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    GW replied on the AoS fb page saying they are coming but they have a smaller movement speed so take longer to get here
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    Yay - finally made a tester that I'm satisfied with. Now onto painting the entire table 😆 (I've assembled two starter sets of terrain, to get more variation, and to be able to get second floors on some of the ruins.) Also building a dedicated Warcry/Kill Team table, and playing with the thought of trying out a bigger table - perhaps 30 x 30" or even 36 x 36" - anyone has tried that? I'm making the table 3 x 4' - that way I can configure it as two regular Warcry tables, 30 x 30" or 36 x 36", and having a nice sideboard for cards and miniatures.(using some 5 mm MDF and laying it onto the table, to make that full size matt into playing fields)
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    An actual warhammer miniature this time (even if he is made from 3 different sets). Bestigor/ spooky forest npc for dnd.
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    So my setup was basically Ironclad with 20 Company, Admiral and Navigator inside. And depending on need the gunhauler would take the 3 or 6 Rigger with it somewhere, Endrinmaster would go with whichever group I felt needed him. 20 company and Khemist were home objective sitters. First game was against Khorne running Tyrants of Blood with 4 bloodthirsters, 2 whip ones and 2 MW ones playing Battle for the Pass. I deployed quite far back, too far back honestly with my Ironclad and let him have the first turn, we were playing in Ulgu and he tried to port one of his MW bloodthirsters with the realm ability and rolled a 1, killing the thirster. He then pushed everything up a little bit and ended his turn. My turn 1 I flew my Gunhauler and 6 riggers to the right flank and shot off his screen of reavers, and pushed the Ironclad up the middle to try and get the guns in range. The Ironclad killed a Sluaghterpriest with the cannon shot and took a few wounds off one of the thirsters. I had 20 Company on the ground with the Khemist that shuffled up and held my objective. I charged my riggers into combat with the MW thirster and totally forgot they get to fight first so the riggers all died. That ended turn 1 Khorne got priority and sent the MW thirster at my Gunhauler, pushed his other two bloodthirsters into my Ironclad. The MW thirster whiffed pretty hard and ended up only doing 6 wounds to the gunhauler, the other two thirsters attacked the Ironclad but I used my aether gold to reroll saves and it took 6 wounds I think. The return attacks from everything in the boat killed one bloodthirster and wounded the other 3-4 wounds. On my turn the Ironclad and gunhauler both flew high, Ironclad when to the back board edge to grab his objective which only had 10 reavers holding it. Gunhauler jumped to the left side of the board to help finish off the other bloodthirster and grab that objective. My Endrinmaster killed off the bloodthirster with bombs and his ranged attacks. Ironclad killed the reavers in its charge and claimed the back objective and from there it was basically just cleaning up the few stragglers. His MW thirster charged my Ironclad the next turn but didnt do much and just died to the return attacks. Next was Tzeentch in Aqshy, with the rule that terrain blocks LoS(important!) playing blood and glory. The Tzeentch list was an Arcanist Cabal with kairos and the summoner sub-faction. 4 casters, Kairos and 3 units of 10 battleline(acolytes and Tzaangor) I will start by saying I would have easily won this game had I not forgotten about the terrain blocking LoS. I deployed in the corner on my left objective, he deployed strung out along his line with Kairos near the middle of the board. I gave him first turn and he just cast a few spells to get summon points, summoned 10 horrors near my block with his gaunt summoner and summoned a LoC right behind them. On my turn I pushed the Ironclad and gunhauler up to the LoC, but had a piece of terrain between us. Endrinriggers pushed to either side, the 3 + Endrinmaster headed towards Kairos. I killed most of the block of horrors, most of a unit of Acolytes and still managed to put a few wounds into the LoC with some shooting from the 6 riggers. I charged the Ironclad into the LoC and nearly killed it, think it had 3 wounds left. He got turn 2 priority and basically just put a purple sun, Pendulum and Geminids into my Ironclad/gunhauler. Killed off a bunch of the company inside and wounded the Ironclad enough that I couldnt fly high. He charged the Ironclad with 10 Tzaangor, in combat I finished off the LoC and horrors, reroll saves on the Ironclad kept it safe. On my turn I sent the Endrinmaster and Gunhauler at Kairos and pushed my 3 riggers up behind them, Ironclad couldnt really get anywhere and I didnt want to leave my objective exposed so it stayed put, I think it had 6 wounds at this point remaining. Phosphorite bombs and rigger shooting killed Kairos, my 6 riggers killed one of his caster on his home objective, Ironclad killed off everything it was in combat with and then failed the charge to get it away from Pendulum. Turn 3 Pendulum kills the Ironclad but I got priority. I killed off the last hero on his left objective, he only had 10 Tzaangor and a Shaman left but the Shaman was IN terrain meaning I couldnt see it to shoot it. I couldnt get to it in time basically with his 10 man screening and the round ending so it ended in a draw, but he got the mission secondary to win the game. The FEC game was really a non-game, he was playing a Blisterkin list with 2 AGKoT, I gave him first turn where he moved up a bit then I basically just got a double turn and shot him off the board. By the top of turn 2 he only had 10 ghouls and 6 horrors left and I had everything so we just called it and hung out bullshitting til the round ended. All in all the list did quite well, most of the lists I played werent top tier competitive lists though. I do think it could work well against a number of matchups but I definitely need more time playing KO to make sure i'm not doing dumb things. I do want to try a list with more Thunderers in a boat, I just dont have enough to make it work right now but will probably play some proxy games when I get a chance and see how it compares to the Company heavy list.
