Ironclad. Gunhauler + balloonmaster + endrinriggers follow Ironclad in the beginning and then branch out on their own to melee-snipe turn 2-3. No idea if this will work, but I like 20x arkanauts more than Thunderers in Ironclad. To deploy them on objective and move on if needed. What do you guys think?
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    Slaves to Darkness, Cities of Signar and several other factions have working bravery bombs that far surpass everything any Death faction can do when stacking all our different effects. And now the Mindstealer Sphiranx comes out for StD that also randomly gives -2 bravery. Instead of directly dealing more damage, how about Glaivewraith Stalkers brings bravery debuffs to another level. For every wiped unit (same as Khorne's Blood Tithe mechanic), our Aura of Dread gets an additional -1 bravery. That would help out Tomb Banshees too, yet another unit noone even talks about.
  29. 2 points
    The only real choice is Khorne Vorgaroth and some blood letters.
  30. 2 points
  31. 2 points
    Large Ships surrounded by smaller troops and balloonboys. If this sounds interesting then enlist into the Kharadron Overlords today.
  32. 2 points
    I'd say Cities, Karl Franz on Deathclaw with a lot of Freeguild dudes. Fyreslayers could work too, anyone on Magmadroth with a lot of bearded strippers around him.
  33. 2 points
    Yay FAQ has been updated. I was right. I will graciously accept all apologies 😜
  34. 2 points
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This months theme is: Blood and Glory Like all fine art, you are free to convey that however you will. The more creative the better. The Rules Entries must be posted in the results thread - tga.community/entries Only one image per entry. Feel free to use a montage, but bear in mind that TGA resizes images to a maximum of 800x800 so don't make it so big we can't see what it is! The Final image must also be shared on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a link back to this contest thread and the hashtag of #TGAPaint1. Please add a link to your your social media post on your entry on here. (An example of this is waiting for you in the results thread already). All miniatures entered must be your own work (no getting a commission painter to do something for you) You need to be a member of TGA.Community in order to enter Prize Support Element games and Artis Opus have kindly sponsored this months Painting Contest. Element Games are giving a free Start Collecting set to a random entrant. Artis Opus are giving a free brush set to the person voted as the contest winner. How to Win. At the end of the last day of the month the entries thread will be closed and a new Poll thread opened. This will remain open for 1 week. The winner of the poll is crowned the TGA Painting Challenge Champion and will be remembered for all eternity.
  35. 2 points
    Archaon surrounded by a crowd of Greater Demons would be pretty lit....
  36. 2 points
    Flesheater courts: Terrorgheists surrounded by hordes of ghouls (that was my main list for 2019)
  37. 2 points
    All the models available for the new Warcry warbands: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/12/warband-focus-the-new-warbandsgw-homepage-post-3/
  38. 2 points
    KO got some errata: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/7292dea6.pdf And some more FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/b206c4ea.pdf
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    What a great Idea. Let me Beginn. General Comments: DoT - as with most Chaos armys - has an insane range of units to choose from. So it is entirely possible to meet Archaon supported by a horde of Beastmen and it all counts as "Tzeentch". For practical reasons i will only consider the units from the Battletome Disciples of Tzeentch and obvious additions. Strenghts: - Lots of Shooting (seriously!) - a Lot of spellcraft, many ways to deal MW - great synergies ( mostly deamon side) - many subfactions which offer strong boni - Access to both heavy infantery as well as fast units - Fate mechanic offers a unique way of forcing positive dice throws. - Summoning mechanic Weaknesses: - Army needs heavy synergies - if a piece goes missing scary becomes average. - synergies Split the Army apart - deamon or Arcanite/Mortal -deamons lack heavy CC hitters (horrors can tank quite well, though) - Arcanites are more well rounded but have less extreme Shooting/casting - most units have a specific weakness/counterplay - Summoning is mostly weak. - most heroes hit way below their weight class Things to watch out for: Horrors: damaging them "a bit" will only make them stronger. Hit them hard ( 16+ wounds, 13+with rend) or not at all! Fatemaster: not scary on his own but his "reroll To Hit within 9" " is an insane command ability. Also quite hard to kill. Flamers: 10 shots 18" 4+ / 3+ D3 Damage. 120pts. Yeah, they are the current boogeyman! Can improve their to hit several ways and get rend1 with a sub faction. A bit squishy and weak in CC but probably not enough. Oh and they have 9" move and fly. So be careful - they can probably T1 hit your guys and are decent at sniping characters! Gaunt Summoner on disc: This one is basically a gamble. If the Tzeentch Player can activate him before the enemy kills him ( 6hp, 6+) he gets a decent casting hero and 200pts of units for 260pts. Quite unlikely but If you ever see the chance to take him out / surround him before he summoned his unit: do it! Generally Check if the Aura conditions are met. There is a lot of "completely within 9"/12") going on and the Tzeentch player will want to build his personal death star. What to do against T1 Alpha Strike At 2k Points/changehost one of his units (flamers or a big infantery unit in cc) will probably be able to hit you whatever you do. But in most cases: remember the Flamer threat range of 9"move and 18" to shoot and remember to screen. Without Support DoT units are only half as dangerous as they seem so the dreaded T1/T2 Double Turn might be far more scary than the Alpha Strike!
