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    He's an elf, that's enough for me.
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    If you having Horror problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 wounds in my unit of 1.
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    Considering you quoted someone saying the same thing, i'm going to guess you aren't the only one, no
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    Yeah that was me. Slaanesh got me tho, sorry guys couldnt the SCE dream there
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    Looks like Nurgle gets it 2.0 treatment in Wrath of the Everchosen.
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    Well it was a long year of tournaments and grueling matches in the major ITC circuit here in the US - but I was able to achieve top Khorne player overall with the conclusion of the 2019 season.
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    Yep, I def think this starts to get to the real issue here. The biggest problem continues to be that GW hides behind the guise that they are a model company, and that the rules they provide are basically superfluous bonuses that we should feel lucky to have at all that are simply designed to make the use of the models more fun. And certainly if you tilt your head and squint this is more or less true, but the spirit behind it is not what it should be. Yes, GW is a model company first, but as was demonstrated with the release of AoS without a decent set of rules or a pt system, their existence as a model company flounders without a decent set of rules, and many gamers derive their enjoyment of said models with the accompaniment of some level of competent rules writing. Until GW is held to account for their own rules, nothing is going to change. I think most in the AoS community more or less agree that the hobby comes first and the game second, and so are predisposed to give GW their support when it comes out with statements like "we are a model company first," but its a statement that is false in spirit if not in letter. No one is arguing that they shouldn't design models and lore first, and rules second. What we are arguing is that the rules are essential to the enjoyment of the game, and that it is entirely possible for the rules to come second and still be competent and enjoyable. We've seen that they are capable of it, because about 70 percent of the time, the rules ARE competently written, if not always inspired or amazing. The complaint is that there are clear and systemic flaws in the process by which GW designs their game rules, that cause repeated and egregious errors in mechanics and judgement, to the point that every quarter or so we have a completely avoidable flair up like the one currently occurring, to which GW's responses and fixes have been spotty and unreliable at best, and are always accompanied by a slew of apologists, who mistake the criticism of the company for criticism of the community or hobby. No one is asking for perfect balance, or for a tournament first approach to the game and hobby. GW and AoS will always be hobby first, and that is OK! I just don't think its too much to ask for the company to take them a little more seriously, implement some in house play testing procedures that don't rely exclusively on overworked volunteers, and take a more proactive and driven approach to addressing obvious rule issues. It would also be nice if the company stopped acting like they had no responsibility to the rules of their own game, and that they were JUST a model company. They are more then that, and they need to stop hiding behind the idea that they aren't. This long rant isn't to say they haven't made some improvements over the years. Their more frequent faqs, the 2 week ones in particular, and bi-yearly point reviews are a start. Its a start, and aside from Tzeench, at this moment things seem pretty okay. Its just frustrating that this keeps happening over and over again, and the community response and divide over these issues are the same over and over again. It doesn't need to be like this.
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    @Double Misfire If you had Nagash’s cheekbones would you hide them under weak flesh?
  10. 7 points
    Its a broken dwarf statue from scibor miniatures
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    As a little bit of a diversionary project and given that Mawtribes will gain warcry rules on Saturday I've been working on converting a Warband from the Ogre Bloodbowl team to give a more dynamic, personalised Ogor team. So here's three so far along with some characterful gnoblars and an objective chest!
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    (Oh no, that new site looks so confusing and too busy!) But to the topic at hand: Well, lads, lasses and enby pals, this is where I think my stop on the hype train comes. I wanted overly-emotional (Kin-strife! Kin-strife!) Silmarillion elves, not the arrogant and aloof LOTR elves! I am most likely hyperbolic right now, but this really feels like Eldar: AoS Edition with similar history, personality and both carry magic stones on them (albeit for different purposes, hahahah!). And nothing against Lumineth or Eldar - or anyone who wants more arrogant elves - but they aren't for me. The models are still cool and I'll gladly follow what kinds of Lumineth we'll still be teased with.
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    I don't think anyone is capable of putting that kind of pressure on them. Anyway I'm glad Teclis is as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside.
  14. 6 points
    Being cynical I wonder how much of this was down to lots of people thinking bonereapers were a really powerful army and bringing a list along without having practised enough with it?