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    Cheers guys, here's the finished starter warband. Hopefully packed with character for when I get to use them on the table.
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    agreed, I think that the spears will just be profile, and the swords will be either their for decorations or be a separate profile. I am ok with a separate profile if, they have a different purpose in the actual game and consequently have a differing stat line that is worse in some ways and better in others. Being as in game mechanic it doesnt matter outside of your range if your using a spear with 2" range or a sword with 1" range if your within 1" of the model. I also hope that the spears are special in their own right without having a CP cost or Casting cost from a leader. the eldar I feel suffer from this, where the leader is the only one that gets to do special stuff and so you hide them to try to keep the squad exarch alive which often means he cant use his special stuff. I am ok with them having an option for a mage leader or melee leader, give the mage something separate but allow the unit to still function well without a leader. also that could divide the units up in battle line differently, mage leader you are teclian, and battle line for teclis... melee leader and your Tyrian, and battle line for Tyrion.
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    Tyrion reincarnated as a tree
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    I have to say I am a bit concerned as to the overall direction this is going. My hope would have been lots of new/ updated models for existing armies this year. Now it’s February and there are already rumors of 2-3 completely new armies. How many of them can be really supported long-term? Especially if they already start working on a new tome cycle and oldworld? There are still so many half-baked armies floating around. Will there be a second cycle of drops in the near future?
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    A small wip. Not had much time recently, but the main thing is to make some progress. Also built 16 chaos warriors and primed 10 of them so far.
  10. 3 points
    Actually, Stormfiends are on 60mm and are now usable in Warcry! Pusgoyle Blightlords might be in still.
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    Could be the pair for said new starter box.
  12. 3 points
    The best news is that the Wardens are Gender-Mixed! 🤩 This was always such a selling point for me when I collected Wood Elves.
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    I disagree. Strongly. It's like saying that DnD doesn't need new sourcebooks, because players and GMs could make everything by themselves. Of course you can make your own rules for sieges and aerial battles but GW makes it easier providing base to build upon. You think they are one trick ponies? Then change something. Thanks to GW you don't have to invent everything from scratch - you just maybe need to add some small houserules and new scenarios. And that particular sentence " if a player still need inspiration, chances are he/she probably shouldn’t play Narrative games" is just wrong. There's nothing wrong with looking for inspiration and even experienced gamers need something to spark their imagination.
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    I play at the top levels of competitive play weekly so I see this happening weekly. Of course the game can have good and bad rolls on either side. But if your army is a lot weaker than mine by the math, you are going to need an awful lot of good rolls and depend on me having a lot of bad rolls for you to win the game. I can play my triple keeper of secrets against any of the gits lists I have seen over the past six months and I can tell you that they need to roll 10x better than me on average AND play a nearly flawless game with no mistakes for them to even have a good game against me, or I need to do some serious blunders AND roll fairly bad. 20% pure dice luck would only be true if both armies were comparatively in the same power level as each other. This game is at least 50 - 60% listbuilding properly. If you are maxing your list out then the play your cards right and pure dice luck are much less of an impact. If you are fielding a weaker army then those variables become a lot higher and you need to depend on them a lot more.