  40. 2 points
    The Duardin are coming, the V2 Ironsworn Templar harness is a sleeker beast, with the pilot provided armoured cockpit rather than swaying strapped to the front of it. It also features a more robust hammer instead of the steam lance and a cannonade.
  41. 2 points
    Time for some elves! This unit of hoplite inspired elves has been hanging around on my workplace for a long time. Somehow I got a little fed up with painting them. There is still one more elf to be painted and two more shields. But I thought it would be a god idea to show them now, because the Lumineth are coming who also have a clear hoplite feel to them. The conversions are mainly based on shadow warriors, although some bodies are from the high elf chariot kit. The helmets are created by using elf helmets, axe parts and some green stuff. The shield are from the vulkite berserkers and the spears are brass rod with the blades cut off from the shadow warrior hands. Hope you like ' em.
  42. 1 point
    If you are not insisting on the Skycutter itself, and instead are ok with kitbashing it, I believe few years ago some company came up with 3D printed fantasy scenery and buildings. And If my memory serves me right, there was a pretty nice looking (kinda Tolkien LotR-esque) elven ship amongst those files. Unfortunately this brain of mine cant for recall what the company was called, but I think with a little googling you might be able to find it. Getting the birds is easy help. Instead of buying the expensive GW sculpts you can go to any toy store that has rubber animals and find some nice looking falcon/eagle/hawk and kitbash it together. Should look pretty good after applying the paint job and be definitely cheaper than 160 bucks
  43. 1 point
    Kottycators aren't super competitive, they can certainly do okay though. 3-2 should be in it if piloted well, that was from before the latest tones however, tzeentch would likely be a very unfavorable matchup while likely being often seen in tourneys. @ turragor: The issue is more in the hero phase ranges, especially manipulating cogs, Castellant and Heraldor. After the cats got a run and charge off, they tend to be too far off by the next hero phase (which is where i originally had a block of Sequitors who love those same buffs and extra move from cogs).
  44. 1 point
    Hey man, I just noticed that you have your blog linked at the end of your posts. For some reason, the banner doesn't show up on my phone, but it does on my PC. Sorry for suggesting something you're already doing hehe
  45. 1 point
    Heh, not going to lie, Zenith Wardens gives me a strong Power Rangers vibe. I will probably have to resist saying, "Go go Zenith Wardens!" while playing....