  15. 6 points
    Alright everyone, had 3 games this weekend with the Monk\Jezzail\Acolyte list posted earlier this week and went 2-1.. see report for details and as always feel free to share your thoughts 😉 Safe to say I'll be using the list more.. but I'm heavily thinking about a replacement to Monks. Did someone say Hellpit? (until I roll 2-4" movement multiple times in a row and give up on it)
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    tzeentch is winning again? better get that unruly mob with pitchforks an torches going again to nerf it back into non existence
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    There are some gaps (upload your damn army lists people!) the third section is little notes I took while grabbing the data. Big takeaways are 100% running of Petrifix elite and for the most part if you took Nagash and weren't a bad player you probably went 4-2. Tzeentch did well and there were some decent mixes of lists for it. Ogors had a mixed result, some good placings but due to popularity of the army with some of the newer/less skilled players their stats are going to be padded downwards. Edit: Lists are here (thanks Plavski) Tournament results are here (thanks Swamp Heart) CanconStats.pdf
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    Don't we already have the "noble warriors slowly losing emotions" thing with Stormcast?
  19. 5 points
    Am I the only one who thinks the new site is much harder to navigate, with there being 3 different places where new articles could show up?
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    New Lumineth article you might not have been able to find on the hard to navigate new Warhammer Community site: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/27/the-lumineth-lowdown-part-1gw-homepage-post-2/
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    The world isn't ready for Hot Dad Bod "Call me Daddy, Volturnos" Teclis. ...but my fanfiction is!
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    I'm guessing we are just disagreeing on terms. Three eyes may be a statistical deviation from the norm of two eyes. That's objective. Finding three eyes to be repulsive (ugly) is an opinion, no matter if it's a commonly held one or not, making it a judgement, and thus subjective. Likewise, we can objectively say that salty foods trigger specific flavor receptors on most human tongues. Whether that makes the foods taste good or not is a subjective response to the objective fact. I do not find Bonereapers to be unpleasant, repulsive, ugly, etc. It is my personal opinion that they are very nice looking. They are subjectively pleasant for me to behold. Ugliness is not defined by a majority. It's not a data point, or something we can universally measure. Heck, even from one culture to another we may find the same thing to be attractive or repulsive. These opinions can even change over time. Anything that fluid and non-universal cannot be objective. In fact, it really only takes one person to evaluate a thing differently from you to render the view subjective. I'm not talking about things like 2+2=5 according to one person. That's obviously incorrect. 2+2=4, objectively, not subjectively. That's why I think we're just disagreeing on the term being used. Anyhoo, how 'bout them Mets?
  23. 5 points
    I was at Cancon and faced one OBR list and knew a few other OBR players. I would say a good 50% of the people playing OBR had little to no experience with the army and were fairly average players to begin with. These were the guys who ended up doing poorly and dragging the faction down. The top tier lists were using Nagash correctly and dominating most games, they were countered by Tzeentch and outplayed by some of the better players floating around but it seemed like they were all hitting at least 4-2 if they knew what they were doing. I personally think that OBR is a very negative experience for the opposing player, both times I have faced them I had the least fun I have ever had playing a tabletop game. Haven't faced Tzeentch yet so can't comment on them.
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    To be honest, and my experience is limited, last time i went on a 3 games tournament and fought Tzeench twice in a row, i felt lile i could have more fun at the dentist office. I never had a fun game against Tzeench. Hero phase take a lifetime of removing your models from the table while you watch a huge pile of horrors form. In the follow up comes the shooting phase that also takes a lifetime of more models going away. Then it is finally your time, good luck trying to move bettween the horrors and endless spells! The boring experience followed by "just kill the heroes!" is probably the reason people are negative towards Tzeench. When the new book came along all i wanted was "please make then more fun to play against!". But those are only my 2 cents on the subject.
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    I hope they have fun and interesting rules that allow them to be distinct as a faction that can hold it's own, but without being so overpowered that they are neither fun to play or play against. I hope that's not too much to ask.
  26. 5 points
    I don’t believe LVO had new Tzeentch.