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    Good ole ossiarch bonereapers, my favorite destruction army.
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    Can we have a dark color scheme for the site for those of us with sensitive eyes? I'm sure it's no small feat, but thought I'd throw out the suggestion anyway.
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    To be fair in the actual storyline OBR and Nighthaunt never fight together - they are in the same campaign but never engaged at the same place so fluff wise it is not that big of a discrepancy. It is the same as Stormcast has fought side by side with Vampires and Destruction in the various novels - definitely not allies but with a common interest.
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    The new Necromunda models have great AoS conversion potential, especially for Warcry/StD
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    1 brokk 3 Baloondrinmasters (1 as your general) 3 units of 6 riggers ( each unit has 1 sky hook the rest have saws and rivet guns) 3 gunhaulers ( 1 for each unit of 6 riggers and 1 baloondrin) 1 extra command point 2000/2000 Fly high outside of 9", shoot the gunz, pop Brokks CA and hope to make some sweet sweet 8" charges with rerolls lol. I dont think itll win you the game, but oh boy all those saws could probably cleave through some bodies
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    That's absolutely not an annoying question - the whole point of this forum is to share stuff like this. It's not GW's recipe - tbh, I wasn't a big fan of it; the ruins seem a bit to flat and green (as in not realistic) to me (and you use SO much wash on terrain), so I set about making my own: The ruins are primed black, zenith sprayed with Mechanicum gray. Then drybrushed (top to bottom) with Nurgling green, Ionrach skin, Ulthuan gray. The greens and browns (patina) are Agrax, Typhus corrosion and green wash, very thinned down. The black bricks are Black Templar contrast. The metal is AV Chainmail, stippled with Typhus corrosion, then Tau Light Ochre, washed with AP Strong Tone, and drybrushed very lightly with Chainmail again. Drybrushing terrain is very easy, fast, and it is nice to be able to build the colour slowly. Use colour sparingly, and use a cheap makeup brush - it really helps.
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    The lore did put a lot of focus on the Realmlords using the bonded mountain spirits to fortify their infantry and let mages hurl boulders at the enemy. Between this and the stone-like hammer it could be a mountain spirit manifestation or a leader/mage on a moving mountain. Also kinda off-topic but a Silver Tower mobile game was announced today. https://toucharcade.com/2020/02/11/warhammer-quest-silver-tower-ios-android-perchang-trailer-turn-based-strategy/
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    So I played my first game as Nighthaunt last night, 1750 points against FEC with two Terrorgheists. I made a couple of mistakes, and my opponent rolled INSANELY well (his Tgheists did somewhere around 50 MW by the end of it), but I felt like I was in it, even with his free Feeding Frenzy. Here's the list I ran: Allegiance: Nighthaunt Leaders Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120) - Artefact: Pendant of the Fell Wind Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) - Lore of the Underworlds: Shademist - Infernal Lantern (Artefact): Beacon of Nagashizzar Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief (200) - General - Lore of the Underworlds: Soul Cage Spirit Torment (120) Battleline 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) 30 x Grimghast Reapers (420) 5 x Hexwraiths (140) 5 x Hexwraiths (140) Battalions The Dolorous Guard (120) Total: 1720/ 2000 Dolorous Guard was incredibly useful with Olynder. She managed to survive two rounds of Tgheist attacks with her ability, and she and 20 Chainrasps managed to kill a Tgheist by turn two. My Grimghasts took out half a unit of nine Crypt Ghouls before getting feeding frenzied to death. Sadly, I made a crucial error in charging most of my Hexwraiths into the other Tgheist (still in range of the Lady), and they just got deleted before doing any damage. In the end, my opponent won by destroying all my units. I also failed almost every one of my spell rolls. Bottom line, I had a blast and did a ton of damage with the ghosties. Maybe next time I'll play against an army without 10 bravery so my debuffs actually mean something lol. It seems like a tough matchup, but winnable with better play and my opponent not rolling insanely hot.
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    Plague monks and buffed black orks are also batteline in name, yet can beat out most elites quite easily! Don’t disregard the power level of an elf on cocaine with a solar powered spear! All I’m asking for is a similar strength attack pf An elite unit for 1 round of combat, i don’t personally think a unit of battleline matching an elite force for 1 of the 10 possible combat phases is too much to ask for. Plz GW
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    Revisiting this. Any possibility it might happen int the future?