  46. 1 point
    Personally, my most successful kitty list has been the following: Celestial Vindicators Lord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline Knight-Heraldor Lord-Ordinator Knight-Incantor 3x 5 Sequitors 6 Evocators on Celestial Dracolines 4x Celestar Ballista Command Point Followed by this list: Anvils of Heldenhammer Lord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline Knight-Heraldor Knight-Vexilor Knight-Incantor 3x 5 Sequitors 6 Evocators on Celestial Dracolines 9 Vanguard Raptor's with Longstrike Crossbows With the vindicators list, I generally put the ballista's in the sky so that way I can drop them and the ordinators close to the target and then clear a path so that the kitties can get in and obliterate whatever they are aiming for. The anvils list instead takes the raptors and uses them to take out key support pieces and hopes that the kitties can clean up the pieces afterwards. A few comments about other ideas that have been posted: Comet. Everyone loves the comet, and its great at chipping in some mortal wounds at range. However, I find myself with insufficient space to run the comet points wise, and while my dice love me when making attack rolls and saving rolls, they hate casting spells for me. Without any bonuses to cast it, I find the comet just too unreliable on its own. On the other hand, a lot of our other options (longstrikes, ballista's, etc.) are also unreliable in small numbers, but become more reliable when you take more of them. This is why I tend to concentrate my power on one gameplan rather than diversifying. Cogs. Going back to my dice not liking me casting spells, I find casting cogs to be too unreliable. Re-rolling saves and getting an extra cast is nice, but then you need to sit near the cogs to continue getting use out of them. All of my casters like to move around the board too much, which then feels like a waste of points. Castellent. I could see dropping the incantor from my list for a castellent. Some matchups that will be better. Others, it will be worse. Locally I find having the easy unbind is better (especially since castellent cares about the modified rolls, which means rend screws me up). Foot Evocators. Without going with a Gav-bomb, I've never been that fond of foot evocators. Yes, they will ****** over whatever they hit (usually), but they are sooo slow. This means that they usually end up eating chaff, or getting stuck away from where the fighting is occurring. This is actually a big reason why I like evo-kitties - they have the mobility to get to where I need them when I need them. Stardrakes. I like them - they are dragons. However, they are so points hungry that you really also have to drop the sequitors to liberators, and they also really like staunch defender. I just don't have enough models painted up to play these guys and get a more definitive opinion on trying to run them alongside the kitties rather than as their own independent starcast list.
  47. 1 point
    Great write-up again. Only thing I'd change is the wording for shademist as it's not really an aura effect. Oh and you could mention the initial extra boost to spell-range when you cast Balewind Vortex. You cast it 1" away from you and add the huge base of that thing because it is now treated as your casting model. That's an additional 5" you can sneak out of it on top of the innate 6". Also when it gets dispelled, you set up a whooping 6" away from it. Because it's a set-up and not a move, you do not count as retreated. A great way to get your caster out of a fight they can't win and move to prepare a charge to where they can. Bonus points if you let your Myrmourn Banshees do the dispelling. I just love everything about the Balewind Vortex 🙂
  48. 1 point
    Finished the first of my Underworlds warbands recently
  49. 1 point
    Uff, I dont know where to start... 1) My experience is anecdotal evidence but yours is not? I don‘t get it. 2) I put it in simple terms? No, I compare the decisive restrictions with each other, namely wounds on the model that trigger the ability. Range doesnt matter because Tzeentch also needs to stay more than 9“ away and depending on which range you have to go closer or further away. You can split shots you know? You can shoot the carbines into a unit thats 12“ away, Thunderers with rifles inside at a unit thats 18“ away and Shrapnel shots at a unit thats 24“ away. Who is simplifying things now to fake a point? 3) If you want to stop Tzeentch from teleporting you basically have to kill one model, if you want to stop KO from teleporting you have to deal huge damage to multiple models that have the same ability to be screened but that can also be healed. 4) I am fully aware of the strength of a 1–drop battalion but having priority for first turn is not as game decisive as you make it look like. There are many disadvantages of going first, eg being doubleturned, holding back units to capture objectives. 5) You said you arent looking for an argument here, but your choice of words is heavily implying that you do. Things like: – anecdotal evidence – putting it in the most simple terms – then i don‘t know what to say Sound very disrespectful, as they suggest that in your opinion I don‘t know what I‘m talking about. You don‘t know me and I don‘t know you, but I can assure you that I play this game long and competitive enough to understand most things and know when people basically exaggerate things like you did. Again, I‘m not disagreeing with your conclusion, just with the logic behind it, because it sounds hyperbolic as what you do is ignoring arguments like „possible counterplay /weakpoints“ and labeling them as basically „not the norm“, while putting everything in a vacuum or optimal situation to make your point sound more viable. Oh, and I‘m pretty sure its LoC + 8 units as the favorite number of Tzeentch is 9, no? Maybe you want bigger, costlier units and have to go for smaller units now to fill that required number of units. There you have it, tax. Not the worst one I admit, but its not like there would be no requirements.
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    I’ve just finished shadespire. a very pleasant read i have to say.
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