  27. 5 points
    I'm sad because I feel like the only thing worth a damn in the whole book are horrors and flamers. I don't think it will be much of an army to play if you make those units "balanced". I'd be sorry to see changehost unusable as well. I think the meta just needs to catch up to tzeentch and it will be ok. I don't really know of anything that was unclear and needs a Q&A. I imagine people will just hope for some hard erratas, so even though I'm not a DoT player I'm worried about what will happen.
  28. 5 points
    Suggestions: 1) Battalions are too impactful. 1b) Drops affecting who gets to choose the first turn isn't fun or thought-provoking---it's a test to see which factions have the better battalions. I think the entire "# of drops" mechanic needs to be...well, dropped. 2) Price non-hero monsters appropriately. That is, big, single model units with fewer attacks need to be sub-200 points, unless their warscrolls are really efficient or have some other nuance that makes up for their inherent downsides. Because objectives mostly rely on number of models, and because number of models = more attacks = better statistical average to do something, monsters are always immediately at a disadvantage. Monsters also tend to have damage charts, so they get worse over the course of the game (shorter move, less reliable attacks, worse abilities, etc.). The latest change to Ghorgons and Cygors was the right direction to steer. 3) More serious analysis of statistics when designing weapon profiles. Aka, why a single attack that does d6 damage is usually terrible. Nothing more to add, except why on earth are recent unit champions getting worse weapons than their underlings? 4) More serious analysis when designing sub-factions. These sub-factions tend to be the make or break factor for an army. This is where we see the game-shattering combos unfurl, and it's also where we see entire swathes of a book languish in their sub-optimal graves. Petrifex, Hagg Narr, Gristlegor...we know how seriously they affect the entire scene. 5) More crazy off-the-wall stuff. You've made a fun, popular wargame---now think of ways to break the rules. Stuff like Drakfoot, Spell in a Bottle, or Morathi's Iron Heart are all really interesting abilities that change the way we look at the game. Sure, rerolling hits is fine, but it's not interesting. Not everything has to break the mold, but it's something to keep in mind.
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    Maybe rather than bring out an entire new 'Ulgu Shadow Aelf' range then, Forge World will just produce an upgrade kit of little resin goatees/van d y k e beards to glue onto the Lumineth models.
  30. 4 points
    shouldn’t they be called i-lumineth-i ? * sorry ill leave the thread now 😂
  31. 4 points
    Ha! I knew it they can't feel emotion. So called perfect elves are just as tainted by slaanesh as the rest of us.
  32. 4 points
    a failed save or two , is like 2 - 5 raptors dead, significantly reducing our output. 4+ save isnt as reliable as you think , catapults hit on 2 wound on 3s, with 3 shots base, 4 shots with katakros
  33. 4 points
    The book is full of lore inconsistencies. Personally I am choosing to ignore most of it and stick with the idoneth as presented in the battletome. I imagine the Lumineth tome will at least touch on the relationship between Teclis and the idoneth. You can question how many Idoneth even know that Teclis wanted to destroy them. The idoneth reveal trailer appears to be narrated by Teclis and he doesn't exactly seem ashamed of them. Teclis made them without thinking about the consequences, decided he didn't like what he got and thought it was perfectly acceptable to wipe them all out. I don't really see how the idoneth are any worse than most order factions. The cities of sigmar make war for profit, so do the Duradin factions, the sylvaneth kill those who come into their woods. Even the stormcasts are quite happy to wipe whole cities of people out. In fact most idoneth only kill to survive and would be perfectly happy staying under the sea if they could. In my view they have the most justified reason for killing out of any army. Plus normal killing sends your soul to shyish where most of the time nagash grabs it and makes you into a slave. Far better to be "reincarnated" as an Aelf than to serve as a mindless thrall for all eternity.
  34. 4 points
    The city versus the forest spirits in princess mononoke reminds me a lot more of greywater fastness and the sylvaneth.
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    The teleport, and lock in combat are not native warscroll abilities. They come from outside the warscroll optional abilities that not everyone will take. So looking at just the warscroll, you get 100 wounds at a 6+ save for 400 points. Clanrats have 80 wounds at a 5+ for the same points. Chaos Warriors have 40 wounds at a 4+ with reroll on all saves, and a 5+ to ignore mortals.