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    Hey man! I think your list looks real balanced, it's worth playtesting I always say that. What I find is that with our tome, we really want to specialise rather than try to cover all the bases. It seems like you want to test Starcast (rain of stars and a comet - with 3 casters so you get it each turn - is an acceptable start) but enjoy the punch of the dracolines with the LAoCD. So we might focus on those 3 elements - the Dracolines & LAoCD, the Stardrake & Castellant, the comet & SC caster(s). Looking at your list I see some things I might trim to pump up what you've cut out (6 to 3 dracolines). One of the unfortunate "trademarks" of starcast is the bare minimum 300 pt battleline investment. I've dabbled with juds then a big unit of libs, considered other experiments, but it's investing in things that just sit there on objectives or act as road bumps. I am not a huge fan (could just be playstyle related). So I'd maybe trim your list down to 300 on 3 x 5 libs. I'd also consider removing 1 incantor and taking a 100 pt or 80 pt allied caster. Maybe the spellweaver like I'm considering. I think that's 260 pts. Which I'd go ahead and use (for your first playtest) on 3 more Evocators on Dracolines. You could also consider running two casters and then just taking a Prime buuut I think that'd be weaker without making more changes to your list and ending up with just ... my list I spose lol A nice alternative is to take the Heraldor instead of the Spellweaver. Here's my feedback list then: You make me want to paint up the dracolines and try this out They add something Dracoths don't (another caster, a bit more speed and punch).
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    Am I the only one that think the result of the campaign was a clearly Katakros victory? - Bonefortress and the conquer of near territory. - The only one good general is Archaon in the Chaos forces. And because of that he is trapped in Eighpoints . - The destruction of the duardin Forge. - Slaneesh going to be hidden again.
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    Updated my guide with a new magic section Spells in the Wake of the Necroquake, and added a new magic-related tactic to Architectures of Torture. As always, feedback welcome! I'm sure I got something wrong, so please don't be afraid to point it out and help me stay accurate.
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    Base size is sometimes referred to as the "hidden stat" in AoS. The size of the base a model is on affects how many models in a unit can enter combat, how easy it is to surround a model, and how much area a unit can deny on the table. For instance, the Idoneth Deepkin infantry (Namarti Thralls) are on 32mm bases and have attacks with 1" reach. Since 32mm > 1", that means any models behind the first rank of a unit in combat cannot attack.
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    Totally agree with you, and the podcast on this. As I wrote in my first comment this goes under the tweaking part of the book which I find an essentiel part of the GHB. So IMHO the GHB should mainly focus on tweaking existing rules and as I said earlier, rewriting warscrolls. Then leave the 5-10 pages for new narrative ideas which I suspect very few AOS players on a global scale use regularly. Now if GW decided that one of the modes example RoE is something they will really bet on, it too should be a standard part of the Fantasy Generals Handbook (working title😉), I just don’t like constantly buying a book filled with creative inputs when I feel like the last 4 I already own has way more inspirational content than I can ever use. Its like this Me: “Hey GW Im totally looking for a blue shirt”. GW: “Alright dude, we got one for you”. Me: “GW it would be nice if you sold some pants too?”. GW: “yeah well, we also sell a nice Marine blue shirt”. ME: “wow okay then, let me have it too, but what about the pants?”. GW: “You know how good you would look in this cobalt shirt?”. ME: thanks, let me have that also but do you even sell pants?”. GW: at some point we will, but untill then we got just the Ice blue shirt for you”. me looking back at my now blue wardrobe wandering if the police might think that I am an escaped convict: “Alright then Ice blue is my favourite colour, but tomorrow I will be back to get those pants”. 🙂
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    Uff, I dont know where to start... 1) My experience is anecdotal evidence but yours is not? I don‘t get it. 2) I put it in simple terms? No, I compare the decisive restrictions with each other, namely wounds on the model that trigger the ability. Range doesnt matter because Tzeentch also needs to stay more than 9“ away and depending on which range you have to go closer or further away. You can split shots you know? You can shoot the carbines into a unit thats 12“ away, Thunderers with rifles inside at a unit thats 18“ away and Shrapnel shots at a unit thats 24“ away. Who is simplifying things now to fake a point? 3) If you want to stop Tzeentch from teleporting you basically have to kill one model, if you want to stop KO from teleporting you have to deal huge damage to multiple models that have the same ability to be screened but that can also be healed. 4) I am fully aware of the strength of a 1–drop battalion but having priority for first turn is not as game decisive as you make it look like. There are many disadvantages of going first, eg being doubleturned, holding back units to capture objectives. 5) You said you arent looking for an argument here, but your choice of words is heavily implying that you do. Things like: – anecdotal evidence – putting it in the most simple terms – then i don‘t know what to say Sound very disrespectful, as they suggest that in your opinion I don‘t know what I‘m talking about. You don‘t know me and I don‘t know you, but I can assure you that I play this game long and competitive enough to understand most things and know when people basically exaggerate things like you did. Again, I‘m not disagreeing with your conclusion, just with the logic behind it, because it sounds hyperbolic as what you do is ignoring arguments like „possible counterplay /weakpoints“ and labeling them as basically „not the norm“, while putting everything in a vacuum or optimal situation to make your point sound more viable. Oh, and I‘m pretty sure its LoC + 8 units as the favorite number of Tzeentch is 9, no? Maybe you want bigger, costlier units and have to go for smaller units now to fill that required number of units. There you have it, tax. Not the worst one I admit, but its not like there would be no requirements.