  36. 4 points
    I don't know. I never saw much hype for OB compared to pretty much anything else until the rules came out as hilariously broken. Suddenly plenty of people were picking them up. Luminarchs will be a massive success though, no doubt about that. People have been clamouring for new Not-HighElves since Day 1 and these are a very good continuation of the WHFB design.
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    Here's a small write-up of an RTT I attended this saturday. Maybe it isn't fun reading about a Stormcast player getting stomped, but could be interesting anyway. I ran a fun cavalry list with 6 Desolators and 6 Dracolines, LAoCD, Heraldor, Castellant, Cogs, CP and the compulsory 15 Liberators. Game 1 vs Seraphon, Focal Points: I played against this guy on Krigsluntan too, really good guy! Our last game came down to the last priority roll, and this was no different. He had a Shadowstrike Cohort, Kroak, Cogs and Gotrek basically. I castled up to prevent the Ripperdactyls from ripping the Dracolines a new one and moved the castle up. Failed to cast Cogs. In his turn Kroak did some mortal wounds. I got priority. Failed to cast Cogs. The Dracolines ran up and charged his Skink screen while the Desolators went the other way to secure one of my own points. The Skinks are teleporting everywhere as usual and just taking all the objectives. I hate it. In his turn he did a bunch of mortals again and killed my general. Then Gotrek failed his charge and I won priority which ment the Dracolines were free to charge and kill Kroak. Then it goes downhill as Gotrek one-shots the Dracoline unit and eventually kills the Desolators. Then if he wins priority for turn 5 he will win a major, if I win he will win a minor. I roll a 1 and get a major loss. Whelp. Game 2 vs Khorne, Starstrike: He had Skarbrand, a BT who gives 6" pile-ins, Gore Pilgrims, a Skull Cannon and a Soul Grinder. He places Skarbrand in a very exposed position so I decide to turn 1 charge the Dracolines into him, because I know from experience that if he gets to hit first I will die. So I fail to cast Cogs, but go through with the plan anyway. Then I fail the 6" re-roll charge. So now my Dracolines are just standing there. Great. Skarbrand if course makes mincemeat out of them. I win priority and move the Desolators and Arcanum in. Between the two of them they manage to kill Skarbrand, the BT and 10 Blood Warriors, basically securing the flank. In his turn he does essentially nothing, the Soul Grinder even takes more wounds than it deals in combat with 5 Liberators. I win priority again and the Desolators prepare to assault his altar with all the characters around it. Unfortunately, I fail the 6" re-roll charge AGAIN. This leaves the Altar open and allows him to summon another Blood Thirster which proceeds to mop the floor with the Desolators as I fail almost every single save for three straight combat rounds. It's looking dire, but it's all about round 5 in Starstrike, and the Gryph Hound from the Castellant delivers. He charged it with 10 Blood Warriors but hit with the BT first in the phase, which let me retreat with the Hound and steal his objective, netting me a major win. Game 3 vs Stormcast, Total Commitment: Here I played against @Turragor and his Starcast list. He opened up with his mortal wound bombardment which was underwhelming, apart from that it killed my general. In my turn I managed to charge my Desolators against his Gryph Hound which he had placed ahead of his army and then pile in into the Celestant Prime, essentially slingshotting my unit using the Hound. The Desolators fail to kill the Prime, which hits and wounds all his attacks and I fail my saves, killing 2 Desolators. I get a double turn and charge my Dracolines into a Drakeswon Templar. The Dracolines whiff hard, dealing only 2 MW with their lightning attack leaving the Templar on 3 wounds left. He only gets 1 bite attack, aims it at the middle Dracoline and rolls a 6, killing half the unit so only 2 remain. At this point I just concede, there is no way I will win with only 6 hard hitting models left against two Stardrakes, one of which will attack me in his hero phase since it's Anvils. If only the general hadn't died, then both the Desolators and Dracolines would have been fully buffed, and then the Prime and Templar would have died with no casualties from me. But good game none the less! Me and @Turragor talked a bit about the nature of Stormcast being prone than other armies to whiffing. That was really true for me this tournament. We're just not reliable at all. I also didn't manage to cast Cogs a single time the entire tournament. I have been keeping track. Out of the 14 attempts across 2 tournaments I have ever made to cast Cogs I have succeeded 1 time. Once. On a spell that goes off on a 7+. That's about a 0,0003 chance of happening. Nice. I'm not bitter at all.
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    Has there been any period since the 1.0 battletome where Tzeentch hasn't been at least decent? Even nerfed as it was Tzeentch was providing solid results all the way up until the new tome came out. Flamers are definitely good, but there are quite a few ranged units out there now that output damage at similar efficiency and can be teleported into range. If Flamers are broken, then there is a bunch of other stuff out there that is broken as well. I'm inclined to think that just the flamers are probably not that big of an issue. The Horrors are more problematic imo. Being able to guaranteed teleport (at least) 100 wounds of -1 to be hit models into melee with the opponent on turn 1 is much more impactful. Of course, the combination of these two things together is especially egregious. You get to bottle up the enemy in their deployment zone for at least one if not 2-3 turns while also hammering them with efficient ranged damage. It might be that they tweak some points values here and there, but there are a bunch of possible errata that would likely fix the problem without overnerfing. Here are a few ideas: Changehost teleport: teleported models can't move for any reason until the end of the turn Changehost teleport: can only teleport inside your own territory on the first battle round Changehost: your opponent automatically gets the choice of first turn order That's not to say that these should be the only changes that GW considers of course, but I think any of these three could potentially solve this particular problem. The first one might not be enough - it stops the horrors from fully bottling in the opponent quite so completely, but it still might prove to be too good. The second and third ones should do the trick, I think.
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    Changehost needs adjusted. The teleport should be more limited or the perhaps, the battalion should just not allow a teleport at all. Flamers could need something like a range reduction. Some kind of nerf to their shooting anyway. Or just a steep points hike. The Destiny Dice interaction with battleshock needs to change. As it is, using any kind of destiny dice to substitute a roll for a battleshock test auto passes it. An exception should be made to allow modifiers to apply to destiny diced battleshocks. Or just disallow those dice to be used on battleshock. Host Duplicitous is bullsh*t. Blanket prevent retreat is not okay. You get tagged by a horror unit, you're stuck with it forever unless you can chew through 50-150 wounds. And they probably cant fail battleshock either, because Destiny Dice. They just aren't fun to play against with these tournament builds.
  40. 3 points
    I've been working on an Anvilgard force for a few months now. The concept behind the painting is to start with a white base and layer on washes and contrast paints to create a watercolor-ish palate. Overall, pretty happy with the results so far. Currently working toward 1,500 points.
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    My List for the Tournament (Note, I left my Jezzails at home for Saturday so we used proxies.. disregard the giant Rooster 😅) Game 1: StD - Blood and Glory StD List T1 He wins priority and goes first. Daemon Prince + Be'lakor run up onto terrain and blacken them, blocking LoS. Otherwise, Knights and Karkadrak move up on the left side. Bells rolls +1 to casts, Vermintide goes off and does 1 MW to Be'lakor. Due to the now LoS blocking terrain, I decided to shoot at his Chaos Lord on foot in the middle of the board and they take it off. T2 I win priority.. however I determine I have no good targets for shooting and pass it to him. I move Vermintide into the Karkadrak doing 2 and Be'lakor heals 1. I unbind both his Realmscourge Rupture and Enfeeble spells. Combat has the Knights + Karkadrak charge in, killing all 20 Clanrats. Bell rolls an 8 and does a couple MW to the Daemon Prince and the Monks do 3 from the Book. I get MMMWP + Vigordust + Spark out on the Acolytes which is all that really matters. Jezzails leave the Karkadrak on 2 wounds and the Acolytes dump 6 shots into him finishing him and the other 21 in range of the Knights proceed to do ~46 damage after saves if I recall. T3 He wins priority. Vermintide puts 2 MW's on Be'lakor while mid and he proceeds to run him middle. Middle and right Chaos Warriors start heading to my bottom right. Daemon Prince charges into the Clanrats, killing a good amount, however they somehow manage to finish it off. Bell rolls a 3 and Death Frenzy goes off. I run everything up to start working towards capping the objectives and the Jezzails finish off Be'lakor. He