  31. 2 points
    Just because you did something, doesnt mean its the norm lol, thats anecdotal evidence at best. Im telling you a model with a 4+ ac who can get -1 to hit, and can easily be screened over 18" away is not a simple thing to delete and that is undeniable. Can it be done? Sure, in certain situations, liek the one i posted. But just cause it can be done doesnt mean you can just do it lol. also i would love to hear how you fared against Nagash and Archaon in general, havent had a chance to face them with KO yet. I'll disagree, you're putting it in the most simple terms not accounting for distance/capacity/ wounds taken. The ships gotta be 12" away to get full shooting with your army, thats a massive difference alone than a LOC that can be anywhere on the field and still teleport anything. You cant just ignore the rest of the restrictions im presenting and relate the 2 abilities to wounds taken, thats entirely unfair. look, the teleport is the cherry on top, the battalion itself is the problem. It creates an automatic 1 drop army with no restrictions outside of 1 model and 7 others. THATS why its so powerful. The teleport, is amazing too, it shores up the shortcomings of DoT units and creates some terrible interactions, but thats the secondary part of why its crazy. If you dont see the advantage of making any list you build a 1 drop army then idk what else to say. They get to decide the rules of engagement every game. Your HGB battalion requires you to take 2/3 specific heroes and only 1 unit of HGB are affected by the ability. The tax is that you have to bring specified units, THATS the difference. Maybe you dont need that runesmiter, but guess what, you have to bring that 100 pt model, now your battalion effectively costs 240 pts. Its not linear, some battalions are better than other due to cost/ ability/ models required. Changehost has a fantastic ability, at no extra tax because you're picking everything you want to, unless you werent running a LoC, which is an amazing model and a must take in i'd say the majority of DoT armies. So i dont think their paying alot for it, because the price of the battalion is still cheaper when you take everything you want versus taking a cheaper battalion but being forced into unit choices.
  32. 2 points
    The impression I got is that "Undefeated" isn't a title he chose for himself, but rather one that was given to him by those he leads, and that he's too prideful to correct even though the title effectively acts as a constant insult to that same pride, always digging into his mind, filling him with bitterness and resentment that he the then channels into crushing his enemies. Probably something Nagash came up with deliberately, as he loves bestowing 'gifts' on his servants that they experience as painful ironic curses but that somehow also make them better and stronger servants of Nagash. See Tamra in 'the Undying King', or the lore for like every unit and character in the nighthaunt book. To my reading 'the Undefeated' was never meant to be understood unironically, it's always been an ironic insult and as such not out of step with any new events that would further contradict it. Looking past the duel itself, Wrath of the Everchosen still... Lore-wise AoS 2e has been and continues to be the Age of Nagash, and Wrath of the Everchosen, despite my very wrong initial impression, is no exception.