concedes as I end up winning the roll-off. Skaven Major Victory ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 2: IJ - Better Part of Valour IJ List (He was 50 under as he didn't know you could only buy 1 extra CP) T1 He wins priority and makes me go first. I deployed to deny any chance at a T1 Hand of Gork.. unfortunately, I couldn't really do much other than take 4 off the Maw-Krusha with what few Jezzails were in range of it. His turn, he Mighty Destroyers the bottom Pigs and then proceeds to run everything else up as far as possible. Bottom combat has the Pigs kill 12 Clanrats but do nothing in return. T2 He gets the double. Everything charges and he kills the bottom and top Clanrats as well as 1 Jezzail. Bell rolls an 8 and throws out 1 MW onto bottom pigs (but literally rolls 1-3 for every other unit) while throwing out Vermintide and doing 2 to the Maw-Krusha. MMMWP + Vigordust onto Acolytes. I teleport the Jezzails to the top of the board who do largely nothing to his top Pigs unit.. but the Acolytes kill the Maw-Krusha and remaining 2 Pigs in front of them. Monks charge in and only 4 manage to not get in combat.. but without Death Frenzy (failed on a 3) their overall damage was absolutely abysmal and my opponent made some of craziest saves I've ever seen. What he does kill manages to toss out a couple MW's here and there however. T3 He wins priority again. Teleports 10 Brutes behind Jezzails who proceed to make their charge and kill them all, giving him the objective which he burns. I concede as I cannot mathematically do much else considering the position he's left me in. Skaven Major Loss ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 3: Sylvaneth - Scorched Earth Sylvaneth List T1 He wins priority and goes first as I counter-deployed against his Drycha with the Jezzails. I unbind his spell to summon woods but the TLA summons one middle-right. Drycha teleports behind middle woods to block LoS from Jezzails and then she proceeds to shoot off 5 Clanrats from top side. Bell rolls a 5 but only does 1 MW to Drycha. Vermintide goes out and does 2 to Arch-Rev in middle woods, but Death Frenzy\MMMWP aren't worth casting this turn. I teleport the Jezzails to the top side (note, 1st picture shows them a bit out of range; they were nudged during deployment on accident and he allowed me to move back wholly within 6") and bring Drycha down to 1 wound after shooting; I would've killed her but I forgot to use a Spark for the +1 damage. 4-4 | T2 He wins priority. I move Vermintide and decide to make it hit the Drycha with 1 wound, and it manages to do 6 MW's. He summons 10 Dryads into middle-right woods. 20 Spites teleport to middle woods and charges them into the bottom Clanrats, killing 10. The Clanrats + Bell manage to kill 9 Spites, but 9 more run to BS. Bell rolls an 8, but only does d3 MW's to the remaining bottom Spite unit finishing them off. I auto 6"-run the bottom and top Clanrats (14" movement) and take control of both his front objectives. Fully buffed Acolytes manage to get fully in range of the 20 Spites up top and do 75 damage... damage dice pool below for 'proof'. Note that is of course with the +1 damage from the Spark. I burn both objectives, scoring 5. 13-8 We roll off, but I win priority and he concedes. Skaven Major Victory ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall Thoughts So yeah, I like this list a lot. Plenty of bodies, 3 threats.. well, 2 threats. I'll be honest I didn't like the performance of the Monks at all but I know I also could've potentially deployed\used them a bit more aggressively. Across all 3 games they just felt like a waste of points and they did nothing for me except make movement take longer. Of course.. The Jezzails and Acolytes are a different story, doing their job every time they needed to. The Jezzails would've had a couple more 1-shot kills, but for some reason I keep forgetting that they get a Spark as well. Anyway, game specifics: StD game: The Jezzails forced my opponent to go first as he knew I would just shoot off Be'lakor. Assuming this and knowing he had no deepstriking, I screened up and waited for that first wave to hit. He did make sure that his Knights were out of range LoS and not being able to hit Be'lakor\the Daemon Prince had me worried at first. I knew since the Knights couldn't hit me T1, I was safe to keep everything where it was since he would at most just be able to kill the 20 Clanrats and the Acolytes would take the Knights + Karkadrak off the board, which they did. I would say I played this about as perfectly as I could have. IJ game: I gotta say.. I was slightly salty at this one for a bit. I can say with 99% confidence the double-turn is what caused