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    yeah but snarlfang also has gsg key word, which makes no sense since they are extremely different in the lore
  34. 2 points
    And here we have the battlereport, of my last battle at friday: Amidst the ruins of Avelheim, A small but vile creature scurries with haste towards what seems to be some kind of a camp. guided towards the biggest tent, the Creature stumbles towards a rat-man, bigger and burlier than most of his own kind. “M-master Bloodtail”, it squeaked with fear in a high pitched voice, “I-I bring grave news!” The ratman stood up slowly walked towards an axe, which was inscribed with what seems to have been runes of a ones ancient race. Holding the Axe high and mighty in his right paw the Rat-man slowly turned back with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes to the messenger, “What does a weak-thing like you-you think-sees in himself that it dares to interrupt-disturb me-me?, but go on, should you-you please me with your answer,. I-I will let you scurry-life for another day”. “I-I thank you f-for your-your kindn-ness”, it stumbled. A-a Warband of-of hated fat-things is Scurry-marching towards us-us!” Skaa Bloodtail vaguely smiled,” Yes-yes I am very pleased with your message, let those fat-things scurry-stumble towards us-us, let them see-feel what it means to-to mess with Skaa Bloodtail, right claw of Clan Mors!” With a sign of his finger, the two Stormvermins scurried towards a gigantic war-machine, that was carrying a gigantic brass bell which would toll through the uneven swings of a not so unimpressive chained beast itself. With their rusty halberd the two Guards made sure the rat-ogre would start swinging. with the third toll of the bell the skittering masses of vile Rat-man assembled themself around the Screaming bell, where The mighty Clawlord was now awaiting them. “We are-are at War! Stupid fat-things are run-scurrying our way as we-we speak-squeak. Now let them suffer die-Die!!”. With a scream of joy and fear the Skaven Swarm, scurried towards the beast riding Ogors. “What do you see-see Sniketrikk”, Skaa asked nervously. “I see beasts oh mighty Clawlord, a lot of beast and fat-things.” “Good-good”,squeaked Skaa, let Warlock Skallog know that it is Time”. Skallog dropped the far-squeaker to his feets. “Get me-me the Messenger of doom, and don`t forget to wake-wake the pilot Snaktat is still needed”, he ordered to his nearby students, who soon came back with a Wheel powered by a few rats, and a mad Warlock. “Here I-I am”, Snaktat Squeaked with disturbing smile. “Yes-yes you know the trill my most treasured students, no go-send Doo...” With a loud mechanical scream the Doom-wheel, drove forward with an incredible speed that could even stupefy even the most dedicated slaaneshi speed-freak. In No time The messenger of Doom has Arrived in the enemy lines, with a fanatic laugh the Warlock Send some overloaded War-bolts to the enmy`s General, wounding the Stonehorn significantly, while overrunning the stupefied Huskard. “See that?”,boasted Skallog the Mad, while looking at his right towards the Doom engineer. “My-My inventions are-are much better-deadlier than yours!” “So you squeak-say” replied the Doom Engineer with a slight smile. Recovered from the devastating blow the doomwheel has caused in their lines, the ogors marched with their growling stomaches towards the enemies first wave of clanrats. With a devastating charge and the right to feast on the dead bodies first, the Frostlord brutally killed a few hundred clanrats, while the rest where given the choice to either die, brutally or be used for the next science project, the last few remaining clanrats chose to stay. The Doom engineer started to laugh in a mad way, took some kind of a brassen orb out of his hidden stack of poisoned wind globes and threw it directly in to the face of the Frostlord. At first nothing happened, but suddenly a rift opened and the sucked the giant beast with its owner into the Realm of chaos. With a satisfied look in his eyes the Doom engineer looked back towards Skallog. “I squeak-told you-you that nobody is better then me-Me!” The battle went on and on for ours the clanrats Scurried in a frenzy forward, and Skaa Bloodtail waited with his Red Guards for the right moment. Both the Warlock Bombardier and Doom engineer fired their weapons ofDestruction at a nearby Ogor cannon, both missing and blaming each other for it. The man-things flayers on the other hand marched forward and were able poison the Ogor with the giant canon. With a hungry bellow, the ogors crash into the line of clanrats, filling their bellies with the dying vermin. The looses were immense, and in delight of the Warlock Skallog even the doom engineer lost his life in that brutal charge. “Yes-yes”, thought Skaa. Weak-meat, must be kill-slain, only the biggest and strongest shall live”. With a uttering of His voice the Red Guard, the elite of the elite of clan Mors was send forward, and with a brutal charge the last few ogors were killed by a thousand cuts.
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    I really dislike your passive aggressive tone all the time.