the loss here. I felt I deployed to the best of my ability to counter against a double turn (maybe I could've thrown the Jezzails middle instead of bottom) but.. it just wasn't enough. I had to counter the threat of Hand of Gork which meant my frontline would be a bit thin since I needed to conga my Clanrats thanks to the massive board space this battleplan has. While I wiped the Maw-Krusha and Pigs on the bottom side, the top side just couldn't deal with the entire rest of his army. Again, if I had perhaps placed the Jezzails mid and shot off the Shaman to prevent a teleport I could've done a bit better, but then I wouldn't have pushed enough damage through on the Maw-Krusha to kill it (it reduced the Acolytes -2 rend to -1 and I just barely killed it) so.. who knows. New opponent, but a great guy and hope to play him more in the future. Sylvaneth game: I felt I played this about as perfectly as I could have as well. I enjoy having so many drops as it allows me to bait out most opponents and I can counter-deploy easily. The Clanrats are my first 3 drops 99% of the time so I can place the power-units and their buffing Wizards accordingly. With the shorter board space of this battleplan, I had a much easier time on deployment as I knew he had no teleports without woods behind me. I bided my time waiting for the Kurnoths to come down, but the moment I saw I could burn 2 of his objectives I went for it even if it meant leaving the Acolytes\Jezzails open without a screen. So yeah, it was a good weekend, going 2-1 and taking 2nd by only 5 points. I have my Tzeentch order coming in so.. you may be seeing that in the future for a bit. Next weekend may have the return of OBR for a short time, although I've considered running a 6 Fiend list again to try it one more time. Thanks for reading, as always.
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    Changehost to be exact. 1/2/3 at Heat 1 1st at Cancon The 2 week FAQ will coming soon. I know emotions have been high this weekend, but lets have a measured chat about what we expect to see/is needed in the FAQ.
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    These have better models.
  44. 3 points
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    To be fair, Teclis has never been good looking (even when he's not stood next to Tyrion), nor thought of himself as such, so it would be a pretty sharp departure for him. Nagash didn't ascend to godhood, and suddenly decide to start wearing skin and a normal sized hat. Have some sexy, objectified boy gods for your troubles.
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    Maybe Teclis just isn't under as much pressure as Alarielle, or say Morathi, to present his divine form as a good looking young person with a take it or leave it approach to clothes. 🤔
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    I love the KO treatment so far 💁‍♀️ But I also love my Ogor Tome
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    I play Tzeentch. I don't think that using a single DD of any value was intended to completely stop all battleshock tests - if it was then it's just another case of playtesting/ruleswriting failing miserably. Yes they are being spent faster than before, but you don't HAVE to use them on every early casting or charge roll - that's the cost of guaranteeing success... it's a finite resource. Not to mention with something casting Glimpse every turn you get another one regardless of what is rolled, where before it was only a 1 or 6. In short, if they go quick it's because you're using them to guarantee casts/charges/etc in a game built on chance - that's a price I will gladly pay in the early turns.
  49. 3 points
    I don't imagine the rest of the army will be made up of T-posing elves awkwardly detached from their mounts, so it should be well received. Looking forward to the rest of the units. With Teclis they were trying to do something unique and I don't personally think it worked.
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    The focus of RAW2020 is also cogforts with players assembling them over the course of the weekend which will be awesome. My own Cogfort is a Steamforged Class (Its known as part of the Iron Third as it forms part of the outer ring of defensive Cogforts of the Midnight City) which means it is smaller but more mobile than the traditional Ilk, serving more as mobile Watchtower than full fortress. And I have rules for fielding Cogforts but only as part of my Empires of Industry supplement, its in the allegiance rules section: https://artisansofsigmarhome.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/empiresofindustry.pdf
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