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    I want to point out though, rereading the story point and how it goes along with newer information from people with a copy:
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    and here he is. the mighty Doom engineer ready and steady to Bomb any foe unworthy of his time to oblivion
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    Not exactly part of my contract for the month, but I almost finished my Doom engineer (a kind of warlock bombardier) yeah the base is a bit bigger then usually, and probably will make the model illegal to use at any tournaments, (unless I can somehow persuade my way through the ranks of overseers), But I do like my Overseer of doom.
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    Oh geeze it's been a while since I last posted anything here... there's likely a backlog to catch up on. Ages ago I picked up the original Underworlds box and it has sat unplayed, though the models have sat on the painting table for a while. Recently we decided that lunchtime boardgames in the office were called for as people were being a bit antisocial. Underworlds seems like a good option, so I started putting paint to models... starting with my favourite looking set, Zarbag's Gitz. Can't go wrong with a bunch of Moonclan grots! Along side the Underworlds project, I'm starting to rebuild my old Warhammer Quest collection, so the Gitz will be doing double duty in the dungeons. Rather than working through the monsters by level, I've decided to go by faction and grots have always been entertaining little blighters with some fun models.
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    You can only trade the number of available casts. If the Slann uses Balewind and Cogs to gain two extra casts, then he has an availability of 5 casts = 15 CCP. If he uses a cast for a spell, then there are only 4 casts left which =12 CCP. Endless spells don't change this ratio in any way. They still consume 1 available cast, if used.
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    Pretty much this. Despite that, I tend to bring one, sometimes two of these, especially after the price drop. If nothing else a Gorghon is now a cheap distraction carnifex at worst. And if it takes the heat of your more expensive stuff while not amazing it at least serves a purpose. IMO the warherd as a whole suffers from low Hit rate and Low number of Attacks. I wouldnt mind the hit rate if all Warherd stuff had +1/2 attacks on their profiles (DB would have to get slightly more expensive), to be what minotaurs always used to be > a glasshammer that dishes out tons of high strength attacks. Because the reduction of attacks per model with the 4+ To Hit and No way to buff it is really hurting them a lot. Its to bad that Bloodgreed is such stupid rule. It should have been the same that CoS Kharybdis has > if an enemy MODEL is killed, not a whole unit. That would at least make it somewhat effective in regaining those wounds. But ah well. For our own sakes I hope when the time for re-release comes our battle tome wont be amongst the first 5 books, since those tend to always be crappy. My hope is we can get a double release with some other powerful army, so that our power level is adecvately increased. New plastic kit Beastlord, Shaggoth and Centigors would be very welcome at this point as well.
  43. 1 point
    Yeah me too. I have a friend who does commission painting and he swears by it. I got a fairly small one to test it out (they get expensive for bigger ones).
  44. 1 point
    Yeah, those are probably temporary keywords as you don't have Kurnothi and Gitmob armies right now.
  45. 1 point
    Looks like the name of our archer unit is Auralan Sentinels!
  46. 1 point
    I think this thread serves as the proof that clarification is needed... For all those stating that the rule is absolutely clear to them, you should realize that there are other people who think that the opposite interpretation is absolutely clear. I find that both sides of the argument hold merit, and while I lean towards one interpretation, I don't think my opinion is very important - the only thing I'm interested is an official ruling one way or the other from GW. I encourage everyone participating in the debate to submit the question to AOSFAQ, which will hopefully force their hand to do that.
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    I made a thing. I inflict it upon you now.
  48. 1 point
    A nice improvement to the Knights would be to simply let them use the Lance on the charge and the Ensorcelled Weapons afterwards. That's how Knights would actually operate anyhow: charge in with the Lance, drop it, pull your Ensorcelled Sword and fight on. Hell, the sculpts are even modeled that way with swords in scabbards and lances in hand. Maybe if that was too strong you could charge with the Lance once per battle (then it breaks/is dropped)
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    My ramblings on the book / story ending:
  50. 1 point
    Said Gods usually didn't involve huge armies in their fights though (a notable exception would be Troy). I just feels like it's less about the player's army now and more about GW's token characters and they shouldn't be the focus IMO. Wouldn't hurt to make some things a bit smaller so that the HUGE events then really stick out. Plus: with our armies just being a couple of dudes, it's not like we really portray those GIGANTIC battles they're always writing about. Hence it feels a bit disconnected. Hope you get what I'm trying to say here, I'm probably too stupid to find the right words.
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